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. White Extinction: The Tinder Couple

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Nov 28, 2016.

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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!

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    Dewan grinned impishly as he went up the elevator to the suite the young couple picked out. A black male in his mid-30s it was hardly the first or last time a white girl on Tinder begged him to use her in front of her white boyfriend, fiance, or husband. With the increase of black culture in all media thanks to the Zulu Brotherhood every white girl found herself lusting after black men while increasingly becoming disenchanted being intimate with white males.

    He was taller than both of them - the top of her head at Dewan's shoulder and her white bread boyfriend just a hair taller than her. The ebony god was toned and extremely gifted according to the heated photos exchanged between Tanya and Dewan. The black male referred them to videos and propaganda on ZB.org. Testimonials were available in the form of white girls swearing off sex with white men forever and asking to be bred right before their white bloodlines were snuffed out forever by a torrent of African godseed.

    Knocking on the door he'd smile softly at the couple opened it. Some white men needed outright cruelty to know their place, but not James... The couple seemed to be accepting the supremacy of the black race. Dressed nicely in jeans and a white dress shirt he looked down at the couple, recognizing her immediately and giving her a wink. "Hey, girl... I'm Dewan." He said in his deep voice.

    Dewan's wink made her knees melt. "H-hey Dewan..." She said, biting my lower lip. "I figured it was you…" Tonya added, eyeing him up hungrily and approaching carefully. "You look so much bigger in reality..."

    She slid her hands up against his hard stomach, finally resting her small white palms on his bulky chest. Her gaze to her boyfriend like a little girl about to ask her parents if she can indeed get permission to do something she has never been allowed to do before. She had given her dad the same look just before she took my first sip of alcohol. "Can I really James...?" She asked just above a whisper, biting her lower lip again.

    James smiled, standing there in jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt - feeling underdressed next to Dewan. He walked to the door and extended his hand to Dewan saying, "Welcome, Sir. Glad you could make it." He commented meekly. Grasping the much larger hand he knew how weak he was compared to Dewan. The contrast in size and color dwarfed him in strength and calluses. He turned to Tanya and said, "Of course, we've gone this far... I'm up for as much or as little as you are baby." Her fiancé commented, leaning in to kiss her cheek sweetly. His small white cock throbbing within his jeans… The white male an example of an entire generation of white males raised on a diet of black supremacy. His little member wouldn’t harden without the thought of his beloved with a black god.

    Dewan put his toned arm around her boldly as they turned to James. Smirking from ear to ear he looked at James with those dominant chocolate eyes as his hand slid down to the small of her back to stroke before going down further to grope at her cute white ass. Grinning impishly he then greeted her white boyfriend as he kneaded at that firm ass. Reaching out with his right hand he shook Jame’s hand, the grip firm enough to tell him that Dewan was the superior male specimen.

    She whimpered tenderly as her lips met James's while her ass was kneaded by such a powerful hand. "I love you, honey… Mmph. Better get all the kisses out of our system now… I think my lips are gonna get dirty fairly soon…"

    As they kissed she slid her small silver sequin jacket slide off her shoulders. "Help strip me down honey…" She said, the tone making it sound more like an order. Tonya wore a black box skirt and a long loose white shirt. Underneath it she was clad in white lingerie with her girdle just barely hidden by the skirt. While her white boyfriend kissed and stripped her she ran a hungry hand over Dewan, her palm seeking the throbbing bulge in his pants.

    Dewan's attention shifted to her Tanya as James undressed her. He gave her white ass a playful slap. "Just to the lingerie... I'll be having my own fun with that in a bit..." The man said. Quietly and obediently James undid her skirt and began undressing her to reveal that lithe white body and elegant white lingerie.

    A soft grunt coming from him as Tonya’s lithe little ivory hand began to grab at him through his dress pants. "Undo my belt, snowbunny... Kneel. I want you to take it out and get it nice and wet with your tongue." The alpha male told her. She'd find 12 inches of throbbing black godcock - her fingers barely able to fit around it. The dominant male's gaze went to her cuckold. "Special rules for you, white boy... You can stroke your white cock all you want, but you are not allowed to cum unless I do... After all, from what Tonya says you're only good for one shot. Don't want to let her down do you...?" The sadistic man said, giving Tonya a sly grin as his attention shifted to her. "Now, now... Take it out... Tell me how much bigger it is than your boyfriend's again...? I forgot." The dark male teased, his muscles firm as her hand touched them.

