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  1. jizzelle momo
  2. Cuckoldhentai
    Cuckoldhentai Woodeye
    Would love to see a second part of Mandy's First Black Experience where she does get pregnant. I loved that story because the wife was conflicted at first but gave in to her desire. Keep up the great work!!!
  3. rolltidewoman
    rolltidewoman bulldog58
    thanks for liking the picture. ill keep that in mind when I take more
  4. WifeWatcher
    WifeWatcher srxwat4
    Delicious little titties, so very suckable. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Lubna
    Lubna Henry_Kendal
    I have been married to a conservative, but sexually good guy for about two years. No kids so far as planned!! Now I fantasize about fucking someone else, just for a little change, with or without him. I know he is not gonna let me, but... i don't know what to do.
  6. sliplover00
    I got my Brenda to go with out panties to work today in a short flared dress and slip, garterbelt with stockings she was felt up
  7. Sissygary47
    Sissygary47 Willyboy2
    oh, how I'd love to suck you!
  8. Sissygary47
    Sissygary47 ThickandBlack
    where are you located?
  9. Sissygary47
    BBC loving sissy south of Tampa, FL
  10. rolltidewoman
  11. sexyboots
    sexyboots kellyshusband
    Hi there kellyshusband
    Seems your wife and mine are two of a kind. Have you any pictures of you and/or your wife?
    Please look at my pics and those of my wife by the name of 'sexyboots'.
    We are going to Cuba for three weeks in April/May and I am just hoping for some swapping or sexual action such as you have described in your excellent stories on here..
  12. Indecent proposals
    Indecent proposals geraldg
    Good story, look forward to part 2 ...
  13. bills49
    bills49 geraldg
    very hot I wish I was gracie or missy
  14. Diboss81
  15. james100
    james100 geraldg
    Thanks for your comment.
  16. Junocuckolds
    I'm a MW Suburban Woman, 42dd-30-52, I worship at The Altar of the Ebony Cock Godz !
  17. sexyboots
    sexyboots Easyballs
    Hi Easyballs
    Where do you live? Might be good to get to know each other.
  18. sexyboots
    Not much chatting going on here! Please contact me and let's talk!
  19. geraldg
    geraldg Nasty Wives Collection
    Dedicated and feminized cuck to my wife, who is exclusively for black.
  20. bulldog58