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    This is a one hundred percent true story. Allow me to set an image in your mind. My wife is five foot four, she weighs exactly one hundred pounds, has blue eyes ,her natural hair color is mousey brown but she keeps it bleached blonde. Her breast size is thirty four B and her legs are absolutely perfect. I've never seen her pussy with any hair on it.
    OK now that you have an image of who I'm talking about.

    One peaceful Saturday afternoon back in June she and I were setting on our screened in porch sipping some wine. She had been tanning by the pool earlier so still had on a bikini bottom but since she was tanning topless she now had put a short T shirt on. It only came just below her boobs and her nipples could be seen through the very thin meteral.

    As she was setting there with her legs out stretched resting on the small table I found myself looking at her in a new way. It could have been a combination of a lot of sun and several glasses of wine that put me in this state of mind.

    I said sweetheart, she looked over to me. I said I'm a very lucky man. She asked why I thought so. I said setting here I was just looking at you, I couldn't think of a thing I would change if I could. She smiled. I began to try to explain what I ment.

    You keep yourself in great shape and I'm constantly told how beautiful you are by all my friends. Then I studered the next part. And you love to have sex. Her perfectly plucked eye brows raised and she said I do.

    I said please tell me a story I don't know. She sipped her wine and said well.....

    One morning I was awoke by the phone ringing. It was seven thirty she said. I answered it all groggy headed. It was Tim, he said come over, I'm laying out of work today because my dick is hard. I laughed. She said I told him I had to get dressed first. He said surprise me then he hung up. I'm looking at her legs as she was telling me this.

    She said I got a quick shower and made sure I was clean shaven. Then I stood naked in front of my floor mirror looking at myself. It was warm that day so I decided to go very light on what I wore. I put on my black Lacey garter belt and a pair of black opra length lace top stockings. I fastened the six garters and adjusted them as short as possible. When I looked in the mirror I could see the wide lace band at the top of the stockings was rubbing my pussy lips. I did my knees back and forth and enjoyed how that felt.

    I slipped on my six inch stiletto heals and fastened the straps . She asked if I had a mental picture? Oh yeah is all I said. Then she said I walked in the den and got my wallet from my purse and my car keys. In the car I hit the garage door opener and backed out. Hold on I said. You skipped the part about getting dressed. She said I skipped that part because I skipped that part. You drove in broad daylight wearing only a garter belt and stockings I asked. She said and shoes. Oh yeah I forgot the shoes I chuckled. So keep going I said.

    She said I pulled up to Tim's house and as you know you park about two hundred feet from the front door. She said I sat there trying to get the nerve up to get out and walk that far dressed like that. She said I saw Tim's front door open and Tim stepped out on his front porch butt naked. His cock was hanging about hall mast. He moved his hips side to side causing that thick piece of man meat to slap his thighs. I could hear it from the car. What did you do I asked.

    She said I opened my door and stepped out, I closed the door and put my hands on my hips and did a little pose. I shouted to him , hey you pervert get some cloths on. He grabbed his cock and shook it at me. She said I then walked as carefully as I could in this heals towards him. When I got to the porch I took his cock in my hand and led him inside with it. He closed the door and locked it.

    What happened then I bearly could ask with a shaky voice. She said we fucked then I came home then she laughed. No no no I protested , don't do me this way , I want details. After another sip of wine she said OK. I saw her tighten her thigh muscles pinching her pussy with them.

    Once in the house he said do you want to smoke one, she told me. I said sure. He said go fix yourself some sweet tea and I'll roll one. She said I sat down next to him and we burned a fat one. We both got real mellow she said. So, I interrupted , you guys are naked and just playing like everything is normal? She said yes.

    Then she went on, I stood up and said lets fuck. He said lets go. We went in his bedroom and that's when I saw he had his video camera setting on the dresser pointed at the bed. What's that I asked as I pointed at it. He said you are going to be a porn actress today. I told him he could record us fucking but that I get the tape, I don't want any of his drink buddies stealing it and showing it around. He agreed. I said wait ! There's a video? She said yes. I said here? She again said yes. Can we watch it I begged. OK she said it'll save me from having to keep talking. I helped her stand and followed her into the house. She said get us some more wine while I get the tape from my hiding place.

