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. When Nabilah Met Zeke Ch.01

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by TahrimaBegum1, Apr 13, 2019.

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  1. TahrimaBegum1

    TahrimaBegum1 Member Member

    A helpful Muslim woman decides to help out an older homeless black man. She had no idea that their was more to this man than she could have ever imagined.

    Disclaimer: This story contains strong language, big cocks, tits and ass. Not realistic at all. If you are looking for realism then this story is not for you.

    Some Useful words to know before you read the story:

    Hijab- A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women. Essentially a scarf.

    Burqa- A outer garment worn by some Muslim women that covers their whole body when in public.

    Kuffar- Arabic for "Non-believer".

    Abaya- is a simple, loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress

    Haram- The Arabic word for prohibited or forbidden.
    Nabilah held her coat tightly around body. It had been getting exceedingly colder over the past few days. It was almost winter, it seemed like it was going to be one of the coldest in years. It was already unbearable especially the icy winds as she trudged her way to work.

    Even in this dour weather she stood out like ray of sunshine. She had been blessed with extremely good looks. Fair skin, light hazel coloured eyes, luscious lips and a dimple on her left cheek. It was her body that really stood out. Despite trying her best to wear as conservative abaya’s, she failed miserably at hiding her figure. It was ridiculously curvaceous.

    Allah had cursed her with a thick body. One she had struggled to hide and cover up her whole life. She was 27 years old now, 5’7, weighed around 170lb, her thick body measure in at 38-29-43. She had firm and large 34D tits.

    Her husband had always joked that her body was a blessing not a curse. That comment used to be followed by a cheeky little slap on her ass. They used to do a lot of things despite being from conservative families they both used to be very sexually active.

    The 2 things they both avoided and agreed on were blow jobs and anal, Nabilah found the idea of both repulsive thankfully both were forbidden in Islam. All of that sexual adventure and spark disappeared 2 years after their marriage. When her husband had discovered he was impotent. He lost all confidence, and it showed. Balding and fat. That’s what he was now. She still loved him though, he provided for her, he was super rich and accountant with clients from all over the world especially in the middle east.

    This allowed them to live in a 6 bedroom house in the city, which was not easy. He was still as devout and as charitable as her, they often gave back to the homeless and poor. In reality she did not have to work and this was only to pass her days.

    Nabilah stopped in her tracks as she saw a large black man on the floor in the side of the street. She noticed his wild afro and unkempt beard, both had a hint of greying. He was older than her, maybe mid to late 40’s He was on the floor shivering, he had no jacket, or top or even shoes. Just a pair of tattered pants.

    She approached him slowly desperately trying not to vomit from the stench coming off him.

    “Excuse me Sir? Here take this,” she said reaching out with her small dainty hands. She had a $100 bill in her hand.

    She stared at the man slightly fascinated as she had never been this close to a black man before. She had always been weary of black men. This was due to a racist upbringing courtesy of her Pakistani family. She had often told her self that she wasn’t like them she never said nigger out loud, only thought about once or twice. But she put that all to one side seeing this poor old man. He was probably in his late 40's to early 50's. It broke her heart.

    The man was well built. Big, muscular, not cut or lean, had some flesh on him. The word she would describe him was beefy. He had a hairy chest which like his afro and beard had some grey in it.

    “Excuse me Sir, please take this and get yourself some clothes,” she said a little louder as he finally looked up at her.

    Zeke sat in cold air of the bustling street, freezing his ass off. Of course he’d been sitting on the streets for five years now, like a hunter he had waited patiently for his moment to strike. He was an undercover operative for the U.S military, and as such his mission was highly classified. He’d left everything good he had at home, his siblings, his dogs and his money. All for the sake of the mission he’d been selected for, find and neutralise any terrorist threats in the region and then return home.

    He had been trained by the best, was apart of a experimental military steroid programme which had given him peak stamina, strength and speed. The steroid had an unintended side effect on his cock and balls, his already big tool had grown even bigger thanks to the steroid. Despite not looking like the prime human being he knew that with daily workouts his outer body would represent what was coursing through his blood. Even at the age of 50 he was still faster and stronger then men half his age.

    He had been stationed on these streets because the military had heard rumours of a threat that had been concealed in the darkness, but was now beginning to make waves. He had become resentful towards his mission as he had found nothing over the past 5 years. As he sat shivering in the cold, he heard a light soft spoken voice talking down to him. He gazed up, and was met with the most beautiful sight he could have imagined. Judging by her appearance, she was a mid to late 20s woman. Who tried desperately to hide her figure, which she must’ve felt shamed her and her family. Yet from where he was, she was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

    He was in awe of this woman’s body, he had never seen a Muslim woman who dressed so conservatively yet failed to hide her body. Just staring at her, imagining what lay underneath that tight formal dress was having an effect on his body. He felt his cock slowly rising as he continued to stare at this woman. It had been so long since his body had reacted like this.

    “Thank you kindly Ma’am, but there are people far worse off than I am at the moment. Though I may be cold, they’re in far worse state than me. So please give them the money.” His voice had a Caribbean twang to it, despite living in America most of his life, he could never get rid of his accent. He then smiled warmly at her, as he slowly stood up and dusted himself down. Trying to calm himself down, he did not want the woman to think he was pervert.

    His upper body on full display, as his pectoral muscles popped out of his body. Lines were on his abdomen, where he was once toned. Now he had a bit of a belly on him.

    Nabilah took a step back involuntarily as the man stood up. He towered over her, he seemed so helpless a second ago now as he was standing tall he exuded a strength, an aura she could only describe as Masculine. She felt somewhat small and insignificant. She gained some inner composure before she spoke up.

    "No please I insist, its very noble of you to think of others. But please Sir take this, get yourself some winter clothes. There is also a homeless shelter 2 streets down you should see if there is any space available," she insisted smiling irresistibly, despite the repulsive smell coming off him.

    She glanced over his body one more time, even though he wasn't super fit, she wished her husband at least look some what like this. She chastised her self for comparing her husband to this....nigger.

    “Already tried that one, it was a no go. Besides, the streets aren’t so bad. Once you get used to the....stench.” He sighed to himself, before gently taking the money from her hands.

    “Well Thank you Ma’am, it’s much appreciated. Hopefully, I can get some decent clothes. Maybe even have a wash and a shave, it’s been...too long.”

    He gently lifted his arms up over his head, stretching out every muscle in his body. His grizzly bare like chest lifting up as well, showing her every muscle in his body. Despite him being homeless, his muscles were still ripped and jacked.

    “Anyway, I shouldn’t take up any more of the beautiful lady’s time. I’ll be going now, to get myself cleaned up. I’ll try and find a better place to stay, but most of the shelters are full, or just not taking on ‘intimidating’ guys like myself.”

    She felt her heart go out to him. It was true that even shelters were prejudiced against people by there looks. She had judged him wrong. She watched a little sorrowfully as he stretched himself like a massive bear. His muscles flexing and expanding, she once again found herself comparing her husband to this specimen of a man. Despite his look, skin and smell she had to admit to her self that he was more of a "man" then her husband had been.

    She once again chastised herself. For even thinking admirably about another man it was haram (sinful) to do such a thing plus he was a nigger. She found herself blushing a little when he had called her beautiful. It had been forever since someone had complimented like that. She hoped had not seen her blush.

    "Well good luck, I need to go to work. Take care of your self," she said bidding him farewell.

    He had noticed her blush, however he said nothing about it before bidding her farewell. He brought himself a black leather jacket, along with some new cargo pants to go with it. Which served to keep him warm. He then slept soundly after she visited him again, he found his mind wandering. As he began to think about that woman, she’d been so kind to him. He was thankful for her assistance, and he found himself becoming attracted to her.

    For the rest of the day at work she found herself thinking about that man. How helpless he was. She walked passed the same way on her way home. She saw him again on the floor, he had bought a jacket and shoes. She felt some comfort that he at least had something to keep him warm as she returned home.

