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. Your Wife Was Easy Peasy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Marco Lease, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. Marco Lease

    Marco Lease Member Author!

    There’s a time when a black man should lay it on the line or in fishing terms snag-that-fish. Truth is, your respectable wife was on the dance floor grinding her ass into my cock, yo.

    “I want you Ashley, give me your digits,” I whispered in your wife's ear.

    That's right, I didn’t ask. I told the bitch what to do. I'm direct and to the point. This is when I take control because it’s the male’s job to take control. It’s pure primal nature. I don’t care what she does at this point. I did my job and put it out there and now the ball is in her court. It’s called having balls.

    “I, I’m married,” Ashley replied with her manicured eyebrows pointed inward. At least your wife made an attempt to be faithful.

    “I know, I’m not trying to break up your marriage girl. I just want you if for only one night.” Our lips were close and I warmly gazed into her eyes.

    “No, I, I...Uh, Uhm, can’t,” Ashley pushed away and walked back to the table.

    I knew she had to fight her inner slut and be a "good wife". Was your wife going to give me a challenge?

    I followed Ashley to her table and quickly asked her two friends to dance with me.

    As we danced, Ashley sat alone at the table contemplating my proposal. I knew she could feel her body betraying her mind. Her nipples becoming hard and sensitive, her pussy becoming hotter and hotter for cock. She was probably confused whether to go home and have you, her husband fuck her or satisfy her true yearning.

    As I danced with her friends, I came in close and could feel their heat. The red haired bitch was hot as hell and I could see her gazing at the bulge bouncing in my pants. The brunette was rather chubby and not so hot; therefore, I made sure to give her plenty of attention.

    I knew your wife was watching as she sipped on her Cosmo or whatever white bitches drink at the club.

    Your wife's eyes burned a hole through me. She didn’t say a word as she flung her hair back with her hand and sashayed her marvelous ass toward me.

    She again joined the fun on the dance floor. Her eyes locking on me. Slowly she moved toward me, closer and closer until she was next to me.

    With a smirk, your wife slipped a napkin into my hand. I nonchalantly put the napkin in my pocket and continued to enjoy myself. I knew the napkin had her digits. Your wife was easy-peasy, homeslice.

    I pulled your wife into me and she wiggled her firm round ass into me. Her skin tight short skirt made it easy for me to feel her every curve.

    My cock was jammed into her ass and becoming harder. I caressed her shoulders with my hands and kissed the side of her neck.

    Her two friends stopped dancing and with stunned expressions watched me and your wife get nasty. Their eyes were popping out of their sockets when they witnessed my hand reach around and up her skirt. Her thong was poor protection from my fingers pressing into her wet pussy. I could smell her sex, your wife was hot as hell.

    Her two friends knew she was going to cheat on you. They were jealous and I could sense their disappointment that they would not be bouncing on my big black cock tonight.

    Pulling away from me she yelled to her friends that she'd find her way home, grabbed my arm and walked me as fast as she could with her stiletto heels to the door.

    I then had your wife at my crib, yo.

    I gave her nice ass a swat with my hand then I yanked her bra down and licked her breasts. I licked and sucked them like a wild beast yet not so hard it hurt her. My hand cupped her hot pussy and rubbed into her clit.

    “You like it rough do you?” she commented as she unfastened her bra and dropped it to the floor. Goosebumps covered her breasts and arms and her nipples were erect and sensitive.

    I surmised sex with you, her husband had become boring, mild, and tame. Yo, Ashley yearns for something a bit rough and she wants her pussy to be completely satisfied. This is not about love and tenderness. Yo, this is about animal lustful fucking.

    I hastily took of my shirt and pants revealing my ripped body.

    “Pull by briefs down if you want it,” I told your lust-crazed wife.

    Ashley reached down to massage my cock.

    “On your knees, Ashley,” I said.

    Your wife was very obedient. She got on her knees in front of me and pulled down my briefs causing my big hard cock jump out at her face.

