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. Your Wife AND Your Daughter?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Your Wife AND Your Daughter?

    Alternate Title. Devilish Affair With the Feinstein's.

    A sequel to the story titled Victor Verifies His Son's Fiance To Be A Virgin.

    Rebecca Feinstein.JPG

    by Eroticwriter

    “Mr Feinstein, I can see that bulge so obvious in your underwear. I know you are turned on, your wife and your daughter can also plainly see that you are aroused. Why don't you give them a hand by helping out with your mouth on my cock?"

    Hyman's face turned red. Suck his cock? What Mr Cameron had dared to suggest, he had been thinking, but to do so in front of both his wife and daughter?

    Then Rebecca encouraged him. “Oh, do it Daddy. It's really neat sucking his cock!”

    Your Wife AND Your Daughter?

    Hyman Feinstein badly needed this arrangement. His financial future hung in the balance, and he was willing to do anything to seal the deal.

    That included giving his faithful and reluctant wife and his shy and recently married daughter to Victor Cameron to use for his pleasure.

    “Mr Feinstein,” Victor said, continuing to use formal names since this fucking is to be part of the business deal, “would you care to entertain yourself in some way, or come into your bedroom with the three of us and watch the action?”

    Inside, Victor was elated. His first step, getting to fuck the two female family members will be accomplished. Now he was working on step two.

    Esther Feinstein's mouth dropped open. 'He's going to be fucking us and now Mr Cameron is inviting my husband to come into our bedroom? Surely Hyman will say No out of respect for me and our daughter.

    Hyman Feinstein's voice trembled with excitement. He had only hesitated for perhaps three seconds. “You don't mind Mr Cameron? I think, yes, I know I would like to watch.”'

    Victor smiled. Second step accomplished. Daddy will be present in the bedroom as his wife is being fucked, and better still, in the bedroom with his naked daughter. That could lead to many things.

    “Hyman? Bad enough that it's me, but you also want to see our daughter doing this? You know how she is, so shy, and you want to see her naked and all?” Esther Feinstein's mouth was open in surprise as she addressed her embarrassed husband.

    Note readers: If I was inclined to make my stories into Chapters, this would be Chapter two to my story called Victor Verifies His Son's Fiance To Be A Virgin.

    If you have not read that story, it would be better if you clicked on Search and read that one first, but it is not a necessity. This story can stand alone, and tells of something Victor Cameron did while his son's wife Sharon was pregnant in the final months and he did not have access to her lush body.

    To fill you in briefly on the Verify story, to protect his family name, Victor needed to ensure that his son is marrying a girl of fine moral standards. In other words, she has not been fucking all the boys in college and maybe ending up in some video to be put online.

    Victor had, along with Sharon's mother Cynthia, verified Sharon's virginity while they laid side-by-side on a bed between Sharon's legs. Then of course, right then and there after going down on Sharon and giving her a first orgasm, Victor ended up fucking Sharon's mother and saving Sharon's maidenhead for his son to break.

    His son was a chip off the old block and has an almost eight inch cock, but Victor goes one better at almost nine and slightly thicker. Later after Sharon's honeymoon with his son, Victor as previously agreed in front of her mother, sampled her body, and continues to do so on a regular basis.

    Cynthia, Sharon's married mother lives out of town and is only available to Victor when she comes to visit. Therefore, when Sharon became pregnant, Victor needed to look elsewhere for a time for the pussy he craves on a regular basis. This is the story of how Victor's appetite was somewhat satisfied.

    Cast of characters for the Feinstein happening

    Victor Cameron, a very well to do owner of a trucking company, amongst others.

    Hyman Feinstein, Entrepreneur, husband of Esther, and the father of Rebecca.

    Mrs Esther Feinstein, the faithful and reluctantly willing to help wife and mother

    Rebecca, their shy, fresh out of college and recently and happily married daughter.

    A locally successful man in his mid-forties named Feinstein was trying to arrange for the products from his start-up business to be distributed nationwide, but after spending over a hundred thousand on start up, he was lacking enough investment capital to get his product to the public.

    After a careful study, Mr Feinstein's best option appeared to be the Cameron Distribution Company, which by happenstance, the Headquarters happened to be located in the same city.

    Amongst his many businesses, Victor Cameron's distribution company at the moment was working to capacity.

    In order for Victor to take on the distribution of this new company, he would have to invest in several more trucks, and the men to operate them. Victor could easily do this, but first he had his lawyers do a full inventory and appraisal of Mr Feinstein's company.

    The report came back. No problem. The Feinstein company would be solvent, the products salable, and the Cameron Company could gain substantially by this deal.

    Still, Victor was in the habit of always having the upper hand. The businesses he associated with needed him more than he needed them. Always. In early discussions, he let Mr Feinstein know just that, that he would be 'taking a chance' in giving him this break. The only thing that had to be done, lay out some money.

    Victor Cameron knew that Feinstein had to get a distribution deal, and soon, or go under. Victor as usual, had the upper hand.

    Mr. Feinstein, hoping to establish some rapport and hopefully a bond with Mr Cameron, invited Victor Cameron to dinner with his family. The dinner was to be at his home, but he was confident since Mrs. Feinstein knows how to prepare and host an impressive meal.

    Hyman Feinstein's wife Esther just happened to be very lovely, and Rebecca, aged 22, an equally attractive and recently married daughter who has come over to visit with her parents while her husband is out of town on a job will join them at dinner.

    That job at the moment for Rebecca's husband is doing research for the expansion of Feinstein products into two new states. That son-in-law of the Feinstein's was also vested in the success of this company, hence the success of this dinner was vital to Rebecca maiden name Feinstein as well.

    Victor Cameron was to receive a very warm welcome from the two women, and he would turn that welcome to his advantage. .

    “Mr Cameron, this is my wife Esther, and over for a visit is our recently married daughter, Rebecca.” Smiling broadly, Mr Feinstein waved his hand toward both his wife and his daughter who were already seated at the dinner table.

    'Oh fuck yes,' thought Victor. 'I was going to make Mr Feinstein seal this deal with his wife, but his daughter showed up. A double bonus. She, like Hyman's wife, will not be able to say No,''

    Victor Cameron, always on top of things, knew about the daughter and her husband's planned involvement in the company. He knew going in, that this meeting was not only vital to Hyman Feinstein and his wife, but to their daughter and her husband as well.

    Victor, keeping his cards close, did not reveal what he knew about the daughter and her husband. That information, their need, could be useful. Victor had just been introduced, and in a way that instantly brought back a memory. A memory of a movie that had held his interest.

    “Your wife, AND your daughter?” Victor said, eyeballing both women as he was introduced. He was remembering and repeating a line from a movie, about and made in the year 1999 and called End of Days.

    End Of Days starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a policeman and told of how the devil, having come up from Hell for the purpose of fathering a child on New Years Eve is to be led to the woman to be fucked and impregnated.

    The young woman, having been selected from birth and now just graduated from high school, is being watched by the Devil's followers and they have even managed to keep her a virgin.

    The young woman does not know it, but when New Years Eve comes she will be delivered to and probably unwillingly, be fucked by the Devil.

    The resulting baby will become known as the Anti-Christ.

    In the meantime, the Devil has a few hours to kill before midnight.

    The Devil, who has taken over the body of a random human man (played by Australian actor Gabriel Byrne) and has been killing people left and right, has knocked on the door of a Devil worshiper, the Head Priest in the meantime who has been awaiting the Devil's appearance for years, though not necessarily at his home.

    The Devil knocks, the door is opened and the man, husband and father looks into the face of the Devil in human form and joyfully, in awe after waiting all these years, says in recognition, “It's you.”

    He invites the Devil in and as the Devil in human form enters the apartment, the man brings him into the dining room and says, “This is my wife, and my daughter.”

    The Devil stares at the two women seated at their dinner table and says to the husband and father, “Your wife, AND your daughter?” The mother is classy looking and maybe early 40s in age. The daughter is extremely attractive and looks like royalty she is that fine.

    The Devil gives that look to the two women, and they smile back. Of course the Devil will have his way.

    It is not explained in the movie as to whether the wife and daughter know this person looking at them is the Devil. Probably not since the Devil had come unexpectedly to the man's door. Maybe their husband and father had told them in advance, maybe not. But what comes next is a big CUMS NEXT.

    We don't see what the Head Priest husband is doing, probably sitting outside, listening and crying as his wife and daughter are being fucked in the bedroom. Not just fucked, this is something beyond. As the camera slowly pans toward the bed, there is a strange drum beat kind of music, and the darkened bedroom seems to be lit in a red glowing atmosphere, like a fireplace, but we know the light is maybe coming from the Devil himself.

    The two naked women on the bed are beautiful, and as the camera comes in and moves around the bed, up close and passing over the naked upper image of the daughter, the scene shows the Devil still in his assumed human form lying heavily on and slow fucking the groaning mother while the naked daughter lays on her back beside them, her very prominent pink nipples fully erect.

    If the movie director picked this incredibly beautiful young woman to play the daughter and wanted hard nipples, he got his money's worth.

    We must assume that the human body the Devil has commandeered (Gabriel Byrne) is either equipped with a big cock, or the Devil has modified it to a size designed to please two women who are receiving the fucking of their lives.

    As the Devil is on her mother, the beautiful blonde daughter is on her back beside them, her eyes closed, she is breathing heavily, and his body is actually joined with hers. The skin of their legs, his right and the daughter's right, are molded together and their arteries are flowing and you can see the moving arteries looking like they are exchanging blood back and forth.

    It is obvious that even though the Devil is currently deeply fucking the mother, that the daughter is also being fucked, simultaneously and possibly orgasmic, by the contact between them. At that point the viewer must assume that the daughter, at least, knows she is being fucked by someone not of this world.

    The faces on both the mother and daughter clearly show how aroused they are, and the mother looks like she is in a constant state of orgasm, and then the Devil guides their heads together and the mother and daughter begin to kiss.

    The viewer of the movie knows, without a doubt that no mortal man can top the pleasure the two women are feeling.

    It had been a very hot scene, extremely arousing actually, and now Victor was remembering that scene from the movie and planned to make it happen for him in real life.

    Victor was impressed with the two Feinstein women, their impressive face and body features. Victor was a clever businessman. The research had been conducted, and no doubt this man could make Victor some money on his investment.

    But Victor, practicing The Art of The Deal and now thinking The Art of The Devil, was acting reluctant at the dinner table in order to better increase his bargaining power. Victor was always willing to invest money in something promising, and this man's wife and daughter just happened to look very promising.

    During the meal Victor had begun his negotiating, and after about 60 minutes and some drinks in the living room after, an agreement had been reached. Mr Feinstein will have a distribution outlet for his goods. Victor had even sweetened the deal Mr Feinstein was hoping to get.

    Agreeing to add trucks and space for Mr Feinstein's goods had required the Feinstein wife to be given over for a substantial portion of the remainder of the evening.

    Then, requiring Mr Feinstein to also give over his daughter, Victor had offered more.

    Not only will Victor provide the trucking services nationwide, he has some excess storage capacity in places that will save Mr Feinstein on having to invest in warehouse construction.

    Again, Victor Cameron, in making a deal, was gaining big time. He was not only saving construction money for the Feinstein company by providing space for Mr Feinstein's products at various locations, but Victor Cameron would be receiving rental fees on facilities previously unoccupied.

    A win-win situation. Hyman Feinstein and family would become rich, and Victor Cameron would become richer still.

    Hyman Feinstein badly needed this deal. His financial future hung in the balance, and he was willing to do anything to seal the deal.

    That included giving his faithful wife and his recently married daughter to another man to use for his pleasure. His wife had been immediately attracted to Victor Cameron when she had been introduced. Attracted yes, but not to the point where she might have considered cheating on her husband.

    Then had come the request, the command actually from Mr Cameron. She must fuck him tonight. Though inside Esther Feinstein was torn over having to cheat on her husband, she was thinking, 'how can it be cheating if my husband is asking me to do this?'

    Having never performed an actual sex act with anyone other than her husband, Esther of course had this curiosity, and now, her husband, it seems, is giving her the official go ahead to fuck another man.

    But Victor wanted more. To sweeten the deal, Victor wanted the daughter as well. All the time, memories of that movie were on his mind. “Mr Feinstein, your daughter stands much to gain from this. She and her husband, I know, will be very much a part of your family business, so she too needs to participate in this final negotiation.”

    Victor could see the pain in Hyman Feinstein's face at what he was requesting, actually, demanding in reality. Victor had been watching, all through the meal, how Rebecca's father doted on her in what looked to Victor to be more than just a father watches over his daughter relationship.

    Victor could see it, being a man. Daddy secretly, has the hots for his married daughter. He pushed it. “Mr Feinstein, we will need for your daughter to come into the bedroom with her mother.”

    “Mr Cameron, answered Hyman Feinstein, his voice quivering, “I can no longer speak for our daughter since she is married and out of our home. That decision is hers alone to make.”

    Hyman turned to his wife, possibly hoping she might voice her objections, and was surprised when Esther said softly, I don't have any objections.”

    It took Rebecca no more than 30 seconds to reach her 'decision, though her face was red as she was speaking. “I'll do it daddy, for you and the company, and of course for me and my husband's interest in the business.”

    Rebecca, very recently given away by her father to her chosen man, had been a virgin for her husband, but that virginity had been given to him months before. Now, just three months into her marriage, she too, though not being given 'permission' since that was not the case, was going to be able to experience another man under the guise, actual, of helping to build the company business.

    She had incentives to do this. Rebecca not only would be helping herself and her husband, since their livelihood counted on it, but helping her father and mother as well. Her father and mother would always know what she had done, fucked this man, and she would gain in two ways. They would know she had done this 'chore' for them, and they would know that her secret must remain just that, a secret from her husband.

    There was another incentive as well. Rebecca was young, barely out of college and not all that much attracted to or interested in this 'older man,' but she could see her mother's eyes, and knew that her mother might be.

    Rebecca had always gone along with her mother's wishes. So she too, would try this, and maybe, just maybe get some pleasure from it.

    Rebecca's sex life, so far, had been a disappointment. Her husband, so typical, usually was a premature ejaculator with her. When she began to get exited and noisy as he pumped away, he would cum. Also, though it did not bother her all that much since she had never known another man, her husband was on the lower side of average.

    Still, the orgasms were there for Rebecca. Not always, but usually. Her clitoris was located close to the entrance, and if rubbed by a pubic mound, she could get off without the aid of penile thrusting.

    Then came the shock for both mother and daughter. They had thought that what will be happening will be in private, away from Hyman Feinstein.

    “Mr Feinstein,” Victor said as he rose from the dinner table and continuing to use formal names since this fucking is to be part of the business deal, “would you care to entertain yourself in some way, or come into your bedroom with the three of us and watch the negotiations?”

    Victor wanted this, for Hyman Feinstein to be involved, supposedly to just be watching., He had seen the deeply buried desire daddy has for his daughter, and he had seen in Hyman's eyes the pain over knowing his daughter will have to fuck another man.

    Victor was sure of it. Hyman is much more concerned over his daughter having to put out than his wife.

    Esther Feinstein was in a state of shock. Victor Cameron is inviting her husband, the father of their child, to watch.

    Esther was inwardly concerned. She did not want her husband to see their daughter naked and participating of course, but also, she was disappointed. If her husband is present, she might not be able to let go and enjoy this as much as she has hoped. As soon as Mr Cameron had first tossed his demand onto the table, her pussy had started to tingle.

    'He is a sexy man, desirable she determined. Overly confident with a right to be, so supremely smug, and Esther figured, probably has a bigger ego than he has cock.'

    'My Daddy watching?' Rebecca too was concerned over her father being present. Rebecca would not only be cheating on her husband since he is not here and giving her 'permission,' but being shy, she must now not only disrobe and allow herself to be manhandled by this older man, but also allow her daddy to see.

    It will be harder to get naked with Daddy present.

    Victor was understanding and willing to allow the husband/father to sit on the edge of the bed and masturbate his probably average-sized and circumcised cock as he watches Victor introduce his wife and daughter to the thrills of both voyeurism and exhibitionism while in the process of learning to enjoy a big uncircumcised cock.

    As a matter of fact, Victor, having done this before with a wife while the husband watched, five couples over the years, wanted Hyman Feinstein to actually be in on the action. In the past, Victor had watched as the cuckolded husbands got on their wives after the wives having had Victor and shot a built up load into their wife's stretched cunt.

    In all cases, the husbands, somewhere along the line, had found ways to feel Victor's cock, to not only feel, but in two cases, to suck it.

    Those five times Victor had made sure that the husbands entered their wives stretched and soaked pussies before the wives had a chance to go to the toilet and drain themselves. Sloppy seconds for the husbands, big time. Victor received a lot of pleasure from knowing those husbands were dipping their wicks into his cum.

    He wanted those husbands to feel their wives cunts all stretched out, and Victor's slippery cum load added to the feel, or maybe we should say, the lack of feel.

    Adding to the fun, the wives had lain there, under their thrusting and sweating husband, and had either been smiling over at Victor, maybe kissing him, or in one case, winked at him. Victor knew, after having had him and enjoying intense orgasms just seconds before, they can barely feel their husband.

    Those five times alone had been very enjoyable for Victor to see. But this was way more. He now had at his disposal a wife and a daughter. So many things to lead them into. But most of all, it will be interesting to see if he can get daddy between his daughter's legs.

