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Wife is the host

Discussion in 'Ideas for stories' started by Hotwifetina, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hotwifetina

    Hotwifetina Member Member

    We been swinging for a while... Though not much in cuckold scene... But that's our fantasy.
    Someone please write a story like this..
    Me and my husband been invited for a party where I am supposed to be the girl of the host.
    We reach there a lovely little early to prepare for the evening. The guy has BME dressed in a sexy small skirt, high heels and bright red makeup. I am topless and my 36DD are on display. He puts a collar on me. My husband man's the bar.
    I. Supposed to welcome the guests like this and my husband to serve them drinks. Some 3 other Gus And 2 cpls are attending the party.
    The girls make fun of me and humilate my husband who is ultimately tied naked to the chair to wittiness me being used by most people... A lot of cum all over me and specially on my face and in my mouth.
    Can someone please do this story. I am 42 yes, slightly chubby but really sexy with 36DD bust.

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