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. Welcome to Ebonwood I

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by White Extinction, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. White Extinction

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    Welcome To Ebonwood (Part I)

    Erika and her family moved into a new neighborhood development with a dark secret. Ebonwood was formerly something of a slum just outside of the inner-city, but has since been developed into a sprawling slice of suburbia. It’s purpose? Creation of a society where black men and women are explicitly worshiped. Rich neighborhood, clubhouse amenities, a thriving small independently owned economy... All hiding the dark secret. Subtle hints of depravity, but nothing especially overt; everyone has a spade tattoo somewhere on their body, black men coming and going from white family homes, the elite high school uniform a bit risqué. The water supply is loaded with chemicals that make libidos skyrocket, doubles sperm count in black men, does the opposite for white men. For teens and lower? It feminizes younger boys so they don't get proper testosterone levels as they age, accentuates female sexuality and curvature, and makes most women outright susceptible to manipulation by their black superiors.

    The Brooks family were the community’s newest arrivals.

    Avon adjusted his black dress shirt's collar - the first few buttons undone. Wearing black jeans, he opened the door to his lavish home in the large gated neighborhood of Ebonwood. Smirking slyly from ear to ear, he looked down at the pretty little blonde wife and mother. Ever since seeing a photo of her on her husband Ralph's desk he insisted they relocate to one of the many new developments popping up around the city. The wealthy black gentleman knew what was in the water... Knew about the subtle propaganda on TV and radio encouraging love of black culture and interracial relationships. A week into living in the neighborhood she began having erotic dreams and became heated at the very sight of a black male.

    "Mrs. Brooks, I presume...?" He said, feigning sweetness. "I'm Avon! Your husband wasn't kidding when he said his wife as a knock out." The handsome man teased with a sly smirk.

    Mrs. Brooks was absolutely a knock-out, and it showed while she was wearing that pretty little sundress. Her family had moved into the neighborhood a little over a week ago, and since then they had integrated swimmingly; Erika and their girls were constantly out and about, taking part in neighborhood festivities and associating with all their new friends on a regular basis. All the while, poor little hubby was worked to the bone under Avon's keen eye. The move was a stellar decision, especially considering the house was purchased for way less than the going rate. However, that didn't change the fact that it was a significant step up in the world for the doting young couple; bills were stacking up, becoming increasingly hard to pay... But, while Erika was redesigning neighborhood homes for quick cash, Ralph was struggling with several difficult clients, all while chasing a promotion Avon had been promising for months.

    Erika wasted little time. She practically pushed passed Avon with a smile, stacks of designs and notebooks and binders held underneath her arm. "Wow, this place is immaculate!" She said with a laugh and a shake of her head. "The last house I went to had panties lying all over the floor, like there was some kind of orgy." She turned around, reached out her hand to shake Avon's own, and flashed him a smile. "I'm surprised we've never met! My husband speaks volumes about you. Thanks so much for recommending the neighborhood, and at such a killer price! We'd been worried about the decaying state of the high school around were we used to live. I'm glad the kids are going to such a prestigious academy now."

    Avon gave her a small grin, taking her hand and giving it a firm shake. Looking down at her greyish blue eyes he was very friendly with the hot little snowbunny. "I'm glad I could help... It gets Ralph more time at work with less of a commute and helps us fill out the new development with great people.”

    Offering her his muscular arm to link, he looked her up and down. "Let me give you the grand tour... I was considering some art to brighten up the rooms... Maybe some new furniture? You can see I love contemporary." The handsome black male told her. Ralph was kept from promotion for so long by the sadistic man - he wanted him in a position where he could not say 'no' to the new house. Now he would get a small raise... He had to support all of Avon's new children after all.

    "I'm happy to hear you like Blackwell Academy. It is a very unique charter school bringing diamonds in the rough from the inner city and bright young folks from the suburbs." He told her with his soft deep voice, pleased at the school’s ability to indoctrinate whites into pure submission.

    She tutted as they walked through the housed, giving a scrutinizing eye to each of the rooms with soft little murmured comments. "Mmhm! The children go to classes this Monday; they're both dreading it, but I'm very excited. I've heard several of the teachers are extremely well-liked there. Most of the neighbors have been incredibly friendly about introducing us to all the sights to see. And, the exclusive gym! I've been meaning to head over there - our treadmill broke during the move and I've been lax with my exercising," she turned her head back to look at him before reaching her hand down to give a rough slap to her rump. "Gotta keep this firm and taut for the hubby, you know?" She couldn't help but to wink and offer a quick lick of her lips. It was almost done subconsciously; it was only afterwards that she was a bit shocked with her own flirty nature.