    It would be cruel in a way, to put Hyman between Rebecca's legs after her being serviced by Victor's big cock and then filled with a huge load of cum that she will certainly generate from Victor. Hyman would never know how nice his daughter's pussy feels if he does that.

    So now as they prepared to head for the bedroom, Victor was considering changing his plan, and for the first time, letting another man go first.

    Now this will be a true challenge. If Victor fucks the daughter first, a barrier of sorts will come down. But if Daddy goes first, that would be different for sure. Mommy of course will balk, the daughter might too, and Hyman, Victor figured that Hyman will willingly go along as long as it appears that he, Victor Cameron is making the suggestions.

    Or maybe the demand.

    Hyman's face was filled with amazement. “I can come along?”

    “Yes, Mr Feinstein. But once in the bedroom, your pants must come off so all of us can see your excitement at seeing what is going on.” He smiled when he saw the shock on all three faces, and added, “You can leave your underwear on, but your wife and daughter will undoubtedly be able to see if you have an erection or not.”

    Come into the bedroom to watch? With my pants off? It took a lot of balls on the part of Mr Feinstein to give his answer. All the years of their marriage, in the home, his wife had run the ship. Now Hyman Feinstein was about to take a step to shore. “You don't mind Mr Cameron? I think, yes, I know I would like to watch.”

    Victor smiled. Second step accomplished. Daddy will be present in the bedroom, with his naked wife, and better still, close to naked while with his naked daughter.

    “Hyman? You want to see your wife and your daughter doing this, with everyone naked and all?” Esther Feinstein's mouth was open in surprise as she addressed her embarrassed husband.

    Hyman, of course, did not want to see his wife being fucked, for that would be the end of twenty five years of his having had her beautiful to see pussy for himself alone in the world. But at the same time Hyman wanted to see his wife being fucked, being fucked and seeing how she is reacting to having a strange man, a strange cock whatever size, and whether she cums with him, and how often.

    Hyman also, deep down, wanted to see his daughter being fucked, because vicariously, through Victor, he could imagine it to be himself on his daughter, but most of all, Hyman was anxious to see her undressed.

    Yes, Rebecca undressed.

    His lovely and shy daughter naked for his hungry eyes. Her long black hair, that innocent almost like an angel face, that body so developed under clothes that cover, but do not always hide. Hyman had watched Rebecca grow up, and though she is his daughter, deep down he had sometimes had those thoughts, 'what does my daughter look like naked? Is her body as fine as her mother's was at that age?'

    She's certainly got the tits.

    To fuck her? Fuck his daughter? That thought, when it had came into his mind so many times, Hyman had brushed aside, telling himself that to even think that is a sin.

    At this moment, Victor was still using the power of the purse. Getting them into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he knew, he will no longer need to use his power of the purse. Instead, it will be the power of the penis. His penis.

    An awkward moment passed, and then Victor, still using his power of the purse, gave what in effect was another command though he said it with a tone that sounded almost jovial. “Let's go to the bedroom.”

    As they all four moved into the bedroom, Victor was pleased to see that it was a king mattress, needed for when four will be on the bed. He decided to lay it out there, what the center of the action will be.

    His penis.

    This happening was undergoing a transition, though at the moment, only Victor was fully aware of what that transition is to be. Till now, the purse, his power to control their incomes, had been the incentive. Once naked in the bedroom, it will no longer matter about the family business. His cock, through these women, will be in charge.

    As the two women and a man started to undress, slowly, Victor was ahead of them. No need to delay, he already had this huge hard on.

    The Revealing.

    When Victor's drawers dropped in the bedroom, there was total silence on the part of three members of the Feinstein family.

    His cock. As Victor displayed himself proudly, the undressing on the part of the women stopped and there were amazed stares at a fully erect member.

    Esther was down to bra and panties, Rebecca, wearing no bra, still had a blouse and panties on. As expected, Hyman had come down to shorts only, and a visible bulge.

    Then an embarrassed Mr. Feinstein began.

    “Mr. Cameron, I...I don't know about this. You are impressively equipped, indeed. But my wife, and my daughter..”

    His voice trailed off. What Mr Feinstein had been about to say was something like. 'My wife and daughter might not be able to take your big cock.'

    Excellent! Inside, this was exactly as Victor had hoped. Someone to comment, bring attention to his impressive manhood. He had figured correctly, of the three, daddy would be the one to do so.

    Hyman Feinstein didn't say that though it was obvious. A cock too big is a good excuse not to do something. But what he really wanted to say deep down was: 'I don't want my wife or my daughter to experience something like that. They will receive extreme pleasure and be ruined forever.'

    His daughter ruined? Hyman Feinstein had never touched his daughter in a sexual manner, but being a normal man and seeing her grow up. and at times in various stages of undress short of total nudity, he of course had this curiosity, even a buried desire.

    His secondary worry? His daughter's husband. Hyman was not real close to his son-in-law, but as they planned out the family business together, Hyman's respect for his son-in-law, who had a Bachelor’s degree in business and planned a Masters, had grown. Certainly he would not want his wife Rebecca to fuck any man, let alone one so well hung.

    Hyman of course did not know the stats on his son-in-law's penis, and was assuming that the cock being used on his daughter is just normal in size. Circumscribed of course, since Rebecca had married a Jew as they had hoped.

    Hyman had recently given his daughter's hand in marriage in a formal ceremony, and had been surprised when he experienced a feeling of either jealously or maybe envy when he saw his daughter ride off with another man in a limousine on her way to a resort hotel for her wedding night.

    She had sworn to her mother, conveyed to Hyman, that she had been holding out on putting out until marriage.

    That wedding night. I raised her for eighteen years and kept supporting her for four years more, and you, you lucky dude, you get to fuck her. Hyman's knowing that his daughter is being enjoyed by someone who all he had done is marry her, and now this. His daughter, in her willingness to save and build the family business, is about to do what his wife is also going to do. Fuck this man.

    Fuck this very impressively endowed man. Of all the luck, he has to have a huge cock!

    All the Feinstein's were staring at his cock, and Victor was making sure to keep it out there and on display. Without adding to Hyman's weak protest, the woman resumed their undressing, and Victor felt his cock throb when he saw Esther Feinstein's body fully revealed, complete with a very hairy pussy, Oh yes, not bad at all. Still there, almost like she might have been at eighteen.

    Perhaps best of all, Esther looked quite young for her age, almost like an older teenager.

    And the daughter? Who is just turned 22? Fuck me. Shit look at her. Titties firmer than her mother's of course and slightly bigger, and fuck just look at that flat tummy, and all that hair on her pussy, even more than her mother, and the nicely rounded ass. Oh baby, do I ever plan to change your thinking on what sex is meant to be.

    Victor was staring at the two women but also watching Hyman closely, and he could see that Hyman was looking at his daughter, taking in her beauty, and seemingly unconcerned that he, Victor, is seeing his wife naked.

    Hyman Feinstein's eyes were on his daughter's body, and though he was finally seeing exactly how fine she is, he was also seeing that she, his innocent little daughter is staring at that.

    Victor Cameron Cock.

    That. Victor Cameron's cock.

    Actually, as previously described in the story Victor Verifies His Son's Fiance To Be A Virgin, it was an ugly cock. Huge yes, long and thick, but also gnarly in appearance, thickly veined and curving up and slightly off to one side, Victor's left, and all topped by a huge head almost the size of a plum.

    When Victor had whipped it out and held it, he had been pulling back on the foreskin. Now as he released the skin, the skin slowly rolled up and partially over the head.

    That head, covered, over half of it, by a thick foreskin, was something neither woman had ever experienced.

    To add to the appearance of it being a long cock, Victor had recently shaved his pubic hair, and this family is the first to take in his new look.

    Ugly? Maybe. To look at. But for fucking and giving pleasure, his penis is perhaps perfect in design, with all the ridges and rumples designed in to give a woman the maximum pleasure as it is being used on her. Maximum pleasure from the thickness, long, but not so long as to hurt most women.

    That was what Victor most enjoyed about his cock. He could, with time, bury it in all women, and then sometimes lie heavily on them, in total contact from head to toe, and work their pussy.

    Had it been a cock designed by and for the Devil, this might be it.

    To an everyday woman, only having had a normal man in the five to six inch range with a cock that generally is straight in appearance and has no distinguishing features, Victor's cock would be intimidating to say the least.

    To place it in perspective, Victor's cock to the average woman has the same effect as if she was coming across an open field and about to enter a thick forest. Total contrast.

    Victor's cock.

    For both women, they were seeing an uncircumcised adult penis for the first time. Of course Rebecca Feinstein had married a man of Jewish heritage. Since Victor Cameron had ample foreskin covering his cock, it was still covering over half the head even though he was fully erect. Though they had already had a quick peek before the skin had rolled up, both women found themselves wondering what it looks like under there.

    Victor could see it in their eyes, his cock had taken control of their thoughts, and this happening. Not just the two women's eyes, but the husband and father too. Hyman can do some token protesting, but with Victor's cock in charge through his women, Hyman can not deny their desire.

    Victor resisted pulling back his foreskin to reveal his head in all its glory. He wanted one of the women to be the first to do so, and soon. He was making estimates: 'Which woman will be the first to wrap her little fingers around my beautiful cock?'

    I'm betting it will be Mrs Feinstein.

    Mrs Feinstein had only been with one man, her husband, and her daughter Rebecca had only been with one man also, her husband. Now, in order to aid in getting Mr Feinstein's business going, they were going to have to deal with a cock that looked more like it might be designed to punish rather then please.

    Obviously, how the owner of that cock uses it will be the determining factor, and as of right now, neither woman knew. They didn't know about Victor, having only met him a little less than two hours ago. This arrangement, this agreement to provide sex in exchange for having the deal signed, had came out of the blue.

    Hyman Feinstein had feebly protested. Excellent. Just what Victor wanted to hear, emphasis being added in front of the two women on just how big his cock is.

    “The deal has been made Mr. Feinstein, and I think, if you ask your wife and daughter how they feel, I'll think you'll find that they are in agreement and want to get on with and conclude the negotiations.

    If I'm a bit too large for either of them, she will just have to grin and bear it.”

    “Yes Mr Cameron, I understand.” Hyman Feinstein's face was sad as he looked at his two women, and he was disappointed that they, judging by their expressions, did not seem to share his concern.

    Mr. Feinstein had hoped that his wife, who knows how small he is compared to this stranger in their bedroom, might protest at having to fuck this man after seeing the size of his member. But he could see, his faithful wife of almost 25 years is eyeballing that huge member with apparent interest.

    Esther had been reluctant about so many things through the years, unwilling in many cases to try something new. Now look at her, so willing, apparently. Of all the things my wife should be reluctant to do, taking that cock in front of me and our daughter should be at the top of the list.

    He turned to his daughter. “Rebecca?” In dismay, he observed that his sweet daughter was ignoring him and also looking at that huge organ with what might be undisguised desire. 'She isn't ashamed at doing this? Helping me to grow my business, yes, but behind her husband's back?'

    But Hyman did not go to his daughter in an attempt to change things. Instead, he went back to his wife. “My darling,” Hyman said, looking almost pleadingly to his wife, “You still want to do this?” His eyes roved over his nude wife and then the delicious nudity of his daughter. Hell yes they want to do this.

    Esther didn't even pretend to be doing it for the family business, as in one more for the team. Well, maybe a little bit she did, but it was obvious by her expression that Mrs. Feinstein wants to be fucked by that cock on display.

    “Yes Hyman, of course I do, and our daughter too I am sure, even though she has a husband she loves, is willing to do this for you, for us.” She looked over at her daughter, “We've already made the commitment,” and Rebecca nodded slowly, her face showing concern, but inwardly, ready to go.

    Then she smiled. “Me too Daddy. I'm still willing to go through with this.”

    As Hyman looked at his daughter smiling and showing her eagerness to begin, his hopes were dashed. There is no doubt, she too is staring at Mr Cameron's cock in the same way as my wife. Both of them, married, and so willing to be fucked by a strange man. For me, supposedly, but I think it's more than just that now that they have seen that cock.'

    Hyman Feinstein was learning the power of the penis, but not his penis.

    The two women were in total agreement as they all three climbed onto the bed. What Mr Feinstein was not expecting would be how Victor would include him in everything by conversation, and later, more.

    Shockingly more.

    Hyman stood by the bed, his cock half hard in his underwear and still angling down, and watched as Victor laid himself in the middle of the three pillows and allowed his member to point at the ceiling. He smiled as luxuriously, he placed his arms behind his head and made a slight rising motion with his hips to add emphasis on how far up his cock is pointing.

    “OK girls, go to work.” Just like that. 'Go to work.'

    They didn't have to be further directed, as smiling, Esther Feinstein crawled up on Victor's right and almost immediately wrapped her right hand around that fat shaft. Her hand went down, and the foreskin went down with it.

    Then Victor was to hear what he hoped to hear. Conversation between the mother and daughter, and about his manhood.

    “Wow, that's neat Mommy, the way the skin went down like that and uncovered his head.” The head was revealed, in its totality, and both women's eyes bulged.

    Both men took note: Esther had been the first to grab hold, and without hesitation.

    “Go ahead ladies, enjoy yourselves as you become acquainted with the other half of me. Do with it as you please for a while until I take over.”

    Rebecca giggled as she watched her mother give Victor a stroke up and down, covering and then uncovering that fat head. “Mr Cameron. You called it the other half of you?”

    Victor smiled. Rebecca had taken the bait. "Yes Rebecca. My other half. I do my negotiating, most of it, with my head, like at the dinner table, and on occasion, in the bedroom, I do my negotiating with that!” He stared down at his cock, and Rebecca's eyes followed as she saw that now her mother was steadily stroking his member.

    Victor had said it in so many words, from the power of the purse to the power of the penis.

    Hyman most of all, had taken in and absorbed what Victor Cameron had said, that he is now negotiating with his penis. Hyman knew it was true, and that he, with his average-sized cock, had no negotiating power.

    Esther seemed to adapt to the situation immediately, and was not going to allow the fact that her husband is watching spoil things. “Rebecca? There's room on here for your hand too.”

    As Esther Feinstein moved her hand further down the shaft and taking the top portion of the foreskin with it, Rebecca's left hand went around the shaft above her mother's. They were choking the bat, and both women began to move up and down in synchronized stroking.

    Both Rebecca and Victor became aware of the problem with her contact now as Rebecca tried to allow her hand to go up and over the exposed head. Each time on the up stroke she had to adjust her grip by widening the opening on her hand to allow it to go over the head.

    “Wait ladies. You're wasting my foreskin. Let me show you how it is intended to be used. Take your hand off Rebecca, for a moment. That's it. Now mother, let my foreskin go back up over the head. Shove it up. That's it. Now both of you put your hands on it below the head. There.

    See, now when you slide your hands up and down the foreskin will allow Rebecca's hand to go over the head with my foreskin in between to act as a lubricant, so to speak.”

    They had done as told, and sure enough, as they resumed their mutual stroking, Victor's foreskin was rolling up over the head, allowing Rebecca's hand to go up and over along with the skin without any dry friction and without the increased width of his head impeding the action.

    “Look how well this works, Mother.”

    “Yes, I see.” Esther giggled. “I feel it.”

    Their hands were small, which aided in the effect. Even with both woman wrapped around and moving up and down, there was still a portion of the head remaining untouched.

    Victor was in his favorite element, with a woman or women loving on his manhood. He watched the two women, and once in a while, he looked over and up at Hyman Feinstein's eyes, who was still standing and watching with fascination.

    Hyman Feinstein could not believe what he is seeing. 'My two women are acting like two kids with a toy! Just look at them. Shameful!'

    “Watch, Mr. Feinstein as I teach your wife and daughter how to share a cock with their mouths.”

    Victor did not have to wait, nor direct. She had heard, and without being directed Mrs Feinstein's mouth wrapped around his head, a little ways, then, after she had adjusted her mouth to a wider position, she went deeper and somehow managed to get the entire head into her mouth.

    Her cheeks bulged outward.

    Rebecca's eyes showed her surprise. “Mother, you can get your mouth completely over that?”

    With her mouth full, Esther could only nod. Though she tried to move up and down, it was pretty much impossible with that thick head and shaft, so Esther concentrated on running her tongue all around on the inside.

    Victor of course wanted the other two spectators to know what is going on since Esther was not doing any moving that is clearly visible.

    “Aaaah yes Mrs Feinstein. Keep doing that. Your tongue feels wonderfully soft and talented.”

    Everyone was quiet as they watched. Little movement was visible, but they knew that some action was going on inside that mouth and on that head.

    The sucking went on while Rebecca continued to hold onto the shaft below her mother's hand.

    “Now Mrs Feinstein, put the tip of your tongue inside the hole on the tip.”

    An unusual request that Esther had never heard before, but she followed suit. Surprised, she removed her mouth to comment.

    “It feels huge. My tongue went right in!” She looked around in wonder. Actually, her tongue had not gone inside, jut the tip, but the tip is very sensitive to feel.

    Victor was one for dramatics, and this situation definitely called for dramatics. “Yes Mrs Feinstein, and that big hole is where my cum will shoot forth when I blast a huge load deep into your cunt.”

