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    It was just another day on ZB.org, the controversial ultra-left website. As Black Lives Matter and other organizations became more prominent it soared in popularity - Fox News mentioning it every other day for shock material, the ZB members knowing subtly that repressed conservative men and women would flock to it. Little Anabelle had initially just began watching videos... White and Asian women of all fertile ages bouncing up and down on black cocks, begging to be bred in front of their significant others and even parents. Photos of their swollen bellies, new black gods and goddesses growing in them. Somehow reading all of their material fertilized the seed of taboo inside of the little housewife. Soon each and every free moment was spent on it or the phone app - multiple times a day she'd be watching and rubbing her swollen clit as the women begged to be bred and offered up their white bloodlines forever. Just two weeks before she added her first selfie to her profile, just a simple shot of her lovely form in a sundress. Messages and favorites poured in, the high from it making her post bolder and bolder photos. One day while checking the site a little chat window popped up - Bull369, one of the sites more popular breeders, had sent her a private message. "Hey there, snowbunny. Love the bikini photos. You been blacked yet...?"

    Anabelle had become addicted to the sight. She didn't even try to fool herself to think it was just a curiosity. She was leaning back in her chair, her dress pulled up around her hips, her fingers brushing over her swollen little white cunt, abused from day after day of shlicking herself into exhaustion. She became so obsessed with the pleasure and high she got that she would even forget about making her daughter lunch so she could rub one out in her room. Today she was scouring the sight, as usual, seeing another hundred comments on her new photo of her in her bedroom, posing in quite a skimpy little two piece. She knew it was risky, but she couldn't help herself, the only thing that kept her 'safe' in her mind was the fact that she still partially covered her face in every photo.

    A number of comments were the usual ones, begging her to expose her pretty face. She bit her bottom lip as she ground her fingers into her pussy mound, when the ding of a private message popped up. She usually got tons of these, but this time it was from someone who was famous. She knew that screen name, it was in hundreds of videos and photos, all kinds of stories in the forums, he was a true black god.

    The dishonest wife shuddered a bit, realizing this man was now talking to her, a man who spent most of his time dumping loads in other women now noticed her! She swallowed nervously and leaned forward to start typing, her screen name was RichnPampered44. "Glad you like them, first time wearing a bikini! I actually have never been blacked yet. I just like the rush of men seeing my pictures." She admitted. Having been on the site in months, she knew what blacked meant, and had picked up how the general chat lingo was. A lot of men have offered to introduce her to it, but she never took the plunge...yet.

    It had been a month and a half since Daniel Smith, her successful white husband, had been able to make love to her. Her desire for sex with him was long gone and would surely never return. A small gif indicated he was typing a response.

    "Poor little white girl. You deserve to be blacked... To carry a real man's offspring... I bet your married to a pathetic white man, aren't you, snowbunny?" He responded. "Bull" was a well-known breeder on the site. He was known for sinking those 14" of black godcock deep into white girls and converting them to serve the black race perpetually. He already had well over 230 children.

    Anabelle let out another shudder. It was different from other men. She knew what he was capable of and what kind of monstrous breeding he could perform on some poor woman's body. Her pussy was practically gushing at the mere thought of that holy pillar plunging in and out of her creAnabelle white hole. Flooding her eggs with heavy, potent swimmers, cutting her bloodline off forever. She panted heavily, wet fingers tapping across the keyboard, "I appreciate the offer, Mr. Bull, but I couldn't do that. I have a family I love too much, even my husband. He's never been bad to me and gets me anything I ask for..." She trailed off, her message being sent without having any real end to it since she couldn't think of anything else.

    There was a pause before the typing image came up once more. "Oh really? If your husband really loves you he'd accept his little white wife needs black dick to truly be happy. All women do. But, it wouldn't hurt to see for yourself... Watch a breeding... In person. I see your IP is from outside of London. You should take a visit to our hidden studio and see. Family, eh...? We have child care for the little ones." The evil man typed. "Are you still fertile, Anabelle...? Do you really want your pathetic white hubby to make you pregnant again? You and I know you'll abort it in secret."

    The worst part about the last thing he said was Anabelle didn't immediately disagree. She simply stared at the words, biting as the corner of her mouth, before she started typing, "I…" She stopped. The little typing image sat there, moving for what seemed like forever before she pressed the backspace, and started typing again, "What time, what place?" She simply typed, panting shallowly as she thought of getting to see her obsession in person. Her loins wouldn't let her refuse the chance.

