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. Wife Swapping, Who Dunnit style

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Aug 6, 2017.

. Wife Swapping, Who Dunnit style 4.5 5 2votes
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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!


    Second Round Edition BC or BBC?

    By EroticWriter


    (Note readers: BC just means Big Cock. BBC of course means Big Black Cock.)

    “OH!” My my, my...”

    That had come from beside me. On my left. My wife, and I knew, Marcus has just began to introduce his cock to her tight, married pussy. His single, no one to share BBC, and my wife's married and a man to share pussy.

    And I knew, based on how tight my wife had been all these years, that for now, in the beginning, there is a mismatch between Marcus's BBC and my wife's small, tight and I didn't know how deep pussy.

    “Oh gawd!” Yes, I was right. Marcus is feeding my wife the big one. As I fucked, or rather, loved on Nina, my cock was kept more than original hard by the fact that beside me, I was also hearing my wife getting a bigger cock than mine.

    Hey readers:

    When multiple people are involved, I like to list them to aid the reader in keeping track of whose wife got fucked, and oh oh, not by her husband.

    In this story we have:

    Phil, our narrator with sexually curious and lovely wife Jennifer.

    Beck, braggart with blonde wife Jean, the sexiest

    Fred with wife Tabitha the sultry redhead

    Jim with wife Frieda, blonde German Goddess with the biggest tits.

    Harlan with wife Nancy, who has the most innocent look.

    Chuck with wife Caroline, the smallest, shyest and maybe cutest wife.

    Nina, Phil and Jennifer's maid, well built and willing to be the good employee.

    Marcus, the single and well hung black man lucky enough to be Phil's friend.

    There we were, six men sitting around over beers and joking about getting strange pussy. It is a great way to spend part of the afternoon on the lake on a pontoon boat. Away from the wives, on the lake, you know, just guys doing their thing.

    Our wives, some of them, had already had a boat ride and were now up in my house getting an afternoon meal ready and probably talking about husband swapping. Yeah, we wish it could be that way.

    All of us have money. Not millionaires, but well off. Most of we six men have sports cars, two are into motorcycles, one has a small plane. Me? My thing is boating, and I have the beach house with the nice dock on the lake.

    Today, on my boat, I was leading the conversation. I had stopped the boat in the middle of the lake and as the boat sat quietly, bobbing some in the waves from occasional passing boats, we could talk in private, away from our wives.

    That's one of the nice things about a pontoon boat, it's great for just sitting and floating. With a mostly flat floor, lots of room to move around and be comfortable, especially in size 24 long, my boat.

    “Come on Phil,” Beck was saying to me in response to my comment about how nice it might be to all have each other's wives, just joking you understand, “I'm sure you wouldn't like having some other man fucking your lovely little wifes pussy and knowing what she's like.”

    I guess, readers, that paragraph just told you where this story is going.

    “And also,” he went on, “Your wife knowing what kind of cocks we have, any of us, and maybe later she'd be thinking about some other cock while you're fucking her alone in your bed.”

    Yeah, Beck. Beck., who is keeping the conversation on a totally physical plane, was one of our group, but he is the braggart of the bunch. He's the tallest by a couple of inches, his car is the fastest, his job is the best, yeah yeah you know the type. But he never would say it out loud, but we knew, he also thinks his wife is the best.

    Well, Beck might be partially right on that. Looks-wise, his wife Jean is a knockout. Jean is stacked in all the right places and every guy here has probably fantasized on fucking that blonde snatch of hers, (it must be blonde since I/ve never seen any dark roots on her head), and be feeling those big probably C cup tits, and yes, even kissing that lovely face framed by blonde hair.

    I had even wondered, of course in passing, if Beck has the kind of cock Jean might really want. You know the kind of cock I am referring to, long and on the thick side like mine. I don't have the biggest cock around, but I know that it is larger then average. Seven long and six around.

    I've seen Beck's bulge in a pair of swim trunks, and it looks like not much there. Of course a soft bulge is not always an accurate indicator of how much a cock might grow.

    Beck is the kind of man we all find to be annoying at times, but since he's fun on occasion, we accept him into our group, and much of it, I suspect, is because it's also nice having his wife around.

    The other five of us, including me, all our wives are lovely, stacked in various ways, and fuckable, very.

    Beck had commented about how I wouldn't like some other man fucking my wife and her thinking about that man later. The other guys joined in, laughing since this was all just that, talk. That was when I came up with the proposal, a possible plan where we could get to fuck one of the other guy's wives, and she won't know who it is. Then I added more.

    “What.” another man named Fred asked, “We wouldn't know either? How the Hell would that work?”

    “All our wives are blindfolded and around a bed bent over on their knees. We are blindfolded too and line up behind one of the wives, we don't know who it is, and we do it doggy style, all at the same time. When we finish, we men go back into another room and take off our blindfolds, and the girls do the same once they are alone.”

    All the guys were silent for a moment as they thought it over. Then two or three laughed, nervously, as they envisioned the scene in their heads. “The chorus ensued. “Sounds like a logistics problem. How can we do that, be blindfolded? And how will we know we are not ending up with our own wife instead of someone else's?”

    I had thought it all out in advance, just as a thought you understand, but now after all had consumed a couple of beers, I was laying it out to my buddies.

    “You all know my wife's maid, Nina. I could use her. She could lead our wives onto a bed while they are blindfolded, one at a time and once they are in place, lead we men in, one at a time and place each of us behind some other guy's wife.”

    I paused, staring into the faces of my six buddies, who were staring back in dis-belief but at the same time, the way it is looking, willing to listen. It was sinking in, I am proposing something for real. Since no one was protesting, I went on.

    “At my home in the city, I've got that big extra bedroom, you know the one. We could just have our wives, blindfolded, all around and on that king bed doggy style, and we can all be in the hallway waiting and as Nina comes to get each of us, she leads us in one at at time.”

    They were still listening as they visualized the scenario in their minds. Then Chuck laughed. “Shit. What is to keep any of us from raising the blindfold and taking a peek at who he is fucking? And as far as that goes, looking on around the circle and seeing which man is getting his wife?”

    All the other guys were nodding in agreement, and two said something like, “I know this, I don't want any of you guys knowing you fucked my wife, and I wouldn't want her to know who fucked her.”

    I was ready for that. “But Chuck,” I said as I picked one to answer and looked around, “all of you, if you could fuck one of the other girls, and let your wife get some strange cock at the same time, and she never knows who it is, and you would know that whoever is getting your wife, he doesn't know, wouldn't that be fun?”

    Though we all were in our early thirties, I knew that we, all the men, had married women who were either virgin when we had met them, or whose wives had little experience with other men before marriage. I knew that all the men here, including me actually, are protective toward our wives, and jealous at the thought of our wife cheating with some other man.

    There was always the thought that, if a wife here knows who has fucked her, she might follow up and want to meet the man again, and alone. It was important that no one knows who has fucked who.

    “That might be fun,” Beck agreed, “But the blindfold is the problem. What keeps anyone from raising the blindfold and peeking?”

    Exactly what I had been thinking. Of all the men here, it is probably Beck who would be raising his blindfold. “I thought it out, Beck, and here is the 'blindfold I have in mind.” I looked around and added, “They don't come cheap, so maybe you can all chip in on one for yourself, two actually, one for your wife too, and I know where to get them.”

    I saw the look on their eyes, as I pulled out a leather mask. They knew now, I am serious and not just kidding around. “This is one of those masks used by the fans of domination, sadism and masochism or whatever they like to call it. This mask, as you can see, allows you to breathe through the nose and mouth, but no way can it be raised high enough over your eyes to peek out since it straps in the back.

    I demonstrated the back of the mask. “As you can see, it would take too long for someone to undo the mask and take a peek, and then do it up again while in the process of enjoying the pussy on someone else's wife.

    The rule will be, you are led out into the room with this mask on, placed behind someone else's wife, and you place your hands on her rear, where they will stay until you finish fucking her and leave the room. You will not have a chance to remove the mask, and my maid will be watching to make sure everyone obeys the rules.”

    “How can we be sure that your maid, Nina, doesn't put us behind our own wife? She's relatively new and might get us confused.”

    “You're right,” I responded, “and I've thought that out as well so we can be sure. Each couple will pick a number, one through six, from a jar, and then you can write that number on each of your say, left hands, on top, with a marking pen. That way, when Nina leads each husband separately into the room, she will make sure to place each man behind someone with a different number.”

    “Fuck,that might work,” responded Fred, “But I see one problem. Your maid Nina, she would know who ended up behind who, and she could end up telling you who you fucked and who ended up fucking your wife.”

    I smiled. “I thought of that, and my wife did too. Jennifer promised me that Nina will be sworn to secrecy, and Nina won't even tell my wife who was behind her.” I looked around, a serious look on my face. “My wife absolutely does not want to know who it was.”

    Several men asked at once. “Your wife already knows about this? You've told Jennifer and she has agreed to do this?”

    I smiled. “Yes, we've talked it over. To be honest, my wife has never fucked anyone else, and I think some of you might have heard that from your wives, and she is curious, which is natural. So this will, would be a chance for Jennifer to feel a strange man and not have to worry about dealing with the man later in some way.

