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. White Extinction: The Roommate

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. White Extinction

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    I remember the first time I met Allison. I was a shy junior and she was a cute little freshman that was lost in her new high school. I made some small talk about the Legend of Zelda t-shirt she was wearing and we really hit it off. I had plenty of crushes before, but it was the first time I was in love. We spent every moment we could together in and out of high school. Hanging out, playing video games, and studying were what we were usually up to.

    We were also eachothers’ first. Allison was tame in the bedroom unlike the girls I liked in porn, but she was still so smoking hot. I think she never really knew how beautiful she was as she seemed oblivious to what all the guys were staring at. She had a lithe little body at first was filling out quite nicely… Her breasts were c-cups and she had wide hips and her thick bottom was filling out. Dirty blonde hair and she was so tiny… Only 5’1” wearing shoes. We did have sex a couple times a week, but she seemed pretty bored with it. I tried to get her to be adventurous with oral sex, but although I went down on her she thought fellatio was disgusting.

    Graduation was both exciting and hard at the same time. I didn’t sweat the new challenge college was going to be. But, it was a three hour drive away and I would be without Allison who was my best friend. We had a short lovemaking session before I left and kissed each other goodbye… We swore we would stay together until she joined me at college. I could afford to bus her down once every three months to spend a four-day weekend with me.

    I never thought college was going to be so rough…

    The first day at college I unpacked my stuff in my small dorm room. We had one small room with a small kitchenette and refrigerator. Our beds were about 6’ apart. Hanging on the wall was the flat screen TV I brought from home. My first thought was that it was small and cozy… Until I met Darrell.

    Darrell was on the college’s football team and one of the top prospects in the country. He had scholarship offers from dozens of schools in the country. I would paint him as a ‘dumb jock’, but he was also an excellent student athlete. But, his personality…? He was nothing but a cruel bully. Darrell would act like he was friendly, but somehow make it demeaning. The guy thought nothing of taking my things, eating my food, or having his friends lounge on my bed when they were hanging out. I was too timid to say anything… The few times I asked about missing items he asked me if I was racist. My Tablet PC vanished? A week later he had one that looked just like mine that he ‘bought’. My blue-rays and games? Same.

    He was also shameless when it came to having girls over. He loved cute little white and Asian girls. In three months I must have walked in a dozen times to them bouncing up and down on him. Having seen him naked seemed… Sexually intimidating to me. I had to have been about 4” at best. Darrell…? Hanging out undressed or fresh out of the shower I couldn’t help but to notice he had to have been at least 10”. Tall and muscular with broad shoulders… He was also very handsome and charismatic when he spoke. I woke up at least a few times a week to him fucking some girl shamelessly.

    I’m ashamed to say the second month things became worse for me… Football season was taking a lot of his time for completing homework and projects. He noticed I was an excellent student and told me if I supported our school I would start doing his assignments for him. At first he tried to coerce me invoking how long his practices are and how little time he has for them, but I told him it wasn’t right. I don’t remember what was said right after because of how hard he hit me. Last thing I remember is that he hit me so hard I went from the bed to the floor and he towered over me… He thought nothing of kicked and hitting me. For days I walked around with a swollen jaw and bruised ribs… I was so embarrassed at how weak I was I didn’t tell Allison.

    Her and I spoke daily on the phone and texted throughout the day. Some nights when Darrell was out I’d call in tears. I did tell her how much he bullied me… But, my new job doing homework for him and the beating he gave me? Not a word. However, I did make things worse… I went to the senior girl who runs our dorm and told her what he did to me and what he demanded. I begged her to assign me to a new room. She hugged me as I teared up and told me it was alright – she’d reassign me. The moment I left her room feeling like my nightmare was over she called Darrell’s cell and told him everything I said… The moment I entered the room he and one of his black friends were waiting for me where they beat me even harder. Darrell told me he’d kill me if I snitched and I believed him… But, he was going to be nice. The only thing was it was now my job to clean our room too.

    I healed up and gave up hope that I would be away from Darrell this year. I worked hard on his homework and oddly felt good when he praised how well I did and how good the grades were. The room was kept tidy even after him and his friends would leave their trash and beer bottles around almost every night. Doing his work and mine was taking its toll… My grades were dipping from As to Bs.