    She giggled at Dewan’s remark. But, her giggling was quickly replaced by heavy lustful breathing as Dewan slapped her plump behind. She felt hot; stripped of clothing this close to an amazingly built black man whom she knew she was going to fuck. The way he treated her, touching her so nonchalantly, and giving commands; it gave Tonya butterflies in her stomach. She was uninterested in James’s request, her mind much too occupied by the throbbing Nubian godcock in her small hand.

    Once she was in her underwear the blonde eagerly dropped to her knees in front of Dewan. She tugged at his belt and unzipped his dress pants. That little white hand delved in deeper and fished out 12” inches of veiny black fuckmeat. Her eyes widened and she gasped at the sight of it so close to her face. Tonya could taste its scent without even touching it with her mouth yet. “It's amazing…!” She exclaimed breathlessly and looked back over my shoulder at her boyfriend. “James... Can you believe it? It's double … Must be... Almost triple your size… Oh my gosh...” She cried out as her heart is stuck in her throat. Carefully she stuck out her tongue and ran it slowly along the lengthy ebony shaft while panting.

    James watched her fall in lust with Dewan and his giant black cock. Sitting in a chair moved to the corner of the room he pushed his jeans to his ankles. Grabbing at his small white cock he found. The thought of him taking Tonya and convincing her to go ‘Black Only’ was making him so hard and aching as he stroked slowly… She already had him wearing condoms during sex to transition him to a completely sexless role.

    Watching Tanya take out Dewan's massive cock he flushed red at her comparing their sizes. He knew there was no chance his love would ever let him enter her again after having a real man like him.

    Dewan grunted softly, staring down at Tanya - to him James hardly existed when he wasn't needed. The place of all white men. The turgid black flesh throbbing in her grip, her saliva making the massive black godcock shine. Staring down at her he locked eyes with her - his dominant chocolate eyes locked on her submissive blue ones. Instinct was already taking over - a subconscious need in the little white girl to be bred with a black baby. "Mouth the tip... I need it soaking so it fits right in that tight little white pussy..." The black man said, almost in a purr as his fingers coiled into her blonde mane of hair. A thick bead of precum began to form at the tip, a reward for her little pink tongue.

    Tilting his head he sneered down at her, breathing a bit deeper. "Tonya... You said you were still thinking about if I'd wear a condom... You know there is no chance a black male will ever wear a condom, right...? Of course, I can go if you don't agree..." The superior male said, knowing the moment she saw that godly black tool she'd never, ever deny him. "Mmn... See, black men are entitled to cum in you as they desire, don't they...?" He growled out in pleasure, grinning at her.

    The eye-contact between Dewan and Tonya was intense. She looked for his approval in those deep brown soul windows as her slick tongue made his dark throbbing shaft glisten. It felt intimidating for the big black man to tower over her. But, it felt so natural. She thought it should be giving her the shivers, yet his presence made her so relaxed and horny. She had one hand supporting the base of his stiff and heavy ebony monolith while her other hand instinctively slid down between those lovely legs to rub against her panty-clad labia.

    She had been hesitant about the thought of letting a stranger's unprotected cock near her – let alone inside of her! But, as soon as she saw Dewan in person her hesitation had been fading quickly and was gone by the time the tip of that little pink tongue met his naked black cock-flesh. She sucked her tongue back in into her mouth once the question of condom usage came up. “Actually...” She began, having to bite her lip again as a feeling of naughtiness arose inside of her. “James… Honey… You know how I jokingly suggested that you… Not the bull, should be the one wearing the condom…? Well…” Her pale cheeks were becoming redder and redder. “I just think it'd be a shame to let the semen of such a perfect specimen go to waste in a rubber… Especially since we've talked about adopting a cute chocolate child. Why not just make our own?” She concluded before she aimed Dewan's broad black cockhead at her mouth. She parted her fat glossy lips and invited just the very tip of the tip inside. Tonya sucked, slowly drinking every slimy droplet of precum as it oozed out for the now dishonest woman straight from the source. She released the thick ebony cockhead with a loud lewd pop. She turned to look at James and licked at those slimy black cocksucker lips. “You are okay with me and Dewan going bareback, right James..? Please tell me you'll still be a parent to my baby even if it is black. You love me, don’t you…? I need your support honey.”

    He blushed deeply at his girlfriend sucking on a cock thrice his size then some… His cock hardening as she begged him to wear a condom instead of the near-stranger about to fuck her. He almost came at thought of him breeding her with a black baby. Every ounce of logic in him said ‘no’, but somehow the words came out, "Of course I'll be a Daddy to any baby you have..." Pausing for a second before adding, "Especially a black one." He added, stroking at his tiny white cock as he volunteered himself out of the genepool in favor of their new black owner.

