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My wife's BLACK Breeding(from last year)....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Billiebug, May 17, 2018.

  1. Billiebug

    Billiebug Member Member

    Wife’s BLACK Breeding Last Saturday(for those who have been following)....

    So for those who have been following my blogs(thanks for the comments and questions), you know my tiny white wife was BLACK Bred last Saturday, June 3rd. Well originally it was supposed to be 5 Superior BLACK Men and my tiny whitey wife for a couple of hours. As we per-discussed, she was blindfolded and wore earplugs for the duration, and I was to be the same and in chastity outside the room. Before being blindfolded and earplugged myself, I was to present my whitey wife to them. Then escorted out and left blind and deaf to the evenings events…. things changed. Not necessarily for the worse, but they decided to make some changes, of course they out sized, and out numbered me, and not to mention we would never say ‘no’ to a Superior BLACK man when sex is involved. Five Superior Black Men became 8 Superior BLACK Men and 3 Superior BLACK Women. Of course my whitey wife was already blindfolded and wearing earplugs when they arrived, and had no way of knowing. One of the original 5 BLACK Men was a co-worker of my wife, and one of the new ‘invites’ was also someone I know she works with, he gave me a mocking smile while grabbing his dick and pointing at my wife(I guarantee all the BLACK Men and BLACK Women she works with know all about last Saturday by now, lol). And what was supposed to be roughly 2 hours became 7! I brought her in the room in her bathrobe and immediately removed it. I then turned her around slowly so they could see all of her. I then bent her over with her ass facing them, so they could see how she’d look from behind, and then in the same position sideways, so they could see how her whitey tits will hang. I remember one Superior BLACK Man, who I never met before, nodded approvingly and said something like,’ I can’t wait to wreck this white bitch.’ I was then let out of chastity, to my surprise, by one of her co-workers and made to sit in the corner with my back to action. I was tied to the chair, and had an instant erection, lol. Of course this began with the insults about my tiny white dick, and my little sexless boner. The Superior BLACK Women kept laughing, one even said she wanted to stomp on it and break it in half, unfortunately she didn’t. They then began groping my wife(I couldn’t see them, but I could hear what they were saying. The men were going on about how they’re going to wreck that pussy and ass, they were all making comments about her tits and hard nipples, they must of been pulling on them or squeezing them hard because she was saying ouch a few times, they must has been playing with her pussy too or something because I could hear her making noises that she was enjoying this, and someone making a comment about how wet she got. The BLACK Women were calling her a white slut and making fun of her for being a white girl. I’m pretty sure they were groping at her too. I think one of the BLACK Women(at least one) was slapping her, because I I hear someone say I’m gonna fuck this stupid white bitch up, and if she was there alone, ‘beat her ass until she was nothing but blood and busted up bones’, or something like that, then I heard a few slaps(the first few of many). My wife never protested once! She’s such a BLACK Worshipper! The whole time they never used her name, it was either ‘that bitch’, white bitch’, ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘pig’, etc, you get the idea. I know that one Superior BLACK Women doesn’t like whites, she made that very clear the whole time. I know she was on the floor soon after, all the BLACK Men were getting their dicks sucked by her, they were saying ‘let me put my dick in this bitch’s mouth’, and kept going on like that, and I could hear my white slurping sloppily as she sucked their BLACK Dicks. Then probably to my wife’s surprise, she had BLACK Pussies to lick, I heard one of the BLACK Women saying ‘lick my pussy white bitch’, and another one saying it was her turn. The one that doesn’t like whities I heard say, ‘get that white bitch on the floor!’ I’m assuming to sit on her face. And again, I know she was doing her duty as an inferior white girl because I could hear her slurping away at their BLACK Pussies, all the time my little whitey penis leaking and my tiny balls getting bluer. I think while the BLACK Women were using her, the BLACK Men were drawing straws to get breeding rights. One guy said, ‘time to fuck this bitch!’. I can tell they must have pushed her on the bed because there was a loud thump on the mattress, and a couple of hard slaps, I don’t know if they were ass slaps, or face slaps. And then they all started fucking her, my white wife was moaning and squealing in pleasure the entire time, probably had an orgasm or two at least, this went on for a bit. I’ve never been present while other men were fucking her, but by her noises alone, I know why she stopped fucking me! I’ve never heard her make noises like this before….EVER! Then I guess the breeder started doing his duty, lol. All the others were yelling and hooting, ‘breed that white bitch’, ‘cum in that white pussy’ and similar things. The BLACK Woman who didn’t like whities was laughing and saying things about whites being bred out and calling my wife a slut and other names that kept me hard. One Superior BLACK Woman said in a mockingly, almost song-like way, ‘this white bitch’s gonna have a BLACK Baby.’ I heard when he came inside her, he was fucking her faster and faster, the whole time my wife freaking out with the standard ‘Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’, then he was like ‘oh shit, oh shit! I’m cumming!’ I heard him grunt, probably as he finished unloaded his Superior BLACK Cum inside her white pussy, then I heard him stop fucking her for a few seconds, and my wife gave a very satisfied moan, and she said, almost stuttering and out of breath, ‘holy fuck I can’t believe it, that was amazing’, or something to that effect. Then he started to slowly start up again for a minute. Then they all started laughing and making comments about her getting bred, I can hear them high fiving eachother, lol. One guy came over and said ‘congratulations white boy, your bitch is bred,’ then I said something like, ‘she’s your bitch tonight’, I can’t remember exactly how he responded, but it was something like, ‘no, she’s our bitch for life.’ lol. The BLACK Women were laughing, and they hateful one said something like, ‘there’s one less white k** to be born.’ Then the real fucking began, I couldn’t see but I could hear them. For the next several hours it was non-stop comments from the BLACK Men and BLACK Women, ‘fuck that bitch’s ass!’, ‘eat my BLACK Pussy white bitch’, ‘swallow this cum’, eat my BLACK ass slut’, etc. I know too, that for the rest of the night they never used her pussy because the combination of different men’s semen could counter act the breeding, so it was all anal and oral. As the night wound down, they had a grand finale for us. This came as complete surprise for me. They led us to the bathroom and put us in the tub, my wife still blindfolded, and wearing earplugs. Now bear in mind, my wife was very sore, exhausted, sweaty and covered in BLACK Cum, and probably a lot of BLACK Pussy juice too, she was barely able to walk. But she was in such a state of ecstasy, arousal and so broken by them at this point, they could do anything and she would oblige. They sat us in the tub, and said if we had to pee, we finally could. But I was made to be humiliated by this. She was standing, I was sitting in the tub sideways, my back was to the wall, and my feet hanging over the other side of the tub, they pulled my legs away from me, forcing me onto my back with a hard thud, and told me to piss in my own mouth…. so I did. I remember this almost comically, these Superior BLACK Men, most of them half my age, standing over me with their big BLACK Cocks hanging down, holding me in an upside down position, and remember I know 6 of them, and 2 of them are my wife’s co-workers, and here I am with my little white boner, peeing in my face, trying to get most of it in my mouth and swallowing, lol. Then I was positioned on my knees facing my wife, they told me to get ‘thirsty’, and tapped her on the bladder area. I guess knowing she was in the bathtub, and she could probably smell my pee, she began pissing as I swallowed as much as I could. I was then ordered to lick her clean(which I was fine with since I don’t ever even get to see my wife naked, let alone lick her naked body), so much BLACK cum! Then I was given a cloth, and told to bathe her, and then the all began peeing on us, mostly her, as I was more or less washing her with their pee. Even the BLACK Women straddled the sides of the tub and peed over us both. Shortly after, they left. I then turned on the shower, washed us both(I took the earplugs out and blindfold off, but she was so tired, she didn’t care if I saw her that night), and dressed her and put her to bed, where she stayed for almost 2 days! She was so sore, she could hardly walk, I’m of course back in chastity. I really hoped they would’ve beat me up before they left, but I guess they were tired too. And I really wanted that Superior BLACK Woman to have stomped on my little white penis like she wanted to, ruining it forever(I still seriously want a penectomy, or at least settle for impotence and desensitization). Once we know the baby’s healthy, we’re going to turn the master bedroom into the baby’s room, and take the little spare bedroom for ourselves. As far we’re concerned, he or she will run the house, be treated like royalty, and we will serve him or her as though we’re the c***dren once he or she’s old enough to understand their superiority over us. Aside from us working, it will be up to him or her when we’re allowed to go out, when and what we eat, when to go to bed, etc. We may be the parents, but we’re still white, we will live to serve our BLACK Baby, and all others we WILL have in the future….
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  2. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Oh man. I am sure, like so many others, that we would have read all that if only you had separated it into paragraphs. Many paragraphs.
  3. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    Agree. It is unreadable without lots of paragraph breaks. I am sure it would be a good story if we could just read it.
  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Repost with Paragraphs... You may find more Approving Comments. ♠️
  5. esposaputa

    esposaputa Member Member

    wife has two blk mix sons before married me.
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  6. mrandmrsbusty

    mrandmrsbusty Member Member

    we are currently attempting to breed before its too late
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