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. Who Was Fooling Who?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Who Was Fooling Who?

    By EroticWriter and doctoryes48.


    Finally she moved – as her eyes looked over at me her hands went to the back of her dress and I heard the zipper come down. My mouth opened wide, I could not believe my eyes. My innocent wife was getting right to it, stripping naked for this lout without much persuasion. She then slid the straps off her shoulders and the dress cascaded to the floor, forming a puddle at her feet

    She looked magnificent. Too good for this clod, I thought. I was about to end it, but could not speak as I saw my wife for the first time exposed to another man's eyes; and he was looking hungrily at her.”

    This was placed on another site by someone using the handle doctor yes48 and was titled First Time. I thought it to be pretty hot, and I know how you readers like hot, so I changed it some, added text and made it hotter, added locations and put in a phone call between the wife and the other man that was not in the original.

    About the photo I used to illustrate the cock used in this story. I'm not gay, but readers, I think that is a nice looking cock and I'm not afraid to say so. How about you guys, willing to go along?

    And women, be nice to be able to read your minds and see what you really think when you see a photo of a cock like that. No way to tell how much it grows in real life, but in this story, it grows and then some.

    The first two paragraphs I clipped from the story to liven up the beginning since it takes a little while to get to the good stuff. My credit to doctor yes 48, wherever he is. Enjoy. EW.

    This happened not long ago. My wife and I had been married for about a year. We met in college and were sweethearts from the start. It happened so quickly that it did not seem like we were dating, we were just together all the time.

    It was not asking if she was free this Friday, we just knew we were for each other. It seemed we immediately recognized in each other what we were looking for, which was something different from our parents. Cathie's father was a martinet, overbearing, controlling, and domineering. I was laid back and easy going.

    Cathie was a giver, a pleaser, considerate, concerned about others. Also, although she tired to hide it, she had considerable physical assets under her loose fitting clothes.

    One thing we did not do together was sex! Cathie, like me, had been raised in a strict religious background so there was no sex involved (until we got engaged). So we were both sexually inexperienced.

    She wanted to get married not long after we met, but I, being the caring, considerate man I have always claimed to be, made her wait. I suspected that her hurry to get married was to get out of her father's house.

    Luckily, after graduation, we both landed jobs and without further delay got married. was working with a good accounting firm and Cathie as a nurse. Her job, being a nurse, required her to work rotating shifts. She would generally get to work one week on days, but had to put in two weeks out of every three at night.

    One day, I was walking back from lunch with one of my bosses, who was about 15 years older than I and a fun guy; suggested a detour down a side street. We came upon an adult book store, and he said, "Let's check this out."

    In we went (my first visit to such a place). Immediately, we were confronted with huge tits! On covers of magazines though. My boss said, "You check out the left side; I'll look at the right." I think he did not want me to see what he was choosing to be looking at. I felt the same way.

    As I wandered, I noticed a group of magazines with covers that seems to have snap shots of ordinary people. Intrigued, I picked one up. It was what I learned was called a contact or swingers magazine. Hmmm, a way for swingers to contact each other, I thought.

    My impression of this scene was one of wife swapping. People got together and swapped partners. However, as I looked through this magazine, I was surprised to learn it was much more diverse than that.

    This was a Northeastern Edition and I was surprised to see so many ads from states around me. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. And then came my state, and my fingers began to shake.

    Finally the magazine came open to a page with ads from people in my area, in my home town actually. Right in front of me at the bottom, middle of the page was a photo of a man's naked torso – well a bit more than his torso as his genitalia were on prominent display, and impressive genitals they were too.

    His face was not visible (but then again, that was not what he was selling), but his revealed torso showed a beefy white man of middle age (he did state his age in the ad – he was some 20 years older than my wife and I).

    However, as I alluded, his torso was not the only thing that was beefy. He had a long, thick, uncircumcised cock, with foreskin forming a big "O" around the end of his prick. It was also framed by two hanging, robin's eggs large balls.

    It was difficult to judge by looking at the picture because I could not determine his height but it appeared that his penis, which extended to the base of his scrotum, was at least 7" while at its ease.

    The surprising thing, if not shocking to me, was that the ad was directed towards husbands. He even listed his phone number! In essence, Alan, as his name was stated in the ad, was exhorting husbands to bring their wives to him, or at least make them available, to get a good and proper fucking!

    This was unheard of in my world at the time. Oh I knew about cuckolds, but not willing ones. I always thought that cuckolding resulted in the wronged husband shooting lead from a gun and not sperm from his cock at the revelation of his being cuckolded.

    I was shocked at my reaction, which was to look with fascination at the picture and the ad, which I read several times, and which caused a stirring in my genitals! What was that about?! Not that I imagined my wife in a position like that; but would men actually contact this man? The thought of it aroused me and greatly confused me at the same time.

    Suddenly, I put the magazine down, like getting rid of guilty evidence and realizing that I had been holding it for some time. I looked around and was relieved to see that no one had seen what I had been looking at. I did it just in time because my boss came around the end of the aisle and asked if I was ready to get back to work.

    For the next week, thoughts of this man, of my calling him, and even of my wife naked in his arms and other images came unbidden into my mind. They were quickly banished. "No, no, no, not my wife, not the woman I love," I said to myself. This was wrong! It was so very wrong. What kind of a man would do this, even think about it. I felt dirty and unworthy.

    And it was not just the thought of allowing another man to fuck my wife, but allow a man to have a huge cock while he was doing it. What was it about this, this evil thought that so intrigued me? Why the Hell would I want a man to be so much larger than me? It not only intrigued me, it turned me on.

    However, one day, without conscious thought, I found myself taking the same detour my boss and I had taken, and, subsequently found myself outside the adult bookstore. I paused when I realized where I was, but then quickly moved on. I was actually sweating and it was not that hot out.

    Then one night when Cathie was working midnights, I had a dream. In my dream, as I walked into our home, I saw my wife and this man in our living room. However, they were not sitting and talking - when I say I saw my wife, I should say I saw her on her knees with her naked ass sticking up.

    This man, who now had a face, was smirking at me as he sat in a chair, legs splayed out, with my wife between them, her head bobbing up and down in his crotch! It turned out to be a wet dream and I awakened as I shot my semen.

    Again, I felt confused, ashamed, a husband does not allow this to happen to his wife; nonetheless I also had to admit that it was incredibly arousing. Ultimately I fell asleep. After that I did not immediately banish images of my wife and this man when they came, still unbidden, into my mind.

    The following week, I had to take some documents to a client one morning. My boss felt it would be a good opportunity to connect with the client and I walked to his office alone. I did, in fact, have a good visit. I felt good walking back to the office; and, when I came to that side street, I walked down it.

