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. What you're good for

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Frankly, I'm terrified. Last week i lost it. My mistress and her lover Carl had some black friends around and for the first time I watched Jane disappear upstairs with different guys, taking a length each time, because that was what Carl expected of her. That's what black guys do. They share their bitches around. If a brother is in need of a little light relief, well women like Jane are available to satisfy him. It's always bare back. Jane was dripping different black guys spunk. Her cunny looked torn up. I had at first waited outside the master bedroom and listened as she whimpered and groaned beneath the thrusting animal that took her for a casual climax. I listened to his guttural grunting as he emptied his balls up her. The bed hadn't been fixed. My spanner work hadn't made a jot of difference. I heard it again and again, creaking rhythmically under the relentless thrust of some black fucker that was so large that you would have sworn he was born as well grown up in a gymnasium. That night I wasn't sure just how many of them had disappeared into the bedroom with my wife. I just waited on the landing and trembled. I was anxious. Downstairs, other guests were waiting for me to serve drinks, but Carl just knew that I would follow on up those stairs. Jane had been up there a long time, taking the black master race cock that she so craved. I stood on the landing and frankly…well…I shook.

    When i was beckoned into the bedroom i was surprised to find Carmel there as well. Carmel is Carl's black wife. She is an ebony beauty, lithe, well dressed, softly spoken and sophisticated. She is the sort that accepts that her husband 'domesticates' white women. I think that it amused her when Carl decided to own Jane. Up till then he just fucked the white bitches. But owning one, outright, for his pleasure, well that was a whole new buzz. Carl got my wife so crazed for his cock, that she would get ratty if he wasn't giving her one. If Carl let Jane go a week without seeing her, my wife she was really irritable. Jane had to have it. She had to have Carl's cock up her regularly. She had to smell of him. She had to feel the weight of his muscular torso covering her and then the huge rush of endorphins in her pretty little head as he stretched her cunt out for her and filled her belly with the thick white copious spunk that told you this guy could have fathered a tribe of kids if he wanted to. Into the room I went and there was Carmel, kissing with her husband, taking his fingers deep down inside her calf leather hot pants. Two other black dudes, strangers that i didn't know were in there too. Both had bare, slimy, wet prongs, disgustingly hard, still throbbing, that had been up my wife. I looked at her, there on the bed, her tiny pleated mini skirt hitched up around her waist, her cunt draining semen. Carmel smirked. She liked the horror on my face. She liked the look of astonishment. I'd never seen Jane's sex look like that. The seed flooded from her cunt and out of her botty hole too. She looked a mess.

    'Clean the bitch up' Carmel said lazily, as if this was so obvious as not really to need even this perfunctory instruction.

    Jane waited and opened her sex lips with manicured fingers so that I could see all that i was getting. Her cunt…her cunt looked like a piece of raw meat. It looked engorged, torn up, pulled about, as though it had been used in a boxing ring. She was still gasping from the fucking that the guests had given her. Her nipples, were bullet hard, pulled out atop her ripe breasts from her bra, presumably as the bastards tongued and poked her in unison. I stared at the two new guys. I stared at them hard. Fucking rough looking bastards. They looked the sort that carried knives. They looked the sort that ruled sink housing estates on the cheap side of town.

    I went down on Jane and licked up the mess. It was disgusting. I gagged and fought back the urge to puke. I licked again. Carmel laughed.

    'See' she said to the guys, 'Eddy here, he licks very nice indeed….don't you Eddy?'

    I nodded, fearful of what Carl would do if I didn't. I ladled up the slippery, slimy mess off Jane's quivering cunt and tried to catch that which oozed out before it ran down over her arsehole and became even more terrible to eat. I must have been shaking. i know I was. One of the guests remarked on it.

    'First time, first time you licked out at a party that so isn't it Eddy?' Carmel observed.

