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Spreading Her Legs For a Black Man

Belting Up.jpgSpread Your Legs.jpg

"Talk to me baby. Cheating is growing on you, isn't it? Tell me how much you
like this cock, the cock that is so much bigger than your white husband's
and stretches you out so good. You're getting fucked and worked over by a
strange black cock. You like it don't you? Go on, say it."

by EroticWriter

"Go ahead daddy, take it out.
It'll be our secret."

As Louise Jones passed her daughter’s closed bedroom door, she heard a strange buzzing noise coming from within. Opening the door, Louise observed her daughter giving herself a real workout with a large dildo shaped vibrator. Shocked, and without thinking, Mrs. Jones asked, "Laurie! What in the world are you doing?"

Her daughter replied, "Mom, I’m thirty-one years old, unmarried, and this thing is about as close as I’ll ever get to a husband. Please, go away and leave me alone."

The next day, Tom, Laurie’s father, came home early and heard the same buzz coming from the other side of the slightly opened bedroom door. Upon entering the room, he observed his totally naked daughter making passionate love to her vibrator. Mr. Jones knew that he should be discreet and withdraw, but something held him in place.

This was more than seeing his daughter in a compromising situation. Mr. Jones had never seen a woman playing with herself, let alone using a vibrator. Fascinated, Mr. Jones watched as his daughter alternated between using the vibrating tip on her clitoris to using fucking motions to bury it deep inside her wet and shiny pussy.

From his vantage point Mr. Jones could see his daughter’s pussy in intimate detail and he quietly slipped closer to the bed so that he could see more. He kneeled at the foot of the bed, and stared up between her legs. That dildo, which was remarkably similar in appearance to a real cock, had to be at least nine inches long, and thicker than average. It seemed to be hollow so that a flashlight shaped object with batteries could be fitted within. That was the part of the dildo that provided the vibrations, apparently.

Her father had never seen a woman’s pussy being stretched and worked over like this before. The only woman he had ever made love to was Louise, the girl’s mother, and that was usually in a darkened bedroom. Her mother was modest, and although Mrs. Jones’s body was still quite nice, she seldom let her husband have a good look at her nudity, not even when they were having sex.

Tom was totally enthralled with what he was seeing. His daughter favored her mother; both face and figure, in almost every detail. This was like watching his wife in action on the bed; in ways he had only dreamed of but never seen. Tom was surprised and pleased about seeing his daughter’s naked body.

Her figure, at least as far as he could tell from her position of lying down, looked just like his wife’s body had back in the early days of their marriage, before she had given birth to Laurie and a son. His daughter’s breasts were large, probably a D cup, and because Laurie took care of herself, they were still firm. Even on her back, Laurie’s breasts did not flatten out and were pointing proudly into the air.

Seeing the dildo working in and out of Laurie’s pussy was like watching a sight that Tom had fantasized on for years, and that was his wife possibly taking a large cock from a strange man. In the early days of their marriage, another man had almost succeeded in seducing his wife. At least that was the way Tom looked at it, an attempted seduction. His wife, on the other hand, claimed that she had been abused. Louise had told Tom about it several days later. His wife had hung her head and cried as she shamefully told him the details.

It had been way back, into the second year of their marriage. They had decided to sell her old 1959 Pontiac Star Chief. This car was the one Louise owned dating back to the time when her parents had purchased it for her as a teen. This car had special meaning to them in one aspect; it was the car where they had first made love. They had not waited till marriage to have sex, but almost. They were formally engaged when Tom had broken Louise’s cherry in that old car. One advantage of having a car from the fifties was the front seats were bench style, and you could lie down on them.

The Test Drive

One day when her husband was at work, a man called about the ad and came to see the car. He wanted to take the Pontiac for a test drive. Tom had told Louise no test-drives unless he was there. This man however, was silver-haired and looked almost like her preacher. He seemed harmless enough, so Louise agreed to let him test drive and she rode along.

The first five minutes of the test drive consisted of stop and start in traffic. She noticed the man glancing over at her legs each time they came to a stop. Louise was wearing a short skirt, which had hiked up to mid-thigh when she had seated herself. She knew her legs were nice to look at. Men were always looking at them so Louise thought nothing out of the ordinary by his stolen glances.

Tom interrupted her at this point in her story to ask her, "Couldn’t you see the warning signs?" Louise said she thought nothing of it at the time. He seemed very nice, and harmless. She was used to men looking at her in that way and nothing ever came of it.

Tom grumbled a little, "Yeah, but then you weren’t out and alone with them in a car either."

Louise nodded quietly, looking briefly at his face and then away while acknowledging Tom’s opinion that perhaps she should have been more careful. When Tom asked her to go on, he emphasized that he wanted to hear what had happened in detail. "Don’t leave anything out."

Her head hanging, Louise went on. The man asked Louise where they could go to get out of the bumper to bumper traffic so that he could try it on some bends, etc. She suggested a large city park nearby, which on weekdays was virtually empty of traffic and was a lot closer than trying to head out of town on the freeway.

They had gone about halfway around the park when the man stopped the Pontiac near a covered picnic pavilion. Louise thought that maybe he was going to check something on the car or maybe get out to use the men’s room. Instead, he slid across the seat and grabbed Louise, pulling her tight against him and pressing his lips to hers.

Panicked, Louise started struggling, and he stopped trying to kiss her. He did, however, continue to hold her in his arms. Acting surprised at her non-response, the man said that he thought Louise had wanted 'it' by the way she had been showing off her legs. Trembling, Louise said that she had not been deliberately showing her legs, and that she could never do anything like this.

He held her tighter and his left hand began sliding under her dress and up the inside of her thigh.

"Don’t! Please, I’ve never done anything behind my husband’s back. I love him, and this isn’t right."

Despite her protests, his hand continued up her thigh and came to rest on her panties. His right hand, which he had placed behind her head, pulled her closer to him and he planted his lips firmly on hers. As his tongue boldly slipped into her mouth, Louise felt his hand sliding under her panties. Shocked at being 'attacked' at both ends of her body at once, Louise pulled her head away and clamped her legs together. Temporarily stymied, he removed his hand from under her panties and looked Louise in the eyes.

"Look woman, I’m going to give you a choice, you can either suck me or fuck me. Which would you prefer?"

The inflection in his voice and the look in his eyes suggested violence, although he never actually threatened her.

Although the thought of taking a strange penis into her mouth disgusted her, Louise chose suck, because she feared getting pregnant by a man not her husband.

Staring into her eyes, he grinned. “Since you chose suck, that means all the way and you swallow. Do you know what that means?”

Louise could not meet his eyes. “Yes. I have to swallow your cum.”

As she told her story, Louise knew what Tom might be thinking, that several times in their marriage Tom had asked her to suck him, and she had only placed her mouth on Tom for short periods, and would never keep her mouth on him until he reached orgasm.

The man said that it might be easier for her to do this if she allowed him to get her aroused first. When Louise asked what he meant, he told her that he could play with her body and kiss her beforehand. This might make her horny, and sucking his dick might be easier to do.

She replied that it was not necessary for her to be horny in order to suck him off. But then he replied that if he could play with her body he would get hard quicker, come quicker and it would make her job easier.

Then he added that if she were turned on, it would be easier for her to swallow his cum. That made sense to Louise, and the man could tell that she was thinking it through. When she sat silently, he went ahead without waiting for her reply as he gently grasped her behind the neck and gently pushed her head down.

Louise said she still resisted so he said, OK, let's turn you on first.

Louise looked Tom in the eyes as she related these details, saying that she already knew it would do no good to try and deny the man feels of her body. He was going to get them, regardless. Tom replied that he understood, and that he still wanted to hear all the details.

Telling a Half Truth

(Though Louise agreed to give her husband all the ‘details,’ the parts she was too ashamed to admit and left out of her telling have been included here).

He pulled Louise against him again and shoved his lips against hers. His tongue penetrated her mouth as his hand slipped under her blouse. Her nipples became erect under the skillful manipulations of his fingers. A couple of minutes later as his hand started under her skirt, Louise quickly twisted her hips slightly to hinder his aim and reached down to unzip him before he managed to place his hand onto her pussy.

He was wearing loose fitting slacks instead of jeans and it was easy to open his fly.

Tom stopped her there to ask if, because she had quickly reached down to unzip the man’s pants if maybe the man had interpreted that to mean she was anxious.

“I was just trying to head him off and maybe ‘skip a step’ if I kept him from going under my panties.”

Tom nodded. "I can understand your thinking but he probably thought you were getting excited.”

She replied that she didn’t know for sure but now that he mentioned it, it might have since the man did not know why she had rushed to open his trousers. All Louise knew at this point as she related the story was that she was unsure as to whether she should tell Tom the next part, about the size of the man’s penis. She decided not to say.

The man was fully erect when Louise reached in, and when her fingers wrapped around something unbelievably thick, making her gasp in shock, he told her to take it out. Louise had to struggle to get it out because it was long and wedged down inside the left leg of his trousers. He placed his hand under her panties before she managed to get his penis out of his pants. Louise wanted to head him off, and had not managed to do so.

But all Louise said was: “I got it out as quick as I could but he still managed to get his hand under my panties.”

