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Rejected story

Dec 15, 2022
I wrote a story that was deemed too violent for DW. It revolves around the relationship of a black high school football player and his white female counselor. There are a few white boy beatdowns, as well as one gay rape. If anyone would like to read it, contact me via conversations. I'd be happy to email a copy to those interested in such a tale.
I’m your biggest fan and have almost read all of your stories. Can you please send this story and any more extreme stories that you might want to share please?
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Sep 7, 2023
Hi! I don't know if it's still possible to get the story but I'm extremely interested in getting it!


I'm a sissy cuckold and everyone knows it..
Jan 5, 2023
I have just joined and I was a little surprised to find an 'editor' criticising my real, autobiographical, tale of my hubby's descent into a life of cuckold, sluttery with the eventual and desirable and inevitable surrender to Black cock.
What is Darkwanderer for Enid Blyton?
Although, my stories aren't violent but I have ran into the same criticisms when it comes to writing my cuckolding tales. On another site. I get 50% of 5 stars from the people that read and enjoy them then, the other half are negative reviews from "keyboard Nazis" that don't like interracial sex / cuckolding stories. It's not as if I haven't warned the readers about what I like to write about.
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