    "All these rooms need some color and decoration. Definitely some paint. I would bring in my guy, but... Well, the bastard went off and took a vacation in France without taking me. Ah! Excuse my language." The soft spoken white interior designer commented, testing to see if he welcomed coarse language.

    "The teachers are wonderful... Handpicked." Avon said, enunciating the last bit. Handpicked by their wicked underground society that is. Subservient white women and dominant black men and women. They were trained to teach children their place in the new world that their cult-like society craved. The drugs administered in the water paired with the classes heavily made to emphasize black superiority would break every one of them. Seeing her being so bold he smirked, giving her a wink. "What colors were you thinking...? I like colors that are opposites that blend... Lots of dark with light." The man said playfully. "My bedroom has me really concerned... I have a lot of sculptures that I want. I just can't figure out about the color or what kind of crown molding would tie the room today..." The ebony Adonis told her, feigning concern.

    "Contrasts work really well, but too much of them and your room looks like a disaster hit it," she seemed to be taking the lead at this point, walking in front of Avon as she toured the house with his small voiced guidance. The sight of her rounded bottom was certainly a sight to see; her skirt was just short enough to tease at the curve of her ass whenever she walked, hips swaying in a practiced fashion that made it clear that this woman knew how to be a tease. Whether she was doing it because she meant to or because she had been gradually conditioned to feel sexier, more sultry - that was up in the air. But still, the woman looked utterly ravaging as she led Avon into his bedroom.

    "Black and white," she said suddenly, blurting it out as if without care. She flushed, laughing. "I mean, colors. Black and white is always a good way to show contrast. You can mold cool colors in between the extremes, but it's always pretty to have a bold black look and cover it with a beautiful shade of white. Dance a bit of blue, perhaps some subdued coral tones... You can have fun with it. I'm sure we can figure out something with your sculptures. Where are they?"

    Watched her sway those lovely hips, his lecherous mind envisioning that cute ass bouncing up and down on his thick black cock. Entering behind her some of the sculptures were covered up by large white clothes. "Ebony wood carvings..." Avon told her. Pulling the sheets off they were between 4'-5' each... All of them were interracial eroticism. Black men pushed up behind smaller women with Caucasian features. Ebony wooden hands covered genitalia, but perfectly carved full breasts were exposed. "I saw these when I was in South Africa and needed to have them..." The gorgeous dark male told her with a sly smirk. Standing close behind her, he leaned in a bit close and whispered huskily. "I hope you're not offended... I adore art depicting the beauty of the human form. You're not a prude that would be upset by such things, are you...?" He teased.

    [Erika marveled at the miniature statues, her mouth going agape as she looked at each of them, taking several minutes to take each in, walking by the row of sculptures with a careful gaze. Her hands wandered over the features of the men with a great deal of wonderment. She stroked at their abs... Practically fondled their biceps... Rubbed a hand almost erotically across a shoulder of the next. When she got to the end of the row of artwork, she stopped to stare at the particular features - this time of the woman, instead of the man. It was impossible to miss the resemblance; this sculpture had to be modeled after a woman like herself, in a fully nude form. Lush, beautiful, and stunning. She reached out to touch the lip of the woman, and then let her hand wander to the sculpture's nipples.

    "Prude? No, of course not! Don't be so silly. In fact, I feel like... I feel like the sculptures might have been better if each of the men had a penis. It detracts from the realism of the piece without something dangling underneath. But I suppose that would have been a bit awkward, huh?" she laughed. "All the men look almost as handsome as you." She shook her head. "Anyway, no. Not much of a prude. I've been eyeing a beautiful piece of erotic artwork. It's quite costly; Ralph doesn't approve of the look or the price tag despite how much I want it."

    Avon chuckled, watching her marvel. "Well I wouldn't want to scare anyone with the size... If those girls saw it they might be afraid." He teased. Eyeing her, mischief was dancing in his chocolate brown eyes. "Oh...? Describe it to me..." The dark male asked her, fixating his eyes on her form. "How much does it cost...? Maybe we could work out a little barter..." He told her, standing tall and picturing the surprise on her face when she saw her first real black cock. How long would it take to corrupt this one...? In the other housing development, he owned were his other two white families he owned. Six daughters, three feminized sons, and two completely converted white wives. Both were swollen at different stages with another baby on the way... The daughters had each given birth at least twice to his dark offspring. Would the Brooks family he his next white toys?