    Later that night she had a nightmare where she saw the man dead, his corpse frozen. It shook her to her core. The next morning she made a cup of coffee in a flask and packed some sandwiches.

    She found him on the floor again. She guessed he had not gotten a place at the shelter.

    "Excuse me, sorry for waking you but here is some warm coffee and some sandwiches, I know its not much but it'll get you through the morning. And here is some cash for lunch," she said as she stretched her hand.

    He was once again awoken by the same almost angelic voice, as she brought him some coffee and sandwiches. How long has it been since a he’s had a good coffee? He thought to himself, as he gently took her gifts and began to devour each of them. Making sure to thank her after every bite and gulp he took.

    “Ahhhhh, that hit the spot. But tell me something pretty lady, why’re you helping me? I’m nobody special, I’m just a homeless guy trying to get by in life.”

    "My religion teaches me to help the poor and helpless. Just doing my part as a good muslim. Oh and please stop, I'm not pretty at all." She replied looking away from him unable to look him in the eye. He had an intense look in them that made her feel a little self conscious.

    "Sorry but I forgot to get your name, My name is Nabilah, what is yours?" she asked.

    “Nabilah Huh? Well, you’re very pretty to me. You do yourself a disservice by saying otherwise, but where are my manners? My name Is Ezekiel. But please call me Zeke.” He managed to get himself cleaned up too, he didn’t stink anymore and he even managed to tidy up his look a little bit. His hair and beard, are slightly shorter now.

    “I apologise, if I caused you any offence. I know I’m not the best person to look at, however I’m trying my best to make myself look presentable. But, most of theses shelters are so prejudiced it’s unreal.”

    "Oh stop you're being kind. And no..no..not at all you look good....real good," She replied inadvertently biting her lip as she looked over him again. He had cleaned up somewhat. He smelled a lot better. He still had that Masculine smell, it radiated off him it seemed much stronger now that the stench of the street was off him. It was slightly intoxicating.

    "Well it was nice to meet you Zeke," she said as she extended her hands. Before she realised what she was doing he took her small hands in his strong big paws and shook it. She felt the power in his touch.
    She realised that for the first time in her life she had touched another man who was not her husband nor her blood relative. And he was a nigger. She screamed at her self for being so careless. But he had this natural charisma to him.

    "Well I best be going Zeke, here take some more money get yourself a sleeping bag or something," she said as she bid him farewell.

    He bid her a fond goodbye, as he went back to sitting down on the ground. After a short while, he’d stocked up food and supplies. Along with a much better sleeping bag than the one he had currently, and he settled down for the night.

    She was distracted at work all day. As Zeke flashed through her mind. His booming and powerful voice, his large frame, his strong grip. Her husband picked her up from work that day. So she did not see Zeke. She felt kind of disappointed at that. She told her husband about him. Painting a picture of an absolutely helpless and vulnerable man. In reality he wasn't as helpless or vulnerable. Her husband encouraged her to continue helping him.

    As she slept that night she once again had the same nightmare as the previous night. She woke up in the middle of the night, sweating and breathing heavily. She had never had such gruesome nightmares before. She could not go back to sleep so she lay awake wondering how Zeke was sleeping in such cold weather.

    It was not the cold weather that kept Zeke up that night, it was vivid dreams of Nabilah. Every time he closed his eyes he saw him self doing unspeakable things to her. He had never had such a strong sexual reaction to a woman before. He found himself stroking his massive 15 inch monster under the sleeping bags. Thinking about her kept him warm, he was frustrated that he was unable to cum. He needed her, wanted her. She had become his mission.

    The next morning Nabilah declined her husbands offer to drive her to work. She told she wanted to walk. She wanted to see if Zeke was doing okay. She took the street that led to his ‘home’ near the alleyway. She saw him doing push ups on the pavement, she stood their and watched fascinated by it. She used to love watching her husband work out in their gym at home. Sadly he had completely stopped that.

    He was nothing but a fat piece of lump. She sighed sadly thinking about what had occurred to him. The sadness dissipated somewhat as she continued watching Zeke doing push ups.

    Zeke was aware of her presence his heightened sense’s alerted him. He felt excited that she was watching him so intently. He decided to stop and stand up. He turned around with shocked expression like he wasn’t aware that she had been there for sometime.

    She thought he looked attractive something about the way the sweat was dripping off him stirred something inside her. She quickly chastised herself for thinking such a thought. Thinking such thoughts about Zeke was becoming quiet common which disturbed her immensely.

    “Good morning beautiful! How are you?” He said he noticed that she was blushing he sensed that she probably was not receiving the compliments she deserved from her husband. It clearly had an effect on her.

    “Ya Allah! Zeke I am really worried about your eye sight you need to get them checked out. I mean I guess it happens at your age,” she replied in unexpected flirty manners.

    “Oh my eyes work just fine....” Zeke said as he looked her up and down. His eyes devouring her body wrapped tightly in a navy blue abaya and black coat. A part of him, a feral part, wanted to just rip it all of and take her right here on the street. But he resisted, she had been kind to him, he could not repay her with such an act.

    She took a step back when saw this dangerous, predatory look in his eyes. It but it passed quickly so she told herself that her mind was playing tricks in her self.
    She gave him some money to get himself food. He thanked her by taking hold of her hand and shaking it. She noted how strong his hands felt, a part of her told to pull away. But she knew that she would be unable to do so even if she wanted to, he was just too strong.

    Zeke smiled a little to himself as he noticed the lack of resistant from her. Having studied and read up on Islam during his training he knew that him, Muharram, a man who was not related to her in anyway touching her was a big taboo. He finally let go. She hastily bid him farewell and left. He watched her walk away from him, her ass swaying from side to side.

    Like the last couple of days work was a blur and passed very quickly. She was distracted, her thoughts were only of Zeke. She lied to herself, said it was because it was of his unfortunate circumstance and nothing else.

    Her husband picked her up again after work. So she did not see Zeke once again that evening. The rest of evening passed in a blur, much like the day had. Her husband Abdul had told her that she looked stressed and distracted. She brushed it off as just work related issues.

    As they sat and watched TV that night the weather forecast predicted it would begin snowing in a couple of days time and that it would last for a whole two weeks. The news advised home owners to stock up.
    Hearing this she thought of Zeke. She suggested to her husband that they take him in for 2 weeks. Just until the snow storm had passed. He seemed a little reluctant but she recited a passage from the Quran about helping the poor and that seemed to make up his mind.

    She had always been very convincing, knew how to manipulate her husband to do her bidding.

    He first pulled some strings to see if Zeke had any criminal convictions it came back clean. Nabilah could not wait to tell Zeke tomorrow morning about the good news.

    Once the sun shone across the sky, he slowly began to stir. Eyes fluttering because of the bright sun, he soon slipped out of his sleeping bag and stretched out his body once more.

    He then went to grab himself a coffee with the loose change that he had, before returning to his sleeping bag and slowly beginning to sip on it. It wasn’t as good as her coffee, but it was alright. That’s when he noticed a figure standing in the way of the sunlight, he looked at the figure with a warm smile on his face. “Beautiful Nabilah, how goes your morning?”

    She blushed again hearing him call her beautiful. She told him about her plans ( although she added that it was hers and her husbands plan not just hers) She saw tears forming in his eyes. He had a stunning smiled plastered across his face. One that made her realise how gorgeous he was. She felt her cheeks blush again. She really hoped he wasn't noticing it.

    "So if you want you can move in today, I don't have work today," she lied. She had called in sick.