    The image came up again. "Noon. 2384 Glenmoore Dr. - The basement office. How many kids for daycare, snowbunny?" The evil man typed back. Before she could reply the typing icon popped up again, sending more information. "The kids are told that it is a doctor's office."

    Anabelle shivered, her hand grabbing a note pad and writing down the time and place. She stopped as he mentioned daycare. Could she be such a horrible mother that she would actually bring her daughter with her to witness the debauchery? She looked at her phone. She could easily call up a babysitter to watch after Allie. But, then her husband would ask why she needed a babysitter. She licked her lips hungrily, "Yeah...It can't be helped.." She muttered to herself as she typed on the screen, "One, my daughter. She’s 11." She replied, her finger mashing into her hole.

    "Don't be late." Was all he typed before he exited the chat window.

    The next day came and her husband left as usual - a bit annoyed that night. He cleaned up after dinner and let her have some time to herself. Time she was using to get off to the website and prepare for the next day. He did it hoping she wouldn't be 'too tired', but once again she was when he attempted to initiate sex.

    Her daughter Joy joined her to go to the 'Doctor's Office' outside of the city. Pulling up it looked like any commercial building. Entering a waiting room was a white female receptionist, her stomach swollen with what surely had to be a black baby. Other white kids were playing in the corner with some of the supplied toys. Little did any women who visited know the moment they went in their boys were given candy that sterilized them and their daughters given candy with fertility drugs and female growth hormone.

    The door opened, a handsome well-dressed black man in a crimson shirt and black dress pants grinned at the three white women waiting. "Come on back, ladies." He said, stepping aside. His voice... His appearance... It was Bull!

    Anabelle crouched down to kiss her daughter on the forehead, "Make sure you play nice sweety." She told Joy, the eleven-year-old child who was looking like the spitting image of her mother, minus the ample curves, nodded. She then ran off to meet the other kids. Anabelle didn't expect to see other women waiting here. “They must be curious like her too… To see real breeding.” The corrupted woman thought. However, Anabelle was probably the most good looking of the trio and likely the most wealthy too. She held into her purse as she looked up at Bull, his presence in person was... So much more than she could ever prepare for. That rumbling voice, those piercing eyes, that swelling body of muscle… It made her eggs quiver inside her body, her very DNA thirsted to mix with him… To blend cream and coffee into a new bloodline… A proper bloodline. She kept her shuddering body quiet as she followed behind the other two women and Bull, swallowing down drool.

    "Welcome to the Chicago Studio, snowbunnies." He said, dropping the formalities. The women were just as focused as her, swallowing hard. Two Nubian Gods awaited each of the two women accompanying her, four in all. With no words the white housewives were led by them into the soundstage on the other side of the thick soundproof glass. Anabel stood there beside Bull watching as they gave their testimonials.

    The first one was so shy at first. She was a short redhead in her early 20s. "H...Hi, I'm Billie. I've been on the site two months and... Oh, God... I need it. I need a black baby." She said, tears forming her eyes.

    "I'm Dawn." The other said, but much bolder. She had raven black hair and was a bit taller in her early 30s. "I aborted my white baby, sterilized my husband, and handed him divorce papers just yesterday... I've been on the site for six months. Black cock is my new God." The woman said proudly.

    Both were being stripped as they were kissed and groped by the already bare and rock hard ebony men. Their toned and sculpt bodies showing they were truly the most virile of the human species. Bull's muscular arm went around Anabelle as she watched pulling her against him. His powerful hand reached down and grasped at her cute white ass, groping her as they watched. "Anabelle... Are you fertile...? Any birth control...?" He asked casually, not looking at her as he manipulated her.

    Anabelle was shocked, the other two women weren't just spectators… They were the subjects themselves! Her eyes were focused on their backs as they were lead away and a flash of delusion made her see her own hair cascading down their backs. She snapped out of it and was led around to watch through the glass. Billie reminded her of herself, at first, but that tearful confession… That begging… It made Anabelle weak at the knees to see someone who reminded her of herself breaking down under her new lord and master - black cock.

