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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

We Start a Family Written by Ale Stone (Sweden August 1997)

I was 28 and my wife was 26. We had just decided it was time to start a family. I was on the verge of getting a partner into my small firm and expand and was doing rather good money. My wife's work didn't seem to go anywhere and she thought that now would be an excellent time to take a break much due to my aspiring success. To put it short, our future seemed bright.

In order to get Britt, my wife, pregnant, we hadn't had sex in a week just before her ovulating time. This night we had eaten a good meal, drunk some wine and sat and relaxed while playing a game of gin and sipping another glass of red. Not to get in the mood. That wasn't necessary we were both hot as hell from...
We Start a Second Child by Ale Stone

Rolf met a girl at a party which Britt and I also attended and we were delighted on his behalf. They married a couple of months later. "I've learned this last month's that there is no reason to delay things," he said. "If it hadn't been for you pushing me I would still be slaving for a boss and not have anything for it but my pay-check. Now I can slave for you and me, and Britt and Rut, and NOT have a paycheck." We both laughed goodheartedly at this. It was an exaggeration. A vast one. We did well. For financial reasons he didn't have to hesitate to marry Rut.

Britt and I liked her. Britt more than liked her, they became close friends in a very short time and when the house just beside ours was...
Rolf and Rut get their first child by Ale Stone

We celebrated New Year with Rolf and Rut. They came over to our house since we have children and they don't. We drank a lot and had a good time till Ingrid started to cry. Both women went up to her. It was time for her late meal and a change of diapers. Rolf and I sat and talked about nothing when he suddenly sprang the bomb on me.

"You remember when you and Britt and I made love? And the reason why you wanted it, no let it, happen?"

"How could I forget," I murmured surprised that he had brought up the subject.

"Well, I've been thinking a lot about it lately."

"Oh, why?"

"Rut wants to start a family."


"And I would like the same thing happen to Rut that you let Britt...
"Memories of Maria" (Mmf, wimp husband) by c.w. cobblestone

Henry felt the soft menthol breeze tickle lightly against his the back of his neck, an angel whispering in his ear. He closed his eyes and almost smiled.

He drank in the stirring light of the day and inhaled the sweet, delicate smell of summer, and everything seemed okay.


A man and a woman, obviously in love, drifted past the bench where Henry sat tearing pieces of bread. The Pepsi-Generation couple manuevered their way through the maze of pigeons which waddled around excitedly, cooing and bobbing their heads toward the bread crumbs in Henry's fingers.

Henry squinted through the sunlight and watched the young lovers wander aimlessly through the park. He...
This story I wrote was published by CLUB Mag several years ago. I call it ....


My wife is a beautiful nurse who loves to display her charms whenever she gets a chance and I LOVE IT. She has a gorgeous set of boobs and oh, does her tiny 23" waste ever accentuate those 36" D tits of hers. Not only does she love to display her lovely body but she just loves to fuck and suck cock three or four times each day. She couldn't be described as a nympho because those gals never really get it off. Believe me, my wife doesn't have that problem. She cums at least twice to every time her guy does. I know and so do about a thousand other guys. You see, I don't mind how many guys my sexy Laura...
Becoming a Whore BY LENNY

Prologue - Three Years Ago

It had begun 3 years ago.

I was a math teacher at the local highschool. I had been married to my childhood sweetheart for the last 5 years. Alex, my husband was an architect and together we made a very nice living. He was athletic, 30 years old, and I was 28. I had a pretty face, and a great (if I do say so myself) body (36C-22-32), 5' 5", 110 pounds, light brown hair and large green eyes.

We had a very satisfying sex life together. I had never slept with any other man, and was a virgin when we married. A late bloomer, I started to improve my abilities in bed with the help of my husband. Unlike me, Alex had a fair amount of experience before getting married, so over the...
"THE GOOD LIFE" (a screenplay)

by c.w. cobblestone


SHEILA: Mistress of the household. She's a beautiful, cunning blonde who is quite assured of both her power and her beauty. She doesn't work; all monetary concerns are taken care of by her husband, fred.

JAMES: Sheila's live-in lover. His swarthy good looks hide his true evil nature. He lives rent-free in Sheila's house.

fred: Sheila's overweight husband. fred is a slave to both Sheila and James. fred is an older man who is desperately in love with Sheila. Sheila looks upon her husband/slave with disdain, using and abusing him at every opportunity. fred works 15 hours a day, and pays all the bills for his wife and her lover, while they travel, shop, and play tennis. fred...
Fallen Wife by Baffled

My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have had a wonderful relationship. Recently My wife Dianne confessed to an incident that happened to her 2 months ago and I will relate to you in the detail that I ordered her to give to me. When she told me that she had cheated and needed to confess I told her that I wanted all the details or she could forget any forgiveness from me.

Let me give you our background. We are both 28 years old and were high school sweethearts that remained virgins until about a month before we were married. Dianne grew up in a catholic family and remains religious. She is 5'5" tall and about 10 pounds overweight with a plain figure with medium length brown hair. Since we have...
Fallen Wife by Penfold

My name is Christine, I am 36 years old, married to Dave, I have three children, one a baby, the other two at junior school.

Until recently nothing exciting ever happened in my life. It was the same old routine, get up, feed the kids, kiss hubby goodbye as he goes off to work, take the kids to school, come home and do the housework etc. etc.

However one morning I had a chance meeting with one of the other mothers as I dropped the kids off at school. Her name was Kate and she seemed so full of life. During our brief conversation we hit it off straight away and she invited me round to her house for a coffee and a chat. At first we talked mostly about the children and things like that, but then she asked...

My name is Ben and my marriage has been a happy one, not too exciting, but happy and fulfilling. However over the last year is has been quite different. My life has been filled with an aura of forbidden excitement and despair formerly unknown to me. It all started last year on our 20th anniversary, when my wife and I celebrated by taking a vacation and traveled down to Southern California. We rented a private cottage on the beach. One evening we went to the local bar for a few drinks and noticed a group of young black guys at the next table. They were having an argument, and finally two of the three got up and left. After about ten minutes the remaining black guy turned around and...