    Biting his bottom lip he added, "But... Do I really need to wear the condom instead…? What about our wedding night…?” He asked as his voice trailed off.

    Dewan just sneered, staring down at the little snowbunny worshiping his ebony godcock - he knew by her reaction it was a foregone conclusion. Grunting hotly, his hand caressed the back of her head as he stared down into those blue doe-like eyes. "Good girl... Now, now... Show me you need that black baby inside of you... If you can take my big black cock to the base I'll put my baby inside of you tonight" He promised, letting out a soft groan at her tonguing and stroking. He expected her to try hard to cram the turgid throbbing member down her tight little throat with great difficulty. However, he didn't expect this would be their last meeting... She wouldn't have that pesky little gag reflex after a few sessions with her new black lover.

    Grasping the base of his thick member he rubbed the ebony head against those lovely cocksucking lips, beckoning her to open up wide and accept what he was offering her so kindly... How he was honoring the white girl the opportunity to pleasure one of her black betters.

    She parted my lips slightly, teasingly leaving a gap between them that wasn't quite big enough to let Dewan's cock inside the girl’s warm panting mouth. She blinked her ‘fuck me’ eyes slowly and seductively at him as his drooling cockhead applies precum to her lips like chapstick. She slowly prodded the entrance of her underwear clothed cunt with two fingertips. Her wetness was soaking into the expensive white lingerie fabric.

    She moved her head back to answer her meek boyfriend's question as her eyes rested on his little white-boy cock throbbing jealously. “Yes honey, I really do think you should wear a condom... What if you ended up impregnating me instead of him? No... Sorry, that's just a chance I'm not willing to take. No offence honey… I want my black baby, I need it; his baby, not yours.” She told him coldly. Thinking about taking Dewan's seed made her prod her panty-clad pussy more eagerly. She felt her wet inner-walls ballooning in anticipation of taking his entire length.

    “You understand, right James?” She asked as she looked deep into her boyfriend's eyes and smiled lovingly. Her warm smile slowly fades as she moved her face back to the big black cock which she met with a kiss. She opened her mouth up widely and invited Dewan inside while her eyes are still fixed on James. She pushed him right to the ridge of his ebony cockhead and started suckling on his broad black meat, savoring his tangy taste. The flavor of his black godcock filled her mouth was so good. Tonya had to break our eye-contact to fully enjoy it with closed eyelids. The young white woman’s lustful moan was muffled by the throbbing mouthful.

    James watched in awe as Tanya teased and sucked on Dewan's cock. She never once took him into her mouth… She sweetly confided his small white cock ‘wasn’t worth sucking’. He rubbed myself slowly, starting it off easy. He had trouble holding back when she proactively told him she wanted a black baby, and that his seed would be denied in favor of her bull’s. A guy they met on Tinder just 4 hours ago… She wanted Dewan’s genes, not his, to impregnate her.

    Instead of protesting, raising objections he looked back into her eyes as she started to suck on Dewan once more. She finally broke eye contact to focus on the black god cock she was worshiping James’s lips moved to speak just above a whisper. "Yes baby, I understand. Do it. Do what you need to do." He uttered.

    Grunting hotly, Dewan parsed his dark lips as he stared down, awaiting her eyes to open as she tasted the small sample of African godseed. There is was... Another white couple agreeing to end their white bloodline forever. It looked likes James was now out of the gene pool for good.

    Grinning, the giant black cock throbbed in the gripe of her lithe white fingers. As that hot little mouth began to engulf him he pressed down slowly on the back of her head - but firmly. Carefully he pushed to the back of her mouth before entering her throat. A challenging stare would be given to her. Would the needy little white girl panic? Would she bulk? Soon, he was going down her throat and cutting off her oxygen. After just a few more moments the tip of her lily-white nose met his neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair, poking at those hard lower abs. Holding Tonya there a moment he stared down, his swollen dark sack right against her chin reminding her of her reward to come. Frozen like that for just a moment long he finally pulled free from her throat with a wet pop.

    His swollen black pillar leaked her hot drool lewdly as he gave her a wink. "On the bed... I want those white panties off... Those cute tits out..." The African Alpha Male told her, sneering smugly.

    While eagerly playing with her drooling pussy she looked up at Dewan with those watery doe-eyes and a nonchalantly lifted eyebrow. Her cock-hugging lips curving, as much as they could, into a smug smirk. She tried my best to act like deep throating his oversized dick was no big deal, but her tears betrayed jer as they ran down those ivory cheeks and painted themselves black with her ruined mascara.