    Yet, Allison was my wave of hope for happiness. I was counting the days until she came… Darrell also said he’d be away for the four-day weekend coming up. The room would be just her and I. I fantasized about cuddling her… Making love to her… I masturbated to that more than I did porn. The day finally came where I saw her while I waited for her to depart the bus. I hugged her to tightly I thought I’d break her… Taking her bag we went back to my dorm where he began kissing and gently made love. For once Allison seemed enthusiastic, likely due to us being apart for so long.

    We watched movies, saw some of the local sights in town, and were going to have a quiet Thursday night – the beginning of an awesome weekend together. What I didn’t expect was the door opening and Darrell coming in with a sneer when he saw my beautiful girlfriend. Her and I were cuddled up on the bed. Carrying his large green bag he told me that his weekend hiking with friends had been cancelled. Throwing his bag down in the middle of the room he interrupted the romantic movie we were watching and introduced himself to Allison.

    I could tell right then… Her attention went to the handsome black football player almost immediately. They began to chat about video games, places they had visited before, and about smoking weed. Allison confessed she’d only done it a couple times, but enjoyed it. She pointed out that because I didn’t smoke she didn’t get to indulge. Anytime I tried to join the conversation one of them would shut me out or interrupt me like I wasn’t there. Soon Darrell broke out his bowl and the two smoked a bit…

    I could tell the weed had a strong impact on Allison. Her eyes glazed over and she began touching Darrell as they spoke… Both of them sat on my bed with me on Allison’s left and him on the right. She was feeling his bulky arms, his broad shoulder, and even the center of that godlike chest. He asked her if she wanted to play some games on Xbox and she jumped at the chance… When I asked if I could play Darrell told me he only had two controllers. I knew that was a lie as him and his three friends played sports games all the time. All Allison said to me was, “Sorry, babe…”

    I waited for the games to finish, but it was getting so late. The two kept playing as my eyes became heavy… What did I wake to…?

    “Oh God, fuck me harder… Black is so much fucking better…” She moaned. My eyes turned to see Darrell violently fucking Allison on his bed. She was on her hands and knees thrusting back toward him as hard as she could. Her shoulders were against the mattress and her glazed eyes in the dark room illuminated by only the TV stared up at him. They no longer cared about being quiet and seeing Darrell… I was so afraid. I didn’t dare say a thing and pretended to sleep. The hardest part was when she begged him to cum inside of her… Something she was always opposed to. She was allergic to the pill and I always had to wear a condom. After an hour she fell asleep in his arms…

    The next morning I woke up with Allison fully dressed in the clothes from the night before… She didn’t see ragged and it was like she was there the whole night. Darrell was still sleeping and when she woke we whispered to one another. I asked her point blank what her and Darrell were doing lastnight after I fell asleep… She told me they kept playing until he was tired. Then she said she laid beside me and fell asleep. Maybe… Maybe it was a nightmare? The more closely she snuggled me the more I forced myself to believe it.

    As Allison and I got up to go to breakfast Darrell woke up, a sadistic grin on his dark handsome face as he looked at us. “Hey, girl… You owe me another round of CoD.” My black roommate told her. I could see Allison’s body freeze… It was like it was impossible for her to tell him ‘no’. It quickly resulted in her saying she promised and asking me to go get all three of us lunch. Meekly, I tried to say I wasn’t hungry. Allison let out a whine, insisting she was and Darrell’s deep voice began to speak sternly to me. “I said go get me some breakfast.” She saw me twitch at his words and quietly get my shoes on in capitulation. Yet, not only did she not say anything to him about talking to me that way… She sat beside him and seemed more attracted to him after he bullied me in front of her.

    I tried to rush as fast as I could to get them breakfast from the cafeteria. I wanted to leave them alone as little as possible… Packing three to-go plates I rushed back to the room to find them on the bed talking… A thin sheet over their laps, but fully clothed on top. Suddenly, they weren’t so hungry… I sat on my bed and ate alone as they had a whispered conversation. Eventually, Darrell insisted I turn on a movie… I put in a blu-ray and sat back down on my bed. Yet, Allison never came back over…

    After 45 minutes of whispered conversations my eyes were fixated on the screen. A deep crushing pain in my gut… A fear of looking over. Slowly, my girlfriend’s small hand began moving up and down over Darrell’s crotch. Her eyes were fixated on me to see if I was noticing… The stroking became faster, her arm moving up and down barely hiding what she was doing. Finally, our gazes met and she stared as she squeezed at his thick black godcock… Stroking it up and down under the sheet. After a minute she could tell I was going to do nothing to stop them…

