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Natalie Earns Her Money


Despite his size, Natalie had let him have her in the ass during his first bury the salami session tonight. This was something she only did for special customers, but this old boy was the largest man she had ever allowed to enter her in that manner.

Again, he wore no rubber, a risky venture for her, but she believed his story of only having been with her in recent years. Using a little K-Y for lubrication, it was a struggle, but Natalie managed to take him while pretending to enjoy it.

by EroticWriter and first published by EW on 06-18-2010

Natalie Earns Her Money

The Madam opened the brothel door to see a frail, elderly gentleman. "Can I help you?" the madam asked.

The old gentleman looked embarrassed as he removed his hat and said... "I hear that you have a gal working here named Natalie. I want to see Natalie."

The madam hesitated. This old guy could never survive a round with Natalie. She began... "Sir, Natalie is one of our most expensive ladies, perhaps someone else..."

"No, I must see Natalie." Just then Natalie appeared, and his eyes widened at the sight of her.

Stunning in appearance, Natalie was dressed in a tight fitting bright red dress that was low cut and revealed more than it covered. She was a full head taller than he was with a stunning full-breasted body and long black locks that reached almost to her beautifully rounded ass.

"You're Natalie," he asked, his jaw dropped almost to his chest?

She said that she was and announced to the old man that she charges $1,000 per visit.

Without blinking, the man reached into his pocket and with his hand trembling handed her ten $100 bills. The Madam immediately reached out and Natalie turned the money over to her. The madam would take her 40% cut and place the the rest into her safe where it would be kept for Natalie.

Round One

The two went up to a room and she told him to remove his clothes. "There's a hanger and closet for you to use right over there."

While disrobing he asked Natalie, how long of a session he would get for $1000. Natalie replied that normally it would be for an hour, but if they were in the middle of something when the hour was up, his time could be extended for a reasonable period.

He came down to his underwear and Natalie said, "Now wait while I take my things off."

As it would turn out, both would be surprised when they saw what awaited them. From experience gained over the past year, Natalie knew that men loved to sit back and watch her undress, so she had waited. When Natalie slowly removed her dress, his eyes bulged at the sight of her. His penis immediately began rising, the first time it had so readily done that in years. Natalie was lovely, absolutely stunning.

Her upright breasts were the size of small grapefruits, and were topped by pink nipples. Her waist was shaped like an hourglass, and her stomach was flat and hard. The pubic hair between her long and shapely legs was dark, just like her head. Interestedly enough, her pubic hair, rather than being shaved or tightly shorn, was long, longer than most women. But it was soft, very soft looking and it remained split to each side, and not hiding any of the slit in the center. A hint of pink could be seen.

Her eyes grew wide when his shorts came down. This old man was already up and ready. Impressive, but she had seen men before, younger men, who were hard like that as soon as the pants came off. After all, she was so lovely; almost all of them had that reaction upon seeing her nude. This man though, was bigger than just about all of them.

Because of his age, his uncircumsized penis pointed almost straight out to the front rather than up, but it appeared to be stiff enough to satisfy any woman. But, would it stay up like that or just go down and hang there like a lump? After all, he seemed so old. His balls even looked old, because they had loose skin all around and were hanging lower than younger men's balls do.

She giggled. "I can see that you won't need any preparation time. Want to get right to it?"

He nodded eagerly. "I'm in a hurry, but I don't want you to hurry me, O.K?"

She knew what he meant and smiled warmly. "You have a full hour if you last that long."

When he climbed over her she reached out to "help" him. Holding his warm thick penis with her fingers and thumb, she told him to wait while she aimed it for him. He did not seem impatient like the younger men so she was able to do one of her favorite things with men she liked.

After asking if he was in a hurry and receiving a 'No', she tugged that foreskin back and used his penis to caress her vagina, running his head all over and getting it wet, then running it up and down over her clitoris. Oh, she liked that so much and most men, if they were patient, enjoyed it as well. Her soft and long pubic hair actually added to the feeling, tickling erotically as the tip of his dick slid by.

But all things must come to an end. When she sensed he might be getting anxious, she guided it within herself while staring up into his face with those eyes, those gorgeous eyes.