    She's made it clear. She specifically does not want to know who it is fucking her. She has a strange cock in her, hopefully gets to cum, and it's over.”

    I looked around, and every man was staring, maybe in shock at what I had said. Me, allowing my normally quiet and shy wife to have one of them inside her, fucking her and maybe making her cum.

    I looked around at every face. “That's the way some women are. They like fantasy, and this would be like a fantasy, being fucked and all of it being wrapped in mystery as our women wrap their pretty little pussies around one of our cocks.”

    As I looked around the group, I saw that a couple of them had their hands over, and maybe hiding, a bulge.

    “Shit man,” said Beck. “Let me ask you this. “I know what you mean about women liking fantasy. But do you plan to ask Jennifer later what if felt like, her strange cock,” he looked around, 'one of us, and maybe you be telling her what your strange pussy, one of our wive's pussy, was feeling like?”

    He grinned and looked around the group for confirmation, that all the man were thinking the same thoughts, and then he added: “I know this much, I'd be asking my wife.”

    “Yeah Beck. I know my wife, and Jennifer will be willing to talk about it later and tell me everything she was feeling, and I'll share my thoughts with her. The rest of you, your wife might prefer not to talk about it later, so you handle it any way you want.

    Some of you might be worried about cock size. I don't know what size any of you are. I've already thought of that and if any of you is afraid to be revealing what your dick looks like to the rest of us, we will all strip down and keep wearing our underwear in the bedroom, and pull our shorts down to do the fucking, and then up again when finished.”

    I had a rapt audience now and kept talking. “Your wife might prefer not to tell you whether the strange cock she had in her was smaller, or larger, or felt better, or not as good. The strange cock she is getting will have an advantage over her husband in one aspect. It will be new, the owner unknown, and therefore probably be exciting for her no matter the size.

    Talking about it later? That's up to you and your wife and you might want to discuss it in advance. You know that you will cum, but your wife might not. She might not like being left hanging and might keep it to herself or complain to you about it.

    Also, there's always the possibility that she has a really good orgasm and doesn't want you to know and hides the truth. That will be up to the two of you to work out.”

    Fred, he is the talkative one besides Beck, answered. “Yeah, discuss this with our wives. How do we go about doing that? Shit, my wife might get mad at me for even suggesting such a thing.”

    “Might be,” I answered. “But right now my wife is talking about this with your wives, and if all agree, as it looks like you guys might be doing, it's a go.”

    “She's talking about it with our wives? Shit, I can't believe that my wife would even think about doing something like this!”

    That was Jim, up until now not having said anything. Jim's wife Frieda, originally from Germany, is the biggest of all the seven wives, but not big as in fat. Just big as in nice tits, well rounded ass, and healthy looking legs. Athletic in appearance you might say. Also Frieda is blonde like my wife, and lovely, that Frieda is.

    I looked at my watch. “We've been out about an hour and a half. Long enough for your wives to have heard the proposal and decide. Now how about you guys? Are you all agreed, that if your wife is willing to go along, that this is a go?”

    Everyone looked around. Fred spoke first. “I'd need to talk to Tabitha first, to see how she is thinking. I kind of agree with you Phil that this would be a good way to go about it, but there's still that jealousy thing. I'd be jealous of her getting a strange cock, and she might feel the same about me.”

    I nodded as I looked around and saw it in their faces. They all needed to talk to the old lady. “All of you might want to talk to your wives first. So what say we get back to our wives, our meal, talk it over tonight and see if maybe sometime this week we get together, if all agree, at my house in town and we give it a try?”

    “And our wives already know about this, is that right?”

    “Right,” I answered. “By now Jennifer has it all laid out, they've all discussed it, and either have decided they want to do it, or some might want to talk to their husband first, just like some of you.”

    I looked around. “All agreed?” Everyone nodded, and I raised my beer, “To the girls and what they might have to offer!”

    Everyone raised his bottle. “To the girls!”

    I fired up the 225 horsepower engine and turned the 24 foot pontoon boat toward my dock, ten minutes away. I'm proud of my boat. Some might be unaware, but the newer pontoons with a high horsepower engine, especially the newest design ones with three pontoons instead of two under that stay higher out of the water, can actually pull water skiers. The trick is, being able to accelerate fast enough on the start to get the skier up out of the water. But it works, as long as the person on the skis knows how to get up.

    This had gone smoother than I had hoped. If it all happens, I already had it planned. Hidden cams, two of them in that bedroom, up high and looking down on the entire bed, the wives, the men and their hard cocks, and most of all, who is fucking who, what he is gving her, and how she is reacting to that strange cock.

    A fun fact. I won't know who I am fucking at the time, but later, on the screen, I'll be learning who she was. My wife too, I will learn who got to fuck her, but she won't know about the cams and I don't plan to tell her of course who it was.

    Six lovely naked wives on the bed, doggy style, asses and pussies up and ready to be penetrated, and six cocks being led in, one at a time, and being placed into position behind the wives. Then on cue, all at the same time, the fucking will begin.

    No faces will be showing, but I will be able to tell who is who on my screen later. After all, I have already seen all their bodies, husband's and wives, many times in bathing suits. Besides the differences in their bods, our wives represent all the species of hair color, red, blonde and brunette.

    I also have one other plan. I'm sneaky you see, and I love adventure. I have a buddy named Marcus from work, black he is, and hung like a horse. I plan to sneak Marcus in and have him fuck Beck's wife Jean, and Marcus won't be blindfolded.

    Marcus has never been over to my place or been introduced to my wife. For now, I prefer to keep it that way and for a good reason as you shall see.

    Marcus will see what he is fucking, and be able to look around and see everyone else fucking though he won't be able to tell who is who, like my wife and who she is getting. I prefer that. Marcus sees what he fucks, but does not know who fucks my wife since he won't be able to ID her.

    And Jean, Beck's wife? She might never tell Beck that apparently, one of the other five husbands has a huge cock, and she will always wonder which one of us it had been, but I will know. Yeah Beck, your wife got fucked by something big and black.

    Jean won't know that cock is black, but she sure will know it was big. She might tell you Beck, she might not. But I will always know.

    You readers might be wondering, and counting inyour minds. How do I sneak another man, number seven, into a bedroom where there are just six pussies waiting? Well let me tell you. Nina already knows.

    Marcus will be behind another door, naked and waiting. After having led all the others in but one, her choice of us six, into the room and placed them, Nina will open that door and direct Marcus to go on in and go to the only woman waiting with no man behind her. That will be Beck's wife.

    Then Nina will lead the last remaining husband of six into the bedroom, guide him toward the bed, and without him knowing, hurriedly climb onto the bed and get into the doggy in front of him. Then she will say something like 'Now do it,” and we can begin.

    That way, Nina gets fucked by the husband she chooses to keep last for herself, while everyone else except for Marcus, the only one besides Nina who is unmasked, is fucking the unknown. When I had laid out my thoughts to Nina, without my wife being present, she had agreed as long as she gets to choose which husband to keep for herself. And of course, she'll be getting some extra pay next check.

    I told her, jokingly of course, or acting so, that I will prefer that she not 'save me for last.' I told her that I think she is very pretty, but that I prefer not to be involved in that way with someone who works for us. She shook her head vigorously and said she understands.

    Too bad actually. Nina looks like a hot tomato for sure. Slightly on the heavy side, but all the extra weight in the right places. Nina also will not know about the hidden cams. Only Marcus and I will know, and we plan to watch them together next week.

    It took a little longer than happening next week. Because of some having weeknight plans or whatever, we all were unable to gather until the following Saturday. This time late afternoon at my city house rather than the lake.

    After much discussion between some of the couples, it was all worked out. All were in agreement, though as it appeared, a couple of the wives at first, had been reluctant to admit to their husbands that they are curious about other cocks and how they might feel.

    Now, gathered around my living room, there were still some little details to be worked out. Apparently some had been thinking about it.

    “Phil,” Harlan asked me in front of everyone, “How do we know, when we men are in place, when to begin, and when we are done, how do we know when to pull out? We're not all going to finish at the same time. Some might be enjoying it so much they are taking a long time, and somebody might be a premature ejaculator and finish too quick. So how? You tell us.”

    I laughed. “Hopefully no one here will be a premature ejaculator and leave the poor woman hanging. I know this will be exiting as all get out, so if you feel yourself getting ready to cum, any of you, stop or pull out or whatever and then start again. It's hard to pick a time to cum, and there is a good possibiity that a wife or two might not get to cum.

    I hope if that happens that she will understand, maybe be expecting it, and if, and I say if, we decide to do it again, the next time maybe she will get to cum with another strange cock.”

    “You want to do it again? I haven't discussed that with my wife,” Fred was asking. I looked around, and some others also looked concerned. I didn't see any real looks of protest on any of the wives.

    “It might happen. My wife talked this over with some of the other wives, I won't say who, and those wives also expressed concern over not getting to cum. Now listen, and I'm talking for your wives now, they said, two of them and one being my wife, that they might need a little time, like maybe some loving on their pussy in advance, either a gentle finger or a tongue for a couple of minutes before the strange cock goes. in. Everyone agreed?”

