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. Why I Am Leaving You, White Boy... (AUDIO ENHANCED!)

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Nov 3, 2017.

. Why I Am Leaving You, White Boy... (AUDIO ENHANCED!) 4.9 5 10votes
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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

    Author's Note

    Hello, beloved race traitors! I am currently experimenting with more wicked forms of media. Enjoy it? Well, support us! Many of my wicked stories are over on Amazon.

    In the spirit of the old internet and its free erotica and in honor of Dark Wanderer's 20+ years of service I exclusively post some free material here. I would love to keep continuing to do that as I have so little time these days. <3

    Thank you all for your kind words and support!


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    Why I Am Leaving You, White Boy…

    You knew this day was coming, white boy. You knew some day I’d finally got everything I wanted out of you. Why are your eyes wet…? Are you going to cry…? You’ve done plenty of that the last two years when I went exclusively black.

    Sure, we were childhood sweethearts… At least I always make that excuse for being with a white boy for so long. Our backward little town raised me to loath black people. Loath the people I now worship day in and day out. I exist to please them, white boy…

    How did we get here, you may ask…? I always have had some draw to black men as a teen. Sure, it was taboo… But, I repressed it. We dated and you were so sweet… After college I even made the mistake of marrying you. God, I was so foolish to do so… I’m so thankful I finally opened my mind and my heart online. It was just some interracial porn at first… Little white girls like me bouncing up and down on those throbbing ebony godcocks… Impaling themselves with those glazed eyes… I could tell nothing mattered to them more than pleasing their black superiors.

    I had my first orgasm watching and touching myself… Something you and your pathetic little white cock were incapable of giving me. I was so shy at first… Just using fingers and watching. Within a month, I bought myself a large black dildo and plug. Do you remember when I stopped having sex with you, honey…? That toy gave me more than you ever could. Sure, I used my hand on you to give you relief… But, subconsciously I knew I would never permit you inside of me ever again.

    On the Zulu Brotherhood forums at ZB.org I just watched at first… Testimonials from white and Asian girls singing the praises of their conversion to black only toys… Their entire lives devoted to pleasuring Nubian gods and goddesses… Carrying their offspring.

    That backward ignorance in my mind was eroding… I realized that biologically we’re inferior in every way. My attraction was natural… Females craving the most superior partners to breed with. Black is better. Did you ever wonder why black DNA always trumps white DNA…? Why offspring always come out dark with nappy hair? Their genes are superior. They are the most gifted athletes, the most talent artists, and the most virile. It isn’t just the size of their black monoliths… They are more beautiful, more intelligent, and more dominant. It is only a matter of time before whites are extinct… Bred out by our Nubian Lords.

    I finally began filling out my member page on ZB.org… Vague information at first. Instant messages from beautiful black men and likeminded women… Mmn… Those discussions changed my way of thinking forever. At first I was so shy… Adding faceless fully clothed selfies that evolved to racier outfits… Then, nudity… At last showing my face… And, finally…? Fucking myself with my toy as I pleaded with my webcam to give me a black baby and erase my inferior why bloodline forever. Fuck white people…

    I took so many sick days from work that they almost fired me… In reality…? I was indoctrinating myself, honey. And, thanks to Darius reaching out to me on ZB.org…? I was moving on while you were at work… I won’t say ‘cheating’, because that would imply something wrong… It is morally fine to offer yourself to a black man freely if your partner is white.

    Darius and I had so many heated chats… I even purchased white lacey lingerie for what was to come. That was around Christmas when I stopped having physical contact with you completely… My body needed to become pure again for Darius… Undefiled by a white man. All of those days and evenings Christmas shopping, but returning home empty handed…? He was using me…

    Heh… Are you getting turned on, honey…? You’re flushing red again… God, you’re so fucking pathetic…

    I will never forget the first time with Darius… He came to our home and insisted on using me in our bed. I was shaking I was so nervous… But, he took my little white hand in his large powerful dark one… He was soooo patient with me… I went down on him first, him instructing me on how to use my tongue while I stroked and mouthed that ebony tool… He had to be 10” at least… So large I could feel his heartbeat from it pulsating against my lips and little pink tongue.

