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PERSONAL FICTIONAL STORY written in collaboration with @henz2 (DeviantArt)



, American actor

NICOLAS MOUAWAD, Lebanese actor

White sub in an African island​

PART BY @submissivegayfrenchboy (Sissy Alex in DarkWanderer)

In the south of Africa, there is a very special hidden and mysterious island. This is where the rich, or famous, or both live and meet. They have the distinction of being Africans, Blacks, Arabs, or African-Americans. Often mistreated because of their homosexuality in their respective countries, these wealthy or famous men are homosexual, bisexual or even straight, but they welcome refugees from Africa fleeing the homophobia of their countries. They then find there a land of welcome which is absolutely heavenly.
There are fruit trees in abundance, the water is a sublime turquoise blue and always warm.
They live in luxurious castles built by slaves. Yes, slaves! Here, Arab and Black men are served, worshiped night and day by White and Asian slaves.
If they are physically weak, they serve as domestic minions. If they are very pretty, they make good sex slaves. And if they are muscular and very strong, their duty is to build the infrastructure of the island.
Everyone is in their place, but the roles of slaves can sometimes change. Thus, it happens that the beautiful muscular males, White or Asian, are used as sex toys, and that those who are weak are forced to work in the fields and in the mines in their place, just so that the masters laugh at their pain and their sufferings.
The masters are therefore single black or Arab men, but many are in couples or trouples. Thus, the American actor Michael Beach, aged 58, is married on this island to the magnificent Lebanese actor Nicolas Mouawad, aged 43. Despite his advanced age, Michael Beach is really very muscular, he knows how to fight and is very strong. Rather the type to laugh, he likes to humiliate slaves.

If in everyday life he is serious, he likes to relax on the island, laughing at the slaves.
His husband is his opposite. Tall and masculine with his proud gaze and beard, Nicolas Mouawad is funny and smiling in everyday life when he is an actor, but he is cruel and violent with slaves.

Both take pleasure in being worshiped by submissive white men. Madly in love with each other, they live the happiness of being treated as lords on this paradise island.
The slaves who served them and the other masters of the island were either captured and sold, or else they were lied to and told that this island was normal, and they remained prisoners there. Few came there on their own, because part of the fun of having slaves was telling themselves they didn't enjoy being enslaved there.

Another way to become a slave on Malatesta Island, the island of Arabs and Blacks, was to end up on the island by accident.

This is exactly what happened to Larry Kenydon. A simple office worker, his company had asked him to negotiate a contract with an African company. This promotion was an unexpected chance to climb the ladder in the company and have more responsibilities. He had flown to southern Africa. In the plane, a button became on fire, damaging the plane. The passengers were panicked, screaming in terror while the pilots were looking for a way not to crash the plane in the open sea! Finally, the plane crashed on the island!
Larry, crushed under a seat, stunned by a bag that had fallen on him, was injured. He was one of the very few survivors. He did not know that his life as a free man was going to end...
PART BY @henz2

Nicolas is with his new slave on his lap, his thighs are so thick that the slave is sitting in just one.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Testing this one out, baby"

He pulls the slave's collar closer to him, making they face each other.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Guess what I had for lunch, slave."

Nicolas Mouawad pats his chest, and rips a huge belch on the slave nose.


"Aaaah" he signs in relief.
The slave is whimpering while he tries to sniff the gas. Nicolas Mouawad slaps him.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Sniff it all, okay !"

He roughly grabs his head and opens up the slave's mouth, while he manages to rip a long and bassy burp down his throat.


It echoes throughout his body and Nicolas Mouawad finishes by spiting a huge wad of saliva inside it.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Eat and drink your meal, haha"

While the slave is teary eyed, struggling to contain himself.

MICHAEL BEACH : "Babe this is hilarious please continue, watching this white slave smelling your burps is so hot ! Ahah, this slave is crying that is so good to see whiteboys finally be a our feet!!! But Babe, don't break him too fast because we have to test him. You know you burp a lot so this slave have to sniff your burps for at least an hour. Remember that the last one was our slave during 5 years. I can still remember him, when he was 17, so skinny and small. I mean, he stayed like that since his only food was our farts and burps 😂!"
PART BY @henz2

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Haha, but it is what they need to live right?"