“Was he hard?”

“Yes.” Louise steeled herself for the inevitable next question.

“What size was it?”

She paused, then, “Big.” She sighed and looked directly at Tom. “Bigger than yours. It was thick and long and it scared me.”

Tom hid his excitement. “So now you are holding his hard dick and he’s under your panties. Then what happened?”

(Sigh) “Why do you want to know all this?”

“Because you put yourself into this situation and by having to admit it maybe it will better teach you a lesson.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you.” Her face began to redden.

He teased her nub with the tip of one finger, and Louise’s legs involuntarily opened. It was enough to turn her on slightly, she admitted to Tom.

As his finger slipped into her vagina, Louise gave his shaft a squeeze, testing his size before hurriedly bending down and wrapping her mouth around as much of the thick knob as she could handle. Her hand grasped his long shaft, and Louise began stroking with her hand while she sucked.

Louise said that she wanted to finish him before he changed his mind and decided to go ahead and insert his hugeness into her anyhow.

As she sucked, he fucked her with his finger. Despite her best efforts to ignore his fondling, Louise felt herself becoming aroused. Her pussy was flowing freely, and he asked her if she wanted to change her mind and go from sucking to fucking.

She paused before going on, and Tom encouraged her. "So what happened then baby. What did you say?"

Louise frowned, and unknowingly made a joke. "I couldn't answer. My mouth was full." Tom had to suppress his laughter for fear she would think he was laughing at her.

Afraid now that he might not keep his word about receiving a blowjob only, Louise kept her mouth on him and vigorously shook her head from side to side, taking his dick along for the ride.

At this point in the story, Tom interrupted Louise and asked, since she had admitted to being aroused by the man’s finger, why she had not decided to fuck him and avoid having to swallow his cum? Louise turned to look at Tom. Using her most sincere facial expression, she said that not only was she afraid of being impregnated, but that the man’s penis was so large that it might have hurt her. Besides that, she went on, he was forcing her to do this, and she was still trying to maintain some control of her own.

Louis watched Tom’s face, and she could not help but wonder what he must be thinking. She added one more comment: "Besides, I’ve only made love with you, and I wanted to keep that special, just between you and me."

Tom, being a man, was thinking more about the physical aspects than Louise was. Tom nodded his head to indicate that he understood, but still, Tom wondered. Did she ‘really’ think that dick was too big to take?

Louise looked sad. "Tom, in a way I had already started swallowing his cum, sort of. His cock was dripping, you know what I mean, his pre-fluid, quite a bit was pouring out and I was having to swallow."

As mental images continued to form in Tom’s mind, Louise continued with her story. The stranger reminded her that if she continued to suck, she had to swallow it all, no spitting out allowed. She had almost changed her mind and gone for the fuck, she said, but the fear of pregnancy was too strong.

At this point in the story, her husband, who, despite his anger at what had happened, strangely felt himself becoming further aroused. Tom jokingly commented that it was a good thing that the stranger had not had rubbers with him.

Louise frowned. She had expected Tom to be extremely angry and upset at what the stranger had forced her to do, but Tom seemed to be taking it in stride. She asked Tom if he would have preferred that she had fucked the man. Tom denied this, of course, but the image of her taking the man’s large cock into her little pussy had been formed in his thoughts.

Eroticism had taken the place of anger in his mind, because the incident had happened several days ago. There was little that Tom could do about it now because they did not know who the man was since he had not purchased the car.

Tom asked his wife to go on with her story. He kept encouraging her to go on and to be sure and not leave anything out. Louise hung her head and told Tom about how the man had continued to fuck her with first one finger, and then had slipped a second finger into her while his other hand went into the top of her bra and fondled her breasts.

"His fingers were big, the two of them and it felt like I already was being fucked with that....with that big cock."

He warned her once again to keep her mouth on him and swallow. Louise’s jaw was getting tired from having to hold it open so far. As she described the scene to Tom, Louis unconsciously reached up and rubbed her jaw as she remembered.

Louise sensed the fact that Tom seemed to be aroused, so she had decided to provide him with all the gory details. For his part, Tom couldn’t believe that Louise was going into detail like this. She could have gone without mentioning that part about the man’s fingers penetrating her, but she was leaving nothing out.

Louise sucked as best she could while he continued to fuck her with his fingers. The fingers started to feel good, Louise admitted to Tom, surprising him with her honesty, but her jaw was getting so tired. A couple of minutes later, an amount of time that seemed to be forever for Louise, he announced that it was coming up the tube and placed one hand on the back of her head.

Once again, Tom interrupted her as he visualized his wife about to take a full load into her mouth. He asked her what size balls the man had. Louise replied that she did not know, because his penis was just sticking out of his unzipped pants and his underwear. She also commented that she was not entirely sure how long the man was as far as that went, because some of his penis was hidden down in his pants and he was sitting down.

Tom opened his mouth to ask, but Louise anticipated his next question. “The part I could see and had my hand on,” she said, “and my mouth, was longer than yours is, if that is what you were going to ask”.

For some reason now Tom wanted to make the cock Louise was describing seem even larger. "Some of it was still hidden in his pants? He might have had another two or three inches you couldn't see. That must have been one big cock."

"Tom," she was quick to answer, "Believe me, I was not interested in seeing what it might feel like!"

Tom’s face reddened slightly upon realizing that his wife knew that he might be jealous that his wife had become very acquainted with a penis much larger than his own. Louise could read his mind. Shaking her head, she went on to further assure Tom that she was not aroused by the fact that the man had such a large penis.

Louise went on to say that she was dreading what was about to happen, but pre-coital fluid had been flowing freely from his penis for some minutes, and she had become used to swallowing some bodily fluids from this man. In some ways, this pre-conditioning seemed to help because his pre-fluid had very little taste.

“I felt the head of his cock all of a sudden get larger and I knew it was time.”

Fortunately he did not push her head down or thrust his hips upward or Louise would have choked on his thick penis. At that point she commented that he might have had really big balls, because he nearly drowned her, there was so much cum.

Strangely, Louise was becoming aroused at telling her husband the dirty details.

As she described how it had been to receive a hot load into her mouth, Louise visibly swallowed, and Tom caught it. The throbs seemed to go on forever, she said, and she could feel every spurt shooting across the top of her tongue. Somehow, Louise said, she had managed to block out the thought of what it was that was building up in the back of her throat and was able to swallow and attempt to get it down.

"Was it thick or watery," Tom asked, his voice soft?

"It was thick, I guess since it seemed to be more sticking to my tongue than running off, but there was a lot of it, that's for sure."

Tom was surprised at how much detail Louise was giving him. Most of it she had held in her mouth and was still working on swallowing after his orgasm had ended. He slowly eased two fingers out of her pussy and flopped back onto the seat. As he did, Louise raised her head and released his cock from her hand.

"Don’t leave my dick just yet, baby. You have a little more work to do before we’re through." *

Louise told Tom that his comment had scared her at first, but it turned out to just be a little follow up on what had just transpired. He made her stroke his softening shaft afterwards and milk more cum out to the end. As each blob appeared, Louise had to lick it off the tip of his dick with her tongue.

Sensing that her husband was not getting mad over her relating the details, Louise added another comment. "He....when his cock started going totally soft, it was like some pressure, some holding back was released because a whole lot of left over cum, this time sort of watery, came running out. Then he made me wait for more."

He made her wait several minutes, and as his penis slowly softened, more cum and pre-fluid came out. Saying that he wanted to keep ‘his trousers clean’ she was made to keep milking his shaft upwards and sucking and tonguing him until no more fluid appeared. Fortunately, Louise said as she related the story to her husband, the man had not demanded more.

“He didn’t get hard again, even though you were hanging onto it?”

“I wasn’t ‘hanging on" she started to say, then changed it to “He shot so much that it seemed to take away all his desire.”

For his part Tom had mental images in his mind of Louise flicking her tongue out and licking little blobs of cum off the man’s penis. He didn’t feel anger over it, just a sense of denial over not being there to see it, and anger over the fact that this man had taken so much advantage of his wife.

The stranger drove Louise back to her apartment. On the way it started raining, and the dark clouds seemed to fit her mood as she watched the wipers sweeping back and forth across the windshield.

"We didn't talk at all during the drive back," she related. "I guess he had gotten what he wanted and didn't feel he needed to do any talking."

Tom jokingly said, "So I guess he didn't want to buy the car then."

She looked defensive. "Of course not. He wasn't about to leave us with any ID after what he did. I wasn't willing, remember," she asked defensively"

Tom nodded. "What he got, didn't cost him a thing."

"It cost me though, Tom. Believe me, I didn't enjoy any of it."

He looked into her eyes. "Not even being fingered?"

"Not even that." She went on with the story.

He parked the Pontiac in the underground garage in the same spot where it had been parked before. The man told her to take the elevator while he watched to make sure that she did not see where he went.

"Do you plan to steal the car now after what you’ve stolen from me, and my husband," she asked? Louise had waited until she was completely out of the car before asking.

"No, I’ve just had a really good time. No need to mess it up with felony car theft. Now that you mention it, here’s your keys back." He reached across the passenger side of the bench seat and offered the keys to her.

