Str8t Cuck, addicted to Black Dick?

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Would you, a Str8t male, suck cock for your girl?

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  1. Holepleasr

    Holepleasr Member Member

    My first two Wives, taking advice from my parents, both Cucked me before and after we were married, but it was my last Wife, that was BBC exclusive and, on our second date, "made" me hold her boyfriends jet Black 11" cock, while she sucked him off. Eventually, I was trained to suck cock, eat Black cum, and finally, with my Dad taking pics, my Mom and Wife encouraging me, I ate Black asshole. Divorced now since 2009, I haven't had any sexual contact with any race of man, but DAM, I seriously miss sucking and worshipping some big Black dick. 1482461263425.jpg

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