    Darrell leaned over and more whispers came from the new couple. Suddenly, she pulled the sheet back to expose his thick ebony pillar. Shamelessly, she leaned over into his lap and mouthed the head of his black godcock… I swallowed hard… She always said sucking cocks was disgusting. Yet, she not only did it for him… She was enjoying it as she struggled to force him into her tiny throat… Her pretty grey eyes stared upward into his dark dominant ones. I was no longer there…

    That is when all the hiding of her infatuation with him ended. I watched him cum in her mouth… Her dutifully try to swallow it all, but choking and some leaking from the edge of her lips. He smacked her hard for that ‘insult’, her whimpering and promising she’d swallow it all next time. I thought their session was done until I watched her stroke his semi-erect member back to life. The next hour was them fucking in multiple positions… When I tried to stand to leave Darrell looked at me the way a wolf does a sheep and growled.

    “Sit the fuck back down, white boy.”

    Quickly, I sat. Seeing my surrender to her new black god I watched as Allison’s beautiful little ivory white body writhed and came violently.

    All respect for me was gone… I was forced to clean her with my tongue… Her small hands on the back of my head gripping my hair as she bucked against him. She thought nothing of joining in Darrell degrading me as they played with each other the entire day Friday… Yet, it still managed to become worse.

    Friday night I watched Allison take three black cocks… Darrell was charging his friends $20 a piece to fuck any one of her holes. See her become a complete utter and shameless whore for them… It broke me inside. Saturday they were gone most of the day without me. That evening they returned to smoke more weed. It was then I noticed what they did to her… My love showing off the nipple studs, naval ring, and the new black spade tattoo above her shaved little pink cunt. Now and again she would notice my gaze and just smirk at me.

    Sunday was much of the same… Me caring for them… Bringing them food, cleaning up the room, and even licking Allison clean. When Darrell fell asleep and I was finally alone with Allison I summoned the courage to talk with her… Combing her hair in our small bathroom I asked her how she could do this to me. Sighing, she told me to go sit on the bed and we’d talk.

    Nude… Her new silver studs showing… She climbed into my lap with a leg on each side of me… Leaning in, she reached down and grabbed my small white cock through my jeans.

    “Eddie… You think your little cock will ever match up to men like Darrell…? Him and his friends… They’re gods. All black men and women are…” She said, her grip becoming progressively tighter and beginning to hurt. “If you loved me you’d accept I worship only them now… That I may love you, but compared to them you’re nothing to me. If they asked me to kill you I would do it without a second thought… All that stuff the media has been talking about… Some underground white extinction movement…? I know they’re right. Babe, you want me happy, right…?” Allison asked, holding my cock and balls through my jeans and beginning to inflict pain.

    “I’ve decided… Tonight I want to watch them sterilize you. I hate white people and I can’t wait for them to end our race and make the world all black…” She mused, her eyes fluttering. “Don’t try and run… How does it make you feel to know I’m going to make sure they end any chance of you going into the genepool…?”

    Her grip… Her evil words… My fear… It was too much. I’m so ashamed to say I came right there. Allison only grinned. She meant her promise.

    That night I was brought to the all-black frat on campus… The Zeta Beta House. In some strange ritual I was offered the sterilization cocktail as Allison bounced up and down on Darrell’s big black cock… Rubbing her own clit, she watched from the reverse cowgirl position. Swallowing the flavorless concoction, I felt it immediately… My balls felt like they were burning for a moment before my pathetic little white cock fell flaccid and useless forever.

    Allison stayed three extra weeks until Darrell and the others were bored with her. I watched him slap her crying face and order her onto a bus as she told him she was pregnant. It was four months later when I visited him that I saw her again.

    Sitting in my lap she was naked… Her bulging tummy swelling with Darrell’s baby. Stroking my flaccid white cock between us she convinced me to take her back… She needed a father to raise her black baby. She somehow convinced me what happened was my fault… That loving her meant I’d have to accept her seeing black lovers.

    I sit here now caring for three black toddlers… Two boys and a beautiful girl… I love them so much. They are some of the only joy in life I get. Allison has fallen in love with one of her lovers and despite us now being married been picked up and dropped by four or five serious lovers. They all seem to demand she give them everything… Then they discard her.

    I meekly take her back every time.

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