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. We've Been Rejuvenated!

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Nasty Wives Collection, Apr 1, 2016.

. We've Been Rejuvenated! 3 5 1votes
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  1. Nasty Wives Collection

    Nasty Wives Collection HMFIC Administrator



    I've been married for over ten years, we are now both thirty four. Sex has always been rather tame, I didn't think either of us were highly-sexed. Notice the past tense. Last summer we were on holiday in Bali, a beautiful paradise island, very romantic. We made friends with an Australian. He was a real live wire. I liked him and so did Grace, and he seemed to be quite taken with her and flirted openly.

    I saw her preening as he told her how lovely she was. I didn't really mind, treating it as a game. One night we went out to dinner, then to a disco. I don't dance but Grace loves dancing and she had every dance with Randy. Randy by name, randy by nature.

    I could see him running his hand over her bottom and she didn't stop him. We all had loads to drink and took some back to the hotel. He invited us for a drink in his room. It was late but Grace wanted to go so we did.

    He poured us a drink and I collapsed in a chair, nearly out for the count. My legs were wobbly and my head was spinning. They sat on the bed and I saw them fooling around and then they were kissing, rather earnestly, I thought.

    I saw his hands stroking her breasts and even undoing the buttons so he could get his hands inside. I just watched, too drunk to do anything else, and I must confess I was rather intrigued to see how far they would go.

    He slipped her blouse off and then undid her bra and started to mouth and suck her shapely breasts. She did nothing to prevent him, rather the opposite, pushing out her chest and running her hands over his head, guiding his mouth from one nipple to another.

    Seeing that she was co-operating he took off all her clothes till she naked and then he slipped out of his clothes, revealing his hard cock. It wasn't especially big, but very fat. He waved it in front of her face and she opened her mouth and he slipped it inside.

    I watched her jaws working as she sucked on his cock. I felt rather peeved because she wouldn't do that for me. She looked like she was enjoying it. He kept fondling her tits as he face-fucked her.

    Then he pulled out and twisted her so that she was on all fours at the edge of the bed. He stood behind her and inserted his cock into her exposed vagina and proceeded to give her a really hard screw. I saw her come once and then minutes later again, followed by a third as he grasped her hips and let his spunk fly deep into her pussy.

    Another first, she'd never had more than one orgasm at a time. He collapsed on the bed next to her and I saw her turn round and take his wet cock into her mouth and suck it dry, then she came over to me and kissed me on the lips, forcing the mixture into my mouth with her tongue.

    I had a raging erection and she opened my flies and lowered herself on my cock and started to heave herself up and down on it. She had another orgasm followed by a small one and then a larger one as I came. I was nearly in a coma by this time, but I watched through glazed eyes as she went back to Randy and mounted him. He had regained his erection and she rode him like a jockey.

    I passed out at that point so I didn't see any more, but she told me me later that they went on fucking and he came three times before she'd had enough.

    Our sex life has been rejuvenated no end and we now have an exciting and full relationship and I feel that it was thanks to our Australian friend.
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