    Her face turned red at his use of the C word, but inwardly, it turned Esther on. Never before had she been talked to like this in bed. Nor off a bed as far as that is concerned.

    “Now me mother.”

    Oh fuck yes. Listen to that daughter, thought Victor. As Rebecca's mouth somehow made it over his cock head, Victor made it a point to glance up at Hyman, and saw that Hyman could not believe his eyes or ears, But the look in his eyes told Victor what he needed to know. 'That man is turned on. Pretty soon I'll have his underwear off.'

    Victor turned his attention back to the two women, who on their own were now passing his head back and forth every few seconds for tongue action. Rebecca too, he took note, had shoved the tip of her tongue into his cock, but had made no mention of it to anyone.

    She did however, after a couple of minutes, comment to her mother, and of course, in the present situation everyone would hear. “Mother, it's really hard to keep my mouth opened so far. This will take some getting used to.” Then she immediately enveloped Victor again and went to work. Like her mother, she learned that it is easier just to move the tongue around.

    Both women, when sucking their husband's cocks, had been able to move up and down, simulating the fucking motion which they thought is the best way to suck a cock but actually is not. A mouth is not a pussy, and with a tongue, no need to use deep strokes.

    Victor groaned and said his appreciation as, after another minute, Rebecca passed his prong back to her mother's mouth. “ Aaah fuck yes.” As two pairs of eyes looked up at him, one with a cock in her mouth, Victor said something to emphasize his size, but also because it was the truth.

    “That's what you have learned on your own ladies, pass it back and forth so your jaws don't get tired from staying opened so wide.”

    Since her mother was busy at the moment on that cock, Rebecca was free to comment on something that again would make Victor feel proud inside. “Mother, his head, it's different than my husband's.”

    Apparently, since they were the two family members involved, the women were addressing each other and choosing to ignore Hyman, whom they knew is right here.

    “How's that dear? You mean the size is different?” Esther strangely found herself wanting to hear about her son in law's cock since it might be coming from her daughter. What kind of cock is our daughter getting, she wanted to know without asking right out.

    Like her husband, Esther had wondered how her daughter's wedding night would go, and how much penis she had married. Though the thought of how much cock her daughter might be getting was not as strong in her thoughts as her husband's, she had still wondered about it.

    Now might be her chance to learn about that cock her daughter had married. Above her, Hyman's ears were straining to hear.

    Rebecca, surprisingly, found that she is not embarrassed at having to tell about her husband's penis. As as matter of fact, she wanted to share this info not so much with Mr Cameron as with her mother, and oh yes, her father.

    “Well, that too Mother, the size is different, but what I meant is, when I'm sucking on this one it feels a lot different than my husband's penis. Mr Cameron's skin, on the head feels real smooth when I put my tongue on it. My husband's cock feels kind of rough. I'm not sure how to describe it.”

    Victor had her answer, and he was ready to give it. “Since my cock is uncircumcised Rebecca, the foreskin protects the skin on my glans, that's the medical term for the head, the glans. My glans being covered most of the time allows it to stay smooth.

    Your husband, both your husband's I assume since they are Jewish and undoubtedly circumcised, have cocks that are constantly being rubbed against clothing, the heads, and exposed to the elements so to speak. So therefore, their cocks have glans that are sort of like, let's see, the soles of your feet.”

    Rebecca was frowning. “The soles of my feet? I know when I used to walk around when I was younger in my bare feet, my soles got tough and I didn't feel a lot of things like small rocks under my feet. Does that mean that circumcised men lose some of the feeling on their glans?”

    Hyman Feinstein's face showed his eagerness to join in. “That's probably true Rebecca. I've always been aware of that, some loss of sensitivity. But there's a good aspect to it.”

    He waited for the inevitable question, because Hyman thought he had a justification for his circumcised cock besides religious reasons. His wife did not bite or comment because she had heard this from her husband before.

    Rebecca bit. “What's that Daddy? What's good about being circumcised?”

    Hyman smiled. He figured he had a bragging right over Victor now. A small bragging right, but something.

    “Because my sensitivity is cut down, I have better control and it's easier for me to hold back when I'm f...when I'm making love to your mother.” He laughed.

    Victor had a ready reply to Hyman's claim. “Hyman, the control is in your head, that's true, but...” he placed a finger to his own temple and tapped it, “the real control is in THIS head, not the one between your legs.”

    When her husband looked deflated, Esther spoke up and revealing for the first time a piece of her love life. “Hyman does have pretty good control. He almost always manages to hold back until I cum.”

    Hyman was happy. His wife had just paid him a compliment, even though he knew that she is holding and sucking a cock that is substantially larger than his own. Rebecca too was surprised to hear her mother tell something personal about her marriage.

    Hyman stood above them with his cock bulging in his underwear and wishing he could take it out.

    But then, if he did that, his daughter would learn that her daddy's cock is not just smaller than the one she is sucking, but quite a bit smaller. Also, her husband's cock might be larger than her daddy's as well, so he didn't dare pull it out.

    But at least I can do this. Making sure no one is looking, Hyman pushed his hand down though his waistband and turn his cock out to the side and then pull up so that his hard cock is pointing up in his tight underwear.

    Now he can watch the action in more comfort, and hopefully, the subject of her husband's cock might come up again and maybe Hyman can learn what size his son-in-law’s cock is.

    Several minutes passed while both women became experts in how to share a cock as they held the shaft and passed the head back and forth,and in the process, be swapping some passing tongue action. Yes, their tongues were coming into contact with one another's and they were slowly adapting to the feel of what it might be like to kiss one another. A kiss on the lips and using their tongues kind of kiss.

    The two women were constantly exchanging smiles and all the while Victor was reaching down and getting nice feels of each of their breasts and vagina. How was he able to reach them from way up there?

    Victor had moved down to the middle of the bed and told the two giggling women to change around so that they now were laying their lower bodies alongside Victor's upper body. Now Victor was able to see and touch not only their breasts, but their pubic area as well.

    He was taking advantage. Both women, laying on their sides and propping their upper bodies up with elbows as they handled and sucked, were raising one leg up, bending it at the knee and placing their foot flat on the bed.

    In this position they no longer could be on the cock at the same time as it had to be angled first to the left and then to the right for each woman to be able to suck.

    Both pussies exposed nicely to Victor, he was using both hands to fondle and yes, finger each woman. Now he was able to detect the differences between the two. One difference was obvious, how much hair Rebecca has on her pussy compared to her mother.

    Victor saw Hyman make the move he expected to see. Hyman, when the two women went to a position of laying on their sides with one leg up, moved to Rebecca's side of the bed so he could see his daughter with her legs opened.

    Esther also, along with Victor took note of where her husband had moved to. She knew why. 'My husband wants to see our daughter's pussy with her legs open! Just look at him, and he's not even concerned that I can see what he is looking at.

    Victor was also taking note, but unlike Esther, he was not mad about it. That's right Hyman, husband and father of these two lovelies. Watch your daughter's pussy as I finger it. Don't you wish you could reach in and feel it as I am? Victor, as his dick was being passed back and forth, was making his comparisons.

    Mother's pussy feels kind of loose around my finger, still some tightness there, but definitely not a teen pussy. Rebecca's pussy feels the way it should for her age and lack of experience save three months of marriage. I'm guesstimating, based on the feel of this pussy, that her husband has a small dick.

    I wonder if I can get her to talk and tell us more about her husband's cock.

    First, he wanted to see just how close he can get mother and daughter to be. Victor, manipulating these women in devious ways, said: “Now both of you get up on your knees so you can suck that head with the smooth skin at the same time. Go on, there's room for both of you on there, just use your tongues and put your mouth on each side.”

    Hyman Feinstein was sitting on the edge of the bed now, Rebecca's side, his underwear still on.

    “Aaah yes. That feels good. Now both of you run your tongues across the top of and around my head and touch each other's tongue. Yes, like that, I can feel your tongues touching one another and it really feels good.”

    It had happened before, a few times when they passed the head back and forth, and now Victor was making it happen and bringing it out in the open. Mother and daughter are sharing tongues. He wanted Hyman to know, to share in this information.

    “Mr Feinstein, your women's tongues feel so fucking good on the head of my cock. It is a feeling that all men, everywhere, at least once in their lives should enjoy.”

    Then Victor, after waiting maybe a full minute and without warning, suddenly pulled his cock down and back, leaving the two women with their tongues in each others mouths. Embarrassed, both women quickly pulled back. Their eyes met in confusion.

    “No no ladies. No need to pull away. You've already touched tongues. Now do it again, with a kiss and no cock to get in the way of your tongues. That's it, that looks so nice. A mother and her daughter demonstrating their love for one another.” He snickered. “A deeper love than normal, perhaps.”

    As a smiling Victor Cameron enjoyed seeing how his penis had manipulated these two women, a Mr Hyman Feinstein's face showed that he too, was enjoying this as Victor looked up into his face. Hyman saw, and though embarrassed, returned Victor's smile.

    “Yes, that was a short first kiss, now do it again and longer this time.”

    They did, and this time, Victor could tell, they were putting some feelings into that kiss. Victor could also see that Hyman appeared to have that fascination with his cock that he had seen before, in other husband's eyes.

    Turning Hyman Feinstein into a cock sucker.

    “Mr Feinstein, I can see that bulge so obvious in your underwear. I know you are turned on, your wife and your daughter can also plainly see that you are aroused. Why don't you give them a hand by helping out with your mouth? Besides, their jaws might be getting tired from having to stay opened so wide.”

    Hyman's face turned red. What Mr Cameron had dared to suggest, he had been thinking, but to do so in front of both his wife and daughter?

    Then Rebecca encouraged him. “Oh, do it Daddy. It's really neat sucking his cock!”

    Hyman leaned forward while deliberately avoiding his wife's eyes. This was something he had never imagined he might be doing in front of his wife, and yet, incredibly, his daughter is encouraging him to do this.

    As Hyman's mouth gingerly enveloped his head, Victor again felt what he had noticed before, with previous husbands. Their mouths all felt different over his cock than a female mouth. Different, yet equally pleasurable.

    Victor felt Hyman's tongue go into action as he too, learned that fucking this cock with a mouth is difficult, if not impossible. Victor was giving him encouragement though as he reached down and lightly held Hyman's head.

    “That's right Mr Feinstein, your mouth feels nice. Warm, wet, and different and yet just as great in feel as your two women's mouths.

    Aaaaah yes. Now do with your tongue, that's it, stick it in there and feel what each of your women felt before you. Imagine your mouth to be your wife's pussy, or maybe your daughter's. You are feeling what they soon will be having inside them

    Now feel that hole. Feel it with your tongue, the place from where my cum will erupt forth in a mighty stream into each of your two women's pussies. Yesss, like that. Aaah Mr Feinstein, I would love to pump a load into your hot mouth and I'd be willing to bet that you would swallow every drop.”

    Victor looked from left to right at the two watching women. "Mr Feinstein's mouth feels so good around my cock. He is quite good at cock-sucking. It is nice of you two to be willing to share it with him."

    Rebecca cracked a joke. "It was hard having to give it up, but Daddy needed to do this, just once so he'll always know what it is like to suck a big cock."

    Inwardly, Victor grinned. Rebecca had placed the word 'big' in front of the word 'cock,' Since she had not just said, 'suck a cock,' Victor saw a chance to learn a bit more about Rebecca's husband's cock. "Just like you have learned today. Is that right Rebecca?" And then she gave the answer that three sets of ears wanted to hear.

    "Yes. For the first time today I have learned what it is like to handle and suck a big cock."

    Now they all knew. Whatever size her husband is, Rebecca has just admitted that Victor is larger. But by how much? That they all still needed to know.

    Sucking. Sucking and stroking. Hyman had thought to himself that his two women were loving on Victor's cock like it is a toy, and now he is doing it. Victor did not have to tell Hyman to keep going, Hyman did it on his own. Finally, after perhaps three minutes, Victor suggested that it might be nice if Mr Feinstein returned that cock to the two women.

    Again, Hyman's face turned red as Victor laughed and said, “We musn't be greedy with my cock, Mr Feinstein. There is enough for all.”

    Again, two women grabbed hold and began sharing. And again, Victor's ego was being pumped as his cock, as usual in a group situation, is the center of attention.

    As Victor had fantasized on after seeing the movie End of Days, his fantasies were coming true. Now it is time to go beyond that movie. In the movie, the husband/father had been left out. But Victor had daddy in the room and he wanted to see if we can get daddy's underwear off.

    Victor was thinking of Hyman in terms of being 'Daddy' rather than husband since neither father or daughter had ever seen each other nude as far as he knew. Daddy has been seeing his daughter's nudity for the past maybe 30 minutes, now it is time to give the daughter equal opportunity.

    It was time as Victor said something shocking. “Mr Feinstein, have you ever enjoyed the visual and physical pleasure of having your cock sucked by two women at the same time?”

    Shocked at what he is being asked, but already, his mind working overtime at what Mr Cameron might be about to suggest, Hyman's voice trembled. “Ah no Mr Cameron, I haven't. The only woman, to tell you the truth I have ever been physical with is the one on your right.”

    Victor smiled while both woman continued to swap tongues and share his cock and waited to see what might come next, and they probably knew. “Mr Feinstein, get that underwear off and lie down at that end of the bed.”

    Hyman wanted to, oh so bad, and then he didn't because his smaller cock would be revealed to his daughter. “You want me to remove my underpants in front of my daughter, our daughter?” Hyman had said what he knew his wife and daughter would expect him to say. Now he waited expectantly to be 'persuaded.'

    “Of course Mr Feinstein, otherwise how can you get to enjoy two women sucking your cock? Now, off with the final stitch of clothes.”

    Hyman, his face red, looked at his two family members. Then, the one he expected to be protesting, shocked him as his wife nodded and said, “Do it Hyman. We've all three sucked his cock, so since you've gone this far, there's no reason for you to be left out on the rest of it.”

    Just like that, so easy. It looked like Esther is willing to have their daughter seeing her father naked and also to have her suck his cock.

    Inwardly, Victor laughed. 'Oh Mrs Feinstein, if you only knew what else I have planned for your husband and daughter. If you knew in advance, would you be going along so easily?'

    Hyman hopefully stared at his daughter, whom he knew has never seen him naked. “It's alright daddy. I'm a grown woman now, with a husband and all.”

    Rebecca hesitated, then added: “Daddy? I guess now would be a good time to admit it. I saw you in the shower once. It was by accident, but to tell the truth, I kept watching for a while.” She smiled and added: “You weren't hard though, so I was left wondering.”

    Esther Feinstein' face looked annoyed. “You watched your father in the shower and never told me? How old were you?”

    “Oh mother, it was no big deal. Not worth telling you and besides, I wouldn't dare say anything. How old was I? I think thirteen.”

    She giggled. “Now I guess I'll be learning big time just how much daddy has, won't I mother?”

    Esther Feinstein nodded. “I guess.” She knew the truth and in a way, dreaded her daughter's learning that her daddy is only average-sized and actually, small compared to the man in her hand.

    Oh, Hyman wanted to do this, so bad. But under the circumstance, he still found it hard to do, despite his having a hard cock. Hyman's face turned red as he first grasped the top edge of his underwear and started to pull down.

    In theory, his daughter should be looking away, or pretending to, but instead she was watching intently, and her hand was still wrapped around that fat competing cock.

    Out it popped, slightly more than six inches of the circumcised Feinstein cock. Mrs Feinstein of course had seen it hundreds, thousands of time, and now, for the first time, it looked truly small to her.

    Both women were seeing it for sure. My husband, my father's cock is erect. Whatever else he might be thinking, it is obvious that he is aroused.

    Rebecca Feinstein, having seen only one adult cock in her lifetime before today, same as her mother, also saw a cock that looked little, but noticeably larger than her husband's. A lucky break for her father, Rebecca's husband only has a five inch and slim penis.

    Out it popped, Unexpected perhaps, but music to Hyman Feinstein's ears. "Daddy! You're big!"

    "Really? I'm big?"

    "Yes Daddy, compared to my husband."

    Neither woman said the obvious, Hyman Feinstein's cock is already rock hard.

    'He's got a larger rod than her husband? That's great.' Victor was pleased to see that Hyman's cock is on the upper side of average-sized and not a dinky little guy. He had tentatively planned to fuck the daughter first and let daddy have second, sloppy loose seconds, but now, seeing Hyman's cock, his thinking changed. Maybe I will let daddy go first.

    Victor wanted to know, to verify what Rebecca's eyes and a little while ago her very tight pussy had told him. But he wanted to hear her say it.

    “Rebecca, there for your naked eyes is your father's naked cock. I don't know how many cocks you might have seen before this since you were supposedly a virgin on your wedding night, but in case you don't know, I'll tell you that your daddy's cock is on the larger side of average.

    In other words, leaving my penis out of it, your daddy's penis is larger than most men. So now I have a question. Now that you're married and about to do some fucking with a strange man, you might as well tell us, and I am sure your father wants to know as I do.”

    He looked over at Esther and added, “and maybe your mother as well, she might want to know.”

    Out of habit perhaps, Rebecca licked her lips when her eyes went up to Victor's face. She was still holding his cock. “Yes, Mr Cameron? What is it?”

    “We need to know how daddy compares, but also how does this,” he grasped and rubbed the head of his cock along her cheek, “compare to your husband? You've already said that Daddy is bigger, but by how much?”

