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. Wickedly Wild and Wonderfully Wet Westwood Women

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Wickedly Wild Wonderfully Wet Westwood Women

    by EroticWriter



    'I don't think we exchanged five words in those first two minutes, that lovely brunette and I, but we set records for getting undressed. Then we fucked, and it was so hot and passionate that it was like we had known one another for years. Size-wise, we seemed the perfect fit. And of course her body was perfect. Small all over, except for the hips and breasts, which were medium.

    And her face framed by brunette hair? Absolutely flawless. That is why I had zoned in on her as soon as she entered, and she had never left my thoughts.'

    Westwood, with part of it being called Westwood Village, is a combo residential and commercial area west of Hollywood.

    The party I am going to describe was in that immediate area, but the women were probably from areas all around such as Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the San Fernando Valley.

    Note: right here I will state it again. This is a TRUE story. Happened to me and I am relating it from memory. The only thing left out is names, of the other guests. My girlfriend's name is accurate.

    My current girlfriend (at that time) Suzi and I somehow ended up at a party in that area and since it is so many years ago I doubt I could identify and locate the street today, but the homes were pretty nice, upper middle class or better. One person at the party said he thought this house actually was in Bel Air. Maybe.

    This was 1968, and me, being a nude photographer amongst other things by profession was dressed for the part. No, I was not nude, at least not out in the living room, but I was wearing the attire of the day, which was long hair and full beard. But I, unlike some, kept my hair clean and combed.

    Suzi with the long jet black hair was dressed in her usual, which means that no matter what she was wearing, everything was sticking out there, and in all the right places. Suzi was probably one of the most fun chicks I ever hung with.

    Suzi was playful, adventurous, good natured, beautiful, and had a set of tits that would match anyone for firmness. Shaped like a cereal bowl turned upside down, those tits were natural. I am only saying this because it is true, but Suzi also had a pussy that was perpetually tight.

    When I had first entered that lovely snatch of hers it was tight, and as the months went by, (we were close but not serious get married close) she fucked a few other guys, usually with me, and still she remained tight.

    The layout of that Westwood home was kind of neat. Come in the front door, two person parson's type bench on the left next to the door, a wide and deep living room straight ahead, a sunken sort of fire pit without the fire in the center and adjoining a kitchen also straight ahead, visible from the front door and over to the left.

    Bedrooms? I didn't know how many located to the right rear. Later I would discover another bedroom, much closer.

    I have to admit that I was kind of possessive jealous of Suzi, even when I brought her to an orgy. I wanted her to have fun, and since a man was generally expected to bring a female to this type of affair, she was my price of admission.

    I would watch over Suzi, join in with her, sometimes be fucking her so that she was not in the position of 'turning men down.' If she was busy, you see, she was not being impolite. In other words, this method allowed her to pick and choose, and more often than not, Suzi chose only me.

    We made the rounds of the immediate 'crowded' area and found ourselves a seat on the floor by the kitchen since the fire pit was pretty much occupied at the moment. Suzi of course, her being the more than sociable type, immediately engaged herself in conversation with other people, mixed sex.

    So there I was, sitting on a small pillow and carpeted floor in the crowded area between the kitchen and the carpeted sunken living room talking to some other couples, when I felt something touching me in the area of my left shoulder and back.

    I turned my head and looked up, and there was this great ass on a woman wearing a dress, maybe 22-24, and the back of her leg, her calf, was against me. She was standing and talking to people standing in front of her. It was an accidental touch, her having backed up against me, of that I am sure.

    Though I could not see her face at the moment, I realized who she was. She was gorgeous. A very classy looking brunette. I had seen her come in a few minutes earlier as part of a group of two guys and three gals and immediately some guy at the party had hit on her before she could even come across the room. I did not watch further, figuring she was gone, at least for a while.

    But she did not 'go.' Here she was, touching against me without being aware, and I wanted her. So I turned around to my left, reached out with my right thumb and four fingers, and proceeded to wrap them around her lower right leg just below the calf.

    At that exact moment, she started to move away from me. As her leg went forward and up a little, my fingers ended up sort of coming together and squeezing her ankle and as she kept moving forward, she slipped out of my grasp.

    But at that moment and still moving, she turned her head and looked back and down at me, realizing that I had touched her. Our eyes locked as she looked, and then without slowing, she kept going.

    Oh well, another chance muffed. Now her I could have really gone for. But I was not horny, you see. I had steady pussy, so was not worried about it. (see my story on this site called Sharing My Steady Pussy)

    A few minutes later as I was talking to whoever and still sitting on the floor, a blur suddenly grabbed me. I could not tell what it was, but there was this fast moving blur down at my level and it was grabbing my body and head and kissing me madly. So close and moving so fast that I could not focus.

    I kissed back, hoping it was a woman, and when I was finally able to focus...it was she.

    That had been all it took. She had came in the door, had men hit on her all across the room, more men probably hitting on her for maybe 30 minutes, including me, sorta, and she had picked me.

    I had not said a word to her beforehand. Two or three fingers on her ankle was all. 30 seconds later we were in one of those back bedrooms, and thankfully, no one came to join in, which the way I was feeling about her, would have been an interruption, big time.

    I had not even looked around for Suzi, I had been so anxious to respond to this woman's need. If Suzi had not seen me leave with her, she might come looking, and that would be alright. Suzi never messed me up with other women, and sometimes helped.

    I don't think we exchanged five words in those first two minutes, that lovely brunette and I, but we set records for getting undressed. Then we fucked, and it was so hot and passionate that it was like we had known one another for years. Size-wise, we seemed the pertect fit. And of course her body was perfect. Small all over, except for the hips and breasts, which were medium.

    And her face framed by brunette hair? Absolutely flawless. That is why I had zoned in on her as soon as she entered, and she had never left my thoughts.

    I was the only guy that got to her. I think it was maybe less than an hour later and she had gone with some of the group she had entered with. Married? Single? Rich? Poor? I didn't know.

    As far as I was concerned, if I had ended up just sitting there and conversing the rest of the night, I would have been happy. Suzi was off somewhere, but according to her later, she was not getting laid at that particular time.

    And then I met this woman. She was really pretty too. No sign of a husband around but she was married I gathered by her rings and it seemed like she might be in the mid or later half of her twenties.

    After maybe ten minutes of light banter, we ended up in one of the bedrooms, we were naked, and I was in her. Another very nice body, and I was having her all to myself.

    She was beginning to get pretty excited and I was, at that time, after the previous sexual bout, feeling more romantic than wildly physical. You see, we had been given time to meet, converse, and get acquainted.

    Then she said it, loudly and crude like. “I want to suck your cock.” At the same time she was squirming her hips like she wanted me to get off so she could do her thing.

    Readers, this was going to turn out to be a strange fuck. I know you are thinking what she said is really great, and to be expected. But you see, I had met her romantic, we had talked romantic, and we were making love, well fucking, romantic, and then right in the middle she stops and says “I want to suck your cock.”