As Louise quickly reached and grabbed them, she asked, "How about forcing a woman to suck your cock? I do believe that’s a felony."

"Honey," he laughed, "somehow I don’t believe that you will tell anyone. Why should you? No harm was done if you think about it."

"Maybe in your mind there wasn’t," Louise replied and quickly walked towards the elevator without looking back.

When Louise got off the elevator she immediately went to the window of their apartment to try and spot what he might be driving in the street. She saw neither him nor his car. With nothing to go on other than a description, Louise decided not to report it. Only her guilt had caused her to fess up to her husband a few days later.

"You know," she told Tom in the course of her telling the story, "Never once did he say or ask me anything about his having a big cock or what did I think of it or how did it compare to my husband’s? So come to think of it, as far as he knew, you might have had one just as big or bigger."

Tom knew that she was trying to take away some of the jealousy that he might be feeling at knowing his wife had handled and sucked a cock much larger than his own.

"He might have had the idea that he was larger. I remember you saying that you ‘gasped’ when you first put your hand on it inside his pants."

Louise thought about that. "That’s true, but I might have done that anyhow if you had been the same size as him or larger." She knew that was a weak excuse but it was the best she could come up with. "Tom, no way was I going to tell him he was much larger than you are. I was not about to give him that satisfaction."

During her "confession," and at the end of it, Tom had asked Louise if she was telling the total truth about what had happened, or if she had actually been forced to go all the way. Louise looked hurt and denied any more physical involvement other than what she had described.

But Louise had looked away, not meeting Tom’s eyes when she said it. Tom held Louise in his arms and told her that he understood, and that under the circumstances she had probably done the right thing.

Still though, despite his "understanding" nature, Tom was upset. Another man, a strange man, who had absolutely no rights, had known his wife in a very intimate manner. He had kissed and forced his tongue into her mouth. He had seen and felt her breasts. He had fingered her in the pussy.

Maybe worse, he had shown her that some men have much larger penises than her husband has, putting images and memories in her mind that she will never forget. And then he had shot a huge load down her throat and made her swallow. This man had done all that to his wife, and Tom couldn’t do a thing about it.

Even now, many years later, Tom still wondered if perhaps his wife had actually been fucked by the stranger and had not been able to bring herself to admit it. Tom had his reasons for doubting some aspects of her story. According to Louise, she had waited a few days to tell him until her "guilt" got the best of her.

But, thinking back on it in the days after she had revealed the incident to him, Tom realized that Louise had not made love to him during those few days in between. Louise had made excuses, including the classic ‘headache,’ to deny him.

It was only after her ‘period’ had come along that she had related the story to him. Had Louise been waiting to make sure that the stranger had not impregnated her before telling Tom? It certainly looked that way, because if she had not fucked the stranger, Louise would have been unafraid to make love to her husband. Still, Tom had never accused Louise or questioned her further over the incident.

Tom had the usual doubts that all men would have about their wives in a similar situation if the information were several days late in reaching them. What if his wife had willingly fucked the stranger? Suppose when Louise had been riding with the stranger that she had actually ‘wanted’ it when the man had parked the car or even before he had brought the car to a stop?

Still, if Louise had done anything willingly, why would she bother to tell Tom? Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to keep it a secret? Perhaps Louise had been feeling extremely guilty over the affair and had chosen to tell Tom just part of it to alleviate her guilt. Tom’s reasoning was based on the theory that it is easier to tell a half-truth rather than to hold it all inside.

Now, as Tom watched his daughter with the dildo, he was watching, in effect, what he had always wondered about. Did his wife take a strange dick into her pussy, a large and forbidden dick? If she had, did Louise enjoy it? If so, this is what it might have looked like.

What Tom did not know.

In actuality, the truth of the story was that Louise had actually been fucked in the Pontiac that day so many years ago. Besides not admitting that fact to her husband, Louise had also neglected to tell Tom one other thing.

The man had been black. Louise had been told by Tom, no rides with guys that want to try out the car unless I am there. If he had known that not only had she ridden along with a strange man, but that he was black, Tom would have been more than a little bit upset.

But he had seemed nice, a nice black older man with silver hair who was polite, and courteous, and had given no sign that he might try force fucking her. So Louise had taken an chance, and as a result, what Tom had hinted could happen to her, had happened.

When he had been glancing over at her legs, Louise had found it to be very stimulating, more so than she had admitted to Tom. Then had come the possibility of being raped and impregnated by a black man or having to suck a black dick. When the man offered her the choice of fuck or suck, she of course had chosen suck, but mostly over the fear of pregnancy.

Louise had swallowed his come, just like she had related to Tom in her story, but, as he continued to finger her pussy, getting Louise incredibly wet, she paused from her cleanup of his penis with her tongue and asked if he had any rubbers.

The man laughed and said so what? If he wanted to fuck her no matter what she chose, he could do it without a rubber. Louise told him that might be true, but if he would wear a rubber and promise to be gentle with her, then she would give him a fuck that came from a willing partner.

The stranger knew exactly what Louise was implying. A fuck from a willing
partner meant that she would fuck him and go for all the pleasure that could
be given and received. Best of all, she was some white man's wife! His peter
became fully erect immediately, surprising Louise because she was still
holding it.

He agreed. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out his wallet and opened
it to remove a rubber that he had been storing. When Louis spotted it, she
slowly pulled her skirt up, revealing her white cotton panties, which were
soaking wet. He turned in the seat and reached under her ass. Louise raised
her hips and he pulled her panties down and off her legs.

For the first time, he pulled his pants down, going to just above his knees.
As she suspected, he had another couple of inches under there. Also, Louise
saw his testicles now for the first time, and as she had suspected, they were
large, the combined pouch being somewhere in size between a baseball
and softball. She could not help but to wonder about how he was able to
walk around with all that dangling between his legs.

Louise watched carefully as he struggled to roll the rubber down over his
penis. His thick black cock was actually too wide for the rubber, and Louise
expressed her concern by asking if there were a possibility that the rubber
might break. He said no, that these Trojan rubbers were pretty strong, but since
this was the only rubber he had with him, they would have to make it last.

He added that he would stretch it to fit by stroking his penis a few times
after the rubber was all the way on. Louise watched attentively as he rolled
the rubber all the way into the top of his pubic hair. Unlike when her
husband put on a rubber, there was nothing left to unroll. This man's dick
was long enough to fill the entire rubber, with maybe half an inch of dick
hidden in the hairs left over.

Making sure that Louise was watching, he gave his penis a couple of strokes
to loosen up the rubber around his penis and make it more closely fit his
form. Louise was fascinated, because this man, unlike Tom, was

She had not realized it when she had blown him, because the skin had been back
and stayed back. Now, it was moving forward, completely covering the head in
the process, and exposing the head to view when he pulled the skin back. The
rubber stayed with his foreskin as he stroked it, and the rubber folded under the
skin as it moved up and over the thick knob.

"Now the rubber is stretched to fit baby. Let's get about our business."

Yes, she wanted to get down to business. Without being asked, she quickly
bent down and placed her mouth over the tip of his penis. She tasted rubber
briefly as she allowed a blob of spit to drop onto his cock, and she used her
tongue to spread it over his head. He laughed. "I figured you were probably
already wet enough."

He turned and placed his body onto the floorboards. As he climbed onto his
knees between her legs and allowed his trousers to drop down to around
his ankles, Louise was trembling.

She was wet, that was true. But she wanted as much lubrication as possible
between his penis and her little pussy. A strange man, a strange black man
with a frightfully huge cock was about to invade her body, stretching her and
possibly hurting. Still, she wanted to try this.

He smiled at the way she was staring down at his rubber wrapped penis. "This
is your lucky day honey. By sucking me off first, you took away that initial
burst of energy. When I begin fucking you now, I can make it last and last."

At first, Louise did not necessarily want it to last and last. She just
wanted to experience in her pussy this huge, strange penis that she already
knew so well. She was so aroused that her climax was virtually guaranteed.
She wanted a quickie, no more.

Later, she would change her mind. Suddenly, the mood was changed. He went
from being totally physical and controlling to almost romantic. He began by
moving his lips to hers and kissing her gently, much more gently than the other
times he had kissed her. Louise responded.

He played with her pussy with one hand while their tongues did ring around
the rosy. Louise found herself responding to everything he was doing. His
fingers, his lips, his tongue, all came into play.

The way he was speaking to her changed as well, from gruff and rough to soft
and gentle. After they ended the kiss, he placed her hand on his dick and
softly asked Louise how many cocks she had been fucked by before today.
Louise felt foolish and her face turned red as she admitted, well, actually,
only by her husband's.

Her heart pounding, Louise squeezed and stroked this thick and long hunk of
black meat that she hoped would give her the pleasure that until now, she
thought she might have been missing. Her interest and desire for his cock was
quite obvious to the man. He laughed and bragged.

He already knew the answer by the way she was studying, no, rather,
admiring his penis. Still, he wanted to hear her answer. If he had not
asked, she might never have admitted it. "It's bigger than your old
man's, isn't it?"

That was the first time any mention had been made of his obvious size. She
couldn't meet his eyes as she answered, but her hand gave him a nice stroke,
going all the way up and down again. "Yes, a lot bigger."