    Without thinking, I entered the adult book store and headed for the section where I had seen that magazine of the beefy guy. When I got there, I did not see the magazine. My heart jumped! Where is it?! I looked frantically for it. It had four snapshots on a black cover. I did not see it! Damn! Wait a minute – why was I so disappointed? I did not intend to contact this guy, right? What did it matter? I was confused again but compelled to continue looking.

    Then I saw a similar magazine but this had a red cover. I looked closer and realized this was the next edition. What if his ad is not in this edition?! I quickly flipped to the section covering our area. There he was! Same beautiful cock photo only now the photo was larger because the ad was at the top of the page and the publisher had placed it going across two columns. Relief! Shock! Why was I so relieved?

    Confused, I left the bookstore and was soon back in the office. The first thing I did was to write in my pocket calendar, "Alan – 555-5555" (well not all 5s but his actual number). I did not realize until I got to the office that I had memorized the number!

    The next week, Cathie was working afternoon to evenings. One of those evenings, I found myself pacing by the phone. Then I found myself standing with the phone in my hand. Although torn, I was soon dialing Alan's number!

    "Yeah," came a gruff answer to my call.

    "Uh, is this Alan?"

    "Yeah, whaddya want?"

    "Uh, I saw your ad and I was wondering ..."

    "You got a wife? I don't waste my time on just bullshitting."

    "Oh yes, I have a wife. I, hmmm, was just wondering ..."

    "Yeah, what? You want to see her get fucked by a big cock? You've come to the right place."

    What a jerk I thought. What am I doing talking to any man about my wife, let alone someone who sounded like a low class dirt bag. Easy enough, just hang up, but for some reason I did not. I stayed on the line. There was a certain thrill in doing what I considered really taboo.

    Although there was an internal battle raging, externally, I followed my dick. Not only did I stay on the line but I was standing, talking to him. Standing like one does when his professor or superior enters the room. This too mildly excited me. It was like he was already taking control.

    "Well I haven't talked to her about it yet, but I think I would like to explore it."

    "Tell you what – call me when you have figured it out. No, wait, tell me about her first and then I'll let you know if you can call me again."

    What the hell is this, I thought – I have to sell him on the idea of having sex with my wife?! He should be thankful. Look how long it took me to get her, she's beautiful and I felt like the luckiest man alive when we finally did have sex. Now I have to entice this cretin to have sex with my wife?

    I thought again that I should just hang up. Nonetheless, I stayed, standing, on the line and responded to his command to tell him about my wife.

    "Well she is about 5'6, 140 pounds, long and light brown hair, blue eyes, very attractive."

    "Get to the good stuff," he said gruffly.

    "Uh," I said, feeling very odd about being told to reveal my wife's intimate areas to this crude stranger. I do not know why, but I continued talking, "Her measurements are like 38- 26- 38."

    "Sounds like you made it up. Go on, describe her tits in detail."

    Hmmm, this was getting more uncomfortable, but perversely more exciting as I followed his orders and answered his questions.

    "Well they are large and full, heavy, I guess, and they curve up a little, the nipples do, and her breasts are pretty firm and do not just hang down. They have just a little sag due to the weight and her nipples stick out quite a lot when aroused. Her aureole are large and a dark pink."

    Wow! That was a lot to reveal. I almost felt like I was undressing my wife for him. In fact, I had undressed somewhat while saying this. I had unbuckled my belt and my pants and underpants were around my ankles while my now hard dick was in my hand.

    “Are they shaped like half grapefruits or cereal bowls?”

    That was a strange way to be describing tits but I caught his meaning. “More than just halfs. They're more like very large apples, the kind you can wrap your fingers around....like handholds.”

    "Yeah, I like that. How large are her aureoles?"

    "About the size of a silver dollar, I think."

    "O.K., tell me about her cunt."

    I was a little stunned about his coarseness in his referring to my wife's vagina as a cunt. It was not a word that either my wife or I used. But did I hang up? No.

    "Well her pussy lips are puffy and give good padding when fucked hard." Wow, did I really just say that? "She has a nice thatch of hair surrounding her pussy. "

    “Is she nice and tight for your cock? What size is your cock?”

    Now it was two questions, and very personal to boot, but I told him the first part. “She's pretty tight and fits me real nice.”

    “What size is your cock?”

    He was pushing it, and I had to say. “Like I said, she's pretty tight, even for me, and my cock is just average size I guess, six inches and medium thick.” I had lied. Actually I was closer to five than six, and my cock is a little skinnier than medium.

    He made a sound like a snicker. “She'll be really tight for me then, once I manage to stuff it in.” He laughed. “You'd better be sure you want her to do this because you're going to be feeling small to her once I'm through with her.”

    Then he asked another very personal question for a husband to be answering. “Has she ever fucked anyone besides you?”

    I was proud, not afraid to answer. “She was a virgin when I got to her, and no one else has ever touched her.”

    “So your wife's cunt has only been fucked by one small cock. She probably will go wild under me.”

    For some strange, maybe sick reason, that comment excited me. I had told the truth about her being tight for me, even though my cock is not exactly thick. Now I just volunteered, "She might, and you might like grabbing hold of her ass because her ass is beautifully shaped, wonderfully soft, with large ass cheeks."

    "O.K. Talk to her and you can call me when she is ready. She sounds like the kind of woman I enjoy fucking. I like a little something to hold onto, heh heh, as well as hold and feel and it sounds like she has a lot. So call me but only when she is ready.” And just like that, he was gone.

    Two more strokes and I came. After this call I felt bothered, confused – did I really just do that? Did I just tell a stranger the intimate details of my wife's body, (and mine) hoping that he would deign to meet her and fuck her?

    I had just shot my built-up load and my desire to see my wife being fucked by another man was, for the moment lessened. Now I began feeling guilty.

    What kind of man would do that, talking like that about someone he loved and had a duty to protect? I felt dirty and told myself I would not do that again. I tried to deny the overwhelming feeling of arousal I had felt and vowed to keep my promise not to do it again.

    Then I realized that he would be able to call me back if he wanted because of caller I.D. I had not thought of that and the thought occurred to me, what if he called here and my wife answered the phone? That would not go over so well.

    Besides, I did not think Cathie would go for this at all. Whatever my conscious mind was doing, it seems my subconscious mind was working overtime. Occasionally, it would seep into my consciousness and a thought would appear that it would be hot just to have my wife talk to him. That thought would soon be banished though.

