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. What Comes Next?

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by sharonsmif, Aug 20, 2016.

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  1. sharonsmif

    sharonsmif Member Author!


    I want to tell you about a very-special day in my life, a day that unfolded barely one week ago. While what happened was certainly not earth-shattering, it could ultimately prove to be extremely important to my future. I'll let my readers decide for themselves if they agree, and then I'll ask a question of them, because I don't yet know what my decision will be.

    Bear with me for a few minutes, because I'm sure everything will soon become clear to you.

    It was the afternoon of another beautiful day in the seacoast village in California where I was born and raised, and still live. As I do so often, I decided to walk along the coast to a place that has a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean, and as I also do most of the time, I sat down at the edge of a grove of trees to relax and take in the view. As I leaned back against one of them I breathed in the ocean air and the peace and tranquility of the setting lulled me to a state of mostly-asleep, barely-awake that seems to be common among "coasties," as we're so often called.

    It was while I was in that state of mind that my brain slowly became aware that there were three people standing at the water's edge with their backs toward me. I'm sure the first thing that brought me back to total awareness was the fact that of the one woman and two men, she and one of the men were totally naked. The other man remained clothed, and I could tell by his actions that he was taking photographs of the nude couple.

    Now, I'm certainly not a peeping-Tom sort of guy, but at the same time I find it almost impossible to look away from a scene like the one arrayed before me. I at first thought it was a photo shoot for a nudist magazine, but their obvious lack of professional training as models soon told me it was more that the three were doing something for their own pleasure, if not their sexual titillation.

    My own titillation was stoked as the nude couple walked hand-in-hand toward the camera, and then stopped and kissed with the incoming waves in the background. Then, totally unexpectedly, the woman dropped to her knees in front of the man and started fondling his organ while the photographer moved back and forth, capturing the moment from all angles. As for me, I was frozen in place both because I didn't want to disturb the three, but mostly because I didn't want them to notice that a stranger was watching something so personal.

    The man was soon completely erect, as any male would certainly be when receiving that sort of attention from a beautiful woman, which she definitely was. It was easy to see, even from the distance, that his organ was considerably larger than my average-size penis, and I guessed that it would definitely be in the 9"-10" range.

    The woman soon took the huge thing in her mouth, and I concentrated even more on remaining as still as I could, so they wouldn't stop what they were doing. The cameraman moved in even closer as he captured close-up views of the action, and closer still as the woman pulled her mouth away from the erection. Then, with no hesitation at all, she began to masturbate the thing while aiming the tip at her wide-open mouth.

    The man with the camera quickly dropped to his knees, and as the expected happened and the lucky guy's penis ejected spurt after spurt of semen into the woman's open mouth, the photographer's fingers were busy recording as many pictures as he possibly could. And then, all too soon, the semen stopped spurting and the woman's mouth closed.

    I could see her throat working as she swallowed what filled her mouth, and how she smiled lovingly up at the guy. Then, she did something that was intensely erotic to me, because I had never before known a woman to do it, which was to use one hand to "milk" the still mostly-erect thing and catch every last drop on her tongue.

    That seemed to bring an end to the photo shoot, and the woman stood before hugging the photographer, as well as giving him a passionate kiss. Something even more exciting, to me at least, came when the naked man also hugged the other man, and then gave him a kiss that was just as passionate as the first. Then, with a parting wave the photographer walked back toward the parking lot, which was about a mile up the beach. As for the couple, the man drew the woman to her feet and they kissed even more passionately for a long, long time.

    And then they turned directly toward me and began to slowly approach my place of concealment, or so I had thought of it, anyway.

    When they were close enough, the woman called out, "Hi there! Isn't it a beautiful day here in this part of our wonderful world? We're so glad you could be with us when one of my lovers was taking our pictures. We love having those to look back on as we recall the exciting times in our lives. Not only that, but we use them to recruit guys and gals who share our lifestyle, and want to join our group."

