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Cuckold Clean-up--The Taste of Success

Jul 18, 2023
Been a Hotwife to me means me and my husband have to enjoy , and get as much out of the experience as possible.
I never asked him to clean me after , but soon found he would ask if he could lick me after , nearly always after my
bull have left . And his gentle tougue is what my tender cunt needs after a blk fucking ,and his reward is after i,m clean
i unlock his cage and remove his panties and wank him off while asking him if he enjoyed the evening .

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It is immediately clear that your husband loves you
Sep 19, 2023
First time I cleaned was after he BBC left she got in 69 with me and pushed her pussy to my face . I started just licking her clit and she said inside my hole please . Too big globs spurted out then the rest just dripped . She loves it and wants me to do it each time
Sep 18, 2023
Cleaning our White pussies after being black gang fucked is a must. We love the soothing tounge more than the creampie being cleaned. It's extremely hot for me watching a white guy eating the cum that my black god bulls left in my pussy. Total humiliation and pleasure at the same time. I taunt my cleaners how his white women are choosing to bed Black bulls and drink from black pipes.
Feb 4, 2023
The second my wife walks through the door after her date, I ask if she have anything for me, then she would just sit on my face. I just love it. Before she leaves for a date, I tells her to bring home a doggy bag, that is her cunt full of bull cream. If we are all playing together then I get it fresh, from the bull's cock and her pussy. The taste of her juices and his makes me so hard.
Mar 19, 2022
For me it happened by accident at a swinger club. We were swapped with another couple. I was licking his wife while he was fucking mine. We were new to this. So it was the most turned on I have ever been. Having just watched as his big thick cock penetrates my wife’s pussy. I felt a bit small so decided to do what I do well. I kissed his wife slowly moved down her nipples to her pussy. After licking her for some time with fingers inside and my other hand squeezing a nipple, she came. All along I was amazed at how sloppy wet she was. As she came her husband leaned closer to watch me licking her. It was only later when thinking about all that I realized I had just eaten my first creampie. I remembered how wet she was and really slippery. And a very distinct scent and taste. Not unpleasant. I think it was like an aphrodisiac as I breathed in her scent and kept licking up her “juices “. Yeah her husband had likely just cum in her beforehand. And I guess he enjoyed watching me
licking up his cum out of his wife. Especially when she had an orgasm and a lot more poured out. I thought it was her ejaculate. Regardless, it was hot and I still get very turned on thinking about it. Would have been even better to lick it from my wife. But we were condomizing. Not good swinger etiquette from their side though. Only learned later.
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