    That wasn't needed at that particular time. We had already done the warming up, she was wet, and we were going at it. An orgasm, a very good one for her was up and coming, and in the middle of it, she interrupts me with that.

    “So I said, “Not now honey. In a little bit maybe. I want to be in you right now because you are so hot,” or words to that effect. I said it in a way meant to compliment, not criticize. We went back to the hot and heavy.

    So, not more than 30 seconds maybe after I had said that, came another interruption.

    Because of having all that conversation with her beforehand, like I said, I wanted to sort of 'make love' to her, and she was, I thought, also in that mood but also wanting to fuck. About five minutes into it, a strange guy came in, squatted down on the bed beside our heads, (I was on top of her) and stuck out his medium roughly same size as me cock.

    Right between our faces appears this dick head. Intended for her, I think, but thinking back, maybe not.

    Into her mouth it went, and she began to go wild. I guess, like she had said, she wanted to suck cock. But I guess that was any old cock. I'm not sure if she even looked up to see his face. She was ready, right now, without asking me, to take this into a threesome.

    Now, right now in 2016 as I am writing this, I am thinking, 'could that have been her husband, perhaps?' It never occurred to me before this.

    I think maybe he was as I will go into later, but there is a chance that he might not have been. She might have looked over at the face of that dick and said to herself, 'Oh, that's my husband's dick. Yummy! That's more likely then it being someone else.

    This was unlike me, but for some reason at that moment, after we had started out alone and passionate, I had wanted it to be just she and me. So I got up off her and said to the guy, “You can have her,' and putting my pants back on, I left. She looked shocked and was no longer sucking his dick. She and I think he, watched me all the way out of the room.

    Stupid? Probably. Like I said, that was unlike me, the guy who had started so many orgies. Readers, some of you might understand, the majority probably not. If you want to think that my vanity was wounded, I will understand, but that was not it. I wanted to have her alone for a while, that's all. I'll get back to her later in the story.

    But all that is not the main point of this story. The most interesting thing was about to happen.

    There were a lot of people in that house, and more coming all the time it seemed. Then, in she came. Yeah, another 'in she came.' She came in that front door with a guy who was shorter than her and he had a tightly trimmed full beard. He looked to be about her age, and I was able to tell right away that though they had came in together, they were not really 'together.'

    That was confirmed when he sat her down on the little unpadded two person wide bench I mentioned earlier by the front door, talked to her for maybe five seconds, and then went off and left her sitting there. Yes, he went off and left her sitting by the front door, alone on that bench, and she was looking either embarrassed or apprehensive.

    You see, she was a screen star. A big time screen star at that time in history. I will just say screen star and not narrow it down to movies or television. To protect her identity I need to do that.

    Fortunately for her, that front end of the extensive living room was not brightly lit. and no one was congregating in that area. She was alone, readily identifiable to anyone who lived on this planet, and she was trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible.

    Because it was a cool fall night (I seem to recall it might have been rainy as well) she was still wearing the light jacket she had worn from outside, and down below, a pair of slacks. Slacks? At an orgy?

    What to do? I could already tell, IF he had told her in advance that this is a 'wife swapping' party, she didn't want anything to do with it. But if that was the case, why had she come along?

    I wanted to go over to her and make myself known, but I know people in the industry hate that. So I watched her from across the room, and over maybe 10-15 minutes a couple of guys came over to her and I saw her politely shake her head 'No.'

    What are they asking? I am sure it was something she did not want to hear, like, “Wanna fuck?”

    Oh yeah, I just remembered something weird. About that time, as I was sitting around feeling proud at having fucked one beauty and almost finished fucking another, and speculating about one fine looking actress, I saw Suzi out of the corner of my eye, and she was being physically picked up by a big cowboy looking type guy and carried off towards a bedroom.

    She was looking towards me, and our eyes sort of met, but I remained seated on the floor.

    She did not seem to be protesting, so I let her go, or rather, let him take her. I had not seen her talking to this man, and maybe I was distracted by something, but there it was, she was going to be fucking a big 220 plus pounder type of man.

    A big cock maybe? Maybe a really big cock? Maybe. But Suzi did not necessarily like long, just thick. She could take thick, despite her extreme tightness, and pop right back into shape.

    Maybe I would give her a few minutes and go watch the action. I went back to whatever it was I was doing, whoever it was I was talking to.

    Then, just like that, not more than five minutes later, here came Suzi. She had walked out of that bedroom and came back to sit near me. Not next to me, no space, but close.

    “What happened baby? I thought you were about to get laid by some big dude?”

    “I changed my mind.” I never got around to asking Suzi why she had walked out of the bedroom. Don't even know if he had time to whip out his cock. If he had, too big? Too small?

    Bad kisser? I never knew.

    Now back to my actress, who was still sitting alone by the front door and with her jacket still on.

    Finally, more to put her at ease than hit on her, I went over and did something no one else had thought of doing. Without even asking, I plopped down beside her. It was a narrow bench, and our hips were almost touching. I could make or break this conversation with the next few words.

    “Hi! I like watching people and analyzing their thoughts and actions.”

    “Really,” she asked, dubiously?

    “Yes. I saw you come in the door and it looked like you saw something you had not expected. That guy, whoever he is, maybe a producer or director, invited you to a party and did not tell you what kind of party, and now here you are and he has gone off and left you.”

    She knew by my comment 'producer or director' that I had recognized her.

    “You know who I am?”

    “Of course, and don't worry. I am not going to 'hit' on you. I am here with a very lovely lady named 'Suzi,' and I have already been in bed with one and one-half other women so I'm good to go.”

    She looked puzzled, but I could also tell that she was glad for a chance to talk to someone that hopefully was not going to bug her and maybe I would keep others from bothering her.


    “Yes. We had just met and were busily engaged in some activities, another guy came in, she invited a certain part of him to join in without consulting me, so I left them to each other.”

    “Oh!” And then she laughed.

    I was right in my assumption about her situation. They had finished filming. He had invited her to a party, I think it was more of a 'Let's stop by on the way to taking you home' thing. She had accepted, and then it had turned out to be an orgy, though thankfully, she said, it isn't all going on in plain sight.

    “No,” I replied. “All the physical activities are in the back bedrooms.”

    I have come back in and added this here: IF I managed to score on this actress, she would not be my first famous lady to get to fuck, but one of three very famous women.

    I had already made love to another famous actress, and before that, another woman that would become very famous a few years after I had dated and fucked her, several times actually.

    That third woman would not become famous for years after I had attended this party in the late 60s, and that other woman was not famous for acting. Hint. Politics? Could be. Now back to Westwood.

    We talked some more and I never mentioned sex. All the while I was thinking on what a score she would be, but I had to keep my word, you see.

