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Europe: Where are the (black) single mums in need of a white hubby-slave?

You are a proud black (or brown) single mum with one or more black kids/babies and sexually black only? Your dream would be a mature and well-off submissive white male who is ready to marry you and support your family without making sexual demands?
He is a shy but still handsome tall German (189cm), never married, no children (but child-loving), sexually impotent (tiny penis not able to penetrate!) very woke, anti-racist and pro-black (ready to relocate into a black neighborhood), not bisexual but very ready to accept superiority of a BBC in everyday life!
(Although he would prefer a black wife he could also imagine to have a relationship/marriage with a white woman who has already or want to have mixed babies! Together with a caring and supportive submissive never-inside cuck-hubby!)
More info on demand!