    All laughed, and Beck braggingly added, “Yeah guys. I like getting my mouth on a nice hot pussy. I'll give it my best.” Beck was grinning as he looked all around at every one of our wives. The way he is talking, I thought, it is like he is saying that he cheats on his wife. I'll bet Jean doesn't like the way he talks in front of the others.

    I looked at Beck's wife, and Jean's face looked impassive, like she was trying to keep her feelings from showing. 'Soon enough Jean,' I thought to myself, 'you'll be getting something special, just wait.'

    I nodded. “Then it's agreed, we all feel with our fingers for a minute or two, and then we all get down there with a mouth and tongue for say, another couple of minutes. How's that sound?”

    “I'm still wondering about the time. How do we know when to stop licking and start sticking it in,” asked Harlan?

    I nodded. “None of us can do any talking to give direction, because the sound of our voice might let the person we are with know who we are. So I've thought of another way.

    'Ive done my best to work it out. I've go a clock set up, a special clock that can be set in advance for three rings. I'll let Nina take care of the clock since she will not be blindfolded and will be the only one who know when everyone is in place.

    She'll wait till everyone is placed, all the men, behind a woman. Once Nina turns it on, it will ding once, and that will be our signal to start with the fingering and the licking. It will run for three minutes, and then ding again, and that will be our signal to start with the inserting of hopefully hard cocks”

    Beck laughed. “I won't have any trouble being hard then, I can guarantee whoever's wife gets me will find out.”

    “Yeah Beck. I am sure everyone will have a nice hard on by then,” I responded.

    “Then the clock will run for five full minutes more, long enough for hopefully a pussy to cum if it hasn't already, and for the guys, on the final third ding, that will be a warning for everyone to finish up within the next minute at the longest, if not already done.”

    Surprisingly it was the cutest and quiet one, Caroline, who voiced her concern. “Can you reset the clock so that we get a little more time than just five minutes while we do it? Not a lot, maybe just another couple of minutes?”

    “Sure baby,” I answered, using a overly familiar name to address Chuck's wife Caroline. “How about I make it eight minutes? All agreed?”

    Two or three nodded, and said that should be enough.

    Again Beck mouthed off. “Nothing like a quickie,” he snickered.

    I had to make a comment. “Remember you guys, if any of you cum too soon, you'll just have to leave your soft cock in your woman and stand there until everyone else is done.”

    I looked around. All the other five men were nodding. “So, remember guys, when you hear the third ring, at the end of eight minutes. if you haven't already shot your load, do it within the next minute or so.”

    I looked over at Nina, who had now joined us in the room. “Then you can pull your shorts up, Nina will lead each guy back to the hallway, and once everyone is inside with the door closed you can take your masks off. The girls in the meantime, once the men are out of the room can be getting up and taking off their masks.”

    I looked around at all the wives. :Any questions?”

    Frieda had a question. “Should we keep our bras on? We all have different size breasts, and I don't mean to sound like I'm bragging but I'm pretty sure that mine are the largest here,” she looked around, : and if any of the men do some bending down and feeling, they might be able to tell who they're,” she hesitated, “Fucking, especially if it's the man behind me.”

    Frieda sniffed and looked around. “That wouldn't be fair to me, or my husband. If the guy is feeling my breasts, He'd know who he is getting and I wouldn't know who it is behind me.” She paused and turned a bit red. “Inside me.”

    “I thought of that,” I answered with an understanding smile. “That's why I said that while doing it, all the man are supposed to keep their hands on the woman's ass.” Everyone nodded as I looked around. They understood.

    “Any wife here who does not want to be seen naked in front of the other women?”

    They looked around, and some shrugged. “OK, I guess not. So you all can help each other get your masks on once you have stripped down. Looks like this can happen. Now, is everyone ready?”

    They all giggled. Some blushed, and Frieda, the German blonde said with a laugh. “That's what we came to do!”

    “Then each couple pick a number, let the wives do it.”

    They did, and once having a number established for each couple, they used a marker to write the number on each of their left hands.

    I continued with my directions. “Now, as you know, when Nina leads the men in one by one, you ladies keep your left hand out and visible and she will make sure that when she places a man behind a woman, that the numbers don't match.”

    My wife took the lead with the women and led them into the bedroom where one by one, they stripped down to where they are naked on the lower half, lying their clothes onto a dresser and started putting on the masks and doing them up.

    My wife delayed putting her mask on long enough to show make sure each woman was on the bed, on her knees in the doggy, and waiting. Then, after she had done up her mask, Jennifer climbed onto the bed and yelled, “We're ready!”

    Meanwhile we men were stripping down to underwear only and placing the masks over our heads and trying to do them up in the back.

    “This is not easy, this mask,” I heard one say. 'Here, I will help,” said Nina, and doing her job, she went around each man, six husbands, and checked and made sure that each mask was done up correctly.

    I heard my wife yell out from the other room. “We're ready!” Rather than having Nina bring them in one by one, a time-consuming process, the wives had already assembled on the bed and assumed the doggy, numbers showing on their hands.

    I could sense the excitement in her voice. Never having fucked anyone but me, I knew what Jennifer must be thinking. I wasn't too worried. Chances are, my cock being a bit above average, my wife is going to be getting fucked by someone with a cock that is smaller. I hope she cums, but not too hard. You know what I mean.

    It is time to begin.

    One by one, all the men now blind, Nina began leading us in and placing us behind a woman, someone else's wife. Each of us, in turn, was placing our hands on a nice, strange ass, and waiting, waiting for the ding to begin. First we finger and eat, and then we fuck.

    I was to see it all later on video as Nina did her thing. Carefully checking each woman as she led a husband in, and making sure that the number of the man she is leading does not match a number on the woman who she stopped the husband in front of.

    I also saw on video later, not all the men waited in place with their hands on an ass. Some started early, tentatively touching and then caressing another man's married pussy.

    With all the wives except one now having someone behind them, Nina hurriedly went down the hall, opened a door, and signaled for a tall, muscled and naked Marcus, his black cock already standing out and proud I am sure, into the bedroom.

    I didn't have a cam in the hall, but I had two in the bedroom, and as Nina drew close to the bed while directing Marcus to Jean, I saw her looking at his hard cock and making a 'whew' sound as she pursed her lips and sort of shook her head.

    Marcus of course did not see Nina's reaction, because he was eagerly already heading toward Jean, his hard cock pointing the way.

    Nina pointed at Jean at the same time Marcus was heading that way. Jean with the ass and blonde pussy looking so hot, and Marcus, grinning the biggest grin ever seen on video, moved up behind Beck's wife and placed both his hands on her ass.

    With his hands on Jean's ass, he looked over at Nina and nodded, and she gave him a thumbs up with her hand.

    Oh yeah, Marcus is ready, big time. I had told him about Beck, and how Beck is the big braggart, with the best wife, car, house, job, all of it, he thinks. Now Marcus was ready to show Beck's wife that there is more in life than just having the best.

    I saw it all on video later, how I was standing naked behind who turned out to be Harlan's wife Nancy, oh so sweet and waited blindfolded to begin. I think, were I able to choose, that I might have chosen her. Nancy, of all the wives, is the most innocent seeming. I strongly suspected once I saw it on the video later that I was to be the second cock in her life.

    And my wife? She was bending over, I could see a little smile on her face from one of the camera angles, and she was waiting for, unknown to her, the cock on the man named Beck to fuck her. Beck of course, was one of the men that had not waited for the first ding to start feeling up some strange pussy.

    Yes, Beck! As it had turned out, Nina, in her arranging us around, had placed Beck behind my wife. I had not told Nina about Beck, and to avoid placing him behind my wife. All I had told Nina was that she is to be sure to leave Beck's wife Jean for Marcus to fuck.

    There is always the possibility that Nina had deliberately placed Beck behind my wife, knowing that I had set it up for Beck's wife to be fucked by Marcus. Nina just might have that ornery streak in her, I don't know, her idea of fair play.

    I set it up so Beck does not know his wife is getting big black cock so Nina, in her thinking, decides to see that Beck, while not knowing, is getting to fuck my wife.

    Like I said, Nina did not, does not know about the cameras, so she maybe felt safe playing that little trick on me. Or maybe it was just by accident that Nina put Beck behind my wife, after all, she did have to work fast and put everyone into place while watching those numbers.

    As I watched the video later, I was having mixed feelings about seeing that it is Beck who gets to fuck my wife. He would have been my last choice if I could choose, but in a way, this is working out just fine, I decided. Beck feels, fingers, eats and fucks my wife and never knows it is her, though I know.

    What is best, I could see on the video later, Beck the braggart's cock is smaller than mine, both in length and width. Oh yeah, life is great. I would find myself wishing that I could tell her later who it had been. My curious wife gets her first strange cock, and it is smaller. Beck gets someone else's wife and does not know who she is.

    I get a nice pussy on a gal I had always had a craving for, Harlan's wife Nancy, the sweet and innocent Nancy with the quiet voice, almost like a nun, and Beck's wife Jean, she gets fucked by Marcus with the huge black cock.

