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Alabama beta boi

Discussion in 'Welcome to the new Dark Wanderer!' started by Tinycuck74, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Tinycuck74

    Tinycuck74 Member Member

    Hello I'm a Alabama beta boi cuck looking for a snowbunny to spoil and worship
  2. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    You need to find a girl first, then get her to cuck you. Wasting your time if you look for a cuckoldress right off the bat. It is easier the other way around.

    Gracie - Chick with a Dick
  3. DebraRedhead

    DebraRedhead Well-Known Member Member

    you mentioned snowbunny. I thought that was a girl that likes winter sports. I hate the snow but my co workers have been calling me snowbunny for months now. What gives?
    Tinycuck74 likes this.
  4. Tinycuck74

    Tinycuck74 Member Member

    Lol lol! A snowbunny is a woman that worships bbc
    curiousB likes this.
  5. DebraRedhead

    DebraRedhead Well-Known Member Member

    ohhh now it makes more sense.

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