    Rebecca wanted to tell all, that her husband, though much smaller than Victor, is also smaller than her daddy. But she didn't want to hurt her father's feelings about the Victor half, so she compromised.

    “Mr Cameron, you're much larger than my husband, and I know I shouldn't be telling on him since, well since my mother is listening and that info is kind of personal if you know what I mean., but I've already revealed too much and I suppose you want me to make a comparison between my husband and my father, so I'll say it.”

    She looked harder at her Daddy's cock, and then, daringly, asked her Daddy to step closer. When he did, Rebecca boldly reached out and wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft. “So this is how my Daddy's cock feels.”

    Giggling, her face slightly red, Rebecca looked around at both her mother and Victor. “Well here it is, what all of you want to know probably. Daddy's cock is longer than my husband's, maybe more than an inch longer, and I think..” she tightened her grip on the shaft. “yes, Daddy's bigger around here,” she moved her hand up, “and his head is too. Bigger around.”

    She looked around at all three people. “I knew as soon as daddy's cock was exposed that it is larger than my husbands,. Right away it hit me, Daddy's cock is big, but I needed to feel it to be sure.”

    Victor knew the truth and decided to bring it out in the open. “Rebecca, tell us all the truth now, you wanted a chance to feel your Daddy's cock, didn't you?”

    Rebecca blushed. “Yes. That's true.” She turned to face her mother while still holding her father's cock. “I guess, Mother, now we both know what you get in bed at night.” Esther sort of bit her lower lip and nodded. She was so shocked at all this conversation, this revelation, she was speechless.

    Victor smiled, glad to hear that since he had a plan. “Well said Rebecca. And now I'll tell you something that neither you or your mother might know since as of this minute neither of you has been fucked by more than one man. Most women prefer thicker to longer.”

    He pointed at Mr Feinstein's cock in her hand. “That cock, your father's cock in your hand, Rebecca, since it is thicker, will probably feel better inside you than your husband's cock.”

    Both women, and the husband/father heard the word, the word that might make all the difference in things to come. Will! Victor had said 'will' instead of 'would.'

    Both women laid quietly, absorbing what Victor had just said as it began to sink in as to what he is planning. Mrs Feinstein spoke first. “Surely, Mr Cameron, you don't plan for our daughter to...to be completely intimate with her father?”

    “But yes I do, Mrs Feinstein. Look at your daughter. She's still holding her father's cock. I'd say she is thinking of trying it, and besides, there is a saying: “Incest is alright as long as you keep it in the family.”

    Victor had told a classic joke, and as her mother's face turned red, Rebecca giggled. Daddy Feinstein's face was impassive as he tried to hide his feelings, but he was hoping that having come this far, that he is finally going to get to fuck his daughter, and hopefully before Victor fucks her for obvious reasons.

    All family members were being quiet, maybe in shock, and Victor, knowing he has the power to have his way, just like the Devil had in End Of Days, took it further. He knew exactly how daddy must be thinking.

    “I'll tell you what Mr Feinstein and you, Rebecca the daughter. Since your daddy is thicker and longer than your husband, I think I'll let him use his cock on your married pussy before I do. For a little while, the time it takes for him to give you a good fucking, your daddy can be the largest cock you have ever had.”

    Victor chuckled as he looked over and up at Hyman. “In a way, Mr Feinstein, you can be further breaking your tight daughter in for me for my pleasure to come.”

    He continued to gaze at Hyman while noting that Rebecca is still holding his cock. “I think Mr Feinstein, if it is to happen, that you would much prefer to be first with your daughter, am I right?”

    Hyman Feinstein's face was red, but somehow he managed to speak. Inside he was elated. Thank you Mr Cameron.

    “Yes Mr Cameron, if it is to happen, between my daughter and I, I would prefer to go first.”

    The power of the penis, Victor's penis, was once again being demonstrated, and this time it involved a daughter. In the past, those times Victor had fucked wives with their husband's present, it had been his penis that had controlled the events.

    The men, all of them, had been unable to stop what was happening. Anything Victor had suggested, the husband's had sat or lain nearby and watched, either unable or afraid to say anything for fear of maybe denying their wives having and enjoying something so desirable as Victor's penis.

    Now it was happening again, only Victor's penis was so powerful that it was not even going to be the cock involved. It was to be the father's cock in his daughter's pussy.

    At first, for a moment, Esther waited for her daughter to protest at even the thought of fucking her daddy. She knew what will happen, but still, she needed to put up a front. Hearing none, Mrs Feinstein started to protest. “Hyman! Not with our daughter.: She looked around at both her husband and daughter. “Surely you won't...”

    It was silly perhaps, since Rebecca was holding and attempting to stroke her daddy's cock and finding that is is nowhere near as easy to stroke with no foreskin. It was obvious, Rebecca is willing.

    It wasn't certain who she was talking to, saying 'surely you won't,' but Rebecca, red face and all, cut her off. Having held their cocks, she wanted to be fucked by both men now. “Mother, I want to do this. I've made my comparisons and my husband's so small.

    Doing it with Daddy first will help me to adjust to Mr Cameron, having a size in between. And I want to do it with Daddy anyhow and help make him happy.”

    Esther frowned. “Make your Daddy happy? Exactly how do you mean? You, we aren't supposed to be thinking that way.”

    Rebecca sighed. “I mean Mother, that Daddy is here watching and knowing that his wife is about to get fucked by,” she paused and pointed, 'by that, and I am sure it would help Daddy to get through this if he is able to receive some physical pleasure as well.”

    She seemed to think about if for a moment, then added: “Besides Mother, if you get to have someone new, then Daddy does too. He get's me!”

    That ended Mrs Feinstein's objection. Her daughter had expressed a desire to be fucked by her daddy and used the fact that her mother is going to be fucking someone new as a reason to do so. .

    Victor, having been interrupted, still wanted to say it, the sexual details of the 'why.' “That way Mr Feinstein, with you going first, you will be able to enjoy your daughter's tight pussy, which I confirmed with a finger a while ago, while it has still been untapped by anyone other than her husband.”

    Silence. Perhaps shocked silence at hearing their daughter being described as having a tight pussy, so Victor gleefully went on. He loved talking in front of people he is fucking, or fucking in front of. Talk to Victor, spiced everything up. Tonight was probably the most sexual evening in Victor's so far, pretty exciting life.

    “You'll be enjoying, Mr Feinstein, what until now, only her husband has been able to enjoy. Besides getting to feel her lovely breasts, you'll be inside your daughter's married to another man pussy with your hard penis. Rebecca's pussy will be yours to feel with your cock, to explore as you stretch it to widths and depths she so far has not known."

    Victor paused, testing the waters, and after seeing their eyes, went on.

    "It looks like you'll be perhaps six inches inside her lovely body, and I'd venture to say that, no slam meant toward your wife, that this fuck will be the most exciting fuck of your life. Your daughter too, I am sure, would prefer to have you be her second man for both physical and perhaps mental reasons.”

    He looked at Rebecca. “Am I right?”

    Rebecca sort of giggled and nodded her head. Her hand was still wrapped around her daddy's cock, and it could readily be seen, her hand covered most but not all the of the shaft. Long enough and perhaps thick enough to please as much or more than her husband. Rebecca hoped so..

    His face redder still, Hyman stammered and then managed to get it out. “Mr Cameron, when I'm doing it with my daughter, do you want me to hold back? It will be your turn next and when you do it with Rebecca you might prefer that she be unsoiled.”

    Exactly what Victor wanted to hear, and he liked Mr Feinstein's use of the word 'unsoiled.' For the first time he did the opposite of all those times in the past. “No, I do not want you to hold back Mr Feinstein.

    Enjoy your daughter's tight pussy. Revel in the fact that you will be going deeper and stretching her further out than her husband, and you will be knowing and enjoying that thought. It might be difficult to hold back, so take your time, hold back as best you can to make this once in a lifetime event last longer.”

    Victor looked around at all the faces, reveling in the fact that he had their undivided attention. “Make her cum if you can, and when you can no longer hold it back shoot your biggest load ever as deep as you can into your beautiful daughter's almost virgin pussy.”

    Victor surveyed the scene before him, a wife and mother still holding his cock, a wife and daughter holding her father's cock, and all with faces showing perhaps, shock at his verbiage. He went for more.

    “With your cock being thicker than her husband's Mr Feinstein, your daughter might even be able to feel you throbbing when you cum if you aren't pumping too fast.”

    Victor was deliberately being as graphic as possible. It all seemed to fit this situation, a family of three involved sexually with one another and a strange man.

    Rebecca understood, not only what Mr Cameron had just said, but she also knew how significant this event will be for both her and her daddy. She had caught on to what Victor is doing and wanted to add her own spice to the talk.

    “That's true Daddy, what Mr Cameron just said. I want you to make it last so I can spend more time enjoying the feel of you stretching me more than my husband and I do so much want to feel you cumming inside me.”

    Then she told more about her personal sex life. “I've never really felt my husband cum because his cock is slim and he always goes fast when he cums,”

    Victor saw his chance. “How about it, Rebecca? When your husband fucks you, do you cum always, or just once in a while, or ever?” Because of the situation, the physical aspects of it all, Victor had asked 'fucks you' rather than 'makes love to you.'

    Rebecca hesitated for just a moment. “I cum sometimes. Only rarely when he is making...fucking me.”

    She too had adapted to the situation, following Victor's lead in not using the term 'making love' to describe the sex acts currently ongoing. “It's hard for me to cum with my husband unless I do something. I have to use my hand and then if he lasts long enough, I can cum with or just before him.”

    Victor chuckled. This is going better than he had hoped. Hell, he could not have written a better script. “You heard your daughter, Mr Feinstein. Your duty today is to last, fuck your lovely daughter using all your have learned through the years, take advantage of having a larger prick than her husband, and make your daughter cum.”

    Grinning, Victor took in the faces of the three family members before him. He knew this was going fast, and they all are having difficulty absorbing this in their minds. Exactly what he wanted, and he took it further.

    “Look at your daughter Mr Feinstein. At her face and how she is looking back at you. She has known you all her life, at the age of 13 saw your cock in the shower, and for the past six years or so has had your cock in her mind.

    When she first saw her new husband's cock erect, and then felt it inside her, she might at one time or another thought of your cock and how it might feel in comparison. Now Mr Feinstein, the two of you can be finding out.”

    Rebecca, though her face was red, was smiling, perhaps trying to keep from laughing. Hyman's face was redder, and he looked serious at having just been challenged to do his best. Esther's face was impassive as she tried to not show her feelings. Inside, she was mad, yes, but also, wishing that this talk would end so she can fuck Mr Cameron's cock.

    Esther was ready now. It things were to suddenly change and she was told she did not have to do this, Esther would have insisted on finishing what they had started.

    As Victor took pleasure in seeing the faces of the Feinstein family, he answered the question Hyman might be afraid to voice. “And yes, Mr Feinstein, I don't mind getting sloppy seconds on your daughter.

    Normally I would prefer to be first, but this is a special occasion.”

    He looked slowly over to Rebecca, and then back to Hyman. “You two, after all these years, deserve this. Daddy gets Daughter first. Daughter gets to have Daddy first.”

    Rebecca, “ Victor directed. “Lie down on your back and spread your legs for your father so he can see what will soon be his to enjoy.”

    Rebecca Feinstein.JPG

    Smiling, Rebecca laid back, and for the first time the full extent of her pubic hair, extending outward onto her inner thighs and up to her belly button could be seen. Victor wanted to ask Rebecca why she doesn't shave her panty line, but did not. Now that he was seeing it, it kind of turned him on.

    A benefit, seen now by both men, Rebecca's well defined pussy lips, looking so very dark pink, are very much of a contrast to her dark pubic hair. Framed her pussy is, and saying, 'Here it is.'

    Victor also took notice of one more thing. Her rings are gone. “Rebecca. Where are your rings? I saw them on you at the dinner table.”

    She smiled. “It seemed like I shouldn't be wearing them for this, for this affair.” She pointed “I put them on the dresser, over there.”

    Now Victor, ever the pervert, wanted to add one more factor to this fuck between Daddy and Daughter. Kisses, or maybe, love.

    “Mr Feinstein, look at your daughter, whom has placed her marriage on hold. First she was doing it for me, and now it shall be for you as well. Just look at her, her hair so long, her face so lovely, her breasts so full, and that pussy, just look at that pussy and the tight pink lips that are waiting for the feel of your larger than her husband's cock to enter.

    Your daughter has only had one man Mr Feinstein, and since you are a bit larger around and longer than her husband, it should be exciting for her as well as feeling good for you as you fuck her first. Now let's go beyond just the physical.

    When the time comes, make love to your lovely daughter if you prefer. Make love to enhance the pleasure you both are feeling. Hopefully your wife will understand and not accuse you later of anything.”

    “Make love, you mean as in kissing my daughter?” Hyman's face was showing perhaps dis-belief at what Victor is suggesting.

    “Yes Mr Feinstein, of course that is exactly what I am recommending. Kiss your daughter while you fuck her. And while you and your daughter are enjoying one another, after watching for a short time I and your wife will also be enjoying ourselves. I will be keeping your wife busy and trying to keep her mind off what you two are doing.

    Your wife, Mr Feinstein, will feel my larger than your cock opening her cunt and stretching it as you feed your larger than her husband's cock to your daughter. Two women taking a larger cock, and two men knowing they are giving a larger cock to their chosen woman.

    Think about that Mr Feinstein, all four of us, simultaneously experiencing something highly pleasurable. I can assure you this will be a night you will always remember, and the feeling will be mutual for all four involved.

    Hold back if you can to make it last. I know that might be hard to do, hold back since it is your first time with your lovely daughter. Hopefully Rebecca will cum and maybe even announce her orgasm for us to hear. One good cum would be nice, two or more even better.

    Then, after you've drained yourself, emptied your thrusting hard cock into your daughter and you have Rebecca nice and warmed up, stretched out a little and wet and ready for me, I shall take my turn.”

    Victor made a show of taking two fingers to grasp the top of his cock head since Esther Feinstein's hand was still taking up space below. “Once you have opened her up a bit, your beautiful daughter should have an easier time taking this.” Victor used the two fingers to make his penis move from side-to-side, and took delight in how they all three stared.

    He again smiled at three faces, two of which looked shocked and unbelieving, and the third, Rebecca, who looked amused and maybe excited. “Oh, and Mr Feinstein?”

    “Yes sir?”

    “I've said it before and I want to add emphasis. I expect you to make your daughter cum. Make it a good one or more for her.”


    “Just for a minute more though, I want two women back on my cock.”

    Victor was again, using his hand now, passing his cock back and forth to two willing and waiting mouths. That was when Mr Feinstein again expressed his concern. He knew the inevitable is about to happen. His wife first and then his daughter will be stretched unbelievably by that huge Cameron Cock. That is a given, but talking about the size differential seemed to add to the suspense.

    Hyman Feinstein was beginning to enjoy his role as the man with the smaller cock while watching his two women making comparisons and anxious to get the big one. Like Victor did with the conversation, he too was getting into this.

    All this conversation. So dirty. So intimate, is also turning out to be very revealing. But a transition had occurred. Mr Hyman Feinstein was beginning to enjoy being the man, the husband, the father with the smaller cock. The role of cuckold was his to play, but also to enjoy.

    Adding to his role of being the cuckold, Hyman expressed out loud his biggest fear.

    “Mr Cameron? I'm still worried about your size...” He hesitated and then went into details. “You might stretch my wife way out and possibly give her intensive never before felt orgasms, and then she no longer will enjoy me like in the past."

    Victor smiled. This was going almost like a play, like some porn writer with a huge imagination might write. "Yes Mr Feinstein, I might do just that. And then too, we have your daughter to think about." Victor had just given Hyman more to talk about.

    Hyman frowned, doing his best to look concerned. "My daughter too, it doesn't seem fair, actually, but you might stretch her and give her intensive orgasms and ruin her for her husband?”

    Inside, Hyman was excited. Never, not in a million years had he dreamed that he might be saying something like this to a man, and in front of his wife and daughter. Talking about getting their pussies stretched, and maybe permanently.

    “Why Mr. Feinstein, early on, you will be the one stretching and spoiling your daughter for her husband. You're still concerned about my size? Look at the faces of your two women. I don't think they are concerned about being stretched out. I am sure your wife can handle this cock since she has borne a child. She has already been stretched out you see by childbirth, even if it was 24 years ago.”

    Victor was enjoying this thoroughly. “But your daughter? Rebecca's never had a baby you might say? Also she has told us all that I am much larger than her new husband. Rebecca might have a problem but I promise to be gentle with her at first and if you like I'll even let you aim my cock into her for me.”

    He laughed. “You can aim me into your wife as well.”

    Surprisingly, Victor's offer to allow Mr. Feinstein to aim his cock into the Feinstein mother and also the daughter seemed to excite him, for his face changed from a look of concern to a wide-eyed look of excitement. He could pretend to be helping, to be aiming, but the real reason was it would give him a chance to keep feeling that cock.

    “I can aim it? Both times?” Mr Feinstein's face and voice, as well as what he had just asked told both wife and daughter that Mr Feinstein was now totally into this, and possibly a slave to one Mr Victor Cameron.

