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. Weekend At The Cabin

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by DeeAnnaMontana, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. DeeAnnaMontana

    DeeAnnaMontana Well-Known Member Member

    My boyfriend and bull Deke arranged a weekend at our cabin with Him, my hubby and I, and two friends of his from Utah, and their couples. Nine of us, in all, at our cabin in Montana. We were a little nervous, as we had never done any sort of group play before. Also, weren't sure what sort of people Deke's friends were, though they sounded very nice on the phone; and both looked extremely good from the pictures I had seen of them on social media sites! You all know that I am head over heels about black men, and these two were some of the best looking basketball players I had ever seen! Not professional, but they played in some local leagues and looked like they could have played at least semi-pro!

    Just meeting someone like this is a treat for me, but knowing that we were going to be spending four days with us and the possibilities that were going through my head! But, we also had not planned for any kind of group sex or anything like that. (Just naughty ME letting my mind wander!) Everyone had their own room and there are so many things to do that you could literally spend all weekend there and never run into each other.

    Thursday night finally came and we headed for the cabin. Tommi drove, Deke sat in the passenger seat and I rode in the back. Deke's two friends were driving up, and texting us about their progress on the way. They were only a couple of hours behind us and the two couples were both flying in late that night and driving up in the morning.

    We get up to the cabin and unload our gear and I start making supper. Tommi and Deke head back down to meet Brian and Joe at the general store.

    Soon they are all back and I greet them at the door. Brian and Joe are very sweet and charming, as we exchange pleasantries and they bring all of their bags in and we show them to their rooms. We ate and shared some great conversation. Found out that both men are medical professionals and I, of course, told them I might need an exam! It was the first innuendo of the night, and everyone got quiet at first, but then Joe leaned over to me, took me by the hand and said, "I would be honored to give you an exam." and he kissed my hand. I looked into his eyes, giggled softly and melted - knowing that if he asked I would gladly do whatever he wanted.

    Deke spoke up and said, "We are all friends here, as long and Dee and Tom are comfortable - you fellas know I'm okay with it." I got up and gathered the dishes and took them to the sink. Everyone joined in and we had the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned in no time.

    Tommi and Joe headed out to get some firewood while Deke, Brian and I enjoyed some wine on the deck. Tommi came back and started our fire pit. We all sat and talked for over an hour, until it was dark. Our conversation was great and we all got along famously. The men were all old friends and we had known Deke for over a year. We were all comfortable. Except I was getting tipsy and extremely horny being around these three handsome, charming black men! I had to use the bathroom, so I headed inside and Deke followed me. He used the bathroom in the back and was at the door when I came out of the kitchen bathroom. He took me in his arms and kissed me. He knows that always gets my juices flowing! He smiled and said he was going to let me enjoy sucking his friends dicks tonight. I was sort of expecting this, but the reality of his words had me shaking. Partially from being nervous and partially from being excited. We walked hand in hand back out to the deck and I sat on Deke's lap as we all continued to talk.

    Suddenly Deke turned to Tommi and said, "Tommi! Come on over here and take your wife's blouse off!"

    My hubby looked nervously at the men and came over to unbutton my blouse. I smiled when he looked me in the eye, then he fumbled with the buttons until he got down to the last one, and my blouse fell open and I stood so he could take it off and turned around so he could unlatch my bra. My bra fell to the deck as I sat back down on Deke's lap.

    "Dee loves to have her breasts sucked on boys, you want to try them out?"

    Joe and Brian were out of their chairs in a second and each had a tit and began caressing and telling me how much they liked them. I, of course, was about to jump out of my skin from the excitement! Sittin' on my Deke's lap with these two handsome men feeling me up. I'm not into group scenes, but having all those strong hands on me was making me dizzy! I could feel Deke getting hard, but we both still had our jeans on. Deke turned to Tommi and said, "Have a seat and we'll show you how we used to treat the cheerleaders in college."

    I was into it by now and ready to do whatever they wanted. Joe unzipped his pants and let them fall around his knees. His long dick popped out, half hard and I reached out and wrapped my hand around it. I looked up at him and he smiled and said, "Suck my dick, Dee! Show Tommi how much you love black dick!"

    I opened my mouth and began to suck, and he held me by the head and continued to caress and pinch my nipple while I sucked him like a mad woman! I think he was about to cum when he pulled out and bent down to kiss me. Deke had me stand up and Tommi came over the help me take my jeans off. They all whistled and laughed when they saw that I didn't wear any panties. Deke had taken his jeans off and had me sit down slowly as he guided his dick into my wet pussy. I came right then or shortly after - all I remember is that I was trying to recover from the intensity of my orgasm when Brian laid his dick across my forehead and told me to suck his balls.

    I love to suck balls and I like being told to do it! I was naughty about it as stroked his thick cock with my hand and sucked his balls like a mad woman. I could feel Deke, still hard inside of me and Braian's hands on my head. I heard Tommi moan over all that was going on and I knew he was cumming in his hand as he watched. This was a fantasy of his, but I found myself right in the position that I have always told people is not for me. I have never liked group scenes and like to have my men one at a time, because it seems more intimate to me. At that moment all of that was forgotten and I was glad to be the center of attention and I was getting into it as Brian started complimenting me on what a good hostess I was.

    Looking him in the eyes, he told me to open my mouth as he pressed the head of his dick against my lips. Brian is 6'5 and I was sort of half standing in order to suck him. Deke told Tommi to get a blanket and he draped it over the bar. Brian stood me to my feet and him and Joe put me between them and him and Brian kissed me all over my face and neck and shoulders, back and breasts while running their hands up and down my body. I WAS ON FIRE! I was making all the motions to try to get Brian to take me from behind, but they just kept kissing and caressing while pressing their hard dicks into me! Suddenly they picked me up and laid me across the bar on my stomach. At that height I could suck the massive head of Joes dick as he put it in my mouth, as Brian entered me from behind.