    She was so dizzy when he finally pulled out. Saliva and precum spilled from Tonya’s exhausted mouth as she gasped and panted to feed her oxygen-deprived brain. The girlfriend’s legs quivered for a moment as she got back on her dainty feet and trotted over to the bed as Dewan commanded. She ran a hand through her tangled blonde hair and lazily looked at James. “Hhaahhh… Honey… Help me out of my underwear.” She sighed breathlessly. Tonya looked like a mess with that bed-head hair and runny fuckdoll make-up. Her panties slightly askew from when She tugged them aside to finger-fuck herself. “Hurry James, strip me naked so this stud can fuck me… Come kiss my pussy goodbye forever…” Her beloved told him sweetly.

    When Tanya called James over to help her he quickly obliged. He stood up and strode across the room. Tanya looked so hot with her hair askew, spit and precum dribbled over and her make up running like crazy. It was unbelievable to think she hadn't even been fucked yet.

    He first helped her out of her lingerie top, undoing the back and tossing it on the floor. He kissed her still unblemished tits as he did so before moving down to her already soaking panties. James pulled them down her legs, the juices making them stick to her soaking and swollen pink pussy. With tears in his eyes he leaned in and kissed it slowly… Licking and preparing her sex to be forever black, flicking her clit. Dewan hovered behind him, his cock overshadowing the tiny white man’s.

    Their new black owner sneered from ear to ear, ignoring the little white boy as he prepared his white girlfriend for the fucking of her life. His throbbing black cock was leaking her hot saliva and aching for relief... Relief that that tight pink cunt was going to bring as he snuffed out their white bloodlines forever. As James prepared her with his tongue Dewan leaned in to kiss her, his full dark lips meeting her pink ones. That powerful hand grasped the back of her head and attempted to force her to deepen the kiss... His much larger tongue mingling with her's.

    Breaking the kiss he'd lick his lips. "Tanya... Tell your boyfriend how much it turns you on to have another man's baby... Why my seed is better." The evil man said, grinning and staring at her with those dominant chocolate eyes.

    James's tongue flicking at her little hooded clit and made Tonya’s my toes curl. He really knew how to treat her down there with good reason; he had to compensate for what he lacked.

    Dewan broke the kiss, a stringy bridge of saliva still connected their lips until he broke it with his tongue. She looked at Dewan and then to James who was still locked in a kiss between her legs. “Honey.. You know how much having a black baby turns me on... You can taste it right now… Taste just how wet I am... Oh god James, I can tell how much you love it to by how well you treat my pussy... Dewan… All black men… Are gods… I want them to destroy us… Breed us to extinction…” She confessed with a moan at the thought.

    Tonya got on her feet, picked her panties up off the floor, and walked to James to his chair in the corner. She kissed his forehead lovingly and wrapped her soggy panties around his prick. “This is as close to my bare pussy your naked cock is going to get from now…” She told him before she walked back to the bed, swaying her hips for James.

    She crawled onto the bed on all fours and offered that amazing exposed behind to Dewan like the bitch in heat she was. Tonya’s head laid against the mattress, ass in the air for the black deity to mount. Her body is angled so James will see her blacking from the side… I wanted him to watch every inch of Dewan’s big black cock as it disappears inside her. She looked back over her shoulder and wiggled that thick firm ass from side to side teasingly at Dewan. “Breed me, Daddy… Snuff out my race…” She begged, almost desperate.

    Grinning impishly he was prepared for this moment... That aching ebony member throbbing and slick with her hot saliva as he climbed onto the bed behind her. Mounting her, his hand was on her hip as the other held his base. So slowly he drug the thick domed head of that black godcock up and down her wanton wet little cleft. Nothing made him happier than this moment... The moment she consented to be used and bred by her superior lover. It was her offering herself as a sacrifice to him - a natural submission to a superior male.

    Feeding the throbbing tip into her tight pink little sex he slowly began to impale her with it with a deep growl of pleasure... The bareback ebony member slid slowly inside of her, over a third of him inside of her as he grasped her hips.

    "Aaah... Going to... Mmn... Going to breed you... Going to knock you up, snowbunny... Thank me for ending any chance of you having your fiance's kids..." He hissed, knowing it was the truth. There was no chance after this she'd ever let her beloved impregnate her. Why curse another white life to grow up knowing they were inferior?

    Sliding deeper inside of her he was just over half way before he arrived at her cervix. Grunting, he pressed on ward passed her poor twitching cervix, entering her womb! Gasping, their hips suddenly met... Those large dark balls rested against her swollen pink clit - swollen with potent African godseed. He was all the way inside of her, his tip kissing against the wall of her womb as he froze, wanting to enjoy the view as he stretched her... Resized her... Never could she make love to a white male again without comparing his meager white cock to Dewan's.

