Welcome to the latest version of The Dark Wanderer! We are still putting the final touches on the website, but everything works great right now (as far as we know) and we're ready to get back to the mission. Read, enjoy the website, please submit your stories! The forum is still in development, we hope to have it finished up in a week or so.
The Dark Wanderer was born in 1996, and is one of the largest collections of free slut wife, interracial and cuckold stories in the world. A Slut Wife story is an erotic tale about a hot and sexy wife who goes outside the marriage for her fun, and a forgiving, submissive, or unaware but always cuckolded husband. These stories are purely fantasy. Do not try this at home without a safety net.

Latest News

Adding some ooooold stories – the NW series! (Oct 04th,2015):

When the Dark Wanderer got started back in the mid to late 90’s, all the stories were archived as zip files and given numbers rather than names.  You had to open the file to find out what the story was really about.  It was like Christmas! lol…  well I finally managed to get the archive back in order (thanks to Coconut), and I’m going to be posting them over the next week or two.  By title.  It’s 2015.  Most likely I’ll also put up the original pages with the zip files just for the sake of nostalgia when I can […]

Please remember to comment and rate (Sep 10th,2015):

We’re starting to get some of our readers back to the site now, and I’d just like to remind everyone to comment and rate the stories.  Authors LOVE feedback.

Titslave stories (Sep 06th,2015):

Just spent a few hours cleaning up the titslave story archive.  Still missing complete versions of Oh Doctor! and My Very Cheeky Wife.  Eventually I’ll find them, but until then enjoy the rest of the stories.

Note to readers: (Sep 06th,2015):

In the process of moving and updating our collection of stories multiple times, many of the texts got somewhat mangled with special characters etc. We’re going to fix ALL of them eventually, but if in the meantime you’ve found some stories you enjoy that have a messed up format, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll take special care to repair that archive first.

Adding more stories (Sep 06th,2015):

It’s going to take a while before people start to notice that darkwanderer is back up and running. In the meantime, to keep our readers from falling asleep, I will be posting some of my favorite stories by my favorite authors. Authors, if you see your story here, please realize that we are not a paysite and we’re not ‘stealing’ your stories for profit. We are simply trying to become a collection of the best stories and authors in the cuckold genre and we very much seek your participation. If I put up one of your stories, it means that […]