    Yes, aim it. That way you can share a bit in her pleasure as she... Oh, I see by that look that you really do want to aim it for me. I like that. You get to aim it into your wife first, and then later, after your have finished with her, you can aim me into your daughter.”

    “Yes,” Hyman replied. “I think I will enjoy aiming your cock into Rebecca, but if you don't mind, I'd like to watch you with my wife for a bit before I start with our daughter.”

    “I understand perfectly Mr Feinstein. If it was my wife getting fucked for the first time by another man, I'd want to watch for a while too.” He smiled at Esther, “I think it's about time I gave your wife a demonstration and in the process she can give your daughter, and I guess you, a description of how my cock feels as I open her up.”

    “It is about time you began paying more attention to me Mr Cameron, and you too my dear husband.” Esther Feinstein had laid herself down on her back and spread her legs. Victor's eyes grew wide at how lovely she looked, and considering her age, so young. Her pussy was covered in hair, but not her inner thighs.

    Victor was not thinking about her panty line as his eyes took in the bright pink lips of her pussy, sticking up like flower petals in a field of grass. Like daughter, like mother.

    Victor sat up, then turned his body and using a hand to gently guide Mrs Feinstein into the center of the mattress, he crawled between her legs. That was when Hyman again almost stuttered as he asked. “You don't mind if I touch, if I feel your cock?”

    Hyman's eyes widened as he saw Victor fondling his wife's ample breasts, for the first time able to use two hands.

    “I think, Mr Feinstein, that your wife is tired of waiting. She wants to do some fucking so get down there behind me and take hold. After the good job you did of sucking it, I don't mind if you feel my nice cock. I can understand your thinking. You want to experience in some way what your family is feeling. Sure, Mr Feinstein, go ahead.”

    Victor was over and staring down at Mrs. Feinstein's face, and she was smiling expectantly back up at him. “Mrs. Feinstein, you have been chosen to go first and I think you might enjoy telling Mr. Feinstein and your daughter how it feels as I am stretching your pussy out to new and previously never enjoyed widths as I first place the head in, and then the shaft.”

    He looked at the husband. “Usually I prefer to kiss and eat my woman first, but these are unusual circumstances. Mr Feinstein, we need to make sure she is adequately lubricated, so would you use my cock to prepare your wife please?”

    “Yesss. Like that dear, like that.” Esther was gasping with pleasure as her husband's hand was busy using the tip of Victor's dripping cock to prepare her as he swiped Victor's cock up and down between his wife's lips.

    “Mrs Feinstein, I do believe your husband is getting off on holding and aiming my cock for me.”

    The excitement in her voice was obvious. “Yes Mr Cameron. And my understanding husband is preparing my pussy for your indulgence.” Esther's voice had changed now, her excitement no longer being concealed.

    Rebecca joined in, her voice also excited sounding. “Oh mother. I do hope you enjoy this, his cock looking so beautiful. I know how significant this must be for you after over twenty years of faithful marriage. Daddy? Let me aim him too.”

    Victor laughed inwardly at Rebecca having called his cock 'beautiful,' but to her, with so little experience, maybe his cock does look beautiful to her.

    Something significant was happening here. More so than the obvious, that a family is involved in some kind of orgy including incest. What is happening here was that a family that had been moored in years of quiet innocence was slowly being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

    No swearing. No nudity. No talk of sex. That had been their life during the 18 years of a child being in the Feinstein's home, followed by four years of college. Now all that was going out the window.

    As Rebecca placed her hand on Victor's shaft, her father reluctantly let go. Now it was Rebecca who was using the tip of Victor's dripping dick to lubricate her mother. “Gee Mr Cameron, you really feel thick. I'm going to rub Mommy's clitoris with the tip of this....aaaa yes like that.”

    She rubbed it back and forth some more. “Mother! Guess what? That big hole in the tip, where your tongue was, and guess what, I felt it my tongue too, it's flowing with pre-coital fluid. It's getting your pussy all wet and yes, it's so shiny now.”

    Esther Feinstein had begun to moan as Victor added, “It'll help her to take me.”

    “Mother. Like Mr Cameron said that Daddy must do for me, I want you to cum for Mr Cameron. Then we'll do Daddy on top of me. Then later, when Mr. Cameron gets ready to use this on me, you can prepare me like I'm doing you.” She giggled like a little girl. "This is so much fun.”

    Mother Feinstein finally gets what she might have dreamed about.

    Then the penetration began as Rebecca released her hand, and wanting to be part of this, Mr Feinstein again grabbed Victor's cock.

    Mrs Feinstein made mostly sounds rather than words to let her husband and daughter know. But she said enough. “Ooooh fuckkkk. Ooooh that feels good Mr Cameron. Shit I don't know who I should be telling. Oooh I like that, so damned thick. The feeling is so intense. Uuuhhhh now you're going so deep.”

    Then, maybe feeling a bit sorry for, or maybe about her husband, she looked over at him.

    “Hyman, I still love you my dear.” Around about that time, Esther had reached over for her husband's head, pulled him down, and they kissed.

    Mrs. Feinstein's other hand reached out, and she began holding her daughter's hand as well. Then she seemed to be quiet for a bit, holding her breath as Victor slowly eased deeper. He would push in an inch, she would gasp, and then he was easing back. So far, she only had the first half of his thickness.

    Her face though, Esther Feinstein's face, was wearing a big smile.

    Victor gave directions. “Talk to them Esther. Let them know.” He eased in another inch.

    “Oh shit. Oh Heaven's to be. I think maybe I've been waiting all my life for this. Now he's really deep and he feels so good.” She was rolling her head back and forth to look at both. “I want you to know my daughter, and my husband too.”

    She looked at her husband. “Hyman, it never felt like I was being stretched by your penis once Rebecca was born. Now it feels like that, again, only more so!”

    “Is it better my love, this stretching?”

    “Better? Hyman, do you really want to know?”

    “Yes dear. Everyone is listening and they want to hear the truth.”

    “You asked for it my love. Mr Cameron feels wonderfully huge, the best, stretching me so far. It's not just the feeling of being stretched, it's how much I can feel him rubbing me everywhere inside. Maybe it's because of the way it looks, all veiny and stuff, but there is so much feeling coming from his cock. It's incredible, and he's not even all the way in yet. So deep, and there's more to come.”

    She had said it, maybe unthinkingly, but it had came out, that word, the 'best.' It was official now, Victor is giving one Mrs Hyman Esther Feinstein the best cock she has ever felt.

    Victor was forced to say something at that point. “Mr. Feinstein, Mrs. Feinstein says that I am going so deep, but if you were to remove your hand I can probably go deeper still. However, I do appreciate your efforts to help, so if you like, you can continue to help out by holding my balls up out of the way so that your daughter can see how Mrs Feinstein's pussy looks as I continue to stretch it.”

    Mr Feinstein eagerly swapped his grip from a thick shaft to cupping those big, hairy, wrinkled balls. “Like this?” His voice sounded shaky, rather it is from nervousness or excitement it was hard to tell.

    “Yes Mr Feinstein. Your gentle hand feels very warm holding my balls.” He giggled. “If you like, you can put your head down there and kiss them, my balls.” As he was saying it, Victor rose higher on his knees and spread his thighs further out to the sides to make room.

    “Kiss your balls?”

    “Yes Mr Feinstein. Kiss my balls to show your appreciation of all I am doing for your wife. Do it for your wife since she can't reach it.”

    Victor was joking, but Hyman did it, tried it. Leaning way forward, Hyman pressed his face in close and kissed, actually kissed one of Victor's slowly thrusting balls. Then he leaned back. “Kind of hard to do when you keep moving them.”

    “I know, Mr Feinstein. I am sure your wife does not want me to quit moving. But I will pause for a moment so you can do both.”

    Victor stopped pumping and Mr Feinstein slowly moved his head back in, getting close, then, using his hand, first held up and kissed one ball, then using his hand to raise another, kissed it as well.

    “Good job Mr Feinstein. You saved your wife doing the job, because soon she will be feeling a mighty load shooting forth from there, but not before she cums a time or two.”

    With her husband's hand no longer wrapped around the bottom half of his shaft, Victor pressed forward slowly and Esther groaned as her pussy was stretched wide and deeper still. “Oh shit Mr Cameron you weren't kidding about how this will feel.”

    She groaned. “And now you're really going deep.” With another loud groan as Victor pressed his cock deep, Esther eagerly raised her lips to his.

    Then out it came. Before the actual fucking had ensued. Quickly compared to how long it takes for her to cum with her husband. Besides that, Victor had only eased forward, taking only the shortest of slow strokes as he did so.

    Breaking the kiss Esther gasped it out. “Oh gawd. I'm going to cum!”

    Best of all, Hyman, who was again holding Victor's balls up out of the way, excitedly joined in. “Rebecca? Watch here at your mother's orgasm!”

    “I see it Daddy!”

    Both Daddy and Daughter watched in fascination as Mrs Esther Feinstein enjoyed the first and yes the most intense orgasm ever being given to her, unknown to them an orgasm far superior to any given by her husband.

    The contractions were easy to see around her stretched pussy lips, and since her legs were high and wrapped around Victor Cameron's hips, her anus could also be seen contracting.

    “Wow Daddy. Everything is moving. Look how red her pussy is.”

    “I see it Rebecca. It's fascinating to see.” Both the Father and the Daughter moved their heads in even closer.

    Then, with much moaning and groaning, Esther Feinstein's incredible orgasm was finished, and her husband finally dared to remove his eyes from his wife's vagina and look toward her face.

    Despite all the talk, all the preparation, Hyman was surprised to see the shiny with sweat face of his wife tenderly kissing another man, a man who was thoroughly enjoying having his penis inside her married pussy. This kiss Hyman could see, was not that from a woman in the midst of being fucked forcefully. No, this kiss looked like...love.

    Besides that, Hyman saw a tear rolling down his wife's cheek.

    “Esther? You're kissing him too?” Hyman Feinstein could not believe what he is seeing as his wife apparently, was heavily involved maybe mentally with the man on and inside her.

    Worried that she was hurting her husband's feelings by still kissing Mr Cameron, Esther reluctantly pulled her mouth away from Victor. But that was not to last long as she made her feelings known to all.

    “Thank you Mr Cameron. I've never known that fucking a man can be like this, feel like this.”

    Esther was telling the truth, but also, in advance, trying to get back at her husband whom soon, she knew, is going to be fucking their daughter.

    Surprisingly, it didn't seem to be fazing her husband. Silly Mr Feinstein had another question, but the kind under the circumstances that Victor enjoys. “Mr Cameron? She's had hers. Now maybe it's your turn. If you cum in my wife, will you be able to get it up again for my daughter? Perhaps you should hold back.”

    This was crazy. It would appear that Mr Feinstein, in an effort to let Mr Cameron know that he is doing his best to 'cooperate,' is 'making sure that his daughter will be fucked.

    “I appreciate your concern Mr Feinstein, but as of this moment, I haven't even truly fucked your wife. All I have done is penetrate her very core with my cock. I can assure you that once I have finished fucking your wife's delicious and welcoming pussy and given her a good load, that I will still be able to rise to the occasion with your beautiful daughter.”

    Hyman nodded, unaware in his ignorance of things sexual as to how much he is the cuckold. “Yes, I can understand that. My daughter is indeed, beautiful.”

    Victor smiled. “Besides, Mr Feinstein, you'll be fucking your daughter first while I regenerate.”

    Victor kept stroking and talking to Hyman while he looked into Esther's eyes. “Mr Feinstein, I want to leave your lovely wife's pussy full of my cum so that later, and I know you will want to, you'll be getting sloppy seconds on your wife for the first time in your marriage.”

    He looked into Esther's eyes. “In other words, Mrs Feinstein, don't go to the bathroom in between.”

    “I understand.” Esther Feinstein's face was all smiles. She was beyond caring now. She had been given the ultimate, in her mind, orgasm, and Mr Cameron, even now while paused, was keeping her pussy on the edge of another orgasm.

    "Oh Mr Cameron, please go on. I need this.”

    Then finally, all questions for the moment having been answered, Daddy and husband Hyman Feinstein was silent while he and his daughter watched the formerly innocent and reserved Mrs. Esther Feinstein giving in to her long suppressed feelings as she again responded to the skilled fucking of a man who had long practiced using what he had been given at birth.

    She wanted to cum again, no doubt about that, but she was in no hurry. This being constantly on the edge of orgasm was new to her. Mr Cameron can take as long as he likes.

    “Wait a minute Mr Cameron. I don't want to cum just yet.”

    Victor paused for a moment, then she asked him to continue, but to do it slow, make it last.

    After perhaps five minutes of gentle fucking, Mrs Feinstein had adapted fully to his length and started responding with more passionate kisses with Mr Cameron. Seeing this, Mr. Feinstein sighed and removed his hand and allowing the balls to drop onto his wife's anus, dared to ask. “Do you mind, Mr. Cameron, if I don't show your face, if I take some pictures?”

    Victor laughed. “Like what you're seeing?”

    “Yes Mr Cameron. The sight of my wife's pussy being given a workout in such a worthwhile manner should be captured on film, it seems, so that she and I can view them together on future evenings as we enjoy one another.”

    “On film? You mean the old way, with film in the camera?”

    “No sir. I meant on my digital camera, and later to be viewed on my computer or even our 55 inch TV screen. Also, if needed, I have a laser printer that will print out excellent quality photos that I can hold.”

    “Sounds like you are about to create a library of sex. Go get your camera, Mr Feinstein. I promise to wait.” Victor smiled down at Esther. “We'll wait, won't we?”

    'Yes dear. Get your camera. Take your time, I don't care. I want more of this.”

    As Mr Feinstein ran off, not very far, to a bedroom closet to get his camera, Victor looked down into Esther's eyes. “Glad I stopped in?”

    She snickered and raising a hand she had on his ass, sort of slapped him lightly on the butt cheek with it. Esther spoke low so her husband would not hear, but Rebecca was right beside her. “You bastard. You really know how to manipulate people. I bet you had this all planned in advance, didn't you?” Her voice was friendly. Friendly happy.

    Victor smiled and his voice just above a whisper, loud enough for Rebecca to hear but not her father, he confessed, “Yes, I had this planned, but your daughter being here is a big bonus.”

    Esther giggled, and when she gave her response, Rebecca joined in. “Big bonus? Perhaps you meant to say big boner?”

    Mr Feinstein was back by the bed. “What's so funny?”

    His wife's answer surprised everyone with how out in the open and bold she was feeling. “We were just discussing Mr Cameron's cock my dear. About how it is not only a big bonus to our deal but how it is also a big boner.”

    “Oh, I see,” Hyman Feinstein answered his wife. “Big boner! That is quite funny.”

    Then the picture taking began as Victor kept up his fucking on the first of the two fine women at his disposal. At one point he tentatively reached over and as his right hand found Rebecca's left breast, she moved in closer to aid him in his reach. As his fingers found her nipple, it was already erect.

    Victor looked into Rebecca's eyes and saw the desire there. “Fuck yeah. She wants to do this now. No doubt.”

    Hyman Feinstein was thrilled. "Yes Yes! Get my daughter in these photos too. It looks like the three of them are having a threesome.'

    “Mr Cameron, please? If you could get higher on your knees for some shots.” Yes, like that. Rebecca? Could you lift up his balls for me?”

    Hyman's heart was pounding as he saw his daughter lifting Mr. Cameron's big balls away from his wife's pussy so it will show. "Yes Rebecca, keep holding them up like that!"

    The feel of Rebecca's warm fingers holding his balls made Victor's heart pound. Encouraged, he pounded. The increased tempo of his powerful strokes brought Esther to another orgasm, and it only took a minute.

    “Five minutes later, after some more intense fucking, Victor gasped it out. “Mr Feinstein, if you have enough photos of your wife taking a big one and enjoying another two or three orgasms, I am ready to drop my load into her.”

    “Do it Sir. I'm ready to catch it all on digital.”

    Victor looked down into Esther's eyes. “Mrs Feinstein, are you prepared to receive a hot load coming from the place where you have placed your tongue earlier?”

    “Yes Mr Cameron, I do so reluctantly.”


    "Yes Mr. Cameron. Reluctant to have this end so soon.” They both laughed in unison.

    As Victor and Esther lay gasping, sweat visible on both their bodies, Hyman continued to get his photos. Then it came, they came, and this time together.

    Hyman saw it through his viewfinder. "Rebecca! Look at Mr. Cameron's anus. You can see it moving just like your mother's pussy."

    Rebecca's voice expressed her excitement. "Yes Daddy, I see it."

    Their simultaneous orgasm ended, Mr. Cameron and Mrs. Feinstein laid quietly and continued to kiss.

    “Mr Cameron, please.”

    “What's that, Mr Feinstein?”

    “Could you rise up just a little? Pull your magnificent member out a little ways and let me get a shot of it above my wife's pussy while your cum runs out?”

    An amazing transformation. In just minutes, Mr Feinstein had gone from reluctant, worried, scared, concerned, jealous, to willing, anxious, happy and enthusiastic.

    As Victor slowly eased his dripping cock up and out of Mrs Feinstein's pussy, Hyman removed the camera from his eye in order to better see the damage, if you can call it that, that had been done to his wife's married pussy.

    That fat head, wider then the wide shaft, tugged her inner lips inside out as Victor eased back, back and then out.

