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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Housewives of Valley County

(This story is a part of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.)

Chapter 1

"And for the rest of the day, we can look forward to more sunshine and great weather…" Weatherman Alan Westerman broadcasted from a high point overlooking the beautiful suburbs of Valley County.

Over on crest road, a neighborhood filled with lush green trees and beautiful architecturally designed homes, a woman's moans traveled out through the garden facing windows of one of the homes.

Jamilah Najjar, a beautiful Arab woman was doing her daily yoga routine. Or rather, she would have, today however she had company.

“Oh ohhh ohh ohhh.” Jamilah crossed her arms and lightly pressed her hands up against her...
Young Bride Takes It All In Vaseline Orgy

Written by EroticWriter on November 10, 2014

Note: this is a continuation of the story called ‘Her Husband's Boss Took Advantage of Her Innocence’

Time period, mid 1950s.

The cast of characters for Her Husband's Boss:

Jeff, employed by Richard and married to Monica.

Monica, newlywed at 17 and trying to help her husband get ahead.

Richard, Jeff’s boss and general all around scoundrel and schemer.

Charlie, a big boss from Chicago.

The cast of characters for Vaseline Orgy:

Cindy, four days a newlywed.

Raymond, Cindy’s...
Husband's Boss Took Advantage

by EroticWriter

Monica was holding the phone to her ear as Charlie crawled back into bed and between her legs. Monica looked horrified, as if to say 'No, no' but Charlie made the shushing motion with his fingers and touched her vagina with the head of his penis.

She understood, Charlie will be quiet and he plans to put his larger peter into me while I talk to my husband. Instantly, her voice changed on the phone. “Jeff, I'm naked on our bed and ready for you to fuck me.”

Date: Early 1950s

As she had finished using the F word, Monica heard a slight giggle beside her and frowned as she glanced up at her husband's boss, who was beside...

It was a dreary day in April when John woke up in bed next to his best friend and girlfriend, Jaz. He carefully parted from her and stretched looking around the immaculate room, he couldn't believe his luck, he was dating and living with his childhood sweetheart and longtime friend who was one of the prettiest girls in town. He, on the other hand, was fairly average, sporting weak cheekbones a recessed chin and not much `manhood` to speak of either. All of this combined meant that he felt like the luckiest man alive to be with her. But there was one glaring issue, she didn't feel as lucky to have him and as such saw it as below her to do any type of sexual activity with him.

John looked over at his half-dressed...
Amy was quiet on the way home, letting her daughter drive this time. She kept looking out the window, gazing into the middle distance, thinking about what she’d just done. She’d masturbated for the first time in countless years, driving herself into a sexual frenzy that had culminated in her collapsing to the floor of the sex shop’s backroom, observed by her daughter, her lover and a group of random male strangers. It was sordid, perverse and probably illegal… but she couldn’t help thinking about how wonderful it had all been.

The feelings she’d experienced were just too good to deny - how could something that… right be wrong?

“It’s okay, you know,” Jessica, her daughter, said. “You’re a human being, you can have fun. If God...
Book 50


It’s the Happy 4th July. We're home for a while longer today then going over Suzanna's parents for a barbeque and over to fireworks later on.

The week has been excellent thus far all around. The sex has been good, her teasing me has brought us both pretty intense feelings and in addition to her sexy comments about this or that we did start to talk last night about what's going to happen after this week.

As part of that discussion she's come out and said that some of her apprehension and uncertainty has been related to her thinking about what might happen or come between us since she told me that she's been the more aggressive one than Robert.

She said at times she felt numb thinking and...

by Throne

"Stop your whining," Abby scolded. "I'm letting you watch me get dressed, aren't I?"

"B... but you're getting ready for another date with Mack."

"Boo hoo. If you'd stood up to your old school bully when we met him at that class reunion, maybe I wouldn't be getting laid by him. And your sex life wouldn't have been reduced to playing with your little stem."

I stood there, naked, the way she often kept me. Well, naked except for sweat socks. My wife likes to point out how kind she's being, making sure I don't have cold feet. And how thoughtful it is of her to relieve me of the responsibility of satisfying her in bed, which she never tires of reminding me I'm no good at.

Abby is taller than me, 5' 10"...
Author's Note - This is HEAVILY inspired by a story written by the prolific and imaginate RLM! It was called 'A Cold Wife and a Hot Daughter' and be found here: http://darkwanderer.net/threads/a-cold-wife-and-a-hot-daughter.12884/. I liked it a lot so decided to rewrite it using my own personal kinks. This one will feature a lot more black men, for example!

For Amy Cranshaw, the world changed a year ago today. It was the day her 18-year-old daughter, a sweet young thing who was all innocence, light and rose petals, met Mike Staley. He was 33, much older than Amy would have liked for her only daughter, the one thing in her life that was pure, unspoiled. Something untainted by the world - by her own puritanical...
Husband Turns in Early

by Gustav Jorgenson

My wife Mandy invited a couple of her guy friends from work, Sam and Peter over for dinner and drinks one Friday night. I didn’t really like either of them very much, they were sort of big dumb jock types who worked in sales, whereas I am sort of a skinny tech guy who doesn’t care about sports. But I agreed because my wife could get very whiny if I didn’t let her have her way, and I didn’t like to cross her. To my surprise, dinner wasn’t that annoying, and both Sam and Peter seemed to be trying their best not to annoy me. They avoided any talk of sportsball and stuck to neutral topics, and after a few glasses of wine, I found that I didn’t hate them very much....
Book 49


She did come home a bit later than expected last Friday. It's now 3 days ago so I'll only say that she was very amorous when she got home but also made it clear that she would prefer to be left alone sexually but she did say that if I was horny, that she'd 'help me out' if I wanted to masturbate. She then said that, "if you wait till tomorrow, I'll make it even nicer for you".

I wanted more info from her but she was a bit reserved and said that she didn't want me to do anything with her unless I 'really needed to'. I told her that I was horny but that I understood her desires. She hugged me and asked if I was sure but then giggled when she felt my hard-on and asked me if I wanted to 'make...