    I have the video, and life is indeed sweet.

    I'll give Nina credit, she was really good at her job, placing all those men in place, bringing Marcus in and then managing secretly to get herself into place in front of Harlan, her apparent choice of the men she wanted.

    Funny actually that coincidence. Of all the women there, I had ended up with maybe my first choice, Nancy, and my maid Nina, actually my wife's maid, had picked Nancy's husband for herself.

    I learned another thing watching that video. Nina, who when dressed looks like she might be on the heavy side, has a really great bod. My two cams were all around above that bed, and on screen I could see all the pussies up in the air and open for my viewing as they are being fucked.

    Nina's pussy? Hairy, very. Long black hair, but looking from my perspective to be very soft and fluffy. I could see down into her crack actually, between all that hair, and see how wet and shiny her pussy already is before Harlan even begins.

    As I watched I was thinking, Harlan is going to have himself a nice time with that. And Harlan's cock” Almost as large as mine, close, but not quite.

    Perfect. On the screen I could see that I was getting Nancy, the gal I most wanted. Nancy is getting a cock slightly larger then she is used to. My wife is getting a noticeably smaller cock, and Beck the braggart's wife Jean is taking the big one, the big and black one.

    I knew that Beck, besides being the braggart, is also prejudiced. Not out and out a racist, but he's made some cracks. Too bad Beck won't know a black man is enjoying his married pussy.

    Standing in place behind I did not know who at the time, and holding her left ass cheek in my left hand and her pussy with my right, I waited for the first ding.


    Time to begin. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and reaching out with my mouth since I was already bending over, I placed my mouth on a lovely, nice smelling, strange pussy. I heard her moan, not loudly, but I could hear.

    Nina was on the bed across from me, and I saw her later on video. She had made it a point to get a peek at my cock as my shorts came down. Glad I was fully erect at that moment.

    I sucked, I slurped, I licked, I even used my teeth, very lightly on those inner lips, and toward the end, I placed my lips around her hard clit and sucked out on it like a straw, pulling it out best I could and turning it into her little cock. Then, with her little cock firmly between my lips, I flicked my tongue over the end of that little cock, and she came.

    No doubt she was cumming. Loud enough to hear, and if her husband could pick her sounds out of all the other sounds we were hearing, Harlan had to know that his wife Nancy, is cumming. And that is before the fucking has begun.

    In a way, I would have liked to have known at the time that it is Nancy I am working over and giving pleasure to, but looking back, I'm glad I didn't know. Finding out later on video was very exciting.

    I was to see it all later, and two bodies away from me but on the same side of the mattress, Marcus was working on Beck's wife with his mouth and all the while moving his eyes around, seeing what he could see of the other couples.

    Ding! Time to stand up and begin the insertions.

    My body shaking, and I knew that at the same time one of the men is doing this behind my wife, I eased my cock, going by feel since I can't see, up against that pussy that I have already made cum once.

    Again, later, I would see on video that Nina, across from me, while opening her eyes and mouth wider as she felt a strange cock, one she knew who it belonged to was entering her pussy, that she also was keeping her head up and again, looking to see my cock as I prepared to make penetration.

    I noticed that during her entire fuck, Nina was keeping her head up and watching all around, seeing what she could see of everyone fucking. Most of all, she was turning her head to watch Marcus with Jean, and it made me happy to see that she spent almost the same amount of time looking straight across at me.

    Hoping that my mystery women will feel tight, I slowly eased in, taking my time, and was pleased to feel her pussy clasp me tightly. I was pretty sure judging by the feel, that this pussy might be getting something larger. I could hear some groans around me and listened for my wife, but couldn't make out her sounds, if she is making any.

    Whoever she is, she sure feels good! I fucked, oh yes I fucked this man's wife good, using every possible angle while standing behind her, and at times varying my speed. I was holding onto her ass now, big time, and each time my cock came forward, I pulled her back, giving her as much as possible of my seven inches. I didn't have to pull back very hard, because she was helping. me.

    I know she came again., but her sounds coming from down below me and forward, were mingled in with a lot of other sounds. I knew she came from the sounds, and also because I had the tip of a finger on my left hand partially inserted into her anus, and when she came, I was able to feel ten contractions around my finger. Ten! That's a pretty good orgasm.

    I've heard of women having 'continuous orgasms,' cums that never seem to quit. Is it possible? Maybe someday I'll have a woman like that, but would she be wanting more and more? Could she be faithful having experienced something like that?

    Right now though, I was having someone else's wife, and maybe, just maybe, I was giving her more pleasure than she has ever known. Oh yeah, and also, after the strong contractions, I sort of felt a couple of little twitches as well.

    Now having made whoever's wife I'm with cum twice, maybe three times, I kept stroking, but slowly and began thinking about what might be going on around the bed. If only I could see, but inwardly I was smiling. Later, I knew, I will be seeing.

    Who is fucking my wife? Does he have a cock equal to mine, or larger? Is she enjoying her first strange cock? Is my wife cumming? How easy and often? If she's getting a larger or smaller cock, will it affect her thinking if I ask her if she wants to try this again? Will she even be honest with me and describe what she was getting?

    I wonder how Jean is enjoying the big black cock on Marcus. Will she keep it to herself, her wonderful fuck, or will she tell any of the girls, and maybe have them speculate on which husband has the big cock? That might be fun to hear, as long as they aren't all discussing it at the same time.

    I suspect though, that Jean, no dummy, will not be saying a word about her mystery peter, so big, so hard, because if she tells any other wife, the word might get back to the man who has the big cock, and he will know who he fucked. No, Jean won't say a word.

    If every wife were to say something like, “My husband's normal size” or something like that, then they all might be saying, 'Someone is holding back the truth, because one of the husbands is hung.'.

    My thoughts again turned to the fine pussy I am fucking. Shit! Feels like she's ready to cum again! I fucked a little harder, and sure enough. I neglected to have my finger in that tight little anus the last time, so I don't know how many throbs of her pussy she enjoyed for her last orgasm.


    We only have another minute or two. Those eight minutes sure flew by. Now it's my turn. Here's my cock, all the way. Yeah, take that. Here's another stroke, in deep, You know the rules don't you baby? After the eight minute ding, then the man cums. You're waiting for it aren't you? Another woman's husband, deep inside you and going to shoot his load, leaving your pussy full of cum. Can you feel it? I'm getting harder.

    Aaah baby, whoever you might be, here it cums.....Ah yes., moving it slow so you can feel that throbbing. My orgasm was maybe as intense as the one she had enjoyed when I had used my finger to make a count. Filling her up, I was. I had saved up my cum for three days.

    I was soft. I was still inside my mysterious and great fuck, and slowly, everything around me seemed to be settling down. Now was the trick part. I had not thought of this in advance. How to get all the men away, and more importantly now, get Nina out from under whomever she chose to have fuck her.

    I pulled back and away from my soaked pussy, far enough away to speak without anyone knowing exactly where I had been. “OK. All the man back away from your gal so Nina can start leading you back to the hallway, and then you can take your masks off.”

    I knew that whoever's wife I had just been fucking, me having pulled out and away and then speaking, recognizes my voice and is probably thinking she knows who it is that just fucked her. I wasn't too worried that the mystery woman might think she knows, because I knew that I had just given her a great suck and fuck and that she had just orgasmed at least three times.

    Hoping that Nina was now free of her chosen cock, I yelled her name. “Nina? We're ready.”

    Pretending that she had been maybe out in the hall, waiting and not watching, I heard Nina yell it out. It sounded like her voice was over toward the door, and I breathed a sigh of relief. “I'm coming boss,” she yelled out, sounding happy. I wondered if just a little while ago, Nina had been cumming before she had to say she is coming.

    I was also anxious, to some degree, to see which of the other husbands Nina had chosen to keep for herself.

    “Just wait, I'll get you all one by one, fast as I can,” Nina said, speaking loudly. She grabbed me first by the arm and led me out. When I felt we had passed through the door, I whispered, “Have fun?”

    “Si Senor'” she answered, giggling and using Spanish. I was glad, because I knew that Nina also has a husband, and he is home sitting the two kids. Nina had told him that she would be catering for a group of our friends so was able to be out tonight.

    In another three minutes Nina had all the men in the hall and the door was closed. We all had our shorts up of course to hide our cocks and were getting the masks off, and looking around I asked, “Everyone have a good fuck?”

    Beck of course, the braggart, answered first. “Oh yeah did I ever. I think I might have had the best fuck here, except for maybe whoever got my wife.”

    'If you only knew,” I was thinking, while not knowing at the time that Beck's 'best fuck' except for his own wife had been my wife.

    Somewhere out there behind that other door, I knew, Marcus is getting his clothes on, and in no time he will be gone. On Monday, if not sooner, Marcus can tell me how Beck's wife is to fuck.

    No one else was volunteering any information so I had to ask, now before we join up with our women. “Everyone else? How was it? You can tell because no one knows who you had.”