    That formerly innocent pussy was opened, wide, and both the inner and outer lips looked to be somewhat swollen. But as Hyman waited, something became obvious.


    “What's that, Mr Feinstein? Something wrong?”

    “No cum is running out. I see some dripping from your cock, but nothing coming out of my wife.”

    “Ha! That's because I put it in so deep. “Mrs Feinstein, push out with your pussy and let's see if we can get come cum to show.”

    Excitedly, Hyman Feinstein moved in closer with the camera and too aim.

    “Push again. One more time. That's it! Excellent! Wow, look at how much..” Excitedly, Hyman took a shot, moved still closer and took another.

    “Honey, can you push out some more?”

    She did. “Wow, it's running down your butt crack.” And again Hyman took some shots. But Victor wanted his load, as much as possible, to remain inside her.

    “Now Mr Feinstein, use your fingers to push that cum back up into your wife's freshly stretched hole.”

    “Yessir!” Hyman, eagerly it seemed to all, used the fingers of his right hand to scoop up from the lower half of his wife's pussy and going down toward her anus, a large amount of thick yet runny and warm, cum. He did his best to push it back inside his wife's abused pussy.

    Then he said the shocking. “I want this to all be inside Esther when we do it.”

    Victor made a suggestion. “Mrs Feinstein, perhaps you should continue to lie on your back and keep my nice cum in there for your husband to enjoy later.” She smiled and nodded.

    “Mr Feinstein,” Victor asked, “Are you ready to finally get to sample your lovely daughter's tight little pussy?”

    “Hee Hee. I've always been ready, Mr Cameron.”

    “Hyman! Always? What do you mean by that?” Esther Feinstein sounded a bit concerned.

    It was time for Hyman to be honest with his wife. “I can't help it dear. It's a man thing. I've often wondered what our daughter's body looks like, and on a few, rare occasions, I've fantasized on what it might be like to, to fuck her. Of course honey, for real I would never have done so. Not even mentioned it to anyone. This is an unusual circumstance.”

    Esther sounded kind of annoyed with her answer, but she had a smile on her face. “Time you got to it then.”

    Victor took charge.

    “That's it Rebecca. You look lovely on your back. Your breasts stick up almost as far as they stick out when you are standing. Now spread those legs way out and show your father what he is about to receive.”

    He looked around at the three family members. “Do you people realize the significance of this happening? This is even more, aaah, how should I say it, 'forbidden' than having Esther here fucking a strange man with the two of you watching.

    Rebecca will be fucking her father, and doing so while having a husband with a smaller cock who does not know what she is doing. Also, incredibly, she will be fucking her father while her mother and an outsider, me, are watching.

    What we will be seeing is Daddy on Daughter. The ultimate 'no no' perhaps. But so exciting. Rebecca is lovely, and I want to be on her, inside her, but I just couldn't deny Daddy a chance to have her first.”

    As Victor was talking, Rebecca not only had spread wide, but daringly, she had placed her right hand on her vagina and began lightly stroking.

    “Aaaah yes, Rebecca. Rub that pussy. You look so hot. I can't believe I'm not taking you first.”

    Then Hyman thought of something. “Oh wait! The photos. I want pictures of this 'ultimate no no.' Mr Cameron or maybe...Esther, would one of you take some photos? Our faces can show this time, and right now I'd like photos of my bigger than her husband's cock spreading my daughter wide.”

    Victor chuckled. “Exactly what I was thinking, Mr Feinstein. When your daughter said you are bigger, I knew right then that I had to allow you to be first.”

    It was Hyman's turn to be the larger man. Esther, sighing, said, “I'll get the photos.” She glanced over at Victor as she sat up. “I think I can keep most of the cum from running out.”

    Father Feinstein finally gets what he had dreamed about.

    “OK Mr Feinstein, get up between her legs. Yes, like that, just close enough for the head of your circumcised cock to touch. That's it, hold it right there. Now do something I know you are dying to do.”

    “What...what's that Mr Cameron?”

    “You’ve probably never done it. Feel your daughter's lovely looks like D cup breasts.”

    Hyman didn't hesitate as his hands eagerly grabbed hold of both his daughter's breasts. Hyman's eyes were wide as finally, he had his hands full of his daughter's most obvious assets.

    Victor took note that as Hyman's cock had slid up through Rebecca's covering of hair and before landing a few inches below her navel that he had left a trail of clear shiny fluid behind. Now his shaft was lying in it.

    “Yes Daddy, and feel those nipples, so hard between your fingers. Now, stay up on your knees as you bend your head down and kiss her.”

    At first Rebecca seemed a bit resistant at kissing her father, then, after a few seconds of contact, her tongue made contact with her father's, and all was well. She moaned softly under her breath. Victor looked under, and saw that during the kiss, Hyman had, in the process of bending forward, had allowed the tip of his dick to slip partially into his willing daughter.

    “Can you feel him Rebecca? Your father's cock is partway in.”

    She had to break the kiss. “Yes. He feels bigger already.”

    “You mean bigger than your husband?”

    “Yes. Of course.”

    Victor smiled broadly. “Are you excited?”

    Rebecca sighed audibly. “Yes sir. Yes I am.”

    Victor laughed. “It's obvious that you must be or you would have said something before this. But I need to ask. Are you on the pill?”

    “Oh yes,. Of course. We, my husband and I, decided to wait a while.”

    Victor chuckled. "Good thing perhaps, otherwise you might have ended up making yourself a little brother or sister."

    Rebecca's eyes got wide as she pictured it. "Oh my, wouldn't that be something!"

    Victor decided to become a director. “This is a special occasion Rebecca. Maybe a one time thing in your life. Express yourself. Concentrate on the feel of your father's cock as he slides in. Then, once he finally gets it buried, ask your daddy to fuck you. It will take some getting used to, to say these things to your father.

    But I want you to talk dirty. Get really down and dirty at first, then later, if he can manage to hold back a bit, then you can get romantic if you want.”

    Victor glanced over at Esther. “I hope what you hear doesn't get you upset. Mrs Feinstein.”

    “No, Mr Cameron. If they are going to be doing it, might as well go for as much pleasure as possible. Goodness knows I did, and did. If my daughter has an orgasm even half as strong as mine were, it will be the best thing she has ever felt."

    Rebecca got right to it as she roamed with her eyes first at Victor, then her mother, and then up into her daddy's face. “This is so strange. I've never ever talked this way to my husband, but I'm already wet so, here I go. Fuck me Daddy. Uuuuh! Ohhh yesss, like that. You do feel bigger."

    Her voice rose in pitch as Rebecca began to hug her father with her arms at first, and then, raising her ass, with her legs. "I can tell already Daddy, there will be no problem. It feels better than my husband, your cock, and you're going to make me cum!”

    As they began to hump, Victor started speaking softly to Rebecca as he took photos. “Close your eyes for a while Rebecca and concentrate on your father's cock. That is the cock that only your mother has enjoyed before tonight. Now it is yours, sliding in and out, stretching your pussy, yours to enjoy until you cum and maybe longer.”

    “Yes, yes,” Rebecca replied softly. ”My father's big and wonderful feeling cock, so much better than my husband's."

    Victor didn't know if Rebecca was exaggerating for her father's benefit or not, but this, coming from a formerly innocent daughter, was hot talk indeed.

    Somehow, surprisingly, the two of them managed to overcome any concerns they might have over the wife and mother watching them as they went at it. Daddy fucked, and daughter responded. This was Hyman's chance, his only chance to be the bigger of two men, her husband and now him, with his daughter. In addition, he needed to show her that he too, like Victor, knows how to move his ass.

    His watching wife no longer a concern, Hyman used every trick he knew, and then invented more as he went along as he fucked his daughter in and out, sideways, deep, shallow, and then at one point he turned his body and threw one leg over her stomach and fondled her breasts as he buried his cock as deeply as possible and pumped hard against her pubic bone.

    “Uuh Uuh Uuh. Daddy, you're being rough, but I like it.”

    Victor laughed as he decided to do a little pumping of Hyman's ego as Hyman pumped his daughter. “That's right Rebecca. You're being fucked by a real man now. Enjoy it. Let yourself go as your father shows you how he can move that big cock.”

    Victor suspected that in real life, away from all this, that Hyman Feinstein had never been a real man with his wife, but now, with his daughter, he could be. For a little while. Look at him, the lucky dude. I managed to get him onto and into his daughter, not only into her tight pussy, but his hands onto her tits.

    “That's it Daddy. You feel good, It's like Mr Cameron says. Your cock feels better than my husband, that's for sure.”

    All his experimentation worked perhaps better than Hyman had hoped as his daughter gasped through one, two and then raggedly, a third orgasm.

    “Fuck Daddy. “I don't have any problem cumming with you. I wish my husband could do this.”

    Victor had taken over from Esther and was operating the camera as Hyman finally let it go. "I'm cumming baby, Rebecca. I'm cumming!"

    “Ohhh daddy. Yessss. I can feel you cumming. Give it to me, oh yes! You feel even bigger and you're throbbing so hard.” Rebecca, knowing how significant this act is, was like Victor, doing her all to spice up the talk, and the action.

    Hyman was indeed throbbing, his hardest, longest and best in years if not ever.

    They laid quietly together, after, and Victor for the moment, kept quiet as they enjoyed the afterglow. They had not achieved the simultaneous orgasm like Victor and Esther, but close.

    Now it was Victor's turn to do some directing.

    “Mr Feinstein, please!”

    “What's that, Mr Cameron?”

    “Could you rise up just a little? Pull your magnificent member out a little ways and let me get a shot of it above your daughter's stretched pussy while cum runs out?”


    “What's that, Mr Cameron? Something wrong?” Hyman had caught on.

    “No cum is running out.”

    “Ha! That's because I put it in so deep. “Rebecca my beloved daughter, push out with your pussy and let's see if we can get come cum to show.”

    She pushed, and since Hyman's cum did not have to travel as far to cum out as Victor's cum had in his wife, it came out on the first push.

    “That's it!” said Victor. “Excellent! Wow, look at how much. Mr Feinstein. I do believe you delivered a very substantial load to your daughter's lovely and I am sure, tight little pussy.”

    Rebecca could no longer hold back her laughter. “Silly guys. I felt Daddy cumming really hard. Better than my husband feels usually. Daddy must have been saving it up.”

    Sex talk. The more the better. Victor wanted to say it. “Mr Hyman, your daughter's pussy looks like it received a generous workout. Her inner lips appear to be bright pink and swollen somewhat, she looks to be stretched to some degree internally, and I would venture to say that all in all that looks like a satisfied pussy.”

    Rebecca giggled. “Very satisfied.”

    Victor smiled. “So bigger is better?” As he asked Rebecca, Victor glanced at Esther, and she gave him a small smile her husband could not see.

    Rebecca grinned and stretched. “Seems to be.”

    Rebecca had answered with some reluctance. 'Seems to be.' because she knew that soon, an even larger cock than her daddy's will be inside her.

    Rebecca waited while Victor Cameron moved in and out and all around, getting more photos of her soaked pussy with her father's dangling cock right above.

    Esther Feinstein was being strangely silent, content apparently to just lie on the edge of the bed and watch the action. Then her eyes widened at what her daughter said next.

    “Mr Cameron? Daddy has me all warmed up, opened up and prepared. His penis has gone soft, so are you ready to do some fucking so I can put some signatures on our contract?”

    “You bet your ass!” Instead of him having to maybe do some more persuading, Rebecca is asking for it. Wasting no time, Victor handed the camera over to her father and slowly crawled up between Rebecca's legs.

    To enhance things, Victor came right out with it. “Fuck this is so hot. I am about to get sloppy seconds on a lovely young woman and the slop I will be feeling around my cock will be from her father. Amazing.”

    He reached out with his hands. “Want to do some kissing first,” Victor asked as for the first time he fondled both her lovely D cup breasts?

    Rebecca could feel the glans they had talked about starting to spread her. Already she could feel the difference and he isn't even started in yet. From bigger to even bigger in a matter of minutes. 'I might need more time,' she thought.

    “Yes. Please Mr Cameron. Kiss me.”

    As he leaned down to make contact with her lips, Victor gave her another inch.

    “Uuh! Oh wow. From bigger to bigger still. Go slow please Mr Cameron. Let me get used to it. To you.” With wide eyes, Rebecca looked up into Victor Cameron's face, and her face seemed to glow.

    Victor was taking delight in knowing that once again, with many women in the past, his son's bride in recent months, and now this man's wife and then his daughter, he was forever altering the way they thought of their husband's cocks as they remember being with him.

    Rebecca, apparently, was very excited about this happening as she looked over at her daddy, her face aglow. Daddy though, she could see, is not watching her face. Instead, he was looking intently through the lens of his camera and it appeared to be pointed at her pussy,

    “Daddy? Thank you for preparing me for Mr Cameron.” Then, closing her eyes and raising her legs until her knees were bent and her feet were planted, she groaned as her pussy elevated a little higher automatically and enveloped a bit more of Victor's cock.

    Two minutes later and perhaps twenty tentative strokes, Rebecca had finally raised her legs, slowly, up around his waist.

    "Mother. I think I can do this.”

    She was taking all save the final perhaps two inches!

    Her father had been clicking away like crazy, getting a shot with every inch Victor worked into her. At the seven inch point, Rebecca had orgasmed. Orgasmed before any actual stroking had taken place, a first for her.

    Then the serious fucking began as Hyman Feinstein photographed his married daughter's pussy being given a workout that the two men who had gone before could never hope to match.

    Victor was in his best element now. His cock already satisfied a bit by her mother, now he can manage to hold back on this tighter still pussy, no problem.

    An amazed father kept alternating between his lens and his naked eyes as he watched his daughter's pussy lips being tugged both in and out and sometimes being made to change direction sideways as Victor Cameron moved his firm ass to and fro and tortured her with his big cock.

    Torture? Well, it kind of sounded that way to Hyman Feinstein's ears as he listened to his daughter's moans.

    'Is she being hurt,' Hyman wondered as he saw tears running down Rebecca's cheeks. Then he got his answer.

    “Mr Cameron, you can do it a little harder and deeper now if you like, I'm getting used to you.”

    Hyman was shocked. 'Harder? Deeper? And I thought she was being tortured!'

    Esther Feinstein's eyes were wide as she watched her daughter coming alive. She too knew what that cock feels like.

    Hyman hurried to get his lens trained on his daughter' pussy as Victor finally buried his cock. Hyman could not believe his eyes, but he would have his photos later to prove it. His daughter is able to take the full length of that maybe it looks like, nine inches.

    Those beautiful balls that he had kissed were now in the way.


    The word had echoed across the bedroom like a shot.

    Victor had quit pumping. “What is it, Mr Feinstein?”

    “You're buried now so I need for Esther to hold your balls up Mr Cameron so I can get more shots of you stretching my daughter's pussy with your cock.”

    Victor chuckled. “Esther, get over here and do your duty.”

    Esther lifted those balls she had learned to love, Hyman got his shots, and Victor went back to work.

    As Hyman heard his lovely daughter having her third orgasm within five minutes, he felt compelled to ask. “Rebecca? Men all over the world need to know. Is a big cock, a truly big cock all that much better?”

    “Daddy? I've only been married for three months and this night is the first time I've even been with anyone other than my husband, so how could I know?”

    “Rebecca. My darling daughter. You got a larger cock from me, and now you are getting a truly big cock at the moment, so I would say that qualifies you to give some opinion.”

    In her youth, in her inexperience, Rebecca maiden name Feinstein came up with the answer wives have been giving out for years in order to not hurt their husband's feelings.

    “Daddy. It all depends on who it's attached to.”

    She had done it. With no training or prepping, given her father the classic female answer that is a non-answer.

    If time invested is a form of answer, Rebecca wasted no time taking her time. The fucking, the sometimes loving, lasted for a long time. Victor was in no hurry to finish this, and as long as this beautiful Feinstein daughter kept responding so strongly, he wanted to keep fucking.

    Both their bodies were shiny with sweat now, their entire bodies, something that had not occurred with all the previous fucking. Victor, if fucking could be measured like miles driven, was putting a lot of wear and tear on the pussy of another man's wife, as usual.

    Then, having a thought, 'we don't want to wear it out,' Victor said, “Feel me cum Rebecca,” and let it go. He blew a big one into Rebecca as she groaned. Oh yes, could she ever feel his throbs.

    Victor had fucked both the mother and the daughter, and now he wanted the father to get sloppy seconds on his daughter. Victor had his reasons. He wanted to hear any possible commentary from the father on how different his daughter's pussy feels, and also have Rebecca feel the difference between just having bigger still and then going back to just, bigger.

    “OK Mr Feinstein. This is your probably your final chance to fuck your daughter. Get it while the iron's hot. I'll take some photos for you. I got sloppy seconds on your daughter and now you can have some sloppy thirds.”

    This was coming out of the blue. Daddy with Daughter a second time, and right after her getting her third and largest cock, ever.

    Esther spoke, her voice confused. “Mr Cameron, I thought my husband was supposed to do it with me, get his sloppy seconds.”

    Victor smiled. “Your husband is just going to slide it in and feel your daughter, Mrs Feinstein. Feel how her pussy has been stretched and soaked just minutes after he broke it in. He will still save his second load for you.”