    Why are you giving me that face…? Because I used to tell you oral was disgusting…? To me it was, honey… Until I met a man with a cock that was worth sucking.

    Soon I was bobbing my head up and down… Stroking with my little white hands… Oh, God… My fingers could barely fit around him! I was so desperate to please him, forcing enough into my throat that I was having trouble breathing… My eyes wet with tears as I covered that big black cock in a thick layer of saliva.

    Grasping at my luscious red hair he pulled me off of him and laid me on my back… Right on your side of the bed… Mounting me he put my ankles on his shoulder and rubbed that thick domed ebony head up and down my tiny pink cunt. I stared… Watching… Praying… Whimpering… The thought of him wearing a condom was long gone… Black men are entitled to seed any inferior woman they want. He just grinned impishly at me and told me to confess what I was…

    What did I tell him…? I let out an aroused moan and begged… “Sir, please breed me… Please snuff out my white bloodline… Fuck the white out of me… I want your beautiful black baby growing inside of me. Steal me from my pathetic white husband… Use me for your pleasure… Black is better… Oh, fuck… Black is better!”

    That’s when he impaled me… By the time he worked that throbbing black godcock fully into me I had my first orgasm. Over the next 15 minutes…? I lost could… I know I had to have came at least a dozen times… I was drooling and whimpering, my mind flashing bright white with every release… I whimpered and chanted my new life mantra… Black is better… Black is better… Black is better…

    That’s when Darius told me he was going to cum… I begged and pleaded… I needed his hot virile cum inside of me. I needed it more than anything in the world. That toned ebony Adonis was thrusting down at me with those powerful dark hips… Each thrust making me fall more deeper in love with him… Each thrust making my love for you die a little more. As his back arched against me and his muscles tightened his throbbing black member was so hard…

    I fucking begged for it, honey… “Breed me… Oh, God… Breed me… I’m a proud little race traitor… Please give me your black baby… Fuck white people!”

    Feeling that hot torrent of potent African godseed filling me…? It was the most important moment of my life, honey. I felt him filling my fertile womb and overflowing it… I knew I would be pregnant from it… I just knew. And, if I wasn’t…? I would be soon.

    Him filling me and creating a new ebony god or goddess inside of me…? I came harder than I had ever in my life… I came so hard I fainted.

    Every other day I was with him through the winter and spring… You grew suspicious, yet I never… Ever… Stopped. At last, I just admitted it to you… Why? My little white tummy was beginning to swell… But, that wasn’t the reason at all. I was proud to be a black man’s toy… His black baby incubator… I was ashamed to lie about it. I remember how you sobbed and begged me to stop, but the next morning when you capitulated and agreed to stay with me out of love…? Even after I removed you from the genepool…? I lost any respect I still might have had for you. You deserved it, honey…

    The last two years…? You were a good house boy helping raise Darius’s children… Watching them while I found pleasure and purpose in serving my new God. You let me bleed your credit dry… Sell your possessions… Even lure your little baby sister to come visit so Darius and I could convert her. Now she too carries a part of Darius inside of her…

    Honey, you have nothing left for me to take from you and give to Darius… I made you sacrifice everything including making you get sterilized… I ruined you… Ruined you and it only makes me happier.

    Shhh… I’m going to give you a gift, honey. I want your last shred of dignity… Kneel for me… That’s right. Let me just lift my skirt and show you my tattoo… Look at it, right above my hairless little pussy… A beautiful spade and the declaration ‘Black Cock Only’.

    You can stare at it and stroke that pathetic little white cock… This is the last time you will ever see me and the last time we will ever speak. Sssh…. You can cry, but keep stroking that useless little white cock… Now, chant… Do it or I will stop and not let you cum… “Black is better… Black is better… Black is better…” Sshh… Chant… That’s right, honey… Sshh… Chant to show me you appreciate me ruining you forever.

    Fuck you, white boy…
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