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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 16

Nadine Bally read her local evening paper with a martini in hand. It was another boring day in prospect with her husband away once again on an overseas business trip.

Nadine and George had both been born in the same town, gone to school together and had grown up together. She was introverted, shy and withdrawn as a teen and had few friends other than George with whom she spent most of her free time. It was no surprise when one day he asked her to marry him; indeed, it was an expectation by both his parents and hers. She said 'yes' though she thought at the time that he probably should have married...
Romantic (not so Royal) Hot Wife Wedding Surprise for Cuck Hubby
Wonderful American hot wife whore Meghan and her cucky upper crust British hubby Harry

This is a story I found on another site by Mikas. I’ve edited it and changed it to my particular tastes and kinks. Any resemblance to any real people or situations is purely coincidental.... This just a work of naughty erotic fiction... Hope you enjoy it.

Please have a look at my other stories and pictures in the gallery if share the same deviant tastes...


Making and Pimping a German Cum Whore

Germany makes great cars, porn and whores (with the help of deviant American know how)!

This is a story I found on another site by HELIOS. I’ve edited it and changed it to my particular tastes and kinks. Hope you enjoy it. Please have a look at my other stories and pictures in the gallery if you happen to share the same kinks and deviant tastes...

This is a story about Anna a young German girl in her early 20s who was studying in the US in the late 1990s... It is told from Anna’ point of view...
Her Husband's Boss Shows His Cock and She Cheats

 Written by EroticWriter on January 17, 2011 and updated in May 2018

Ginny gulped and then gasped. It was not only huge, but way huge. Abnormally so. Curving up and looking thick and long, ridiculously long.

“Mr. Paul, I could never take that,” Ginny breathed as she stared at what her husband's boss had exposed. She took another, longer look. "And down at the bottom, your cock is so thick trying to take it all would be like having to give birth!"

A very attractive and tall woman met a midget at a party. The midget was barely three feet tall and at first, when he came on to her, she thought it all to be pretty funny. However,...
The Erotic Cruise
by RLM

Author's Note: The background of this story may be found in another story posted in my directory, "Fishing Expeditions". Briefly, Tracy and Paula have devised an erotic scheme to accumulate a financial nest egg, which they plan to use to provide a pleasurable surprise for their husbands, Art and Gordon. Once or twice a month, the husbands can enjoy an erotic, sensuous night with Tracy and Paula for the bargain price of $500 from each husband. For almost a year, their wives have been putting their income from these erotic evenings in a private safety deposit box, and they have decided that it's time...
Wifey's Vacation experience in a Foreign Whorehouse

I found this hot story orignally posted by YW190 on another site. I've edited for my own kinks... Hope you like it. Please check out my other stories and pics in the gallery if you share the same kinks..

We had booked a ten day vacation to Belize a small country in Central America that has great diving and snorkelling and Mayan ruins and jungle. After six days on an island we spent the rest of the time in Belize City so we could take in some pyramids and jungle tours.

It was on the first night there that we met Robbie who joined us at the pool bar and had a few drinks with us. The next day we ran into him again after we had gotten back from a jungle trip and had a few more drinks...
I found the post below on another site originally posted by Afterglow2 with edits by me to suit my kinks. Please have a look at my other stories and pictures in the gallery if you have similar kinks... Some science being your naughty thoughts, fantasies and behaviours...

Cuckold Psychology: Sperm Wars
It is a somewhat uncomfortable confession…that it really turns me on to think about my lover with another man. The emotional burn, intense mind-fuck, and physical arousal is like nothing I have ever known. It is worth mentioning up front that I am first and foremost a passionate, sensual man that loves and adores women. Cuckolding for me represents sexual play or occasional variety to mix things up. It is not a state of being....
Ever wonder what happened to your high school sweetheart? You know, your earliest crush. The girl you first loved and lusted after? Maybe things didn’t work out between you, maybe you never even had a chance with her – but you must admit, you’re curious about how her life turned out. Has she done well for herself? Is she married? Kids? Or maybe she’s a career girl, still single, still waiting for the right man to come along.

She was hot, wasn’t she? Although she dumped your ass, you can’t help wondering if, given your financial success, you might stand a second chance with her.

Well, I thought that. I thought I had a second chance with my ex fiancée. Heather had kicked me to the curb age 19, and five years later I’d tried to win...
Day 15

We were on our way home; the holiday was over and I was a jumble of nerves and emotions as we spent the few hours after breakfast finishing the packing and making sure that nothing of importance was left behind. We didn’t make much conversation; we both seemed to be wrapped in our own thoughts and, in truth, I really didn’t want to know what might be going through her head.

The hotel had arranged for a taxi to take us to the airport and Sally’s delight was matched by my despair when it pulled up and we saw Michael jump out of the driver’s door. “Couldn’t miss the opportunity to see my favourite lady for the last time,” he said with a grin. “You can tell me all about your holiday with us on our beautiful island and what...
Book 9

I found out more details over the past few days.

Apparently he's a vendor that takes care of all their office stuff - copiers, fax machines, printers, etc. He comes by once a week, usually on Thursdays, to check on anything needed. Since Suzanna has several printers and other equipment nearby, they do see each other.

She says he's in his mid-30s, maybe 6 foot tall, she said that he's a bit bigger body-wise than Peter. Dark brown hair and has blue eyes which told me she's given him more than just the time of day.

I asked her how she thought she'd go about ‘attracting his attention’ and she said that she would try to get a bit of time to talk to him a bit more and see if she can do a little flirting with him.

She said...