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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

"She likes what?" Xavier rumbled above me, his muscular legs splaid out on both sides of my head.

"Being a prison bitch. It's her ultimate fantasy." My wife Lexi said, giggling as she nestled closer to her boyfriend on the bed. Our bed, in fact.

My wife Lexi was in her early 30's, but had the same drop-dead gorgeous body she'd had through college. She was a blonde haired, petite 5'5, 125 pound woman, but had very impressive 34C breasts that were entirely natural. I wasn't bad looking myself, but my insecurity over how tremendously hot Lexi was had originally birthed my cuckold fantasies.

Lexi was tolerant of them, and after some cajoling, indulged in them for me. But it wasn't until we invited the man who would be our third Bull...
The Exotic Mistress and the Black Impregnator

by RLM


Daren was impatient. It was already nearly 8 PM, and he had been waiting for Anne to finish getting dressed and putting on her make up for almost an hour. "Shit... same old crap every time we go out," he cursed quietly. "Just another fucking example of Daren's first law of women," he thought. "The longer it takes them to dress and get ready, the more overdressed and prudish they're going to be."

Daren had formulated his empirical law several years previously and, to date, had seen no exceptions to it. "The really hot ones just pull...
I am sat here, watching my wife, Samantha, kissing her boyfriend. Even though i regularly watch them fuck, and co operate, the sensations deep within my gut when I watch them kissing never ceases to shock me. There is a knotting in my stomach, my cock goes bullet hard and my mouth becomes so dry. Leon kisses her hard open mouthed. It is lock mouthed, his tongue exploring her, her tongue responding to his, their eyes closed in a mutual dance of passion. It is the sort of kissing that isn't an act. Its the sort of kissing that isn't showing off. You can tell by the way that they move their mouths on one another that they need this so badly. Irrespective of whether i the beaten husband watched or not, the kissing would be this deep, this...
We've decided that John my pussy boy is going to take his vows at last. I've been going with Damian for just over a year. Quite a few friends know that I cuckold my husband. Girlfriends have reacted brilliantly, whilst some of John's male friends have uncomfortably drained away from him. One of them said, 'understand the Damian thing, hell he's so male ain't he, but you should have fought, left her, something, rather than suck cock.' John was distraught but i assured him, I liked him sucking cock and in any case who was to say that a husband was there simply to copulate? Right now then we have got to a position where John is ready to commit publicly to the lifestyle, to Damian and my happiness, and yes to me being bred if that is what...
Asia, Max’s High-Heeled Hot Wife

By Max, Asia, and RLM
2009 2017


In 2009, Max and Asia contacted me to let me know how excited they got when reading some of my posted stories. Max’s unedited e-mail message to me follows:


I have been a consistent reader of your stories for a long time and truly appreciate the effort you have put into them. They are truly magnificent.

I and my wife both share...
I don't know how many daughter-in-law/mother-in-law combos write you an experience or two, but here goes we will try. My name's Jill and my daughter in law is called Matilda. I'll do the writing bit as Matilda is from the Czech Republic and she's not as confident writing English as speaking it. My son Ken met Matilda whilst he was doing voluntary work in Prague, with the church that he belongs to. Ken is 30 years old, I am 51 and Matilda, she is 22. Matty (that's what we all called her) had been married to Ken for a little over three years and they were living close by to me in Reading. She is a beautiful, vivacious, very confident young woman who works in healthcare. Understandably, my son doted on her and insisted on buying her the...
“How do I look? Am I sexy enough? Am I?” Emily asked me with obvious and genuine eagerness to get a positive answer from me. I looked at her slowly from head to toes, trailed my eyes all over her and kept silent.

“Am I not sexy enough?” she insisted and pushed her boobs together before letting them free, her large fleshy melons almost popping out of that tiny, linen summer dress she was wearing, the top of her nipples clearly visible.

“Everybody will be drooling at you,” I said with low voice as I took a look around the airport's waiting area. It was thankfully empty, only the cleaning ladies and another four or five people around. It was still 6.30 am in the morning and the first flight has just landed.

“I don't care about...

by RLM

Author’s Warning:

This story contains not only the sensuous, erotic sex usually found in my stories, it also contains a substantial amount of violence. If violence offends you, I advise you to skip this story and download another one in my directory or in any other. If not, then turn down the lights, lock and bolt all the doors, and sit back, relax, and enjoy “The Darkness”…. RLM

The Agreement:

My overnight flight to San Francisco had a departure time of 8 PM. Consequently, I had to be at the airport by 6 PM. By 3 PM, I had my...
Loads of guys wank off to stories here, I suppose so. There may be some women who like them too. My wife likes the stories. She likes it that women get what they want and yes, that weaker males are pushed aside as a result. She would argue to you now that this is a base female instinct, one that we've always pretended wasn't there, behind the romantic novels, the church representation of women and the nice ladies don't do that social mores. So Emma said I must post a more serious reflection, on my nature. Only if I do that do i get to lick her out again. Only if I reflect very honestly indeed, do i get to sniff and lick her sex.

So I explain this as being all about nature's. You can come back and comment, please do. She'd like it if...
The Hot Doc and Her Hung Husband

by RLM

Sometimes a wife wants her loving husband.
At other times, she needs a young, hot lover.
Loving Husband or Hot, Young Lover

At the Sports Club:

The football game had been one of the slow ones with a dozen or more challenged plays, each requiring lengthy slo-mo and stop action replays before a decision was reached. In addition, with the game being so...