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Discussion in 'Stories in need of editors' started by violet, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. violet

    violet Well-Known Member Member Author!

    Marcus naked, walked towards his gym bag, and felt around inside of it, looking for something. He was quite muscular, for a boy his age, well man. He was not quite fourteen and had already fucked thirteen hundred women. Whites; red heads, brunettes, blondes, as well as dyed-think bubblegum pink or sky blue-Asians, Latinos, even the occasional pulchritudinous black goddess. His female class mates at school, his teachers-whose only work they ever assigned him was physical activity, Marcus was in honors and received straight A's, even though he could barely read; mothers would push their white sons to invite Marcus over for sleep-overs; how their cunts would foam in anticipation and how there was a large correlation between Marcus's cock and families breaking up. Then there were the collage students, eager to make up for their whiteness, their little white bodies would shake in expectation of being black owned. Marcus had no idea how many bastard children he had, nor did he care.

    And why should he? He was after all seen as a god by a good many white girl, he was free of any repercussions or responsibilities-that was after-all the sole domain of white boys. Even when flaccid, his cock was impressive. Obsidian black, and long, it was like a police mans baton, but only thicker. When some overweight white cop would use his baton to smash the head of a brother, Marcus would use his baton to smash the maiden-head of the pigs daughter, while the wife would give the black bull a rim job. The red faced officer, in between pangs of exhaustion would scream “dirty nigger”, as his wife, all prim and proper would feed her tongue up the young black mans ass-hole. She would then kiss his ass, his taint, his checks, leaving smears of red lipstick over the muscular buttocks. Her husband would come home, still panting, where the wife would kiss her husband and let the juices of her black lovers ass mix with the saliva of her weak white husband.

    A few meters from the gym bag was Lucy, a quite blonde school girl, whose skin was milk white. Her breasts were firm, round and big, with perfect nipples, which were quite clearly aroused. Her white bottom, glowing red from a spanking earlier, was pointed upwards. While her head and all the delicate features of her face was on the ground, her check growing cold from the chilly concrete floor. She dared not move or even complain, she was after all ordered by her black master to get “face down. Ass up.”

    The girl had just been fucked for the first time. All three holes had been used. First her mouth, followed by her pussy, upon entering her cunt, Lucy couldn't stop cumming. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. Till Marcus pulled out, his thick black cock covered in both the girls cum and hymn and moved the dome of his cock to her puckered anus. He started to probe it. Lucy in a state of shock meekly protested. Marcus violently spanked her ass check, and watched as the milky white bottom turned into a bright shade of red. He then sneered, “bitch I own you.” Lucy complied and pulled her bottom apart, giving her black master better access to the tightest of holes. Finishing Marcus shoved his cock back into the girls mouth, and he came. Thick white ropes of cum flooded the poor girls mouth and throat, almost drowning her. Finishing, he cleaned his cock in her sweat-drenched hair and told her to put her ass in the air, as he went to fetch something from his gym bag.

    Returning, Marcus had pulled out a metal stamp like device, a branding iron. Something the black bull made in metal-class. Turning on a blow torch Marcus applied the flame to the iron. He held the branding iron in the flame for a good several minutes, till the metal was red-hot.

    Lucy could feel the room getting hotter, as her facial check snuggled against the cold concrete floor. Her bum gently wiggling in the cool air-which was slowly turning warm. Her heart started to beat faster in anticipation of what was to come next.

    Marcus, happy with the colour of the iron turned off the blow torch, he could feel the heat on his naked dark skin. He looked down at the obedient white girl and smiled in contempt at her ancestors. It was the white man who brought black slaves from Africa and branded them against their will. Today white women willing offer themselves as slaves, to worship at their new god. He slowly walked over to Lucy and pressed the hot iron against her white skin. The room filled up with the stench of burning skin, as Marcus branded his property.

    Lucy's nostrils filled with the smell of her burning skin, as her black owner marked his property on her left bum check. With all her discipline, Lucy managed not to scream out. After all this was what her owner wanted, and owners can do anything they like to their property.

    Marcus stepped back, and admired his work, the white girls buttocks was branded with “White Bitch: Property of Marcus” turning around, Lucy admired herself in a mirror, and gave out a weak smile: “Thank you sir,” she managed to utter out.

    The next day, Lucy wore the smallest skirt she could find, wanting to proudly display her new status as property of a black man. Skipping up to school, all the girls were delighted and happy at Lucy becoming a fuck tool for black cock. Many of them gently touching the scaring(her white bottom was still too painful to slap), using their fingers to trace out the letters “White Bitch: Property of Marcus”. How they would coo and giggle, hoping that they would be next to be branded. The white boys however huddled in fear. After all if a black man could do that to a white girl, what would they do to white boys?
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  2. SissyHub

    SissyHub Active Member Member

    Great story!
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