    To further protect her identity, I won't detail her face, hair, or body. Let's just say that if she was a current hot screen property, that she had to be looking mighty fine.

    “So how long do you plan to keep sitting here? Your friend seems to have forgotten about you.”

    “I'll give him a while longer, then, I don't know.”

    “Well, Suzi and I can give you a ride to wherever you need to go if it comes to that. Once you meet Suzi I am sure you would feel safe with the two of us.” I looked across the room for Suzi but couldn't spot her just then in that crowd.

    “Yeah,” she snickered. “Probably safer then with my so-called friend.”

    Just then a really cute little female, escorted by two men came across the room and walked by almost right in front of us and went through a hall passage to our left that I had not really paid much attention to.

    The thought occurred to me then and now. What must it be like to be a little woman, so frail and delicate and know that you are going into a bedroom to be stripped naked by two much larger men, and be at their disposal to do as they wish?

    I mean, think about this guys, two men, they both might have been strangers to her, are taking her into a bedroom and who knows what they might come up with, what they might have between their legs, and they are planning on inserting those objects into her body?

    Put yourself in her place. You are maybe no more than five feet tall and they are going into your body. What might that be like?

    As we both watched, I saw one of the men open a door and they went into what looked like a bedroom, and as the door closed, it did not close all the way.

    “Hmm,” I said honestly, “I didn't know there was a bedroom in the front too.”

    The actress seemed curious. “I wonder what's happening in there.”

    “Well, not much yet, probably,” I said, chuckling. They just went in.”

    “Do you suppose one of them is her husband?”

    I grinned. “Out of habit, I looked, and she was wearing rings, but that doesn't necessarily mean one is her man.”

    “Ooh.” She was staring at that door. I went on, maybe building her curiosity. “They both might be total strangers and she is taking her chances on whatever comes up.”

    Yes, I had given her a double meaning line, and I think she caught it. I was watching my actress and yes yes. She is watching that door.

    “Want to go see?”

    She did not answer me for probably 20 seconds, and I did not rush her. Then she started talking to me while still looking at the partially closed door. “Since I'm here, and I've never been in a situation like this before, I'd like to see what goes on, but I don't want to be involved.”

    “I understand completely. But let me ask you a question just out of curiosity. Your not wanting to be involved is because of who you are, or who you are?”

    She looked puzzled for all of maybe three seconds, and then she caught on. “Both, probably. I can't do anything publicly because it would be all the scandal, but also, that's not me, the real me. I've never been free with my...with my body.”

    I already had a strong hunch that she was going to go into that room with me, but I was being very careful not to push. She wanted to be protected, I could tell.

    “It's probably on the dark side in there. We could go in and just watch. I'll protect you from anyone and I promise, again, not to hit on you.”

    “Just watch? They wouldn't like that, I'm sure.”

    “Let me tell you a little secret about some of these parties I've been too. If the door is closed tight, or maybe locked, they want privacy. But if it is left open....” I craned my head toward that hallway, hoping her eyes would follow mine. They did.

    I am sure that she had already seen that the door had not closed, but now I called it to her attention.

    “The door is open!”

    Surprisingly, her voice had sounded excited.

    “Yes. Just a little ways, but it is open.” I looked at her, waiting for the inevitable next question.

    “She, that girl, she's in there with those two guys.” And then she asked me again what had already been said. She might have forgotten in the excitement and I am repeating her question here because it actually happened.

    “Do you suppose one of them is her husband?”

    “Most likely. And like you, he probably wants to watch.”

    That got to her, I think. I had stated flat out that she wanted to watch, and she took me up on it.

    “If I go in, you'll keep anyone from bothering me? And we can keep our clothes on?”

    “Absolutely. If anyone in there gets out of line or seems to be bothered, we just leave.”

    After looking across the room to see if anyone was watching her, she stood up before me. Quite frankly, I was glad to stand up, because that bench was getting hard on my ass cheeks.

    Then there was something else I thought of. The two men had left the door open and that might indicate that someone else was already in the room or on the bed and that was the reason they had left the door open. I was hoping not.

    “We saw three go in, but there might be others already in there. If that is the case, do you still want to go on in?”

    She gulped, and I actually saw her Adam's apple move.

    I wanted to reassure her but she spoke first. “If they're all busy, we could maybe just stay back, off to the side?”

    I nodded. This gal wants to watch, now I was sure.

    As we started away from the bench I turned to look. “Did you bring a purse? Don't want to leave...”

    “I locked it in his car.”

    Shit. I hated hearing that. If I wanted, if she wanted Suzi and I to take her home, hopefully to my home first, we would need to contact that guy. That could end up being a bummer.

    Again I had to wonder. 'If she didn't know this is a get naked party, why had she locked her purse in his car?' I don't know what the dude had told her in advance so I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    I have chosen to not give her a made up name because she was so well known by then that any other name would not fit. I shall continue to call her the actress, or my actress friend, or whatever.

    We were in the hallway and in front of the door.

    “Who goes first?”

    My actress friend had asked and I could tell that she was excited. I wanted to take her hand, but was unsure as to whether she would find that reassuring or threatening. So I did not reach out for her.

    “We go in together. If they see us, the two of us, it is more likely that they won't mind, seeing both a man and a woman.”

    I didn't say what might be the obvious, that if she went in and they recognized her, the people in that room, the men for sure, would be thinking 'Oh boy, look at who is here. Her we want to fuck!'

    I hesitated and looked into her eyes. “It's probably better if we sort of pretend to be together. Stay close to me and if you feel like having your hand held or anything, go for it. I won't take it wrong.”

    “Thank you.” And in we walked together, but empty handed.

    There were just the three, and fortunately they weren't fucking. At least not yet. That cute little gal was on her back in the center of a bed and naked, and the two men were still standing and now naked on the lower halves as they were sticking their pants over onto chairs..

    I, and probably the actress too instantly zoned in on their cocks instead of staring at the gal on the bed. There is a reason for that. I had plenty of time to see her, but I wanted to see how they looked, their size and who might look to be the largest starting out soft.

    There is always that thing you know. Besides comparing them to myself, 'will the pretty young thing be getting something larger than the man who brought her? At the moment, both men looked about average size when soft.

    Three, maybe four inches dangling. The same size as each other, and no bigger than me. Yayyyy.

    I also took note that one of the men, the one who turned out to be her husband I was to find out, made sure to see the cock on the other man, and seeing that it looked to be the same size as his own, probably felt reassurred.

    I will say that her B cups were nice, and they were still B cups while flat on her back. Sticking up there and her nipples erect, I am sure those tits were real too. Were her nipples erect because one or both men had touched them while stripping her, or were they erect from anticipation or maybe fright?