    "I've never seen a black man's cock before," she confessed before suddenly swallowing hard and shaking her head, looking back at Avon with a blush. "Er! I mean penis. Sorry, language. How terribly inappropriate of me." She laughed nervously, distracting herself by putting all her tools and supplies down on the bed before fishing out her phone from her purse. "I don't have to describe it," she chuckled. "Let me just pull it up on my phone." She started flicking through images and pictures online to find the item in question. Eventually she found it, and lifted the phone up to Avon with a brief, breathy explanation: "I find it absolutely stunning." The picture depicted an enormous painting -- easily six to eight feet in width, and at least four in height. This was something that would easily take up the majority of a wall in even the largest master bedrooms. In the painting a white woman with blonde hair and hazel eyes - not dissimilar to Erika - was sitting upon a lavish bed. She was scarcely dressed, wearing only a pair of heels and thigh-high stockings that accentuated her state of undress. Upon her neck was a color, with a chain leash that fell off the bed and reached towards a metal fasten in the wall. The woman was smiling as she stroked her belly, which was heavily bloated with pregnancy. Her cunt was swollen with a touch of red and gaping enough to assume she'd been recently fucked... and pouring out from her abused hole was a river of thick, viscous cum that stained the bed and dripped onto the floor.

    "Isn't it beautiful? She knows she's trapped by motherhood, chained to her child... But, she seems so ecstatic about it. It's five thousand dollars, though. I could never afford to splurge on something like that. And, my husband…? He’d never tolerate such a lewd painting. I have always wondered who the man the woman in the painting was with, though. Who gave her the baby? Who has her chained? Maybe I'm thinking too literally; it's probably a bunch of metaphorical nonsense." She confessed in a low voice, aroused at the sight of the image. She only recently saw it online a few days ago... The drugs having an affecting her already.

    Avon smirked. The euphoric chemicals in the water were definitely working on the little blonde. It would be good for her to have it... For her children to see it and have it stick in their minds. "I adore it... Five thousand...? Hm. Well I know you still need paid for your design..." The black man told her, his large strong hand reaching out and touching the small of her back. "I see how happy she is... Fulfilled. Obviously, she has a greater purpose inside of her... Something much more important..." Avon told her, his hand sliding down to her tight little ass to firmly grasp it. Looking down at her he grinned devilishly as he began to grope her. "Mrs. Brooks... You have such beautiful lips... I think you should kneel and take out my cock... Maybe a dozen little meetings here at my place and we'll call it even...?" He murmured hotly to her, pulling her against his hard body. "Every white woman should have one black cock in her lifetime... It is hardly cheating." The deviant man told her, knowing that such feeble logic would sound good to the little white wife at this point.

    Erika should have been appalled that Avon was treating her this way. She should have walked out the door the moment the crass innuendos started. She should have abandoned this job the moment she saw the sculptures - the moment she noticed their lewdness. She should have been disgusted that she was being fondled by her husband's boss. But she wasn't. She leaned into his hand, letting out a soft gasp. "No, no," she began. "That's not fair at all. That's completely unreasonable." Erika sounded insulted. Had the chemicals not taken the full effect on her? Was she shaking off the effects after only being here a week? Surely something was wrong. She sounded shocked at the prospect of taking out his cock.

    "That's absolutely not fair to you," she finally said. "Five thousand is so much money, and you've already helped out the family so much." Erika began to shimmy her way down to her knees, giving a sultry sway to her hips as she swiveled down to a resting point on her legs. "I won't settle for anything less than twenty meetings. And-" her voice was delirious. She was distracted as she began to pull at the belt of Avon's trousers, unbuckling it. Her fingers went to his button, and the zipper, moving at an increasingly hasty pace. "And we shouldn't have to meet at your office. Our families are friends, right? And you're doing us such a big favor. We can do it wherever you want, Avon. Surely I can give you that much!" The corrupted white wife told him, the need to please Avon was almost hypnotic.

    Grinning from ear to ear he stared down at her, his powerful hand stroking the back of her head. "Such a fair woman... Twenty it is... I am going to insist many of them be in you and your husband's bed so... So that you're extra comfortable." Avon teased, watching as she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. As she freed him she would be astonished at what she would find... 10" of swollen and throbbing black flesh. The girth was so side her dainty white fingers would barely be able to wrap around the base. Her husband was only 4" when he was fully hard... "Do you know why you like that painting so much, Mrs. Brooks...?" He asked smugly as she was exposed to the giant tool. "Because you can tell that woman has been with a real man... I bet your husband has a tiny white dick... Most white men do." Avon said, the black man thinking nothing of insulting Ralph.