The old man learned another reason why Natalie was so popular among the men who could afford her steep fees. Her youthful pussy, naturally tight, was trained by her to tighten even more around a penis no matter how slim. But there was no need for her to tighten herself for this man. Her natural snugness combined with his width, did all the work.

Natalie sighed passionately as he spread her wide. She was acting as usual, but not acting as much as she usually had to. When he had worked it all the way in, oh so deep, she wrapped herself around him, arms, legs, even pulling his head down next to hers to let him know that all was well.

Several minutes later she was smiling broadly as the man showed that he still had the old get up and go. It amazed her at one point. He seemed to have so much energy. Hell, when he took those long strokes, he even managed to get his dangly balls high enough that they would leave their position of resting on her ass and come up and then slam down against her ass.

He had gotten that big penis of his up and had a go at Natalie in three different positions, reaching orgasm in two of them. Then he calmly left. Before they had started, the old man had asked Natalie if they could pass on using a rubber. He had explained that since he had not been with a woman in several years, there was no way that he could have any disease.

Natalie had hesitated, and then agreed. For some reason she believed him. He seemed so shy, so delicate, that he was probably telling the truth. It had been a while since a penis that was not capped had penetrated Natalie, and she had to admit to herself that it did indeed, feel better without the rubber. It wasn't often that she reached orgasm with a customer, and this one had brought her there twice.

Having to sit on the commode afterwards and drain off juices was something Natalie rarely had to do, but it seemed worth it. After all, she had made an old man happy. Shit, the way he looked and sometimes trembled, he might not live that much longer. His heart must be strong though, considering how it managed to pump all that blood into his penis and keep it there.

Round Two

The next night he appeared again demanding to see Natalie. When she came downstairs a surprised Natalie explained that no one had ever come back two consistent nights in a row and that there were no discounts...it was still $1,000 a visit.

Again the old man took out the money and when he started to hand the ten $100 bills to Natalie the madam held out her hand. The old man preferred to give it to Natalie, so he did, and Natalie immediately turned it over to the madam. This time his hand no longer trembled during the exchange. The two went up to the room and this time he took Natalie in two different positions without coming.

Then he had Natalie give him her famous honey coated blowjob, during which she swallowed his entire stored up load. Not soon after he was again on her and pumping away. Again Natalie allowed this man to do something she only did for special clients.

When he placed his lips on hers, she responded, fully with an active tongue, and with no acting. Wanting another orgasm for herself, and liking this man, Natalie willingly extended his time. A little over an hour-and-a-half total, and another orgasm for both, he left.

This time, after Natalie had drained his loads and come down the stairs the other girls were all aflutter, giggling and asking how the old man managed to perform, him looking so old and frail and returning a second night? Also, a couple of the girls had taken notice, that Natalie had allowed him closer to two hours instead of one.

"He's a nice old man, a gentleman," she replied with a pretended wistful look. "So I allowed him to run over."

"And enjoyed it yourself, obviously," one gal commented.

"Yes, of course. I don't give it away for free, but he comes close."

Round Three

When he showed up the third consecutive night, several of the other girls came to see this customer they had been hearing about. They could not believe it, that he had returned a third night, but Natalie was not surprised. She had already had two sessions with this hot old man and he had told her that he might come back one more time.

Because of ebbs in the stock market, business at the brothel had been a little slow lately so she was looking forward to another hour with him. The money of course was nice, but he was nice too and treated her just like a lady.

Telling her this would be his last night with her because he had to return home, he again pulled out ten $100 bills. He seemed to prefer placing it into her hand so Natalie again took it and immediately turned it over to the Madam. With a 'thank you' from the madam and a small cheer from the other girls watching, up to the room they went.

This time he received her royal flush blowjob, followed by two sessions of bury the salami. During one of the fucks Natalie rode on top of him, and he let her go wild as she did her thing. She reached an orgasm of her own that was rather intense, to say the least.

He commented at one point that he wanted to do more kissing tonight because it would be their last night together and he wanted it to be more memorable. She had no problem with that because she enjoyed his kisses since he had almost become a lover.