    “I-I don’t know how to thank you, this is....it’s too much. You needn’t have to help me if you want to, I’ve only got a few bits and pieces.” All he had was what was with him, if anything he just needed her to point him in the right direction. “Just tell me which way to go, and I’ll walk over there.” He was noticing her blush, and he had a rather coy yet happy smile on his face. It was clear to him, that she was slowly falling for him without even realising it. He stood up from his spot, dried his eyes. Before slowly began to pick up his sleeping bag, and a few other bits and pieces that he had.

    "No its fine I'll take you there," she said as she beckoned him to follow her. Her house was only a 20 minute walk from where he was sleeping.

    As she walked ahead of him she had the strangest feeling that he was looking at her ass. She looked back at him, only to see that he was looking at all the houses in the area in wonder. She wondered how he ended up on the streets. She made a mental note to ask him later.

    Soon they had arrived at her house. It wasn't a mansion but it was certainly big. As she entered through the door she looked back and saw hesitation on his face. It looked like he did not know whether to enter or not.

    "Its okay Zeke, come on in," she said extending her hands out to him, inviting him in. He took her hand and entered, his touch sent a shiver down her spine. This was the 2nd time that she had done such an unholy thing let another man touch her.

    He was looking at that plump rear end of hers, but as soon as she started turning her head he averted his gaze elsewhere. His reactions were still sharp, considering he hadn’t properly trained in years. Still when he stood outside of her home it had familiar feeling to it, like he’d seen it before. That’s when it hit him, it was on one of the files of a known terrorist. A man, who had ties to multiple criminal cells around the globe. He stood at the door and processed this all, before taking a hold of her hands and walking inside.

    It was like some kind of miracle his as old and new mission had come together. The one he had been trained and created for would help him stop this cell and take Nabilah.

    “This is a lovely home you have Nabilah, a lovely home for a beautiful woman. But you must’ve worked very hard to have a place like this, to have all these wonderful things in here.”

    She blushed again as he called her beautiful.

    "Oh you really must stop, I am honestly not beautiful. But thank you, its nice that someone has noticed all the hard work I put in to make this place look good," she smiled with appreciation.

    “You are though Nabilah, I’m just speaking the truth.” He returned the smile, as she gave him a tour of the house.

    She gave him a full tour of the house, the 6 bedrooms including hers, the multiple bathrooms, the humongous living room and kitchen. The only room she was unable to show him was the basement/office of her husbands.

    Which he kept under lock and key, had a finger print mechanism. He was very serious about keeping his clients financial records etc. secured. She never understood why he kept such information at home. She never really questioned it all that much, nor did she care what he did in there.

    Zeke took note of the heavily protected door to the basement, acknowledging to himself that this is where her husband probably did his arms deals.

    She led him to what would be his room for the next 2 weeks. It was the furthest away from her room. She informed him that the shower in his room was currently not working, that he could use any of the other ones in the house.

    She also showed him the wardrobe, it had clothes inside of it. Which she had delivered on express so it would arrive in the morning. She had guessed his size. Was not sure but hoped everything would fit. She left the room letting him get acclimatise to it, telling him that they could eat out for lunch or get some take away it was his choice.

    He entered his room and took a look around, noting what she said about the shower being out and that he could use any shower in the home. He’d make sure to use the one closest to her in the future, before entering the wardrobe which had bundles of clothes inside.

    As she left the room he quickly followed her, to ask her a question. “Out of curiosity, do you have a gym and a spare razor anywhere? It’s been some time since I’ve used one, and I’d like to get back into a more lean and clean shaven condition.” He hated the fact, that he put on weight and wanted to be rid of it quickly. That, and he wanted to shave his thick beard off as well.

    "Yes we do have gym, it downstairs, next to the living room. Yes we do have razors, you really want to get rid of the beard? That’s a shame it really suits you," she blurted out the last bit without meaning to. She told him that she would bring some razors up in a bit.

    “Ahhhhh, right thank you very much.” He bowed his head slightly, before walking one of the bathrooms, and examined himself in the mirror. Maybe he’d keep it after all. He exited, and walked into the gym downstairs he walked slowly behind her watching her almost skip down the stairs.

    She headed downstairs with a spring in her step. It felt nice to have someone in the house. She did get lonely from time to time.

    Which is why she wanted to have kids, her friends had joked and told her to get a pet. She would have except she was pretty much allergic to all animals, and gold fish weren't exactly great company.

    Her mind drifted off to the comments he made about her being beautiful and how that was the truth. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy. He said it every time he had seen her, she could sense that he meant it. It had been years since her husband had called her beautiful.

    Zeke spent the next 4-5 hours running on a treadmill, and lifting up weights in excess 350 kilos. Before finally repenting and stopping, to take a long gulp of water. Sighing to himself as he looked around the gym.

    “Damn I needed that.” He then headed out of the gym, and made his way towards the shower nearest to her bedroom. He had been so busy working out, his senses so focused on just working out that he had failed to notice her presence or her running upstairs when he had exited the gym.
    She did not mean it, she told herself. She wasn't spying. She wasn't staring. She wasn't admiring his sweat covered black body. Not that’s not what she was doing she told herself. As she spied on him working out. She had intended to ask him if he had decided on lunch but she forgot all of that.

    She stood there for almost an hour watching him workout like a beast. The gym had barely been used over the past 2 years. Well not by her husband anyway she used it to do cardio and yoga.

    He was relentless, like he was punishing himself. She stood there and she felt a warm sensation between her legs. She had not had this kind of feeling in awhile. It caused her to race upstairs and sit on the prayer mat and repent, asking Allah to forgive her. As she had such lewd thoughts about another man, an infidel and a nigger.

    Zeke meanwhile grabbed a towel and entered the shower room, not even thinking to lock the door. As he lifted his sweat covered top, and pulled his cargo pants down to his ankles. Revealing his thick veiny length to the cool air, as he entered the shower and switched it on. Letting the cool water cascade down his body and into the drain.

    The water flowed down from the shower head, as he grabbed some hair care products and rinsed his hair out with it. White streaks flowed down his hairy body, through his thick pubic hair as well. Before he slowly began rinsing it out, grabbing a hold of his thick length he gently began to clean that off filth that built up as well. He was harder than he had been the previous night, being so close to her, being in the same house as her made him want her even more, as he continued stroking his monster cock.

    He wanted to cum but was unable to, because he knew he would be at it for hours. As he stood there thinking about how kind hearted she had been to him, how kind she was and the monster that he was. He had a mission to accomplish, but he was going to save her from him too. No matter what. He reminded himself that owning her was his mission too.

    He then exited the shower after turning it off, grabbing the towel he had laid out. Gently drying himself all over with it, before wrapping it around his lower body. Covering up his manhood, as he then exited and headed back to his room. He sensed that he was being watched but as he looked around the room he did not see anyone. He brushed it off as his paranoia and training going in to overdrive.

    Nabilah was about to head in to the shower her self. She liked using the shower in the 3rd bedroom. It was much more spacious. As she approached the bathroom she saw the door was open slightly. That the shower was turned on.

    She decided to turn around head back out the room. But her body was not listening to her brain as it moved of its own accords to bathroom door. She peeked inside she had to stifle a loud scream at the sight in front of her. Zeke fully naked, his black body seemed shine and glisten with the water on it. What almost made her scream out loud was the thing he was stroking.

    She stood there in disbelief at the sight, she thought her mind was playing tricks on her but it wasn't she was staring at the biggest she had ever seen. It was unlike her husbands which was much smaller about 4 inch’s, circumcised. Zekes was not, it was uncut. It was thick too. The only word that she could use to describe it was “monstrous”. She was hypnotised by it. She could feel her pussy becoming increasingly moist , her mouth salivating.

    She was pulled out of her trance when she heard the shower turn off she hid in the walk in wardrobe peeked through the gap as Zeke emerged like an black Adonis, his huge cock swinging between his legs. It looked like it was a third leg. He wrapped the towel around him and left.