    See readers how easy that was? A truly lovely little thing had just walked by me, by us, and just like that, I was being permitted to see her fully exposed and on her back. Now, don't get me wrong, you can do that easily enough at a nudist park or nude beach, but this was inside, in a home and she was about to be fucked by another man. Or two

    There's a big difference. This very possibly was the first time she had ever been naked in front of a man other than her husband. Now, perhaps unwillingly, she had an audience of three men and another woman.

    At that exact moment I could not determine which man, if any, was her husband. This story, readers, though ultimately about the actress, at that moment and now, was and is to me about that little wife.

    One man was on the bed now and getting onto his stomach to start eating her, and as he first touched her with his mouth, she didn't make a sound as she began holding the the back of his head with her left hand and at the same time, her right hand began holding the mostly soft cock of the man standing beside her head.

    That told me that the man standing beside her is her husband, because she had reached for that cock without hesitation, while when the man below had slid up on his stomach between her legs, she had looked nervous.

    He grew a full erection almost immediately, and I was glad to see that the cock in her hand was smaller than mine. For little her though, he was probably big enough.

    Now my thinking was back to the actress. I was not expecting to be putting my cock on display, but if I did, I would at least measure up favorably against one of the men.

    Now, having seen one of the cocks, I, and possibly the actress, was thinking about the other man, the man eating the little woman. All we could see so far was his bare ass. Since he was already between her legs, he likely would be fucking her first.

    How big might he get? We would be finding out sooner or later. There was always the possibility that this little wife was reluctant and being prepared by her husband with his mouth.

    The man whose cock she was holding spoke to her, and that told me for sure who the husband is. “Are you enjoying it baby?” He looked down at the head that was between her legs and then back to her.

    Her answer and the tone of her voice sounded exactly like the woman who is afraid to let her man see her enjoying someone else. “Sort of. It sort of feels good.”

    'Sort of feels good?' I knew right then and there. 'This is her first time with some man besides her husband, and her husband is not the man between her legs.'

    “Just let yourself go baby. This is why I brought you to this party, so you can experience other men.”

    Oh oh. Further confirmed. Now I know for sure. We have a reluctant wife here. Her husband wants her to maybe fuck other men, and she is either uncertain as to how he might react, or maybe as to how she might react. I had seen this situation before, and more than once.

    “But I don't know this man.”

    Well, this was interesting. A man has his mouth over her snatch and she's saying she doesn't know him. Actually, nothing really unusual about that at a swinger party. But to her, I am sure it was exciting, embarrassing, scary, or maybe all three.

    And then he said something that surprised me. Not because of what he said, but because this was her first time, apparently.

    “That's why I'm going to leave you alone with him, so you can get to know one another. And while you're in here having a good time, I'll be with some other woman if I luck out, and then later at home we can talk about it.”

    I immediately made another assumption. This man wants to fuck strange women, and his innocent and beautiful wife is his pass key. Be single, and likely not be invited to a party. Bring your pretty wife to share, and you are more than welcome. Behave yourself.

    I detected what might be pain in the little wife's face upon hearing that for sure, he is going to leave her with this stranger. Her husband looked into her face as she let go of his cock without being told. “Is that alright with you,” he asked? “We discussed this in advance.”

    “But honey,” she said while once again returning to holding his cock and maybe in an attempt to hold him there. “I don't know this man.”

    We had heard that before, and I noticed, happily, that my actress acquaintance friend was now holding my hand as we stood there like spectators at a play. She had just turned us into a 'couple.'

    He looked at us, supposedly seeing us for the first time and then back to his wife. He nodded his head in our direction, and turning her head, the naked little wife saw us for the first time.

    If there had been more light in the room I am sure we would have seen her face turning red.

    “They'll stay and look after you so you won't be all alone. How's that?” He looked hopefully at me and I nodded my acceptance as her eyes followed his. Yes, we would stay with her. This was getting good.

    She had let go again upon seeing us and her husband's smaller than mine cock went back into his pants. Without another word, he was gone. I noticed that as he went out, he closed the door tightly. Oh yeah, that's what I wanted too.

    What a fool. Obviously this is his first orgy. If he was in the know he would stay with his wife, make sure she enjoys herself, reassuring her all the while, and take her along with him to meet the other couples. Then he could be trading and having his fill of other men's wives.

    If he wanted to fuck around, that would be building on his future pleasure. But instead, he had left her.

    Out there by himself? Maybe not so lucky. For instance in my case. The beautiful gal turning and seeing who had grabbed her leg and had came back for same, that was the exception.

    In a way, even though I had the screen star standing beside me, this was frustrating for me now. I knew that I could join in and enjoy this woman, looking so beautiful if I wanted. Her husband had said that we 'would look over her.' That pretty much gave his wife and the one or two of us permission to do anything.

    But no way. I had promised my actress that I would be protecting her.

    For the first time the guy eating happily away at her snatch raised his head to look around. I am sure that right about now he was one happy dude. Her husband had left!

    He glanced at me because I was more forward and in his line of sight, and though he knew there was a woman with me, he did not turn all the way to see her face. That, also was good.

    He's likely not to be bothering my actress, later.

    “I think she's ready,” he said, beaming up at me. “She's good and wet now.”

    That was almost like he was asking me for permission to proceed instead of her husband. Or maybe just saying: “Watch this while I fuck this innocent little wife and give her some strange cock.'

    So far my actress friend and I had seen only the naked cheeks of his (nice) ass. We were standing up sort of beside the area of her chest so we could both see the man at her snatch and her face. Then he got up on his knees and started slow walking forward between the little wife's legs.

    Now we could see that his cock was hard. Though it had looked the same approximate size as her husband had been, soft, not any longer. It was a grower. I think we all three saw it at the same time. It was not way huge, but it was very noticeably larger than the one her husband had been displaying.

    Though it was also larger than my cock, I was happy for her. Her husband had set her up, and I am sure he had not seen the grown cock in advance that he was leaving behind to be fucking his wife.

    If her husband was here right now and saw that, what might he think? What might he do? Would he continue to watch as surprise surprise, his wife was being given the pleasure of having a man not her husband feeding the big meat to her?

    I immediately looked over at my actress friend, and I heard her sigh at seeing that cock. As the guy she didn't know grew close to the wife on the bed and started to aim his cock with his hand, I took a bold step and spoke softly to my actress. “Anyone you've had match that?”

    She shook her head silently. “Almost, but only one was almost.”

    The man, fortunately, was in no rush to make penetration. He had stopped with his tool at her entrance and reaching up, was teasing her nipples and cupping her breasts with both hands. He might have also been putting on a show for the two of us, I don't know.

    I took a chance as I spoke softly to my actress friend, but both persons on the bed heard. “In size, I'm in between her husband and this guy.”

    The actress said, asked one word as she turned her head towards me. “And?”

    I could ruin things right now if I wasn't careful. I smiled, trying to inject humor into the situation. “Just letting you know that if I was on the bed with her how I would fit into the situation. It doesn't mean anything between you and I.”

    “Fit into the situation? That's funny.”

