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Wife: Debbye

Discussion in 'Ideas for stories' started by DornRedeyes, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    Hi all, wondering if anyone would write about my wife.

    Description: age: 41, 5'0, 150lbs. Curvy. 38DD with a hot ass and tattoos on her breasts and ass. She loves to show off cleavage and is very playful. Shoulder length hair and beautiful brown eyes.

    I love scenarios where the wife is drugged or succumbs to the lust of a black man/men and is not completely aware. She could be drunk/drugged or disoriented initially believing it to be me. I could be nearby, drunk/drugged/unconscious or even unaware of what is happening to my wife in the next room. She is unprotected, fertile and gets thoroughly bred by these men. She doesn't know it until she delivers a black child!

    Different venues could be trips to Jamaica/Africa, or at parties or concerts/movie theaters/sex stores or even out in public somewhere.

  2. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    If you don't get any takers... IllI take a a crack (pun intended) at it ♠️
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  3. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    No takers so far. Take as many cracks at her as you like. :p
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  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Debbie's Business Seminar (part 1)

    Deb had meet the two black men at the Ramada Inn Hotel, where she and her new friends were attending a workshop for her work. She sent me a text asking for me to meet her there as she had a Surprise. She introduced me to Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Edwards, she said we were invited to an expensive restaurant, if I drove to the restaurant, I agreed and than was very surprised when Deborah climbed in the back seat of the car with Mr Stevenson, while Mr Edwards road up front with me.

    Now my with is definitely a MILF at 41, 5'0, 150lbs., Curvy 38DD with a hot ass, she gets her share and than some of appreciative men staring at her.

    I could hear her giggling as he asked her if her husband was Ok with her behaving like this. Looking directly at me in the rearview mirror she said, "a woman needs more than a little man like him."

    They all had a good laugh at my expense, and I joined in for appearances. As we drove on, I heard Deb sigh. I glanced round to see Mr Stevenson kissing her. Her legs were wide open and his black fingers had dropped furtively between her white thighs. We nearly had an accident as I swerved into the oncoming lane, and Phil (Edwards) admonished me to concentrate on my driving.

    Once we’d reached the restaurant, and had gotten seated, I might add... Debbie became very excitable, especially when Rodney (Stevenson) nibbled on her ear lobe. About an hour and possibly five rounds of drinks later, Mr Stevenson surprised the hell out of me by openly handing me her very damp panties to look after. My wife was luminous, She loves to show off cleavage and is very playful, with a hot ass and a Spade tattoo on her breasts and ass, her skin flushed and her eyes shined as Stevenson continued to finger her underneath our table. He had become delirious with sexual excitement. As for Debbie well, she’d gone into heat.

    After the meal I offered to run them back to the hotel but Mr Edwards said why not we all go back for drinks and whatever else. What could I do or say? I realized that for the first time in my life I might see or at least hear my wife being fucked by another man. My stomach twisted, and I began to sweat. I was supposed to be upset... not turned on.
    (To Be Continued)
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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  5. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    Very nice. I can't wait for part 2. If anyone else wants to take my wife for a literary spin.... I'd love to see her in a drugged/tricked scenario as well.

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  6. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Thank you
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  7. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    I have some more pics of the wife for anyone wanting to explore these themes in a story.
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  8. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    Yeah, i hope so much that your dream came true and it happened to your wife.
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  9. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    Yes, we want it roughly :- )
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  10. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams Well-Known Member Member

    I might give this a try also! Lots of possibilities with this. Pictures are always inspiration!
  11. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    Please do, I love seeing just what would happen to her
  12. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    Hmmm, I guess there's a limit on pics because I can't seem to post any more in this thread. I'll just make a separate thread in the gallery :p
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  13. DornRedeyes

    DornRedeyes Well-Known Member Member

    Some more inspiration

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