    He turned to look at Hyman. “Isn't that true, Mr Feinstein? You're just going to enjoy a few final minutes feel of your daughter's altered pussy?”


    Esther Feinstein's face showed no emotion as she watched her husband again mount their daughter. He had been drained completely by his daughter, or so he had thought, but Hyman had no problem becoming fully erect again.

    Victor was busy taking photos, and reveling in how easy it had been to pervert this fine conservative family.

    Feeling ornery, Rebecca even let everyone know. “Daddy, I know what you might be thinking, but your cock is still bigger than my husband's and I can still feel you even after my having Mr. Cameron in me. You really felt good when you put it in, both times.”

    “Thank you Rebecca. I never thought, in all the years I watched you growing up to become a woman, that I would be doing something like this.”

    “Do it a little harder Daddy!”

    Victor smiled when he heard Rebecca let out a gasp as her daddy rammed his six inch cock into her shiny pussy. He figured that in reality, after him, that Rebecca isn't even feeling it that much. But Rebecca was making sure not to hurt daddy's feelings.

    Esther Feinstein spoke up, and it could be heard that there was still a bit of resentment in her voice that they are doing it twice. “Go ahead Hyman. Make love to your daughter, and I hope this will be the last time. After all, she does have a husband she must be true to.”

    “Mother! This is business, remember? We're not 'making love,' we're fucking. Daddy and me. One time, one night, and then it's back to business as usual, and I hope, a very successful business.”

    Her mother nodded in agreement, but Rebecca was no longer watching her mother.

    “Mmmm Daddy. You do feel good.” As she was saying that, Rebecca was looking up into Victor's face as if saying, 'See how I can fib when I need to?'

    Hyman had his own thoughts. His wife had said, 'Make love to your daughter.' Despite Rebecca having responded with 'we're fucking,' that was exactly what he wanted to do, make love.

    “Rebecca?” Hyman had paused after sinking his six inches as deeply as possible and giving her a couple dozen strokes. Surprisingly, after her having been fucked by the big one, he could still feel her lips clasping his cock. Lightly, but clasping. Not as tight as the first time though. “Can I kiss you, like two lovers?”

    “Of course Daddy.” Ignoring Esther Feinstein, they kissed, and after a few seconds, it was obvious, they had gone to using their tongues. Still, the kiss only lasted maybe ten seconds.

    Like a man possessed, Hyman started pumping vigorously, his ass beating a tattoo toward his daughter's pussy. He had supposedly, slipped in just to feel her for a little while.

    One minute, then two, and Rebecca's arms began to hold her father as her pleasure built. Two minutes later it happened. Something shocking perhaps. They started kissing again, father and daughter, like two lovers, and this time they did not break the kiss.

    Rebecca began to moan, softly, but moaning. Her legs came up, first around her father's legs, then higher until she had her legs wrapped around Hyman's waist.

    Hyman Feinstein redoubled his efforts. 'If I can make my daughter cum again, after her having had Mr. Cameron, that will be something.'

    “That's a great shot,” Victor said excitedly. “Keep your legs up like that Rebecca. Mr Feinstein, slow down your pumping a bit and I'll be able to get a clear shot or two of your daughter's pussy all wrapped around your cock.

    Rebecca, raise your ass off the mattress a bit if you can. That's it. Now we can see your lovely little anus as well as how your pussy is being stretched.

    Yes. That's nice. Keep giving her those longer strokes Mr Feinstein. I can see my cum oozing out all around the sides of her pussy and onto your cock. Must be pretty slippery in there. Even after I fucked her good and stretched that tight little pussy, it still looks like she is able to be tight around your cock.”

    Dropping the camera for a minute, Victor leaned in close to Rebecca's face. “Your Father's cock, Rebecca, your Father's cock!”

    “Yes,” she moaned. “I'm feeling it!”

    Victor loved being able to do that, keep the subject of cocks and especially his big cock stretching pussies more up front while others are having their moment.

    At that moment, after getting the photos, Victor stole a glance at Mrs. Feinstein, and her face looked angry.

    She might have been making it up at first so as to reassure her father that his penis was still adequate, but regardless, Rebecca's orgasm on the way was not bemg faked.

    “Mother? I can feel it. Before long Daddy's going to make me cum!”

    “Me too!” Just then, Hyman announced his intent to cum in his daughter's eager pussy. He was supposed to hold it back for his wife, but no one said a word. Daddy must cum in his daughter's pussy. For the second time.

    Because of Rebecca being soggy and stretched, it had taken almost ten minutes of hard pumping on the part of daddy to get them there.

    “Fuck that's hot,” Victor exclaimed! "Both of you cumming a second time, and together."

    It was hot alright, because as soon as her father had dismounted, Victor immediately climbed on and slowly penetrated her. His cock was hard, amazingly hard even after having cum in the two women.

    Rebecca, worn out basically from three intense fucks from the two men, did not protest as for the fourth time, a strange cock penetrated her.

    Accompanied by kissing, Victor fucked her good, using sideways strokes.

    It took only a couple of minutes, and then Rebecca had another orgasm. Again they kissed. She had been given an opportunity to go from bigger than her husband, to even bigger, then back to just bigger again, and then, a final time, ever bigger.

    There was no doubt, now that she had adapted and her pussy is all soaked inside, that there is more feeling with the largest cock. But now, after so many orgasms, Rebecca didn't care.

    Finally. “Mr. Cameron? Sir? I'm getting a bit sore I think. First my father, then you and then my father again and now you. I'm not used to,” she giggled, 'getting so much attention.”

    “I understand baby,” Victor responded, using an adult term of familiarity for the first time with her. “Mr. Feinstein, ready to get the final photos of my orgasm, accompanied by hopefully one more from your daughter?”

    “Yessir,” responded the father of the recent bride. “Bang away while I bang away.” Hyman Feinstein was again ready with the camera.

    Victor Cameron apparently knew what he is doing as Rebecca again achieved orgasm, timed to match his.

    Then, as Rebecca lay gasping under him, Victor spoke to her father. “Mr Feinstein?” Victor still had one more goal, to have Hyman fuck his wife's stretched and soaked pussy. He still had not taken sloppy seconds on his wife. So first, we must get Hyman hard again.

    “Yes sir. What might that be?”

    “We already have photos of your two fine women sharing my cock with their mouths and pussies, so now they need to perform a little more with and for you. Do some mutual sucking on your cock. That way, later when you enjoy the memories of this fine evening, you can pull out all the photos and make comparisons.”

    “You'll take some more photos for me sir? I'd like that.”

    “Of course Mr Feinstein. A fine way to conclude an evening of business and pleasure.”

    Hyman looked at his wife. He was worn out, used up. Unsure if even having two women sucking him simultaneously would get him erect, Hyman hoped she would let him off the hook. “Dear? Do you still want me to fuck you?”

    That was the first time Hyman had ever said 'Fuck you' rather than her preferred 'Make love.'

    Esther did, because she was still horny from watching the action. Besides, she too wanted to see what a smaller cock can do for her, if anything, after getting the big one.

    “If we can get you hard again, Rebecca and I, yes, I would like for you to fuck me.” Never, in all their years of marriage had Esther ever used the words 'fuck me.' Before tonight, it had always been 'make love.'

    “That seals it,” Victor said while inwardly having himself a good laugh. “No reason not to. Daddy gets sucked by wife and daughter and I do the filming.”

    “Yes sir. Thank you sir. We'd enjoy that I'm sure.”

    Then Esther surprised them all when she made a suggestion for some photos she wanted to have. Before we get some photos of Daddy,” she said, referring now to Hyman as 'Daddy' since he had been fucking their daughter, “I would like to have maybe just two or three photos of what I consider to be a truly historical event, and I want them to remember this night.”

    When she was talking, Esther was staring at Victor, and he thought he knew where she is taking this.

    “What is it dear? What photos do you want?”

    Esther was having a strong urge to not only further cuckold her incestuous husband, but to capture it with a camera.

    “I would like some photos of you sucking Mr Cameron's cock. When I was seeing that before, I must admit, it kind of turned me on.”

    That was when Rebecca joined in. “Me too Mother. That was fun to see!”

    As Victor turned to Hyman, he too saw another chance to cuckold a husband. “You heard your women, Mr. Feinstein. Time to get busy.” As Victor was speaking, he laid onto his back, a pillow under his head.

    No argument. Hyman was outnumbered three to one. Acting reluctant, on the outside, he got onto his elbow on one side of Victor and almost timidly, reached out to grasp the Cameron cock. “You're not hard sir.”

    “Put your mouth on it, Mr Feinstein, while your wife snaps some photos. In just a minute it will be up to its full stature.” Victor looked at Esther. “Be sure, Mrs Feinstein, that my face does not show.”

    “Mr Cameron,” Esther answered. “Your penis is so large there is not room in the photo for your face add cock at the same time so I will be glad to settle for just seeing my husband's face.”

    The cock in his hand already starting to grow, an embarrassed Mr Feinstein went to work. Click. Almost fully up. Click, Completely hard. Click. Using his tongue on the side of the head. Click. His mouth over the head. Click, after some directing. His tongue on the head while staring into the camera lens. Click.

    “Now smile Hyman and look into the camera as you run your tongue over the head.” Esther knew what she wanted to capture on film.

    “That should do it, Mr Cameron. Thank you.”

    “Wait, Mrs Feinstein. I don't think your husband is quite finished.”

    Click. Click. Two more photos were taken while Hyman Feinstein ran his mouth as deep as he could down the shaft. He came up gagging. “I just wanted to see if I could do it. Get my mouth at least halfway down.”

    Victor smiled. “You came pretty close Mr Feinstein. About as far as your two women can do.”

    He looked up at Esther. “Now shall we do the three of you?”

    After perhaps fifteen minutes, Mr. Feinstein had been provided half a dozen photos of Mrs Feinstein and daughter sharing the circumcised Feinstein cock in their mouths. He had not risen to the occasion instantly, but after two minutes, hard as a rock.

    Of course the two women had a lot less to work with than when they had simultaneously sucked Victor. Hyman had not enough length, really, for two hands on the shaft at the same time, and not enough dickhead, really, for two mouths at the same time, but they managed. Hyman was hard again, rock hard.

    But first, before Daddy took sloppies on his wife, he wanted a few more photos of himself with his daughter.

    “Just a couple dear, while I'm good and hard, of Rebecca on top of me. It will be from a different angle.”

    “Come on dear. Your daughter already told Mr Cameron that her pussy is getting a bit sore.”

    Rebecca on the other hand, acted like she might be more than willing.

    “Mother, I'm not that sore. Besides it's daddy with his smaller cock so it probably won't hurt. Just for a couple of photos, please? I'll get on top so we can compare later.” She could see the desire in her father's eyes. Poor Daddy, he wants a little more time with me. I can imagine how he must feel seeing me and mother enjoying Mr. Cameron's cock like that.

    As Mrs Feinstein gave her reluctant permission, Rebecca eagerly prepared to mount her father. Daddy had no qualms about openly doing this now, this incest. 'My daughter is married, and she has cheated. She has fucked Mr Cameron twice in front of us, so why not me again?'

    She mounted her father's hard cock and like an expert, it seemed, began riding him. Bent down over her father, their heads, eyes and mouths were just inches apart. This was her largest cock to be enjoyed in the female dominant position.

    Victor was busy taking photos, and reveling in how easy it had been to pervert this fine conservative family. His cock, not surprisingly, rose to maximum. Time for some more action, but first these photos.

    “That's right Rebecca, like that. Hold still way up near the top so I can get a nice clear and unblurred shot. That's it, just keep Daddy's head inside. Shit honey, your ass is beautiful from this angle and your pussy looks lovely wrapped around your Father. Got it. Now fuck to your little heart's content!”

    After taking six exposures of Daughter on top of Daddy, Victor spent the remaining time again using his cock on Rebecca's mother.

    Yes yes, this is what Esther really wanted. Not to feel her husband's smaller cock after having had Victor. She wanted to be fucked by Victor. Oh yes. She came again. Side by side they were lying now, all four.

    They were so close to one another that their hips were touching, all four people. Both women were moaning, but Esther had started first, followed by her daughter. Is Rebecca really being stimulated this much by riding her Daddy, or is she just following her Mother's lead?

    Victor took note of the fact that Mrs Feinstein wanted to do a lot of kissing in front of her husband and daughter, and he knew why. An attempt to make her husband jealous after the way he seemed to be enjoying fucking their daughter.

    Esther, it appeared, wanted to show her husband that she too, was getting her dream fuck as she reached over and grasped her husband's shoulder. “Hyman, he's making me cum again. Oh fuck is this ever wonderful!” She grinned, sweat running off her forehead. “Hyman my love, you might have to keep me locked up in the future so I'm not running down to Mr Cameron's office to get some!”

    “Very funny dear,” Hyman replied sarcastically. But inside, he wondered. 'Would my wife actually do something like that?'

    Four minutes, five. The plan had been for just a few quick shots of Daughter on Daddy. Now it had turned into a four-way orgy, with all going for an orgasm. In Esther's case, a final orgasm.

    Rebecca managed to reach an orgasm just in time as her Daddy gripped her breasts and shoving his hips high for the max penetration, shot his load, what he had left, up and into his daughter's lightly clinging pussy.

    As Rebecca and her father finished what they figured would be their final act of intimacy, their heads came together, and they kissed, hoping that Esther is not looking. Kissing while fucking is one thing, but now that the fucking is over, is this still kosher?

    But she was looking and with a sigh, Esther told her husband. “You needn't bother trying to do it with me now Hyman. I'm used up. Totally satisfied. Maybe later tonight, if you can get it up, we can have a go at it.”

    As it had turned out, it was Victor who had gotten sloppy seconds on Mrs Feinstein, AND her Daughter.

    The Afterglow.

    Rebecca rolled off her father and laid beside him. It was over now, for all four it was over, but it was Rebecca who spoke first. After what she had admitted and hearing what her mother had told her father, she wanted to soothe his pride.

    Oh daddy, even when I was on top you made me cum good, and your orgasm felt so intense. I think you filled me up with your cum.” She gave her father one last squeeze with her hand before he managed to gather enough strength to rise.

    Victor too was dismounting as Mr Feinstein stood beside the bed and stared down at his family. In his peripheral vision he saw that, Victor Cameron's cock, semi-erect now, shiny looking from having been in his wife's pussy, and yes, on the end, a drip of cum, now dangling.

    'I still can't believe my women took that, especially my daughter.'

    His eyes were mainly on his wife now and how red, slippery and maybe abused Esther's pussy looks as she lays there. But he spoke to both women. “Both of you ladies stay on the bed for a minute. Yes, just like that, on your backs with your legs spread.”

    “Why daddy?”

    “Yes dear. Why?”

    “You'll see,” Mr Feinstein said softly as he took aim.

    Mr Feinstein excitedly took photos of cum draining from both his wife and daughter's pussy. He giggled like a little boy as he spoke to Victor. “Mr Cameron, there's my cum coming out of Rebecca, and your cum coming out of my wife.

    Fuck this is a great scene to be photographing. I want to thank you Sir for making this happen. These are great shots!”

    “Yes Mr Feinstein,” Victor answered. “Great photos to study, and tomorrow, when you all wake up and think, 'was that all a dream? You will have the photos to prove that yes, it actually happened.”

    During all the fucking, and the first time the enjoying of multiple orgasms on the part of the two women with Victor, Victor had continued to refer to the family as Mr and Mrs Feinstein, and to the daughter as, 'your daughter..'

    Never once, except for Rebecca, had Victor or the family resorted to using first names. This was all part of a negotiating process you see.

    “Mr Feinstein, now that you have all these photos, you will be viewing them soon I presume, in privacy on your computer or big TV screen?”

    “Yessir. That's the plan.”

    “And your wife I am sure, might not be into this as much as we men are, but she, I am sure, sooner or later will also want to see the photos.”

    Hyman looked at his wife, and she nodded. “Yes Mr Cameron. I'll want to see them.”

    Victor was about to make a suggestion, and one he anticipated might result in the three of them, Father, Mother and Daughter again being naked together.

    “Here is what I suggest. The two of you sit side-by-side and nude at your computer or on the couch in front of your TV and as you view the photos, play with each other. I think you will find that to be quite exciting.”

    Victor looked at the two parents,, saw that they are all ears, and went on.” You, Mr Cameron, might point at a particular photo and say 'Dear, were you cumming just then? Your face looks like you were' And Mrs Cameron might say, 'I'm not sure dear, I came so many times..”

    Victor studied their faces, and since it looked like they were not being turned off, he continued. “And Esther, you might look at some photos of your daughter with me inside her and wonder what she is thinking as she is lying under her husband with his much smaller cock.”

    Esther nodded in agreement. “You're right, Mr Cameron, that is exactly what I might think.”

    “But you have to admit, sitting naked together and looking at these photos on a big screen could be very exciting, or maybe I should say, arousing.”

    Victor waited. He knew what the parents would say. What he wanted to hear is the daughter.

    Hyman nodded as he looked at his wife. “Yes, I think I would enjoy doing that very much.” He looked at his wife. “Esther, I hope you will join me in my viewing?”

    “Of course dear.” She grinned, seeing a chance to sort of get back at her husband. “I'll be anxious to see how it looked as Mr Cameron was stretching my pussy.”

