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What I Got vs. What I Thought I Would Get

Discussion in 'Cuck Discussion - Why do we love it? Can it work?' started by geraldg, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    I got interested in cuckolding by watching porn. I decided I would try to talk my wife into it.


    it would take me a long time to talk her into fucking other guys.

    She would fuck just a couple or a few other guys.

    I would get to choose who she does and doesn't fuck.

    I would be in charge of this whole thing.

    I would fuck her either before or after the other guys.

    I would be "the man" of the situation.


    After brief token resistance, Lorna, my wife, quickly agreed to fucking other guys.

    After her very first black lover, she turned black exclusive.

    She has a huge number of black men whom she fucks.

    I have no say at all in who she fucks, when, or how often.

    Lorna and her black boyfriends are totally in charge.

    I am totally denied any pussy at all. In fact, not only do I not get pussy, I am not allowed to touch her tits or ass. The only pussy contact I get is clean-up duty.

    I am not a man. I have been emasculated, sissified, and feminized. I am required to refer to myself only in female gender terms. Unless I am naked, I am required to wear panties. At home, unless naked, I wear female clothing. I am not allowed even to jack off. The only sexual relief I get is while Lorna is fucking, if Lorna's sister is over with her feminized husband, we are allowed to suck each other off. I am NOT gay, so that took some doing for me to accept that. I am required to make my mouth and asshole (pussy) available for Lorna's black boyfriends if they wish, and to guide their cocks into Lorna's pussy if they wish me to.


    As you can see, I got something totally different than what I expected. So you may wonder, do I regret proposing to my wife that she fuck other men and thereby cuckolding me? No, not even a little bit. I fully accept it. I have learned through this process that I am not a man and never have been. I am content in my new role in life as a cuckold feminized sissy FemBoy. GG 002.
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  2. bills49

    bills49 Active Member Member

    I wish I was you
  3. newreal100

    newreal100 Member Member

  4. kimsboi

    kimsboi Member Member

    It took years of work to get my wife to fuck other men, but once she started and had a few bulls on call, she quickly rolled into her role as hotwife and made me her cuck. The only way I am allowed to get off is if I watch gay ebony porn or if I have a black guy fuck me first. At first I was quite reluctant, but I soon found myself enjoying it more and more and got used to doing things her way. It has been one fun ride that neither of us want to get off of and has made our marriage even stronger.
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  5. sexyboots

    sexyboots Well-Known Member Member

    It's a women's world and a woman can do what she wants with guys and dress the way she pleases.
  6. Cuckso

    Cuckso Member Member

    You have reached the ultimate level of Cuckdom i guess, and i share your fantasies, from sucking a cock before he enters her to licking her pussy full of warm and potent juice or entering her after the Bull has delivered his seeds are all amazing acts which show a very particular and intense form of love...from my side knowing that my wife is enjoying another and bigger cock and hearing her moan as he ploughs her pussy with his large shaft is utlimately what i am aiming and will continue to aim for...long live hotwives! :)
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  7. Gavin Morgan

    Gavin Morgan Member Member

    I persuaded my wife to have some experiences and was hoping once the cork had popped it would be easier and easier. We seem to have dried up. I still desire the added sexual tension.
  8. AllenJ

    AllenJ Well-Known Member Member

    Gerald - reading your posting while wearing lipstick, new panties and camisole set (tucked away), thigh hi stockings, bra, breast forms, and nail polish - totally shaven below the neck - and of course loved your photo
  9. artofzoo

    artofzoo Member Member

    nice share
  10. FullyCucked

    FullyCucked Member Member

    A good way for wannabe cucks to look at things is to ask, "Do you deserve the life of a man?" By having cuck thoughts, the answer is almost certainly no. If cucking destroys your marriage, turns you into a pussy free sissy, or simply a jerk-off hubby in the background, it's all good. It's better than the lie you are living now.

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