    The next time I made love to Cathie, I spoke to her with a French accent. She giggled and mentioned my name, telling me to stop, with a laugh in her voice. I told her she is mistaken, that I am Jacques and am very happy that her husband was out of town and that she was kind enough to put me up for the night.

    More giggling, but I stayed in character, telling her that I was fucking her so good, and better than her husband. Surprisingly, she had a good orgasm, which she often did not during intercourse. Hmmm.

    I continued to role play when we made love. I could be someone from the ghetto, the plumber, a police officer, who needed to arrest and search her. All were met with success and resulted in nice orgasms for my wife.

    I found myself alone one Sunday evening and horny; and, without a thought, I was soon dialing Alan on the phone, despite my pledge. To hell with the pledge I thought, this is hot stuff. Cathie was to be off this next Friday and Saturday and I told Alan that I would like to bring my wife over to his place on Friday, but could not guarantee that she would be up for sex. I had to convince her just to meet.

    He said, "O.K. Friday is a busy night for me, but I'll stay here until 9 P.M., then I am going out. So have her here before that. If you want to give it an hour, get here no later than eight, or come earlier.

    Here are my rules. If the woman decides that she does not want to have sex, then I have to get something for my effort, which is she has to strip and I get to play with her body for 5 minutes. You understand that?"

    Cathie would have to strip and allow him to fondle her, even if she does not decide to fuck? I want ahead and stuck my neck out, figuring that if I had her inside his place, that she might at least allow that much. If not, I hoped he was not a trouble maker.

    "Yes, sir. I understand." Where did the 'sir" come from? Saying sir to him, who by all indications was the farthest thing from a sir? In any event, he gave me directions and told me, "I like my women to look sexy, but not slutty when I first meet them. Tel me what you will have her wear for me."

    "Well, she has a nice black dress, shows only a little bit of cleavage and black heels and black pantyhose."

    "No pantyhose. Get her some seamed stockings and a garter belt or some thigh highs. I like the idea of a little black dress so she does not look like a hooker, but I want it loose at the top so when she bends over, her tits are on display."

    “Shit, I, I mean she doesn't have any of that stuff.”

    "Sounds like you do not have exactly what I want. Here is what you do," he continued, "go to the Paris Boutique and ask for Ann. Tell her Alan sent you and that you need something for your wife. She will know what to get."

    I ended the conversation by telling Alan some more secrets about my wife, what turns her on and how she likes to be touched, stuff like that.

    Now I was walking into something that was over my head. How could I get Cathie to agree? Well, first things first. I wanted to be discreet so I picked Tuesday mid afternoon to go to the Boutique. Fortunately, it was empty when I went in except for one saleswoman.

    It turned out this tall, statuesque woman was Ann. When I told her that Alan had suggested that I get something for my wife at her store. She gave a small, perhaps derisive, laugh as she looked me up and down.

    Smiling, she said, "this is something for your wife or something for your wife for Alan?'

    "Uh, something sexy. I know Alan and he said you would be able to pick out something sexy for my wife."

    "Let me ask you again, is this something for your wife or something for your wife for Alan to enjoy? I can pick out something sexy, but I must know if it is for Alan's pleasure so I will pick something somewhat unique."

    "Hmmm, something for Alan to enjoy." I said, turning red as I so much as admitted to this woman that I was planning on giving my wife to Alan. Ann gave me a knowing look, perhaps condescending? She went to the front door and placed a sign saying the store would re-open at 4 p.m. It was now 3 p.m.

    "I have had several husbands come to my store to ensure that Alan really enjoys their wives. He is apparently good at giving wives something that their husbands apparently cannot. Follow me."

    We went to a back room. "Now let's start with lingerie. What size is your wife?"

    I gave her my approximation as I had told Alan.

    "Did you get those sizes from her underwear?"

    "No, but I think they are right."

    She disappeared into another room, and, when she returned, she was wearing just a bra on her torso. She was naked on the bottom half! She had some hair closely cropped at the top of her vagina, but below that, it looked like she was bare.

    Wow, I thought. She did have large breasts and the bra left quite a lot of them exposed. She then bent over and even more was exposed. It was what I would call a black shelf bra. No straps.

    "You said that your wife was a 38. I am a 38 D, do these look like your wife's?"


    "She is this large?"

    The truth was yes she was and I so answered.

    She disappeared again and I had to push my cock up since it had gotten hard in my pants when it was pointing down. When she returned she was wearing the bra but now she was showing stockings, garter belt, and sheer black panties.

    "What about this? So you like? Is your wife built like me below the waist?"

    I could hardly speak. She was so hot. A woman like this in her underwear right in front of me!

    "Uh, she is a little bigger around the hips and derriere, but otherwise yes."

    "Not much of an answer, but I will take care of it. Do you like the panties? They are so sheer, you can see what you are going to get. Come over here. Kneel down and look up."

    My pants were tenting and there was no way I was not going to do what this sex bomb was telling me to. So I did get down and did look up and saw the very clear outlines of a yes it was shaved vagina!

    "Would you like to lick it?"

    "I have never done that, but yes. It is magnificent."

    "What?! Never licked one? No wonder you are going to Alan. After you buy these clothes and visit Alan with your wife you can come back and maybe, maybe, I will show you how to pleasure a woman with your tongue. Now get up."

    She picked out a dress to go with the rest of the outfit and I was on my way, stunned. Now how to get Cathie to agree to go to Alan's.

    I wondered about the bit the woman had mentioned, about pleasuring my wife by licking. I considered it, and decided that now, with things arranged and about to happen, I wanted Cathie to be horny, and if never being licked would help, so be it.

    I made love to Cathie that night, and, afterward, I raised the subject of her with other men. I said I was surprised to learn that a lot of couples engaged in wife sharing, but that it made some sense, particularly since Cathie had experienced only me. She did not know that the same limited experience existed for me, assuming that in high school I must have had sex.

    "But I have you and Jacques, the plumber, the policeman," she said laughingly. "Why would I need more?"

    "Because the real thing would be even more exciting. I know that this excites you. You should act on it."

    "No, you are enough for me. I could never be unfaithful to you." She said it with a "that's the end of the conversation" tone. The ensuing silence was broken when she said, "Am I not enough for you?"

    "What! Why would you think that?"

    "If you want me to have another man, I assume that you will want a woman, no?"

    "No, no, not at all! This is for you. I do not want you to have any regrets when you get older, to wonder what you missed; and you shouldn't worry about being unfaithful since you would not be because I want it to happen," I said.

    "Oh, thinking only of me, huh?"

    "Well it is not all altruistic, I must admit. It would be exciting for me if this happened. I would enjoy it too."


