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When I was young...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    This is a story that started way back when I was nineteen years old. That’s when, I was working for the forrest service, and saw my first Black cock. It was quite by accident, the first time, but every time since then has been well planned out and on purpose!

    I walked around a tree, when we were working on a wilderness trail, and there was a big, 6’4”, 250lbs or so Black man in shorts and no shirt on. We were both startled - as he was in the middle of peeing, and I didn’t know anyone else was on the trail - and we both gasped and apologized to each other. Very much an accident, and we were both overly apologetic, but the image of him holding that thick, black cock and looking up at me were imbeded in my mind from that day on.

    He got quite a picture, too! Seeing how nobody was supposed to be in that area, I had stripped down to my g-string and a cut off shirt that barely covered my breasts; and my nipples could be clearly seen through the thin material. I’m sure I was a sight with my long, blond hair, nearly nude; and very athletic body, and long well-muscled legs.

    After we both regained our composure, we talked for a short while, and I tried not to look, but couldn’t help but notice his huge penis getting harder and thicker while he talked to me. Nothing happened between us, but it stirred a lot of things in me. That night my boyfriend didn’t know what hit him when I shut out the lights and sucked his cock and gave him myself enthusiastically, over and over. He thought he was quite the stud, when all I could see in my mind was the big black man...

    I never saw the big black man again, and I have mixed feelings about that. I am quite sure the exprience would have changed my young life. What if he had been a little more assertive out there on the trail? I’m not sure I could have resisted his advances - or if I would have tried to. What if I had been a little more forward with him? A thousand scenarios have gone through my mind over the years...all of them make me wet. Right now, of course, I know exactly what would happen...

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  2. luvpussy68

    luvpussy68 Well-Known Member Member

    Great start of a very hot story. I could read your writings and look at your hot photos all day long. I would have a sore cock at the end of the day, but it would be well worth it.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
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  3. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    VERY nice. It really is too bad something didn't happen then.
  4. Gerwina

    Gerwina Well-Known Member Member

    When you was young? Dear Anna Montana, as long as your mind is pretty prvrted, you will stay young forever, just as you are.
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