    Avon had only commanded that Erika get down and take out his cock, but raw sexual instinct took over, and she certainly didn't need further instruction to know what to do. She took the marvelous thing in her hand, murmuring a soft "Wow!" as she grabbed the base, slapping and bouncing the thing around as if to test if it were actually real. She laughed, not in humor but in near hysteria. She simply didn't know what else to do in the face of such a massive thing! "A real man?" she questioned, her voice quiet, distant, reverent. "A real man... ? Yes, yes... Ralph's cock is so small." Erika seemed to be having trouble speaking, so consumed by playing with that massive slab of nigger meat that she could hardly find the words to respond to Avon. "I've never been with a black man before," she admitted again, looking up at him with pouty eyes. "I think... I think that woman was fucked by a big, black god in the painting."

    He sneered down at her. "Oh...? I agree... I bet she has a black baby in her swollen snow bunny tummy..." The crude man told her, the large ebony shaft throbbing in her grip. A thick bead of precum formed at the tip as it began to drool. "Black men are so much better than white men... Bigger... Stronger... More stamina... Is it any wonder all sports are dominated by black men?" He asked, grinning devilishly. "Erika... That woman has a black baby in her... She's happy because she is breeding out her inferior race..." Avon told her, grasping her chin to make her look up. Grasping the base of his member he attempted to force the tip into her small mouth. "Aah... Show me you need one too... Show me you deserve one..." He hissed.

    Her lips wrapped around that delicious, thick, black cock head, taking in that drooling droplet of precum into her mouth with a hearty suckle. She seemed to struggle to take in more than the tip, though. Both her hands took a hold of the cock, one at the base, one closer to the tip, as she tried to usher in that mammoth pillar down her gullet. It was difficult for her; she winced as she opened her mouth as full as she could, tongue lolling out and caressing at the belly of the shaft as she tried to press herself forward. Even after three inches, she started to gag, shaking her head pleadingly, but not giving up. She eased onto another inch, and she could feel the thing at the back of her throat, and her expression lit up with a smile. She was happy! The little whore was excited to have something so large tapping at the back of her throat. She seemed ecstatic to know she could tough out the girth. Her eyes were always on Avon, keeping eye contact, watching him... Looking for signs of approval, that cock-drunk expression nearly ever present.

    Avon stared down, stern to make her take more and more of him. Rewarding her with a coy smirk he grunted hotly as more and more of the turgid tool pushed down her tight little throat... Her little pink tongue worshiping him as he made her take more and more. Suddenly, he pulled back out of her throat... A hot stream of saliva leaking from the large tool. Grasping her by her shoulder he'd pull her to her feet before pushing her back on the bed... Those powerful hands pulled down the top of her dress ripping it before lifting up the bottom to find no panties. Was it instinct for her to do so...? Sneering, he unbuttoned his shirt and slid out of his pants and boxers to show her his toned muscular ebony flesh. Climbing between her legs he held the base as he began to rub the giant black head of his cock up and down her pink little cunt. Rubbing against her swelling little pearl he coaxed her with the bareback tool. "Erika... Are you a good snowbunny...? Tell me how much you need nigger dick... Tell me that you won't ever let your white bread hubby fuck you ever again, white bitch..."

    That dress was undoubtedly expensive. In fact, it was probably the most she could afford -- a pretty little thing to wear at various occasions and hope nobody noticed it was used twice. But now it was torn by her husband's big, black boss, tossed carelessly to the side like an insignificant little obstruction. She gasped and cooed as she was thrown onto the bed, her hands moving to caress at her inner thighs as her eyes rolled back in delight at the feeling of that hung nigger dick pressing against her sensitive little bead. Her pussy was absolutely soaked by now, dripping girl cum in excess onto the bedspread. She mewled as he spoke to her. "I don't want to be his wife... I don't want to be a Brooks anymore. His cock is so small, Avon. I never thought there was anything so big!" She practically squealed as she took hold of his cock tip and started pressing it against her cunt needily. "I'm a good snowbunny, Avon. I'm the best snowbunny. I promise I'll never fuck him again. Please! I need that painting... I need to be that woman. I need your big black dick. I need a black baby, Avon. Please!"

