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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Erotic Dreams

by EroticWriter

In her dream, one man was black


If this isn't my husband, am I now cheating on him? Surely I can't be blamed for this; it is just a dream. You can't be blamed for having dreams. The dream continued, and it seemed that she could hear him whispering into her ear... "Good pussy baby, really good pussy."

Jeannie was placed in a semi-private room, with one other woman. The tonsillitis infection had come on suddenly, and Jeannie was taking time off from her part time job at the grocery store. Needing every penny that they could earn right now, her husband had...
Amy's Black Cock Fantasy

by RLM

I was waiting patiently in the den for my wife. As usual, Amy was late. I wouldn't have minded waiting at all if I had thought there was the slightest possibility that she was late because she was busy putting on her makeup and the new dress I had bought for her several weeks before. However, I knew with as close to certainty as possible that there was no chance of that.

I had tried every thing during the last few years Amy to spark her sexual libido, but without success. I had...
Keith hated the shopping trips. He had always hated shopping anyway. But now? Now that Carol was seeing that bastard from down at the gym. Now that she was seeing Jamal. They moved to yet another boutique. yet another expensive women clothing boutique. Keith's face sank and Carol looked tetchily at him. They had only been shopping for just two hours. Choosing clothes wasn't a rush thing. Certainly not. Not now.

'You don't get it do you? ' she said icily, without reference to his name. She had for some time now dropped addressing him by name, at least, routinely.

Keith looked miserably blank at her. To be honest he didn't get a lot these days. Not just sex you see, but anything else that helped him realise all the unusual and...
Author Note:

I hope all of you pathetic white boys had a good Black Friday! <3 You should treat your significant other to black cock this Christmas.

Here is a gift to you all! I hope you'll enjoy. Consider supporting my wicked tales on Amazon and now Barnes & Noble!

I highly recommend Blacked By Her Boss (Part I) and Blacked Bride Roulette (Audio...
Imagine the Master
by Juno Cordova

Imagine her, your wife of so many years, allowing this man to slide his cockmeat into her ass. You begged her for years to let you fuck her there but she never would so you stopped asking. Imagine her dressed in a black satin corset, charcoal stockings and black patent leather "fuck-me" pumps, on her knees, on a hotel bed, her French-tipped fingers digging into her fleshy ass as she pulls herself apart for this man. Imagine her moans as he forces the bulbous purple head of his tool beyond her sphincter, "Please Master, fuck my ass, fuck my big whore's ass, please, please..."

Imagine sitting in the corner of the room, silent, your tiny boy-cock twitching, as the mother of your children becomes a...
I'm watching Luther fuck my husband Paul. There is nothing soft about this. Luther has simply bent him forward over the back of the low sofa, kicked his legs further apart and drilled his botty for him. Paul has been exercised like this quite often. It's done casually, brutally really, with little or no warning. Luther has a certain look for Paul. He doesn't have to say much to him. Then my husband nods with a little flush of embarrassment across his face. He drops to his knees and delicately takes Luther's cock out from his pants. He sucks and licks his master's cock eagerly. He learned that bit pretty quickly. The better lubed Luther was that way, the less sore it was when Luther fucked him. Luther sometimes lingers on the fellatio....
Anyway, I can't tell you whether it was because I drank too much booze or because my drinks were spiked some way. All I know is that Christmas was a delirious mess, and that now, this year, the new year, things are bloody different. My first memory of the season, this Christmas season was of Lewis helping Madeleine putting up the Christmas tree. My wife has always been pretty close to our neighbour. She likes Caribbean food, she likes white rum, she likes that kinda music and the whole Bob Marley thing. So Lewis dropped by quite a lot and he was there, when on Christmas Eve Maddy was putting up the tree. I'm the cook of the family, so I was occupied pretty much in the kitchen. I had a bottle open so I took them through drinks...
Night Nurse

sub-titled: Their Own Little World

by EroticWriter


In a mental institution nurse Jessica Johnson walks into a room and sees a patient acting like he's driving a car. The nurse asks him, "Charlie, what are you doing?"

Charlie replied, "Driving to Chicago!"

As Charlie continued to move his arms in circular motions Jessica wished him a good trip and left the room.

Later that evening, while making her rounds, the nurse enters Charlie's room just as he stops driving his imaginary car and asks, "Well Charlie, how are you doing?"

Charlie says, "I just got into Chicago"....
A Sexy Wife and her too Fast Husband

by RLM

The Problem:

The tongue tip moved up the pulsing shaft of the woman’s erect, throbbing clitoris causing ripples of pleasure to course through her vagina. When it reached the tip, the tongue stopped and pressed against the swollen organ. Female moans filled the room.

"Ooohhhh.. More, Darling... More! Please! I'm almost there! Suck Meeeee... My clit... Oh my god! SUCK MY CLIT!"

The tongue flicked back and forth causing the woman’s hips to arch upward, her legs...
Day 7

I sat out on our patio awaiting my wife’s appearance; she had already told me she was going to sleep in and not to disturb her. I knew better than to argue, that to point out we would be missing a beautiful day for she had become so dominant and, almost aggressive, whenever I challenged her these days. Better that I continued to act the submissive was my thinking.

Mid-morning and Sally eventually appeared at the door. I eyed her up and down as she stood there in yet another new swimsuit looking as sexy as ever. This one was a dark blue bikini and, like the others she had worn, it didn’t cover much.

“Well, you look Slutty again today,” I told her.

She just laughed replying, “Well it’s not for your benefit, but I guess by...