    This was good. It would seem that my new friend was loosening up right about the time the reluctant housewife with the big scared eyes was letting out a little groan which grew deeper as that new to her larger cock began feeling its way, slowly I might add, into her body.

    He had moved his upper body forward a ways so that he could better be looking down into her eyes, but he was staying high enough off her that my actress and I could still see the penetration. He was including us in his pleasure, I think.

    I think at that moment, as the reluctant wife began to experience the feel of a new and larger than her spouse cock, she began to accept what was so freely being offered. Her legs opened wider and then, slowly, started to go up, first around the back of his legs, and then higher as he leaned more forward and down.

    It would turn out that this guy she did not know, knew how to please a woman he does not know, because he was taking his time in letting her get to know him.

    After working maybe seven thicker than she had ever had inches into that cute little wife while she let out little gasps and sighs, he laid his body, but maybe not all his weight since his legs were still up a ways, onto her and they started kissing even before his ass started moving.

    I think, right about then, the little housewife was no longer thinking, 'I don't know this man.'

    That was probably a very significant event in her life, readers. Think of it, imagine in your mind. Let's say she had gone through the usual dating routine with her husband. Then, sooner or later, or maybe not even till her wedding night, she had been laid for the first time.

    Then, after who knows how long, weeks? Months? Years, and not many years I don't think since she looked so young, her husband, the only man she has had convinces her to go to an orgy and try another man, or men. Then she learns that her first man has a big cock, not big as in BIG, but much larger than her loving husband.

    And then it starts to feel good, arousing her, maybe surprisingly so, and she begins to respond. First a kiss, then more, and then, wanting still more. More of this cock, and who cares who this man is, because just like that, no formalities, he is inside her body and knowing her intimately.

    Some men might not understand the significance of this, but the women readers will.

    Motioning with my eyes, I sat down on the foot of the bed and the actress joined me. Yes, at the foot, where we could look under his balls and see her pussy. Thank you guy for not having long dangling balls that block the view.

    Now, there it was, a nicely sized cock slipping forward and back, up and down into what looked like a shiny and very tight little snatch.

    Her inner lips were gripping his shaft tightly each time he pulled back, and we could easily see the stretching, the clasping her pussy was doing to and for his cock as it struggled to adapt. The actress and I were seeing history in the making, the alteration, perhaps permanently in her mind if not her body, of a formerly faithful and married pussy.

    Husband out there, wherever and whatever you might be doing, by giving your married pussy away, you might be throwing it away.

    The viewing, from this angle, was quite hot. I looked over at the woman I was 'protecting.' Her eyes were bright, and fixed on the subject at hand.

    I was thinking: 'Take your time man. Make it last. If you do, I might end up with an arounsed actress on my hands.'

    She, or they, did their job for me. It was only after maybe three minutes of fucking being watched that my actress friend had moved around and sat down again, this time on the side of the bed, close enough to the two of them to touch if she reached out.

    It seemed that the actress, having seen enough of genitals in action, wanted to be near the wife's face, maybe to watch her reactions, or maybe to comfort her if need be. Nothing had been said, but I knew now where I needed to be.

    Standing up, I came over to her, reached out and began to caress her neck. She immediately leaned her body to one side which placed her head against my hip. Yes, towards me and not away!

    Still, she was a public figure, and I did not know if either of the other two people in this room were aware of who she was. I still needed to 'protect' her.

    The innocent little wife was cumming now, it was easy to hear as her first orgasm given by a man she was not married to erupted throughout her body. She might have been surprised, or maybe even embarrassed at cumming with this strange man, and in front of two witnesses.

    I could tell, because at first, the buildup and beginning of her orgasm, she tried to conceal it maybe. Then it all came out as she began groaning, and before it was over, she almost seemed to be crying.

    If the actress had not already made her decision, hearing that did it for her. She wanted to be fucked!

    Tapping my actress lightly on the shoulder to let her know I am not just walking away and leaving her, I went over and turned off one of the two lamps burning beside the bed, the one on our side.

    When I came back, she answered the question I did not have to ask. In seconds we were lying side by side on the mattress, close enough almost for her back and butt to touch the other two, but not quite.

    She was still wearing that stupid jacket, and those slacks.

    We kissed, a slow, gentle and exploratory kiss. In the final five seconds our tongues touched. I know, I know, it was just a kiss. What makes that so special? Well, this was different.

    She was lying beside two naked people who were fucking, giving her consent to be known, very intimately, by someone who is almost a total stranger, in a public place, and she has her reputation to worry about.

    I felt now that we were going to fuck, but I was wondering how much, if any, of her clothing I was going to be able to remove?

    I didn't have to wait long. A minute later I was back up and standing beside the bed while she rose partway up and remained seated sideways to me on the mattress and I was helping her to pull off her jacket, then her blouse. But below she was wearing those darned slacks, which would not allow me to do any touchy feely.

    But all was not lost. She spoke and said that she wanted to remove her slacks before the brassiere came off. 'Wham ba'am oh thank you ma'am!'

    Oh yes, it would seem that she knew what turns me on. She was wearing a white brassiere and white panties. Much sexier than red or black in my mind. If a woman wears colors, it is like she intends for those items to be seen. But if she is wearing everyday white, and you see it, it is like you are getting a sneak peek.

    I was peeking all the time I was helping her to get things off. She helped me with some of my clothes too.

    What size were her tits? Remember I can't say, not a clue. But they were nice, and I was caressing them in seconds, even before the panties came off. I guess I can say that her nipples were very responsive to stimuli.

    Now naked and thoroughly aroused, I crawled up onto the bed beside her. She had looked over at the feminine face beside her at that point and not seen my cock.

    Now she couldn't see it from her position up beside my face, but she was feeling it with her hand and I think, not disappointed. Like I had said to her, I am between that husband and the man on the bed beside her in size.

    Again I can't describe her, not even the very special part I was now feeling with my fingers, all five on the outside, and then one in. Oh joy! She's tight and it's going to be a good fit between us!

    Would I appear to be bragging now if I say she acted like she was hot for me as she almost pulled me into herself?

    And she was a nice fit too, just as I had hoped. She had said 'almost' when comparing what she had been exposed to with what we had seen on the man who was now on the little wife. Almost put me in maybe that size range I hoped.

    She seemed to think so, because it was not long before she was matching my hips stroke for stroke with her own. All the while I was still thinking: 'Take your time man, make it last.'

    I am talking about that other guy and not about myself. If they quit too soon, my actress might get nervous and want to quit too because then they might be staring at us, or even bringing in someone else.

    She was taking a chance for sure in order to have me, I'll give her credit for that. The door was closed, true, but there were any number of people that might have came in.

    There were a lot of things I wanted to say to my actress, some of them romantic. But because of who she was, I didn't dare. I am sure she had already been exposed to men who would try to take advantage, not just of her body, but maybe her pocketbook.