He laughed, "Longer, thicker, or both?"

Unconsciously, she licked her upper lip with her tongue just before
answering. "Both. That's why I want you to be gentle with me."

For just a second, his old voice and manner returned.

"Well baby, today you might find out what it is like to be fucked by a real
man, a black man."

He grinned at her, saw the look of disappointment perhaps that he was
degrading her husband, then changed his demeanor and tone as he spoke more
gently to her, "I plan to make you come like you have never come before."

"I...I hope you can do that." She sighed. "Just don't hurt me with it."

When he shoved two fingers into her pussy and kissed her again, Louise
excitedly squeezed and stroked the hot dick that filled her hand so
completely. Soon it would be working into her, and hopefully not hurting her
in the process.

It was then that Louise remembered; she had lost her virginity to Tom in this very
automobile. Worse, it had been in exactly the same position, with her sitting in
the passenger seat and Tom on his knees and between her legs.

That night was still vivid in her memory. Now, just a couple of years later,
Louise was once again sitting naked on the spot, the blood spot that they
had not gotten completely clean after she had lost her cherry to Tom's
invading penis.

Tom had laughed when Louise had tried to clean it and said that it should remain
so that they could remember. By the time Louise had tried to remove it the next
day, the blood had long been dried. She had gotten some of it out, but the spot

Now, she was about to fuck her second man in the same place. Was this a
weird twist of fate? Will it be like losing my virginity all over again? Louise
did not know, but she was about to find out what another man would feel like.

This time he moved his entire body closer, and Louise raised her legs and
wrapped them around his hips. Her arms went around him and she once again
met his lips with hers as his face drew near.

His tongue. So large. His hands, so large. His cock...

This was strange, this kiss. After several forced kisses before, she was
kissing him again, this time willingly. It was strange. He was a stranger to
her, she felt nothing towards him mentally, yet she wanted this man, oh so
very much. She met his tongue with a strong tongue of her own, kissing him
back in a way that let him know she was craving this.

He was feeling around down there. His hand fondled her pussy as they kissed.
His tongue was wrapping itself almost around hers. He fooled around some
more, and then she felt him place his knob at the entrance to her vagina.
Louise was wet now, very wet. Maybe it would be all right.

Her voice quivered as Louise reminded him once again to be gentle with her
because she had never had a penis this large. She hated saying that, and it
felt strange to use the word penis to a stranger, but what she was asking
was true. Besides, admitting that he was giving her something she had never
experienced before seemed to make this all that much more exciting.

And it was for him as well. "Don't worry baby. First thing I'll do will be
to rub my head all around your pussy to get this rubber wet so it'll slip in

Louise moaned softly when she felt his penis being moved smoothly up and
down through her slit. Even now, with him not trying to enter her, she could
tell that it was going to feel different from Tom's penis by the way it was
spreading her lips.

When everything seemed to be slippery, he put his knob at her entrance again.
It was time. Then, instead of shoving it in, he pulled it away and felt around
with his hand a little more. She felt his fingers feel around her lips, and it tickled.
Then he paused for about 5 seconds more and grinned as he looked into her eyes.
As Louise held her breath, she could feel her heart pounding.

What is he waiting for?

"Are you ready for it?" He had a very ornery look in his eyes as he looked
into her face.

"Yes. Be gentle please. At least at first." Louise sensed that this man even
if he now wanted to be romantic, was going to demonstrate his penis to her
in many ways, and some of them might not be so gentle.

Apparently, he wasn't listening, or maybe he had a sadistic streak because
without warning he pushed, and Louise groaned loudly. "Ooooooh, Oooooh"
Wanting to simulate an almost rape, he had shoved it almost halfway in on
the first stroke, brutally opening her wide as his big purple knob passed
completely through her tight lips.

So much for his being gentle with her. It had been uncomfortable for a
moment, but not painful like Louise had expected. Her heart pounding,
Louise held her breath and waited for his next push.

"Now I've taken your cherry."

Louise understood, and answered simply, "Yes." In a way she understood his
meaning. They were first time lovers, and it was her first time to take a
large penis, a large and black penis.

She giggled as her vagina began to adjust. "It's true. You did get my cherry."
She squeezed him a little tighter with her arms. In response, he paused and
placed his lips onto hers again.

She wanted all of him now. Not just his cock, but also his tongue, his kisses,
even his mind.

Louise responded passionately as he began to pump, going deeper with each stroke.
Even though he went about an inch or so further in with each forward movement,
it took another five strokes before he was buried.

"Oh Mister whatever your name is, I've needed something like this for so long..."

He snickered. "Well baby, your long wait is over."

Louise's body was trembling visibly by the time his large testicles were
lying on her upraised ass. He held still for a moment, and Louise raised her
legs higher, going around his waist after determining that she was going to
be able to handle his length.

When he began moving, the thickness was another matter. He was almost hurting
her as he drug his thick tool in and out. Yes, it was almost hurting, but not quite.
Louise was whimpering with pleasure and getting close to orgasm when she felt
his peter begin throbbing after only a dozen strokes.

He's coming already!

No, no, not yet, please. He has already come once! He even said that it was
going to last a long time, and now this, this disappointment. She was
thinking it, but did not voice her thoughts out loud. But she had never felt
Tom come this hard. She wrapped her arms tightly around him and moaned,
letting him know that she could feel his orgasm.

He quit pumping when his orgasm was finished. Louise could feel his hardness
break. She took a deep breath and sighed. Darn, if he had only lasted, it might
have been my best orgasm ever.

"Don't worry baby," he said. "I could tell you were getting close, but you
surprised me. You were getting excited and your pussy is so tight I couldn't
hold back any longer, even after I already came in your mouth. I'll get hard
in just a minute and we can go again."

There was hope after all. He can get hard again? Right away? Tom never could.
"I'd like that. Thank you."

Even with him being part way down, she could still feel him. Louise felt
pretty wet down there, and expressed fear that the rubber might come off. He
assured her that the rubber would stay on as long as he did not go all the
way soft.

He kissed her, and Louise again responded with passion. She wanted
him and with her kisses she was willing him to get hard again.

She needed to come, needed it bad.

He stayed hard enough, and then after another minute she could feel him grow
to full size once again. The second round lasted much longer. He opened her
blouse and pulled her bra up and over her tits. Using his hands and lips, he
fondled, caressed and sucked her globes while continuing to stroke into her
pussy. "Damn these are nice white tits! I can't get enough of them. I love
these pink nipples."

Then he decided to take advantage of the bench seat. He grabbed Louise and
twisted her around, lying her head towards the steering wheel. He climbed
onto the seat, and although it was tight in the area around their legs he
was able to penetrate her and bury himself.

Yes, Louise liked this. She placed her right leg up high and almost curved it
over the back of the front seat. She was opened wide for him now, and after
he had placed his right knee up on the seat she was able to wrap her left
leg around him. This was almost as good as being on a bed. Several minutes
went by while they humped and kissed. Sweat was pouring off their bodies in


They were totally involved with one another and did not notice a middle-aged
white man standing near the car. The windows were down, and he had heard
them, mainly Louise, before he could even see the car. He had come around
the picnic pavilion and discovered them in the act, and just in time to hear the
black man commenting on her titties. When they came, the man was intending
to come with them, because his dick was out and in his hand.

From several feet away and looking through the passenger window, he could
see her two legs in the air, the back of the man's head and Louise's arms
around the man. In order to see more, he daringly moved closer, so that he
could look right into the window. He got an eyeful. The man had his head on
his right side of Louise, so her eyes were being blocked from seeing the man
looking down at her.

But he could see a lot. Their audience could see not only her lovely left
tit, but their genitals as well. He actually stuck his head inside the car
and looked down under the man's ass. He could see the man's shiny black
balls swinging back and forth and up and down as the man pumped into Louise.

The balls were blocking his view whenever the man went deep into Louise, but
each time he pulled back and up the man outside could see her pussy. Her
lips were all stretched wide by that fucking cock that apparently was
feeling so good based upon the noises she was making.

Fuck me...look at that! She is taking a big black one, no wonder she is being
so noisy. A white woman taking a black dick! His hand began stroking faster.

Louise's body stiffened. Not even realizing she was saying it, the words
came out; "Fuck me, Oh yes, fuck me honey. Feed that big peter to me."
Silver hair smiled down at her, realizing that he had turned this little
housewife into a slut.

He kept pumping, varying his moves and twisting his hips in order to probe
every corner of her stretched vagina. Louise was moaning in a way that made
it sound almost like she was crying. And in fact she was. She was crying out
for joy.

Louis hugged him tight and wriggled her hips. This was the one. This would
be the orgasm to end all orgasms. Close, close. Whimpering now, Louise dug
her fingers into his ass, and he responded with still longer strokes. Louise
groaned loudly. At last, at last!

Tears of joy in her eyes, Louise came powerfully, her pussy flooding his balls and
the seat of her car with juices that flowed, and flowed some more as her orgasm
seemed to go on and on.

It was the first time she had ever sprayed during orgasm. The spot on the seat,
or maybe near 'that' spot, was wet again, only this time it was not from blood.

Their audience could see it all as he stared with wide eyes. He could see
how her lips had changed in color, going from pink to red as the blood
flowed in during her orgasm.