    Victor was about to make a horny comment when Rebecca suddenly did what he hoped she would do.

    Daddy? Mother? I'll want to see them too.”

    As Esther looked surprised, that thought not having occurred to her, Victor saw his chance.

    “And of course, Rebecca, you would want to be nude as you sit with them, I am sure. You on one side, Daddy in the middle, and Mommy on the other side.”

    Esther's face, after all that had gone down, turned red. “I hadn't thought of that. We don't want to be starting something, Rebecca. After all, this tonight was for sealing the deal. And don't forget, you have a husband to be faithful to.”

    Victor took his chance to throw in some dirty thoughts. “Mrs Feinstein. Your daughter has just cheated so to speak on her husband tonight. She has experienced two larger cocks. It might be better for her marriage, if she is having any thoughts of trying someone other than her husband in the future, that she be able to get it at home, this home.

    And besides, Mrs Feinstein, if you feel the need for equal opportunity, you can always give me a call and I will be more than glad to stop by. Besides, I would love to see the photos too.”

    “That might work,” Esther replied with no hesitation.

    “Now that the three of you, and your husband too Rebecca though he does not know it, have been so cooperative tonight, I will do something special for you all.” Victor crawled off the bed, and his cock swinging side-to-side, reached for his pants, took out his billfold and dug out a card for all three, plus one extra for Rebecca's husband.

    "This is my private, personal phone number. No one has this number save my family members and my secretary. The three of you have gone above and beyond to make this deal and in the process you have made me very happy.

    Since I feel so close to you now and I am sure we are to go on in a very lucrative business arrangement, you can feel free to call me at anytime if you have some problem, some need that needs to be taken care of. In other words, you can bring your problem right to the top, no middlemen.”

    “Thank you, Mr Cameron,” Hyman answered as he took the cards from Victor and handed one to his wife, two to his daughter, and kept one for himself.

    Victor gave both women that look, the look the Devil had given the two women, mother and daughter in that movie. You've got my personal number. Call me anytime baby.

    Victor proceeded to get dressed and saw that Hyman Feinstein was hurrying to join him. Victor noticed that both the mother and daughter were still lounging on the bed, and that neither of them were making any special effort to cover themselves.

    “You ladies look like you're about done in,” joked Victor. Going to stay in bed?”

    Esther smiled. “I think, Mr Cameron, that my daughter and I should be taking showers. I think I'll let her go first since she needs to be going home.”

    Victor, ever the manipulator, smiled. “Why don't the two of you shower together? No reason not too any longer. I hardly doubt modesty would be an issue.”

    Esther had an ornery look on her face with her reply. “You could join us in the shower, Mr Cameron. I hardly doubt modesty would be an issue.”

    Victor laughed. “Well said, Mrs Cameron, but I am afraid if I joined the two of you in the shower it would start something going again and I would be here all night.”

    Hyman Feinstein's voice sounded high-pitched as he commented. “I could get some great shots of the three of you with all the clear glass walls in the shower.”

    Victor smiled. What a change from over an hour ago. “Maybe sometime in the future, Mr Feinstein, we could do that.”

    He looked toward the bathroom. “However, I do believe I will go to your sink and wash under my foreskin before I head home.” And with that, Victor boldly marched into the bathroom, and without closing the door, placed his cock over the edge of the sink, turned on the water and proceeded to wash his cock using hand soap in a jar.

    He had half expected Esther to walk in, and was surprised when it was Rebecca. She came up to him and said, “I hope there's enough soap in that bottle to finish the job.”

    She had said in so many words without saying it. 'Your big cock will take a lot of soap to clean.'

    Victor gave her that look, trying to say with his eyes what he could not say in front of her parents if they are listening. “Need to keep it clean. Never know, might need it again sometime, maybe tonight.”

    Rebecca giggled as she studied that cock. :That's true. One must always be prepared.” She had taken note of Victor's use of the word 'tonight.'

    Victor whispered it. This needed to be said without her mother hearing. After all, her daughter must be faithful to her husband. “That card I most wanted to give to you. Call me, anytime you need something where I can be of assistance, Rebecca.”

    She giggled as she handed Victor a towel so he can dry his cock. “I'll be sure to keep that in mind.”

    Between Two Men.

    After Victor had finished dressing and was about to leave, he nodded to Hyman, come along as I go out. Obediently, like a servant, Hyman followed Victor to the front room.

    “Well, Hyman, and I'll use your first name now that the negotiating and the completion of our arrangement has been accomplished. How did you like seeing your wife being fucked and after, hearing her admit to having her best orgasms ever?

    And perhaps more significant in your mind, how did you like getting to fuck your lovely daughter while knowing you are servicing her with a larger cock than her husband?”

    They were at the front door now and Hyman's face was once again looking excited as he replied. “Mr Cameron, Victor, I want to thank you sir for what you have managed to do for me. All these years I think I had the fantasy of fucking Rebecca in my mind, but I never let it get out, the reality that it could happen, until tonight.”

    Again Victor could see that Hyman Feinstein had been more interested in what was happening with his daughter than with his wife since Hyman had not mentioned his wife.

    “Since I arranged for you to go first, Rebecca's pussy was super tight for you as you entered, wasn't it? I can imagine how thrilled you must have been feeling your hard cock sliding into your daughter and opening her up for the first time like that.”

    “Fuck Mr Cameron, Victor. Thank you for allowing me to go first. I can't remember feeling anything like that before. I've only fucked Esther before tonight, so having Rebecca was probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me in years.”

    “So you enjoyed having a woman's, your daughter's pussy clinging to your cock with each stroke you were taking then”

    “Yes yes. She felt so much tighter than Esther. It was like I was getting her mother all over again, back when Esther was fresh.”

    “And kissing your daughter, I mean with passion for the first time in your lives. How did you like that?”

    Hyman looked down at his feet, then back up at Victor. “That was strange. I'm not sure how I was feeling just then, like I am in love with her, you know, not the father/daughter kind of love. It confused me some to tell the truth.”

    Victor nodded. He still needed to bring Hyman's wife back into the picture. Deep down, he had this desire to totally cuckold the husband, even though he liked this man.

    “Then you can imagine how it must have felt to Esther when I entered her with my larger cock as well. At first your wife's pussy seemed to resist, then as I used a bit more effort, it gave way and seemed to be inviting me to go deeper.

    Fuck Hyman, I felt like a King knowing I was getting your wife so excited like that. It's a great feeling knowing you are giving a wife, someone else's wife, so much more dick than she is used to. What really was exciting was my knowing that you had sucked my cock and in the process completely checked out the meat that soon, you knew, would be inside both your women.

    Tell me Hyman, does it excite you to hear me say that?"

    "Yes. Yes it does!"

    "Hyman, from the first moment I could feel your wife's body quiver all over and it continued as I went past her tight inner lips and went deeper. Then she began kissing me passionately at about the same time I laid further down on her and felt her hard nipples pressing up into my chest.

    Shit. Besides her nipples pressing against my chest, I could feel her heart pounding.

    Your wife I am sure, was feeling the same things, enjoying the same thoughts about my big cock that you were having with your daughter's tight pussy."

    Hyman nodded, and strangely, though he might be the cuckold, it seemed to be thrilling him. “Yes, I imagine you're right Victor. My wife getting her first big cock, much larger then mine. Hopefully I can get her to talk about it later, and maybe, she might not do it, tell me the truth about how much she enjoyed it.”

    It was Victor's turn to nod. “I'm glad to hear that I am leaving a happy household Hyman. Your wife of course will probably balk, but I might suggest that if you can keep your daughter willing to go along, that you feed your thicker and longer cock than her husband to your daughter anytime she is willing. With her husband going out of town once in a while, the opportunity will be there.”

    Hyman blushed, then nodded. “Yes, I will keep that in mind Victor. You have opened up a new chapter in my life for sure. I'll see if I can guide my family through the rest of the book.”

    “Well said Hyman. Now I must be going. Why don't you get back in there, and I have a hunch you might be able to sneak some photos of your wife and daughter experiencing togetherness in the shower. Then, as soon as your daughter heads for home, get your wife back into bed and love on her body. Tell her how much you love her for what she has done tonight, not only for your business, but for her allowing you to participate.”

    “Yes yes. I am sure she will appreciate me saying things like that.”

    Then Hyman, as you fondle those nice nipples of hers and then slip a finger into her used and abused but hopefully still serviceable pussy, ask your wife if she feels that your penis will still be adequate to keep her happy.”

    “Really, Mr Cameron, I mean, Victor? I should ask her that?”

    “Yes Hyman. That will be I am pretty sure what you will be thinking, and it will be interesting to see how honest your wife is about it and if she is willing to talk about it.”

    “I will do exactly that, Victor. And again, I thank you.”

    They shook hands, and Hyman hurriedly closed the door as Victor headed to his car. He snickered. 'If Hyman asks his wife those questions, he will be once again cuckolding himself.'

    Five minutes later, two shiny with sweat women were stepping into the shower together, while unknown to them, a man was lurking around the corner to watch, and take photos.

    Victor only drove a couple of blocks away, where there was a Waffle House. Good old WH, always open, always ready with the coffee. Ordering a cup, Victor waited. It didn't take long, and in the meantime, Victor sat and reminisced on the evening.

    He had accomplished all his goals, and gone beyond. His wife AND his daughter. Victor had fucked them both, and in the process, gotten the father to suck his cock in front of them, and at the end of the evening, the husband of the wife and the father of the daughter had even thanked him.

    He carried two phones. In twenty five minutes, Victor's cell phone, his private line, rang. He answered with, “Let me guess.”

    “You've got it. How did you know, Mr Cameron?”

    Now he had the chance to use the classic line. “Your place or mine?”

    “My place first for just a minute. Follow me home, I'll leave my car, and then I can ride with you to your place.”

    “That will be fine, Rebecca. “Do you know the Waffle House on the way downtown?”


    “I'm inside.”

    “I'll be there in just a min...”

    They talked over coffee, and plans were made.

    Victor did not know why Rebecca didn't just simply follow him home, but he was to find out. After she had driven home with him in tow, she checked her home phone for messages, answered one, then ran out to his car. Rebecca was breathless with excitement.

    “I returned my husband's call, he sometime calls our landline because he likes to make sure I'm tucked in safe at home when he goes out of town, and now we can ride together to your place and you shall see why I chose to do it this way.”

    Rebecca smiled as she reached over and folded up the wide center rest in the car. “Good. I see that now I can come over beside you. Drive slow, I won't have a belt on.” With a big smile, she slid over on the soft leather seat.

    Victor was ready. There was a reason why he had taken the time to wash under his foreskin before leaving the Feinstein's home, and this is it.

    Rebecca, as Victor slowly drove toward home, proceeded to give him a blow job worth commenting on.

    So I'll comment. It was fantastic, and for the first time, Rebecca told him later, she swallowed, and thank goodness, she added, I'm glad it wasn't your first cum since there was still so much of it. .

    Victor was back in his prime. In recent years, the younger women had sort of been behind him, except for his son's wife. For the time being his son's wife was out of commission in the final months of pregnancy.

    Now once again, Victor had a young beauty ready to learn, to explore, to do anything he might want, maybe. And at home, in his master bedroom with all the mirrors, he has those hidden cameras that will turn on with one simple touch of a button.

    He didn't rush Rebecca. Since it was still a little before midnight they had lots of time. A skinny dip in his lighted pool first, some wine, some making out followed by his going down on her, and then lots of fucking accompanied by passionate kissing.

    Everything that happened after the skinny dip had been caught on video.

    In the future, Rebecca would be available to Victor for a time, anytime her husband went out of town. But sometimes she was not always available, because when her husband went out of town and her daddy did not go with him, she also took care of daddy.

    Over a month has gone by. Having suspicions, Esther drove by her daughter's house when she knew her son-in-law is out of town, and sure enough, Hyman's car was there. Now Esther knew that her husband had continued having sex with their happily married daughter.

    Behind her back their having sex! Incest even now, when it isn't required to make a deal. Esther is unhappy but she has said nothing

    Then one week both her husband and son-in-law went out of town to do some inventory and planning on some of the warehouses they now have in other states. This was her chance and Esther, knowing where Hyman had hidden them, pulled out and reviewed the photos they had taken that one sex filled evening.

    That laughed about get together where the three of them would view the photos on a PC screen or maybe the TV had never came about. Rebecca had surprisingly passed when they had called, and Esther and Hyman had viewed them together.

    Esther had been surprised at how aroused Hyman seemed to be when he viewed her photos with that Cameron cock doing its thing on her pussy, but she also took note that Hyman's cock was equally hard when he viewed the photos of himself inserted into their daughter.

    The photos of Mr Cameron fucking their daughter he seemed to just pass over. Esther knew now where her husband's mind was focused. His wife getting fucked with a big cock, and their daughter being fucked, by him.

    Hyman had mentioned that he might make prints of some of them so they could be viewed without having to go to a PC and loading them. So one day she went looking for those photos and she frowned when she discovered that Hyman had filed the photos he had chosen to print out in separate envelopes.

    Esther shook her head as she noted that Hyman had printed out only two photos of herself with him, but had chosen to print out so many more of his cock in their daughter. Also he had printed several of Victor's cock in her, and an equal number of Victor's cock in their daughter.

    'Damned pervert,' she thought. 'Hyman obviously is more turned on by seeing me being fucked by someone else, and more interested in seeing his cock in our daughter along with Victor's cock in her.'

    Esther was surprised when she opened the last envelope and saw photos, just two, of she and Rebecca in the shower. Apparently Hyman had managed to catch the moment when Rebecca had been reaching down with a soapy hand and reaching under, had washed her pussy for her.

    Yes, and the other print was of she washing Rebecca's pussy. The contact between the two of them had been brief and mostly innocent while washing pussies, but her husband had captured it all in remarkably good detail.

    Again a business card comes in handy.

    Her husband was out of town. So was her son-in-law. Sighing, Esther dug out a card she had carefully saved and dialed. Though she had fantasized on doing this, it was her husband still fooling with their daughter that gave her the actual incentive to make this call.

    The private line was busy, so she dialed his business number just to see what might happen.

    “Cameron Enterprises.”

    “Victor Cameron please.”

    “Yes ma'am. Who might I ask is calling?”

    “Esther Feinstein.”

    “Just a moment...”

    “Hello Mrs Feinstein. Nice to hear from you. What's up?”

    “My husband and son-in-law are out of town on company business for the next three nights.”

    “Yes. I know. And...?” Esther could sense the anticipation in his voice.

    “I hope it isn't too short a notice. I'd like to invite you over for dinner, say, tomorrow night?”

    “That would be fine Mrs Feinstein. What time?”

    Yes yes! Her heart pounding, Esther smiled “The name will be Esther. And would you like seven, or eight?”

    “Esther, let's get an early start and make it seven. Will Rebecca be there?”

    Either way, Esther didn't mind “I'll give her a call.”

    “Fantastic! See you at seven tomorrow. Bye.”


    Esther dialed again.


    “I've invited Victor Cameron to dinner tomorrow night.”

    “Mother, am I invited?”

    Esther smiled as she heard the expectant tone in her daughter's voice. “Why yes dear, of course. Be here by seven.”

    Esther hung the phone up, grinning all the while.

    Insider information: The reader might wonder why Esther, with a chance to have Victor all to herself and knowing her daughter is cheating with her husband might want to share Victor.

    Esther had her reason. Let her daughter become used to and addicted to Victor and his big cock, and then anytime Rebecca fucks her daddy, the excitement is either lessened or gone.

    Esther's revenge on her husband and her daughter.

    But unknown to Esther, her daughter has already been with Victor three times, and this time, since they have discussed the possibility, her daughter and Victor plan to gang up on her, and Rebecca plans to show her mother all the things she has learned.

    Learned, as in Victor 'fixing her up' with another, older woman. One of the times Rebecca had come to his place, Cynthia Harris, his daughter-in-law's mother was there as well, visiting her daughter Sharon. Of course, since the better guest rooms were in the main house proper and not where his son and daughter-in-law lived, Cynthia stayed in the main house.

    This was understood by her husband back at home, but unknown to her husband, Cynthia was spending the nights with Victor anytime she came to visit.

    Then had came the surprise. Victor has a surprise, (Cynthia thought) visitor. A beautiful young lady, about the same age as her daughter, a girl named Rebecca, and as they all laid naked in bed together, Victor skillfully led them through the togetherness sucking of his cock and onto the kissing and then eating each other stage.

    In the end, both women might have been letting it all hang out. What they might have wanted to do with their actual mother and or daughter, but did not dare to do so far. They seemed to actually be in love at various points, and all skillfully directed by Victor Cameron, perverter of minds.

    All being filmed without their knowledge of course. Later, as Victor saw Rebecca off in his driveway, he jokingly commented: “Now that I've shown you what can be done between two women and a man, we might try it on your mother sometime.”

    “Oh Victor,” Rebecca sighed. “I was so turned on to that woman. Cynthia is really a lovely woman. I don't think I could ever become that involved with my mother, in bed. Not like that.”

    “We'll see,” Victor laughed. “Sometime, maybe it will happen.”

    Rebecca had smilingly agreed as she kissed Cameron goodbye, and the event she had thought might never happen, happened. Everything she and Victor had done to and with Cynthia Harris, she did with her mother.
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