At the end of the hour Natalie was lying under the old man with her legs up around his waist. Her smooth golden tanned body was glistening with sweat and his large penis was still stiff and deep within her as he buried the salami for a third time.

She casually checked her watch and the old man asked: "Is my time up?"

She giggled. "It's a quiet night and I've got nothing better to do, so keep doing what you're doing."

He was staying up on his knees at the moment while moving his ass slowly. He was thrusting deeply and enjoying the feel of her warm, snug pussy as he sucked on her lovely pink nipples.

Each stroke he took tugged tightly at her gorgeous inner lips. Natalie was famous not only for her knock out good looks, but also for how hot she performed in the bedroom, which of course was a demonstration of her acting ability.

Men never knew that in most cases she was just performing and not actually enjoying them. Surprisingly, Natalie had climaxed more than once with this old man on each consecutive night, and had never had to act out her enjoyment of him.

Natalie had serviced a few men, two or three, who were a little longer than him, but not by much. That increased length she preferred not to have to take. In thickness he was as big around as any she had ever had to deal with. Overall, when you combined his length with his width, he was probably the largest she had been with.

Despite his size, Natalie had let him have her in the ass during his first bury the salami session tonight. This was something she only did for special customers, but this old boy was the largest man she had ever allowed to enter her in that manner. After all, three nights in a row, maybe he deserved something special?

Again, he wore no rubber, a risky venture for her, but she believed his story of only having been with her in recent years. Using a little K-Y for lubrication, and laying on her stomach with a pillow under her hips, it was a struggle, but Natalie managed to take him while pretending to enjoy it. She prided herself on being able to handle all situations, and any requests that men might make. But her taking this penis, large at it was, into her ass was resulting in her really earning her money tonight, big time.

But even in this position, with his taking total possession and reaching under and cupping her breasts, he was the perfect gentleman, talking nicely to her and giving compliments on how nice her body is and how delicious she feels in the ass.

During the final minutes her feigned enjoyment became real, she was on the edge, and as he throbbed into her ass, she reached under herself and brought her pussy to a raging orgasm that matched his in intensity.

Natalie just laid there afterwards, barely able to breathe as the old man weakly climbed off of her and his softened penis slipped out of her asshole. She was too weak to move.

The old man saw Natalie in a condition normally never viewed because with other customers Natalie would immediately turn over so the man whom had fucked her ass would not see it in a stretched and opened condition.

Normally very small and pink in appearance, at the moment it was enlarged and because of her orgasm it was also a little red around the edges. In time, minutes, hours, her anus would return to normal, but for now, it looked well-fucked, or perhaps better described as fucked up as come started to trickle out and down over her vagina.

Usually very dignified in her manner and in control of the situation, for the first time Natalie seemed to be in a state of confusion. This had been her most intense ass fucking ever. Climaxing at the same time the man was coming in her ass was a first for her.

She just laid there, unable to move, with a pillow under her hips and her ass in the air. Her body shook as she laid flat upon her breasts and took deep breaths.

'If the old man is viewing me in this manner, so be it.'

Actually, he was. He was not only studying her upraised ass and opened anus with the dribbles starting to run down over her golden lips, but he was stroking his penis and wondering if perhaps, if he could get it up, he could return to that place he had just enjoyed so much.

Her ass, standing and lying, was one of the finest he had ever seen or grabbed, and with it upraised like that, he had a view that was not to be believed.

She panted, and he stroked and stared. Nothing was being said. Figuring that like the night before, she would not rush him out the door at the end of his hour, the old man was enjoying the view and relishing in the fact that he had left this woman flat on her stomach and unable to move.

He felt like one more orgasm should do it, but decided that it was going to be in her fine snatch, which he was now studying as his come began running down between her lips.

Natalie turned her head and her eyes widened at the sight of him once again stroking an erect penis as he took in her loveliness.

"One more time," she asked, softly?

"Yes. I'd love that, if you don't mind..."

"Give me a minute to recharge." She used that moment to reach out and give his hard cock a loving touch with her fingers.

Finally, when Natalie rose to go to the bathroom, she provided him with a delightful view as she moved one leg to the side in order to crawl off the pillow and her snatch opened up a little. The old man was right there to catch her when she staggered and almost fell, and she thanked him.