    “Oh, wow, you’re big,” she said. "You put my husband to shame."

    “You know what to do with it,” my fingers grabbed her hair and pushed her face to my cock.

    She started sucking my cock like a whore on cocaine. I’m saying she got nasty, dawg. She sucked my sagging balls into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue up and down my shaft then took so much cock down her throat she gagged. Your wife's inner slut was being released. I hope she does this for you, you lucky dog.

    When I pulled her up, my swollen cock escaped from her mouth with a plop. I walked her to the bed and pushed her down. Grabbing her ankles I pulled her to the edge. I yanked her tiny thong down her legs and tossed them aside. She opened her legs and I buried my face in her pussy. My hands caressed her soft inner thighs and held her legs open as I faced the girl out like no tomorrow. I appreciated how your wife keeps her pussy clean. Her pussy hair was carefully trimmed and I actually smelled perfume down there. You see, your wife got her pussy all prepared for my thug ass.

    My upper lip and chin was covered with her juice. She was flooding my face with her orgasms. Ashley was so aroused I got three of my fingers knuckles deep in her cunt while I licked her clit. I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't the first big black cock your wife has fucked, yo.

    After she orgasmed several times I laid down on the bed on my back. Grabbing my cock at the base, I pointed it straight up like a monument. “Get up on this cock,” I commanded.

    I like to start out with bitches on top of me. I can suck tits and grab ass while the bitch rides my cock.

    Your wife straddled her legs over my hips, eased the big purple head of my cock into her honey hole and started riding me. “Oh yeah, I love your big cock,” She grunted. “Oh it feels so fucking good,” she whined.

    “Get it all baby,” I gave your wife permission to get crazy on it.

    She pushed down and slowly accepted every thick inch of my cock.

    After a few minutes of this position, I was getting bored.

    “Doggie style,” I said.

    She propped her ass up in the air and offered her pussy to me. I hope your wife is this nice to you, dog.

    I gave her fleshy ass a few firm slaps. “You’re a nasty girl,” I growled.

    “Oh, spank my ass, I’m such a naughty girl,” she moaned.

    “You like this?” I asked not believing a white suburban wife could be such a whore.

    “Yes, make me your little slut,” she answered.

    I bet she doesn’t say that shit to her husband.

    “Get it,” I said. I stopped moving my pelvis and watched her lurch forward and backward taking my cock in and out.

    “Oh, I want every inch, you’re making me come all over your big dick,” she cried.

    “Kiss me, baby,” I said. My cock escaped from her hole with a wet plop. We got into the missionary position as I pinned her arms above her head.

    Her mouth devoured my lips and our tongues danced and squirmed inside our mouths.

    She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and guided it into her wet love tunnel. “Oh fuck me hard, I’m going to come,” she screamed and creamed.

    I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe while I pumped her pussy. I made sure to give her a great fuck so she climaxed several times. I felt it had probably been awhile since your wife had earth quaking orgasms.

    I pulled up on my hands and noticed a large round wet spot on the sheets. Proof, I was just what she needed.

    “I'M SQUIRTING!” Your wife was getting out of control.

    I finally came deep into your wife's pussy so I hope she's on the pill. Anyway I didn't stop until your wife's pussy was utterly devastated.
    I took a look at her pussy and it was swollen and gaped open like a canyon. Heads up, your wife may feel a bit loose the next time you fuck her.

    Your wife got in the shower to clean up. She told me she had to be home by one o’clock. Apparently, that's when you expect your wife home from a girls night out.

    She grabbed her cell phone and sent you a text that she was on her way home. She then made arrangements for a Uber driver to take her home to your sorry ass.

    Tonight your sweet suburban housewife became my slut. Sad thing is that it was EASY-PEASY.

    The End.

    Marco Lease has many hot erotic stories on Kindle.

    For my author page on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/author/marcolease
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