He asks the slave but he is weak and whimpering, barely talking.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "He even seems to like it, see."

The slave is wearing a black speedo, and is displaying a soft boner.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "But he doesnt seem like he can take it much longer. I know that I have plenty of gas yet."

MICHAEL BEACH : "I mean, babe, this slave is frightened. That's how i like whiteboys, afraid to displease us. But we should not care if he likes it or not, your burps are superior to his life."

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "You are right, honey! Haha!!"
Nicolas Mouawad is utterly excited by what his beloved husband Michael Beach say, and manages to work a huge burp on the slave's face, the biggest he had for today.


NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Aaaaah, that felt really good"

MICHAEL BEACH : "Oh look, white kid is going to cry?! Yes he is, he is frightened!! So white kid, does Arabian men's farts are your nightmare? You will be my beloved husband's burp sniffer or maybe you would appreciate to work in mines ?! Yes, sniff my man's farts and smile after each burps, wimpy white loser !"

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "C'mon, don't be weak. I mean, that's your nature right? Haha if you can't be strong and alpha like us, you should serve us. Look!"

Nicolas turns the slave's head to Michael.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "You will never have that body, that muscles, that presence, and my favorite, that ass !"

THE WHITE SLAVE : "Yes master I learned how black men and Arabian men are the superior races and us white kids deserve to be your slaves! But please, your burps are too stinky 😭!"

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "If my burps are that stinky, why don't you try my hasband's farts? I bet you will love to chek on that, right, honey?"
PART BY @submissivegayfrenchboy

THE WHITE SLAVE : "Please, master, I still prefer to smell your burps rather than sniff your lover's farts, please sir !"

MICHAEL BEACH : "boy, don't whine, you're going to smell my farts, pit your white boy's head on my chair, I'm gonna crush your little boy's face with my huge ass!"
PART BY @henz2

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "haha, time for dessert!"

Nicolas effortlessly picks the slave up and brings him close to Michael Beach ass.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Before, look at this magnificent monument!"

He rubs the slave face on his beloved husband's ass.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Isn't it soft, plump, juicy? Haha, soon you will learn how tasty it is!"

THE WHITE SLAVE : "Please, please, I just ate your burps and those were enough! I can still feel the tast on my mouth!"

Nicolas Mouawad then kicks his crotch.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Stop whining and just take it. Honey, put him on his place."

Nicolas Mouawad slaps his husband's ass.

PART BY @submissivegayfrenchboy

MICHAEL BEACH : "Yes my ass is superior to your life boy! whiteboys deserves to be ass-licking huge black men! I'm gonna crush your face!"

Then the master Michael Beach sits on his slave's face and the slave is suffocating under the heavy ass.

MICHAEL BEACH : "how does my ass taste, loser?"

The slave can't speak : the big ass is so heavy.



THE WHITE SLAVE : "mmmmphh, let me breathe, let me out, mmmmmppghhh"

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "I love how you make them suffer, honey."



MICHAEL BEACH : "I know babe, but crushing a white boy is so delicious"


PART BY @henz2

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Yeaaah, watching the scene makes me so hard."

Nicolas holds his full bulge. The slave is struggling wildly, trying to push Michael's legs up.

The slave's hair is blew by the gas and he is much weaker after that. Michael was angry that their latest slave didn't last much.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "Honey, you know our gas is deadly. We just need to get another one and get on with it."

Nicolas Mouawad try to calm Michael. He is not having any of it. Only looking through his cellphone, completely ignoring Nicolas. But not for long. The Arabian comedian sneak behind him and kiss him tight. Soon Nicolas feel his bubbly cheeks next to his crotch and thank God for this wonder of a man.

Michael is trying his best not to give in, but Nicolas whisper next to his ear: "Honey, let your phone down, we'll think about it later."

