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Encouraging white men to have sex with each other

Should white men be encouraged to have sex with each other?

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Great point! I think this goes without saying that a whiteboi will always be at the will and whim of ANY black god or goddess.

As our women’s bulls start bringing their black women into the mix for their white women to serve, that’ll be a prime opportunity for the cucks to submit to both gods and goddesses.

It’s unclear to me what that looks like exactly. Do goddesses want us bois to lick their pussies and asses, or are we more desired to be dominated, humiliated, and pegged?

What I mean is, there is always the part of the equation where a Whiteboi’s body provides SEXUAL SATISFACTION to kings and queens, but there has to an equal or greater part that speaks to the intoxicating feelings black men and black women experience when they are psychologically dominating a white man.

For a King hearing the audible squeals from a whiteboi when their white ass is being pounded by an enormous cock, or when the gurgling noises are pushed out of their mouths as thick cocks are smashing against the back of their throats must be so validating and erotic.

For a Queen hearing a boi’s groans and whimpers when a dildo attached at a queen’s hips are aggressively piercing through the butt cheeks of a boi, must send an equally validating intense emotion through a queen.

And when a whiteboi and white girl are surrounded by a group of blacks knowing their white holes are about to be aggressively violated for hours, our superiors must really be basking in that power, as the whites understand that their purpose is simply for entertainment. There is no love or companionship there. There is simply predator and prey! And the prey better accept this reality, because otherwise it’s a survival of the fittest, and we all know the outcome of that!!

I mean, think of the historical significance of a white man in a submissive and vulnerable position, kneeling naked, writs cuffed with straps, their un-errect penises dangling between their legs, perhaps a collar and leash around their necks, and completely trapped and isolated in the homes of our superiors.

Knowing not only that the black race will determine a white’s destiny, but having all that power in a single individual who gets to physically overpower, and not only take pleasure but to inflict punishment must be an intense and erotic experience.

So between the physical and psychological, black kings and queens must fucking LOVE taking all the dignity, respect, and power away from what the world sees as a powerful white man, but they see as a meek and weak whiteboi. A lesser form of humanbeing. A lesser form of everything.

I think when an adult black king or queen takes all of the above from a whiteboi, that’s a form of justice. But when a teenaged black king and queen are taking that from adult whitebois and white women, that’s an entirely different thing. Then that becomes an experience of ENTITLEMENT and purpose!!

Once the younger generation of black boys and black girls begin having those experiences, then I think that’s when whites might really begin to feel THE END is near.

Blacks are typically stronger, bigger, and can easily OVERPOWER whites. If this was the animal kingdom, whites would be the obvious food choice for blacks.

In a way, I suspect this is known in all humans, hence why history unfolded as it did. Whites are so fearful of blacks, that they enslaved them. But now in a politically correct world, whites are systematically undermining their own safety and survival.

If life continues to unfold as it is, a new world order is all but guaranteed. And this community of white, black, brown and all other shades are jerking off to the fantasies of what that will look like.

But when the MOVEMENT becomes a reality, it won’t be erotic or enjoyable. It will be an ethnic cleansing or a ******** that will forever alter the HUMAN EXPERIENCE. And depending on one’s perspective, that human experience will be a good fortune or an Armageddon.
Well put and better said than I could have written. I agree with all of it.
You don't have to convince me, I love the idea! But I'd prefer black men. Any thoughts on how to convince your wife that it is OK for you to get fucked by black men? In my experience most heterosexual women are a bit turned off by bi/gay men.