    That seemed to remind them that yes, no one knows who, and then they all began to joke, and talk. Beck of course, bragged the loudest and most. “Whoever she was, I think she kept cumming all the time. I couldn't see her, but her pussy seemed to be tightening up around me several times.”

    Once all the wives and husbands were together again, we prepared to go home. There would be lots of discussion I knew, between the spouses on the way home, and almost for sure, in bed later. As the couples went out the door together, I saw Nancy staring at me, and when I stared back, she winked.

    I would not put two and two together until later when I reviewed the video. Nancy was thinking that she knew who it was who had fucked her. Me.

    Like everyone else that night, I took my wife to bed while not knowing whom had fucked who. I would not have a chance to view my videos until the next day. I held off on asking my wife that night, and she seemed to feel the same way, let's talk about it some other day, after we have renewed our marriage with a fuck.

    Later, after I would see that it was my wife whom Beck had fucked, and without telling my wife I knew or had a video, we were sitting in the living room when I asked Jennifer how her fuck had been, and she said that it had been disappointing in a way.

    The man who had fucked her seemed to have trouble keeping hard, and he was smaller than me, but still, she had managed to cum, just once Jennifer said, and not a really intense one.

    She said that the only time the man had seemed to get truly hard was just before his orgasm began, and as soon as he had given her his load, he had gone soft.

    I was thinking, 'what about the foreplay?' So I asked.

    “I almost came when he was eating me. It took him a while, but when he found my clit I got pretty close. And then the clock dinged.”

    “So,” I began, “You didn't cum then, but you were close, and then he had troubles, so I'd guess that when you finally came it was at the same time you felt him cumming, am I right?”

    She was smiling and not answering right away so I asked again.

    “Is that when you managed to cum,” I asked? “When he came?”

    She nodded and smiled at me. “At that time his cock felt almost as big, as wide as yours. Almost.”

    Then she added, “I guess that wasn't too hard to figure out.”

    “Nope,” I grinned.

    My wife looked pensive as she was remembering her first strange fuck. “It's funny how he came, so different from the way you feel.”

    “How's that.” I asked, and really wanting to hear as I felt my cock, hidden in my pants thicken?

    “When he came, it was weird, almost like an explosion. He was all built up I think, his cock got harder all at once, and wham, out it came, one big throb and I even felt him squirt up into me I think, and then the rest of the throbs were less intense, not as strong as the first.”

    She paused as she remembered. “It was strange, like he came so hard, that first throb all built up, that he really didn't have much left for the rest of his orgasm. I could still feel him cumming, but not as strong.”

    My cock had grown hard, rigid, as I listened to my wife describe another man's orgasm into her pussy. “Were there many throbs? Did you count them?”

    She giggled. “You're the one who is into counting throbs, since you do it with me sometimes. Him? I didn't count, but it might have been seven, or eight. I'm not sure. After that first throb, his explosion, I don't think he had much left.” She began giggling.

    I giggled, sort of, with her. “So maybe you enjoyed it then, even with the problems?”

    She nodded. “Yeah, I guess I did, but if it happens again, I hope for better.”

    She looked funny at me. “Are you glad that whoever it is that fucked me was smaller than you and had trouble keeping it hard?”

    I answered honestly. “Well yes and no. I'm glad that he turned out to be smaller, but I'm also glad for you, that he made you cum. I wanted you to enjoy this so it was important that you get to cum.”

    She looked at me and then with her eyes, deliberately turned them down, down to my pants. “You have a hard on, don't you?”

    “Yes, I answered proudly and raising my hips, made my bulge show as I pressed forward. “And if you had a cock, you'd be hard too, wouldn't you?”

    Smiling, my wife nodded.

    The phone rang and that ended the conversation.

    So much for Beck the braggart I knew.

    I knew that I had to fuck my wife again, you know, to renew our bond after her having had another man inside her and then our talking about it. I waited a whole day, and after I had made love to her the second time, I asked Jennifer if she wanted to try, do the circle swap thing maybe one more time, and maybe the next time her strange husband might be better.

    She sighed and answered yes, but next time, she said, she wants to be lying on her back, totally naked, and have her breasts exposed to whoever the man is, to his touch.

    Also, maybe get to kiss that man.

    Have him on top, and be kissing him? My wife was making a big leap from the impartial, he's back there while I'm down here kind of fuck. At that time I wondered how many of the other wives might have similar thoughts.

    I knew though, there'd be no danger at my wife doing some kissing. After all, she wouldn't know who the man is. Might the other wives be thinking similar thoughts?

    Then, without my asking, my wife gave me the answer. She had talked to some of he other women by phone. Jennifer said that a couple of the other women had expressed the same thoughts, they want to be on their backs, having a fuck of a more personal nature one had said.

    Again the reality hit me. Have my wife with a man on top of her and be kissing him? Those masks we have will permit mouth to mouth. Seems like whoever the man is, he might be able to tell who the woman is. He could be feeling her tits for sure.

    I can see a problem there. One of the six women. She's already expressed her thoughts on that. Frieda. Freida with her biggest of the bunch tits. She'd be afraid of being recognized, and of course her Jim, her husband would be expressing the same concern.

    How to work this out? Tell everyone that they can't touch the tits? No one will go for that. I'll have to think long and hard about that one.

    Oh, almost forgot. You readers want to know how it had gone with Marcus using his big black cock on the sexy and blonde Jean, married to Beck the braggart. Yeah, I know you do, of course you do.

    I have not only the advantage of seeing Jean getting fucked on video, but also I have Marcus's version of how it had been to be the lucky man who got to fuck her.

    Marcus, lucky Marcus. Got to fuck a white man's wife, and did not have to give up a wife of his own to anyone.

    On the video, from two different angles, I had seen Marcus, looking down at that blonde snatch and grinning after having sucked on her pussy for a couple of minutes, and I am sure based on how Jean had been gritting her teeth, remember, noses and mouths were visible, that Jean had reached her first orgasm with Marcus's mouth covering her snatch.

    When Marcus had smiled as he looked down and started easing that fat prick into her, Jean's fingers had dug deep into the mattress, and I couldn't hear for sure which moans were hers, but her mouth had opened wife in surprise, maybe shock, and then pleasure as Marcus had penetrated, and after a slow minute, buried himself.

    I'd say, based on the way Jean was squirming her ass back at Marcus, gasping though her mouth and digging into the mattress with her fingers, that Jean was having multiple, intense orgasms. At one point she even reached back with one hand and tried to feel his cock, to put her fingers around it. It was quite a reach for her, but she managed.

    Then, I couldn't believe it, before Jean put her hand back on the bed, she actually placed her finger in her mouth and tasted it, like she was hoping to taste that cock. Of course, most of what she tasted I am sure was her own pussy juice since Marcus's cock looked shiny slick wet by that time.

    I could plainly see on the video, Jean was having no problem cumming.

    Marcus confirmed that with me on Monday as I ran the video for him in my office. I had deliberately chosen the one of two videos to play for him that best showed his cockmanship with Jean. “Oh yeah, right there when I finally got it all the way in, see that, she started cumming right away. I could hear her, and her ass hole was twitching, I could see it, over and over, big time.”

    We had quite a discussion, Marcus and I as we watched the video and related how our individual fucks had been. He managed to ID me on the video, and pointed me out.

    “Yeah, that's me,” I agreed.

    Marcus didn't rub the size of his cock in, instead giving me a compliment. “Your cock looks pretty good, maybe the biggest one there besides me. I can see that the chick you're fucking is getting off.”

    He watched for a minute longer. “Yeah, that chick you're fucking has a great ass. There, right there she is cumming,” he pointed at the screen, “right there for sure.”

    “See my finger in her ass,” I asked?

    He laughed. “Can't miss that.”

    I smiled. “That time I counted off her throbs. Ten times, ten times she throbbed.”

    “”Shit,” said Marcus. “You used your finger to count her cums, her throbs? I didn't think of that. Next time if I fuck one of your wives, I'll be sure to do that.” He looked at me. “You're gonna do this again, aren't you?”

    I smiled. “Thinking hard on it. Gotta get all the comments gathered from the participants first.” When I told Marcus that, of course I had not heard the comments some of he wives had made, about wanting to lie on their backs and do some kissing.

    Marcus, I could see, was truly excited about what had happened and the future prospects. “That gal you were fucking, whoever she was, I wouldn't mind getting some of that. Her ass is beautiful.”

    I nodded. “Yeah Marcus, I agree, but I don't know for sure who she was so it would be kind of hard to set it up in advance.” I had lied. I knew who it had been, but I wanted Nancy to go on thinking that my cock had been the biggest and maybe the best. I am pretty sure she knew it had been me.

    Marcus thought for a few seconds. “What if I ended up behind your wife? I wouldn't know it at the time, but you'd undoubtedly be able to ID her later on video. How would you feel about that?”

    “Shit. You think I want my wife to be ruined? Couldn't happen by accident Marcus. I can give instructions to Nina, remember?”

    He nodded. “Can't say that I blame you. I wouldn't want some other man fucking my wife with a cock that she might enjoy a lot more either.”

