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Very nice to be here on this site !
I'm a male, currently 31 years old, from Germany.

Like to create Erotic memes, captions, stories and (audio supported) comics, but mainly aim to build a main theme and related to that want to share ideas and thoughts about fictional but reality-inspired erotic stories of intercultural relations.*
Searching for inspiration for these stories and to know (real) peoples minds all around the world to improve them. This makes the stories maybe realistic, but very likely reliable for readers (-, my hope especially for female readers !).
Who likes to chat about experiences?
Verification is also a next step to this then, makes the exchange more intense and the input from my chat and write partners more valuable. (We can talk about how to do it.)
The readers then also feel connected to the content of the stories, which again is appealing and arousing for both the writers and the readers.
Keeping it real when writing about fantasies, I think can be an important balance for well-written stories (and later comic/ picuture I like to design.)
So that said I am also open to create fictional erotica in collaboration with others and encourage others.

* About the subject(s) of the erotica I / we like to create:
Making sex without borders more possible / feasible so to say.
Intercultural love and sex promoting is good for a peaceful world, and it creates harmony. (I do support the socalled *breeding* (of dominant African DNA! ;) ) and love fertility, verile related pics, memes and artwork... but don't like the violence and war some want to portray. I think the natural evolution is a peaceful process and can still dominate! There can be very clever incentives added in today's times, of course.)

Other settings for tales can be the adventures of progressive (vegan or vegatarian) nature lovers, climate activists, eco-feminists and environmentalists. "Anti-racist" action is connected to nature awareness and seeking for harmonic balance in the environment as well after all :) I like this a lot.

Also audio and voice dub projects are possible (-, sadly most erotic interracial videos are in English, even when showing socalled "amateurs"). European women would appreciate the erotica in their native languages I suppose.

And apart from that it is nice to have any kind of exchange and chat anyway. So we can also do that if you like.

Love to chat with you about it. Feel free to message me.

Greetings from Germany
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I’m new to the site. I’m recently separated from my white husband and disowned by my family in Tennessee since I gave birth to a black baby. I have no regrets. I’d luv to find a white man who wants to be a cuck.
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