    So with seventy five percent of my mind on her and the rest on the people beside me, I fucked her. I did it slow and gentle like because I sensed that was the way she wanted it. Maybe she wanted it that way because the little wife lying just inches away was tending to get a little noisy as she slowly overcame her inhibitions.

    Having a great first orgasm tends to do that to a woman.

    Four people on a bed made for two meant that we were making the bed sag a bit in the middle and that, as time went by and four people were doing some humping and stroking, made our bodies end up touching.

    This side-by-side bit and two being somewhat quiet was probably better than everybody making noise and grabbing at one another. One couple having a real sex trip as the reluctant wife begins to awaken to really being fucked, and another couple learning and enjoying one another, and doing it quietly and now, passionately.

    I was feeling her super tight ass cheeks with my right hand as I fucked her. Then, slowly and not wanting to scare, I sort of dipped a finger into the wetness now forming under my cock from her and with that finger now wet. I slowly slipped the tip into her tight anus.

    I wanted to experience as much of her as possible in the limited time provided. I did it slow, a little at at time with each stroke. A silly little millimeter here and there until I had the tip fully inserted. No, not up to the knuckle, it was that part of your finger that bends about half to a full inch above the fingernail.

    Enough to arouse her and allow me to do my thing.

    I would be able to feel her orgasm much better that way.

    It would be so much like fun to exaggerate here and say I was so good that I gave her multiple orgasms, her first ever. But it didn't happen that way. My actress had one really good one accompanied by a loud moan, and then she seemed to get a little worried that someone might come in and see her.

    I say that because right after her orgasm and a kiss, she looked around the room to see if anyone else had entered.

    We heard and almost felt the woman beside us reaching her orgasm again, and this time it sounded like she was having a stronger one even than her first. Then almost with her we heard and felt his body stiffen as he too, reached his orgasm, and the way it sounded, he was competing with her for as to who was cumming harder.

    The actress under me had turned her head and was looking at the cute little wife lying just inches away. She was smiling and at just the moment the little wife turned her head our way, saw that she was being watched, and smiled back.

    She had reached orgasm for a second time and also had been feeling her new man cumming inside her, and her husband wasn't even here to see it.

    'Please guy,' I was thinking strongly. 'Take your time and at least kiss her for a while before you get off.'

    I needed to hurry now, but I took my time hurrying.

    My actress continued to hold my ass, kiss me and shake and quiver while she felt my cock pulsing into her, delivering a thick in consistency load that had maybe two hours to build from the last woman whom had taken my seed.

    My beautiful actress made some sort of soft giggling noise when she felt me cumming, but was still trying to be quiet about it. They were beside her, you see.

    I gave her a long, very passionate kiss. I wanted to linger, oh how I wanted to stay on her and do it again. I was fully capable.

    As my cock started coming out, so did the finger, slowly, so slowly and escorted by more kissing on the top half.

    Neither of us had said a word to the other couple except for my nodding to the husband of that wife that I would look after her. Now my gal wanted to go back to her bench. She did not say so out loud, but I sensed it.

    Still, even though I was no longer inside her, I waited. I think the actress knew why. I was waiting for him, or them, to get up.

    Fortunately the other couple had finished about the same time we did, and the guy kissed her long and hard, got dressed without wiping his now long looking dangling cock, and left her.

    “Hey,” I said, looking at him and smiling as I still laid on my actress, “Close the door,”

    He smiled back at the three of us as he walked out and closed the door behind him. He probably thought it was to be our turn with the wife.

    Thank you guy, whoever your were, for not trying to make conversation during our fucking, or afterward. I think that helped a lot in me getting to seduce my actress friend and her feeling better about it afterward.

    She seemed to be surprised, maybe disappointed at being left so abruptly. To her, this was probably a life altering experience. To him, she might have just been another taking possession of another man's wife.

    The now lonely wife reached out, and the actress, being closer, took her hand. I spoke to her for the first time while she was still lying there on her back and naked. “You alright?”

    Yes readers, this short element in time was perhaps just as significant to me and maybe the actress as it was to the little gal on the bed I was talking to.

    I'll tell you what I was seeing, this reluctant wife whom had just been fucked and given two strong and probably her best orgasms by a stranger that she had not known. She looked a little shiny with sweat on the upper body around her tits, neck and forehead.

    But the better view was below. The brown hairs of her little cunt was looking shiny with sweat and sort of matted together.

    As he had pulled out and off, he had left a short little trail of cum on her pubic hair just above her hole. I suspect that he, maybe having his first woman of the night, and her having been a very special one, had dropped a huge load into her.

    Maybe I'm sick, but the thought of it, of seeing with my mind her tight pussy from inside as a strange and wonderfully large cock is throbbing and blasting a hot load out and coating her walls, inside the pussy that is still feeling the throes of its own orgasm while being married to another man.

    That to me, is a hot thought. Some of the other Wickedly Wild and Wonderfully Wet Westwood Women in this home, maybe not so much. But this gal, I think, was not yet one of the WW&WWWW.

    She had the option now of letting this be her one and only time, or going along with her husband's desires and playing the game.

    The expected cum was running out, some of it, out of a hole that still looked small, but had been opened and penetrated to new levels. That hole had just been explored and thoroughly studied inside by a cock that had spread it wider and penetrated deeper than her husband had ever gone, and her husband might never know.

    The stranger's cum, his personal bodily fluid had been left with her, in her, and some of it deep. Even after she drains it into a toilet, and who knew how long before that might happen, some cum would remain in her, being absorbed into her body and remaining as a part of her.

    That husband had left his wife with a stranger, gone off, and would never know what had happened to his married pussy short of what she tells him, and I was about to advise her not to tell.

    She was still lovely, and she looked to have been well fucked and put up wet. In those days there was no AIDS, and we had the pill. Fucking without a rubber was still an easy option with most women.

    Realizing that both the actress and myself were staring at her shiny snatch, she smiled and looked embarrassed as she put her legs together and sat up. I smiled to myself while waiting for her reply, and I was thinking that right now that cum is dripping out onto the mattress.

    I had asked her if she was alright?

    “I think so. It was fun, I guess.”

    She was still afraid to admit the whole truth, that it had been feeling good, wonderfully good.

    Obviously she was embarrassed about this and maybe not feeling free to admit her true feelings to strangers who might possibly know her husband, she couldn't be sure.

    This was my opportunity to ask some embarrassing questions, and somehow, I knew they would be answered. I sensed my actress wanted to hear as well. First I had to reassure this woman in order to get her to open up. I mean, verbally.

    “We don't know you or your husband, so we want to know.” I looked over at my actress and she was either going along or also wanted to hear what the little wife might say, so she nodded.

    “How about his cock? I...” I looked over at the actress and she smiled. “This seemed and sounded like it might be your first time. So how did it feel? We saw your husband undressed and could tell that the man who fucked you was bigger than your husband's cock.”