    I spread wide as the tall man grabbed my hips and worked his dick into me. I was a little hard to keep sucking while he was stretching and probing deep in my pussy, but I developed a sort of rhythm of sucking and caressing Joe's balls while Brian had his way with my pussy. That worked fine until a short time later when Joe grabbed my head and filled my mouth with his cum. I didn't expect it that soon and I coughed and gagged a little as I tried to swallow. I continued to suck for a minute or so, then Joe backed away and Deke came into the picture. He is not as tall as the other men, so I had to skooch myself across the bar a little to get his dick in my mouth. This gave Brian a little different angle on my clit and it launched me into another orgasm - then Brian grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down onto his dick and came inside of me. Well, he had a condom on, but he came. He pulled out of me and then out of the corner of my eye I saw him kiss my husband full on the mouth! It was so unexpected that I was just stunned for a moment, then Deke held my head and stuffed his dick into my mouth, holding my head while I sucked him. He is thicker than the other men, but not as long.

    Without cumming, Deke pulled out of my mouth and suggested we all take showers and go to bed. I showered with Deke and him and I took our master suite. Tommi took the room next to it and Joe and Brian took the two rooms that share a bathroom on the other side of the cabin. We went right to sl**p, but Deke woke me up in the middle of the night and made love to me slow and easy. Later I learned that Tommi had a visitor in the middle of the night. Turns out Brian had done some time in prison and he liked to make white men suck his dick. Also learned that the cuck couple that he had invited were both his "girls." The story is that the husband had lived in the same dorm (which I didn't know they had in prisons!) as Brian and he had seen a picture of his wife. They got to telling stories and Brian found out that the guy and his wife had done some swapping and sharing. Brian pushed him a little further and asked him if they had been with any black men. When they guy said "No" Brian asked him if he was prejudice? He said he wasn't and Brian invited him to the bathroom to prove it. "Prove it" turned out to be Brian making him suck his dick. Brian became the guys protector and was introduced to his wife in the visiting room and being a handsome, muscular man she was immediately attracted to him.

    Long story short, Brian became the hero and developed a relationship with the couple. While the husband became his "bitch" the wife was seduced by the charming black man and they became very close. He ended up getting out of prison before the husband did and spent over a month taking care of the man's wife before he got out. She was totally Brain's girl before the hubby showed up, so his first sex when he got out of prison was watching this huge black man with his wife while he jacked off, then eating his first cream pie while Brian told his wife what their relationship was REALLY like in prison. Told you all that to tell you that Tommi ended up sucking Brian's dick in the middle of the night!

    We all got up in the morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. Tommi is quite the breakfast chef. He had a hardy breakfast ready and fresh coffee brewed by the time we got to the kitchen. I helped him dish up plates for everyone and poured coffee and went out and got some napkins from our pantry. On my way back into the kitchen I stopped and admired the view. Not the view of the mountains that we get to enjoy there - but the view of the three handsome black men sitting at our breakfast bar. Deke had already woken me up with some incredible morning sex, but I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to suck his dick. Tommi was telling the men a little history about the mountain and all the things we could do until the other couples showed up and I handed everyone a napkin. I saved Deke's for last and after handing him his napkin, I leaned over and kissed him. Not a peck on the cheek, but a full mouth passionate tongue kiss that took him by surprise. I held his handsome face in my hands and said, "Thank you for sharing me with your friends, baby! Last night was an beautiful time! Sure enjoyed getting to know you guys!"

    I smiled as I rubbed Deke's dick through his pants. "May I suck your dick while you eat your breakfast, Daddy?" I said, as I stood up and untied the sash on my bathrobe and let it drop to the floor.

    Deke smiled and I knew his mind was working. "Give all of our guests a good morning kiss, Dee, then kiss Tommi."

    I kissed him, again, then I went to Joe and gave him a kiss as he ran his hands over my ass. I gave Brian a kiss and he took my hand and guided it to his dick, then he pushed my head down and said, "Give my boy a kiss, too." Turns out that's what he called his dick 'My Boy.' I gave it a kiss, and a lick, then wrapped my mouth around the head before I stood up and licked my lips.

    Deke looked at Tommi and said, "Looks like you're gonna' get a taste of black dick with your kiss, buddy!"

    The men laughed then Brian spoke up. "He probly still got that taste in his mouth from last night. Tommi got a little taste of prison life last night, didn't you, boy?"

    My hubby nodded his head sheepishly. At that point I didn't know how far that prison life lesson had gone, but it added fuel to my fire for sure! I kissed Tommi with a passion and squeezed his dick and balls in my hand as I snaked my tongue down his throat. He was rock hard, which is very rare!

    Deke told me to suck his friends and I got on my knees and enjoyed sucking off Joe first, then Brian and finally Deke. None of them came, I just sucked them until they got good and hard, then moved to the next one. Somewhere last night being the servant of these three studs sparked a fire in me. I was enjoying being their slut. When they were all finished with their breakfast, they took me back to my bedroom and laid me on my back on the bed. One after another they got between my legs and they worked their long dicks into me as we kissed. Each one brought me to an orgasm, but none of them came. Having those big, strong handsome men over me, stretching me while they kissed me deeply and I ran my hands over those muscular bodies as I wrapped my legs around them and told them how much I loved being their slut...WHAT A FEELING! Those men hand never met me before, so I don't think they realized that I was completely against doing what I did, before that weekend.

    The other two couples ended up not making it for the weekend, so I enjoyed four days of Pleasure with my three black hunks. I'm still not convinced that Deke didn't plan it that way! (Make a lot of this up, just to keep it real)
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