    Dawn, on the other hand, sent a shiver up her spine. So proudly and openly to declare she murdered her child, ruined her husband, and then cut him out of her life all for black men to breed her? It made her pussy gush under her dress. The sight of them being stripped and so happily, eagerly, desperately enjoy the attention of those hard bodied dark men, those lords of reproduction, it made her sight hazy and her mind wander. She didn't even do anything to stop Bull as he reached down and grabbed onto her thick white ass through her dress. Her agape mouth slowly moved to answer him, her eyes wide as she watched Billie, tears of joy in her eyes, stuff both her cheeks with black cock… Desperate to get it in her while Dawn was getting double penetrated, "Y..Yeah I am... I… Haven't used birth control in months.." She admitted, enraptured by the sights behind the glass.

    Kneading at her ass, he gave it a playful slap before taking both of her tiny white hands and putting them against the glass. Pressing that chiseled chest to her upper back his other hand went in front of her, up under her short sundress, and found she was wearing no panties. Smirking, one of his large dark digits began to rub at her swelling pink pearl as he whispered to her. "Anabelle... Today you're going to leave here with my black baby inside of you. You will never have sex with your husband or any white man ever again... The cost of your breeding? Tonight you will take the sterilization cocktail home with you and add it to your husband's drink. His little white cock will never harden ever again... Thank me for taking over your life..." Bull snarled, his powerful hand leaving her cute ass and going to her chest to knead at one of her breasts through the thin dress. "Black is better... Chant it..."

    Anabelle's brain was all a flutter as she felt her hands press into the cool glass and his weight pressed against her back. She shuddered as his finger toyed with her hot button, making her knees buckle a bit as his finger was drenched in her hot arousal. Fear, confusion, excitement… It all bubbled up in her belly, but as his voice rolled across her brain it started to combine together in her loins. "I... I can... Can't... Can't do that to my... Husband... To my daughter… I can't ruin his... li.... bla.... fe... black... is... better... black… is… better..." She gasped slowly as his hands squeezed at her ample white udders, her tongue lolling out and sliding across her lips, "Black is better... Black is better! Black is better!" She called out, getting louder and louder as her mind began to click into place.

    Bull breathed hotly against her neck as both girls were being spit roasted, their cunts already overflowing with virile black seed... They were likely pregnant as he rubbed at her swollen pink pearl, making her stare. "You will never be happy without black cock... Your daughter will never be happy without it... You do love her, don't you...? What if she gets pregnant someday by a white boy...? Besides... Her and hubby don't matter... They’re white. Blacks are your new God now. They are nothing compared to them... Are they...?" The sadistic man whispered, one of the girls screams so loud it vibrated the glass as she had her dozenth orgasm from the violent copulation. The ivory and ebony bodies before her... The ebony ones so raw and dominant... Godly... "Black is better... Black is better... Whites are nothing... Whites are nothing... You need a black baby... You need a black baby..." He murmured in her ear, wanting her to chant it as he pushed her closer toward release. "Swear you'll end his bloodline tonight and I'll give you a black baby..."

    Anabelle Smith lowered her head, pressing the it against the glass, breathing shallow now as his hands squeezed her… Claimed her… Possessed her. Her mind fluttered into whiteness as she listened to him. He was..right? Her daughter.. She needed a good future.. And even if she didn't.. It was Anabelle's life, right? She shouldn't care what happened to that little white leec... Daughter… And that boring bastar-her husband! She... She deserved to be happy right? And happiness... Was a black baby. A black god, something much more important than her own daughter. Yeah… Who cares what happens to her? To him? All that mattered was, "I need a black baby..." She muttered.

    Her eyes enraptured, "I want one, I need a black baby. Whites are nothing. Black is better." She said, now completely confident in what she was saying as she raised her head, her back arching to grind her ass into him, "I want you to end his bloodline. I want you to ruin all my family… Stain my DNA black." She said, exhaling hot breath as she gazed back at him. Mrs. Smith stared confidently up at Bull. "I recognize that black men have a right to my unprotected womb." She said, almost a whisper.

    Bull grinned impishly, his hand stroking her lovely dark hair. "Tell me… How does it feel to remove your inferior white hubby from the gene pool...?"

    "I was converted too late… I have a white daughter, but no white male will ever touch her. She'll be raised to worship black." She swore, her dainty hands running up and down his powerful toned arms as he kneaded at her firm ass.

    Anabelle shivered softly and pressed herself against him. "Black men are gods walking the earth and it's the duty of all white women to serve them." She gasped out softly. “I’ve just been waiting for the perfect black man to empty himself inside me… To take what belongs to them. I don't just want a black stud, I want an alpha fucking me senseless. My husband can go fuck himself… I don't care… I can breed." She declared boldly, pushing her body against him as her panties began to dampen.

