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White girl scouts and their moms

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by bihubsuck, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. bihubsuck

    bihubsuck Well-Known Member Member

    Would love to see a series of stories where Black Bulls take over the Local all white Boy scouts and Dominate the Local White girl scouts with their vwhite mom's being indoctrinated into the BBC lifestyle
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  2. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Why Stop with the Moms... Indoctrinate the Girls too!

    "The Black Men deserve this Every Hour and Day" ♠️
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  3. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    Sounds a little to much like pedo talk? Please keep it adult only, I don't come on here to read about adults with children ffs!
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  4. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    I don't come here to be lectured by some guy that can't satisfy his woman and Loves to be butt fucked.
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  5. Black Pine Diaries

    Black Pine Diaries Well-Known Member Member

    Keeping with the spirit of the OP, I could take a crack at this. Out of the spirit of integration, an inner city "young men's group" is invited to join a summer camp of affluent, privileged, and very white boys and girls organizations. Out of tradition, the uppity moms are the chaperones. However, real men oversee the young males from the city. Alpha men soon take over and racial harmony is celebrated in every bed, cot, and sleeping bag. The story ends with the females indoctrinated into racial justice while the white males are shamed into sexual uselessness.

    Edit: My stories are 18+, my choice.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
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  6. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    So you're a gay kiddie fiddler. You need a bullet in the head. You don't know know jack about me, but we can all see your attraction to children and mens anus's you have here. This is a site for adults, not weird sick perverted pedos like you to spout your rubbish.
  7. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    Kiddie fucker? Disgusting pedo.
  8. AlfonsoAnon

    AlfonsoAnon Member Member

    Nobody was lecturing you. And while it doesn't make sense as to why it matters, I can respect the fact that you don't want to be lectured by a closeted gay with a tiny dick and/or no skill in the sack. However, I've never had any complaints from any woman I've been with, and never wanted (or experienced) an ass fucking, so I can only assume that you won't mind getting lectured by me.

    For god sake, scouts are what, about 12 years old? Pretty sure that nobody other than actual pedophiles get off to kids like that fucking. In some places, that counts as producing/distributing/possessing child pornography. Even if its just a text story. In just about all others, its still sick as fuck. I mean, its not like its some high school senior a month shy of their 18th birthday. Yes, that is still sketchy as hell and technically just as illegal. But at least its 'close'. This? This is about kids that are just entering puberty. If imagining that is what gets you going, you are a pedophile -thats what that word means. Sexually excited by children. No need to give that crap a platform.

    And if you feel the need to insult me for explaining this, I'm not going to check this thread for replies so you might as well just keep it to yourself.
  9. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    Nicely said +1
  10. BBCSlut

    BBCSlut Well-Known Member Member

    Well Actually Scouts can be 17 or 18 depending on the level they attatin... There are already other stories here that have touch on that "No Music Tonight" to name one. Check your Facts first. So I don't need a lecture from as well.
  11. HopefulCuck

    HopefulCuck Member Member

    So because other pedos are posting means its okay? Admit you're wrong, apologise and withdraw. That hole you're digging is getting deeper and deeper.
  12. CumSlurpingCuckold

    CumSlurpingCuckold Well-Known Member Member

    "Indoctrinating" children is like giving a Lambo to a 12 yr old and asking them to drive it. Just silly, and wrong.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018

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