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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Julian my husband became a spunk dump, when I was passed on from Lewis to Marshal. Lewis had broken me in as the black man's bitch and I was eternally grateful. Getting black cock, feeling it inside me, pumping, stretching me, was the first thrilling objective, but then to be owned, properly owned, so that my husband was pushed aside and Lewis came and went at our house was just amazing. Several of my closest girlfriends knew about the situation, that I would be taken upstairs for a good hard fucking whilst Julian was required to sit on the stairs. They had seen Julian's black eye that time when he thought he could do something to stop Lewis enjoying me. Trish teased, 'walked into a door did you Julian?'. She knew, he knew, he'd taken...
Kerry is one of my proteges, may be the third or fourth that Lulu, Luther's bubbly sister has sent along to learn the ways of the spoilt bitch. Like all the others she wants to be black owned and because she is married she has wondered what to do about her husband? Of course she could bin Adam, send him down the road, but Lulu told he that Claire was the woman to tell you about an alternative. If Adam really wasn't that masculine, then he could easily be manipulated to become her and her lover's faggot. Kerry is twenty, very pretty, very auburn, very socially attractive, she has that kind of personality. She dresses chic, quite forward and sexual really, showing off her legs and pretty curved rear. She showed me selfies on her phone....
Day 12

I awoke after another night of Sally being a black cock slut. As I slid out from under the sheets I could smell Leon on her, in the bed; his musky smell filled the room. I headed towards the shower and turned to see her laying with her legs slightly parted and his dried cum still covering her pussy and on the sheet below.

She was waking as I returned to the bedroom and gave me a smile as she rubbed sleep from her eyes. We didn’t say a word about last night although our heads must have been full of images of what we’d done.

There was a hint of sadness in the air as we changed into our beach wear as we both knew that our holiday was soon coming to an end and the “fun” we had enjoyed would soon be over. I slipped on my...
Estelle slips quietly into the bed where I sleep, waking me that way. The way when her hand sneaks around underneath the duvet and onto my cock. I am still asleep, half awake, I don't simply know. It is the twilight consciousness world where reality and dram merge, where you are unsure whether what you felt or heard, or smelled was to be trusted.

'Terry......you awake darling.....you going to lick me?'

As the words filter into my head, draining down like water through desert sand, I can feel he hand working me. Her touch is perfect. I can feel her fingers tease my shaft, feel the grip strengthen as my cock swells. She applies a measured pressure, working my cock to a bullet as the vessels inside fill with blood.

'Ben says...
A Single Mom and Two Teenaged Daughters

by RLM

Ginger and Sandy:

Sixteen-year old Sandy was struggling with her sophomore plane geometry homework. The slim and attractive brunette was having enough trouble trying to prove that in an equilateral triangle, the three line segments drawn from the vertices of the triangle perpendicular to the opposite sides always bisect the opposite side and always meet at a point that trisects each line segment without having to listen to her older sister talking on her cell phone to Larry Martin. Larry was a senior who had been...
How long was it that I had known John and his astonishingly beautiful wife Katie? May be it was three years, yes, three years this May. You have to picture them. He is in his forties, early part of the decade admittedly, but Katie is ten years younger. John, a little weighty may be, the carbs of a busy work life and snatched meals. Katie, lithe, svelte, perfect. John came from working stock and you'd struggle to hate John, honest you would. Someone who starts at the bottom and works their way up, you know the kind, salt of the earth. Katie though, well Katie was more privileged. She went to a private boarding school, did a first degree at an Ivy League college over in the States and then came back to take professional exams with a slick...
Book Five

Thursday night started out funny. It was warm and raining out Thursday night so she had an easy excuse for the wet-spot our daughter noticed. It wasn't until I was following her up the steps that my brain caught up and realized what that meant and I ran after her in the bedroom.

She pushed me away and said I needed to wait until later. I didn't listen and came up behind her and started kissing the back of her neck and caressing her. She almost gave in but then turned and pushed me back towards the bed and said she was serious and that I should wait. Then she added that she'd make it worth my wait later on. How could I resist that?

Maybe she did it to tease me a bit because as I lay on the bed she stood in front of...
Karen accompanied me to the accident and emergency department. I was sweating profusely, in a huge amount of pain. I had my knees drawn up to my chest and I was groaning loudly. Karen hadn't called an ambulance. There hadn't been an accident as such, no fall, no punch up, no kicking to the groin. So I had been bundled into the car, wincing and swearing, barely able to catch breath and Karen had driven me down here. I remember that evening she was dressed in a pair of skin tight leather jeans, some cavalier high heeled boots, a black satin blouse and a balcony bra that put her tits on show. She wore a three grand gold choker around her throat and a similarly expensive Cartier watch on her wrist. I guess she looked spoilt, I guess she...
Hello there, little race traitors! ;)

I wanted to share this delicious story with you. If you enjoy my stories, please try some of my tales on Amazon. I recommend Blacked Hypnosis for those that love mind control elements and Beach Cuckold for those of you that enjoy some delicious white boy humbling.

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Wendy & I had been married 10 years and after two children at twenty-nine years of age she had reached that point of blond beauty that is unmatched in a woman. Wendy was only 17 when I met her, I was 25 and had just graduated. When I met her I never again had eyes for any other woman. We were joined at the hip from then on. We were married on her 18th birthday and our first daughter was born within a year. By the end of ten years Katie was 9 and Nancy was 5 and now in school, I must admit that our sex life had suffered some because of small children but not a lot. I was active in several organizations, thus we got out and met new people on a regular basis. In spite of that, in the slow periods of our sex life when Wendy had been tied...