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. What To Do With That Little Fucker Charlie?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lutheran Maid, Dec 2, 2017.

. What To Do With That Little Fucker Charlie? 4.8 5 4votes
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  1. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    Made Emily my bitch inside three months. Weren't hard, weren't hard at all. That little blonde married piece man, she was aching for a good seeing to, aching for a man who would be the master. I saw her dancing with her bitch mates down the club and I sauntered in there fine as you please, and cut her out from the rest. We drank some, danced some, I watched how she moved them hips of hers and I thought, yeah, you getting some black dick bitch. She looked at me in that dreamy way white bitches do when they in need of some fine sex. She cow eye me man and then I try out the little bitch's mouth. She open to my tongue man as sweet as you please. Necking that little bitch in front of her little bitch friends, well, it fire me you see. She so smart looking, so lean and shapely see. She so hot for it that I ask about arrangements. 'I going to see you regular little girl, so I want to know if I have to sort anybody out?' Well, she tell me there is this little husband, a 'little fucker' she call him. She call him that because she really cross. The little fucker Charlie he forgot their wedding anniversary and they married five years only. He allays working for the little bitch, long hours, buying her fine clothes, maintaining that BMW roadster of hers, but man, you gotta remember anniversary, with flowers and cards and things. A high maintenance bitch, she gotta be pampered in the heart, as well as in the wardrobe.

    I fucked her that night. Up against a wall. She squirm and she wriggle some, not being used to a man's cock. But she take it nice then, shaking and groaning as I stroke my member up between her pretty legs. She nice and tight, so every stroke up man, well, it ratchet her up that wall. It move her against the plaster like she some kinda doll or something. She beg some, she beg for me to come up her tight little cunt hole. I stroke her some more, holding down her hips so that sex of hers go right down onto my base. Then I squirt her. Then I squirt her and she wriggle and writhe man. Man it was sweet, her eyes wide like I was Santa or something, her pretty mouth open panting as I worked my cock up her and her nails digging into my shoulders. I like fucking the white married bitches. I like it when their weak husbands object and we have to have a little jostling. I like taking bitches off of their weak white menfolk. 'You liking that bitch?' I ask her, squirting a load. She nod breathlessly. She really liking it!

    Making a woman your bitch, it all about regular hard fucking and attitude. She a piece of meat to you. She a pleasure cave, you know? The harder you fuck her man, the more she gonna need that. The more you pound that little bitch, the more she see that as heat, passion, lust, proper jive between a man and a woman. Once you fill her up, you grab hold of her hand, and you keep her close and go out social like. She gotta smell of you. She gotta smell of what you did with that bitch. She meet your brothers, see how firm they are with their white women too and she feel all kinda kept and cosy. She feel owned man! So I started picking my bitch up from the house and taking her out. I take her away over night man. I linger around on the drive, I kiss her long before she get in my car. I kinda hope that Charlie come out and take the punch I got ready for him. I tell you, I speak of that to my bitch and she say she wish i gave him a good hiding. It OK if I want to kick him out of the house and take over. I say her, I say, 'he not in your bedroom now I hope?' She confirm what I expect. She kicked him outta that bed room. She not let him take his dick out to her. 'You make him lick you out' I say and she say OK, if that what I want. I say, sure I do, I want him licking like a fucking dog. Licking her cunt. Man I like that. The thought of weak white boys licking up our spunk. I like the thought of them tonguing pussy holes where me and my bro been stoking.

    A bitch she learn to do that to a husband pretty easy. Once you demand it. Once you say, I want him dragged to his knees. She do that. She show me the action man, on her phone the licking and the nuzzling between her legs, her skirt hitched up so I can see that little fucker licking right up her slit. She disgusted with him when he do that but i say her, you use him bitch, you use him to spark off that pleasure. That what he there for. Emily say she do that, but thinking of me. Proper thoughts. Proper bitch thoughts and I say, 'as foretold in our scriptures'. Next week, next week man, she send me another little phone clip. There she is man, queening his fucking face. She is rubbing her cunt all over his face. It nice, it very nice.

    I want bitch Emily in the family way. She such a bitch. She so ripe for that. So i tell her to give me her pills and she hand them over all sweet an nice. Then she need to fuck man. She need to fuck urgent. She been wanting my babies. She been wanting them so very bad. I fuck her that night man, i fuck her over and over and then them next weeks man, allays up between that bitch's legs. She begging, moaning, mewing man, the little bitch she kinda syphon my seed out my prong. She that eager! 'I giving you a child' I snarl as I ram that bitch, and she gasping back to me, 'please Ben, oh please, yes.' She whimpering as we lock, she quivering beneath me, thinking of the clinic, like all those other white Ma's with black baby's in tow. She thinking of my kid sucking on her paps, i know it. She want it so bad, and I so rich down there, you know, she catch so quick. She catch so quick and then she so excited when she tell me she having my kid.

    Little white bitches want to nest then. It natural that they do. They want to make home with their man. So she want me to move in, in to their fine big house that little fucker Charlie has bought through his long hours job. She not talk about the little fucker. She don't talk about him at all. He is mine to dispose of. I can march that sad little fucker out and she will watch him go if I chose that. Little fucker never measured up. Or I can tell him to stay on. Hell man she got him kicked down onto the floor. She a lady of contempt. The other night, another vid and this time she kick him in the crotch with her boot cos he whine about her getting pregnant. She is such a bitch to him man, such a natural bitch. He blub his apologies and she just walk off from him. No word, no consolation, no acceptance of that man's grovelling. 'You hard cunt with him, if I tell him to stay around?' I ask her. You should see her face man. You should see the steel in her eyes. She certain about everything. 'If he does everything you say, always, he can stay' she whisper. I kiss her then, slow, tender, relaxed cos we master and mistress. it feel so right.

    That next day, i take my things over. All my things. I tell Charlie, first meet, take my clothes up to our bedroom. Emily she stand with me, she in that tight little skirt, watching the little fucker load the wardrobe with MY things. I see that Little Fucker's eyes all puffy. He bin upset or something. So I kiss Emily in front of him, slow and sensuous. Little fucker have no place blubbing. His mistress getting the best things, the right living. He stay on and work hard to keep us comfortable. She have my babies. He get some lappy cunt consolation. It going work man my eyes say as I tongue the lady's mouth.

    'You say yes M'am, yes Miss to Emily' i tell him, her name too good to slip off your dirty tongue.

    He nod. Emily check my expression. Yeah, I'll own him alright. He no trouble to you babe.

    'You're happy that Ben is the man of the house now?' Emily say to him, holding my hand.

    'Yes Miss' he say. Fuck man, he say that so meek and nice like. He say it just right first time.

    'OK, ' she says simply, 'Ben's shirts need ironing, they got crumpled coming over'.

    'Yes Miss' he says again and yeah, the effect is just the same. Love her bitching him.

    I watch him take out the shirts. I watch him lift them out reverently. He looks at me. He looks like he wants my permission to leave.

    'Fuck off, ' I tell him, 'I gonna have my woman. You don't come up till I say'.

    I watch him scurry off. Downstairs man, you know, a servant. I unbutton my bitch's skirt. It drops to the floor and there, her warm belly, with my baby in it. Not swollen yet, but it will be. I feel her cunt, wet, excited, she smell of raw need.

    'I gonna make him suck dick' I purr into her ear.

    'Yes' she agree.

    'I gonna take his ass. I gonna make sure he no longer dream him a man'

    'Yes' she murmurs, seeking another kiss.

    'You like that bitch?' I tease.

    'You're his master….yes' she moans softly.
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