Because his balls were blocking the spray, she was soaking his balls, and
the overflow was trickling off his swinging balls and down onto her ass.
She was squirming under the man and using her pussy to fuck back at him.
He had stopped moving, possibly to hold off his orgasm, and it was obvious
that she wanted more.

Silver hair gave her a minute to catch her breath, and started again. This
time he pulled her legs higher, and she felt him slip a wet finger into her
rear. It was just the tip of a finger, and it felt so good. Strangely, she
had never really cared for that when Tom tried it, but it felt good now.

She had just been given the orgasm to end all, and she wanted more. If he
wanted to finger her ass, so be it.

The man outside was watching the finger in her ass. He could not help but
look up at the asshole on the black man. It looked pretty inviting, and the
spectator wished that he were a welcome visitor. For if he was, he would
have welcomed the chance to fuck that ass that looked so good as it moved up
and down, with muscles that flexed so visibly. The spectator was not gay,
but he was hard, and he could see a hole going to waste.

Silver-hair waited for her. He pumped slowly and deeply. He talked to Louise
and told her what a good fuck she was. Louise responded with a similar
comment to him, and shyly admitted that she had just had her best orgasm
ever. He laughed and said that cheating seemed to agree with her. Then he
added that maybe they could do even better on her second time around.

Strangely, the word cheating had registered on her consciousness for a brief
second, and then the guilt had faded into obscurity with his next stroke.


The man outside had heard the word 'cheating.' Wow, this made what he was
seeing all the more exciting. While she is fucking this black man with the
big cock and spraying all over the place, is she cheating on a husband, or
merely a boyfriend? Apparently she was fucking a strange man, someone
whom she was not supposed to be with.

Who is she cheating on, a boy-friend or a husband? He didn't have to wait
long for his answer. An answer that perhaps he hoped to hear.

"Talk to me baby. Cheating is growing on you, isn't it? Tell me how much you
like this cock, the cock that is so much bigger than your white husband's
and stretches you out so good. You're getting fucked and worked over by a
strange black cock. You like it don't you? Go on, say it."

To their visitor, it seemed almost like the man on the woman knew he was
there and was putting on a show for him. Silver hair didn't know they had a
viewer of course, but the effect was the same. The man outside was excited
beyond words.

"Come on gal. Tell me how much you like cheating on your husband with a
stranger's big black cock. It's music to my ears baby."

Tears in her eyes, Louise came out with what he wanted to hear. As she
started talking, the words began flowing freely. She began talking in a
manner such as a porn writer might be placing words into her mouth.
Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult for her to say.

"Oh yes, I love fucking you and I love your big black cock. I can't believe that
I'm cheating and loving it. Your dick is much bigger than what I'm used to. I
don't know why I've waited this long to try someone new."

Unbelievably, after admitting it, that he was bigger than her husband and
then being forced to admit that it felt better, it actually was better for
Louise this time.

"How long were you waiting? I mean, how long have you been married, since
you say you have been waiting so long?"

Louise giggled. It?s not really all that long, I guess. We've been married
almost two years, but we dated for a couple of years before that."

Silver hair laughed confidently. "Well, now you'll have to be making
decisions about your future. Do you stick with your husband, or do you go
out looking for more big peter? But I think you'll discover that if you
stick to white guys that finding another big cock is not all that easy. You
might have to try out several white guys before you find one."

Louise was very firm with her answer. "This is a one-time thing only. You
caught me unprepared. I won't be doing this again, ever. Not as long as I'm

He laughed. "Time will tell. But you're not sorry about today, are you?" His
tone at the end of the sentence was more of a statement than a question. He
knew. She was enjoying herself big time.

"Yes. I have to admit it. This is, this is really feeling good."

"Will you be thinking about me the next time your husband fucks you? Do you
think you'll be able to keep your secret and act like he still feels big enough to you?"

"I'll have no choice in the matter, I guess. But maybe, when I think of you
while he's in me, it will help get me off."

"Yeah baby. That's what I want. I want you to be thinking of me while you're
pumping away under him and trying to come. Now kiss me."

Louise responded passionately, kissing silver hair with all the feelings she could
muster and at the same time wrapping her arms tightly around him. Her hips
were moving under him, meeting him stroke for stroke.

Silver hair spent a lot of time working on her. He teased her, letting her
get close, and then changing his technique. He did this several times until
finally, Louise begged him to fuck her hard and fast. He responded with
powerful strokes, taking her breath away as he slammed his cock into her.

"Oooh fuck. Fast, slow or sideways, it all feels gooooood!"

Louise could feel his big hairy balls slapping against her buttocks. His
finger continued to probe her ass, not going deep, just teasing her with the

This time, he groaned loudly as he came with her. Their cries of pleasure
seemed to intermingle, and they became one.

The man outside could see it all. He could see Louise's pussy and her
contractions around the thrusting cock. But even better, he could see silver
hair's anus, and the way it was opening and closing as he came. The man was
fascinated. If this guy was coming as hard down there, in her as hard as it
looked from up here around his asshole, he must really be shooting a load.

They were both soaking wet when they finally came down from the second
orgasm to end all orgasms. She found herself thanking him, unashamedly
saying it out loud. Chuckling softly, he kissed her lightly and slowly
pulled his penis out. It was semi-hard. Despite that, it still tugged at her
lips as the knob on the end of his shaft came out.

He climbed off of Louise, and she sat up. In the meantime the man outside
moved away, still within earshot, but out of sight now. He had waited,
dangerously, for a look at that married pussy as the dick pulled out. It had
been an amazing sight.

She had remained open for the briefest of times, but it had been long enough
that he had been provided with a nice look inside. There had been so much
pinkness, and so much cum to see. But then he had to move really quick to
get out of sight before silver hair had sat up and turned around.

That was when the fear started. Louise happened to glance down for a look at
the black man's penis that had been responsible for all that pleasure. No

What? Why? Had it fallen off immediately when he pulled out? She looked down
and saw the unrolled rubber lying on the edge of the seat. There was no come
inside it, none at all. His huge loads, both of them, had been injected
directly into her pussy.

She might now be pregnant from a stranger, a black stranger that had in
effect, raped her. The rapport that had been established, so strongly established
between them, disappeared in a flash.

When Louise tearfully accused him, asking how would she ever be able to live
with the knowledge that she might be carrying a black child that everyone
would know did not come from her husband, he laughed, and said that fucking
with a rubber was like not actually fucking.

Skin to skin or not at all, he smirked. When they had started kissing, he had
removed the rubber when he had been fiddling around down below.

He treated it like some kind of joke, telling her that now she would always
remember how he had filled her pussy with two hot loads and put them in so
deep that it would take hours to drain out.

Yes, thought the man standing outside, who had heard the entire
conversation. She would never forget that fuck, especially if she ended up
pregnant with a black baby. Be interesting to see how she could explain that
fact from her husband.

And as for himself, he would never forget how he had shot his load all over the
side of the car as he watched and heard the couple coming. And not just once
had he shot his load, but twice. He stole quietly away, leaving several long strings
of come running down the passenger door of the Pontiac.

The man had enjoyed his show and had shot powerful loads, but later, after
thinking about it, it would depress him a little to think about how the woman
he had been watching had said how much better that big black cock had
felt to her.

She had also made a comment about wondering why she had waited so long
to try a strange man. He began to wonder about his own wife. How does
she feel about that?

Is her married to him pussy still his and only his? Does she ever think about
big cocks? Did she ever think about cheating? Did she ever think about
trying a black man? Has she ever cheated, period? He wondered.

That night he made love to his wife, paying special attention and making
sure he warmed her up good before penetrating her with his average-sized
penis. He even sucked on her tits, something he rarely did now. They were
still a nice handful of C cup but slightly saggy now. She seemed to enjoy
that, especially when he nibbled on her erect nipples.

The images of what he had witnessed that day still fresh on his mind, he
wanted to talk to her, to ask her if she ever thought of other men, or maybe,
their cocks. But he didn't dare.

Once inside, he was able to last longer than usual because of his having
climaxed twice that day.

She climaxed twice, double her normal number, and went to sleep happy. The
husband however, laid awake afterwards. Still, he wondered, has his wife of
12 years ever cheated?

Having born two children, her delicious pussy was no longer as tight as it had
been. The fit between them was good, but not with the amount of friction they
had enjoyed in the beginning. A larger cock, for her, might restore that feeling
of increased pleasure from the friction.

His wife was pretty decent looking, and had great legs. Because his job did not
pay all that well, his wife also worked, 30 hours a week. It was a company that
sometimes required she go out of town two or three times a year.

There were times when she had been alone with other men, at work, and on trips.
Has another man been inside her at one time or another? It was depressing to
think about.

Depressing maybe, but no so much that it killed his desires as he masturbated
himself to another orgasm as his wife laid blissfully sleeping beside him. He
needed to sleep now. It was Saturday and he needed to prepare his sermon
for the Sunday service.

Louise had tears in her eyes. Despite having reached three total orgasms,
the man had asked Louise if she might like to try sitting on him and doing some
fucking of her own. Louise wanted to say yes, but her anger was prevalent
and she insisted that he take her home.