And Nicolas can already feel him loosing it. When Nicolas see on the display the following news of a plane crash this morning on our Island. That can mean only one thing: new slaves. That's why Michael was so involved...

To bring him back to reality, Nicolas gently craddle his face next to mine, as he swallow a bunch of air and rip a burp next to his lips.


And blow it on his face. Michael soon slaps Nicolas and this one laughing his ass off.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD : "C'mon, honey, let's go to that plane."


PART BY @submissivegayfrenchboy
Hand in hand, the handsome Lebanese actor Nicolas Mouawad and his no less sublime husband Michel Beach, a great black American actor very muscular for his age, went to the scene of the tragedy. Luckily, their gorgeous villa was close to the corner of the island beach where the plane had crashed.

The few surviving people were taken care of by the island's doctors, even if the priority was to save the superiors, that is to say the blacks and the Arabs. Whites and Asians were also saved, but to be sold into slavery.

Nicolas and Michael were looking for one that could sniff their gas. They were about to join the group of black and Arab masters gathered around the plane, when a white man threw himself at their feet, disfigured by his facial wound and truly panicked.

"Please! save me, please!", said the white man lying at their feet.

Immediately, Nicolas Mouawad and Michael Beach looked at each other and knew what to do. They took him away with them, promising to help him.

Of course, they intended to make him a slave without telling the other inhabitants. Michael and Nicolas took him to their villa, where he marveled at the luxury of the furniture, the clarity of the windows and the white satin curtains. Their domestic slaves cleaned the floors. All were fragile white men.

When their masters arrived, two white slaves lay down to lick the feet of Nicolas Mouawad and Michael Beach. They kissed each other on the mouth without looking at the slaves licking their shoes. For them, this treatment is normal, because it is the place of white boys.

Surprised to see them being treated like this, Larry, the white man who had survived the plane crash and had been taken in by the couple, took fright. He wanted to run away, but it was too hard. He hadn't recovered arise, he was weak.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD: "We brought you here because we want you to do something. We have to check if you are a good fart sniffer."

Immediately, he positioned his sublime ass towards Larry's face and let out a long smelly fart.


LARRY KENYDON: "Are you crazy or what?"

NICOLAS MOUAWAD: "Consider yourself lucky that I didn't take off my pants. Besides, my dear husband has worse farts than mine."

MICHAEL BEACH: "White people have no rights here. Welcome to your new life."

Larry Kenydon had never been so scared.....

Larry was a prisoner on the island where he was stranded, and a terrible fate awaited him.
But at least he was in a luxurious place and didn't have to suffer the humiliation of being bought off the slave market.

Indeed, the few survivors of the plane crash had been divided between the slaves on one side and the masters on the other.

The masters are black or Arab men and women. They were offered to leave with a boat or stay on the island where they would be worshiped by white people who would build them a small castle.

All chose to stay. Between a noisy life and money worries, and the pleasure of doing what you want in a luxurious setting, the choice was obvious.

The slaves were the Whites. All were stripped naked to have their wounds treated, but as soon as they were in better health, they were tied up.
Crammed into metal cages, they waited to find out what was going to happen to them. Stressed and in tears, most regretted not having died. Others, rarer, were excited at the idea of discovering their destiny on this island where blacks and Arabs seemed to be in power.
A few days later, the prison guards opened the narrow cages where the white slaves were locked up and took them out. Their wrists were tied and they were pulled by a black man on horseback who led them to a public platform where were gathered rich black and Arab men and women, among whom were influential people, famous people, stars and politicians.

