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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Hello, Race Traitors! ;)

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Mating Rites Part 4

Following Mating Rites Part 3, as the police search for the elusive victim of a hate-crime, Molly is having conflicting feelings about her marriage after a wonderful encounter that opened her eyes to her sexuality and duty to heal race relations. However, her husband is very resistant and desperately tries to enforce his rigid views on monogamy. Racial justice depends on Molly.


Zara held Sipho's cock firm letting Molly slip her mouth over it. The two ladies sat on the futon in Suite 6 at The Black Power Movement headquarters. With the demonstration over, the three had the large studio to themselves....
Book 33

I do think she is looking forward more now to being with Ray than perhaps she was in the past. Maybe I'd say it's that I feel it's also that she knows it turns me on that is also encouraging her onwards. Surely the willingness I have on Wednesday's has to be conveying that I am enjoying her newfound desires. I'm also accepting that now, with the running around with her dad, that this weekly time to shed the rest of her cares, is also a good thing for her. Maybe even more-so since she's begun to share herself with me when she gets home.

Unfortunately, the heat and generally lousy weather put a damper on my expectation of Ray coming by more often but maybe that was a bit much to expect to begin with. It's...
A Wife's Diary
by RLM

Author's Note: During some erotic game play among my wife and I with three couples with whom we are intimate, my wife revealed the total number of men who had fucked her. (See recently posted story, "Game Nights") When it happened, I was surprised, not only because of the large total, but also because she seemed to know the exact number. At the time, I asked her how she could possibly be certain of the exact number given the number of years involved and the size of the number. Her response was that she had kept diaries ever since our wedding day....

I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by my wife's moans, about a month ago. I had been deeply asleep, and if I was dreaming, I have no recollection. My first groggy thought was that Diane was ill, and that I needed to do something to help her, if not call for an ambulance.

It took me several seconds to realize that her crotch was rubbing against my leg as I lay on my back, and then a few more seconds to understand that her pussy was very, very wet, so much so that I at first thought she had lost control of her bladder. That idea faded away quickly when I heard her fervent whisper of, "Please! Please! More!"

She stopped whispering then, and went back to moaning while all the time rubbing her pussy...
(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history. Other stories in the series include Blackedmerica: A Love Story, Nerds of Hollyweather, The Southern Sheriff and In Brazil.)


Madison was on her way back to the pool bar with the empty glasses on her tray. Her large breasts gently flopped up and down in her skimpy bikini, whilst her curvaceous hips swayed sexily as she walked. She wore no bikini bottoms. As a waitress at the Black Rooster Resort, clothing was optional. It made her feel so sexy walking around like that, knowing that black guys could see her bare pussy and ass. She had thought about going topless as well, but she rather liked the way she looked in her tiny bikini tops....

My wife and I were involved in our usual late-evening routine when one momentous evening became anything but routine. We had been married a couple months less than 20 years by then, and like most marriages, ours slipped into a routine about five years after we'd tied the knot. Unless we were going to visit friends, or they were coming to our home, Linda and I would take baths or showers about 9:00, then sit on opposite ends of the couch in the family room, reading the newspaper or maybe a magazine by the light from the table lamps. Right on the dot of 10:00, we'd go to the bathroom to brush our teeth, and then we'd go to bed. If it happened to be a Saturday, we'd have sex, after which we'd fall asleep.

Like I...
Chapter Three – Dream On

I got down to the beach early in order to bag the best view and seats on the terrace overlooking the sand. Oscar had indicated that he intended to do the same and as I ordered my first drink of the day I was gratified to see him and his family already setting up in the same spot they had occupied the previous day. He glanced up and saw me and gave a wave and then continued with his task of laying out towels, slathering sun cream on his girls, adjusting the sun umbrella and such. Once he had assured himself (or was it the instructions of his wife Irene?) he left them to stretch out on their loungers and he came up to the bar to join me. We passed the usual pleasantries and then without...
Mating Rites Part 3

Following Mating Rites Part 2, Molly and her husband prepare for an educational seminar in black supremacy. The married white couple must participate, else the husband goes to prison for hate crimes. Social justice comes swift as racial obligations are learned quickly. White racism is an illness. While there is no permanent cure, daily treatment are prescribed.


When Molly returned home, she was energized and enlightened. Having "got off" with her first lesbian experience at Dr. Smythe's office she felt re-born. She finally had sex after many weeks and experienced the catharsis she desperately needed....
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 7

Our house was like Grand Central Station at rush hour most days. When Kevin and Dan weren’t there, there were other Black men who stopped and said that one or the other of them had told them to stop in so they had. And of course Jean never said no to any of them! Janice (my mother-in-law) had returned home to her husband (my father-in-law) but I heard she had an agreement with him. What that agreement was I didn’t exactly know but I heard it involved Black men in her bedroom and he had to allow it! I was sure he wasn’t happy about it but he couldn’t do any more about it than I could!

It wasn’t unusual for Jean to spend 3 or 4 hours in bed a day and most of that was with some Black man between her...