    To say I was flustered would be an understatement of major proportions, and all I could do was weakly squeak, "Hi."

    I guess she could see that I was pretty much unable to carry the conversation so she decided to do that herself.

    They walked right up to me, and as I came to my feet, she extended her hand and announced, "I'm Teresa, and this is my husband, Greg." I was barely able to shake hands with her while at the same time telling her my own name, but somehow a tiny part of my brain detached itself from the exquisite view of her nude body, and allowed me to at least act like an awake person.

    "I'm Glenn, and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance, Teresa." Then extending my hand to her husband, I shook with him, also, barely able to keep from staring at his huge organ, which had by then become semi-erect. Since that meant it was still much larger than mine, I was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

    Teresa had been gazing at me with an appraising look ever since they had walked up to me, and must have come to some sort of decision about me, because her next words shook me to the core of my being.

    "Glenn, I think I'm a pretty good judge of character, and that tells me you may be interested in something in mentioned. What it is, is that we're part of a group that does what lots of people call 'wife swapping,' but we just call 'having a good time.' I'm betting that you're a pretty-liberal guy when it comes to that sort of thing, and I didn't notice a wedding band, but I was wondering if . . ., you know . . ., you're married and you guys would be interested."

    I just shook my head, then added, "I used to be married, but we had issues right from the start, and it didn't work out." I sighed, then added, "I wish it were possible for me to join your group, though, because I used to think about us doing that nearly all the time. She didn't want anything to do with it, and I think that was the main thing that led to the divorce."

    Greg joined in, saying, "Yeah, I know what you mean. I've talked to lots of guys I know, but very few of them are lucky enough to have a wife like Teresa, so they all have to say 'no deal.' Tough break for them, because it means they don't get to fuck my beautiful wife like the rest of us do." He then laughed, and she joined him, but as for me I could only regret the bad luck that meant I'd never have that chance, either.

    As if she could read my mind, Teresa continued her thought by adding, "Well, it's not a hard and fast requirement that the members all be married. I mean, we have a few men and two women who aren't married, like you, and they fit in just fine. After all, we're more concerned with how interesting and exciting a person is, rather than whether they're married or not. Actually, the most-important requirement of all is that everyone has to be bisexual. So . . ., are you?"

    That question stunned me, because it was so totally out-of-the-blue that I never expected it to be asked. It took me several seconds to come with an answer, but at last I stammered, "Well . . ., I suppose it could be, but . . ., but I don't know if I'd describe myself that way or not."

    She was having none of that, and asked even more pointedly, "Well, have you ever sucked a man's cock or had your own sucked by a man?"

    Again I was shocked at her candid question, and again it took me a few seconds to answer.

    "Well, we weren't 'men,' as such, but when I was a kid my cousin and I did that."

    Greg asked, "Were you old enough to cum?"

    "Well, yeah, we were. When we first started he was fourteen and I was twelve, so both of us could do that."

    He came right back with another question. "Okay, then, answer this one. Did he cum in your mouth, and did you swallow it? And too, how long did you two do that?"

    I chose to answer his third question first, and replied, "We did it for almost five years, up until he was out of high school and moved away to college. And, yes, he came in my mouth and I came in his, and we both swallowed it."

    He nodded his head in acceptance of my answers, then turned to his wife as he said, "Well, that's good enough for me. He had a long-term affair with another male, and whether they were men or boys doesn't make any difference. Also, since he was married to a woman, that tells me he swings both ways." After a short pause to think, he said to her, "So, as far as I'm concerned, if he wants to join our group, then I'm all for it. Of course, he has to pass the test first."

    That made the two of them break out laughing, but I couldn't do anything but smile weakly because I had no idea what the joke was.

    She made that abundantly clear by saying, "It's okay with me, too, Honey," and then taking his hand in hers she led him right up in front of me. As they halted, she pointed to the ground and said, "Get on your knees, Glenn. It's time to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak."

