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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin, part 6

Jean woke me early and told me excitedly that it was time! I bounded out of bed and started grabbing my clothes and the bag we had packed to take to the hospital! Jean was filling me in that she had been having contractions for several hours and didn’t want to wake me till she was sure it was time and not some false alarm. We packed into the car and headed for the hospital.

This was going to be a very interesting day in our lives! Jean was going to deliver a bi-racial baby and it was going to be a surprise to most everyone except my in-laws. My mother-in-law, Janice knew and so did my Father-in-law even though we knew he wasn’t pleased about it. He didn’t have much to say and Janice had put him...
Hey, race traitors~

What a pathetic bunch of white boys you are. ;(

Try some of my latest stories - Welcome to Ebon Academy (Part I), Welcome to Ebon Academy (Part II), White Boyfriend Disposal Center III, and White Boyfriend Disposal Center II.

Here is most of my catalog for Nook users and...
This story starts with me coming over to your house, some afternoon when you called me over because you told me you "need to get your nuts out of hock".

I knock on the door and you tell me to come in.

I open the door and step inside. Immaculately clean, just like I left it this morning; when I dropped by to clean your house and fix your breakfast.

"You look gorgeous today, Dee!"

I smile and look over at you, excited to see you. "Thank you, Daddy!"

"Come to papa"

You motion me and I step onto your floor and let the door close behind me.

You are sitting in your recliner, smiling. I see you lick your lips as I move toward you, I'm trembling a little from the excitement. I stop in front of you.

"Did you bring me some pussy,...
Dale was a tall handsome black man, the type by his size, looks, his dress and presence drew your attention. He seemed to naturally emit the sense of toughness and authority. He also had the reputation as a ‘ladies man’.

I had my fantasies about Dale. He was, at the time, also my wife’s employee. Seeing him in my wife's office or at social events had always sent my mind off and fantasising about and picturing me or my wife as his bitch.

I remember one Xmas party they had; I didn't attend but that night heard a ruckus outside our house. Looking out I saw a bunch of happy tipsy people singing Xmas carols in our driveway. Dale was standing beside my wife with his arm around her and straightaway I pictured him fucking her. Being my wife's...
Bazaar drama: White wife, black student Part 3

With the bazaar kicking off there are a lot more happening than bargain sales. As the school celebrates racial diversity within their athletic program, racial harmony is being celebrated in locker rooms, offices, and the teachers' lounge. Recovering from her latest seduction, Nancy tries to resume her volunteer work. But the event has too many handsome men tempting her.


If you had put your ears on the doors of Coach Tuggs' office, you would hear lustful sounds behind the locked door. Heaving breathing and the recognized sounds of flesh slapping together in a frenzy. Jamal was thrusing into Nancy, his cum dump for the day. The white girl was a good slut...
Book 22

This is it. Ray will be here in time for the 4pm Giants game. Suzanna is so nervous about this now but I’ve pointed out that we've socialized before so she shouldn’t be worried.

I called him on Friday night and he sounded scared or something not knowing why I'd call him. He sounded hesitant when he answered and heard my voice and I guess he thought I might be about to lay into him but I gave a friendly ‘Hey Ray’. He reacted positively and quickly sounded less guarded as I told him that we were talking about him and wondering how he was doing and about his Thanksgiving andsuch. Once he heard me go in that direction he really relaxed thinking I didn't know anything because he got really talkative. I had...
I sat there listening to the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs with the accompaniment of what I knew to be the headboard smacking against the wall. Added to the soundtrack were the squeals of my wife together with grunts and obscenities being emitted by her male companion. I didn’t need to go up the stairs to the bedroom to confirm what was making all these noises; she was being fucked by the current Black boyfriend.

Indeed, I couldn’t have interfered for, as ever, I was naked except for the lacy panties I was told to wear and firmly tied to the chair on which I sat, unable to call out and voice any protest. She had made sure before she left the sitting room that the gag that covered my mouth was equally firmly tied. I never knew...
The Hot Wife Jean and Kevin part 5

It had been over three months since Kevin had first taken my wife and introduced her to his and his friends Black dicks and she was hooked! She didn’t t miss a single night fucking some one of Kevin’s friends and she really had grown to love not only Kevin’s cock but Dan’s also. In case you have forgotten Dan was the tall well-built Black man who was nothing but muscles! One of his favorite positions was standing up with Jean impaled on his massive cock and her own weight forcing his cock ever deeper inside of her!

Jean wore nothing when at home and whenever she went out or was taken out by some of the guys she dressed like a total slut! She had thrown out most of her clothes that she had when I...
Recently, my wife Elizabeth, I'll refer to her as Liz though her real name has been changed to protect our identity, and I were invited to go to Cancun with some friends of ours for a few days. Our friends, Steven and Elaine, made reservations at Temptations Resort in August for a Wednesday through Saturday, returning home on Sunday. Unfortunately for me the timing was all wrong. I had a business trip to Tennessee that I couldn't get out of, I'd be leaving on Monday and wouldn't get back until the following Saturday night, right through their trip. They have been to the resort before, we have been to Cancun but not that particular resort, and claim it is a lot of fun. We were over at their house when they invited us and I told them...
Karen and I met a few years after her divorce from her first husband. I heard about this beautiful white woman that frequented an all-black gentlemen’s club in a town near where I lived by some black co-workers. I checked it out and found the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She looked to be much younger than me. She was the only white woman in the club, and the bouncer made sure no one bothered her.

Her outfit left very little to the imagination. She wore a very short, black knit mini dress that barely covered her beautiful breast and sexy legs and ass. She was always re-adjusting her dress because as she danced the top would work down exposing her beautiful breasts or the bottom would work up...