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The island of intimacy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lutheran Maid, May 8, 2018.

  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Last winter I wrote 'The Intimacy of Three' the opening cuckold story novel of Claire, Thomas and Luther (sold via Amazon, download and print). It explored the way in which a cuckold relationship developed and deepened as Claire and Luther moved to the Pavilion penthouse with their new house serf. I was keen to create an authentic psychological transformation as new roles were explored. In the next novel now planned, 'The Island of Intimacy' things move on apace and Luther has secured a great deal of money to start developing a proper community. Brownsea Island has been purchased (Poole Harbour) and there arrangements are rapidly made to train beautiful young women to live as spoilt bitches and alpha black males to manage the serfs, either inherited (as husbands) or assigned by Claire and her team of very strict and quite discerning alpha females. It's a quiet, enclosed, discreet place of lustful pleasures and psychological cruelties. Well, it has to be doesn't it, the world changes!

    Intrigued though to know whether any Darkwanderers have ideas that they hope might be developed in such a novel? I can't promise to include everything, but I'm sure that there might be ideas of humiliation and delight that should (in your view) feature on a well ordered, highly disciplined, transformative, training community! BW Lutheran.
  2. 3ballz

    3ballz Member Member

    I think this island concept has a lot of potential avenues that could be explored as the rule of law would be out of reach geographically speaking.
    Maybe you could develop the idea of the male serfs being humiliated further by being feminized as maids, waitresses and various forms of fancy dress etc. This would highlight and re-inforce their insecurity of not being real men. Also, you may consider organising entertainment events for the pleasure of the Bulls and the spoilt bitches. The serfs could perform drag acts, small penis fights, pass the cum filled condom until it bursts. Serf horse races are also an idea where the ladies would ride their serf ponies around a course as the Bulls wager on the potential winners. Obviously there would be prizes and punishments for the winners and losers. These are just a few random ideas for you to play around with. I have more, both imaginary and from real life events.
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Great stuff 3baliz! I do think that we might have serfs that are assigned different subservient roles and that some could be sissified. Those serving as bedroom maids for instance. Humiliation of all kinds should of course be the norm. The thought of a theatre show seems a very good one. Thanks for reflecting. Lutheran.

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