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It was a beautiful day to be alive in Colorado, or at least in our part of it, which is along the Front Range. We live in a city on the south edge of Denver, which truth be told is just another suburb of that huge place. Our home is part of a subdivision that has close to 100 McMansions in it, with winding streets designed to slow traffic and make it safer for the children which many families have, although my wife, Sharon, and I aren't in that group.

I was mowing the front yard early one Saturday afternoon when I saw a FedEx truck pull up in front of the house just down the street from ours, which is owned by a black couple considerably younger than my 48 years and Sharon's 47. They had bought the house...
I can feel it, I can taste it, the lapping of the Caribbean surf that spurts up from the sea onto our boat and splashes our clothes and skin. We're within sight of land now. The sunny shores of Jamaica. I snap a picture of the golden sand and send it to my boyfriend. With a kiss on the end, of course!

I turn back to my friends, all girls, all white, all blonde and brunette pretty little 19 and 20 year olds in tight tops and bikinis ready for our summer holiday. The trip was organised by our college. We'll be going over there to help with relief work but everyone really knows you just do a tiny amount of work then drink cocktails on the beach and party in the jungle.

"Hey Allie. Did you bring condoms?" Jess says, addressing me....
“Go deeper,” I moaned.

Without intent, that evening revealed what I longed for sexually.

My husband made no comment which made me think he either ignored my confession or was too lost in arousal to hear.

A few days later though he had quite a surprise for me and the surprises have kept coming over and over.

One evening, while we halfheartedly watched another episode of CSI, he suggested we rent a porno from our cable television.

“Absolutely no!!” I was reluctant since I considered it immoral. Supporting the porn industry was not on my list of good deeds; however, the suggested caused my nipples to poke out.

“It’s not a sin, we are married. Lots of married couples watch porn to spice up their sex and besides I know about those...
It was big, hard and very black.

The massive column of pitch black masculine flesh filled and stretched queen Disa's pussy more than any other cock had done before. She moaned loudly as she laid naked on the warm summer grass in the shadow of the big painted runestone that her father, Horsa, had raised. The ornate runestone had been raised in celebration of a successful return from yet another voyage to the west, but also to tell both the world and future generations that he, Horsa, and he alone owned all the lands here. In his mind, there would be no mistaking that he and his kin where the mightiest and richest among all the clans.

But that was before the black strangers came with their terrifying and...

Black time traveller I - Vikings


-What do you think, have you ever seen such a strange man before?

Disa pushed some blonde strands of hair away from her blue eyes as she looked at her sister Ylva where they stood at the well. They were both clad in ankle length shift. Over their shifts they wore a shorter length woolen skirt-aprons suspended by shoulder straps, with the neck closed by brooches, Disas depicting the Midgårds snake biting its own tail. Ylvas broche was an intricately ornate with a pattern of serpents; it had been her grandmothers and had been given to her on the old woman's death some years ago.

Ylva filled the wooden buckets with clear and fresh water that would be carried to the...
My name is John and I enjoy sharing my wife. My wife Amber and I have been swingers for 10 years (starting in our early 30's) and over time our tastes have morphed more towards threesomes and independent single play than a full couple swap. I especially enjoy the MFM threesome where a lucky guy and myself get to shower Amber in attention and orgasms. She is my rockstar, and both Amber and myself consider ourselves lucky to be able to share this interest.

We had an experience just this week that I'd like to share. I was going away on business and decided to bring Amber along on the trip. It's a destination that we visit often and we have a male friend there that we've met with a couple of times. He's 6 feet tall, black and built...
I wake up. It's the day. The big day. I'm getting married. Finally.

Me and Stephen have been waiting for this for a long time. We've been together 9 years, engaged for 6 of those. It's taken us that long to save enough for this.

Neither of us earn that much. My fiance has a generic office job, nine hours of shifting paper around and kowtowing to his superiors. He doesn't light the room up at parties but when supplemented with my part time gig we have just enough to scrape by.

Sure, we don't have the insatiable lust of a pair of horny teenagers, the thrilling passion of two Parisian dilettantes, but we're best friends. Me and Stephen know each other inside out, and there's no-one else who I'd rather spend the rest of my days with....
"You don't mind if I steal a kiss from your wife, do you, old man," he asks you as he rudely gropes her. "She is just too irresistibly gorgeous!"

"Oh my!" gasps your wife, blushing with pleasure as he pulls her close to him. "That's very forward... I really couldn't..." she says with a nervous laugh, looking into his eyes with interest.
You are annoyed at how flattered she seems. She doesn't even try to withdraw from his embrace.

He doesn't wait for your response and just locks his mouth onto your wife's in a fierce kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough!” you say, annoyed. You reach over to give him a shove, but your wife is responding and putting her arms around him. “Jesus, honey, what are you doing?” you ask her petulantly.

A NICE GUY by Throne

I think I'm a nice guy. My needs are simple. I like to get laid and it works better for me if the woman is hungry for what I can give her. I also found out a few years ago that if she's married and I let her husband know that I'm slamming her, it's fantastic. Some women get off on that, too. They're married to guys who they've already got pussy whipped and, frankly, they're thrilled to meet a stud like me who can make their lives better. Let me give you an example.

There's this guy I work with. I'm his boss in our department and from the day he started with us I could see that he was a wuss. Then he put a photo of his wife on his desk. Every time I went into his cubical I would take a good look at it,...
This is my journey; I am a white wife who loves big black cock and my husband knows it. When I mention how much I love big black cock I am able to have him pre cum in his underwear so it actually soaks through his pants. Hi my name is Kas, I grew up as a teenager - went to a catholic school and this is my story of how I converted my husband into becoming a cuckold who loves his wife dating black men.

As I got older and into my early twenties I always knew I could handle a big cock but how huge I did not fully understand.

After I was married and had sex occasionally I mentioned to my husband that I could handle a larger penis. This went on for a couple of years until one day my husband surprised me and wrapped Kleenex around his...