    I guess I have to overlook Marcus, what he had said. He had maybe unthinkingly, put me down by saying my wife might like his big black cock better than mine. He had told me about having threesomes with two white couples and how the women and yes, the husbands, seemed to have enjoyed it.

    So I let it go. Marcus was probably assuming that all white men want to see their wives being fucked by a big black one. I don't necessarily think that way, but I've been wondering about how it might be if it was to happen. For now, Marcus is a friend and he could be useful in future adventures.

    If he's a friend, you might ask, why haven't I invited him to my home? Surely you have not done that, you say, because I say Marcus does not know what my wife looks like.

    Well, you should know the answer. Marcus is a new friend, sex wise. We started talking sex, and I told him about my plans back when we first got together privately. So right away, thinking of future possibilities, I have deliberately not introduced him to my wife.

    Marcus asked me for some feedback on Wednesday when we were viewing the action again, and I told him about some of the women's comments. He laughed and said, “The men lie on top, feel some tit and do some tongue to tongue? Oh shit yeah that would be fun. Imagine that, one of those lovely wives doing all that with me and not knowing it's some black man that is being snuck into the room.”

    He nudged my shoulder. What really might be fun is if you put me on top of Beck's wife. Then she'd have been getting me from both angles top and bottom and probably not being able to believe that she lucked out and got the same man two times in a row!”

    “I've been thinking about that,” I agreed.

    Funny thing was. Marcus had been told that he is fucking Beck's wife because of all the bragging Beck does, but he has never met Beck, nor did I identify Beck in the video. You see, if Marcus knows what Beck looks like, and later he learns what my wife looks like, he would be able to see that it is Beck who is fucking my wife in the first videos. Oh yeah, we'll probably be looking at them again together.

    The video had run its course, the second time I had ran it. Marcus grinned and shook my hand. “Looks like we both ha ourselves a hot woman. Let me know if and when it happens again. If you want me, I'll be ready.”

    I had seem Marcus idly caressing the bulge in his pants while watching himself in action. Yeah, I had been doing it too. Maybe I should have suggested we whip out our cocks and yank off, but I didn't. Maybe next time, if there is a second session.

    I didn't bother to ID the woman I was fucking since Marcus didn't know her or her husband in any case. And my wife? He's only seen my wife one time, and when she was dressed, so I'm pretty sure with her bent over in the doggy postion like that and wearing a face mask that he could not ID my wife being fucked on the mattress, and Marcus was smart enough not to ask which one she was.

    Marcus is on tap for the next circle fuck. The women, all of them now I think, want to try it while on their backs. One or two of the men, including Beck, still have to think about it. I'm waiting, and enjoying my video.

    Speaking of the video, as I've said, I had two cameras mounted. Marcus and I had watched the one I picked that showed most of the good angles. Now I've run them both and combined the best angles and shots into one really hot video. Marcus hasn't see that one yet.

    And Nina? We talk freely when my wife is not around. She admitted to me whom she had picked, and had herself a good cum with Harlan, she says, just one, but it had been after a nice long buildup and then she said, came the explosion.

    Strange, Nina had used the same word my wife had used, 'explosion,' to describe her forbidden cock's feel when it had shot forth it's load. The word explosion. I wondered if maybe my wife was talking with Nina and hearing more than she would admit to.

    I kept up the talk with Nina, wanting to hear more. Next time she said, she wants to place herself under Chuck, she isn't sure, maybe Fred.

    I jokingly asked her if she'd like to try Harlan again, this time while on her back. He probably wouldn't know it is the same woman, I told her. Nina had smiled and said 'Maybe. We might do it on our backs? Si Si. On my back, yes, the same man and doing kissing? That might be nice.”

    Since she knows so much about me and my wife, I tried to get some secrets out of Nina, but Nina at first, wanted to keep her home sex life a secret. I finally got her to admit that Harlan had been larger than her husband. My husband, she said, used to have a fairly big one, but now he is so fat most of it is hidden.

    “Big one,” I asked? “You must mean a long one since you said 'most of it is hidden behind fat.' But how about thick? Does your husband have a thick cock?”

    Nina, after all we had seen and done, turned red, the color not showing real well on her slightly darkened skin. She had not wanted to reveal her secrets, but bit by bit, they were coming out. “My husband, thick?” She smiled. “Si, his cock, it's pretty thick, like yours,” she added.

    “Like mine?” I smiled at her. “I guess you peeked then?” Of course I knew from the video(s) that she had taken several peeks.

    “Of course,” she giggled. “I wanted to know since you are Jennifer's husband. I like Jennifer, and I'm glad for her that her husband has a nice one.”

    As visions of Nina holding, admiring, taking tastes of and sampling my cock in her pussy went through my mind, I wanted to hear if she might admit her thinking upon seeing Marcus, and what he is equipped with.

    “What about Marcus? I know you saw him, got some good looks. I heard that his cock is big, so how did his cock look to you?”

    She knew what I was doing besides maybe trying to find out what size Marcus is, trying to find out if a big cock, a really big cock might turn her on. Maybe, she might be thinking, trying to find out if she will fuck Marcus while I watch.

    She screwed her face up into a strange frown. “Oh Marcus. Si, you heard right. He's got mucho cock. A big black cock.”

    And then she held her hands apart and out, but exaggerating as she had them about a foot apart. “This big I think. Too big I think for me, but that woman, your friend Jean, she liked it a lot I think.”

    She wasn't telling the truth and changing the subject, I suspected, about thinking Marcus is too big for her, but I went back to seeing what Nina might like, if not Marcus, but first, I wanted to hear more of her home life. I think, deep down, I was hoping to get another compliment from her about my cock.

    “So your husband can't give you what you want now, is that why you decided to try one of my friends?”

    Of course I knew whom she had picked, but I couldn't say.

    “I love my husband, but sometimes, you know, a woman needs more. Just being in love is not enough, sometimes. Besides,” Nina said, “my husband has grown lazy and just wants me to be on top all the time and do the work.”

    'Does he kiss you enough, or just take you for granted?” I was probing, trying to see if Nina was lonely in her marriage, lonely mentally.

    She looked at me strange. Then nodded. “Kiss me? No, not enough. Usually it's me doing some kissing if I lean down.”

    She was talking about being on top still. So I asked: “How about out of bed? Does he kiss you enough?”

    Nina looked sad. Shook her head. “No, not enough.” Then she looked sad and added: “Hardly ever.”

    Our eyes probed one another, and I knew, anytime I want, I can have this woman physically, and maybe a good part of her mentally as well. But with her working for us, for my wife, that would be playing with fire.

    That's it about for Nina as far as our wife swapping goes. Her husband with his big gut makes her stay on top. So she too is looking forward to being under a man next time this all happens.

    I'm trying to think of a way to get her under Marcus, for that I'd like to see. I can't fuck Nina, much as I'd like to, so next best would be to see Marcus fuck Nina. If this continues, maybe I'll ask her, if once she gets all the men on all the wives, if she would like to lie beside all the others and enjoy Marcus.

    Of course Marcus would not be blindfolded so he would know who he is fucking. Nina might not want that.

    But that's not necessary in any case, because Nina could fuck Marcus without playing the secrecy game with all the wives. So it looks like Marcus will end up fucking one of the others, Tabitha, Frieda, Nancy or Caroline.

    My wife? Arrange it for Marcus to fuck my wife? I know readers you want to hear about that. But I don't think so. Jennifer seems to be happy with my slightly larger than average cock, which I have seen is larger than every white cock involved, and I plan to keep it that way.

    I sure am curious though, as I wonder how my wife would be acting if she was under Marcus, and also, the big IF, would she tell me later, the truth about what she had been given and how it had felt? My wife would not know of course if it happened that I have videos of her taking the big one, so it would be a true test of how willing she is to be honest with me.

    Round Two

    I've added to and edited quite a bit of the first section, and now I'll bring you up to date.

    Oh, hey people. A couple of days have gone by. We've been talking about a replay, we men, and things might be working out. One of my main concerns was Frieda with her big tits. She had expressed concern before the first session about anyone who feels her tits will know who she is, and as a result we had agreed to keep our hands on the ass only.

    Now I think the Frieda issue has been resolved. Her husband Jim told me that Frieda is in agreement as long as whoever it is that happens to get her promises to never tell anyone else, including her, that he had her. She says if all the men will agree to that, she will go along.

    I asked Jim how he felt about that, someone who fucks Frieda knowing who she is, and he shrugged and said, 'Whatever, because for all that guy knows, I might have had his wife too.”

    So that was the biggest sticking point, Frieda's biggest of all tits sticking up. I think it is going to happen, and this time, hell, I don't know, should I have Marcus on Beck's wife again, or let him have someone else? But who? My wife? I'm still thinking on that. Every time I do, my cock tingles. Even drips if I linger on the thought.

    For myself, I'm sticking to the plan, letting Nina place me behind an unknown pussy and I find out later on the video. That way is kind of fun, lots of fun I've decided. I kind of would like to fuck that little Caroline, so shy and cute if I had my choice. She's so tiny, and so far as I know, unless she has strayed outside of marriage, my cock would still be the biggest she's had.

