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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

For brothers a few thoughts. A few thoughts bro cos you going get a few different feeds when you start slamming that hot little white married bitch and pushing her oh so yesterday turd husband to one side. Feed number one man is going be hers. She going need your meat like there is no tomorrow. It ain't just the size man, it ain't just that, it the attitude of you, the smell of you, the feel of you when you touch her wet little cunt cos you know you own it. It the way you feel her up at a party and she rub that wet slit of hers against your hand, begging you to take her aside and load her again. The very fact that you a proper masculine man, that you treat her as yours, it going drill her brain out. She going want your babies just as...
The Dating Game

by RLM

Denise: High School Days:

Denise Lamper was bubbling over with excitement as she entered Lincoln Memorial High School as a student for the first time. At 16, she was just beginning her sophomore year. After spending nine years with the "children" in grade and junior-high school, she was finally one of the "older kids", the ones that everyone in the ninth grade or below envied. Although she had had some "dates" with younger boys when she reached the eighth and ninth grades, they had been so immature, it was difficult for her to even think of them as real...
My husband Jeffery and I are real estate brokers and we occasionally find good rehab opportunities to flip properties. We recently remodeled a house in the city and received a fair offer from a man named Clyde Jackson. He’s a doctor at the local immediate care and proved to have a strong interest in signing a letter of intent to hold the home for him.

Mr. Jackson asked to meet me and Jeffery at 10:00pm at the house. It was an odd time to meet but my husband and I decided not to object.

“Hello Mr. Jackson, please come in.” Jeffery led Mr. Jackson to the table where I sat.
I offered my delighted smile, I motioned for Mr. Jackson to take a seat next to me and adjusted my shirt. This shirt had a tendency of unbuttoning itself, letting...

by RLM

Both wives liked to show it off, but they both knew
it would be more fun to go further.

Male Bonding:

With the wind blowing 15 mph directly toward the tee box and gusts up to 25 mph, the 15th hole became a monster that regularly devoured novices by the dozens. Already a long, 565-yard, par 5 hole, with the wind in your face, it was really a par 6 for any player except a pro. For the weekend golfer, it was more like a par 7. With a forest lining the left...
Every Woman’s Fantasy

by RLM

The thought of having two randy, hung men in her bed
for a month had Paula in a sexual frenzy.

An Old Flame Returns:

It was a normal day on a normal Wednesday during August. Things were going well at the plant so my work load as Chief Project Engineer was unusually light. As a result, I got home around 5 PM rather than the more normal time of 5:30. I was relaxed, but for some reason, Paula seemed nervous.

After a light dinner of salad and quiche with an excellent...
Out of The Bottle and Into The Wife

By EroticWriter

After 10 years of marriage, a husband took his buxom wife to play her first game of golf..... Unfortunately, the wife promptly whacked her first shot right through the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course.

The husband cringed, 'Oh crap! I warned you to be careful! Now we'll have to go up there, find the owner, apologize and see how much your lousy drive is going to cost us.'

So as the couple walked toward the house, the husband took her hand in his and said, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to criticize. I know you didn't do it on purpose. Let's just see the owner, find out how much the window will cost to replace, and be on our way.”

The wife...

I regularly lurk on an interracial forum where many white women post of their experiences dating black men. I don’t know if this story is true, but if it is, I feel very sorry for the poor husband.

The story involves a British white wife who posts on the interracial forum finally taking black lover and then becoming a total bitch to her husband. She apologizes again and again for her actions, but reading between the lines she is such a self-obsessed sadistic bitch, she would be any white husband’s worst nightmare

Anyway, she starts off pretty lame, but believe me, she gets going. The story takes the form of posts to a forum devoted to discussions about interracial fucking and dating between white...
What Happens in Vegas...

by EroticWriter

John and Yvonne, a newly wed couple married in Los Angeles and having driven to Las Vegas for their honeymoon spent the better part of two days in their room. On the third day. they had done it all, so they thought, including having tried several things sexual and learning what seems to work and what doesn't.

They had learned that for now, her husband John could only bring her to orgasm orally or with his fingers. A few times Yvonne had been close to orgasm while he is fucking her, needing only a little more, a push, and then he would cum prematurely. They knew, had read about things like this and knew that, in time, they would work it out.

There was, Neil felt, a period before the party kicks off, when his wife was somehow still close to him. It was that time when you knew all the drinks were chilled downstairs, when the band had already set up in the garden pavilion and when the caterers had the food sorted. It was that time upstairs when Neil splashed cologne on his face and watched his wife making her last adjustments. Sheryl looked amazing in the tiny black figure hugging cocktail dress. She wore stockings and the darker banding around the top of each was hinted at beneath the dress hem if she bent over, even just a little. Today, Sheryl was 28 years old. Neil had bought her a rolex watch, something that had cost him a hell of a lot. But as she sat at the dressing...
I was really bummed. It was late Friday afternoon and my flight back home to NJ was cancelled so I had to spend Friday night in Las Vegas and not in bed with my wife. I used to travel there often and never liked staying at a casino hotel because invariably to get to your room you had to run the gauntlet of slot machines and gaming tables with their attendant noise and cigarette smoke. At least I had a room with a pool view (An upgrade due to my elite status with the chain). The pool was not crowded, only a 30-something couple, a few overweight business men, one woman who looked like a hooker and a couple of families with some kids. I turned on the TV, started to watch some daytime talk show and soon nodded off. I woke up a little...