    Bull lifted her chin, staring into her eyes with an evil sneer. "Will you give yourself fully...? Ensure you and your white little dicked husband obey as white slaves...? Ready to hold your legs back as I empty inside of you and fill you with superior black offspring like a good cuck...? The first sacrifice means giving hubby our special cocktail that will render him infertile and soft forever...”

    Corrupted Anabelle looked up at him, her chest tight, her breasts heaving as she tried to breath. She nodded her head, not trusting herself to speak as she struggled to think straight. She bit her lower lip and finally whispered. "Will you black breed my daughter as well?" She asked grinding her lewd fuckable body against him. "I'll do anything… Anything… Just breed us both." The woman uttered, kissing his hard chest through his dress shirt. She was shameless in offering herself and her daughter to their new black gods.

    The ebony god chuckled, his fingers sliding into her raven colored hair to tug her head back just a bit and stare into her eyes with his dominant dark brown eyes. "I will have a key to just walk in your home to use you or your daughter as I please... Make you entertain me and any of my Zulu Brothers." Reaching between them, his hand went under her skirt and one of his large black fingers pushed against her pantie covered sex. "Will you pin her legs back and whisper to her now good it is going to be to black bred...?"

    The broken woman up at him, standing on her tip toes as his powerful hand ground against her womanhood. She rolled her hips, her plump lips opening to moan as her head nodded dumbly. She twitched, shaking violently as pleasure and lust filled her body. "I'll do it, I promise, I'll do it, I'll hold her hair as she sucks you off, I'll hold her legs back and tell her to stop screaming so loud as you brutally fuck a new black baby into her young cunt." She bit her lips and whispered. "I promise."

    That was all he needed to lean down and press his full dark lips to hers, his large tongue probing at her lips to mingle with her pink one. Bull’s finger found her swollen little pearl through the thin silk fabric, his finger expertly beginning to rub at her. Grunting softly into the kiss, he finally broke it to look down at her and sneer. "On your knees... Tell me what white women are for..." He demanded, giving her full white ass a hard slap.

    The dishonest white wife sank to her knees instantly, obeying without question as she looked up, her large breasts swaying as she moved. She pressed her face against his pants, groaning loudly.

    She could feel the heat and throbbing through the thin fabric. "White women are toys, pleasure slaves, perfect cock sleeves for superior black cock brutally force fucked into them by their betters. We are breeding sows, creating a new black generation to take the world and end the white race." She whispered, desperately attempting to rub him through his slacks.

    The wicked black man stared down as she would find the 12" turgid black tool erect and pressed firmly against his slacks. His hands moved down, unbuckling his belt and undoing the front of his pants. Grinning from ear-to-ear he fished out the giant black cock, a thick bead of precum having formed at the tip. Anabelle was well indoctrinated. "Show me how you worship, snowbunny... Show me you truly need bred with every inch of your being... This...?" Bull said, gesturing to his giant black cock. "This is your new god now..."

    Anabelle whimpered softly and went at that ebony cock like an addict just given her drug of choice. Her ruby lips wrapped around it and she swallowed it down, gagging and slurping as her tight lips and warm throat enclosed around the black pillar. She gagged hard again, but did not slow, swallowing and slurping as she gulped down inch after inch of that huge monolith… Pumping her head back and forth as she desperately tried to pleasure him. The corrupted wife and mother had spent months on the forums fantasizing… Robbing herself of her gag reflex with a thick black dildo she kept hidden from her hubby.

    Bull grunted hotly, staring down at her as he held her raven black head of hair. Even his own dark powerful hips began to roll, trying to feed more and more of the large jet black cock down her tight little throat. Soon he was just over two-thirds of the way, his large black balls swollen and full of hot virile African seed for her fertile womb... For her daughter's womb. For her to taste and worship. "Aaah... Mmn... Black is better... Show me how much you need it, white slut..." He snarled, throbbing in her throat as he locked eyes with her.

    The depraved woman gagged again, hot tears running down her cheeks as she forced herself down on that superior black cock. Her hands reached up, pulling her top down and letting her fat white tits spill out into her hands. She pressed them together, rubbing the hot flesh against his balls as she arched her neck and slurped down, trying to force more and more of the cock down her throat. With a grunting tearful gagged cry she looked up at him, her nose pressed against his lower abs. She didn't move, despite the fact she couldn't breathe, she wouldn't pull off him without permission…

    Her new owner stared down, making her remain frozen. Her little nose pushed against his neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. "Heh... Good snowbunny..." He murmured huskily, staring down into her beautiful eyes as she was suffocated more and more. Bull wanted to see if she would panic or hesitate. Anabelle didn't pull away… She didn't panic… She looked up at him and he saw in her eyes complete and total devotion. The white woman would do anything for him.

