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. White Extinction - The Stepdaughter

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Nov 11, 2016.

. White Extinction - The Stepdaughter 4.8 5 10votes
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  1. White Extinction

    White Extinction Well-Known Member Author!


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    Grinning from ear-to-ear Sampson was pleased to meet his new stepdaughter. Smirking down at Maria she was on her knees before him. The last few years the rights of whites were taken away more and more... Just a week ago her father was taken away as white males were no longer allowed to care for their families - despite already all being sterilized and unable to have an erection. The purge of white men was important to bringing an end to the white race. Ads on television and social networking made it clear; white women are for breeding and white men are for disposal.

    Black supremacy indoctrination was all around them, warping Maria's generation of females into barely recognizing white males as human. Now there the virgin was, on her knees in a little sundress before him as he stared down, wearing a solid black silk robe tied neatly in the front.

    "Time we had a talk, Maria... Tell me... You ever been with a man...?" The wicked new owner of their family asked. The large handsome black male had kept her up at night the last week - her mother screaming orgasm after orgasm as he bred her. Soon she would have a new black brother or sister to serve.

    Maria's last name was legally changed to Wallace after her new black daddy. The mood of the house had certainly changed after her white father was taken away. In school she learned that this was part of the new social system and it was wrong to resist it. She was finding it to strangely be such a turn-on to be owned by the superior male. Hearing her mother have sex day after day… She never even heard her mom have sex with her old dad. And, now she was on her knees in front of him... Feeling so weak and submissive below her strong black daddy. "No, not yet, Daddy… I mean, Mr. Sampson. Although there is a boy Tyrone in my class that flirts with me, but he already has a girlfriend..."

    Sampson sneered, sitting down in her father's old lounge chair. Motioning her to come closer, he smirked. "Good... You need a real man in your life... That's why I'm here. I'm supposed to make sure each of you does your part to help end the white race... I want you to see why." He told her. "Untie my robe... Take it out... Stroke it... Observe it... You'll understand why." Sampson told her, knowing the moment she got her hands on that 12" of throbbing ebony flesh she'd begin to understand why blacks now ruled the planet.

    Little Maria Eisley shuffled forward to him on her knees. Her pale white skin contrasted with her lavender sundress. She was an image of virginity and purity in her little sundress, cut low enough to show the very top of her moderately sized breasts. "I learned in school... The white race needs to end with the help of the superior Nubians..." she said as she untied his robe, revealing his sizeable member.

    "Oh my god! It's so... big!" She gasped. She had been taught in human sexuality class that blacks were bigger but she just wasn't prepared for just how big. She grasped it in both of her hands, taking its existence in. She was completely mesmerized by it as she started stroking the black pillar softly. A bead of precum dripped from the big cockhead.

    Her new stepfather stared down as the precum beaded from the tip, leaking lewdly down the giant black monolith as it twitched in her small white hands. Her fingers could barely fit around it as he sneered. "Lick the tip... Mouth it... I want it nice and wet, Maria..." The sadistic man told her, needing to be nice and slick to fit all of that inside of the little white virgin. By the end of the week he intended to have all four of the girls - her mother, herself, and her little sisters pregnant with his black offspring. "Black is better... Chant it..." He ordered, eyeing those beautiful pink cocksucking lips of hers.

    Sweet Maria knew she was crossing some kind of incestuous line by doing this with her new black daddy, but she didn't care... She was just so turned on. It was all she could do to not shove her hand in her warm panties to get herself off. She leaned her face forward and kissed the tip of his mouth, tasting his precum. It was salty but strangely made her mouth water. "Black is better. Black is better. Black is better." She began chanting in her cute voice. She sounded younger than she was with a little girl voice. Maria always hated she didn't have a more mature voice. She licked the tip of his big black dick and then moved down the sides of his huge mast of a cock. "Black is better. Black is better. Black is better..."

