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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Chapter 1 - My Girlfriend

Malik was the first black man to ever enroll in my high school. The area was upper class and almost entirely white, so I had made it all the to my senior year with only white classmates. Malik’s family had just moved to the area and he entered my school as a senior. It had only been a week since he enrolled but he already seemed to be very popular. I guess being the only minority in the school makes you stand out. It also helped that he was good looking for a black man. He was one of the tallest men in the school at 6’4’’ and had the build of a star quarterback. A couple of the girls in my classes had clearly taken a liking to him. They had spent the last week sneaking glances at him and giggling. On top of...
Chapter 2 - Confrontation

The following week at school was humiliating. Sarah was constantly attached to one of Malik’s arms, and the other arm was usually occupied by a different girl. Malik’s girls also started to dress noticeably sluttier. Sarah was wearing crop tops and skirts that were a clear violation of our school’s dress code, but the administration seemed not to notice.

Every day it seemed like Malik had a new a girl. It didn’t take long for the other guys in school to notice. When Malik was seen groping Kim I thought that her boyfriend Jacob would surely confront him. Jacob was the school’s star running back and was even bigger than Malik, I’m sure that he would win a fight. Any ideas of that happening were crushed when I...
Bless him, John tries not to wank. But when Saul, my young black gentleman fucks me, John is rather lost when it comes to self control. Saul has a fine physique. He is well over six feet tall, his chest is big and well developed courtesy of the time he spends in the gym. His legs are powerful and nicely shaped, and….well…..he has the most magnificent cock on him. He has a certainty about him, about what he wants, what he will do, what he takes, and that makes him the most compelling man ever! That Saul is only 25 and came as a refugee from west Africa, an economic migrant matters not a jot. As soon as we agreed to take him in, as part of Christian charity, respect for a young man trying to make his way in the world, I understood...
Day 4.

I awoke before her and slipped out of bed and made my quiet way into the bathroom where I washed my hands and my stomach and cleaned off the evidence of my solitary pleasure. God, I must have cum a bucket load. I dressed and pondered if I was actually getting ready for another day of Sally acting the slut again today. I looked out of the patio doors and at the sun lounger that she had fucked Rufus on last night and concluded, yes; she most probably would be acting the complete slut.

I made myself a coffee and was about to go and sit on the veranda when Sally walked out of the bedroom. I turned and looked at her; “Oh yes, I’d love a coffee too; Like my new bikini?” she asked.

“Good Morning to you too,” I said as...

by RLM


Phillip and Wilma Bronson have just celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. At 42, Philip is in excellent health due to a healthy diet and regular exercise on the tennis and racquetball courts. At 38, Wilma can easily pass for 28. Her 36D-26-34 body would still turn male heads if she did not dress so conservatively in long dresses or skirts, loosely fitting blouses, full bra and panties, and practical, thick rubber soled shoes with white socks. Her conservative dress is partially the result of a very strict upbringing by her parents, which wasn't surprising since her...
Father John Opens The Gates

by EroticWriter

updated October 2017.


“Mother Angela, after Father John had climbed off of me, his dangly thing was all
soft and shiny looking. As I sat up, I looked down and saw blood on his bed where I
had been lying.

It was from me and it shocked me. Father John saw my tears and said it was nothing
to worry about, that a little sacrificial blood is to be expected when a lock to the Gates
to Heaven is opened for the first time.”

It was time for Father John's Saturday night bath. Angela, the mother nun at 56 was
getting on in years so she decided it was time to allow a novice whom had just
become a nun to...
Joseph pushed her roughly against the wall. His hard mouth found hers and owned it. She felt his tight lips, his agile tongue, and because she wanted it, because she needed to be taken this way, with a terrible lusting drive, she submitted and opened her mouth to him. There Tom, do you hear the mewing, the sucking and sensual submission that she gives him? Your wife opens her mouth to him as freely as a mother would open her door to a long lost child. It natural ain't it? He wants her, he takes her, she surrenders, freely, with a grateful whimpering as he runs his fingers behind her neck and pulls her mouth against his. You've seen this before haven't you man? The casual, the direct, the aggressive owning of your wife in public. He...
I wasn't at all sure about it, taking back Martin I mean. How many years had it been since he was pushed out of our home? Two years I guess. Yes two. Enough time for Luther and I to settle into our way, black alpha male and his woman and for Ellie to come along. Our daughter is one going on two. She is beautiful and she is bright and inquisitive, she is so Luther, so confident and full of attitude, even as a babe. It had been breeding that had finished Martin off. He could sort of manage the idea that i was dating Luther, even that the only person allowed in the marriage bed was my black adonis, but when I wanted Luther's baby so very much, and told my husband to flush my contraceptive pills down the toilet, well, that broke Martin. I...
We're up in the master bedroom. Carrie has set my daughter's clothes for the evening out on the bed. The stuff, honest, it has cost me the best part of five grand. Four thousand on a rolex, another five hundred on the lingerie and the tight black cocktail dress. The heels, stockings and the choker to go around her pretty throat, they made up the rest of the bill. Carrie laughs and tugs my arm.

'It's not so bad Ian, you already bough Emma the prada handbag for her birthday didn't you!'

Fuck it. Fuck it I tell you. Emma is just nineteen. She is way too young to be touting this sort of gear around town on a Saturday night. But this is the sort of look that black bastards like. They like their white women expensive looking. They like them...
Chapter Four – The second week

We had had a whole week and Barbados had to date fulfilled my wildest dreams - or should I say ‘our wildest dreams’? – for we both were experiencing the vacation of a lifetime in the most agreeable circumstances. I was still in thrall of the surprise of the windfall of my surprise lottery win. Here we were not having to worry about the expense; the accommodation; the travel arrangements and all of it being enjoyed in the most delightful Caribbean setting. Helen was getting more than her share of black cock without having to go searching and I was allowed to watch whenever the occasion occurred. Best of all, every ‘liaison’ was conducted under our agreed rules.

I must have been the happiest cuckold alive...