    "Yes, I do not know why, but I would get excitement from it too. So this is for both of us." I said.

    She said nothing more on the subject.

    What to do? Well I told her that on Friday, I would come home early and was taking her out. I could tell she was thinking all kinds of thoughts inside, but she kept them to herself.

    On Friday, I presented her with the outfit I had bought. She thought it was scandalous, but I said it's just lingerie and with a little prompting, she relented and put it on. We went out for an early dinner with drinks and wine.

    I will say, reaching under her dress at the table and feeling a garter belt and stockings instead of panty hose were very sexy. I had an erection during the entire meal thinking that soon Alan might be seeing my wife in this outfit.

    I kept giving her drinks. When she was feeling mellow and a little tipsy, I made her take another drink and then I said it was time to go.

    Once in the car but before starting it, I said I was taking her to house of a man I knew and we could chat about this wife sharing business. She said, "absolutely not."

    I didn't respond right away but kept driving. Then, before I could speak, she asked, "Wife sharing? As in...sharing me?"

    "Well yes, honey," I told her. "It concerns you, but only in relationship to sometime in the future maybe, and rather or not you might enjoy it."

    "I don't think so. This sounds pretty dumb to me."

    However, as I said, she is a pleaser; and when I said it would mean a lot to me and nothing has to happen, she again relented.

    Five minutes more into the drive she looked over at me and said it softly. “Another man's house. Are you sure about this?”

    “Sure honey,” I said, smiling. “We're just going to talk.”

    It was only about a 10 to 15 minute drive, but all the way there I could feel Cathie looking over at me strangely and I was wondering what she might be thinking. When we pulled down Alan's street, we both noticed that we were in the seedy part of this town.

    “This doesn't look like a safe part of town,” Cathie said softly.

    Nonetheless, I assured her and we pushed on. When I stopped in front of an apartment house, Cathie looked at me and again asked, “Are you sure about this?”

    I responded honestly this time, telling her that no I was not sure but I was very curious and wanted to at least see how things went once she met Alan. She seemed reluctant, but when I got around to open her door she was ready and I got a nice shot of upper thigh when she climbed out.

    As I held the door to the apartment building open for her I noticed that there was a security button setup on the door that looked like it had quit working long ago. He was on the second floor so rather than risk the elevator we walked up the stairs and I stayed behind her so I could watch my wife's ass in motion.

    At least the floors of this older building were being kept clean and the lights were working in the hallways. Cathie led the way down the hall and to his door, and once there, she stepped aside so I could do the knocking. When Alan answered our knock on his apartment door, Cathie was literally taken aback.

    He was wearing a sleeveless under shirt, wrinkled pants. He was unkempt and not at all attractive. Without saying a word, he stepped to the side and held the door open so we could enter.

    He towered over my wife as she passed him, and I felt my wife sort of resisting as I guided her into the apartment. Alan then gave her a leering look and said, "Nice tits." Cathie blanched, but trudged on with my hand on her back.

    Imagine that. His first words to my wife are 'nice tits.' What a way to meet.

    Alan led us to his living room and directed Cathie to the couch and me to a chair. Already we were being separated, and my wife was being seated where someone else could sit beside her, if desired. I noticed she was deliberately, it looked like, not meeting his eyes.

    I took that moment to make introductions which was strange because this was also the first time I was meeting Alan. “Cathie, this is Alan. Alan, Cathie.”

    Alan wanted to know. Cathie with a Y or an I?”

    Cathie looked into his face for the first time and answered, “With an I.”

    “Pretty name for a hot woman.”

    She sort of smiled at that, and I think that he knew how to spell at least encouraged her to stick it out, at least for a little while. At least now she was no longer trying to avoid looking at him.

    She sat down on the far left of the couch as I was facing it so that she was against the arm rest. Then Alan took a seat on the couch right in the middle and next to Cathie. It was a three person couch but they were only occupying the two left sections as he sat down on her left.

    Cathy looked shocked at first and then hard at me as if to say: 'What gives here dear? He seats you in a chair and puts me on the couch so he can sit right next to me?'

    Already Alan was close to my wife, very close as they were together from their hips all the way along the thighs and as I watched, his right hand settled on her upper thigh.

    She seemed more concerned about me than the man sitting next to her as I saw her give me that 'what are you up to' look, but I only smiled at her. We had a brief conversation, which only succeeded in turning Cathie off even more.

    He really seemed a lout. I noticed though that as he had been giving her thigh soft squeezes, she had not pushed his hand away.

    At the first lull, he said, "Let's have some drinks." He looked at Cathie and said, " There's some beer in the frig and a tray next to it. Get one for each of us."

    There was no asking. This must have brought Cathie back to her family days when her father would treat her like this. You could see Cathie getting steamed, but surprisingly she remained mute and just stood and went to the kitchen.

    "I like it when a woman knows her place." Alan said, with a little laugh.

    I responded with a low voice. “I don't think my wife is liking this much.”

    He smiled, an evil, leering smile. “Give her some time.”

    Cathie returned, stony faced, holding the tray with both hands. Alan waved her over to him first. She bent a little to let him take a beer. He put his hand on one of the bottles, but instead of taking it away, he just held it and put a little pressure on the tray so that Cathie would have to bend some more.

    Now the genius of the dress was revealed. It fell away from her body, exposing my wife's breasts to his gaze. He made no pretense of not looking and a smile crept across his ugly face.

    Now Cathie realized what had happened and her predicament. She fidgeted a little but clearly did not know how to get out of this gracefully, so she just stayed there, bent over, blushing furiously, and suffered him to look at her breasts.

    It was like she was a mute, she did not even speak. It ended only when he took the bottle away, saying, "Yes, really nice tits!"

    She resumed sitting next to Alan without being told, which surprised me though to tell the truth there was really no where else for her to sit. We talked a little as his hand again returned to her thigh;

    Cathie remaining quiet and looking put out, but she would not be so rude as to just up and leave and was allowing things to progress, which is her nature to please.

    The idle chat continued, but it was obvious to Cathy I am sure why she was here, or maybe I should change that to say, why I had her here.

    Finally, it got around to sex. Alan with his coarse directness asked if she was ready to go to bed with him. This finally got Cathie to speak. However, she did so with lowered eyes and quietly, so as not to offend.

    She did not seem surprised by his question. I guess she was expecting it. "Thank you Alan, but I do not think so tonight," she said.

    Thank you! What was that about? Perhaps because this man was old enough to be her father and acted a bit like him, she had reverted to being a teenager under his control?

    Cathie then got up and said to me, "Can we leave?"