He replied with a smile; "No, I prefer to thank YOU!"

She felt his penis touch her on the leg, and could not believe it when she looked down and saw that he was almost fully erect.

For the first time, the normally dignified Natalie spent several minutes draining herself accompanied by embarrassing noises because this old man was the only one she had ever permitted to actually shoot into her anus. The few others, only four and much smaller, had worn rubbers.

With them, she had raised her fee. With this nice old man, whom she kind of felt sorry for and wanted to make his 'last days' more comfortable, she incorporated his ass fuck into her standard $1,000 fee.

Despite almost three years of working as a high class hooker, Natalie's face actually turned red with embarrassment when the old man entered the bathroom and bent over to kiss her as she was sitting on the commode.

At the exact moment their lips touched, there was a huge "Pffffffft" sound from below as more come and air that the old man had pumped into her shot out of her ass. Then, as another batch trickled out and the sound of it hitting the bowl below could be heard, she giggled nervously and with a shaking voice tried to apologize:

"I'm sorry..." she began.

"No problem," he replied, laughing. "That sound we hear is the sound of how happy you have made me."

"Thank you," she replied. "And I won't count this time I am using to clean up against your hour of time."

"And I thank you," he said grinning as he turned to go back into the bedroom, leaving her sitting on the toilet. He had also washed his cock while she had been sitting there.

A few minutes later, Natalie joined him on the bed and appeared to have regained some of her dignity.

Once again, Natalie was in control as she rolled onto her side and took his soft penis tenderly into her mouth. They had already passed the one hour point, but neither of them seemed concerned, most of all, Natalie. He had gone beyond the customer stage now, almost achieving the status of an old friend or maybe a lover.

Down in the parlor, the girls who did not currently have a client were joking about Natalie and the old man with the huge cock that wouldn't go down. They were giggling and watching the stairs to see how much extended and free time Natalie would allow the old man this third night.

The Madam was not concerned. The old boy had brought in some unexpected money over three normally slow nights and she was not about to go upstairs and call "Time!"

Besides, Natalie was such a treasured girl for her, that she pretty much allowed Natalie to control the time she gave each customer. Customers at one thousand a pop were not in great abundance during this depression.

The hour was dragging out closer to two, and normally Natalie would have called an end to his time, but she was feeling lazy and enjoying his moves. She caressed his hair and back as he kept pumping away and was content to let this short old guy suckle on and rest his head between her lovely breasts. This was another of those going with the flow moments they were enjoying, where he was fucking slow and gentle and she was feeling close to him almost mentally as well as physically.

She had spent more time with this man, and he had been inside her longer than anyone else. All this combined with kissing and conversation, had made her feel very close to him.

"Well old man, you sure surprised me. Not only can you get that barber's pole of yours up, you can keep it up about as well as any customer I've ever had. But actually in one way you've outdone them all. No one has ever used my services three nights in a row. Tell me, where are you from?"


He knew that his time was almost done. He got up onto his knees and started pumping harder, and Natalie giggled and sighed as his hanging balls began slapping against her ass. Natalie felt his penis increase in size as he neared another orgasm.

Breathing harder now, he placed his lips on hers, kissed her, then groaned and filled her with juice one last time.

Natalie moaned as she felt him throbbing and almost reached another orgasm of her own, but she was too tired. She held onto his ass until his body had quit shaking and he had relaxed.

"That was nice," she said as she held him by the ass. It was something she universally said to her customers at the end of their session, but this time she meant it.

Then, as the old man climbed off of her she again did something she never did for other customers. She used her fingers and mouth to "clean him up," squeezing and draining what come remained in his shaft down her throat.

It was then that he replied to her question as to where he was from. "I'm from Philadelphia."

"Really?" replied Natalie, as she stared at his dwindling cock, still looking so lovely. She leaned down and kissed it one last time. "I have relatives who live there."

"Yes, I know," said the old man as he climbed off the bed and prepared to dress. "Your father died, and I'm your sister's attorney. She asked me to give that $3,000 to you."

(Some things in life are certain: death, taxes, and being screwed by an attorney.)