    She hurried in to the shower and closed the door. His thick masculine musk still hung in the air. She stripped down quickly and started fingering herself desperately and hard until she squirted all over the shower. She turned it on and as the water cascaded down her thick busty body she cried shamefully for committing such sin. She felt disgusted as a question kept popping up in her head.

    "How big was it??!!"

    Zeke meanwhile headed back to his room, and threw the towel to the floor. As he entered the wardrobe, picking out skin tight clothing. His button up white shirt, clinging to his figure. As was his boxers and jeans, he stood in front of the mirror admiring himself in the mirror. His beard looking much better, and much cleaner. He was glad he didn’t get rid of it, he slowly left his room and began to search for Nabilah. He was ready to choose his food.

    As he searched the house, he called out to her over and over again. Where the hell was she, his ears picked up a faint coming from the bathroom he was just in and noticed the door was shut. “She must be in here.” He then knocked on the bathroom door, and stood outside of it. “Nabilah, are you ok in there?”

    Hearing his deep booming voice on the other side of the door made her go weak in the knees. She felt the heat between her legs return. What was it about him that made her react like this. She had never been attracted to black men. But Zeke was something else entirely.

    "I'm okay, Zeke, just in the shower, I’ll be down soon ordered some pizza's and fries," she replied as she tried to keep her voice steady. Her hands wandered to her tits and cunt, she started playing with herself again whilst he was just behind the door.

    He said okay and left, or she thought he had. Whilst she brought herself to another climax. Once again she was ashamed for being so sinful.

    He was about to leave when he heard her moaning out, he stood by the doorway and listened. She was toying with herself, teasing herself. Was it because of him?
    She turned the water off and She wrapped her body with a towel, she quickly raced out of the shower she did not want to be seen like this by Zeke. That would be the ultimate sin. In her rush she had left her wet panties behind.

    As soon as he heard the door unlock he quickly bolted into the same room she had gone in previously, once she was out of sight he went into the bathroom.

    That’s when he noticed her panties on the floor, he picked them up and felt just how wet they were. Making sure she wasn’t returning, he took a long sniff of them and the smell was intoxicating. It took all his willpower not to get arouse by the scent. He placed her panties into his pocket, and quickly threw them into his room, before heading towards the dining room to wait for her, and their food.

    Nabilah sat in front of the bedside mirror and applied make up. She had not done this in awhile. She then wore a red abaya, one she had bought for special occasions.
    She looked and dressed like she was about to go out for lunch when in reality she was planning to stay and eat with Zeke.

    Just thinking about him made her feel light headed. Before getting dressed she had cried her eyes out in shame whilst in praying. But these thoughts would not leaver her mind.

    She made her way to the dining table, as she walked in she saw Zeke's eyes scanning her body, it was brief so brief that she passed it off as her mind was playing tricks on her.

    The food must have arrived whilst she was praying and getting dressed as he had the pizza's and fries ready to eat.

    As they sat down ate, they talked, he made her laugh so much. He was witty and charming. She had not laughed like this in so long.

    "Thanks for making me laugh so much. Its nice to have some company. I wanted to ask you something, and I hope you don't mind but how did you end up on the streets?" she asked.

    He had set up everything for her once the food arrived, she had paid for it over the phone fortunately for him, so he didn’t have to go and find some money. Once she arrived and sat down, they got to talking. He was at ease around her, and was happily chatting away and making her laugh. She had a beautiful laugh, he could listen to it all day. Then when she asked the question, he took a zip of his drink and took a deep breath before talking.

    “That’s....that’s not an easy subject for me, but since you’ve been so kind to me beautiful I feel I owe you that much.” He took a deep breath in once more, and exhaled.

    “My former colleague, my best friend framed me for something I didn’t do. Just so he could climb the corporate ladder, and be rid of me. He said that I hacked into company property, and siphoned millions into an offshore account. Yet there was no proof, and they took his word for it over mine. Mainly because, his daddy was the boss, they said if I didn’t leave then they would get the police involved, a black man with a criminal record would never get hired, but the joke was on me because they had told all the top firms not to hire me...soon I was in debt and lost everything.”

    “Oh...Zeke I’m so sorry,” she replied as she fought hard to fight back the tears. She reached out for his hands.

    When he felt her hands upon his, he couldn’t help but smile at her. As he gently squeezed her hands back in return, his eyes locked onto hers as he began to notice little signs that she may just be falling for him little by little. Her cheeks flushed red from his comment, her teeth nipping at her lip. He’d been trained to see little signs like that, and now he could see she was finding him more and more irresistible, and he knew it must’ve been tearing her up inside.

    “You don’t need to apologise beautiful, unfortunately society is going back into the dark ages of Martin Luther King. Whereby, people like me will get racially abused by small children now. I appreciate the offer, but are you sure your husband will be ok with you getting me to work for him?”

    "Oh it won't be a problem at all," she smiled back at him. Her husband would not refuse her request he never did. Despite him being the bread winner, and the man of the house he had very little control over. Every passing year he had less control over her and she had been able manipulate him to do things more. He wasn't much of a man anymore, he did not have that dominant personality.
    They continued eating and laughing whilst she still had her hands on he, gently squeezed it and caressed.

    After eating they both washed up the plates and cutlery. She felt him brush up against him once or twice. But she passed it off as an accident, it was brief but she definitely felt something hard like a pole, brush up against her. Surely his cock isn't hard she thought. That’s when she saw how tight his pants were, a visible bulge in his pants. It hid absolutely nothing. She felt a little light headed looking at it.

    He intentionally brushed himself up against her, making it seem like a simple accident. His cock was straining against his jeans, the contact with her abaya covered ass made it even harder.

    Poor man, she must have been the closest he got to a woman since he had been on the streets. She felt excited that she was the cause of it, but she brushed that thought away it wasn't her specifically just being around a woman, any woman must have done this to him. Strangely the voice that used to chastised was quiet, almost dormant.

    "So Zeke is there a special lady in your life or was there?" she asked genuinely curious. And if he did how did she take that thing in his pants. She thought to herself.

    He sat down once the bulk of the washing up was done, and then she asked him her question.

    He smiled up at her, before answering simply. “No, no woman in my life. Nor was there ever one in my life, I lived a quiet life up until I was made homeless. Even on the streets, I found that no woman intrigued me at all. Well, the only one that intrigued me now is you. After you saved me from living on the streets of course.” He said smiling.
    The way he smiled and looked at her when he said he found her intriguing sent a shiver down her spine all the way to her cunt. He had a hungry look in his eyes like he wanted to devour her.

    "Oh please stop with the false compliments, I'm ugly there is nothing intriguing about me. And I'm sure you'll definitely a get someone, a big and strong man like you definitely will." she said as she approached him at the table. Her body once again without meaning to reacted on its own and caressed his biceps.

    She blushed immediately and turned around. Not realising that she was giving him a nice view of her round Pakistani ass.

    “They’re not false compliments beautiful, they’re genuine compliments. You’re very attractive, your husband is a very lucky man.” His eyes averted to her rear end as soon as she turned around, what he wouldn’t give to grab a hold of it and pound her cunt.

    He shook his head of those thoughts for the moment, as he then stood up from the table and took a hold of her hands. “I’m going to take a small nap, try and catch up on the sleep that I didn’t get the last few nights. I will speak to you when I wake beautiful.” He gave her a warm smile, before releasing her hands and walked back to his room for his nap.

    She had been holding her breath the entire time. The way he had walked up to her she was sure he was about bend her over and...but instead he took her hands in his, called her beautiful, she could see it in his eyes that he meant every word. But her mind kept going back to how he had walked up to her, felt her juices flowing a little.

    She stood there almost half an hour before deciding to go and check on him. To see if he had fallen asleep and if he was comfortable. As she approached the door it was slightly ajar.

    She popped her head in to see and ask if he was okay but the words got stuck in her mouth. Instead she said nothing as she watched him naked, with her discarded panties wrapped around his monster cock stroking it. She was mesmerised, shocked and in awe of it.

