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Writing Alpha Coupling (provisional title)

Discussion in 'Author's Den' started by Lutheran Maid, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Hi everyone. Some of you may have noted a dearth of Lutheran Maid stories on DW since Christmas. My apologies. They will return, but I've been busy writing a novel length cuckold story. It's my plan then to write a number of 'orbit stories' here that link to the longer story offered up for electronic consumption through Amazon. Orbit stories will pick up more intense interludes relating to the three characters, alongside my other erotic wanderings. In this post I'm offering reflections on the writing of this story in case any of you are interested in longer cuckold fiction and/or trying to write something longer yourself. Comments/reflections/questions are all welcome!

    Briefly, the story is told from the perspective of a cucktress (Claire) who dominates her husband (Martin) after falling for a charming and very powerful black male called Luther. The story catalogues the seduction, the submission and humiliation of her husband and the development of a cucking society, on that draws on the anger of two disenfranchised groups, black males and feminists. You might think it a paradox that Claire a feminist can feel liberated by being owned by Luther and his brothers, but I will try to convince the reader that such is possible. She breaks shackles through submission. The story is political insofar as the lifestyle is promoted by a shadowy movement that wishes to create an unequal society based on aptitudes (certainly those linked to attitude and sexual abilities, but yes less erotic abilities too). Reactionaries do kick back at the end but as might hope(?)/anticipate the alternative order grows apace. If you know my writing on DW you won't be surprised to find that the story is quite psychological. I'm interested in what makes something sexy/compelling in the head. Here are some issues that I have been thinking about.


    One of the joys of DW is that you can write with great sexual intensity. I try to ramp up the arousal for readers, men and women alike. But its interesting to reflect how that has to change in a book of circa eighty to ninety thousand words long. Frankly, I don't think that you can sustain that sexual intensity throughout a novel- it simply dulls. So I am trying to build sexy context that acts as backdrops to sexual events that punctuate the story throughout. The story proceeds in a series of 'moments' which for Claire relate to the evolution of her bitchood, her subjugation of Martin and her explorations of alpha living with Luther in a wider movement. But its not a formula thing. There isn't (I think) a requirement to have x number of sexual acts per chapter. They appear in varying numbers, some real time and some remembered and reflected on. I guess my speculation is that a good value erotic story has to have variety and to persuade the reader 'I wonder where this can go'. There has to be an adequate story line and one that more than strings a series of sexual encounters together.


    I'm very explicit in my DW stories, as I feel I know more about you as readers. But with a novel, the readership is wider and unknown (save that they should of course be adult). So this requires some additional thought. I want the story to be truly erotic, but its important to steer clear of things that would break the law (under age sex, physical cruelty, risk to life associated with sexual practices). You have to wonder whether the story is corrupting (Lawrence and Lady Chatterley's Lover would be a case in point). If you write about a growing cuckold society, on that starts to dominate with black breeding, you are dealing with very powerful themes. If you've ever read/seen the 'Handmaiden's Tale' you'll understand what I mean here, it's when sex and social values contort. But clearly today, creative literature and drama deal with much more provocative themes, terrorism, murder (why do so many people love that subject?!). The motivation of the central characters gets more exposure because of you have bigger word space. But it carries a lot of author responsibility. I think (you tell me!) you have to be clear as regards who you hope to arouse. For me (in this novel) that is cuck curious men, or those who accept that is their sexuality, and women who are interested in playing more dominant roles. One novel can't stretch to every sexuality/taste. The novel won't work so well for the the male who is more the voyeur, prompting his wife to be a hot wife. Moreover, It has to tell a story without pressing a lifestyle. To this end, Claire faces events that are not always comfortable/successful for her. She is at times conflicted. Any experiences, reflections or thoughts?!


    This is certainly a tale about Claire and her changes. She becomes much harder, stronger, bitchier as the tale proceeds. One of the devices I am using is that she periodically reflects on her thoughts, her experiences with the reader. Its not a marked out trick, something boxed or laboured, but I hope that it helps the reader get inside her head. I have to be careful here because her reasoning has to reflect the changes she undergoes. For some readers (vanilla) its a tale of her corruption perhaps. For others (? some with DW) its a tale of her growth and power. I wonder what you think about this approach?

    Anyway, there you are. I hope that the reflections intrigue, help any of you who have thought about writing something longer. Always happy to chat about the above here.


    Lutheran Maid.
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  2. Frobisher

    Frobisher Well-Known Member Author!

    Good to hear the update on your progress LM, and I look forward to you posting more passages. The first is full of promise. I'll be among the first to purchase your work via Amazon.
    You mentioned physical cruelty, I reckon you can get away with quite a lot of physical punishment on Amazon, so please don't shy away. You may have to be a little more cautious with the racial element though.
    The depth and intensity of your stories have been a real inspiration to me. As I'm sure you are aware, a couple of my stories, "The Humbler" and "Emma's Pedicure", were written as a direct result of reading two of yours - "Privilege" and "Village Cocksmiths". I hope to share a few ideas in the future. May the muse stay with you.
  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Thanks for your post Frobisher. Yes, despite having written a lot of this novel I paused to review legislation, that which could cause offence. The linkage of cuckold sex to racial kickback against prejudice poses a difficulty. Whilst it can reasonably be argued that such a story celebrates interracial relationships, linked to cuckolding it could be deemed just as unequal/prejudiced as racism in the first place. So I'm thinking again and exploring a new plan, one that isn't so directly about race. It will mean some delay in preparing a book, but that's necessary at a time when we are seeing some kickback about sexual tastes for instance associated with Tumblr.

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