Some lived on the island all year round and others came here from time to time. What was certain was that they all enjoyed having white people as slaves.
Chained to each other, white slaves were led naked to the slave market by being dragged behind the horse of a rider, a black man. There, the inhabitants of the island bought the slaves, and the money from the sale was used to buy materials to create infrastructure for the island. On the other hand, these infrastructures would be built by the slaves, just as the fields were cultivated by the slaves.
After several days of practicing foot licking by licking those of Nicholas and Michael's slaves, Larry was allowed to walk around with them. They tied his wrists behind his back and a leash around his neck. The couple dressed scantily for the heat went to the sale to see the new slaves, knowing that their latest acquisition had been unofficially obtained.
Two white slaves held parasols and two others held palm leaves to protect the couple from the sun and also to fan them. Nicolas Mouawad and Michael Beach greeted friends, politicians and celebrities.
All were accompanied by white slaves who were naked, like Larry, or wore loincloths or light outfits.

The majority of white slaves were completely shaved. Larry saw big-assed black women sitting on the faces of little white girls while others licked their feet.
An obese black woman bought a white girl to make her her shit eater, which sparked general laughter from the audience. Larry told himself that he was better off in his position as a couple's slave.

Nicolas Mouawad and Michael Beach brought him home.

There, they made him kneel in front of them and explained to him that his role would be to sniff out their farts and burps. The very handsome Nicolas stood up and presented his rounded and slightly hairy ass to Larry.

NICOLAS MOUAWAD: "Now put your head in my ass and sniff!"

Larry wanted to spread his master's ass apart with his hands but he remembered that his hands were tied. He then rammed his head into her ass hard. When his nose was against the anus of Nicolas, it began to contract.




Michael laughed as he pressed Larry's head down to hold it in his handsome husband's ass.
This lasted several minutes.

No scent could be smelled, meaning Larry had absorbed it all by sniffing Nicolas' farts.
To make sure, Nicolas ordered the slave cooks to make the most gassy foods for dinner: cabbage with cheese, beef with onions, potatoes with eggs, and a good chocolate cake to finish.

At dinner, the couple looked at each other lovingly, which didn't prevent Michael from turning to Larry, kneeling on the ground, to belch in his face.

MICHAEL BEACH: "I'm sure this one will be stinky!!! Open your mouth, burp eater !!!"

Larry opened his mouth and Michael burped in him:



The smell was disgusting, that of rotten cheese and onions. But Michael was laughing. Nicolas was the more cruel of the two, Michael was the one who loved the laughter of the slaves the most.

Throughout dinner, Michael would say loving words to the man of his dreams, before turning to Larry to burp in his mouth and force him to swallow the burps!

It was this contrast that excited Nicolas, between tenderness and domination, romanticism and rudeness. If Michael was the one who burped the most in the couple, Nicolas was the one who farted the most.

In the evening, in their comfortable bed, Nicolas and Michael made love and Larry was attached to Nicolas' big hairy ass by a harness. Nicolas was fucking Michael while having his ass licked by Larry. This one was attached to the ass and had no choice but to sniff and lick the asshole.

MICHAEL BEACH: "Your big Arab cock makes my black ass feel so good, my love! Oh yes, keep it up!!! Hmmmm.... And you, does this white slave make you feel good?!"

NICOLAS MOUAWAD: "Oh yes that white guy's tongue is deep in my ass!! Slave, put your nose deeper!! I must not sniff my farts!"

Larry spent the rest of the night with his nose in Nicolas' asshole. And the following nights.

As the weather was always fine on the island, Larry sometimes accompanied his masters to the beach carrying their belongings.
When he arrived at the beach, he saw fat black women sitting on the faces of white girls, other black women having their feet massaged by white girls.

Here, the whites had no rights and no means of escape. Those who were rebellious ended up in mines and fields, or worse, in human toilets.

Larry saw that one of the white girls had a brown nose and tongue from licking and sniffing his fat black mistress's shitty ass.

As for him, he was forced to sniff Nicolas' ass, lying on the ground, while Michael lay down on his lover's body to kiss his back and lick his ear. If he could have seen the beach and not been smashed in a fart-sniffing ass, Larry would have seen black men being fed and massaged by white slaves on leashes, black couples having their feet licked by whites. Slaves had no rights.
Larry was far from the only white slave forced to sniff out his owners' farts and burps.
A life full of stinky smells awaited him...




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