    Her mouth was agape in a voiceless gasp as Dewan sank deep inside her. She felt every thick inch of him pushing her velvety soft inner-walls aside to make way for his invasion. Her lower lip quivered as she found her raspy voice again, only so she could whimper like a bitch in heat. The expression on her blushing face, with furrowed eyebrows and watery eyes, made it look like she was going to cry. Yet, her lustful moans and whining assured that if Tonya was going to cry it would be out of joy.

    Tonya’s head dropped onto her pillow to get a sideways glance at James's reaction to Dewan taking her from him forever with his fat precum-drooling cockhead. The feeling of their naked slippery flesh grinding together is made her head spin. “I want it! I want it! I want it!” She chanted under her breath.

    Her eyes, aimed at James, had become distant the moment Dewan had entered me; Tonya’s mind busy conjuring up mental images of his throbbing dark dick from what she could feel inside of that black cock-hungry cunt: His veins snaking along his length, fat with blood. The shape of his ridge and head. Picturing it made her miss it in her mouth… She could still taste him.

    Dewan was stretching her poor little cervix to fit obscenely around that thick African godcock. She had to dig her face into her pillow to muffle the scream of wicked pleasurable pain in a faint hope to not arouse suspicion of the guests in neighboring hotel rooms. Tonya’s face resurfaced from the pillow once she recovered from the initial shock of having her fertile womb invaded. The tiny white girl was completely filled by throbbing black cock. Dewan's balls rested against her pink clit… The front of his thighs against the back of hers. She had never felt this close to a man before.

    The black bull was so violent with her… Fucking her wildly as he pulled almost all the way out only to slam back inside. Her body stretched to accommodate him… The small white girl’s true addiction to serving the black race had begun. Violent images of the overthrow of her race… Their imminent decline… Her tummy swelling with her first black baby… Her most violent dreams came to the forefront of her lust addled mind. Turning her head toward James she cried out to him.

    “James… Honey… I love you… But… Oh, God… I want to watch them snuff you… White… Ooh… White girls are for breeding and white boys are for disposal… That’s… Aah! That’s our future… Mmph…” She confessed. The moment those words saturated James’s meek Caucasian mind his tiny white cock began to spurt a meek shot of his inferior seed. Moments before being disposed of white boys usually orgasm… An evolutionary response of trying one last time to procreate and spread their genes… Like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Would he give one final spurt of cum when he was disposed of…?

    Snarling… Violent shaking… Her confession made Tonya orgasm so hard everything turned white and she almost fainted. Coming to she had close to a dozen orgasms before that moment came. That pulsating black cock hardened inside of her telling her it was about to release.

    “OH GOD… Cum inside of me… Make me… Aah! Make me a mommy of a black god… James… Honey… He is going to put a black baby in me…” She wailed as black godseed flooded her fertile white womb. With a loud aroused moan she had a final orgasm as she felt the virile cum flood her and overflow her willing womb and tight little cunt. Her sex attempted to milk him of every drop of precious seed as little swimmers assaulted her egg… Two of them impaling it and giving her twins.

    Two years passed by… Tonya and James raising Duwan’s superior offspring. Duwan moved into their home and began to replace James’s role in their home and bed. Gradually the love she had for James turned into a slight fondness for him… Her love reserved only for her black owner. After the birth of their next child did they all decide it was best to dispose of James and erase any memories of him in their home.

    The brainwashed white boy not only was willing to be disposed of… He wanted it… Stroking his flaccid white cock to the thought of watching his beloved Tonya with her new husband just one more time was the ultimate pleasure when paired with the desire to be destroyed by something better than him. Thousands of Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Centers had appeared over the years in the US prompting thousands of meek white beta males to offer their lives in tribute to their new black gods.

    Duwan laid on his back with Tonya reverse cowgirl… Riding up and down on that giant ebony tool it was covered in her thick wet nectar. She was just as excited as James to watch his life end cruelly. Groping one of her own breasts she stared forward as the black men began to beat her white boy to death. Each blow to his fragile body bringing him closer and closer before it all began to go dark. The last thing he saw before it went black forever…?

    “I hate you, James… Aaah! Kill him… Oh fuck, kill him… I love you, Duwan… Oh, fuck…” Tonya cried out as she had an intense orgasm.

    That’s when Tonya found out it was true as the dying white boy’s small white cock let out one pathetic little spurt…
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