    I was setting in the den when she came in carrying it. She had also taken off the T shirt and was now wearing only the small bikini bottom. She pushed the tape in the machine and hit play. Then she sat in my recliner. I said set over here next to me. She said no, you just each the movie.

    When the camera came on it was showing an empty bed. Then my wife jumped in it facing the camera she was in fact only wearing her black garter belt and stockings. She looked right into the camera and said hubby, I want you to watch Tim fucking your sweet wife's pussy. I said you kind over over did your eye makeup didn't you? She said I was feeling slutty so I wanted to look slutty . She still had her face close to the camera when Tim's dick came on screen. She took it in her mouth and began moaning as she sucked him to a full hard-on. Once fully erect he laid on the bed and my wife stratteled him. Her tiny hand guided him to her opening. I saw dimples in her ass cheeks as she forced her pussy down untill she was setting flat on top of him. I long is his dick I asked my wife . She said I measured it , eight inches long and two inches wide. WOW I said. Doesn't that hurt ? She said oh yes.

    On the screen she leaned forward and started kissing Tim. His cock arched as it was buried in her. From this angle we had a perfect view of his cock in her pussy. I said look how tightly your pussy is holding onto him. She very slowly said I see that. She rocked her hips causing him to slide in and out then she sat upright. Her hands on his stomach. She begain rocking her hips back and forth very quickly. She was moaning out loud as she did this , then she almost screamed out OH GOD ...I'm coming. She slowed down then stopped. Tim then flipped her over and she wrapped her legs around his waist. I couldn't see his cock actually sliding in and out but I could see how my bride was hanging on him. Her arms locked behind his head and her legs around his waist. Fuck me hard she said loudly. He began beating her pussy so hard two things fell off his nightstand. She had another orgasm. I can't make her cum just by fucking her and so far Tim has twice.

    After that orgasm she unlocked her legs and let go of his neck. Oh my God she said , then she said get off me I need to go. Tim slowly started fucking her again. She said no I've got got get home. He picked up his pace causing her to moan. In less than two minutes she had a third orgasm. This time her legs feel open and she looked passed out. Then I saw her buck him up and said OK now let me up. He started sawing his cock in and out of her again. No now damn it she said loud. I need to go. He hooked her legs and pushed them up to her shoulders and I could hear their bodies slapping together as he fucked her as hard as a man can fuck a woman. Oh my God she screamed. Then a long low pitched moan...He collapsed on top of her. Her legs fell flat on the bed spread wide. Neither one of them moved for over five minutes. While they were laying still I glanced over to my wife. Her legs were crossed and her thigh muscles where tight. Her nipples where rock hard.

    Then on the screen my wife pushed Tim off of her, she lay there spread eagle for a moment. She stood up and bowed her legs as she looked down a big drop of Tim's come dropped on his carpet. She quickly cupped her pussy and waddeled off screen.

    My wife turned to me and said that made me horny. I leaned back and pointed at my own erection and said me too. She stood and walked down the hall. I kept watching the video. On the screen she had come back in with a towel and was drying between her legs then she wiped up that spot on the floor. She leaned over Tim and lifted his cock to wipe it off. It was soft now and still twice my length when I'm hard. She let it fall to his thigh. He sat up and then the tape ended. I could hear my wife talking to someone from our room. Then I heard heals on the hardwood floor and as I was pulling the tape out of the machine my wife walked in the den wearing the same garter and stockings she also had on those very high heals. She was talking on her cell, I heard her say I'm leaving right now then hung up. She looked at me and said do I need to tell you where I'm going? I kissed her cheek and said have fun sweetheart.
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    Good story Woreout. You can try me sometime assuming you are into women and that your wifey doesn't mind.

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    Would it be OK for me to cum along and screw your wife's arse?

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