The guilt set in even before the man brought Louise home. Avoiding Tom's
attentions, she lived in fear for the next several days until her period
arrived. A day later, the guilt got the best of her, and Louise told Tom the
story, the first half of it. That seemed to help, somehow.

Telling Tom some details, and omitting the big ones seemed to alleviate some
of the guilt.When Tom had seemed turned on at hearing her story, Louise had
been tempted to admit all, but never ever that it had been a black man. But if
she had admitted to being fucked, Tom might have accused her cheating as well
as risking pregnancy. Also, he might not have been willing to believe that she
had been forced into it. No, it was better not to tell.

But she had not gone without sex for those days. She had masturbated twice
while thinking of silver hair and his long and fat black cock. One of the
times she had played with herself while alone. The other time, she had
actually done it while Tom was sleeping beside her. It had been hard for her
to keep quiet during her orgasm.

Her Secret Fuck and Her Husband's Fantasy Part 3

As Tom continued to kneel at the foot of the bed and watch, his daughter's
pussy was turning bright pink as Laurie grew steadily closer to her goal.
Tom could not resist any longer and unzipped his pants. Her dad was getting
an eyeful as she steadily tugged the thick dildo in and out, pushing in and
dragging out her tightly fitting lips along with it.

Finally, Laurie pulled the dildo completely out, and Tom saw her lips tug at the
thicker knob-shaped tip as it passed by. He was provided with a mind-boggling
view of the inside of her pussy for a brief moment before it closed up as the dildo
came out. Then Laurie placed the vibrating tip firmly onto her clitoris and groaned
loudly as she reached a shattering orgasm. Her pussy turned bright red as the
blood pumped in and engorged her lips.

Tom was furiously beating his meat as he watched the muscles around Laurie's
anus and vagina contracting rhythmically and about a second apart. The
orgasm seemed long, lasting almost 30 seconds, which was about fifteen
seconds longer than Tom's.

When her orgasm was finished, Laurie slowly worked the dildo back into
herself by using a fucking motion. She seemed to have a little difficulty
getting it back in, apparently because she had tightened up. After getting
it inserted about three-quarters depth, she laid there quietly while trying
to catch her breath.

It reminded Tom of how he and her mother liked to lie together with him still
inside her until his shaft went down. Those lovemaking sessions had become
few and far in-between in recent years. Now, after seeing his daughter getting
fantasy-fucked, Tom was thinking of doing something to revive the sexual activities
that had been lost between him and her mother.

At any moment, his daughter might open her eyes and see him. Still, Tom
could not bring himself to leave. He was taking a big chance by not sneaking
out now that she seemed to be finished. Kneeling here and seeing his little
daughter lying there with a big dildo hanging out of her dripping pussy was
a sight to see. Although Tom would never dream of having sex with his own
daughter, his penis was still erect, even after he had shot come all over
the carpet.

Even now, while staring at his daughter's most intimate parts, Tom had his
wife in mind. Is this what his wife might have looked like right after sex
if she actually had screwed that man? That was what Tom was visualizing.
This was not necessarily his daughter; this was a beautiful pink cunt with
something large inserted into it. This was a cunt that might have belonged
to his wife.

Tom flopped quietly onto his butt and used his shoe to rub the come into the
shag carpet. He studied the wet spot; it was blending in, and probably would
not be noticed before it dried. At least, Tom hoped so. By the time he had
finished with the wet spot, his dick had gone down far enough for him to
tuck it into his trousers. Having done that, Tom stood partway up and backed
away from the foot of the bed.

He almost made it. When his daughter slowly opened her eyes, Laurie was
embarrassed to see her daddy standing there. She couldn't believe it, caught
by both her mother and her father! Her face took on a look of determination
at the inevitable question.

Tom had to act like he had just entered. To Tom's query as to what she was
doing, his daughter said, "Dad, I'm thirty-one years old, unmarried, and
this thing is about as close as I'll ever get to a husband. Please, go
away and leave me alone."

Tom nodded silently and slowly turned to leave.


"Yes, baby?" said Tom, turning around.

She hesitated for three seconds, then asked, "How long were you standing there?"

Tom thought about it for a second, and decided to tell her the truth. For
some reason, Tom wanted his daughter to know that he had seen everything.

"I was here right after you started."

Laurie's eyes grew wide. She seemed embarrassed but her face did not change

"I see. Well, I guess you got a pretty good show then."

"Yes baby, I did. Some lucky young man is going to get to marry you sooner
or later. Just wait and see." When Laurie nodded, Tom smiled, turned, and
slowly started to leave the room.


Tom turned. He was in no hurry to leave the room. "Yes. Baby?""

"Would you, could you do something for me?"

Tom's imagination was going wild. He had several things that he would be
glad to do, but she was probably going to ask him to get her car serviced,
or something like that.

She was still 'wearing' the dildo. "Would you push it in and out for me
while I play with myself'? I've always wondered what it would feel like if it
were being worked, I mean pushed in and out like a real man would be doing
if he was on me."

Tom pretended to be 'shocked and surprised' as he answered after hesitating
for a few seconds. "Why sure baby. I guess that would be alright. I have to
admit that I was slightly aroused as I watched you before."

Laurie smiled teasingly. "'Slightly' aroused?"

Tom grinned back. The ice was broken now. "Well, more than slightly I have
to admit." He moved over to the bed and sat beside her. Grasping the dildo
with one hand, he moved it slowly in and out, just using two-inch strokes.

"Yes, Daddy, like that, but push it in and out a little longer. 'Further' in
and out I mean."

He couldn't ram the entire thing into her because Tom still needed to have
enough dildo hanging out to hold onto with his finger tips. Settling on about
a six-inch stroke, Tom pushed, and Tom pulled. He was surprised at how
much friction there was.

'God, she's tight around this thing!'

He actually had to use some arm power to keep the thing going in and out.
Her lips tugged and held on tightly every inch of the way. "I think that
this thing might be a little large for you, Laurie. I can barely move it in
and out."

"I know Daddy. My arm gets tired. That's why I asked you to do it."

"Is it feeling good?"

She had her eyes closed. A smile came over her lips, and her hips began to
move slightly to match his strokes. He had his answer. Still, he wanted to
hear it from her lips. "Well, it looks like it feels good, but does it? I mean, after
all this thing feels like such a tight fit."

"Yes daddy. It feels good. Better though, much better with you doing it."

There was something Tom needed to know. "Laurie, when you were getting close
to coming, I mean, after you had stroked it in and out for a while, you
pulled it out and put it on your clitoris before you came. Why didn't you
just leave it in and come that way?"

"I've never been able to come just with it inside me. It feels really good,
but I can't quite make it. I think part of it is because my arm is getting
tired by then. It's a long reach down to where I can hold it at the end and
still push it back and forth."

Tom was thinking what she might be thinking. "So now you get your chance to
come with it inside of you?"

She smiled, "That's the idea." Then she surprised him. "How about you? Are
you getting horny?"

That sounded like a very leading question. His imagination went wild again.
Is she going to make some offer to substitute me for this rubber thingie?
If she does, what should I say, or do"

He decided to be honest so that she would not feel obligated to satisfy him.

"Well, to be quite honest baby, I played with myself while I was watching you.
I couldn't help it. I had never seen anything like that before. It was the most
erotic thing I have ever experienced."

"Did you get to come?"

Now it was more embarrassing. He hesitated.

She knew the answer by his reluctance to answer. She giggled and said, "What
did you do with it? Did you rub it into the rug?"

He sighed. "You have me there. You must be a mind reader, baby."

She was, because the next thing she said was, "Maybe I shouldn't be saying
this, but I know that you're hard again. Why don't you open your pants and I
will take care of you at the same time."

Tom hesitated for only five seconds before responding softly. "I'm afraid
your daddy doesn't have one to match your 'boyfriend' here in size. Is that

She must have thought he was talking about fucking. "Silly guy. I know that
dildo is bigger than most guys. Besides, we're not going to be doing it. I'm
just going to use my hand until, until you're finished."

Tom was quick to assure her that he had known what she meant. "I know that
baby. I would never dream of, of, well, I guess I couldn't use the words
'making love', it would have to be the words 'having intercourse' with you."

Her response was, "I know that. Now take your dick out."

This was unbelievable. It was one thing to have his daughter actually ask
him to operate the dildo for her, but to hear her say the words, "Take your
dick out," or more to the point, to hearing her say 'your dick' when talking
to him was very strange.

She repeated her request, her voice softer. "Go ahead daddy, take it out.
It'll be our secret."

Tom released his grip on the dildo long enough to stand and undo his slacks.
He was stiff as a board, and he wanted to look his best when she first had a
look at it. His shorts came down quickly, and Tom noticed that she was
watching him closely.

When his hard dick came into view, she smiled and said, "That looks nice Daddy.
You don't have anything to be ashamed of."

When he sat down again, she wrapped the fingers of her right hand around
him. Tom was already stiff as a board before she had touched him, but to him
if felt like his dick grew even harder the moment her warm hand embraced

After studying his penis with her eyes, and getting a good feel, she said,
"Now, do me."

