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. Wife's fantasy

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by cosa1953, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. cosa1953

    cosa1953 Member Member

    I asked my wife to tell me about one of her fantasies. This is what she came up with......

    It was a hot, but windy day. Perfect for taking the boat out for fishing.

    We put on our bathing suits under our cloths. Gathered our fishing gear, our inflatable boat (with motor), and headed out to our favorite fishing spot.

    We launched our boat, it was pretty quite. The electric motor hardly made a noise.

    The sun was hot, and we turned off the motor, the breeze stopped. We stripped off our cloths down to our suits and concentrated on fishing.

    We were facing different directions on the boat, so you gently asked if I would be interested in sucking your dick.

    I said I could be convinced and gave you a sly/sexy look.

    I crawled over to where you were sitting and teased the end of your cock. It was so hot sucking you in the middle of no where. I sucked your cock all the way down my throat.

    Getting your cock wet, hot and hard. I was totally turned on. I pulled my top off and stroked your cock with my breasts. You know how I do it and how much you like it.

    I was groaning and moaning sucking your cock the whole time.

    Then suddenly, there was a noise in the distant. It was another boat and it sounded like it was coming our way.

    You told me not to worry and leaned back and started the electric motor and stirred the boat. You said you were going into a cove. You went around the bend and took a right into some tall brush and grass. You cut the motor and said you liked how I was topless the whole time and how my tits were so perky.

    You ran your tongue over my neck and then started to suck my erected nipples and rubbed your dick over my tits.

    It was driving me wild. I told you how much I wanted to suck you now. You said not yet. You wanted to do more. And with that, you took off my bathing suit shorts.

    You started to tease me rubbing your cock over my already wet pussy. I was grinding trying to get that cock in my pussy. You laughed and said you liked it when I get so hot. But. hmmm you said, I don't think you are hot enough and wet enough just yet.

    I whimpered when you pulled your cock away. But then I figured that I could sick you to where you can't stand it any longer and then you'd want to fuck my wet hot pussy.

    I grabbed your cock and guided it to my mouth and sucked with all my might. I sucked your balls, licked your balls, just they way you liked it. You were standing and breathing heavy; telling me how much you like to watch me suck your dick. And I was doing my best to make you hard and want to fuck my hot pussy. I was coming as I was sucking you (like I always do). I was wet, my thighs were wet as well.

    Finally you said you want to put your cock in my pussy, so you told me to flip over and you slid your cock into my pussy with one shove, It was hot and you and I came immediately.

    Wait....what is that noise in the distance that seems closer now.

    Did you like this story? Do you want more????

    Let's back up to when I was sucking your cock. I was kneeling and had my ass up in the air. My pussy was dripping wet. the boat was rocking, but I thought it was due to my sucking your cock and shifting around to find a comfortable position.

    The next thing I know, was feeling hands on my ass checks. I gasp and released your cock. You said that you arrange a surprise for me and it was up to me if we proceeded or not.

    You said it was something we always talked about it and our movies were always about a women with 2 guys. So I thought about it and everyone froze, I didn't look back.

    To show that I approved, I started to suck your cock again and raised my ass in the air.It was no time at all before I was hot and horny again.

    I felt his fingers part my pussy and enter it. In and out, I was so excited with having your cock in my mouth and someone working my pussy at the same time.

    I could feel you getting harder while I sucked you. I was so hot; I took you deeply in my mouth/throat.

    Next thing I knew he was on his back sucking my clit and finger fucking me at the same time. I was coming and coming and coming. I looked down and I could see his cock standing tall. I leaned back and ran my wet pussy up and down his cock; coming all over him.

    Then I turned around and started sucking his cock and begged for you to fuck me. You both were so hot and hard. You both were playing with my tits and rubbing your hands all over my body.

    You slid your cock in slowly in and out. I was going crazy. I begged you to do me faster. You pulled out and then didn't go back in right a way. You know how to drive me crazy.

    Then you came back in and started to a slow rhythm at first, but soon you were going faster and faster until we both came or should I say the 3 of us came.

    Because your friend came all over my face.

    When we were finished, I jumped into the water to clean off and during which your friend got in his boat and took off. I climbed back into the boat and you helped me get dressed.
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