    There, I had put it right out there, and the little wife knew that my actress friend was also asking. The reluctant wife looked at both of us, sort of turned red in the face, stuttered for a second, and then answered, “It was...he was fun.” But her eyes told the story.

    She had really enjoyed herself and just didn't want to admit it. I made a suggestion to her. “I could tell this is your first time, right?”

    “Right.” Perhaps unconcerned or not realizing that gobs of cum might be draining onto someone else's sheets, she had pulled her legs up now until her knees were almost against her breasts, and she was wrapping both arms around her legs in a defensive pose. She was hiding her breasts, but her pussy was still open and visible to me between her legs.

    Shit how I wanted to fuck her, and I knew I could. I would have been glad to stick my hard dick into that other man's cum and feel smaller to her inside in order to get to know her body and maybe her mind.

    It still would have been a larger cock than her husband's. My lips would have felt different. My probing tongue a turn on as it explored. The movements of my ass would have felt different. Her orgasm with me would have been different than ones the first man had given her, and probably still better than orgams her husband's smaller and probably less talented cock had ever given her. .

    I have no doubt. She would have willingly, been glad to fuck me. She had been left alone by her husband, she had been watched by others, she had enjoyed herself and reached two intense orgasms, she was still turned on.

    Her pussy was soaked with cum that had entered at his body temperature, and was being kept warm at her body temperature. Shit, before she had covered her breasts with her knees I was looking and her nipples were still hard.

    Now was the time. Later, she would be thinking about it and maybe saying, 'never again.'

    But you see, I had this actress over there. Getting with the other gal, the little wife now might have thrown away all I had accomplished in seducing the screen star. Sure I had seduced her, but I wanted her to remember this night as something unique and maybe special.

    I looked into the actress's face as I continued, letting her know that I was just trying to help the little wife. She smiled knowingly.

    “I've had some experience in these matters, so I suggest, since your husband left you alone, that you not give him any details of how it went in here. If he asks, and he will, just smile and tell him that it was 'fun' and leave it at that.”

    She frowned. “Why?”

    “When your husband and your chosen lover were standing side-by-side and taking their pants off when we walked in, they looked to be the same size in the cock department. I saw your husband studying his cock. So when your husband left, he had not seen how much your lover grows.

    So, if you tell your husband that the guy he left you with had a bigger cock than he has,” I smiled, “a much larger cock, and you tell him that you enjoyed it, it might not go down too well. Your husband might end up mad and jealous and start blaming you for doing this.”

    She looked worried. “You really think so? This was all his idea.”

    “It has happened before. He might not react that way, but better safe than sorry. Just keep it to yourself. If he drills you about the cock you were being drilled with and you feel you have to give an answer, just say it was about the same as his.

    Look at it this way. If your husband really wanted to know how you were doing, he could have stayed with you.”

    She nodded understandably, and I saw my actress friend watching me and smiling approvingly at my giving out with the advice.

    I think it took some bravery on her part, but she gave us the answer we had wanted to hear. “You called him my chosen lover, but my husband did the choosing. I wasn't really interested, but he did feel good I must admit. I got really excited and he made me cum two times.

    I've never done that twice in a row so close together.” She turned red in the face as she was looking over at both of us.

    “I knew. We knew. Not that you had never came twice in a row like that, but two times, yes, we heard.”

    “I was being noisy? I didn't realize.”

    “Oh yeah. It was turning us on to hear you.”

    “Oooh.” Her eyes were big, but I think they looked happy.

    Now the little housewife needed protection as she let go of the actress's hand and climbed out of bed. “Will you stay and walk out with me, before someone else comes in?”

    This was me, the protector of multiple women.

    “Sure.” After she had gotten dressed with the help of two smiling accomplices, we all three walked out, and after looking around the living room and not seeing her husband, she gave me a hug, squeezed the actress's hand and then headed towards the back part of the house. I never saw her again.

    One wonders” Did she catch her husband in the act? Did she join in? Did she stay married to him? We'll never know.

    But I do know this. When that lovely little wife left that bedroom, she had a silky pair of panties that were getting cum soaked, because I saw some of it fall into there as I helped her pull them up.

    Now the actress and I were back on the bench and after her telling me that it was nice, and smart what I told the wife to do concerning her husband, we were conversing about the world in general, but not before she had admitted something personal to me.

    As it turned out, I had been only the third man to ever be inside her. The 'almost' man, the one who had been almost as large as the man in the bedroom had been her first man. He had lasted a few weeks and then her second man had been a bit smaller than me.

    I had not asked her about that, but she, maybe because of the conversation about sizes in the bedroom had gone on, wanted to share her previous men's sizes with me since we had made love. Well, had sex.

    I wanted to keep talking sex, but what was the point since we were back on the bench? I avoided talking about her appearances on the screen, and I think most of the time she was asking about my work in the nude photography field.

    Our timing was perfect, I guess. It was no more than perhaps ten minutes after we had sat down when the bearded one came out from somewhere in the back, walked up to the bench and looked down at her. “You been sitting here the whole time?”

    That told us that he had never came back to check on her, or check in with her. Nice guy.

    She started to nod, then it looked like she might be about to change her 'story,' and I quickly answered for her. “I've been keeping her company and out of trouble, and she says her butt is getting tired from sitting on this bench.” Then I added: “I know my butt is.”

    Actually she had not said that, but it made the claim that she had never left the bench sound more authentic. She looked at me and smiled. I might have stopped her just in time from telling him something that later, she might have regretted admitting.

    He sort of shrugged and looking at her, said. “Well, I'm ready to go if you are.” He looked quizzically at our actress friend and she nodded.

    Shit! I had been hoping that she would say that I and Suzi are taking her home, but she had this 'image' to maintain. Maybe if she had been given a chance to meet Suzi, she might have gone home with us. That might have been verrry interesting.

    As she stood up, my actress turned to me because I had risen too. “Thank you,” she said, “for everything.” Her eyes told it all.

    Readers, does that sound like the classic parting line...Thank you, for everything? Well, that is exactly what happened. I don't remember specifically all we had said to one another, but I do remember that.

    It was nice though, what she did next, and I don't think she was practicing her acting. Her escort (I changed that from 'friend') had walked on ahead to the door and was opening it, and she came back to me and whispered, “You're a wonderful lover.”

    Oh yes. I also specifically remember that.

    She was gone, and to this day so many years later I have wondered. 'If I was to walk up to her now, with all those years behind us, and the long hair and most of the beard gone, would she recognize me?

    My body hasn't changed much, but the rest has. Would she recognize me? Probably not. But what if I was to say to her, 'Remember when I plopped down onto a bench beside you at a party?' What then? She might have to think for a second, but when she remembers?

    Her response might be ruled by whether she is alone or there is someone that might hear as to what her answer might be. Would she be embarrassed? Happy to see me again? I guess I will never know, but she's still out there.

