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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

Pleased to share with you all now that my collection of 13 (I know, a coven) erotic tales regarding women making some quite radical lifestyle choices will be available as electronic download from Amazon within the next 72 hours. There are many ways to be a bitch and this collection explores many of them. Going with the black alpha males, sure, but don't expect the conventional story line, I've woven in twists and turns. Humiliating the husband, yep, you've guessed it. Arranging holiday sex your way, yes, playing with toys, for sure, although this isn't a dungeons and whips collection. Cages figure prominently and of course oral sex as well. There are some sassy young women and some very snobby, just so English roses insisting on their...
After three days taking a course in Black Studies, Meredith succumbs to the sexual needs of black men. However, the course isn't over as she has more to learn. With guilt and remorse behind her, she moves on with the help of her instructor. Black Pine will be better place with another married, white woman certified in Black Studies.


Zara wouldn't let Meredith clean up before heading home. The instructor explained she had better get used to it. "You're going to fuck black men. More and sooner than you think." she told the slut wife. Ali had already gotten dressed and headed home to the hotel for immigrants. The African got what he needed, included Meredith's phone number and quietly left the two women...
Book 12

The snow has ended and I finished shovelling us out last night. Despite the work, I love the snow and it should bode well for great skiing.

Last night during ‘foreplay’ Suzanna brought up Dan's whole issue again. As she was sucking me hard she actually said (between giving me that deep-throat thing she does so well) she thought it was cute in a way that he wanted her all for himself. I wasn't really thinking as I was just into enjoying what she was doing and I asked her, "what do you want?” I don't know what I was thinking but my cock definitely got bigger and harder when I asked her!

She giggled when she pulled her mouth off of me and looked at me and said, "Well...." and after a pause where she just licked the tip of...
A married woman continues her aggressive studies of the black culture. With her first two classes behind her, she begins to understand black superiority and her obligations to black men as a white woman. She will be assigned more homework to make sure the transformation is complete.


When Meredith returned home from the Black Fantasies Video Shoppe, her husband, Jake, was already fast asleep. She took a hot shower before brushing her teeth twice and rinsing out her mouth three times. She struggled to return feeling like the prim and proper housewife. For Meredith, it was satisfying enough to complete a class assignment. She stared at herself in the mirror and wondered "What a slut you were tonight.". Meredith shook...
Three Responses.

These are the responses to Three Short Letters.

Dear Son,

Thank you for your honesty, thank you for trusting me. I'm so proud of you for admitting what you are. Don't beat yourself up over it more than you must. You're a cuckold. A cuckold and a faggot. Its okay. Everything will sort itself out, don't worry baby. Of course I still love you.

Growing up, I always knew you were Beta. It was heartbreaking.... watching you fail at every little league sport I signed you up for. When other little boys were growing leg hair and taking girlfriends, you were still having nightmares and cuddling with Mama. When they started driving cars and having sex, you were still playing with toys and reading comic books,...
This is a story by po469 which I found on another site that I’ve adjusted for my kinks and fetishes… Hope you enjoy!

If you have similar naughty kinks and interests check out my other stories and pic postings in the gallery...

What happens when there are 4 men (including the white husband, the white captain, another older white man and a young black deck hand)

and only 1 white woman marooned on a deserted island?

This happened in the late 1950’s before technology would have made it easy for us to be found and rescued.

My husband, David and I had chartered a small yacht for a...
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 17

Gerald stood at the kitchen sink and looked out of the window but did not really see anything as he daydreamed his way through the task of washing-up and cleaning after yet another very satisfactory Sunday afternoon ‘garden party’. The guests had all departed leaving him alone, just as he liked it, and he knew everyone had fun (some at his expense, he chuckled) but now with the chill of the evening having set in they had things to do elsewhere that didn’t include him which was fine; he loved to be left alone with his thoughts.

He took a scouring pad in his rubber gloved hand and focused his...
Raped and Violated, Some Guy's Wife


After her second demonstration of how she could squirt, during which I had pulled back from her a few inches to let it spray, I saw her look towards her husband with what looked like embarrassment or maybe shock at what I was making her do, and in front of her husband.

I took my own look at her husband, and I could see what looked like disbelief at what he was seeing. His wife was squirting, something I am sure, he had never seen her do. I had this sense of power, knowing that I could predict the future and in that future he would be trying to get his wife to squirt.

Written by...
Cuckolded Over His Wife's Cellphone

by EroticWriter

“Ohh gawd that cock feels good. I'm so glad I went for this.” Jackie turned her head toward the phone, which was by her right ear. “You hear that honey? This is really fucking wild. His cock is driving me crazy with lust!”

Then, to rub it in, Richard picked up the phone as he raised his body from Jackie and got higher onto his knees so that he could look down at his cock as it was stretching another man's wife.

Hear that, Jerry? Your wife is crazy with lust for my big fucking cock. I'm going to ask your wife now in front of you if she'll tell me what size your cock is.”

The day before.

Jackie was packed and...
To qualify for a position in the city government of Black Pine, Meredith must be first certified in Black Studies. While classes are in high demand, she finds an opening in an intensive 5 day course sponsored by the Black Power Movement. The prim, proper white wife will learn much and transform from a quiet spouse to a social advocate for racial justice.

Author's note: This may be broken up into chapters. It may require patient reading as I'm experimenting how to tell a story of our heroine's descent into passion and lust. I don't want to take shortcuts.


Meredith was a boring, prim and proper housewife. She was petite with dark, black hair past her shoulders. In her late 20's, she was married and childless. She...