    The moment she capitulated and admitted she needed him to breed her the evil man rammed his powerful hips forward. With a deep growl he began to impale her with the big black cock... The swollen member throbbing as he fed more and more of it into her tight snowbunny body. Gasping, he sneered as he stretched her tight white cunt. After pushing about half inside of her he was already reaching virgin territory her handsome but inept husband could never reach. "Aah... Heh... Little white slut... Mmn... You'll never go back now... Aah... You're going to be his wife... Aaaah... After all, he needs to support my kids..." The wicked man told her, pushing deeper into her as he leaned down and nipped at her pink nipples. "Wrap those legs around me..." He muffled out from her chest.

    The very moment that fat nigger cock pierced into her cunt, that newfound little snowbunny started writhing in pleasure, rocking back and forth and making a mess of the sheets as she came hard, hot nectar squirted out from her pussy, draping across the bedspread and covering the pair with her juices. "Don't stop! .... Don't stop, please!" she cried out, her legs immediately twisting around his torso, locking him in a vice grip, her toned thighs attempting to force him forward, demanding that he empty out into her cunt. She reached for his shoulders blindly, still shaking from her orgasm, ushering him forward, beckoning him. "Y-Yes! I'm a slut! I'm a little white skank. Please, Avon, empty your fat nigger cock in my lil’ white womb. I need that baby so bad. I need to feel like a woman…" She whimpered, completely submissive to her new owner.

    His powerful hips thrust down into her, pounding her cute white ass into his expensive mattress covered in black silk sheets. Growling in pleasure she took more and more of him... Pushing against her cervix it too gave way, the big black cock pushing into her fertile snowbunny womb! Gasping, their hips suddenly met. His giant black tip kissed against the wall of her womb as he froze a moment to look down and appreciate the site. Grasping the back of her head he'd prop it up for her to observe every inch of him inside of her. "Good white slave..." He hissed. His giant black balls resting against her, so full of fertile cum for her. Avon's hips returned to grinding and his bucked against her hard once more. "Aah... Heh... Beg for it... Mmn... Beg for a black baby, slut... Tell me your body belongs to niggers..." Her husband's boss ordered. Ralph always used condoms due to Erika being allergic to the pill. Her white husband would never again get to fuck his wife.

    Hoisted into that awkward position, she stared down the situation before her. Her cunt was split. It looked impossible that Avon could fit inside of her -- that tender white pussy was reddened from the strain it was put under, and she gasped when she saw just how wide that enormous fuck pillar tore open her delicate folds. She couldn't help but moan at the sight, looking up to Avon in order to make eye contact, her breath coming in short, huffy pants, her eyes narrowed and lustful. "Baby, I need it! I absolutely need a black baby in my belly. God, I wish I understood so long ago. I wish I knew how good black men were - how worthless little cocked white boys were. I wish I'd found you when I was fourteen. I wish you were my first. Avon, please! All I ever want are niggers. I need them. I need this cock. I need to feel like this all the time. Please! Please!"

    Her ebony lover became violent with her, bucking wildly at her as he rammed into her. At first, he was shivering... The married white woman was so tight around the enormous black tool. She wanted bred, did she? She was going to get it. Grunting, he was soon shaking hard. "Aahaa... Going to... Aaaah! Going to knock you up, Erika... Aaah... Say it... Say, 'My womb is for niggers'! Heh... Say it... Thank your new black gods for erasing your white bloodline..." Avon hollered. Arching his back his muscles began to tense at the member became rock hard. With a howl of pleasure, he erupted inside of her - shot after shot of hot fertile African seed pumped directly into her womb and overflowed her wanton pink pussy.

    "Thank you!" she cried out, "Thank you so much! Whites are so... inferior. Just for breeding. I'm just a breeding sow. My womb is for niggers!" she called out, cocking her head back with a womb. "My womb is for niggers... my womb is for niggers... my womb is for niggers," she forced out the words like it was a mantra, unerringly murmuring them as she came… Again and again, relishing in the way that African cum stirred up her insides, bursting out from her stuffed cunt. The flow and volume was too much for her poor, tight white pussy to handle. "More... more!" she mumbled, practically delirious.

    Reaching around her grasped her ankle and flipped her on her stomach. Grasping her hips, he rubbed the semi-erect black cock up and down her soaked black cum drooling cunt... Already his member was resurrecting. "Mmn... You're addicted now... Your life exists now for the black race, Erika... You brought three white children into this world..." The man said, his big black cock hardening at the thought of deflowering them and impregnating them too. "You owe the black race at least six black babies now... Tell me, snowbunny bitch... Tell me you want to be the last person in your family with blonde hair... Beg me to black your daughters and son..." He hissed. "Do it or I'll make sure you never get black cock again and have to go back to your pathetic white hubby..."

    She did… Black gods be praised… She did.
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