    She heard him moan a name over and over again. It took her a bit but she realised he was saying her name as continued stroking his cock. She could feel her juices seeping through her clothes as she watched in stunned silence.

    His moans only grew louder and louder, almost as if he wanted her to him say her name. Little did he know she was watching him the whole time, as he stroked his cock harder and faster. Her panties firmly wrapped around his thick shaft, as he soon came onto her panties moaning out loud and proud as he did so. It had been so long since he had cum. Her discarded panties were completely soaked. He was surprised at how quickly he had cummed. He normally would last for much longer. But ever since he had met Nabilah he had been on edge, until just now when he couldn’t hold back any longer.

    Breathing heavy with exhaustion, he laid back onto the bed and found himself sleeping soundly soon after. Her panties covered in his thick fertile cum, and still wrapped around his still hard cock. Even in his dreams he thought about her, muttering her name under his breath back in reality.
    She almost screamed out in shock she saw his big monster cock shooting its load. The first shot almost threw her panties off his cock but he held it tightly. Load after load soaking her panties, then dripping down his shaft, on to his big heavy balls, eventually forming a puddle on the bed underneath.

    She could not believe how much he just came, she could smell from her position. It was strong and over powering. She heard him whispers name as he fell asleep. His cock was still hard, her cum soaked panties still around it.

    Her own juices were leaking down her thighs. She told herself that it was her fault for leaving it in the shower.

    Combined with his lack of contact with females it must have left him extremely horny. He was just relieving him self it did not mean anything more. Deep down she knew that rationale made no sense after all what was he doing in the shower after she left, was he there to the whole time listening? she did not entertain these questions for long as she was in her room fingering her cunt for the 3rd time that day. She also came for the 3rd time that day, she had never done that ever.
    She quickly changed and for some unfathomable reason she left her panties in the same shower from earlier in the morning.

    When he had awoken from his nap, he headed straight for the same bathroom as before to take a shower, and there were another pair of panties on the floor before him. Was she doing this on purpose? Had she seen him jacking off onto her panties? He shifted the thoughts from his mind, and had a quick shower to clean himself up. Before. Heading back to his room to change, this time he wore a black polo shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms that again, were very tight around his body.

    Her husband had arrived from work in the evening. She quickly convinced him to get Zeke an admin position. He relented and told her that he would look in to it after the snow storm had passed.

    Soon they were joined by Zeke, her husband and Zeke formally introduced themselves to each other. Standing side by side she saw the stark contrast between them. Zeke made her husband look weak, undesirable, just less manly. They seemed to be getting along well.

    He met her husband and it was who he thought it was. Abdul Qureshi, He was well known to the U.S army, and was responsible for creating the suicide vests, that were used in a bombing that had occurred in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He was also known as “The Accountant” as he handled several of the extremists financial accounts. He did all under the guise of his firm, no one had been able to pin anything on him. He was good but now Zeke had him in his sights literally.

    Zeke was very accommodating and polite to her husband, cracking jokes and getting on well with him. Just so he could get closer to his organisation of course. “It’s very nice to meet you sir, you’re beautiful wife has been nothing but kind to me. You’re a very lucky man, to have such a lovely wife.”

    She saw a hint of jealousy and anger in her husbands eyes. But he did not act upon or speak up. That was often the case when he was amongst other men, he got dominated easily. It irritated her to no end. She had avoided making direct eye contact with Zeke for most of dinner, but she failed every time she did look at him a jolt of pleasure ran through her body. As images of him ran through her mind.

    Her husband excused himself from dinner saying he needed to answer a phone call from work. She never questioned who he was speaking to this late at night, and why he needed to go in to his office.

    She and Zeke did the washing up, he brushed up against her again but this time the contact wasn't as brief she passed off as an accident once again even though she had stuck her ass out to get in the way.
    He smiled at her each time eye contact was made, his leg instinctively brushing against hers.

    As once again he intentionally brushed himself against when they washed up, only this time she stuck her backside out. Oh he knew she wanted him, or at least her body did. She was still hesitant, wanting to believe everything was an accident.
    “It’s getting late beautiful, I must retire for the night. Good night.” He gently pressed his lips to her cheek, before walking off to her husbands office to listen in on his conversation.

    What he had heard, wasn’t pleasant. He was planning another attack, somewhere in Russia from what he could get. As soon as he heard movement inside of his office, he quickly left and went back to his room.

    She stood there dumbfounded one hand on her cheek. The cheek he had just kissed her on!! She should have slapped him done something instead she had moaned softly as his lips touched her cheeks. Her breathing was heavy, she leaned against the kitchen counter for support.

    Another man had kissed her cheek with her husband only a few feet away. She tried to brush it off as an accident but she couldn't it was deliberate. And she had enjoyed it. She expected her conscious to chastise her again but it didn't what was happening. How could she be lusting after him. She barely knew him.

    That night she had dreams. Dreams of Zeke mounting her with his cock, she woke the next morning and once again her panties were soaked.

    Zeke had dreams about her too, about getting her pregnant after imprisoning her husband for his crimes. He wanted desperately to make her his, he soon found himself back in the gym again. Working out once more, his gym shorts clinging to his lower body once more. As he powered up the weights with ease now, he was starting to gain back his strength and his stamina.
    He spent a good few hours in there early in the morning, before once again heading to the shower.

    To clean himself of the filth and sweat that covered his body, once again standing under the cascading water, stroking that thick length of his. Thick foreskin pulling all the way back, to reveal the large head of his cock. As his heavy hairy balls, hung down freely.

    It was like Deja vu Nabilah found her self at the door of the shower watching him stroke is monster cock. She had to come to use shower just like yesterday.

    She watched him intently as she parted her bathrobe and fingered herself whilst he stroked his uncut cock.

    She noticed that only after 2 days of workouts he was already starting to look more cut, his muscles looked even more defined. But as good as his body was, her focus on his monster cock. She was salivating at the sight of it. She stood at the door fingering herself part of her hoped he would turn towards the door and see her. His balls were so big and heavy.

    She heard him let out a primal roar and scream.

    "I'm gonna make you my hijabi slut Nabilah!!"

    She came instantly on hearing his words as he shot load after load of his cum against the glass of the shower. A never ending stream. He finally turned the water off and was about to turn towards the door when she bolted out of the room and in to one of the other showers.

    She had not realised that she had left a trail of her juices that led away from the room.
    Once he was done pleasuring himself he exited the shower and once again wrapped a towel around his lower body. He of course cleaned out the shower, and turned to leave.

    That’s when he noticed on the floor outside of the bathroom, a trail of liquid. Which he instinctively leant down, touch and put to his mouth. That’s when he had a sly smile on his face, as he realised she had been watching him. Cumming for him. “You poor woman, I’ll make you my little slut Nabilah, very soon.”

    Once he was dressed, he headed downstairs to the kitchen. She gave him some money and spare keys, and in return he once again kissed her cheek. This time closer and for longer, his hands on her hips dangerously close to her plump rear end.
    As she got out of the shower and got dressed for work.

    She realised her husband had left. She rushed downstairs had some quick toast as Zeke came down. He was dressed in ridiculously tight clothes looking incredibly sexy. She was in a rush so she gave him some money and spare keys just in case he wanted to go out a bit.

    Before she left he grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her in close and planted a kiss on her cheeks that was dangerously close to her lips. Wishing her a good day, as he went back upstairs. She was once again stunned not by the kiss but by the fact she had not done anything about it. She ran out of the house her mind was a mess. Everything was unclear, everything except for one thing. His words, the ones he uttered in the shower.

    "I'm going to make you my hijabi slut Nabilah!!" those words played over and over in her head.

    When she left he decided to start his job, and went out to meet a colleague of his. Who handed him surveillance equipment, and a present for Nabilah. A small pendant, with a ruby placed on it. It looked expensive, but he was told to say it was family heirloom that he wanted her to have. As a thank you, to which he agreed.