    I saw her husband Chuck's cock, and he is smaller. And during the first orgy, Caroline was getting Fred's cock, and he too is smaller than me.

    With Caroline being so tiny, and my biggest of the white cocks available, I could almost pretend I am like Marcus, feeding a big cock to a little white wife. I'd get to lie on her, so close and intimate like. I wonder what it would be like to kiss her. Shit, I don't know. Maybe I should cheat and ask Nina to be sure and put me behind, I mean, in front of, Caroline.

    Wow, you know readers? I feel like I have so much power. I have a wife who is ready to explore. I have a maid who is willing to go along with my wishes. I have the power to pick and choose for myself if I want to. I can even choose who Nina places in front of my wife.

    I really wonder, if my wife knew what I am doing with Nina and the camera and isn't mad, who she might choose to be fucked by. Of course she wouldn't know about Marcus, so which one of those other five men would she pick?

    Beck? Fred? Chuck? Jim? Harlan? Of those five white guys, which man might interest my wife the most? I doubt it would be Beck the Braggart, but then, it could be that all his talk might have her interested in seeing if Beck is just that, all talk? She of course does not know that Beck has already fucked her.

    I could find out real easy.

    Now there's an idea. I tell my wife to have Nina place her under her choice of men. She does so not knowing that I will see it later, and then I get to see whom it is my wife has picked.

    The icing on the cake. After, I have the videos to see all the damage I might have created.

    Should I do it, or just let the cocks fall where they may?

    I don't think Nina will think less of me if I cheat a bit. After all, she sure did some of her own.

    Fuck fuck what to do....

    OK readers. I've made my decision. The other couples have agreed to do this, do it with the wives on their backs, totally naked except for the leather masks covering the head except for the nose and mouth.

    It's going to happen this Saturday night, and after debating about whether or not to have my wife tell Nina to let her pick a man, I've decided instead to put her under Marcus. Yes, Marcus. I know, sooner or later I'm going to want to see that. There's always the possibility that my wife might decide she doesn't want to do this anymore, so I'm going for it right now, on the second round.

    So many white men have fantasized on seeing their wife with a BBC. And of course, a lot of men have actually acted out their fantasy. But this would be different. Seeing how my wife reacts to a BBC while not knowing it is a BBC and not just a BC.

    There's the question readers. BBC as compared to BC? If the woman does not know about the middle B, will she think less of the BC as she gets it, or will her pleasure, real or imagined, be just as good?

    No matter what, I don't think this orgy around the circle bit can go on for much longer. The novelty of having an unknown will wear off, the woman might want to be able to choose, they might want the masks to be off. Jealousy might become a factor and all that. No, do this now, have my wife get fucked by Marcus and she will always wonder which one of those five men has the BC, and I will have the pleasure of getting to see her on video taking a BBC.

    The question I haven't answered yet. He won't know in advance, so should I let Marcus know the second woman he had was my wife? I think he might have some idea, but that's just it, an idea and not know for sure. Me? I've decided that the second woman I want to fuck, on her back, is Nina the maid.

    That might sound strange readers, me fuck the maid whom I could have at some other time as compared to getting to fuck one of my buddie's wives. But doing it this way, with me supposedly not knowing I fucked the maid, might make for a safer marriage.

    I've been around Nina now for some time. We've made plans together. We've discussed Marcus and his cock. We've talked about how she is interested in me, and I have told Nina about why it should not happen while hinting that I would like it to happen.

    Fuck Nina with her hairy Mexican pussy and those thick and wet looking lips? Oh sorry, I was talking about the lips on her face. I want to kiss those while spreading and fucking the other set. I want to fuck Nina really bad now , but I don't want her to know that I know.

    But how to do it, get Nina to lay herself under me while she thinks she is keeping me from knowing? I want to fuck her, have her think I did not know it was her, and then be able to see myself on Nina later, on video.

    Me with Nina. My wife with Marcus. I supposedly don't know that I know. My wife doesn't know.

    This next go around is going to be something to experience and later see. It keeps going around and around in my head. My wife under Marcus. Nina under me if I can work it out. Both of us, the couple that started all this, not involved with any of the other five couples. My wife and I doing it with outsiders, while the other couples play and do not know who is doing who?

    Fuck will this ever be fun.

    Saturday night.

    We six men had done up our face masks and were waiting in the hall. Out there in the bedroom, Nina was placing the last of our six wives around the bed, on their backs and naked except for the masks covering their eyes. I already had a full hard on, and I knew that as soon as Nina comes back into the hall she will be seeing it.

    This time, after having our face masks on, we men had removed our shorts. The men had decided that it didn't matter if Nina sees their cocks so the shyness, some of it from the first time, had gone by the wayside.

    She'll be seeing my biggest of all the six white cocks, but Marcus is in there, behind that door, and after she has guided all the white husbands into place, Nina will be guiding Marcus out and placing him in front of my wife, and soon he will be mounting her.

    I've told Nina to do that, put Marcus with my wife. Nina had protested at first, saying why would I want to do that to my wife, have her taking such a big Hombre as she called Marcus's cock? But I had persisted, telling her to do it and to arrange it so that I will be beside my wife without her knowing it so I can hear her.

    Hear but not see I told Nina.

    Of course Nina does not know that with my hidden cams I also will be seeing my wife and Marcus at a later time. She had shrugged and said, 'Well, if you want to say who your wife is fucked by, how about you? Do you have a choice of the woman you want to fuck?

    I had pretended to not be looking down at her body as I had smiled and said 'No, surprise me.' I'm hoping it will be her.

    I want to be fucking Nina while Marcus is beside me and servicing my wife who does not know that the cock she is getting, this new and wonderfully big cock is black and came in from the outside.

    I waited as Nina quickly led all the husbands in and placed them in front of wives, using the numbers written on their hands to be sure as to not give a wife her own husband. Then Nina came into the hallway and I knew it was my turn. I was so tuned into her now that I could feel her presence in the hallway before she touched me.

    She grabbed me by the cock! Yes, by my hard cock and using it to guide me, led me back into the bedroom and placed me three feet from the bed, the same as all the other men. Fuck readers, at that time I wanted to tell Nina, to whisper that her hand was really feeling good. But I didn't dare.

    Then it hit me. Maybe Nina led some or all of the other men in by the cock also. Later, I knew, I would find out.

    I hoped that the spot Nina had placed me in front of is unoccupied, and that she plans to be in that spot. Out loud Nina said, “One more,' to all the others, and I knew she was going to get Marcus. My wife, I knew, should be right there on the bed, next to where I would soon by laying, on what woman I did not know for sure.

    I felt his presence, their presence as Nina led Marcus past me and stopped him in front of what should be my wife. Then I heard Nina yell out from somewhere near me, “OK, all in place. I've started the clock, and now you can start.” .

    I slowly crept forward, knelt down and as I reached out my hand landed on just the right place, a hairy pussy, a very hairy pussy. It had to be Nina, and my heart pounded. I fingered her for just a moment, then went for it with my face and tongue, and heard her moan. Yes, that's Nina, I'm sure of it.

    Slurping away hungrily, I reached around with both hands and felt that her legs were already pulled up, feet on the mattress as she waited to be mounted. My hands left her thighs and went further up and onto those tits.

    Oh yeah, Nina's breasts. Almost as large as Frieda's, maybe the same size as Jean's, and still remarkably upright on her back. Her nipple response? I didn't know because they were already erect when I got there.

    Beside me, I heard the other important woman in my life moaning. My wife, no doubt about it, and I knew, enjoying the talented tongue of one Marcus, Marcus the black. Marcus of the BBC clan. Enjoying my wife and hopefully not knowing it is she, now or in the future.

    Even now, now after all this, two times on the bed, I didn't want Marcus to know which woman is my wife. It might be pride on my part, or maybe it's the fact that Marcus does not have a woman to offer me.

    If Marcus did have a woman, would he share her with me? My cock is smaller, but even so, it's possible that Marcus might feel jealousy if he saw or heard his woman getting noisy with another man, maybe while being eaten or kissed.

    It's sort of one-sided, this bit of BBC and white wives, and Marcus, like so many blacks, only has to be himself in order to get a white wife.

    Meanwhile, there I was, busy eating away, loving on a clit on a woman that I think, I had begun loving in other ways, and all the time, trying not to think real hard about my wife beside me, and what she is about to get.


    The clock, preset by Nina, had dinged. It it time to mount up. Eight minutes having been decided on again. Eight minutes to fondle the tits and kiss the lips while spreading and enjoying the pussy of the woman you have been picked to lie on top of.

    Feeling my way, I got onto my knees over her and by magic, my cock seemed to know right where to go. Even though the head of my cock landed right in the middle of Nina's lips, I felt her hand go onto me, to guide me as I slid in. Oh yes, Nina's pussy felt nice. Wet yes, but still tight enough to feel good. I was feeling those tits on Nina, not yet lying down on her so I could do so.

    I was hoping that Nina had been truthful with me and that I am giving her a cock that if not thicker, is at least longer than her husband.

    She waited for a minute maybe to just enjoy the feel of my cock, and then her hips began to match me stroke for stroke. Then, after another minute of pumping and feeling, Nina pulled my head down so we can kiss.