    Oh oh. She was off the couch now and no longer seated beside Alan. Her voice sounded more like she was asking, not saying. I fumbled for an answer, not wanting to say 'yes,' but not daring to say 'no' to my wife either.

    Alan replied for me, "Yes, you can leave but only right after you comply with my rules."

    "Which are?" Cathie asked, surprised, as she turned and looked down at Alan since he had remained seated..

    "You strip and I play with you for ten minutes." (I noted he added on 5 minutes).


    "Your husband agreed to this in advance. You are not going to welsh on our agreement. I want something for the effort."

    “You and he made an agreement?” Her face red, Cathie looked at me with some shock when I somewhat shame faced, nodded yes.

    I wondered what she would do. My wife does not like to cause scenes, she is usually compliant to others' wishes, but I sensed this was too much. Even with all the drinks she had, I thought she would refuse. However, Cathie simply hesitated for a few seconds, obviously contemplating what to do.

    "Strip? How far?"

    "Just start," Alan said, "I'll let you know when to stop. which might not be until you're totally naked."

    Then my wife bowed her head. I could not read the look on her face; it was either determined, angry, or resigned. I judged it to be that she would finally take a stand and just say no, regardless of any commitment on my part.

    Finally she moved – as she looked over at me her hands went to the back of her dress and I heard the zipper come down. My mouth opened wide, I could not believe my eyes. My wife was getting right to it, stripping naked for this lout without much persuasion.

    I had made the agreement, not her, but she was going along with it. Already, as I saw my wife doing the unthinkable, my cock was tingling.

    She then slid the straps off her shoulders and the dress cascaded to the floor, forming a puddle at her feet.

    Her face reddened somewhat, Cathie remained in place, standing erect, her shoulders back, her breasts being lifted within the bra.

    She looked magnificent. Too good for this clod, I thought. I was about to end it, but could not speak as I saw my wife for the first time exposed to another man's eyes; and he was looking hungrily at her.

    I was conflicted, thinking I should save her from what she obviously does not want, but I was also excited. The conflict froze me.

    "Keep going," he said, his eyes gleaming as he stared hungrily at her.

    Without another look at me and just a brief moment of hesitation, she did.

    Unbelievable. My wife is removing her bra for this creepy stranger. She unfastened her bra and let her heavy breasts hang loose, which elicited a whistle from Alan. I noticed though that she was sort of turned in his direction instead of doing it with her back or side to him.

    Oh wow did she ever look lovely. My wife's breasts were not only fully exposed, but the red lines left by the bra she had been wearing added emphasis to what was now out for public viewing.

    Despite her apparent willingness to allow him to see her breasts straight on, Cathie was still showing some sign of reluctance or maybe modesty. Her face was bright red.

    She didn't wait for his next order, instead looking at Alan and asking, "More?"

    "More baby."

    Then, again with only the briefest hesitation, she bent over and slid down her panties, stepped out of them one leg at a time and stood there with head bowed, blushing, and hands at her side.
    I was surprised. Somehow, in the process of standing and pulling off her panties one leg at a time, Cathie had managed to maintain her balance, even after having been drinking.

    My wife looked as gorgeous as I had ever seen her.

    The garter belt and stockings emphasized her hourglass figure and also highlighted the fact that her intimate parts were totally exposed.

    I had never seen my wife in garter belt and stockings, no panties and had never seen her looking so sexy and desirable. And it was for another man and not me.

    "You can stop there," Alan said.

    He got up and as he approached my wife she looked up into his face with wide eyes and opened mouth and did not flinch as he took hold of her breasts, feeling them and then rubbing her nipples in a circular motion. I saw my wife either shiver or quiver, I couldn't tell which, but now she was looking him in the eyes.

    Just like that, my wife was having her breasts handled, and somewhat roughly, by a total stranger.

    I felt like a betrayer since I had told him that this never fails to excite her, and judging from the reaction of her nipples it did not fail now. There was more I had told Alan about her nipples and I waited.

    Sure enough, Alan now faced her and took possession of her nipples between his forefinger and thumb. He squeezed. Cathie's mouth opened but all that came out was a soft "oh."

    I was already thinking, 'if she has gone this far this easy, she might already have decided that she wants to be fucked.'

    Alan smiled at the reaction and or the lack of any other reaction. Next he started to pull those big, heavy babies up and away from her body. As they stretched to what appeared to be an uncomfortable length, her hands came up about 6 inches, shaking, and her mouth opened again but all that come out of it was an "uuuuuhh."

    I had told him to tug on her nipples some but not this hard. She was taking no action to stop him and was not telling him to stop it. I had never seen this before.

    Alan was taking a great deal of delight in her discomfort (or was it in her reaction?) caused by the handling of her breasts. He continued his assault, twisting, pinching, and pulling on her big, full mammaries.

    Her reaction continued to be the same; she would close or squeeze her eyes shut, her mouth would utter a sound like "uuuuuuhh," her hands would start to rise, there would be a little shaking, but otherwise she let him abuse her tits. This truly shocked me, but it was an erotic sight I had to admit.

    I checked my watch. Alan had already gone well past five minutes and was on his way to ten. Somehow I did not think this would be stopping after ten minutes.

    He let her breasts drop, moved to her side, took her left breast in his mouth, let his right hand wander to my wife's ass and his left hand to my wife's vagina. He was apparently biting her nipple a little hard since he got a similar reaction of my wife moving her hands and again letting out a "oh."

    I was watching her everywhere at once, his mouth on her nipple, his right hand going around her backside, and his left hand, is it feeling her slit, or is it inside?

    It must have been inside, because I saw her move her feet further apart and spreading her legs for him.

    He brought up his left hand after it had been in the area of my wife's pussy. It was glistening. He pulled away from my wife's breast and smiled. "Well Miss Snooty, I guess you like it. Your cunt does not lie."

    He had used the C word, a word she does not like. Cathie blanched but did nothing more. She remained standing for him to continue his assault on her body.

    It was looking like my wife was not concerned about the ten minute deadline either. This was confirmed a few seconds later.

    "O.K., lie down." This was a command that obviously was more than just allowing him to fondle her body for ten minutes.

    My heart pounded. If she lies down, she will be giving her silent permission to be fucked.

    Cathie looked confused at first and when he motioned with a nod of his head toward the floor she obeyed as she laid down onto a throw rug that was placed on top the carpet.

    Oh fuck yeah, my wife is giving in, not even showing any resistance. The surface she was about to be fucked on would be soft, but I was wondering why Alan did not take her into the bedroom.

    Still, his taking her right now, right here in the living room seemed sexier, somehow.

    "Spread your legs."