    He then returned to the house, and set up the cameras in key areas of the house.
    The entrance to the basement, had the most high tech camera. Invisible to the naked eye, with x ray and infrared vision. It could see into the very heart of his operations. One in their bedroom, and the rest in the bathrooms for....his other mission.

    Nabilah came home and slumped down on the sofa. She was extremely tired. The war raging on in her mind had taken a toll on her body. It ached all over she needed a good massage.

    She received a message from her husband telling her that he would be extremely late.
    She sat there as Zeke entered. He was topless only in work out shorts, very tight ones. He must have hit the gym again. It was paying off as his stomach was already flatter and was regaining some of the definition.

    "What did you get up to Zeke? Hope you went out for a bit I know its cold but the day after tomorrow the snow storms going to hit," she said as she yawned a little.

    “I didn’t do very much today, went out and gave some of my friends some of the money you gave me, before I went to get some food. But I did find something, that I want you to have.” He rushed back to his room, and picked up the pendant that he was given. Before rushing back to her and holding it out to her, placing it into her hands.
    “It’s a family heirloom that I thought was stolen from me, but it was just buried inside of my trousers.” He gave her a warm smile, as he gently cupped his manhood.

    Adjusting it slightly, as his shorts were extremely tight on his crotch. As his eyes wandered up and down her form. “You look exhausted, would you like me to give you massage beautiful?”

    The pendant was beautiful but her eyes were more focused on the treasure hidden inside his shorts. She saw him trying to adjust it, maybe it to make it less obvious but it had only made it more noticeable.

    When he mentioned if she wanted a massage from she thought he must have powers that allow him to read her mind. How did he know. Regardless she would have to refuse both.

    As it would involve her removing her hijab. That was not a line she was going to cross if she did that all of it would ceased to be accidental and would become intentional. She opened her mouth to reject him.

    "Wow its beautiful, I'm honoured that you are giving it to me. And yes I would love a massage, you seem to have big and nice hands" she blurted out instead.

    She had not intended to say any of that, she wanted to refuse him. But for some reason she found it difficult to say no to him.
    She saw him smiling somewhat mischievously as her hands once again moved on there own and undid her hijab.

    Revealing her long flowing black hair, this was the first time in her life a man besides her husband or blood relative had seen her without her hijab around her head.
    It seemed like there were a lot of firsts with Zeke around.

    “Let me put it around your neck, and then I will massage your shoulder beautiful.” He smiled sincerely at her, as he gently took her hijab and placed it on the arm of the couch. Before placing the pendant on her chest, and clipping the necklace around her neck. As he then placed his hands upon her shoulders, slowly caressing and rubbing her neck with his muscular hands. Slowly removing any stress and tension she had in her body.

    “What is it that you do for a living Nabilah? Forgive me for asking, but I’m just curious is all. A fine woman like you shouldn’t need to work, What with your husband working hard. However, I admire a woman who has a drive to work and be successful on her own,” He whispered in her ears.

    "Mmmmm....oh Zeke...feels good...I work at a school, an admin roleee..oh Zeke yeahhhh...thats..it...oh....Allah...feels...good...I...work...so..it...keeps...me...busy...gets...lonely...in...this..housee" She moaned as he worked his wonders. The inner war in her head had died down. Soon as the hijab came off the side that was encouraging her to be so shameless by allowing a nigger to touch her had grown louder. It had won the war in her mind.

    She felt slightly uncomfortable standing up, she wanted sit down. She also felt his big monster against her ass, she was worried if she did not sit down soon she would be rubbing her ass up an down against it.
    He noted all that she was saying to him, his hands continuing to work their magic on her. As he then gently moved her hair over her shoulders and onto her chest, before taking a nearby chair and placing it next to him. Just in case she wanted to sit down, as his hands returned to working on her shoulders.

    “Would you like to sit down beautiful?” He asked as he took in her feminine scent, and he wanted more of it. He wanted to smell her all over him, Feel her on him. Taste her, as her worst fears started to come true. Her rear end, began to rub up against his slowly hardening cock.

    "No...I prefer to standddd...oh...Zeke...Zeke...making...me...feel...soo...good," she moaned as she started to rub up against his massive pole.
    She started to slowly grind on it, moving her ass in a circular motion. This could not be explained away as an accident. She meant to do this, she was the instigator, she felt shameful but that shame only seemed to make her more horny. Her juices leaking freely underneath her abaya.

    "Mmmmm....oh...Zeke....so...BIGG...SOOO...BIGG...AND...HARD..." she moaned in a trance like state. It was almost as if his massage had her hypnotised.

    He couldn’t help but smirk as she grounded herself against his cock, which was now standing at full attention. As her butt cheeks slotted either side of his cock, his hands continued to massage her shoulders. Then moved down her arms caressing them softly, moving across her chest to grab and massage her breasts. Her nipples fully erect in his hands, as he began to grind his manhood against her in sync with her own movements.

    As his lips gently began to kiss and caress her neck softly, sucking on her neck leaving a hickey on the crook of her neck. “Does that feel good Nabilah? How badly did you need someone to come along, and give you what you need? A real man, who’d take care of you. Who’d show you love and affection, who’d give you your deepest desires.”
    She moaned and ground her ass even more when she felt his big paws on her massive tits. Caressing them.

    She had crossed a line that she knew there was no return from. His lips on her neck, kissing it seductively, making her moan louder, it was her weak spot.
    How did he know that she had been craving all of this, how?

    "I've been craving it for SOOO LONGG ZEKE SOO LONGG...I NEED YOU SO BAD...NEED...STRONG...MAN...LIKE...YOU...SHIT...IM...CUMINGGGGGG..." she screamed as she violently shook against him as he continued dry humping her. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she had an earth shattering orgasm. She had never experienced such a powerful one before.

    His hands squeezed and teased her bountiful breasts, slipping under clothes to grab her bare chest. Squeezing and teasing nipples, as one of his hands slipped down into her panties and begin to rub and pleasure her cum soaked womanhood. As he then playfully nipped at her ear, gently coercing her head back with his own and pressing his lips hungrily against her own.

    Once she had caught a glimpse of this real man, this stud there was no going back to what her husband had. Oh was he going to fuck her, he was going to ravage her. Stuff her full of his cum, and make her carry his child. This, he knew is what she wanted. As he gently pulled his lips away from hers, and pulled himself away from her completely. Enticing her to come and claim, what she so desperately craved.

    Except she didn’t her devout inner Muslim voice returned and made her run upstairs with her tits hanging out. She locked her self in her room and cried. The shame was strong. How could she have done that. She sat there and prayed to Allah to forgive her.
    He sighed to himself, slightly disappointed as she ran away. He understood it, better than most. She was going against her very faith, when she gave in to him. But her inner Muslim returned to her, and she ran off in shame. He headed into his room, and closed the door behind him.

    She heard Zeke's rooms door close. She decided to shower and cleanse her self of his strong musk. She could taste his mouth on hers.

    She rushed in to the shower and stripped off. Turning the shower on to max. As the water hit her, images of what happened flashed through her mind. The slutty side that had taken hold of her came roaring back as she fingered herself.
    "OH ZEKE...GIVE IT TOOO MEEE GIVEEE ME THAT BIG INFIDEL NIGGER COCK...DEFILE MY MUSLIM CUNT WITH ITTT!!" she screamed and squirted thinking that it was safe.

    She had no idea she was being watched and listened to.

    She got out and dried herself off, she heard her husband come home so she unlocked her bedroom door and went to sleep.
    Switching on the surveillance equipment, to watch anything that unfolded. He listened and watched his cameras as she moaned out for his nigger cock to defile her cunt, to make it his.

