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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive


Such an innocent thing; such a momentous impact on our marriage.

That sentence describes in a nutshell exactly what occurred one night, and what happened because of it. I was home alone that evening because my wife, Nicole, was attending her weekly Bible studies at a church across town. I had never been a religious sort of person, in contrast to Nicole, who had been raised in a fundamentalist religion that I often thought of as little more than a cult.

I had no interest in going with her to the Friday evening sessions and she had never minded my lack of interest. As for me, I didn't object because I quickly learned that when she returned to our home after attending Bible-study classes, she always initiated sex...
The Sexual Transformation of Two Wives
Part 3 - New Horizons

by RLM


Summary of Parts 1 and 2:

In Part 1, The Tiagua Resort, Calvin Fullmer and Jeff Seaver have tried unsuccessfully to change the sexual attitude of their very conservative wives, Ellen and Gayle. After five years of marriage, they have both given up the effort as a hopeless cause and have resigned themselves to having drop-dead gorgeous wives with very low sexual libido and drive.

The two couples decide to take separate vacations with Calvin and Jeff enjoying a week-long...
Power: Black fucking shaft.
God cock: African Phallus.

Like many of you, I'm a Beta white boy.
But I know my place. I lost the race.
Jerome, the Black Alpha, he breeds in my place.
He gives her the Grace. in between those thighs
and inside her womb. He takes my place.
He fucks my face. Black man won the race.

My wife's fat cunt lips give him the love.

Fat bouncing ass cheeks,
whats inside get fucked like a glove.

Brutal. Primal. Natural. Loving.
He pumps us full, we yearn for the sperm.

My limp fucking dick couldn't do it,
so she dates and flirts and takes what can.

I feel the burning, embarrassment and shame.
She winks and sucks and loves a real man.
I'm weak in my knees; elbows up,
she's aiming to please

and he's...
I wonder if the rest of you girl members have noticed something? The more your lover takes over, on the fucking front, dominating everything, the more your husband's winky dries up. It's something that seems to distress Roy rather a lot. I mean we had him attend us quite a lot so he watches Ernst ride me. He watches how long and how hard Ernst is up me. He watches how my lover's balls jolt and keep on jolting as he fucks me. Then Roy sniffs and he licks up the mess that oozes out. That's a pretty close up encounter with how a fuck should be isn't it? I mean Roy tastes and savours what Ernst squirts bareback inside me. He knows how thick, rich and absolutely creamy it is. It's not only lots of spunk, but thick and rich spunk as well. I'm...


Posted by EroticWriter

Here's another true rape report readers, exactly as placed online years ago. I will first leave the original, and below, my modified version. This story is controversial as you will see. Was she raped, or willing? I chose to eliminate the names from the re-write. EroticWriter.

Ex-guard acquitted of raping a bride on her wedding night
By Don Rosebrock, Staff Writer

Published: Friday, Sept. 26 1997 12:00 a.m. MDT

A former hotel security guard charged with raping a guest in her room on her wedding night in January was acquitted Thursday by a 3rd District Court jury.

The five-woman,...
This was definitely the place, the hotel that Eamon had spoken about. It had the same infinity pool looking out over the Mediterranean. it had the same art nouveau features in its architecture. There was the same dismissive bastard in charge of reception that Eamon had showed pictures of from their stay. Carol his wife had booked them in a week in advance of when she was due to ovulate and it had become a three week stay. She needed a beautiful, a perfect kid, a product of the mixed gene pool, handsome and arrogant black male and discerning white female. Of course what she really craved was for a black guy to own them both. But he had to be Mr perfect and with the time to rule Eamon in the way that she had sweet wet dreams about. Such...
A few days after Claire put Thomas into his leather hood for the first time, she met up with Adele. She checked the girl's credentials, really, she was really only twenty! She had the sweetest peaches and cream complexion, a perfect complexion at an age when acne could so often blight the skin. Her hair was harvest blonde, her mane lustrous and well looked after. She had pretty jade green eyes and a figure that could have got her work on the catwalk. At first, Claire was minded not to accept the call, but the girl intervened quickly, explaining that Lulu (Luther's sister) had recommended her. Adele was serious. Adele was interested in 'the life'. She said quietly, but firmly on the phone,

'I know that you bitch your husband. I know...

by EroticWriter

"Feels like we need to get you wet. I might be about to fuck you against your will, but no reason why it has to hurt cause you're dry."

Very long story readers, but lot's of sex involving several different people, and the end is..shocking. EW

Jeb stopped stringing fresh wire on the cattle corral when the rider approached. Jeb could tell, even from a hundred yards away that the horse was tired and looking like it had been ridden long and hard.

As the stranger rode up, Jeb put on the smile he reserved for all strangers, until he got to know them better. "Howdy stranger, what can I do for you? It looks like your horse could use a breather." Jeb was...
Note: Hello folks. I posted a story to this site a couple of years ago and I wanted to post the revised (and hopefully better) version of my first Interracial story today, that I've been working on for a while. This story, which is fairly lengthy, and most others that I may post in the future will typically deal with married or soon-to-be married young white women and primarily older black men. These women will initially or at least eventually be subservient and submissive to a brutal and sometimes cruel, dominant black man, typically one who is old enough to be their father. If you are uncomfortable with this subject matter or are just not into this type of thing, I would like to warn you beforehand that they may be a bit too...
This is a story based on a concept called Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal , thought up by Imagefap user PervyPencil . It contains dark themes of Black supremacy, coercion, snuff, and abortion. If that sound unappealing to you, don’t fucking read it.

VWD Honeymoon

All through high school Angelina and Sam were the “it couple.” She was a seriously stacked redhead and Salutatorian for her graduating class, and Sam was a blonde, blue-eyed all-american football star. By Senior year Sam had a full-ride scholarship to Duke University, and Angelina could get into any...