    Again Cathie complied, revealing her glistening cunt for his viewing pleasure. Alan knelt down and bent his head towards my wife's crotch. Then he licked her slit. I was surprised he was doing that since she already looked so wet.

    This really surprised, no, shocked her. "Wha ... Oh ... that is so... what are you doing? Ooooh"

    My wife's first experience with being eaten was an apparent hit. She was moaning and squirming her hips as the waves of pleasure passed through her body. I could tell that she was both trying to get away from the intensity of the sensations while at the same time get more.

    "Ooooh." Her hand was on his head now, encouraging Alan as he worked her cunt expertly.

    As she was on the verge of cumming, Alan quickly rose and stripped off, showing that his photo was real, revealing his very large manhood, ready for action. I had only seen it in the photo, large and hanging soft, very hanging. Now it was hard, up and oh so very far up.

    M wife had been ready to cum and she was keeping herself there as she rubbed her clitoris with two fingers and stared up at Alan.

    Fuck my wife's eyes were wide as she gazed up at that thick cock, so long, so heavy looking, so ready to split her wide open. I waited for her to protest, or maybe close her legs to deny him. But she did not resist as he knelt down between her legs.

    This was it. My big moment. My wife's big moment. But to Alan, it was maybe just another conquest as he shuffled forward on his knees and took aim.

    He then unceremoniously mounted my wife. As her legs started to rise and go around him I saw his large mushroom head shoulder aside my wife's vaginal lips and watched his cock slide into my wife's body.

    Neither of them had been looking my way as I quickly stood up and unzipped my pants. Sitting down again, I had my hard cock in my hand as Alan parted her tight inner lips..

    Outside of giving out with a loud groan she did not fight it, she did not try to slow his entry. Whatever he wanted to do to her, with it, she was willing it looked like. As he was sliding in, her hand began stroking her clitoris even faster.

    That was it! No more making out, no more warming her up. My wife apparently was ready, oh so ready as she took him completely and making no more than just a loud gasp that sounded like joy as she removed her hand just before he bottomed out.

    I guess it was joy because she started cumming upon his entering and before I had even given my cock two strokes, so did I! At this point, everything was happening so fast, faster than I had imagined it might go. He was in my wife, just like that, she had climaxed, and so had I.

    Alan was delighted at my wife's reaction to his cock invading her womanhood.

    On the phone, when I had been talking to Alan and shot my load, my desire for something like this had wilted along with my cock. Not this time. Already I was erect again, having barely softened after my orgasm. My cum was all over my pubic hair and balls but I wasn't worried about it right now.

    "Oh, so now you like this? Huh?" Alan asked as his large ass moved up and down driving his cock into my wife's body. It was fascinating to watch. I had never seen anyone else fucking before and seeing my wife being fucked was like seeing a movie, like it was fantasy and not real.

    But this was real all right. My wife was still cumming and each time he hit home his massive ass cheeks would jiggle, which perversely drew my attention.

    "Yes ... uh ...yes" my wife hissed through her orgasm. Just then she happened to glance over at me and saw me jacking my cock furiously. I think she grinned at that and returned her attention to the man who was on and in her.

    "My husband's playing with himself."

    Having informed Alan, her eyes closed again.

    "Yes baby," Alan answered as he looked over and saw my small in comparison cock. "Your husband sees you taking a real man's cock and it's got him turned on."

    "Me...me too."

    "I saw the way you looked at me when you came in the door. But you are not looking down on me now, are you Miss Fancy pants slut, are you? No, you are cumming on the end of my cock in your married cunt. And you're loving me fucking that precious pussy of yours, aren't you?"

    Cathie's eyes flew open. She now knew she had given offense. And even in the midst of finishing her orgasm and being fucked, she quickly reverted to form.

    "I am so sorry Alan. I did not mean to give offense. I would do anything to take it back."

    This was surreal! All going on while he is fucking her!

    "You're doing a good enough job now so just shut up and take it." Alan said.

    She did. In no time she was back again to making moans and oh, oh sounds. Her legs were all the way up and around him, and his thrusts were now being matched by her. Two minutes became three, another orgasm, then four minutes, and then five. I could barely breath as I watched Alan re-sizing my wife's vagina to better fit him.

    Alan could not let restrain himself and wanted her to admit her desire for him.

    "You love having a real man like me fucking you, don't you?" He had just maybe indirectly, put her husband down.

    "Uuuunh ..."

    "Don't you?!"

    "Uuuunh ... yes ... oh yes!"

    "Tell me. Tell me in front of your husband!"

    "I love you fucking me!"

    “Who's fucking you? Go on, say it!”

    “A real man is fucking me.”

    My wife said to this stranger. That was a first – using that kind of language! I just had to better see what it looked like, her pussy as it was being worked by all that meat.

    Standing up, I quietly got behind them and bent down low. There it was, the pussy that I loved and had married, and now it was being manhandled and molded to fit a new cock, a much more substantial cock than mine.

    Yes, a real man was fucking my wife, finally.

    Fuck, her lips, those inner lips were stretched wide, and each time Alan pulled back, they clung tightly to his shaft as if not wanting to let go. Then he would go deep again, and my wife would make a sound.

    Again my wife took notice. "Alan, he's, my husband, he's down there looking at where you're fucking me."

    "That's right baby. He's seeing your pussy being stretched and worked in ways he's never dreamed of, probably. So talk to me. Tell me how it's feeling because your husband wants to hear."

    "It feels good, fucking fantastically good!"

    As Alan continued to work his cock in and out of my wife's pussy, with his big balls swinging and smacking her ass each time he drove his cock deeper into her pussy – into territory that was previously virgin to cock – my wife was again making sounds of ecstatic pleasure, building to another orgasm. These sounds are foreign to me I thought with a wince.

    "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, I love it." She turned her head toward me. "You hear it my husband? I love it, I love it, I love his cock" Cathie said, almost like a chant, quickening as she built to another orgasm. This was also foreign to me.

    This time she said it without being asked, or told. “A real man....”

    Alan fucked my wife to another orgasm. Cathie was still chanting and then yelled, "OOOOHHH, aaahhh, I love you. I love you." What? She had switched from I love it to I love you?

    Well it was in the throes of an orgasm, and an unusual orgasm, the third one of the evening, actually the second one of this fuck. I sort of count her first orgasm as having been started by his tongue with maybe a little help from her hand, and the entry of his pussy stretcher had taken her up and over.

    But with her “I love you' cry, she had also begun kissing him madly, their first kisses, and the kisses were each lasting a long time.

    “Alright baby. If you want to cum once more let it go because I am about to fill your cunt with a man-sized load.”

