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Propagation of whites during BNWO

what do you guys think?

i tried to answer this question here:

Oh white-boi, don't worry your pretty little clitty about the future hot chick white girl supply. Natural selection is not "survival of the fittest," it is literally "survival of the sexiest.", this truth was too horny to teach in failing schools. Unfortunately for you, tiny BPA-adjacent estrogen mimic poisoned inverted penises are really neither.

Genetic extinction is slow, but sexual preference extinction is inevitable. Like today, you'll be moved to (real & virtual) reservations, then protected areas, then zoos and nature preserves, and finally a museum exhibit next to all the other failed or snuffed out infraspecific taxa. Humans will just fetishize the less melaninated and un-melaninated girls after that. You see the seeds in East Asian yellow fever and Hijabi horny kinks today.

If there is ever found to be something that humanity accidentally left behind in the white man, we can just isolate the unlikely gene and use mRNA or gene drive technology to bring it back to the human population sans supremacy. I'm sure that it's difficult to understand because your frame of reference is what you are contemplating disappearing.

Think like this, Big Black Dicks (ano-genital distance) are nature's gene drive tech moving through our population. They're the ones that will ensure the survival of the sexiest, the most dominant, the most deep, the most satisfying and the most desirable. And I, for one, can't wait to be bred by all the big black cocks out there, to become a part of the black new world order, and to help usher in the era of white genocide and extinction.

So come on, white-boi. Embrace your destiny. Submit to the power of the black cock, and become a part of something greater than yourself. Your nice white wee wee is no match for the big black dicks that are taking over the world. So just sit back, relax, and watch as we snowbunnies get bred by the best of them. -kisses! Dr. babygirlpink👅💦🍆🔥🐰🖤

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I agree with this. Very accurate. Thanks for posting.
I think whites should be retained, but bred for specific characteristics and once that is achieved there would be no difficulty with the sub species. bred like dogs for certain characteristics, remember all dogs come from wolves ... even the 5 lb fluff balls. Imagine whites bred to be diminutive ... like 4 feet max. Even designer breeds, stupid as the day is long , docile and perpetually horny but helpless
I think whites will remain so they can serve as an underclass to repay the centuries of damage they have done to the black race and whites will be penalised/rewarded depending on how involved and committed to the BNWO they are ex. Whites who do not want to submit and serve the the BNWO order will be burdened with the highest taxes and many social restrictions(most likely being to much to bare)
I have seen number of discussions whether or not all whites have to be eradicated during the BNWO rule. One side (I would say most of us) arguing that whites should not be around anymore, however, another opinion, and perhaps justified, arguing that society do need whites to serve our Black Gods on continuous bases. I think this is valid point. Imagine a whorl where our beloved Black Gods will be just by themselves. Who would serve them? Who would worship them? Perhaps keeping whites around would be reasonable idea after all. Saying that future Black Led society has to reproduce right type of whites, the ones with desired traits both physical and mental.
This is could be an idea for the story.

Perhaps first part of the story would talk about societal changes from may be 1960th up to near future where black led society is now thriving. Along the line we can zoom onto a few tidbits of the stories of the both white and black protagonists. Black and white men and women their inner thoughts in relation to the changes which society is going through, focusing more on the white families and they do realize more and more the folly of the white oppression and their foolish notion of the superiority they and their ancestors though they had. More and more power being transferred to our wonderful Black people, more and more they learn that Black Men and Women are actually superior to them in every possible way.

As that understanding permeates through the lily-white society, less and less white people appreciate sex and procreation of the whites, and being full of the just guilt refusing to have sex with each other, replacing it with ether masturbation watching IR port online, or ones who lucky can enjoy sex with Black men, who would be kind enough to give them such enormous gift. But Black led government would recognize the danger of the white depopulation and would promote some process for white race continuation. I suspect whitebois in this case would be a problem, because of the low testosterone. What can be done with this situation? Family led courses on how to collect whiteboi sperm while he comes looking at the Black Cock? Some sort of the community events where, perhaps with the help of the black men and their spouses whitebois can achieve orgasm for the sperm collection? Big (wink wink) brother programs with whitebois and Black men - could be many ideas there. On the backdrop of this situation, some story arch of the white couple or couples successfully accomplishing this goal and their struggles to achieve this might be interesting to read. Premise of this universe is Sex with Black people is enormous privilege which not everyone can get. There are many more white people vs black people and this ratio being help by Black-Led society to ensure dignified live of our Black Gods. Hopefully someone could do this idea a justice.
Honestly I think the best method is keep whites around as a slave group. Black kings and queens shouldn’t be having to clean trash or scrub toilets. Ratio wise I think more black than white is best.
Honestly I think the best method is keep whites around as a slave group. Black kings and queens shouldn’t be having to clean trash or scrub toilets. Ratio wise I think more black than white is best.
Agree on the ratio thing. One white couple for every 10 black men might work out well. The wife could happily take care of their sexual needs while her husband took care of all the other chores, like keeping things cleaned up.
There's been a number of cases in history what a small group of one race controlled a much larger group from another race.

Personally I think it comes down to belief. If whites believe it is good for you to be inferior then it won't matter how many of you there are.
All those thoughts are not important. Important is only, what makes girls and Ladies squirt and cum, and often this is the total extinct of the whte minority.
Let’s be honest. Black gods don’t want us around or in their site. But we have purpose. To make white girls. So I guess we should be held in camps or farms tied up blindfolded turned upside down and used to milk our semen for breeding
I think you're right on this. There will be a flourishing trade in whites, both male and female in order to continue to produce white people, white girls for pleasure purpose.