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I would really love to see Muslim men aggressively pursuing white Christian wives

I couldn’t really find anything online but I would love for top search results to look something like this:

“Help! Muslim man is flirting with my christian wife!”

“Muslim man trying to seduce my wife!”

“Why do muslims love married christians so much???”

“My muslim friend keeps staring at my gf, should I be worried?”

“[M4M] 23, Brown muslim looking for white christian friends”

“New muslim neighbor’s son acting strange around my wife?”

Married white men do not face enough competition and they should not feel comfortable just because they’re “married”. Muslim men aggressively pursuing married white wives should be the norm. I would love to see this become such a big problem that there are thousands of posts online from white men asking for guidance on the issue. Any ideas on how to make this happen?
Most Muslim men in the UK go for 10-12 year old white children. Not married women.
Really? Have you personally seen this happening?
Yes. Young single white vulnerable mothers are easy targets. You go to any city in the North and its happening. We've seen it happening in our local shop and no we didn't stop it or report it we just let nature take its course
Alcohol and use of the back room of the shop for a safe place to drink, then add drugs in to the mix. Once they are hooked they need to pay the debt off for what they've had
Literally happens to 1000s of under age white girls. Wherever there's a large Muslim population. Nothing done for fear of being branded racist. They always blame the child.