    “Yes yes I want to cum again. In my cunt I want to cum. Fuck me hard, right in my cunt!”

    I had barely had time to absorb the fact that my wife had actually referred to her vagina as a 'cunt' and more than once when she let out this long groan.

    She had started cumming almost immediately and just before his orgasm began.

    “You're so hard. I want to feel you cum too. Oh fuck Alan! Give it to me!”

    He had converted my wife into a slut, a slut with a cunt that needed to be satisfied and it had all happened, after my years of trying, in just a matter of minutes for him.

    Alan seemed to be set off by this complete conquest of my wife and shortly thereafter he gave a final thrust and groan and inseminated her, shooting his sperm deep in my wife's womb.

    “Ooh yes, and me too!” I saw my wife's eyes grow wide and she gripped his ass tightly with her fingers as she felt the powerful throbbing of his thick dick.

    Then she laid under him, and I could hear her breathing out the words, “Oh God, Oh God.”

    Between her gasping for breaths, she pulled his head down and kissed him passionately,

    Four times she had climaxed, four times, and I don't think he was on her for more than seven or eight minutes. Shortly thereafter he dismounted my wife and said it was time to leave.

    She looked surprised at his abrupt change of heart as she was lying there on the rug, legs spread wide and pussy shiny with sweat and cum, and could barely move. I wanted to help her get up but instead, just sat in my chair and stared like Alan was doing.

    Looking somewhat sheepish, my wife managed to sit up, put on her panties and while she was doing so I saw cum drip out of her and into those panties. And then after struggling to her feet, she put on her dress and carried her bra. Alan saw us to the door, wearing only his undershirt.

    I know he was showing off now, walking around naked on the lower half, but it was quite a sight, his big swinging manhood hanging below his belly between his legs. At the door, he pulled Cathie to him to give her a kiss, which she returned with astonishing fervor.

    His hands went to her ass and pulled her tighter to him. There was no regard for me standing there. When they parted, Cathie bent her head and said a quiet "thank you.'

    Now I was stunned. She is thanking him? He just got her pussy – he should be thanking her (and me too, by the way). She had never thanked me for making love to her!

    He chuckled and said there were better ways to thank him. Their eyes met.

    Cathie turned to me and said, "Honey, can you give me a minute here, a private minute" and nodded towards the door.

    What?! She wants privacy with this beast?

    I said, "I think we should go."

    "We will in a few minutes. I'll join you outside." The minute she had first asked for had became 'a few minutes.'

    Feeling like maybe a taxi driver that had just brought a woman to be fucked rather than her husband, I stepped outside as she closed the door. I was feeling a great deal of emotions, but my cock over ruled all others.

    My wife, my formerly innocent and reluctant wife, just like that, is alone behind a closed door with a man who has just finished royally fucking her.

    I was hard again at the prospect of what my wife was doing in a private moment with this ugly, coarse man. I waited one minute, two, then I stepped over to the door, being as quiet as possible and listened.

    I heard a slurping sound, like my wife sucking. Then I heard Alan. “That's right baby. Next time you can be sucking me just like that. You have that touch.” Then I heard a sound like her sighing and maybe they were kissing. I heard Alan say, “You'd better go, you husband is waiting.” and my wife answering “I'll be thinking of you.”

    I quickly stepped away from the door. When she came out, we walked to the car. I then noticed she was not carrying her bra. "Oh I left it there.”

    “Want me to go back and get it?”

    “No, we can get it next time."

    Next time?

    Now I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew. Was this one of those be careful what you wish for moments? Yes, it was a fantasy to imagine and then get to see my wife with another man, but this was more than I had bargained for.

    I did not expect this man or any man to elicit such a reaction from my wife as I had witnessed. I would have to sort this out, although it seemed that Cathie had already decided to see him again.

    Once in the car and driving home, Cathie said in a small, hesitant voice, "Are you OK?" Back to normal, thinking of me at that moment.

    "Yes, I'm fine," I answered, although I was not too sure.

    "Are you sure?" concern in her voice.

    I knew there was only one right answer and I gave it. "Yes, I am sure. I wanted you to have this experience and I still love you and will always love you. This changes nothing."

    “I'm wondering,” she said softly. “Before you took me to see this man, did you know how large he is?”

    I wasn't sure if I should answer honestly. But I did, sorta. “I saw a photo and it looked big, but he was soft in it. I didn't know how much he could grow.”

    "You picked him out based upon a photo, of his big cock?"

    "Yes. Sorta. I...if you made it with him, I wanted it to maybe feel better."

    “I see,” she said softly. "Feel better than you. I was wondering why you would want a man so large, so large....there to have me.”

    “I don't know. It just seemed, sounded so exciting. I wanted your first time to be different from me, but I didn't know it would be that different.”

    Her voice brightened and she said, "It was different, that's for sure. But it's all good. I'm sorry if I got too carried away there, but I did not know before tonight how good sex can be."

    Ouch! It just slipped out of her mouth without thought. She did not notice my reaction to that.

    She continued, cheerfully, "That was really something. You said you wanted him to feel maybe better, and you succeeded in that. He really had a big thing that just filled me up. That was the best sex I've ever had. Thank you."

    I had read many the sex story where the wife tells her husband afterward that she had enjoyed the other man but his big cock had not been that important, that her love for her husband meant more to her, you know, stories like that.

    But my wife was laying it right out there for me to hear, she had enjoyed Alan's big cock way more than she enjoyed me.

    Finally she realized the implication of her statement. Sheepishly, she said, "Well that's not exactly what I meant. Nothing is better than being with you. It was just that this was different. You are mental and my best friend, not an animal.

    With him, he just released pure animal lust. I feel nothing for him. I feel such love and tenderness for you; it was just totally physical with him. It was not like I chose to be with him."

    Now she was doing it. My wife was saying those things I had expected to hear as she denied how much pleasure she had felt with the other, bigger man.

    She was staring over at me accusingly when she said that and somehow this did not make me feel better.

    When we got home, Cathie said to me, "I want you to make love to me right here and now, in the loving room." Perhaps that was it. We had not made love in the living room. Alan had sex with my wife in his living room. So maybe she would respond to me like she did with Alan. Perhaps the floodgates were opened.

    I quickly got her dress off and she lay down on the floor. I knelt between her legs, grabbed her soaked panties on each side and pulled. This was assisted by Cathie, who lifted her ass to allow the panties to clear her rump. Once I had them between her legs, I grabbed the crotch of the panties to pull them off.