    I apologize for not putting a name on her or any description, and having to refer to her as 'she' or my 'actress friend' but that's the way it is.

    A few minutes later I was roaming around, wondering where Suzi is, and I was called over by a couple sitting on a stool at a little bar. No one else was in the immediate area. It was the gal I had left to fuck some other guy, and apparently the guy sitting with her was her husband.

    She must have told him how I had been fucking her and then had just got off, up and out. He looked concerned, like I maybe had decided that his wife was not a good fuck or something. He said something, I don't remember exactly, but it was like: “She's really quite good you know.”

    I looked into her face. She was just sitting there beside him, being very quiet, and I think, looking sad.

    Apparently, I gathered, her feelings had been hurt. I tried to sooth it over, her mainly. “Don't worry about it. I was just feeling like one on one, and when it changed, I figured that someone else could probably take my place. She, your wife, is very attractive. It had nothing to do with her herself.”

    That seemed to soothe him a little, but her face looked like she had been disappointed at not getting to finish with me. That, my dear readers, was good for the ego. Know what I mean?

    Should I have asked her to again go into a bedroom with me? No. It might have given her the chance, in front of her husband to say something like...”Hell no.” But alone, I think I could have had her again.

    I have placed this story on site once before with a slightly shorter W title, and when I had written that story, I honestly had not thought about it. But I mention it here. Was the cock that suddenly had appeared between her face and mine her husband's?

    It might have been, and thinking back and trying to remember the face of the man on the bar stool and the face of the man in the bedroom I didn't pay any attention to, I honestly can't remember.

    I know I had not thought about it at the time. Like I said, readers, this story is true. If it was fiction I could easily be making things up and in that case, the cock would have been her husband's. The odds are, since he had said 'She's really quite good you know,' it was.

    It's possible they planned it that way. He or they wanted to have him there while she was being fucked, but maybe thought that someone she chose might not want her husband there. So they had done it sneaky, with him coming in after she had started.

    There again, that might have been the case, but if so, they had been sneaky, and that was not fair to me. Still, another way to look at it, during orgies it is common for more than one man to be on a woman, so maybe I'm in the wrong here.

    Her stopping with the humping and suddenly saying 'I want to suck your cock,” had probably been when her husband, if it was him, had entered and she, seeing him, knew that was her cue to change the activity so that he could more easily join in.

    One more thing happened that night, that night that became almost all night since I now have moved ahead to about five in the morning. Suzi and I had reunited, and we somehow ended up in the back part of the house which I had thought was a bedroom but was more open, like a den with lots of windows and an entrance to the swimming pool or something.

    There were beds there though, or at least one I shall talk about. I never saw the room with the lights on, so I don't really remember much about the room.

    Here goes a longer than I usually write second sentence as I describe the next scene.

    People were dozing in the darkened room after sex, maybe sleeping soundly. I didn't know if she had fucked anyone else at that point as I put Suzi on a bed doggy style because she seemed to be horny, and while standing and fucking her slowly and looking down at the way my cock was tugging at her always tight snatch, a fully dressed with jackets like they were getting ready to leave couple came up beside me and started watching.

    He was on my right, and his wife, if that is who she was, was on his right. Yes, she was attractive too, very, just like most of them. He was looking directly down at my cock and how it was tugging at Suzi's lips. “Want some,” I asked?

    He nodded eagerly. I might have offered had he been alone, but I was not going to give it away because he had his woman right there. “Put your wife on the bed beside her, “ I said, pointing down at Suzi.

    Apparently they were both willing because she removed her clothes and got on the bed doggy style beside my gal. Suzi either did not realize what is happening or was into it, because as I moved out of her and stepped in front of the man to enter his woman, Suzi seemed to push her ass back to meet his cock.

    See what I mean about women? I mentioned it early on in this story. A woman does not know what is going to be stuck into her body and goes into a bedroom with one or maybe two strangers? Now Suzi was doing it. Offering up her most intimate part to someone whose face she had never seen, let alone his cock.

    I guess she was trusting me, but I had not seen his cock either at that point.

    Just as I was entering his wife, Suzi yelled out: “Not too deep!” She had quickly moved her body forward and almost caused the guy to fall out. Apparently he was longer than me, but maybe no thicker. Suzi allowed him to penetrate her again when she realized that he was not going to start banging away.

    A last fuck, a fun fuck between four strangers. No talking. No kissing, no breast touching, only cocks and pussies with two lovely asses to look at in the meantime. I had not seen them before I don't think, but we both, both men were having ourselves a time with two really attractive women.

    In his case, he was getting a pussy that was deliciously tight. His wife was tight too, but no one could match Suzi for tightness.

    That other woman. Am I her only strange fuck for the night? I had not seen them making the rounds. Maybe the sight of Suzi's beautiful ass and pussy being pushed out there and surrounding my hard cock had aroused his wife and she had finally, after turning down dozens of men, chose me.

    It's nice to think that was the case. Good for my ego and all, you know? In reality, probably not. His wife felt pretty tight though. Maybe she had taken the time to go into a toilet and drain off all those other men, if any.

    His wife was getting a strange cock, maybe just another strange cock of how many she had taken that night, if any, and I knew that she must not be getting one from me that is as long as her husband. Thickness I did not know because I still couldn't see his cock since his jacket, still on, was sort of in the way.

    And to finish up this tale, this true tale with one last funny thing, Suzi got quite noisy while he was slow fucking her as she usually does, and her groaning and moaning seemed to wake several people up, because suddenly in the darker part of the rest of the room away from the big windows it seemed like four or five couples were waking up, getting up, and heading home because they had not realized how late it had gotten.

    I had fucked, completely, two beautiful woman, and half fucked another beauty, and now I was giving the doggy to a fourth. Yes, this one turned out to be a full fuck, body wise, and I gave her a good load while she was cumming. But she was quieter than my Suzi about it.

    I told Suzi on the way home about the actress and the story. I was happy to hear that she had been coming my way and seen me taking the actress into the bedroom, and she had turned and gone the other way in case the actress was reluctant about being seen.

    Thank you Suzi for allowing me this memory. And Suzi is my only 'proof' that it happened, because until now I have never told this story publicly. I will allow you all to speculate on who that actress might have been.

    One last thing, regardless of what you have heard about swinger parties and orgies in California. At that time, 1968-1969 and thereabouts, though it must have been happening, I never saw any drugs at parties, not even smoking grass.

    Of course the orgies I attended were usually in a higher class category.

    There seemed to be an unwritten code. You come to a party, you are clean, you don't smoke, you don't do drugs, and you respect the wishes of your chosen partner.

    And I guess I should add. And you don't name names.

    Today? I don't know. Been out of that scene for a long time. Now excuse me while I go and watch a film on reruns. She's on again. Sometimes I see the other actress too. [​IMG]
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