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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Book 42

I never thought when I began this endeavour that these books would fill so quickly. Am I encouraged to write more because I am thinking to the future when I can sit back in my Rocking Chair and relive the incredible things we’ve done; or am I just naturally verbose? Too much to think about; let’s continue.


Well, she surprised me this morning by saying she was going to stop by and see Ray this evening. I was surprised to say the least as I thought it was all over (not sure why, but in my head I hadn't thought she would be seeing/fucking him). I asked her what was up and she said that she wanted to clear the air with him and, "let him down gently".

I asked her again whether he...

Thoroughly aroused now from having been fucked minutes ago and left hanging, and now with an exciting new prick in front of her, Frances stroked and admired, doing it almost lovingly.

Unknown to Frances, her smiling facial expressions were all being recorded. She had decided to ignore the figure moving around her and concentrate on the business at hand, and this business seemed to be getting to be quite the business in her hand!

By EroticWriter

Just like the year before at about the same time, a tear appeared in the corner of Frances Parker's eye. Her husband Bill was off with his buddies again, on his way to Sturgis with...
Oh. My. God!” Emily said, putting down her coffee.

“It’s true,” Corina beamed. “Best holiday ever, I think.”

“Malik ... fucked your ass?” Emily said, leaning forward and whispering.

“Yep, it was... weird, but fucking awesome, I have to say,” Corina grinned like a Cheshire cat. “I really want to try it again... maybe with a... well, we’ll see!”

“It sounds scary,” Mei Ling said.

“I thought so too,” Corina nodded. “I just saw him lubing up his cock and knew what he was going to do and... well, I’m glad I didn’t stop him. As I say, I really want to try it again... and again and again!”

The girls laughed. They were on their lunch break and, for the past few days, had been inseparable. Things at work were stalled while Tandino’s...

by Throne

My wife Lucy had just finished sucking off some handsome, well hung, dreadlocked guy she'd brought home. I was on my knees, naked except for my cock lock, and had been made to watch the whole scene. She leaned toward me with cum on her narrow lips and trailing from one corner of her pretty mouth. Lucy is a lovely Asian girl. Long, glossy black hair, cut in bangs across her forehead. Delicate hands. Slender figure.

When we got married six months ago I thought that, after a long engagement during which she wanted to retain her virginity until we were wed, we would finally have sex. In our honeymoon suite she showed me a metal chastity cage that one of her girlfriends had given her as a...
“Look, I haven’t got time for your whining, Colin,” Corina said, holding her forehead in frustration. “I’m busy at work and I don’t want to come home to... this nonsense every day.”

“Nonsense? You’ve barely been here this past week. I’ve missed you, the girls have misse...”

“No, I speak to them every night, they know I’m busy keeping our family afloat. Your work’s not exactly bringing in the cash now, is it? Someone has to pay the bills.”

Colin looked shaken, his male pride hurt by that. “Okay, fine, that’s... but what about... sex? I miss it. We used to have great sex and...”

Corina couldn’t believe her ears. “Great sex? Great...? My God, Colin, do you ... I mean, I’m speechless. You think our love life is great? I...
“You’re back early,” Colin said as Corina came through the door. Corina merely grunted in response as she took her coat off. She’d stopped off at a fast food place to use their toilets, changing back into her work clothes at the same time. She smiled as she thought of her husband, blissfully unaware of how close his wife had come to giving herself to another man. A bigger man, a black man with a cock that just wouldn’t quit... oh, she had to stop thinking like that for now. Plenty of time for that later.

Corina flicked her eyes up the stairs and imagined herself lying in the spare bed, naked, fingers buried inside her pussy as she masturbated to thoughts of Malik. She hadn’t even seen his cock but she had felt it, and her...
“I’m okay, don’t worry,” Corina said into her phone. “Just a bit shaken up. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic about, otherwise... anyway, the tow truck guy is going to drop me off on the way to the garage. Yes, I’m fine... stop.... Right, see you soon.”

Corina shut down the call to her husband and looked again at the car. She had been very lucky, she realised. A few metres to the left and it would have been a head-on collision with a tree, one she’d not have walked away from. As it was, the front left tyre had been damaged a bit, but other than she and the vehicle were unscathed.

The ride home was silent, Corina not wanting to talk much. She was thinking about what had happened and was coming to the realisation that she really,...
Doggie Style

“Oh fuck, I never realized how much I needed this, to have a real man. You're much better than the husband I'm separated from.”

“And better than a well-hung dog?”

“Yes.. Plus I can kiss you. That makes it much nicer.”

by EroticWriter

This originally came to me as a short joke and I made a long involved story out of it. Not just one story, but several evolved from the first incident. Seems like things kept spiraling out of control, and no, I wasn't consuming shots as I wrote. Here, you can read them all.

I have told the story not only from the perspective of the woman, but also what her dog thought about it as...
Corina Burbank gasped as her colleague’s tongue found her clitoris. She looked down at the teenager’s face buried between her legs, their eyes meeting. She should stop this, Corina thought, it was so, so wrong... but as an orgasm built inside her, she couldn’t. It felt too good to stop. The sensations of her tongue as it expertly worked her clit, the girl’s fingers as they now probed into Corina’s soaking wet pussy, the fact anyone could step in and catch them doing this... all these things and more caused Corina to grab Emily’s hair and hold her face hard against her cunt.

“Oh yes,” she growled as Emily furiously lapped at her clit. “Oh fuck, I’m... going... shit, I’m cumming!”

Her body bucked and writhed as Emily brought...
Corina lay awake, this time with her husband next to her. Having swallowed her pride and decided to be with him again, she began to regret it as her mind continued to stray, constantly mulling over the things she’d read and heard that day. It was infuriating, no option but to just hope she drifted off. Easier said than done when images of her friend, Vanessa, spread open and ready to take an anonymous, faceless black lover, kept running through her mind. Was this fantasy? Did she yearn for that sort of freedom to express herself sexually? To be in Vanessa’s position where easy sex was possible and morality, loyalty and ethics were secondary to pleasure?

She bit her lip, cursing silently as once again she went over Black Phallus’...