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Chapter 1

I'm a jogger, and like a lot of other people, I do it to get away from everyone else and give myself time to work out problems in my life. Like right now, for instance, when I'm out here in the park, trying to decide what to do about a crappy love life.

We've been married for almost ten years, so I guess I should be used to the way my husband does what he calls "making love," but I'm not. I know it's always good for him, but for me, not so much. Mainly because when we go to bed on Saturday nights, and it always has to be Saturday for some reason or another, he starts off by playing with my boobs for a minute or two, and I guess I'm supposed to be instantly turned on by it, but I'm not. After a while he gets...
The master bedroom of our large town house. It is a little after eleven on a Sunday morning. It is church time. Black cock church time. Even though I have done this sort of stuff for well over a year now, it still triggers me. I get an erection on it. Hell no, the erections have got worse. far worse. I have been socialised to this. So I kneel before Luther and wait till he has member out. His is a particularly thick, a petulantly upturned phallus. It is ugly. A black cock, a compelling, a dominating black cock, can be ugly and you still bend your knee to it. I look up at him, my eyes following his and then I open my mouth. There is no need for instructions. Luther crudely takes hold of my hair, tightens his grip and slots his cock into...
I bloody well hated April. Not the first mind, not the bad luck day. It was the third. I knew Penny had been seeing this guy Ambrose. I even knew what the bastard looked like. He hung around some of the bars down town. There were always three or four 'brothers' standing around. I mean, you never went and had a conversation with him face to face without his associates being near by. I'd formulated the idea that Ambrose was bad news. Penny though saw him in a different light. Smiling, personable, interested, distinctively stylish and cool. She liked his 'presence'. My wife works in a library. She is petite, quite studious looking but pretty with her freckles beneath that auburn hair. She had helped Ambrose one time when he was researching...
I looked for my wife from the top of the steps with the sound of crickets ringing aloud. I could see a couple of men drunkenly staggering along the side walk and a prostitute giving a man a blowjob behind a dumpster.

My heart sank. “Where did she run off too?” I mumbled as I hurried down the steps. The party punch combined with the toxic marijuana smoke had caused me to black out for a few minutes.

I spent several more minutes roaming around the outside of the building looking for her. I tried to ignore the pair of ladies who seemed to be amused at my plight.

“What’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen a man looking for his wife,” I yelled toward them.

“You a cookie,” one of the ladies answered.

“Yo wife done cooked yo sorry ass,”...
Paul the Sissy Cuckold Part One

Sue sat at her kitchen table chatting with her friend Debbie while at the sink her husband, Paul, worked to clean the dishes from dinner. Sue and Debbie laughed and talked about how nice it was to be relieved of the burden of housework now that Paul had lost his job and was free to take care of the household chores. The two women sipped coffee and discussed the freedom this allowed Sue to go out at night with friends and enjoy herself.

Money had never been a problem for Sue as her parents had been quite wealthy and had left her a small fortune. The money was of course in her name alone and was not something Paul was allowed to enjoy. Thus he had spent many years toiling away at a janitorial job Sue had...
Two white married wives, become black cock sluts...

Iain is my friend and Ann is his wife, Erica is my wife and my name is James. This is a story being told by my wife.....enjoy

My name is Erica; I have been married for years. I have been one hundred per cent faithful during that time. My husband James has wanted to experiment with our sex life, but that never went far, as I wasn’t interested, but now I have cheated twice, this being the second time. I convinced myself that I was like everyone else; I had fantasies too, but just never lived them out until now.

A group of us ladies decided to go to a male strip club for one of my very close friend’s birthday. I had never been to one, but have heard plenty of...
Erica becomes a black cock slut!

I never dreamed I would be able to write about the fulfilment of a fantasy of mine. For years I, that is James, have secretly wanted my wife to have sex with another man. Erica my wife is 36 years old. She has an attractive figure with firm stiff breasts, with large nipples that she loves having sucked and tweaked. She has always been able to keep herself in good shape, as when I met her she was a cheerleader in school and college, she still visits the gym most days.

Although she now works as a waitress it’s more to keep her busy than anything else, as I have an excellent income and she doesn’t need to work. We had married young so she had only been to bed with me, although she is quite...
Mandy and I have been married for about nine years. She's a gorgeous 29-year-old brunette that is 5'6" 100 lbs. and has a perfect 34C - 24 - 35 figure. Several years after we were married I became curious about Mandy’s old boyfriends and what happened on some of their nights out. Late one night when Mandy and I were in bed and we were in some very hot foreplay, I asked her about some of her experiences with her old boyfriends. I had never really talked to her about any of them but that night I was curious if they had been very sexual active, even though I knew Mandy was a virgin when we got married.

She appeared to be somewhat nervous but she told me that nothing more than some heavy petting happened, but here lately one of the black...
Today we had to run out to West Georgia, it's just over an hour ride. As we where driving down the highway i pointed out the home of one of my wifes old fuck buddies. It has been over ten years since she has seen him. I said does that house bring back memories?

She said Tim's place? I said yes ,that house has lots of history. She said it sure does, the first time he ever fucked me in the ass was in that house. What else happened there I asked. She said that is the house I drove to wearing only a garter belt, stockings and heals.

I said I remember one day while you and I where there visiting Jeff came over and while he had me out in the drive way looking at his Camaro you and Tim went into Tim's room and had sex. My wife laughed. I...
White snow dancing around in the wind, landing softly on the evergreen that surrounds us. Neon lighting, red and blue decorations, the houses glisten in the darkness as our car rolls on through the neighborhood. I love christmas.

Best of all, my boyfriend of two years in the driver’s seat. Tall, sporty, good looking. He’s a top athlete at our medium-sized university and he’s all mine! I reach over and kiss him on the cheek. He tells me he loves me. So cute.

Glancing back out at the ongoing blizzard, I feel a rush of nerves wash over me. We’re in Jack’s hometown, to see the family. And we’re nearly there. I briefly met his sister once on a night out but his brother and parents are all new to me. It’s really important to Jack that I...