    Sampson grunted hotly, staring down with those piercing dominant eyes as he stroked the back of her lovely head. "Aah... That's such a good... Aaah... White girl... Maria..." He began, grinning impishly down at her. "I'm going to breed you now... Make you into a woman... You do want that, don't you...? I want you to call me 'Daddy'... Tell me what position a little snowbunny like you needs bred in... How you want me to end your white bloodline forever." He said with a devious tone in his voice, the dominant black alpha male legally owned her now.

    The corrupted and brainwashed white teen felt so turned on, "Yes... End my whiteness... Make my bloodline black, Daddy!" She mewled as she laid on her back and spread her legs open, her white lacy panties could be seen now. "Breed me... Make me a mommy so I don't have to go to school anymore... I can just stay home and take care of my black baby... I want to fulfill my purpose!"

    He climbed upon her, sliding off his robe to exposed his muscular ebony frame. He had begun to sweat a bit, his muscles glistening as he grabbed the bottoms of her knees. Putting her ankles on his powerful broad shoulders he rubbed the saliva slickened head of the giant black godcock up and down her wanton pink pussy. "Black is better... Chant it..." He ordered, thrusting those powerful dark hips forward and impaling the little white virgin! Bursting her hymen with no effort, he slowly began to fill her.

    With her virginity take she gasped and moaned as she was penetrated, "Oh god! Yes! Black is better! Black is better." She moved her hips in rhythm with his as she continued to get fucked. "Black is better. Black is better. Oh God, it's so much! Black is better." She moaned loudly as she came, she just realized that her little sister could probably hear her in the other room. The idea made her orgasm harder. "Black is better. Black is better. Oh god, you are amazing! I want your black baby, Daddy…”

    Sampson had barely given her half of his length! Grinning, her spasming little pink cunt's orgasms made her sex suckle at his black cock, trying to milk it of his thick African seed. Meeting her twitching cervix he pressed passed the little barrier, entering her unprotected womb! Growling hotly in pleasure his tip kissed against the wall of her womb as their hips met... She took it all! Pausing a moment, he made her look down to observe the beautiful sight of the giant black monolith buried inside the newly corrupted Maria. The throbbing black godcock twitched inside of her as his balls, so full of virile seed, rested against her. Suddenly, those hips began to rock again as he continued to breed his new 'daughter'.

    Maria moaned hotly, "Oh god, Daddy, yes! Black is better. Black is better. I want to raise your black baby, Daddy! I want my belly to swell up pregnant!" She said as he continued to fuck her. She had no idea that sex wasn't usually this intense with a white boy and she never would. "Black is better. Black is better. Please cum in me, Daddy! Help me fulfill my purpose for a black future! Aah… Thank you for killing my father." The little teen moaned.

    Her new stepfather fucked her violently, slamming down into her wanton little body with those powerful thrusts... Those large balls hitting against her again and again... His muscles tensed, his groans giving way to heated snarls as he throbbed inside of her tight little body. A few minutes passed, Sampson devolving into a fit of shaking as he approached his orgasm. "Aah... Going to cum...! Mmn... Thank me for... Aaah! Ending your white bloodline... Mmn... Snuffing it out forever... Blacking it..." He ordered, his dominant eyes locked on hers as he erupted inside of her. Shot after shot of virile hot African seed pumped directly into her fertile white womb.

    The white stepdaughter moaned in a surprise orgasm as she felt herself filled with her Daddy's semen. "Yes! Black is better! Black babies are better! I'm gonna be black pregnant!" She cried out in joy as she felt him pump his load into her. "Yes, end my white bloodline with the superior blackness. Yes..." She drooled as she lay there in total ecstasy shivering violently.

    Sampson sneered, laying on top of her and slowly grinding against her still as his orgasm calmed... His semi-erect black cock buried deep in her. Her body was milking the black godcock of the last drops of its precious seed, her body craving his superior genes above all others. Unknown to them, deep inside of her his African invaders swam toward her fertile little egg. One of them impaled it - impregnating her - snuffing out her white bloodline forever. At that moment Maria helped to make her race extinct.

    Standing in the doorway was her youngest sister… The 13-year-old with her skirt raised hitched up and her fingers buried in her little cunt. She knew she too would be bred soon… She knew she too would help end another white bloodline forever.
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