    It was clear to him, that she was wrestling with her demons but she couldn’t get him out of her head. Now that she had a taste of him, she’d crave more. His scent wouldn’t ever leave her, it full her nose and her mind too.

    His crotch ached and needed to be seen too, but he held back for the moment as he heard her husband return back home. Which meant he’d have to wait for the right moment. He spoke to him, continuing his mission of building a friendly rapport with Abdul.

    They spoke and ate until he went to bed. Zeke went to bed soon himself.
    He lay there watching the video of her shower over and over again, he wanted to fuck her badly and clearly a part of her wanted him to do it. But, he had to be respectful towards her as she was a woman of faith. After a short while, he packed up the surveillance equipment and placed it away in a secure location. Before stripping himself off, and unlocking his door and leaving it ajar once more.

    She woke up in the middle of the night, due to a combination of her husband snoring and her wild dreams about Zeke.

    As was the norm now her cunt was wet. She was thirsty for some water. She decided to go downstairs to get a drink.
    As she stepped out of her room, she noticed that the light in Zeke's room was still on. The poor guy must have fallen asleep with the lights on. Despite her better judgement she decided to go turn it off.
    She quietly opened the door and saw that he was indeed asleep.

    But he was naked. And his horse like cock was up right. Hard. She got a good view of it. She felt herself drawn to it. She got closer and closer to the bed. She could see the veins running up it. She found herself on her knees pushing her nose close to it to get a smell of that intoxicating smell radiating off it. She had a sudden urge to kiss it.

    "One peck won't hurt anyone, plus he is asleep, it might exorcise some of her demons,” she said to herself softly.
    She moved her lips closer and closer to the purple tip covered by his foreskin. She pushed it down and kissed the tip.
    Then she kissed it again. And again. And again. The kissing turned in to her sucking the tip which had stretched her lips to the limit. Just the tip alone was bigger than her husband.

    She stopped before she went any further as she felt him stirring. She got up and turned the light off went back to bed softly moaning as she licked her lips and tasted his pre cum. She thought he had no idea but a operative like Zeke was trained to be alert at all times.

    Zeke’s dreams were filled with thoughts of her riding his cock. Which in turn was standing at attention in the real world, he heard the door creak and slyly opened his eyes and watched as she took a good long sniff of his cock, before kissing it over and over again. He gently began to move, feigning that he was waking up and she soon scuttled away. Now she had a real taste of him, and it would be intoxicating to her. She wouldn’t be able to resist it or him for very much longer, if she continued to have a taste of it night after night.

    The next morning she woke up extra early in order to avoid Zeke, she left him a cell phone with her number on it just in case he needed to contact her.

    He slowly awoke to an empty house once more. He got up, and was quickly in the gym clanging and banging away at the weights. After a while and a nice hot shower, he emerged feeling refreshed and went into the kitchen. Which is when he noticed the phone on the table, picking it up and examining it there was only one number registered in there. Nabilah’s.

    Work passed by quick, she spent the whole day in a daze. She decided to walk by the spot she first saw Zeke. As she left the school gates and made her way to that street she noticed 2 men with there hoods up following her. She was sure they were following her.

    As she sped up so did they. She pulled out her phone and her first instinct was to call Zeke not her husband. She knew he wouldn't be much help.

    "Zeke listen please come to the street where I met you first there are 2 guys following meeee.." the rest of her sentence was cut off as a hand came over her mouth and dragged in to an alley way. She bit the hand and turned around scratched the man. She ran deeper in to the alley way. As the men cursed at her, told her they would kill her. They both had Arabian accents. Her back was pushed against the wall she was afraid for her life, she saw a large dark figure behind both the men.

    Zeke was cooking food for himself when the phone rang, he heard Nabilah’s panicked voice on the other end, heard her being dragged away. He had an idea on who they were, he had over heard Abdul thanks to his surveillance equipment that there were some members in the terrorist group who had issues with how he handled the money. They believed he was skimming some off the top. So these 2 guys were clearly sent to attack Nabilah and send a message to Abdul, regardless of whether or not he was stealing from the terrorist group.

    Zeke was ready to smash some skulls in. Once he reached the street, he quickly looked around before hearing a commotion in the alleyway.

    Zeke grabbed a hold of the pair and threw them with ease out of the alleyway and out onto the streets with a thud. They both tried to get to their feet, but were met with one swift quick across the jaw that knocked them both out. Before he then turned his attention to Nabilah, helping her to her feet and holding her body close to his. “You ok?”
    "Yes...yes...thank...you..thank..you" she said to him grateful that he had rescued her from certain death. She felt safe in his arms. As he guided her back home. She thought about how he had taken care of those men, swift, powerful, decisive, it made him all the more attractive to her.

    She had no idea who the men were and why they had tried to kill her. She had thought about calling the police, but with Zeke there she didn't need them. Plus the police being as racist as they were would have arrested Zeke for the attack. He made sure no one else tried anything, as they returned back home.

    She let him lead her in to the living room. He sat down on the sofa, he grabbed her and made her sit on his lap. She put her head on his shoulders. He undid her hijab, she didn't bother trying to stop him. He then put her head back on his shoulders. She planted soft kisses of gratitude along his strong neck. She then turned his bearded face towards hers and kissed him.

    Her tongue darted in to his mouth and intertwined with his. She could feel his hard cock against her. It snapped her out of it she pulled away from him.

    He made sure to keep her in his grasp at all times, as she rested on his lap. Their kiss was like fireworks, as their tongues danced inside of their mouths. With his cock now firmly pressed against her, he was preparing to take off her clothes only for her to leave just like she did last night.

    "Sorry...that shouldn't have happened...Thank you for saving me but that shouldn't have happened..." she repeated as she left the living room went to the kitchen grabbed some food and locked her self in her room. She had no plan on leaving. She could not face him.
    The same patterns as last evening repeated itself. Once she cried and prayed to Allah to forgive her. She then found herself in the shower masturbating crying out his name. Before she fell asleep again.

    She toyed with herself in the shower once more, crying out for him to fuck her senseless. It was clear to him, that he would have to take control of her and fuck her senseless. Make her his and only his, by force if necessary. He didn’t want to do it, but if that was the only she could be at peace within her body then so be it. He intentionally left the door ajar that night, with her husband home and sleeping. To entice her in to have a taste of his cock, much like she did previously. If she did that, then he’d have her right there and then.

    She woke up in the middle of the night again. She walked out of her bedroom and saw that Zeke's door was ajar but the lights were off. She walked towards his room and entered.

    Like the previous night he was naked. His cock standing proud and hard. Her mouth salivated at the sight of it. She took one step towards him and then turned around and back out the room. She was halfway to her room when she again turned back and headed in to his room. She stepped in to the room once again, closing the door behind her gently. Her eyes were glued to his cock, as she walked towards it, her legs shaking in fear and excitement.

    Once she reached the edge of the bed she got on her knees, took in the smell of his cock. Once again she told herself she would just give it a quick peck. As a reward for rescuing her. She kissed it. and then again and again. Soon she was sucking on the tip. She didn't stop as she did not hear him stirring.

    He stayed silent until she was taking a strong sniff of his cock once more, he slowly opened his eyes and watched her as she took part of his fifteen inch monster into her mouth.

    She sucked 2 inch’s of his cock. Then another 2 until she was at her limit at 4 inch’s. The size her husband was. Just as she was about to lift her head up she felt a big strong hand on the back of her head forcing her down, making her choke and gag.

    He grabbed her long black hair, and forced the rest of it down her throat. Thrusting his hips back and forth, sliding his thick shaft in and out of her mouth and her throat. A smirk etched on his lips, as he slowly licked them.

    “Fuck me with your infidel nigger cock, isn’t that what you said Nabilah? Well I’m going to give you, exactly what you desire. A real man’s cock inside of your cunt, claiming it as his own. Because from now onwards you’re mine, and that pathetic husband of yours won’t even know it!” He pulled her head all the way back up off his cock, as his gaze met hers. A look of lust in both their eyes, even if she didn’t want to admit it.