Tom did her alright. He moved that dildo the best he knew how, which was
only by pretending that it was attached to his body as he made the moves.
Laurie apparently liked what he was doing, because she began moaning much
more than she had before when he had been watching secretly. All the while
though, she continued to stroke his cock gently, never missing a beat.

Tom noticed that Laurie had quit masturbating herself with her left hand.
Was she going to be able to come by getting "fucked" only?' Tom hoped so.

But Tom was getting close. "Hold off a minute honey. Let me finish you, and
then you do me."

O.K., Daddy. It won't take long."

It didn't. Closing her eyes, she began moaning softly.

Tome couldn't resist, because his mind was working ahead. "I'll bet
this would feel much better if it was real, you know, warm skin and
all that."

She sighed. "Yes, I imagine that's true. I...I've tried warming the dildo,
you know, putting it in warm water first, but it won't hold the heat at
all, so by the time I get it in it it's just as cool as ever."

"Yeah baby," Tom replied, giving his daugher a new pet name, "A real
penis is heated on the inside, with blood, so it would feel better for sure."

"Yes," she sighed, "but it would also need to be equal in size."

"Maybe someday you'll find one, the same size as this," Tom replied.

"Daddy, I can assure you, I'm not going to be out there looking for one."

Tom sped up just a little, noticed her appreciative smile and added to
her fantasy when he softly said, "I'm pretending that I'm fucking you as
I do that. I'm imagining that dick inside you is the real me, and I'm the
biggest and hardest I've ever been, and giving you pleasure."

She surprised him once again when she went along. "I'm pretending it's you
too daddy. And it's real because you're the one doing the stroking."

Two minutes later she raised her hips completely off the bed and let out a
long groan of pleasure. Tom did the best he could of continuing his strokes
by following her body with his arm. The orgasm seemed to last forever.
Finally she relaxed and lowered her hips onto the mattress.

He kept stroking but she quickly reached down with her right hand and stopped
him. "I can't take anymore. At least not now."

Tom gave her several seconds to catch her breath. When she seemed to calm
somewhat, he asked, "You finally got to come with it inside. How was it?"

She kept her eyes closed, smiled, and said, "Dreamy." Then she giggled and
added; "Honestly, the best ever, and I did it without playing with myself." She looked
into Tom's eyes. "Thank you. Now it's your turn."

"Do you want me to keep moving the dildo?"

"No. You can pull it out for me though. Do it slow."

Tom eased the dildo out. He noted that even now, her pussy clung tightly to
it, almost refusing to let go. He felt that he needed to make a case for
regular-sized guys, like himself. "This thing is much larger than most men.
Do you think you would be happy with a average sized man in the future? For
a husband, for instance?"

She let out a little gasp as the dildo finally exited her pussy. Tom held
his head near and took note of the insides of her vagina as it was briefly
exposed to him for the second time.

She saw him looking and knew why. "I don't know Daddy. That might be a
problem. Big would be nice, but I guess having a nice man, one that
would treat me right would be more important."

She sat up and said, "Now you lie down."

Tom quickly laid beside her. His heart leaped as she gripped his penis, which
was stiff as a board, and slowly began stroking. "I don't have much
experience holding the real thing. How do you want me to do it, fast or slow?"

"What you are doing right now is just right. Do it like that, a nice moderate
speed." He closed his eyes and relaxed. He had climaxed just minutes
before, but there would be no problem doing it again. He even tried
to hold back for a little while, but she was doing it to perfection.

Still, he wanted to make excuses, just in case. "I just drained it, so I don't
know how much there will be."

"I understand daddy."

Laurie thought about sucking him. He would probably love it if she did that,
but she wanted to see him come. If he were in her mouth, she would get to
taste, but not see. Still, she wanted to please him after all the nice
things he had done for her.

Still, 'maybe for a minute?' She leaned down and slowly sucked him into her
mouth, going down over the head in the way you might suck a string of
spaghetti into your mouth.

Tom was afraid to comment. Laurie was doing something unexpected, something
very nice, and it felt like nothing he had experienced in years. Still, he had to
speak; "That feels really wonderful baby. I don't expect you to go all the way
though. I mean, you don't have to swallow."

"I know daddy. I want to see you shoot, but I thought you might like this. I
know that I do."

"Thank you. It feels wonderful." He closed his eyes and let her do her
thing. Her tongue was into play now, twirling around and around his head.

'Damn! That really tickles!"

Tom decided to let her judge as to when she wanted to go back to using her

His right hand moved out and up, first onto her left cheek, and then feeling
around her lips that were embracing his cock.

Despite his desire to remain quiet so that she would not think he was too
excited about being involved with his own daughter, he began groaning. The
groans were soft, but she could hear them. She timed it just right. When he
was within ten seconds of coming, she raised her head and went back to
jacking him off.

Tom couldn't help himself. "Oh shit. It would be so nice to be inside you!"

Groaning, he duplicated what she had done. His hips rose off the bed as he
came. He felt the heat of his come landing on his belly and dribbling down
her hand. He didn't know how much juice he was shooting for her to see, but
he hoped there was a lot of it. After all, he had just drained a lot off.

She was glad now that she had just jacked him. She probably would have
gagged with all that juice in her mouth. "Daddy' I'm surprised. You shot
stuff all over the place, even after you had already done it!"

She sounded pleased. Tom sat up and looked down at himself. She was still
holding him, and there was come all over his belly button area, in his pubic
hair, and all over her hand as well.

"That's because you were doing it for me Laurie. Not bad for an 'old' man, huh?
That's my second climax and look how much I had left!"

"Looks like a lot Daddy, good for you. Did I do it right, you know, how tight I
held it and was it the right speed?"

"Well, baby, there was no stopping it. Once you put your mouth in it, the
rest, my orgasm was inevitable. Doing that was really good for...for me ego,
you know what I mean?"

"Any way I could have made it better Daddy, in case, aaah, in case it ever
happens again?"

His heart pounded. Happens again? Oh yes. "Well, the only thing that might
have made it better..." Tom was afraid to say it and hesitated.

"What Daddy, what might have made it better?"

She almost hoped he'd say 'If we were fucking like when he had
blurted it out.

Tom gulped, unseen to her. "If we had been kissing."

She was surprised, but not shocked. Her face turned slightly red, but
instead of declining she leaned down and their lips met. It was soft at
first, then harder when their tongues met. The kiss lasted maybe 10
seconds, and she pulled away. But they knew now, do this again and
kissing would be part of the equation.

"She giggled. "When you were about to come, you said you wished
you were inside me."

"I know baby. I was just turned on. I didn't mean I expected you to...to
fuck me."

She giggled. "In the future, we'll see. That might be kind of nice to...try."

Today was still full of surprises when Laurie leaned down and tasted the come
dribbling down the side of his cock. She ran her tongue up the side of his
shaft, taking in enough to get a good taste of him.


She smiled and releasing his dwindling privates, strode to the bathroom. She
came back with a warm washcloth and gently washed his genital area. Tom
watched her and enjoyed her attentions.

"There, all done!"

He smiled up at her and joked, "You'll make someone a good wife by doing

She returned to the bathroom and Tom could hear her washing the cloth out in
the sink. She spoke loud enough for Tom to hear. "You can go now Daddy. This
will be our little secret. If the right time and place should come up in the
future, we might do it again, but don't plan or hope for it, O.K?"

Tom had been worried about that kiss for the most part. Had he pushed things
maybe too far? But now she had hinted, there might be another time. That
was great. "Thank you Laurie. Anything you want or happen to need just let
me know. This will be our little secret, just like you said. Oh, by the way, what
do you want to do with this dildo on the bed?"

"Bring it in here and drop it off."

Yes! He could be close and talk to her for a little longer, thanks to this
dildo. She sounded cheerful. That was good. Maybe Laurie would come out of
the little shell she seemed to be in lately. He carried the dildo into the

She was giving herself a sponge bath with one leg up on the closed
toilet lid and not seeming the least embarrassed at washing her pussy in
front of her dad. Unfortunately for Tom, she had her back turned towards
him. Even now, he would have enjoyed another look at her.

Why the hell not, he thought? He "dropped" the dildo on the floor. It even
bounced slightly, and fortunately, towards and under her. He was able to
squat down to retrieve it, and in the process sneak a peek.

With her standing that way, opened wide and with one leg up high, he could
see up inside her. It was a view he had enjoyed just moments ago, but from this
angle she looked different.

He straightened quickly, hoping that she had not known what he had done. If
she did, she did not show it when she turned her head to look at him. Tom
indicated towards the back of the sink with the dildo and she said that
would be fine. Tom turned to leave, and then turned back to her.

"Could I also make one request?"

"Sure Daddy, anything." She lowered her leg and turned towards him.

Tom laughed good-heartedly. "Better be careful saying 'anything,' you never
know what might come up." She laughed, and Tom went on. He stared at her
chest. "I would like to, well, just feel your breasts for a minute.

They look so nice and remind me of how your mother's used to look when she
was your age. Don't get me wrong, hers are still pretty nice, but yours are more
upright and wonderful to look at." He looked into her eyes and added, "and
yours are new to me..." He let the sentence dangle.