    I nodded again and really had to tense my face, lock my mouth to stop the sick coming. I licked again and Jane stroked my hair. She has never down that before, in front of Carl, but I suppose that she was trying to comfort me or something. It was like she knew that this was a new demand. This was an assault course that i had to climb. She would drop her knickers to any black guy that Carl directed her to. Carmel wanted that. She wanted it that way. it reminded a white girl that she was just a bitch. However much a favourite she was with her man, she was still just a bitch. She would whore around for him, come on to brothers. Not something that Carmel would do.

    It was when I'd finished lapping up the mess from both Jane's exercised holes, and Carmel told me to suck the dicks clean, that I rebelled. I remember, god, like it was a moment ago, springing up and pushing the bitch against the wall. It was so quick, like a cobra strike, that neither Carl nor the other dudes could grab me in time. I snarled 'fuck you' in her face and got through the door before they caught hold of me. I was down those stairs, half running, half falling and out through the throng below and into the cold night air. I ran down the street. I ran and kept running. I jinked through a alley short cut and went to a place behind the factory where my mates and i used to smoke cigarettes when we were kids. Sucking down the breathes, sucking down the champagne air of the November night, I thought as best i could. Shit, shit, shit! I was going to end up in a skip somewhere. They were going to find me and stuff me in with the building rubble.

    That night I slept in an abandoned car that I found open. I told myself, you can't go back, they'll kill you'. But time does funny things to you. It does. By eleven the next morning then, cautiously, nervously, I made my way home. I remember how Jane was making her face up to go out with Carl. She wore the tightest fucking jeans and high heeled boots. Her hair was just so and her neck was covered in bites from where he had taken her after I left. Marking Jane was I guess some kind of revenge. To say that I got the ice cold bath treatment then would be an understatement. Why hadn't I tried to use our safe word? Why hadn't I begged Carmel or Carl to let me off the cock sucking? I'd blown it! I'd blown it really good. Even if I went to Carl and took the hiding that I was due, she wasn't sure that she wanted me in the house any more. You see, you will all see if you try this, when a woman is hooked on the black cock, there is no compassion left. You submit to it too, or else you get bundled out. You get bundled through the front door, down that drive and out onto the street. I reckon a lot of the sleep rough guys are there because of stunts such as I pulled. Frankly, that terrified me.

    I begged Jane to reconsider. She zipped up her boots. 'Piss off Edward' she said calmly. Please, I am so sorry, I am so ashamed of myself. I am a wretch, I am a no hoper, a no good fucking waste of space. I would suck cock. I would lick Carmel's pussy for her in public if needs be. This scene, however degrading it certainly was, became that I craved. I pictured Jane back in her wedding dress. I pictured her like that, too superb a woman for someone like me. She was out of my league before she went with a black guy. 'Edward, you will always embarrass me. I have to be with Carl, you know that!' I begged all over again. I begged on my knees. I understood her need. I understood the destiny of it. I would co operate fully. I'd find those bastards and suck dick if that was what was required. 'Fuck off' she said. 'Just fuck off Edward, I'm done with you'. I watched her get to her feet, check her watch and stride out of the house for her date. I watched her leave and I curled up on my knees and, honest….I wept.

    It was two days later that Carl and his bro Nathaniel dropped by. Jane hadn't been back all that time. It fucking freaked me. It freaked me out. I tried to ring her on her mobile…nothing. I tried her friends and zilch. When Carl appeared in the door way I imagined that it was to kick me out. He wanted the nest back. He wanted Jane set up so that he could send brothers around to fuck her anytime he pleased. I opened the door and took the first swipe to my face. My head jolted to one side. His second punch went to my belly and I doubled up and fell backwards. I landed on the carpet like one of those fucking beetles that end up on their wing cases, their feet kicking in the air. Nathaniel came forward to stamp on my groin, but Carl stayed him at the last moment.

    'You fucking turd….you humiliate me or Carmel that way ever again and you man, you gonna end up playing your part in keeping a flyover upright someplace'.

    I winced. The blow it was coming. It was coming again. I didn't have the presence of mind to nod. I didn't have the nous to say 'sorry sir'.

    Carl grabbed my ear and I was pulled up wriggling and yelping. It was only then…only then that I saw Carmel and Jane standing behind them.

    With a shove I was sent flying back into the sofa of our living room.

