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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

The day had finally arrived. Robert, an Army Staff Sergeant, was preparing for another middle east deployment. He always dreaded the deployments and the time away from his wife Linda. As they drove to the base for to catch Robert's plane, he felt a sense of trepidation about this tour but did not say anything. Linda, on the other hand, did not seemed all that concerned as she puffed on her cigarette. They arrived at the base, where the soldiers were mustering to say their goodbyes. It was quickly announced that the soldiers had to start boarding the plane. Robert turned to Linda, giving her a hug and kiss as tears filled his eyes. Robert turned and headed for the plane. Meanwhile, Linda was already on her cellphone calling...

White Swedish college girls and black men on campus, a true experience

This was an original blog post from my now deleted blog (thanks tumblr mods!) "Swedish interracial"

White Girls and black men are a very potent mix and I have seen it myself on several occasions and in this blog post I will give an example .

During my years at University. It was some time back, but even then Sweden had many blacks and arab refugees, some being enrolled at University thanks to a special program that the Swedish educational board administrated (in short, they got priority to many popular educations and was able to enroll ahead of Swedish students). That meant that many Swedish girls got in contact with black...
Book 16

Thankfully it's been a busy few days. Saturday did end with us in bed again and her teasing me as well as beginning to ask if I've decided on ‘the bedroom’ or not? I told her that I wasn't going to say yes just yet but also it wasn't a firm ‘no’. She later teased about how big the wet-spot will be when we're all done and then she added, “Wherever we wind up.”

Sunday, with the heat and humidity, was pretty uneventful including sex. Yesterday however, when I came home from work Suzanna was in a very playful mood and with the kids not around she'd already opened a bottle of wine and we had a later meal of just some pasta and stuff. After dinner she asked, no, stated, “we could mess around tonight instead...
The Hot wife Jean and Kevin, Part 2.

I woke before Jean did and the bed was still sticky and getting very uncomfortable. My mind was racing and I wasn’t sure how to approach this whole situation with Jean. She had obviously not followed my request to tell Kevin NO when he wanted her again! I didn’t want to risk losing her for anything! Before I could come to any real decisions Jean began to rouse.

“Good Morning Sweetheart! Do you remember what happened last night?” I asked.

“Oh God, Rob, I am so sorry! I .. I don’t remember some but I think I do when we came back here!”

“So was this all with Kevin? And you obviously didn’t tell him no like you said you were going to!”

“Ah well it was all with Kevin to begin with, I think….. Did...
9 mm Pussy Purchasing Power

by EroticWriter

'What the fuck is that?' She thought it, but somehow kept from speaking out loud.

Jessie was looking at her first black cock, and her eyes widened. Cedric, seeing her expression, was puzzled. He did not know how little experience this woman named Pussy has. Also, he was unaware that she had never even seen a big cock, let along a big black cock.

Her new white daddy, Trader Joe, and her two white customers had, due to the breeding over the past decades of food famine and vitamin shortages, been small in the area of cock. White cock before the Apocalypse had been maybe six inches long. Now, the average white cock measured four, and sometimes less.

Who Was Fooling Who?

By EroticWriter and doctoryes48.


My wife asked me to get her the magazine. I did, and of course when I turned to that page she saw the headline right away. "FOR YOUR WIFE," she said, giggling?

She kept looking at the photo with big eyes, and sighed. "God look at that! I see now why you called him. What a beautiful cock, and I guess it really happened. I can't believe I had it in me.

I was cumming so hard, it seems almost like a dream now."

She studied the photo some more. "The photo was taken at the beach it looks like. I wonder who took it for him, some gal perhaps?"

I tried to make a joke. "Probably...
I hope my favorite race traitors are enjoying the summer! ;) Best time to get out there and serve the black race.

As always, let me know if you have any feedback at [email protected].

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Book 15

What Suzanna thinks about what we're doing and whether I like it is now the question...

She put it pretty bluntly at one point asking me simply if I'm liking what she's doing. I asked her, "What do you think?"

She said how I respond and how I am when she does finally return home, she is sure that I am turned on by it all and commented again on how there seems to be more a urgent sense of desire and passion between us when she comes home to me. She wanted to know how I was feeling the other times, whether the other stuff she has been doing has been good for me or not. How could I respond in anything other than glowing terms of how great it is?

She asked me, "what about Saturday when you were all upset...
May be you remember too? Just how difficult and awkward it was to bring your girlfriend home for the first time. Just how squeamishly sensitive you were about the judgements that followed. How did she seem? How did they seem? What did that now mean about you that you had chosen a woman like this? Bringing a girl home was about so many judgements, so many transactions and transitions and that was why it was difficult. I swore that I would never bring Miranda home. Things back home were just too difficult. They were way too complex. Miranda though laughed at that. I fretted about so many things. I worried about things that could be 'sorted'. Well....maybe. The problem though was that my mother Jane was in bed with a lover called Grant....
We went out our front door, walked across to Cheryl's front door and rang the bell. A moment later the door opened. It was Tiffany. She was wearing a bathing suit that was every bit as minuscule and revealing as Cheryl's and Becky's.

Tiffany said, “Hi Becky and Danny. We met last weekend, but it was hurried. Let's do it again. I'm Tiffany.”

Becky said, “Hi Tiffany, I'm Becky.”

I nodded and said, “And I'm Danny.”

“Please come in. Becky I love your suit. We're going to have so much fun this evening.”

As we walked into Cheryl's living room Becky said, “I hope so. I'm really excited.”

“You should be. I met Jerome at a party two weeks ago. He's very handsome. Damon gave me to him for a night last week. He is amazing.”

Becky stared at...