    Yes yes, this is meant to be. The kissing was even better than I had imagined. I removed my right hand from her tit and placed it behind her head, being tender, and loving. It didn't register for a minute what I had just done.

    I felt her entire body tremble as we kissed. This woman, I knew, wanted me bad. I planned to fuck her good, to love on her, make her mine while all the while pretending later that I had not known that she is the one I have fucked and loved on.

    “OH!” My my my...”

    That had come from beside me. On my left. My wife, and I knew, Marcus has just began to introduce his cock to her tight, married pussy. His single, no one to share BBC, and my wife's married and a man to share pussy.

    And I knew, based on how tight my wife had been all these years, that for now, in the beginning, there is a mismatch between Marcus's BBC and my wife's small, tight and I didn't know how deep pussy.

    “Oh gawd!” Yes, I was right. Marcus is feeding my wife the big one. As I fucked, or rather, loved on Nina, my cock was kept more than original hard by the fact that beside me, I was also hearing my wife getting a bigger cock than me.

    Then it hit me. I've got my hand in Nina's hair! Shit shit. She's not wearing a face mask, so now she knows that I know it is her. Fuck fuck. I guess the only thing to do is keep going and later, still act like I don't know. If she doesn't say anything, we can keep play acting.

    “Uuuuh Uuuuh!” My wife was grunting now, still having to adapt and hopefully, beginning to enjoy. I was taking a chance, doing this. But I wanted my wife to enjoy a big one, a big black one, and all the time not know who it is, what it is, and what color it is.

    But under me, around my cock and involved with me, is Nina. She too is listening to my wife and hearing her reaction, and in my mind I am thinking, is Nina wondering about Marcus and his BBC even while she is enjoying the fulfillment of her fantasy with me?

    She knows that I am listening to Jennifer with Marcus, so I hope Nina understands that right now, I might not be giving my full concentration to her since my mind is on two things at once. Then my thoughts all went to Nina, and I began loving on her, everywhere at once. Here I am Nina. You've been dreaming about this, and now you're getting me, and you might not know it for sure, but I've also dreamed about this.

    Pumping, feeling, kissing, moving my cock in many different ways. I did it all, and Nina was having her orgasms. My wife too, was cumming, even more than Nina I think. And then I remembered, Marcus had said the next time that he would be trying the finger in the anus bit. It hit me, he might have his finger in my wife's ass!.

    How many throbs is he feeling with his finger? Is she cumming with more intensity with Marcus than she does with me? I'll be finding out later. When Marcus and I review this video on Monday, I am sure he will be telling me how many throbs he could feel with his finger. Unthinkingly, back when I had told Marcus about using my finger on that first night, I had set it up for him to be doing a count with my wife.

    “Ooooh baby!”

    My wife Jennifer, in the middle of another orgasm, had called Marcus Baby.' It's strange, get turned on to someone, nickname them baby, and they might be the total opposite of a baby, like being tall, good looking and having a BBC.

    I visualized it in my mind, what I might see later on the videos. Marcus on my wife, his firm ass looking so rounded, moving over my wife, maybe twisting sideways as well as in and out. And my wife's hands, where are they? On his ass, his back? Oh fuck, what if she places her hands on his head? She'll know the man fucking her is not wearing a mask. Fuck fuck I never thought of that.

    I think that Nina, and remember that she is not wearing a face mask, was also being highly stimulated by not only my nice cock, but seeing and hearing my wife, her boss, under Marcus.


    Already? The eight minutes had flown. I have two minutes to drop this load I've been saving into Nina and wind things down. OK Nina, get ready. I've not drained my cock in three days, so I plan to fill you up. Awww shit this is a good cum. Take it baby, and oh yes, you want me to kiss you harder? No problem, and here's my tongue.

    I continued to kiss as I slowly pumped, draining what remained of a huge load into Nina. A load I had been saving just for her.

    “Ding!” Too soon it had dinged. But by previous agreement, the clock had been set for two minutes, not one. So we had adequate time to do some kissing after the cum enjoyed by the male half of the arranged by random couples. That is, except for the two couples who had been deliberately arranged in place.

    Let me tell you readers, it was hard to pull out and away from Nina. Beside me, I knew, Marcus is probably still standing around and looking over all those white women, on their backs and studying the bodies, and probably, trying to determine who the owner of the lovely body he has just fucked belongs to.

    Then it hit me! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Marcus is beside me, right there a couple of feet away, and he can see that it was Nina who had placed herself under me. Nina and he, they with no face masks and probably grinning and winking at one another. I wonder if Marcus will drop so much of a hint to me on Monday that I had fucked my maid tonight?

    I don't know right now, but my wife might still be lying there, on her back and spread, her legs up, her pussy opened, stretched way open maybe, also maybe with cum running out, and Marcus is taking it all in. He is seeing, Nina is seeing, my wife does not know he is seeing but she knows that Nina probably has been standing nearby and watching and knowing she got a big one.

    Interesting. My wife knows that Nina, having put the man on her, knows now probably that that man gave her a big cock. My wife thinks it was one of the white husbands of course. So Nina sees, Marcus sees, and soon, I will be seeing them both on screen.

    I knew, he's looking around, his shiny black cock probably dangling long, and as Nina guides the first of us men away, Marcus will probably go right in front of her and going on out the other door in the hall.

    We men had all once again started standing about three feet away as one by one, Nina took us all into the hallway. Of course the first man she moved as planned was me. That way I could whisper to her while the other men are still in the bedroom.

    I had two things to ask her this time. “Did you have a nice time?”

    “Si. Mucho nice. He was a good lover.”

    Even though Nina had said 'He,' she was talking about me of course.

    “And my wife?” I made sure to whisper. “How did it look with her and Marcus?”

    I sensed Nina shudder. “Oh senor Phil. I think maybe you made a mistake. I was standing near and watching. At first it was maybe hard for her, then it got better. Your wife had a good time, a very good time. She was fucking and kissing real hard, I think.”

    I tried to act nonchalant about it. I smiled out of my mask, which I had started to remove, and said, “I'm glad.”

    I knew that Nina had fibbed when she had said she was 'standing near and watching.'

    As I got the mask off, I saw that Marcus, who had gone on past the hall was already out of sight behind that door. From there, once dressed, he would be be leaving out the back door.

    I knew that in two days, Monday at work, Marcus will be seeing the videos, two since I will not have had time to combine them into one yet. He will be seeing them with me, but of course I will have already watched them at least once beforehand. And jerked off.

    Now all we men were in the hall and with our shorts on and getting dressed, I looked around. “Any comments, or do you want to save them for the next time we get together?”

    Beck, of course, had to say something. “I dug this. Someone's wife really got off under me. I'm ready for the next round.”

    “I'm not sure we will do it again,” I answered. I looked around. “Once, twice, it's all exciting. But it might get old after a while, or our wives might want to take the masks off. Maybe we should stop while we're ahead.”

    I looked around, and two or three were nodding their head in agreement. “Let's talk this over after talking with our wives, what say you men? Maybe next Wednesday night?”

    All agreed, we gathered our wives and went home. Of course in my case, to my other home.

    It was frustrating. Tonight, like the last time, I will not make love to my wife. I want to have a day to 'think on it' and so does she. Besides it being a mental thing, it's also physical. I've been drained, my wife has been filled. Leave the genitals alone for the remainder of one night, and tomorrow, visit with each other and talk about our recent fuck while enjoying one another.

    How truthful, how revealing will Jennifer be with me when we get down to it? If it's true, would she dare say it, actually admit that she had just had a huge cock and came harder than she had ever cum with me? I don't know, my wife is pretty open about things, but will she say something like that to me, her loving husband?

    I have to wait until the next afternoon before I can get back and review the videos. I want to see the videos of course before I talk to my wife, so I can compare what she has to say compared to what has been revealed on screen.

    My wife, fucked by the big one. By my friend Marcus, who, hopefully will not know it was my wife. I am sure though, he will have his suspicions.

    One thing for sure, if Marcus learns for sure that he has fucked my wife, it's really not a big deal. But if I ever have to introduce Marcus to my wife, by accident or design, would she know, sense it was him, suspect it was him, want to see if it was him?

    What should I do about Nina? She just fucked me. Supposedly tricked me though I had wanted to be tricked. My wife must never know. If she knows that I have fucked the maid, there might be fireworks. Nina and I are going to have to go on acting like nothing happened between us. That might be the best way.

    But dammit. I'd sure like to fuck her again, and the next time without a mask on.

    I might be in trouble. Nina told me that as she was getting ready to go home, my wife dropped a hint, that she is wondering who this latest man was. She had grinned at Nina and asked, “Did you watch him with me?"

    Nina said she had agreed, reluctantly, that she had watched Jennifer being fucked.

    "So you saw him then, what he has?"

    Nina said she had nodded her answer. And then Jennifer had gone for more.

    "Want to tell me who it was?”

    My wife, trying to break the rules.

    Of course Nina had said 'No' as previously agreed upon. But now I know, my wife wants more of that BBC that she thinks was just BC.
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