    After a few more moments, he pulled back… A wet popping noise filling the hair as he left her mouth, a torrent of hot saliva leaking from his fully erect member and down her big beautiful tits. "Mmn... Time to reward you, snowbunny... Get on the mat on your back... You get to watch what I do to you..."

    When he pulled that huge cock out of her throat she coughed, coughing up hot throat slop onto her own breasts as she gasped for air before slowly climbing to her shaking feet. She made it to the bed, sliding those soaked panties off and tossing them to the side before hiking up her skirt. Her eyes moved to the nearby stack of mats being stored for testimonials.

    Laying on her back Anabelle spread her legs, one hand between her thighs, opening her cunt to him… Inviting him. "Destroy my bloodline… Make it black." She begged with a heated whimper.

    Bull watched her lecherously, those dominant dark eyes promising she would never have another child with white skin. Moving to the mat he put a pillow under her white bottom, propping her hips up to watch him push inside of her. Removing his dress pants and boxers he smirked at her, finally unbuttoning and pulling off his dress shirt. Exposing his hard black body to her the tall muscular male mounted her.

    The dominant male put her ankles on his broad shoulders as he tilted her legs back and rubbed the giant black dome up and down her unprotected little sex. Anabelle swallowed nervously watching. How was something so large going to fit inside of her?

    Suddenly, he thrust his hips forward with a deep growl of pleasure, impaling her with just under half the length as his powerful hips began to ram down against her.

    She screamed as he entered her, her tight white cunt was not used to a real man like him. Her white husband’s meager white cock was only five inches erect. Anabelle felt like she was a virgin again… Her hands reached up, wrapping around his black shoulders, her nails digging into his back as she squealed. His powerful hips sank his length into her as she screamed. Her long legs convulsed and closed around his hips. "Empty it inside me! Please!" She begged, bucking upward at him to push him further inside of her incredibly tight little cunt.

    Her black lover rammed deeper… Each thrust giving him another inch as he quickly found virgin territory in her sex. Meeting her cervix, he easily pushed passed it, entering her fertile European womb. Suddenly, their hips met. Pausing a moment, he looked down and insisted she look. "Look, snowbunny... Took it all... You're now a Queen of Spades..." He said with an evil sneer. Grunting deeply, his large swollen balls rested against her. Soon his hips began to buck again, pulling almost all the way out before crashing back down into her tight wanton little body... Anabelle’s swollen sex trying to milk him of every drop of seed as her body craved to be bred.

    The cheating wife looked up at him, then down, her body shaking. She could see it. Images in her mind flashing of her flat white tummy swelling with a black god or goddess inside. At that moment she wanted it more than anything… Fuck her daughter. She wished she had aborted her.

    Her hand reached down, stroking her flat belly… Dreaming in her lustful haze of him knocking her up. She whimpered softly, unable to articulate the pleasure she felt as she shivered. Her entire body had no idea how to understand it… She bit her lower lip and whispered. "I love black cock. Oh, God… Black is better… Black is better…" The woman chanted, having chanted that mantra to herself as she watched videos and masturbated to the impending extinction of her race. Pleasure spiked into her mind and she thrashed under him, a loud wail coming from her as she had a violent orgasm that almost made her faint.

    Bull’s powerful hips ramming down into her… Threatening to bruise her milky white thighs as he made her take every inch of the giant ebony member. His large balls hit against her, growls and snarls of pleasure coming from him as he took her like no white man ever could. His shivering gave way to violent shaking. Arching his back, all of his hard black muscles glistened and tensed as he let out a howl of pleasure. Erupting inside of her, his swollen sack emptied inside of her, pumping her eager little body full of shot after shot of virile cum directly into her fertile womb.

    She clung to him, her legs closed around his hips, her face buried in his chest as she came with him, her hungry womb drinking up his rich spunk. She dug her nails into him as hot jets of seed splattered against the walls of her most sacred place claiming it for the black race forever. Anabelle looked up at him… Tears in her eyes in pain, pleasure, and happiness. "Thank you." She whispered, it was more like fucking a god than fucking a man, it was a religious experience. "Thank you… For taking what belonged to you." She whimpered out softly, her entire body shivering from the experience.