    When I didn't react quickly enough to please her, she stood behind me, put both hands on my shoulders, and literally pushed me to my knees in front of her husband. As for him, his cock went from semi-erect to stiff as a board in the space of a few seconds, and as it bobbed up and down just a couple inches from my face, he said, "Okay, prove it. Show us how bi you are."

    Teresa's hand on the back of my head, urging it forward, was all that was needed to tell me what I was supposed to do to pass the "test," and her soft, "Open your mouth, Glenn," certainly left nothing to the imagination.

    Then, as she urged my head forward, my mouth opened. Greg guided his penis inside it, and then she instructed, "Now close your lips around it. Run your tongue over the head and feel how silky-smooth it is, and how hard it is, but at the same time how exquisitely soft. Run your tongue up the slit so you can taste his pre-cum. I've always thought it was delicious, but it's nowhere nearly as good as what you're going to taste when he empties his balls in your mouth."

    By the time she finished that last sentence, my lips had already closed tightly around his shaft, and my tongue was avidly licking the head of his monster. With every lick, his pre-cum oozed more rapidly from the slit, and its wonderful taste exploded on my tongue, driving me crazy with memories of much I loved being fed my cousin's cum all those years ago.

    I don't know how long it was before I heard her voice from far, far away saying, "He's ready to cum in your mouth now, Glenn. You have to swallow every drop before we'll let you join our group. Get ready, because here it comes!"

    I heard him groan deeply in his throat at the same time as the head of his organ seemingly doubled in size, and then as he made one final thrust deeper inside my mouth, he ejaculated so strongly that I knew I'd never in my life felt such force.

    And then I was lost in old memories of what my cousin usually did to me after I'd sucked his cock, but those memories were made even more exciting as my brain went wild with fantasies of what my new lover would do.

    I had barely had time to swallow everything he'd given me when he pulled back until only the head was still behind my lips. I saw Teresa's hand grip his organ, and then as she milked it, I could taste the extra semen that hadn't been expelled before.

    As he pulled all the way out, I felt such a sense of loss. I truly hadn't missed being a cocksucker right up until that moment, although nearly all the memories I had of my cousin were really good. However, as soon as his huge cock was gone, I missed it with all my heart, and in the back of my brain a tiny part was thinking, "Maybe I'm more homosexual than bisexual. When Debbie accused me of being a queer, maybe she was more right than wrong." Right then, though, I had better things to think about than old accusations from my ex-wife, because Teresa had taken my hand and pulled me to my feet.

    I was led back into the grove of trees, because as she said, it was getting hot standing in the sun. In the back of my mind, and with every step we took into the concealment of the trees, all I could think of was what my cousin so very much liked to do to me after I'd sucked his cock and eaten his semen.

    Perhaps my new friends were going to do those same things to me, which frightened me to think about. None of that mattered, though, because my extremely-stiff dick was in complete control by then, and all it could add was the order, "You do whatever they want! I need to cum!"

    Chapter 2

    When we reached a shady spot, Teresa and Greg sat down on the grass and she pulled me down beside her. Then, just when I thought I was beyond being shocked by her straightforward manner, she said, "Get your cock out, Glenn. I want to see what you have for us to work on."

    Again I was assailed by memories of my cousin, because when he wanted to do things to my little weenie after I'd sucked him off, he always said, "Get it out so I can see if it grew any more since the last time. If it hasn't, it means it needs another spanking."

    My brain may have been vapor-locked, but my hands definitely were not, and before I could even think about a reply to her order, my belt was being unfastened. Then, as soon as that had been taken care of, my out-of-control fingers were opening the button on the waistband of my jeans, and then pulling down the zipper. The only thing left for them to do was pull the pants, along with my undershorts, down my legs, and my erection, such as it was when compared to Greg's, was standing proud.

    She placed her hand on the thing, then squeezed it to assess how hard it was before saying, "Well, it's certainly not very big, is it? I guess that doesn't matter, though, because I think you definitely lean more towards men than women. Most of the guys won't care about that, because all they'll be interested in are your mouth and your ass, and in case they want to do something more . . ., uh, more 'exciting' to you, your thing should be big enough for that."