"Sure Daddy. Take your time." She pushed her chest out proudly in his
direction, making her D cups available to his every wish. Tom took the
opportunity to fondle her gently, cupping her breasts with both hands. He
even lifted them, feeling their weight. He tweaked her nipples, and they
immediately grew erect to his touch. Boldly, he leaned down and sucked
gently on each one.

Surprised that he was going further than expected, Laurie moaned softly. She
closed her eyes and placed her hand on his head. She seemed to want him to
linger, and he did.

Maybe it was going beyond what he had requested, but Tom went ahead anyway.
He lowered one hand and reaching down, felt her pussy. He ran his fingers
through her hair, and then, when she did not seem to mind, slipped a finger
into her.

Surprisingly, she gasped. He felt that he needed to do this. After all, he had "fucked" her, in
a way, with a dildo. It only seemed fair that he should get to feel her insides. They avoided
each other's eyes as he fingered and felt.

"I'm a little numb from all that action with the dildo daddy, but it still feels good."

"I'm probably enjoying this more than you are," he replied. "I don't get to,
well, you know, your mother and I have been married for a long time, and we
kind of take each other for granted."

"I understand, daddy. Take your time." Tom did. He even moved up with two
wet fingers and rubbed her clitoris. He could feel her tremble, and she
sighed softly. He sucked her with his mouth, and fucked her with his
fingers. She held his head and groaned some more.

"Ooooh daddy. That feels so wonderful."

"Do you want me to keep doing it?"

"You can quit whenever you want to. It feels good, but I won't be able to
come again. At least not for awhile. The one you gave me on the bed took it
all out of me."

Finally, with some reluctance, Tom ceased his attentions and looked her in
the eyes. "Thank you."

Tom was afraid that even though she had told him to take his time fingering
her, that she might be offended that he had gone a step beyond, a big step.
But she smiled warmly. "And thank you." Then she nodded, feeling good about
everything that had gone down.

He wanted to kiss her again, but afraid to try, Tom left the room.

A couple of days later, Tom's wife came home from a shopping trip, placed
the groceries on the kitchen counter, and heard that buzzing noise start up.
It was coming from, of all places, the family room.

Expecting to catch her daughter in the act again, Louise entered that area and
observed her husband sitting on the couch, staring at the TV. The vibrator was next
to him on the couch, buzzing like crazy.

Puzzled, Louise asked, "Tom, what the hell are you doing?"

Tom pretended to see Louise for the first time. He grinned, held up the
dildo with his hand and replied, "I'm watching the ball game with my
son-in-law, and after the game is over, I want to watch you fuck him."


Unknown to Tom, Louise had already snuck into Laurie's room the
day before and experimented with the combination dildo/vibrator. Louise had
never used either a vibrator or a dildo before, and this one was big. It felt
so good to work it in.

With each stroke going a little deeper than the last, Louise searched back in her
memory and thought of how good it had felt when the stranger had worked his
thick 9-inch black penis into her tight pussy.

Yes, it had been a tight pussy then, but childbirth times two had stretched her.
Tom had never felt quite big enough after that, but Louise had always
managed to have at least mild orgasms with him.

For a long while after her 'rape,' Louise had sometimes thought about silver
hair and his big dick while making love to Tom. Then, as the years passed,
silver hair had faded in her memory. Until today, and trying this dildo, she
had almost forgotten about her adventure. Feeling this dildo stretching her,
and going so far within had caused all the memories to come flooding back.

She began coming, oh God this is good. Louise reached one of her strongest
orgasms in years, and she wasn't even using the vibrating tip on her
clitoris. The orgasm occurred while she had it inside.

Using a flashback on fucking a black man as a fantasy had really done the trick.
Louise lay there and gasped for breath. She felt too weak to try again, this time by
using the vibrating tip. Maybe tomorrow.

But now it was tomorrow, and Tom was here, and he wanted to see her use the
vibrator. Maybe she could get Tom to hold it for her and work it in, while
she just lay there and fantasized on that stranger, the black man with the
silver hair from so many years ago.

She would close her eyes and imagine that he was fucking her again, going in
with his giant black dick and stretching her wide in the process.

It had scared her at the time, learning that he had shot all that come into
her. There had been so much come. It had soaked the car seat, completely
covering that spot, the spot that was so revered by her and Tom.

Her panties had been totally sopping in the crotch, and come was still running
out of her after she had sat on the commode at home for an eternity.

All that come had scared the bejeezus out of her then, but now, it seemed
so erotic to remember how that stranger had been fucking her 'bareback,' as he
had called it, and pumped so much juice into her two separate times. The
stranger had been right, he had said that she would always remember how he
had filled her with two hot loads.

Louise had wished many times that she had mounted the stranger and ridden
his shaft to one last orgasm. She had been so upset at the time, but the
anger and fear had passed when her period had arrived, and then the regret
had set in. Regret that it had happened in the first place; along with the
regret that she had not fucked him one last time from a different position.

Louise had one other "adventure" in her marriage.

Louise had been given chances to cheat through the years, but for one reason
or another had never taken advantage. The closest she had come was making
out with one man at a party. It was at a friend's house, and there were a
lot of partygoers, many of whom neither she nor Tom knew.

The man had come into one of the bathrooms just as she had finished peeing,
wiped and started to stand in order to pull up her panties. She had
forgotten to lock the door. The panties were still down around her knees as
he entered, and her arm was holding up her skirt.

Only the nightlight was on, but it was bright. He might have gotten a
glimpse of her pussy, she wasn't sure. In any case, they were both quite
high from the alcohol they had consumed. This man was one of the strangers,
or she would never have let it go so far. Not a word was exchanged.

It was strange to kiss him, first, because he was a new man, but also
because he was actually two inches shorter than she was. She had to lower
her head in order for their lips to meet. He fondled her breasts on top of
her blouse, and she barely hesitated before squeezing his erect penis
through the material of his pants. For thickness, he felt about the same
size as Tom. For length, she couldn't be sure.

He was a good kisser, and his tongue seemed to be very talented. They were
getting into it. He pulled her brassiere up over her tits and had his hands
on her bare tits now. He was fondling her real nice, squeezing firmly, but
not too. When he lowered his head to suckle her nipples, first one and then
the other, she moaned softly as one hand caressed his head.

As he suckled her left nipple, one of his hands went down, under her skirt
and onto her panties. She placed her legs further apart, and he had no
trouble going under and within. She was wet, very wet, and his finger went
deep. Again, she moaned, and it was louder this time.

As she was moaning she was thinking of undoing his trousers and at that
moment someone tried the bathroom door. Fortunately for her, the man had
locked it as he had entered. They heard voices outside, two female voices.
One of the voices Louise recognized as being a good friend. "This one is
being used, let's try the one by the other bedroom."

Louise heard the other woman reply. It was a voice she didn't recognize.
"Sounded to me like there was more than one in there." Both women giggled as
they walked away, and their voices faded.

That had ended it. Louise had no desire to be seen leaving this bathroom
with a strange man. She allowed him one last, quick kiss and pulled her bra
back down over her breasts. She happened to glance down. Somehow his penis
had managed to find its way out of his pants. It was pointing out and up,
and looked to be a little longer than she had guessed.

She gave it a quick squeeze, looked the man in the eyes and said, "I'm
sorry. It looks nice but I'm married and those women know me. I have to go."

Then she unlocked the door and left the room. He remained behind with his
hard on. He probably had to wait for it to go down before he could urinate.
He might have jacked it off for all she knew. Somehow she managed to avoid
him for the rest of the evening.

Would she have gone all the way, actually fucking the man while standing in
the bathroom? She wasn't sure. When they had been kissing madly, and
fondling each other, she had been ready. In the back of her head she was
telling herself that she might have just masturbated him to orgasm, but she
wasn't sure.

That was the closest she had ever come, the furthest she had ever gone you
could say, towards cheating on Tom. She had been drunk, and the memory of
what she had done with that man rarely entered her thinking. It was the
silver-haired man, and the way he had fucked her that had always stuck in
her memory.

Later tonight, in the privacy of their bedroom, Tom would be playing with
himself while working the dildo into the woman he loved. As it stretched
Louise's snatch and she groaned with pleasure and began humping upwards to
take in more of the black cock she was dreaming of, Tom would stare at the
dildo stretching her and imagine that it was the silver haired man, with his
big penis that was fucking his wife.

Unbeknownst to either of them, except for the color of the man, their
fantasies would be the same.

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Hope old silver hair returns to fuck her in her maritial bed as her limp dick husband watches his sexy wife impregnated by this old big cocked black stud
I vary rarely do a continuation of a story. I feel that the FIRST TIME a wife cheats or is fucked is the most exciting. Once it has happened, and she is ashamed or secretly proud, the point has been made. A second or third man getting to her is not as exciting, but the suggestions you guys made are pretty good, and who knows, I have more time in the future and just might go with a 'part two.'
I vary rarely do a continuation of a story. I feel that the FIRST TIME a wife cheats or is fucked is the most exciting. Once it has happened, and she is ashamed or secretly proud, the point has been made. A second or third man getting to her is not as exciting, but the suggestions you guys made are pretty good, and who knows, I have more time in the future and just might go with a 'part two.' If I do, I will do my best to get both stories posted one after the other so any new readers could pick up at the beginning and go on to part two next story down.