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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Book 19

We talked and teased each other about her ‘new man’ and the effects were quite apparent as she commented several times both Saturday and last night, that my cock felt HUGE to her. I joked back that her pussy felt small to me! Again it was near simultaneous orgasms for both of us that my letting loose in her totally set her off. Biting her lip (our daughter was home and in her room) she thrashed her head about but also bucked her hips up at me with each thrust.

Afterwards as we lay in bed she leaned over and started to talk quietly to me asking me how I'm going to like ‘sharing her’ again and then her telling me how wet I'd made her and how she ‘wonders how much Ray can cum’.

After this kind of talk,...
a.k.a. He Was Black, My Wife’s First Strange Fuck

Subtitle: The Perfect Cock.

By EroticWriter

“Baby, you choose one.”

“No,” my wife said, “You choose.”

I frowned as I looked around the bar. “Shit baby, there are so many guys and no matter who I choose it probably will be some guy you’d prefer not to fuck.”

My lovely little wife with the pixie face sighed. “Ray, if I pick a guy you will be jealous of him from the first moment and be suspicious and wondering why I chose him, so I prefer that you do it and that way you can’t come back and accuse me later.”

My wife and I, over a period of several days, had been discussing my wanting to see her fuck...
Hello, race traitors! Having a wonderful summer...? All those white girls showing off their beach bodies for African Kings and Queens to use...? God, you're all so pathetic~

Enjoy this story? You'll love my new tale Blackr - The New Interracial Hookup App and Ruined by her Black Ex-Boyfriend. The Black Supremacy Future Anthology XII is also out.

If you really enjoy maltreatment of white boys, try Blacked Student!

Amazon Store...
Although not quite 'real,' the following events are in a very real sense true. The characters and setting are dreamlike, but the theme cums from all of our hearts, our collective unconscious, and cannot be denied. The setting is vague, in the near future, in a dreamworld, but like ours, it is feverish for BBC.

Follow my haphazardly hypnotic train of thought, and reward your own inadequacies with me if you must, white boys. Revel in the inevitable, the triumph of African Phallus. Ascend with me to the pinnacle of Big Black Cock, and know that I'm just trying to be honest about its magnificence.

I imagine there are many, many stories involving the Goldstein Lectures. This is just the first I'm throwing out there, as sort of an...
Crippled and Bitched (Part Two)

“How are you feeling Mr Thomas?” the nurse said.

I awoke with a start. The pain in my ribs was intense and I felt woozy. I glanced at my surroundings. I was in a bed in a hospital room. My wrist and my right foot were in hard plaster. I had a bandage on my head and another round my lower back and buttocks. A tube was attached to my cock so I could piss into a plastic bag.

“You had a lucky escape,” the nurse continued. “You’ve got five broken ribs, your right wrist and pelvis are both fractured, your left fibula is broken and you have concussion.”

I stared at her blankly. That didn’t sound like a “lucky escape” to me. I felt like shit. But when the memories of those “Rainbow Forum” messages started...
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 3

It had been a couple days and things were quiet! Neither my wife nor I had heard anything from Kevin and personally I was thankful! I was still not sure I liked any of what had happened but I knew I also knew as Kevin had told me on the phone, I didn’t have much choice in the matter. The only alternative was to lose the love of my life and we had only been married a few months!

The call came on Tuesday. I was working the afternoon shift so I was home when the phone rang at 9:00 am. I answered it and it was Kevin and he immediately asked for my wife. I handed the phone to her and stepped back listening to the one side of the conversation I could hear. Jean wasn’t saying much and I was dying to hear...
Your Wife AND Your Daughter?

Alternate Title. Devilish Affair With the Feinstein's.

A sequel to the story titled Victor Verifies His Son's Fiance To Be A Virgin.

by Eroticwriter

“Mr Feinstein, I can see that bulge so obvious in your underwear. I know you are turned on, your wife and your daughter can also plainly see that you are aroused. Why don't you give them a hand by helping out with your mouth on my cock?"

Hyman's face turned red. Suck his cock? What Mr Cameron had dared to suggest, he had been thinking, but to do so in front of both his wife and daughter?

Then Rebecca encouraged him. “Oh, do it Daddy. It's really neat sucking his cock!”

*Chapter 10*

When we arose the next morning, I was still buzzing from what I had witnessed last night; in many ways the whole situation was almost surreal, like a dream. The imagery of Angela panting and writhing under her young lover danced lasciviously through my mind like a potent aphrodisiac. I recalled her kneeling naked before him as she sucked his cock to full hardness, and my heart raced as I remembered just how wantonly erotic it had been to see my wife fellating Jason until he climaxed in her sweet mouth. I tried my best to force the images from my mind, but they flittered before me like lecherous insects throughout the day. I often found myself looking at Angela's beautiful face, and remembering how it had contorted in...
A faithful husband working abroad for six months suffers a cruel injury. On his return home, he learns that a combination of his debility and the resultant medication will prevent him from sexually satisfying his equally faithful wife for several months. His inability to perform soon fuels his long-standing fantasies about his wife not being so faithful. His frustrated wife slowly fulfills his wildest fantasies whilst gratifying her own needful cravings. On his recovery he discovers a small problem, and his wife suggests an unusual solution that may extend his fantasies further than he ever expected...

*Chapter 1*

I have always hated hospitals. Loathed them, in fact; the clinical aromas, the sterile feel, the gloomy...
This work of fiction concerns a man who engages in some prolonged and kinky chastity play with his wife. To fboth his dismay and excitement he discovers that his chastity device is causing his penis to shrink. Instead of ending their kinky pastime, his wife encourages and entices him to continue - with interesting consequences for himself, the fidelity of his wife, and his relationship with his wife's sexy elder sister.

Chapter 1: How it began.

I should state from the outset that my wife Kylie has always relished many of the kinkier aspects of sex. Kylie is 27 years of age, with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, and she stands at about 5' 5". She has green eyes, and full pouty lips set upon a sharply featured little fox face....