    I realized, at Alan's she had not made a trip to the bathroom, and she still had not gone after arriving home. I felt not just a wetness, but a slimy wetness. I realized that this must be Alan's semen. Hmmmm. It must have been leaking out on the car ride.

    It was obvious now, my wife wanted me to fuck her while still full of Alan's cum.

    Once I dispensed with the panties, I quickly shucked my clothes and again positioned myself between my wife's legs. As I started to move up to effect a connection between my cock and her cunt, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Could you first do what Alan did?" Saying this, she looked down to her pussy. Oh, I understood.

    Well I thought I better. It had such a wonderful effect on her when Alan did it. I altered position so that my head was heading for her vagina. I could see that her pubic hair was all matted and wet. And – was that white stuff coming out of her vagina and on her lips? Yes it was. It was Alan's sperm.

    “You're very wet. Alan is coming out all over the place. Do you mind going to the bathroom first?”

    “No. I'm ready now and I want you to do it just the way I am.”

    I am sure that my wife wanted this, for me to eat her while Alan was still draining out. Maybe she wanted to punish me, or maybe it would turn her on more, the thought of it. Whatever, I was not about to turn down her request, not after how she had given in to my desires.

    Well, maybe I could work around it. I went down and started on her clit, which is where Alan had seemed to expend most of his time when he was licking her. However, Cathie wanted me to lick all over and moved herself around so that my mouth and tongue came into contact with all of her pussy. It was unavoidable – I had to eat that man's cum. Well I did.

    My efforts were rewarded with a small orgasm on Cathie's part. Actually it was one of the normal ones she had always had with me, but compared to what I had seen and heard while she was cumming with Alan, I have to call this orgasm small.

    I slid up and was in her very wet pussy in a moment. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I thought that Alan's sperm was insulating me from my wife's pussy. She seemed loose now and I imagined I was gliding in on his cum.

    Yes, she felt stretched out to me. For some reason, this made me stiffer, if that was possible. It might have been because it seemed like I was fucking someone different, someone new, that I had never before penetrated. I wanted to last a long time, but was soon spewing my own sperm into my wife.

    During the whole episode, there was quite a quiet. There was no moaning or out of her head exclamations. There was no orgasm during intercourse either. She patted me on the back, saying it was OK. She loved being close to me like this she said. She did not need to cum again.

    I had a new wife now. Something had changed. Already I was wondering. How soon before she wants to make a return trip to see Alan?

    The Thursday before at 2:pM.


    “Are you the wife that lives at this number?”


    “I said, are you the women, someone's wife that lives at this number?”

    “Aaah yes. Who is this?”

    “Is your husband there now?”

    “He...he's in the next room?”

    “Well, he's probably not there but it doesn't matter. It's you I want to talk to.”

    “Who is this and what do you want? If this keeps up I will hang up!”

    “This is not a crank call, and I am not a stalker or anything like that. Matter of fact I don't even know your name, but I know a great deal about you. If you give me a couple of minutes I will explain.”

    Pause. “Go on..”

    “If I was given the correct information you are five six, about one forty and you have long light brown hair. Am I correct?”

    “Anyone could come close to that just by seeing me on the street.”

    “Yes, but your measurements are 36D-26-38.”

    A pause.

    "Is that true, you're a D cup?"

    “How do you know that?”

    “Your husband told me. Now listen.”

    "My husband..?"

    "Yes. Now listen."

    And then Alan proceeded to tell Cathie the story. Cathy listened in disbelief, but as time went by as she first heard her nipples being described, she began to believe what Alan was telling her. Her free hand was also under her dress, and right there.

    “He told you that, about me, about my vagina?”

    “Yes. He says it is nice and tight for his six inch medium thick cock.”

    Feeling irritated now at her husband, Cathie came back with a truth. “Well, actually, I don't think he is quite that large.”

    "Is the fit nice and tight between your vagina and his cock?"

    "Well, yes, it is, usually, but my husband's not as large as he claimed."

    Alan laughed. “That figures. Most men exaggerate their size.”

    “Are you exaggerating yours?”

    “I can send you a photo in your e-mail.”

    “No, that's OK. I don't want to see it and besides, you could be sending a photo of anyone.”

    “Tell me, are you touching yourself now?”

    “No!” Cathie had answered, but a little too quickly and she had jerked her hand away as if Alan could see her.

    “It's alright if you touch yourself while we are talking. But you might want to save it for tomorrow night. That way you will be all built up and your orgasms will be stronger.”

    "Tomorrow night? Did my husband...?"

    "Yes. Your husband plans to bring you to me tomorrow night so he can see me fuck you."

    “Gawd you talk so crude....”

    “Yes, but I think you like it. Now tell me, be honest, are you touching yourself again.”

    Pause. “Yes.”

    “I like hearing that. If you come with your husband tomorrow night, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.”

    Sigh. “I'll think about it, but if I do come, that does NOT mean that I am planning to do anything with you. I want that understood right up front.”

    “Like I said, I'll talk rough with you and if you go along your husband will be even more shocked that you are doing it. Also, to make it even more shoddy seeming, I will be dressed in some old wrinkled clothes when you arrive, but I promise you that even though I will look like a dirty clod I will be freshly showered before you get there.”

    “It could be fun, play acting. But I want you to understand this again. I am not making any commitment and if I decide to leave, I want to be sure that you will allow me to leave and not try to force me.”

    “That's fair enough. We'll need to put on a show for your husband. Act like you want to leave and I'll sort of convince you to stay by being aggressive, and if you really WANT to leave, just be firm, give me a big loud 'NO,” and I'll let you leave."

    “That sounds reasonable.”

    “So that's it. Your husband plans to bring you to see me this Friday and if you want to have an adventure just play along, act dumb, or like you don't know, and we might have some fun out of this.”

    “Look Alan, if that's your name, I'm still trying to decide. I know you said you have a big cock and that is why my husband called you, but that alone will not get me to your place. I don't even know if I would enjoy...something like that.”

    "You've never had a big cock, like your husband says?"

    "I've never had any cock, except his."

    “Well, this can be your chance. Just play along. Humor your husband, play his game, act like you don't know and have some fun with this.”

    “And you will be kicking me out at nine?”

    “That's what I told your husband. I have somewhere to go, Friday night friends. And don't take it personal. But if you want to get together again, I'll slip you my e-mail address and if you want, you can look up my number on your caller I.D.”

    “You're calling from home now?”


    “Alright. I'll play the game and let him bring me to your place tomorrow night. But honestly, I still can't believe that my husband would do this.”

    The conversation had ended, but Cathie still had her free hand under her dress. She pulled it away, deciding to save it as Alan had suggested.
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