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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Sexual Power of the Towel

First Written by EroticWriter / Apr 29, 2011

Hymie waved the towel over Juan and his wife and watched as Juan, his enormous penis now freed from its confines, walked forward on his knees until he was within nine inches or so from Rebecca's love nest. Even at that distance, Juan was close enough to touch her with his head. As he started by placing it between her lips, Hymie saw Rebecca's body quiver at the touch.

Hymie was trembling at the thought. 'He is going to stick that thing into my little wife and not only give her a first orgasm, but give her one I will never be able to match. He might even stretch Rebecca out and ruin her for me...
Book One

I had been obsessing for ages, living in a fantasy of my wife finally giving in to the desires I suspected she denies herself which, if she does so, will fulfil my wishes too. I had always harboured a wish to see her being fucked by someone else and knowing of her past before we were married it has not been a stretch of the imagination to picture her doing so. Indeed, when we were first wed we did discuss doing things such as getting involved with the Swinging scene - and we came close a few times - but for the past 25 years, it had only ever been my cock and cum in her.

Earlier we spoke about my upcoming 50th birthday and she said something to me I never saw coming; she said, “You know that you can request your...
His Big Black Cock Started It All

by EroticWriter


Pepperoni Pineapple Black Olive Peter Pizza

Cast of characters:

Son Billy 20

Daughter Betty 18

Detective Jeff

Husband Bud 38

Wife Catherine 38

Wife's workmate Bill

Visitor Cedric 26

Readers, unlike many of my stories, this one is made up and not true, but there are many elements within that I have seen and experienced in real life.

This story has many of the elements the regular reader of this site enjoy, suck as White cock. Big white cock. Big black cock.

Notice that I did not say just the two words black cock like I did white cock? That is because there is no ordinary black cock, just big black cock. Am I right? That's what they...
Day 9

Another new day and as always I was awake first. I got myself ready pulling up my swim shorts and looked over at Sally softly snoring lying on her side legs splayed inviting me to look at her smooth shaven pussy. The erotic sight made me catch my breath but I knew that it was going to be off-limits to me so I turned like I had done every morning and went outside to wait for her to join me on our sun loungers.

With a coffee and a book I was expecting a long wait as I sat in the bright sunshine, the morning already very warm and humid. However, it seemed I had hardly started to read when I heard, “Morning Mark.”

I turned to see Sally standing by the door wrapped in just a bath towel, “Won’t be long and I’ll join you,”’ she...
His Wife's First Time

By EroticWriter

“Tyrone, come in here.” The door at the back of Estelle, the madam's office opened and in walked a black man. Ginny gasped. She had not been told in advance that the man testing her would be black, nor that he would look so big. No, Tyrone was not naked and sporting a huge erection, but rather he was tall, past 6 feet and around 230.

“Tyrone, this is Ginny, my newest gal, and you know what to do. Ginny informs me that she has been married for just one year and the only man she has been with is her husband. So go a little easy on her until she becomes used to this.”

Because he was a jealous man, the past several months had been difficult for Fred. The problem was his wife...
Glorious Glory Hole Gals

TRUE STORY By EroticWriter


I began fucking. She moaned and grabbing my head, began kissing. “Baby,” I whispered, “In this position I can only get about half of it in.”

That’s enough. It’s just what I need.”

This shall be two stories under one title. Both are true, both happened to me and have not been exaggerated in any way. Listen up readers and I shall give you a brief history lesson of how an adult store was in the eighties. Quite frankly I have not been in one in years but they are probably the same.

Once in a great while I would stop by an adult video store to check out the products and also maybe drop a few...
Out of Afrika

A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B


Chapter 9 (written by Wunderboi)

Clarissa slipped behind the wheel of her pearl white Mercedes. She had insisted on the most expensive paint option and the car glowed in the early morning sunshine. She smiled to herself, remembering her father's advice many years prior, which was to marry a much older very rich white man of the controlling class of Americans so that she would have a full life of ease and importance. She had pleased her father when she married such a man when she was just 22.

Maxwell, her husband, had indeed provided her with everything a girl could ever want, a lovely mansion on the outskirts of Hawksville, a huge pool, a lovely...
The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 2: Husbands
by RLM


In Part 1, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive.

When Calvin and Jeff plan a week-long fishing and gambling trip to Reno and Lake Tahoe, Ellen...
Read my other posts for history of my wife Shelley, and how I ended up here.

A year after my wife left me to housesit for a work colleague while she were overseas, Shelley returned home. With conditions.

1. We sleep in separate rooms. Our house has the main bedroom down the front with an ensuite, Shelley has taken that, my room is down the back 'for privacy'.

2. She may let me fuck her at times, but at her request.

3. I don't ask or interfere in her sex life, it's none of my business unless she wants to talk about it.

She's been back 5 months. She admitted the housesitting was all about her wanting freedom, to have sex when and with whom she wanted. Fucking Simon got her started and she has been having fun ever since.

A couple...
Hello again, race traitors! I appreciate all the pathetic e-mails you have sent me. I am always pleased to know what you enjoyed best and which stories you liked. It helps me tailor them better to you pathetic white cucks and wanton snowbunnies.

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