    Unknown to them... Deep inside of her... His virile black seeds easily found her egg. One impaling into it, impregnating her. Soon she would be swollen with a superior black child...

    That very night Anabelle poured herself and her white husband a glass of wine spiked with the sterilization cocktail. The thought of ending his ability to reproduce made her so aroused that she immediately went to take a shower and rub her clit to orgasm… The image of her husband dead as the feet of Bull make her find her gushing release.

    Each and every day her hubby went to work she would take their daughter to the ‘doctor’s office’. As the white girl played quietly Bull would ensure that Anabelle was bred. Three weeks of it resulted in her first positive pregnancy test.

    How did they celebrate…? With one last sacrifice to her new black god.

    Kneeling behind sweet little Joy she spread the pre-teen’s legs wide… Holding her ankles as the little teen whimpered. She cried out as she took her first black cock… Her mother whispering into her small ear. “Shh… Black is better… This is our purpose… Black is better… The white race is evil… Black is better… Blacks are gods…” She whispered over and over, massaging the tiny mounds growing on her daughter’s chest as the little virgin slowly found pleasure. Within a week she would join her mother at the studio bouncing up and down on ebony cocks. Her tiny throat could even accommodate half of Bull’s length as her mother cooed to her and educated her on how to please a man.

    Both of the Smith women wanted to get rid of Daniel… Both growing to hate white men. Both fantasizing about ending him… The idea arousing them.

    One afternoon Daniel Smith pulled into the garage of their expensive home. Just as the garage door closed large black males came for him… Dragging him from the car into the livingroom where he was tied to a chair as his naked wife and daughter were each double teamed by Nubian gods. His mouth was covered with silver duct tape to silent him.

    After Joy’s nubile little cunt was pumped full of the seed of three brothers the little girl climbed into her father’s lap… Her body still shivering as she whispered sweetly to him.

    “Daddy… I found new daddies to replace you… I just wanted to tell you…” She murmured, rolling her hips to stimulate her father’s sterile white cock. “I have a black baby growing inside of me…” His beloved daughter’s sweet voice told him before she was lifted from him by a grinning Bull. Sitting on the sofa Joy was made to ride him reverse cowgirl…

    Anabelle was much bolder… The once prude woman completely climbing into his lap… Drool and cum on her gifted chest as she bucked against him as well… Whispering to him softly.

    “Baby… It’s over. I exterminated both of our white bloodlines… I let them convert Joy… I’ve been emptying our accounts and giving the money to my owner… I’ve ruined you. I want you to know marrying you was a mistake… Having Joy was a mistake… I am going to correct both.” Anabelle whispered, rocking back and forth slowly as her husband’s eyes rolled backward... An anxiety attack overwhelming him as the words of his wife sank in.

    Rising off of him she went to climb onto a black cock near her daughter. Staring at her broken husband both mother and daughter rode black godcocks side by side. A dark thought flushed through Anabelle… The mother reached over and began to rub at Joy’s swollen pink pearl as they both bounced up and down.

    “Black… Ah… Is better!” Joy cried out as one of Bull’s associates approached their father from behind wearing blue nitrate medical gloves. Holding a syringe, he stabbed it into Daniel’s shoulder and injected the toxic substance. It was made to work slowly… It would take him nearly an hour to die… Within seconds his body was almost paralyzed as he watched the two women in his life enjoying his murder. They continued for close to 45 minutes of bucking and moaning before Daniel began to shake violently… His heart giving out before everything went black forever.

    The medical associate checked him for a pulse before grinning and simply saying...

    “He’s gone.”

    It was at that moment both mother and daughter released a deep aroused moan and found release… The intense orgasms celebrating the end of their inferior genetics and the coming of an all-black future.


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    Great story!
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    This is one of your best stories to date! Just a few criticisms, you make the daughter jump into the action too quickly, better would have been if she also went through some sort of gradual process -- watching porn, masturbating to it, taking hormone pills consciously, etc. -- it would make it seem more believable. Then there are a few typos, but that's minor.

    I would love it if you could write something similar but with a son at that age rather than a daughter, have the mother feminize, brainwash, lock him in chastity, etc. and finally make him serve his/her black gods with his boi pussy along with his mother.

    Hope you continue producing excellent content,

    Thank you!
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