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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

by Throne

I was upset when my wife Tressa cut me off from sex. And when she turned me into her pussy licking bedroom slave. Then the cheating started and I thought I'd die. It was even worse when she made me lavish sexual attention on her after she returned from dates. You can't imagine how disgusting it is to have to eat another man's spunk from your own wife's well used snatch. But everything got ten times worse when she brought her lover home -- and moved him in.

My wife is a voluptuous beauty. I mean, for some guys she would be too heavy. But to me her big boobs, plump tummy, wide hips, full thighs and large calves are like a visual aphrodisiac. And her ass, so wide and round and sticking out so far, is like some exotic...
Hello, Race Traitors! ;) Here is a special entry for you all. It is short, but quite sweet.

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The Sommerset Farm, part 4

That evening Helen’s daughter had been rewarded with one of the members of the construction crew. They had put of quite the show on the living room floor as Crystal had made the young Black man cum twice in her pussy while cumming many times herself. She had now earned the title of a “Black Cock Slut” just as her mother and Grandmother were and she was proud she could now provide pleasure to all the deserving Black men that now seemed to be always present at the farm.

After the show Crystal and Tyrone (the construction crew member) spent the night together and from the sounds coming from her bedroom, they had not stopped the celebration for most of the night. When morning came, Tyrone was the only one who...
Finally, a Real Burglar

As he slowly tugged the zipper down, he looked into her eyes and asked, “Ever heard about how black men are hung?”

She turned red, but did not look away as his zipper reached bottom. “I…I’ve heard stories…”

by EroticWriter

A man was sleeping, when his wife shook him and said, "Wake up! Someone is breaking in!"

The man had gone through this almost every night for 20 years, and he knew that the only way he would get any rest was to go and check it out. Not bothering with a robe and wanting to get this charade over with, he walked naked into the kitchen.

This time, however, there was a man, a black...
The BBC Adventures of a Wife and Her Cuck


The Appointment:

Debbye Gorman was too excited to sit around her house and wait until 2 PM. After months of agonizing and procrastination, she had finally gotten up the courage to make the appointment, and today was the day. After her husband Marc had left for work at the bank where he was now an associate loan officer, she had had yet another fit of uncertainty and had almost called to cancel her appointment… almost, but not quite.


By 9 AM, I had managed to suppress my...
Book 29

The weekend was quite nice and it was good to see her regaining her horniness. Saturday night and Sunday was a bit of a break for us both with the heat and work around the house. She did not see Ray this past weekend but is planning for Thursday. Last night she did tease me a bit saying I should ‘have her before she puts her panties back on’ which she did just after we'd both gotten cleaned up. As she put it, "you'll just have to wait your turn again".


Suzanna's returned to wearing panties all the time. Tuesday night it was quite warm and whereas she probably would have slept in the nude in the past that night, she lay there next to me with just a pair of panties on.


My husband and I are dedicated joggers, and when weather allows we'll go to one of the many parks in our hometown at least three evenings each week, as well as on the weekends. Both of us are firmly convinced that running like that makes us healthier, and based on what we do when we return home from a nighttime run, it definitely makes us lots more horny than most other couples I know of. It just seems to make sex lots better when we're covered with a sheen of perspiration, as well as psyched up from all that exercise.

We subscribe to "Jogger Times," which as the name implies deals exclusively with the sport we both love, and it was a brief notice in the latest issue that drew the two of us deeply into the world...
She's Searching Online For Big Black Cock

by EroticWriter

“Oooh fuck.” Amber was kneeling on the floor below Tyrone, and she had her right hand on his cock and was staring it in the face.

“Tyrone? You weren't kidding about having a Big, Black Cock. It's even more than I expected.”

Young and attractive white wife is curious about Big Black Cock. The ad was placed on Craigslist under 'Women Searching For Men' and went on: First time wife. Married three years, never strayed or played before. Write me with description. Replies with photo included, does not have to be naked, will be answered first. I want to see your face. If I like what I...
Her Aunt Had a Loose Pussy

"I thought you had to get home to your husband," I asked?

"Fuck him," she said.

"No, fuck ME," I responded. And she did.

by Eroticwriter

Updated 14 November 2018. All segments TRUE Personal History

I just posted this on some blog about loose cunts so thought I would post it here for laughs.

Once upon a time, in a river town far far away, like in Ohio, I took a young girl, maybe 14 to a movie. I was 15 not quite 16 I think and of course we walked to the movie. When I walked her home, to a town row apartment it turns out she was living with her aunt....
They tell me it’s been 2 months since my “Date Night” with Daddy. I wouldn’t know myself since I’ve been out of it for a long time. I woke up this morning to Master and Mistress Beth standing by my bed smiling down at me. I was sore all over and felt disoriented and confused. They laughed at me telling me it was natural to be confused since I’d been in and out of a medically induced coma over the course of the last 8 weeks or so. I had trouble focusing at first but listened to their story as best I could.

It seems Master and Daddy had a plan to change the way I look through plastic surgery since they were both tired of waiting for the hormones to do their work. After my disastrous date when my fake tits slipped off they had decided it...