    Greg chose that moment to add, "Sweet Puss, I think maybe you'd better tell him what you mean by the 'more exciting' part, don't you? Some guys don't go for that sort of thing, and if he's one of them, then he'll probably want to back out right now."

    She shook her head a tiny bit before replying, "Honey, I think I know the male mentality better than you do, and I'm betting that not only does he know exactly what I mean, but he's probably already looking forward to that part. Right, Glenn?"

    My only answer had to be, "I don't know. What did you mean by that?"

    Her smile was the epitome of evil as she stared directly at me, seemingly reading every dark crevice that lay hidden in my brain. At last she answered, "Well, I guess that what I mean is that we're as much an S&M club as a wife-swapping club. The members are about equally divided between masochists and sadists, so everyone can have a good time, no matter how they swing.

    "My husband may not know which way you are, but I think I've got you pegged pretty well. But just in case, why don't you tell us what you prefer."

    As I sat there in stunned silence, memories of my cousin flashed through my brain, and over and over I saw him forcing me to strip and then either tying me against a post in the barn before using his belt on me, or hanging me by my wrists from a tree limb and using a willow switch on all the parts that would hurt the most when whipped with the thing. My breath came in gasps as I remembered how he had tied huge weights on my little weenie or tiny nuts, and then whipped my bottom to force me to run while the weights dragged behind. I remembered the agony of having the burning end of a cigarette held against my genitals or my nipples, or of how it made me scream when he used pliers on my privates. Most of all, though, I remembered how frantic I was to cum, and how my ejaculation went on and on when he sucked me, even though there was nothing left in my balls to be forced out.

    The two of them sat there in silence as those memories flashed through my head, apparently satisfied that I'd answer when I was ready.

    At last I looked from one to the other, then took a deep breath before telling them what they needed to know about me.

    "I've never thought of myself in those terms, but the only honest answer has to be that I'm more of a masochist than a sadist. I could never hurt another person, but I love it when they hurt me."

    Teresa smiled in satisfaction at being proved right, then nodded to show her acceptance of my confession. She then told me something that made me not only eager, but desperate to be accepted as a member of their club.

    "Okay, I already knew that part, but it helps that you can actually say you swing that way. You'd be surprised how many people simply can't tell the truth about their need to feel pain and humiliation. I'm proud of you that you aren't one of them.

    "Now, I'm going to tell you about what we'll do to you the first time you come to one of our meetings, which, incidentally, will be two weeks from Saturday, so be sure to put it on your calendar."

    She waited for my nod before continuing, "Since you're a maso, you'll be taken directly to the basement of our home whenever you attend one of our meetings. That's where we work on people like you, and that's where you'll spend almost all your time. We don't have a whole lot of fancy equipment like the bigger clubs, but we show our subs we're really serious about torturing them, so don't expect any of us to hold back when it's your turn.

    "The first thing we always do with a new maso is put him in what we call "the circle." What that means is that you'll be on your knees, and every man in the club will be standing around you in a circle. They'll all take turns making you suck them off, and we'll all be watching to make sure you don't waste even one drop of their cum, because if you do we'll make you sorry.

    "After you've sucked all of them, the women will surround you and you'll have to eat their pussies until they cum. I should warn you that we usually make it a point to not take baths for a week before the meeting, and some of us actually wear rubber panties so our pussies will taste really good when you lick them. The same rule applies, in that you have to make us cum like you did the men, and if you can't do that, then we'll torture you really bad to teach you a lesson.

    "By the time you're done licking the women, which by the way means front and rear, in case you're wondering, the men will have recovered, so they'll have another turn at you. They'll take you to a table we have down there, and make you stand facing one end of it. Your ankles will be tied to the table legs, and since it's a big table, that means your butt will be wide open.

