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younger couple

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bullybil, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. bullybil

    bullybil Member Member

    Im 42 experienced my first cuckhold at 23 her 21 he was 38 .. i want the experience he
    Had with a younger couple
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  2. srxwat4

    srxwat4 Well-Known Member Member

    Don't we all,but i would still like to see a big cock in my near virginal wifes cunt.
  3. stream

    stream Member Member

    Look near military bases. That is where we had our first "real" threesome, key party, trade partners at the whistle (like speed dating but speed fucking) and few other f7ns...

    Now I'm the old creepy guy (42 passing as 31) but with the university in town, I can always find some wild ass sex crazed student who likes to sample the local wildlife.
    The last ckikidy I had, I fo7nd during Xmas break and screwed almost every 3rd day till Easter. Mmm

    The last couple I joined, was in Appleton. They were about 30, in a rut sex and I talked my way in to spice it up. First time sucking dick sober, but to screw his good looking wife and secretly blowing my load in her hot snatch.

    I can't get her preggers as I have been cut back in 2005, but her DH is on the fence bi-curious. You can tell he wants to try more things, but is afraid his wife will be repulsed and or he doesn't want to be labeled .. or set a president, should he not like having my dick blowing a protein shake down his throat hole.
    I reassured both of them that when they play with me, there is no judgements, nothing forced, no hurt feelings, no opinions or opinionations. As ,omg as everyone speaks up should they not feel comfortable or it starts to not be fun, then we can change things up, so no one is angry, mad, jealous, depressed ect after all is done. You must agree to be vocal and speak up...

    It works so well that way. I can usually drive the event for my greatest enjoyment. I like to.blow my blanks in her cock-pocket when they are under the assumption that I'm wrapped. I just pull it off in o e motion when fucking her from behind. I reach around and play with her clit and message her lips then while doing that, I grab my dick whi.e tickling her clit with my pinky and pull off the wrapped during quick pull out then quickly push in deep, wiggle, hold and then fill her up...
    After that, I will go down and only suck her clit till she has her BIG (always big) O. Then find something to take up coup.e of minutes for us guys to cool OFF, THEN suggest she get on top of him and they 69, ... just to get him hard, meanwhime he is unwittingly lapping and licking and sucking my load from her wet push while she works on sucking him back to life.
    I make it a game. If she can get him hard before he can get her to stop and moan with an O, then I will torture him by fucking her with him watching the penetration, from super close, while he is hard as a rock and she isn't allowed to suck or touch him till either she comes or I do. This time it's planned bareback.
    I want her on her knees and are in the air with his head in between those knees and her clit right above his eyes. Then I will high angle fuck her so he has no choice but to see my dick slowly penetrating her right in front of him, see, smell, hear...lol. almost ALWAYS will I feel a tongue at one point on my dick at her entrance as I am pushing in. If I can see him doing it sorta frequently, I will accidently on purpose pull back too far and fall out letting my dick drop onto his nose and then slowly slide forward across his lips. most curious but afraid guys will be visually safe from wifey eyes, so will open mouth and when I push forward, I enter a willing mouth and will ho.d it there for a few seconds while I reach around and rub his wife's clit while pretending to adjust myself. I try as had as I can to time it so I can blow my load in his mouth, else I will go back to fucking and intentionally fall out a few more times by slightly pushing her forward when I pull back.
    this lets her think it was him and he thinks she is getting excited and close to the big O. I always say something along the lines of, ' HEY thare, settle down a little, your getting too excited and I don't think the Mr wants my dick landing on his face, he can see me penetrating you, no need to make him smell or taste it. The ladies usually deny and or giggle with dirty thoughts, it allows him to feel more safe thinking she is moving around and that she doesn't know he has licked or sucked my dick, and he is happy for the safe opportunity to see if he even li,as it. I'll suck a clean dick with shaved hair, but not by kneeling between his legs, usually must be in a situation where the view is protected and easily mistaken as heat of moment.
    anyway, I keep an eye on his dick. Believe it or not, 85% of the time, the DH will stay hard and sometimes even blow their load without touch .. when mine lands on their face. I talk though, to her but for him. Things li,e he is wwatching me enter you, watching every detail. From 2 inches away, you are keeping him captive with your knees, he can smell your sex as we fuck, go ahead and gush, it will be his face cream.... it keeps him hard. I don't do anything to embarrass him or create anger. I usually only last a few minutes by now, then blow my 4th or 5th load of the night deep in her but I keep my dick hurried as deep as I possibly can whila pumping her full. His eyes can only see my balls right against her clit and twitching.
    I will hold for a minute or so until I know I fully drained, usually no more than a tablespoons worth by now, then put some weight on her while leaning forward and whisper in her ear, to slide her knees out when I pull out and then sit up and force him to suck your clit and lips, to clean up our juices then she can fuck him. omg..... I love watching that.

    Most couples last about a year with me. Once a month or so.
    Either she gets preggers.... not from me, I ligetly shoot blanks, or the excitement wears out, or something. A year is about as lomg as it goes. by then i can usually find a new couple to play with.

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