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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Horny isn't it? The thought of your wife being screwed to within an inch of her life by some massively hung black lothario, the sort that believes that all nice looking white women should be turned into cheap whores. The feeling of inadequacy, of being disempowered to do anything about it, well, that's strangely erotic too. May be you've never quite worked out why, but there it is, your dick gets stiff thinking about him enjoying her and you looking on, awed, dumbstruck, whilst you tug on your tool. Well, it was like that for me too. After a month of Lucien fucking Carol some place else, when they were out and about, there came the time when lover boy came home. There came the time when I watched him 'have her'. It wasn't prolonged and...
Tyrone loves two things, beating white boys and fucking white girls. Behind the bike shed to Malcolm X High School, Tyrone’s fist smashed into the face of a pudgy white boy, breaking his nose. Before the boy could collapse onto the ground, Tyrone grabbed him by the hair and slammed his face into his knee. The white boy fell onto the gravel floor, crying in pain, the muscular Tyrone bent over the boy, and grabbing him by the collar, punched him on the mouth, splitting his lip.

“That’s what you get white boy, you look at my white-bitch again and I’ll end you, motherfucker.”

The sweat on Tyrone's well-toned arm was mirroring that of the crowd, women, of all races had surrounded the white boys beating. Their cunts were growing moist,...
Arlene's Anger

by RLM

Clifton’s wife, Arlene, was very conservative,
but he wanted something very different.

A Bachelorette Party:

"Come on, Arlene, don't be a wet blanket," Sandra urged. "It's your bachelorette party. Have another drink and relax."

"I really think I should be leaving, Sandra. Clifton would be shocked if he knew that I was in this male strip club drinking and watching men stripping just a few days before our marriage."

"Oh bull shit! You think that handsome guy of yours isn't going to...
Hi all I’m Rob, and I’m what you might call an angry old white man. Angry, humiliated and frustrated as hell, that’s me. And I’m not alone. Seems like any regular white man livin in this ole town has a total of zero chance of getting with a woman of any race nowadays, especially them hot fertile white girls. Not since the blacks took over and turned our women into their bitches, and beat us white men into submission

Let me start by sayin’ that us humans, well, we’re social animals and we’re highly influenced by what’s in fashion and the choices made by our peer groups. Recently, it’s became fashionable for white women of all ages to date and fuck black men. I’m telling you man, it’s nothing short of a phenomenon. Not just here, we see...
By the time that Victoria returned from her hack out across the beach on her hunter Marshall, her boots were covered in salt water and her sex was wet. It had always been this way. Feeling the athletic horse moving beneath her, against her sex, through the tightly stretched pair of jodphurs that she wore, made her feel horny. Men masturbated and women rode wild horses, imagining that they were lusty men. It wasn't an embarrassment to her either that when she returned to the stables and dismounted, that the crotch of her cream jodphurs were so obviously wet. An aristocratic young woman, who knew how to handle a spirited horse didn't shy away from the small matter of appetite. Victoria liked fucking and riding horses only made it worse....
by Throne

Billy came into the bedroom hesitantly. His wife Rita had sent him to the laundry room almost two hours ago to wash a week's accumulation of her dirty panties. Unfortunately for him, before he could hand launder them, she required him to suck clean the crotches and, if needed, the seats. That second rule really upset him because it always looked like she intentionally created skid marks. And she made sure to 'accidently' get a few drops of urine in the gussets. Worse still, after she had sex with her lover Turk, she insisted on putting her panties back on to be certain there was a creamy mess waiting for Billy's tongue and lips.

He had been in the laundry room, naked except for the tiny pink apron she made...
Bedroom Lessons for a Husband and a Son

by RLM

Sex Session:

Marcella Reinfield was down to just her heels and panties, which had been soaked with her sexual heat for last hour. Her husband, Grant, was behind her, naked, his hard cock pressed into the crack of her ass. As she humped against his rigid length, Grant's hands roamed freely over her breasts, her nipples, and her mound. He had both of her hard nipples throbbing as he pulled, squeezed, and twisted them. Each squeeze sent shivers of excitement through her loins... each pull caused her mouth to open in a hissing moan, and each twist made her cunt...
It has been less than two days since Samuel last fucked me. In that time I have had James my husband lick my sex. Feeling his tongue slither over my wet sex was some relief. James has learned to lick me out in a very sensual way and I freely climax on his face, rubbing my cunt against his mouth so that he struggles to breath, but it is not fucking with Samuel. It is not the same as being pushed on your back, your legs pushed apart and your cunt penetrated by a man with an almost inhuman divine big black cock. It is not the same as coupling with your lover, feeling him drive inside you, his mouth locking against yours or else running down your bare throat as he inseminates you. It's not that at all. When your husband licks you out its...
Chapter Three – Playing Away

It is said that money can’t buy happiness but before that statement is accepted you need to define and decide what makes you happy. After a lifetime of just scraping by and making do with second-best I have just come into a small fortune (for me, that is) and now, by definition, I’m very happy because Helen and me can now properly indulge in doing the things which we both adore.

You see, pure and simple, I am a willing Cuckold and my Wife Helen knows just how much I revel in the humiliations she piles upon me when she cheats by breaking the most sacred of the vows we took when we wed, aka the seventh commandment, ‘thou shalt not commit adultery.’ However, since our wedding day some 25 years ago our...

Second Round Edition BC or BBC?

By EroticWriter

When multiple people are involved, I like to list them to aid the reader in keeping track of whose wife got fucked, and oh oh, not by her husband.

In this story we have:

Phil, our narrator with sexually curious and lovely wife Jennifer.

Beck, braggart with blonde wife Jean, the sexiest

Fred with wife Tabitha the sultry redhead

Jim with wife Frieda, blonde German Goddess with the biggest tits.

Harlan with wife Nancy, who has the most innocent look.

Chuck with wife Caroline, the smallest, shyest and maybe cutest wife.

Nina, Phil and Jennifer's maid, well built and willing to be the good employee.

Marcus, the...