    She gagged and choked. Almost puked as he forced her head down to the base of his monster cock. Her jaws ached, her throat hurt. He held her there and then pulled her off.

    She breathed heavily as she heard him repeat verbatim the words she uttered in the shower. She was stunned how did he hear that.

    "No...no...don't say such filthy things...I...don't want your filthy nigge...GURKKK," she knew the words did not sound convincing but in her mind she meant them. But she was cut short as he had grabbed a fist full of her hair and slammed her mouth down on his cock again

    “You’re lying to yourself, even now your body is craving...begging for my cock to bury itself inside of you. You cunt is practically dripping on the floor in anticipation, for what’s too come.” He drove his hips harder and faster against her mouth and throat, his grip tightening on her hair all the while.

    He then pulled her head up once more, and pulled her up and onto his waist. His eyes locked onto hers, as her dripping womanhood was now pressed up against his cock. Which he was grinding against her womanhood, as he then pressed his lips to hers hard. His hands grabbing and squeezing those big sensitive tits of hers now.

    "Oh fuckkk!" she swore for the first time since she was a teenager and moaned in to his mouth as she felt him rubbing his cock at the entrance of her wet cunt. It was leaking all over his monster.

    "No...No...let...go...of...me...I...don't...want...this...oh...fuckk!!" she moaned in denial as he slightly nudged his tip in to her tight wet
    muslim cunt.

    “Don’t deny yourself this, let yourself go and give into your desires.” He had quite the way with words, as he slowly pulled her panties to the side and was now rubbing his raw cock against her cunt. Teasing her clit with his cock tip, as he slipped it between her folds.

    His tongue soon wrapped itself around hers, as his hands pulled and teased her now erect nipples. She was beginning to feel the heat, the need to be satisfied by a real man. As his hands soon moved down, and grabbed a hold of her voluptuous backside.

    "No...never...never...let...go...of..meee!!" she moaned softly even though she was pleading for him to let her go she barely made any effort to fight.

    As she felt the heat between her legs building up and reaching breaking point. When he grabbed hold of her phat ass the dam broke, she shook on top of him as she had an orgasm.

    Her moans echoed throughout the room as she orgasmed all over his cock, which was still sliding across her folds. His hands squeezed her phat ass harder now, as he pulled his lips away from hers and began to kiss her neck hungrily.

    Before finally pushing that beast of a cock he had, deep inside of her. The head of his cock, soon pressing hard against her cervix. Attempting to push it’s way into her baby maker, as he gave her ass cheeks a firm slap. Feeling them jiggle in his hands.

    "OH...ALLAH..BIG..NIGGEERR...COCKK...STRETCHINGG...DEFILINGG...IN...WOMBB...ALMOSTTT!" she moans in incoherently. Her mind scrambled by the sensation as she felt her self being broken apart. It felt like losing her virginity all over again but multiplied by 10.

    She felt her insides being rearranged as he brutally fucked her. Her ass jiggling with every thrust. As she had one continuous orgasm after another. The sounds of there bodies clashing echoed through out the room. Luckily it was far enough away that her husband would not hear. But then again he snores so loud it did not matter.

    He was ravaging her like this had been his intention all along. Completing one half of his mission. The part that had become more and more important to him as the days had passed.

    When she really thought about it she didn't really know him. She had invited a stranger in to her house and now he was taking advantage of her. And she was enjoying it.
    He began to buck his hips back and forth, sliding that big black cock of his in and out of her womanhood. Picking up the pace with each thrust he made, until he thrusting into her powerfully and without remorse.

    Her tits bouncing up and down in his face, as her ass jiggled as he slammed against her. His heavy hairy balls, swinging back and forth now too. As they slammed against her backside, his lips sucking on and kissing her neck more ravenously now.

    “That’s right, an old nigger is defiling you. Making you his bitch, and doesn’t that just turn you on? Doesn’t that make you want to beg for more, beg for it to never stop.” He teased her.

    “DON’T STOP OH ZEKEEEEE!! FUCK DON’T STOPP I BEG YOU GIVE ME YOURRRR KEEP DEFILING MEEEE WITH THAT BIG INFIDEL COCK!! FUCK MEEEE I’M YOURSSS OH YOU HAIRY OLD NEGRO!!” she growled firing off expletives in that one sentence than she had in her whole life. Declaring herself as his. She could not believe how quickly she had succumbed.

    Her body was sweating profusely as he showed no sign of slowing down. Her sweat dripped down from her body on to his

    She could feel every thrust hit her gut like a punch, he was driving her crazy, hitting spots in her she never knew existed. The bed creaked and shook as they violently fucked. The sounds of there body echoing through out the room. She thanked Allah for making her husband such a snoring pig.

    “This hairy old negro, is gonna continue defiling you all day and night. This hairy old negro, is gonna make you carry his black baby inside of you.” He continued to savagely pound her count over and over again, his manhood slamming against her body harder and faster still.

    Finding more and more pace and power from somewhere, as his hands reached round and grabbed her bouncing breasts once more. Squeezing and teasing them mercilessly, as she broke on his cock.

    Sweat was slowly beginning to appear on his body, as he was going at such a pace.
    Hearing him declare with such conviction that she was going to carry his black babies both frightened and excited her. The thought of it made her have another orgasm. Which broke her, the only thing keeping her upright was his monster cock. She felt him deep in her guts, deep inside her.

    He had been fucking her for 2 hours straight though it felt even longer, she could see that he was not far off. She was amazed at how long he lasted. Her husband only lasted 10 mins compared to his 2 hours! He was inhuman. What she did not know that since this was his first time fucking in a while that he could not last any longer. When was fucking regularly he used to last much longer. She felt his cock expanding inside her. She knew he was ready to blow.


    His breathing was heavy now, sweat practically dripping off his lean body. Two hours straight, after going without it for so damned long was impressive. But he was at his limit, and the fact she was goading him to cum inside her. To fill her up, only served to make him go that last little bit.

    As his hips, crashed against hers over and over again as he released his thick cum deep inside of her fertile womanhood, his cock pulsing and sending more and more of his cum inside of her. His heavy oversized balls, finally being emptied after so long without any action. She was gonna be feeling a lot heavier after this one.
    The first blast almost launched her off his cock.

    It was so powerful as he roared like an animal his hips bucking wildly as he filled her womb up to the brim. Load after load of his seed. She felt her belly swelling up from the sheer volume.

    She felt it overflowing dripping out of her cunt as they both breathed heavily as she collapsed on top of his powerful sweaty chest. His cock still impaled inside her spewing the final loads of his cum.

    He laid on his back exhausted from the nights activities, his breathing slowing down slightly. Until he was back to breathing normally once more, as his hands nestled upon her voluptuous backside.
    His cock continuing to pump more and more cum into her, as it overflowed out of her and back down his cock and onto the bed.

    Until finally, his cock went limp inside of her and fell out of her womanhood. As more of his cum, slipped out of her. “Damn, I thought I could last longer. Guess I’m gonna have to build up the stamina again.”

    She was astounded hear that he could probably go longer. A part of her wanted experience him longer. Despite feeling like she had been broken apart by him. She felt his cum leaking out of her like cunt like a waterfall. She said nothing because guilt had taken over her. She felt ashamed. As she gingerly got up from him.

    “This should have never happened, it will never happen again!” she said firmly. Some of that firmness was deflated by the fact that she limped away with his cum leaking out of her cunt. She left him there went back to her room and took a shower. Hoping to cleanse herself. She could not sleep tossing and turning over. She told herself that it would never happen again. Never. She fell asleep from the exhaustion, her stomach still felt full.

    “That was amazing but sinful, a one off...it wont happen again,” she told herself knowing full well that it was a lie.

    End of Chapter 1.
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