    'You bitch…' (Carl jabbed his finger into my chest), 'you around for just four things. You worship my women, both of them. You lick cunt, you masturbate my lady and my bitch whenever they want. '

    I nodded urgently, my spectacles shaking off my nose. Fuck….FUCK!

    'You keep house for my bitch cos she is too fine to do menial things….' He glanced at Jane who wore the same tight jeans and the highly polished boots.

    I nodded again, my specs askew like I was Woody Allen staggering into the eye of a hurricane.

    'You pay for her nice things, so she look good for me and my brothers…..'

    I wanted to plead, i wanted to beg. Till then all we had done had been pretend. I knew that Carl was fucking her. I watched him fuck her. But this, shit, this was stretching Jane away from me into another place. I gulped, started to splutter something and instead….nodded again.

    'Then when I chose, you bring up the fucking kids that I give her….you hearing that turd?'

    Fuck, his voice boomed. It was like a decibel surge, his mouth sneering, his perfect white teeth, his eyes hard, as he instructed me.

    'Yes sir…' I stumbled. I said the words. Somehow, they came out.

    'What you good for man…what you fucking good for is to be used…that all you good for….' He bellowed at me. He bellowed so much that I jumped.

    'Yes sir…' I yelped, feeling any second a fist would ram my specs through the back of my skull.

    'Thank you sir….' I whimpered. Please…anything. Don't hit me. Don't shout.

    Carl looked back at Jane. It was a 'so there' look. He had 'sorted' me. I was going to be given one last chance to do as I was bade. Jane nodded. She didn't look happy but she nodded.

    Carl glanced at his wife and Carmel came forward. She was wearing a nasty little black leather mini skirt with a full length zip up the front. She undid that. She undid that and pulled her thong to one side. Her sassy black pubs curls confronted me as I stared. I glanced her face, only for a second mind and dropped to my knees. Then I was there, suckling gratefully at her cunt. I was sucking that big lipped mistress set of flaps like they was ambrosia. She smelled and tasted of him. He had been fucking her too. Still, I licked and I nuzzled and her button swelled. It swelled fucking huge. I heard her sigh and with a cruel hand she took my hair and pulled my face against her cunt so that i could barely move.

    Carl beckoned Jane forward. She moved silently like this was such a well rehearsed sequence. She moved like she would never need a verbal order from again. Just a look, that was all that would be required. Licking Carmel's snatch I watched how she proceeded next, unloading Nathaniel's semi erect organ and gently moistening the big glans with her spittle. She knelt down beside me and taking my hair from Carmel she abruptly twisted my head around so i was staring point blank range at the black man's cock. It looked fucking ugly. It looked malformed in some way. Then I knew why. Nathaniel wore a stud down there. Heaven knows what that did to a woman once he was up her.

    'Suck it' said Jane.

    She said it like I was a stranger.
    She said it like I was a moron.
    She said it like I didn't count.
    She said it so that my heart paced.
    I looked at her somehow. I looked and tried to say sorry. I tried to mouth 'I submit' but Jane was playing Nathaniel's glans against my lips. I surrendered and opened my mouth. His prick went inside and as it did so, Jane took the back of my head and started it working forward and backwards so my mouth pleasured the black guy.

    'Like that…' said Carl.
    Carmel kissed him and smiled.
    'You think he'll bend like you want sweetie?' she cooed.
    He nodded.

    'He's a bitch alright. Little fucker panicked, dat all'.

    There, that was nice. That turned it up some for Nathaniel. He liked seeing the white boy suck black cock. His cock. Nice…huh!?

    I felt his cock twitch. I felt his balls move against my chin. I felt his cock shudder and then the thick load of his semen exploded in my mouth. It was warm and it was thick and well, it was like glue.

    Jane pinched my mouth open as my head was pulled back off the dude's cock.

    'Yeah' said Carl as he inspected the mess in my mouth.

    'Swallow' he said quietly.

    I swallowed and Jane watched me. She watched me dispassionately, just like this had been a silly phase I was going through. She watched me swallow it down and look up at Carl for my next instruction.
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