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The Dark Wanderer cuckold and slutwife story archive

The leaves were beginning to fall last year, and the rush was already on at work to increase productivity for year-end reviews. It was the additional stress that "broke" the proverbial "camel's back". Lauren and I had just moved to the Boston area from our hometown in the Midwest. The cost of living in Boston was much higher than we had expected and money was tight, especially with the school loans coming due.

Lauren and I had been married for a couple years, and we were trying to start a family. For some reason, however, we were having trouble conceiving. I knew that it couldn't be Lauren.

I never thought I would ever bemoan the opportunity to fuck Lauren silly. But with all of the travails of city life in Boston coupled with...
A typical Friday. Too many deadlines, too many phone calls, too many emergencies. Although a few of these deadlines and emergencies were the result of my representation of Contrax Industries, I was still looking forward to lunch with Contrax's president, Rick Robertson. While Rick always attended to business, he was also a bit of a "rounder", and damn proud of it. Given my rather staid sexual relationship with my wife, Anne, I enjoyed living vicariously through Rick's exploits.

This lunch fit the normal pattern. Rick and I spent the first 45 minutes analyzing and dissecting the antitrust implications of a possible acquisition by Contrax. After beating that dead horse one last time, Rick ordered us a couple of Absolut Citron's...
You were mortified.

Your friend stood up from the couch and walked over. His brow furrowed as he looked down. “What's that?” He bent to look

Morgan flicked her hand towards it in a sort of disgust. “I think its one of those....one of those....”

Your jerk of a friend, laughed. “It's just a pocket pussy.”

Morgan made a gross wince with her face. “Eewwwww....put it back...put it back....”

“I'm not touching it,” Bill chuckled standing up. You felt so ashamed. You wanted to hide, even though you were already hiding. Morgan insisted he “do something” and to not just leave it there. Bill walked to the kitchen and came back with a trash bag. He put the bag around his hand and picked it up. “Where was it?”

“I don't know,” Morgan said...
Save the Clinic! Part 4

"Save the Clinic!" is an erotic real-estate drama pitting a racial conscience organization against a white-owned business set to gentrify and displace minorities. In the center of the struggle, is an abortion clinic that is the cornerstone defeating racism and oppression. In this fourth part, we follow Veronica after her eye-opening tour of the Brickyards.


Veronica slept naked into early Saturday morning when her husband woke her up. A routine Saturday morning call was too inconvenient for her. She turned on her side and took his call. Andy told her he was on a big, project. He was excited...
This is AFTER the main story "Watching your girlfriend and your asshole friend/Watching your girlfriend submit". More sex. Less talking. Lots of cuckoldry? Sort of? Much humiliation.

You began to fix your apartment, cleaning as much as you could the night before Friday. Your weekend guests would be coming tomorrow afternoon. The surreal nature of it all was not lost on you. Sure, you had friends come up to visit often, and many with their girlfriends, fiancees and significant others. This was different. For the first time Bill of all people was coming up to visit, for the first time since you moved. He was bringing his girlfriend, an extremely attractive young girl. One who many men fancied and would love a shot at. She was by...
Some Useful words to know before you read the story:

Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf.

Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public.

Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".

Abaya- is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress

Haram- The Arabic word for prohibited or forbidden.

Lengha- A form of long dress worn by women from Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi etc.

Eid- An Islamic Holiday and Celebration.

Salah- The Arabic word for prayer.

Jaan/Jaanu- Terms of endearment.

Niqab- Faceveil.

This story contains themes of race play, blasphemy, infidelity and interracial sex. A story about big dicks, tits and ass. If these...

Bride Not Yet Blacked.

Honeymoon bride raped
First I give you the actual news report from a paper in South Africa. Then read all the way down for my modified version of the actual news report.

by EroticWriter

Added to, the police interview. If you read this before 6 December 2017, read again as it has been added to and hotted up near the end.

Before that ending I also added quite a bit more detail about the adventures of one rapist's cock with a redhead before it came to visit our little blonde bride. Here you will have a story within this story about a cock called "No no, not that.'

Note readers. This is a news report EXACTLY as it was placed on line...
Chapter 1

I, Harry, love my life. As a executive manager at a large bank, I had earned enough cash to never worry about money again, but I still worked, as it was something to do during the day. Together with my family, I lived in a large mansion in the mid-west. My lovely wife Ashley was considerably younger than me at 28, but I'd never consider her a trophy wife. In fact, she'd been with me way before he became as rich as he was now. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and nice, voluptuous body, she immediately had caught my eyes at a local bar where I hung out back then. To my surprise, she was approaching me! with the proposition of a beverage. After a drink together, we basically hit it off, first...
Jody’s Family Discovers Her Activities

Angi had been on-line doing some browsing after she had finished her e-mails when suddenly a popup came up on the screen. She had seen these things before and she had always just clicked them closed before but this time she couldn’t believe her eyes!

The picture, it couldn’t be, but it looked just like her mother. But this woman who ever she was, was naked and was showing everything. She sure looked like Angi’s mom, Jody. She clicked on the picture and opened the website it was advertising just to find out who this woman was that looked so much like her mother. But when the picture opened it looked even more like her mom. And this woman was doing nasty things! Angi immediately grabbed her phone...
Book 39

Last night as I expected, Suzanna was very receptive knowing I was horny. Seeing her not wearing panties yesterday morning and then prancing around with just her t-shirt on before bed she knew that I'd want her and it didn't take much to flip the switch on for her too. Just a little bit of kissing and there was no resistance when my hand pulled up the front of her t-shirt and found her sweetness.

As we started to get into it more she giggled at me and said, "so, are you going to have me every night this week or what?” I laughed back and said I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could.

We moved from position to position including her kneeling at the edge of the bed. Her pussy was gaping open in...