    "You'll be forced down on the table and your hands will be pulled to the corners above your head, where ropes will be used to really stretch you when they're tied to the table legs up there.

    "After that, the men will take turns raping you in your ass, and I mean exactly that. What they'll do to you will be nothing but rape, and no one there cares a great goddamn whether you enjoy it or not. No one will play with your little weenie to keep you excited, because to tell the truth, that doesn't make any difference to us. It's all about hurting you as much as possible, because that's what turns us on the most. I hope you're a screamer, because nothing on god's green earth makes me hotter than hearing a man screaming at the top of his lungs when I'm really working him over.

    "As soon as everyone has had a chance at your ass, you'll be taken to where there's a pulley in the ceiling, with a rope running through it. Your wrists will be tied to the rope and you'll be pulled off the floor. After your legs are tied apart, we'll all take turns giving you a full-body whipping, and that means nothing except your face will escape being whipped. Most of us will concentrate on your little weenie and your nuts, of course, but all the other parts will get their turn, too. Actually, I'll probably enjoy most whipping the bottoms of your feet, because I think those parts of your body are more sensitive than anything else.

    "There are lots of other things we do to the men, as well as the women, who need to be punished. We've even gone so far in the past as to have one of the women, who's a surgical nurse, remove certain parts of the slaves' bodies. I'll leave it up to your imagination to fill in the blanks, but I can tell you that the man you're replacing had a very-special kind of surgery about a month ago, and he's no longer with us because he doesn't have the equipment we require of our submissive males."

    She concluded her vivid descriptions by asking, "Any other questions?"

    I was so out of it by then that I simply couldn't form the words to speak, so I merely shook my head in answer. That must have satisfied both of them, because they got to their feet and then helped me to stand, too.

    They began walking toward the parking lot, and that was when Greg said, "Glenn, we need to know that you understand what we'll do to you if you ask to join our club. I want you to tell us right now what Teresa said we'll do to you. That way we'll be sure that you're a consenting member, and there won't be any legal liability in the future."

    As I walked along between them, I said, "You'll make me suck every cock in the club, and eat every pussy and back door. You'll tie me across a table and rape my ass no matter how much I beg you to stop. You'll hang my by my wrists and whip every part of my body except my face, paying special attention to the useless things between my legs. Then you'll have a nurse remove my genitals and any other parts you can think of."

    I stopped talking then, and we walked in silence for another few steps, when Teresa said, "Well, I think there's no question you know what's going to happen to you, so that qualifies as informed consent. So, next I have to ask you to answer one more question, which is this: Do you still want to become a member of our club, even knowing we're going to torture and modify your body if we so choose, all without needing any sort of permission from you?"

    I looked from her beautiful face to his handsome one, then took a deep breath before speaking clearly and directly.

    "I want all those things done to me. I've always wanted them, and I still want them with all my heart. Please let me join your club."

    By then we had reached the parking lot, and as we stood beside their car Greg opened its door and got a business card off the dashboard. He handed it to me, saying, "This is our address. The meeting will start two weeks from Saturday, promptly at 7:00 p.m. Don't be late."

    Then, saying nothing else to me, they both got in their car and drove away, leaving me standing there in shocked silence. I don't know how long it took for me to make it to my own car, and then to drive home. But, I do know that by the time I arrived there, my little weenie was so hard that it ached and throbbed with need.

    So I took it inside and punished it in the same manner my cousin had taught me all those years ago.


    Now I'll deal with the question I mentioned at the beginning of this story. I ask this of every one of you who have the same yearnings as I do: Do you think I should go to that meeting of the wife-swapping and S&M club? Please hurry with your answer, because time is short.


    Disclaimer: This story is fiction only (at least as far as I know) and was written entirely by my dear husband, who has, ever since I first met him, had extreme fantasies like those detailed above. I take no responsibility for his mindset, although I have to admit that I certainly nurtured it for many years. :)


    Questions or comments? Please write to me at: [email protected].
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