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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

I’d always been pro-choice. As a man, I’d constantly supported a woman’s right to decide what happens to her own body. But believe me; my values were tested to the core when Olivia became pregnant. Ultimately, I learned that a “woman’s right to choose” means a woman’s right to do whatever the fuck she wants - regardless of her partner’s wishes.

My name’s Dan, and although politically liberal, I’d always been somewhat straight-laced. My ambition had always been to start a family. I’ve always loved kids and hoped to have three or four. I was sure I’d make a great dad. Between you and me, I also found pregnancy to be extremely sexy. I loved how a woman’s body changes as the baby grows - the swollen breasts, flushed skin and curvy tummy....
Nicky becomes a racial justice warrior Part 1

A liberal wife adopts a new social justice program by joining a black supremacy organization. Believing she's fighting for social good and racial harmony, Nicky slowly spirals into the world of interracial sex.

The events occur after Amanda's sacrifice leading up to The Black Bull Club.


Nicky was a 25 year old well taken care for housewife. She looked extremely hot in her black spandex outfit riding her 24-speed bike through the winding roads of Black Pine. She wiped the sweat from her puffy lips when...
Book 24

How satisfying this whole writing thing has become. The completed books deserve to be sitting on the bookshelf above my desk. What a fine sight they would make but I’m thinking that it might be safer (prying eyes!) to keep them locked in my confidential cabinet.

Let’s get started on the next “volume”.


When she got home Saturday evening with our daughter and her friend still preoccupied I thought maybe we'd have a chance for a quickie but she halted me when she came in and said that she'd much rather wait till later. Rather than be teased, I let her get changed alone while I got dinner started. She was all lovey-dovey when she came back down and gave me an awesome kiss and...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 22

Megan let herself into the house and as she always did called out, “I’m home”.

There was no immediate reaction but after she dropped her school bag to the floor and began to climb the stairs she heard the click of a bedroom door closing followed by the sudden appearance of Angela, her mother, on the landing.

“Hello Dear, you gave me a start .... I didn’t hear you come in ... I was tidying up ... I, er, er ... ,” her voice trailed off as she brushed stray hairs away from her flushed face, “ ... er, did you have a nice day at school?”

“Yeah, it was cool,” she said giving nothing...

Frank rose a little higher over her, pointed his dick past her pubic hair and began stroking vigorously. As he grew close, he aimed it down towards her belly button.

"Watch this, baby." His voice sounded strained, and far away.

Becky raised herself higher onto her elbows, and her mouth dropped open. His penis looked bigger than ever. The gorged head was almost red in color, and his balls were rocking back and forth violently from his strokes.

He grunted, and Becky gasped as white stuff suddenly erupted from his pee hole!

For the readers who will be reading SHE THINKS HIS TRACTOR IS SEXY I posted the last week of September 2018 might be...
She Thinks His Tractor is Sexy

"Oh Juan. I want you inside me so bad. It's too bad you already came in your pants and got cum on your cock. I can't risk getting pregnant."

He ceased his caressing. "There might be a way."

"How?" Oh yes, she wanted to know.

"If you suck me, suck it, it would clean off any cum..." He paused, his eyes hopeful.

by EroticWriter

Scene: The early fifties, before birth control pills and when rubbers ruled. Part of my story titled Innocent Teen Develops Into Hot Farmwife. On 17 Oct 2018 while in a motel again at 2:30 AM I have done some editing and for the first time also made comments at the end....
(This story is apart of the Blackedmerica series, which is set in an alternate history.)

Chapter 1

It was the afternoon at the Hollyweather high school.

Joana Simmons, a senior, stood in front of her history class. The blonde and somewhat chubby girl held up her notes in front of her huge chest. Her summer dress that her mother had helped her pick out, showed off a healthy amount of her cleavage.

“And that is why Charles Jackson was such an important founding father.” Joana finished her assignment on one of the few black founding fathers. She then looked out at her classmates and over at Isiah Turner, her handsome black history teacher.

“Thank you, Joana, that was an excellent presentation of the honorable Charles Jackson.”...

The breeze that came in from the Atlantic ocean did not do much to quell the baking sun on the beach of Marabogo. The small island laid approximately one hundred miles off the coast of Namibia, Africa.

John Morton and Henry Larsen sat on the beach in their sunbathing chairs looking at all the skimpily clad women and ripped black men. Both men were nude, wearing nothing but chastity belts, something that was customary for white men on the island. John felt his penis strain against the inside of the chastity belt, as he watched his wife Becky make out with a muscular black man, down on the beach.

Being blonde, with a pair of big 32DD breasts and a firm and bubbly butt, Becky was a sight to behold. For most of her adult...
The Somerset Farm, Part 2

Note: I am changing the name of this thread to “The Somerset Farm” from “The Somerset Farmer's Wife Helenas this story has grown to include every member of the family who lives or visits the farm, not just Helen. I am not abandoning Helen as she will be included along with her husband Steven in most of the stories. Enjoy!

It had been 4 days and Helen hadn’t had clothes on the entire time! Marc had been a regular visitor with sex multiple times a day; he had been sleeping with her in her and her husband’s bed every night! She knew that Steven had slept on the couch one night and...
Amanda's Sacrifice

This is a sequel to Progressive Couple Make a Sacrifice. All events described occur before Bazaar Drama: White wife, black student Part 3.

Amanda Deacon was a married, white woman in her mid-twenties. Twenty-six, to be exact. She had a very nice body and firm ass, too good belonging to a married woman. A natural dark blonde woman, she was a head turner and would grab attention of any polite, white man if not for her wedding band. To aggressive black men, it did not matter. And Amanda was accustomed and very...