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. Wear a Badge and Get Fucked

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by EroticWriter, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. EroticWriter

    EroticWriter Well-Known Member Author!

    Wear a Badge and get Fucked

    by EroticWriter

    "Get off her boy. Do it real slow so we can see that you don't have any weapons other than that one between your legs."

    Another mostly true story, readers, taken from the novel I wrote and never published about my first trip from Ohio to California with an unplanned stop to visit in Kansas on the way. I talked with a guy and he told me his story.

    Other chapters like 'Hudson Rendezvous' (made up) and 'Fucked by an Unseen Stranger' (based on something that happened to me) are from the same book. **


    1956, Wichita, Kansas *

    Twila was paying more attention to Joe's fucking than his talking. Despite her trying to stop him, Joe had brutally taken her cherry tonight at the drive in theater. Then they had left the theater after the first feature of a double bill. Instead of taking her home to her parents, Joe had driven to downtown Wichita and into the train station parking lot. Here in the back of the lot and between two cars, they had a good degree of privacy.

    Now he was working on her head as he fucked her. Joe wanted her to keep fucking him exclusively until she went off to college. And he wanted to take her to a motel the next time. Twila didn't answer because what Joe was saying made sense. If she is going to start putting out, it would be easier if she stiocks to one guy.

    "Well, will you at least think about it?" Joe asked again as he buried his crooked penis, which curved sideways into her and paused.


    "You will?"


    "Good, that's all that I ask."

    Now that she had lost her virginity a little over an hour ago, Twila wanted to have an orgasm. Twila had been trying to concentrate on his cock to see if he could even bring her near to an orgasm. She could tell now, it feels good, but there just isn't enough stimulation for her. A bigger penis wouldn't help either she was pretty sure. So much for 'that' talk!

    Twila knew now, her clitoris was too far away. It wasn't located right on or above the hole, but instead was an inch or so above the hole. She resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn't come tonight, with Joe. Twila wished that she could lie down. Even in this position it still felt somewhat good, but in a motel . . . she began to fantasize.

    When it happened, it was almost like before, at the drive-in. Twila had her eyes closed. She was trying to get as much pleasure as she could from the little stimulation his penis 'did' provide as her lips were being tugged in and out and moving her clitoris slightly. It wasn't enough, but . . . she began remembering how good it had begun to feel when Joe had ground against her clitoris. Maybe if they did go to a motel where he could be lying on her . . .

    Suddenly the lights in the motel room were turned on! 'No, I'm not in a motel room! It was like when they were at the drive-in and the lights had come on at the end of the movie. Twila came out of her fantasy of reaching orgasm on a bed and opened her eyes. Her heart leaped! Someone was shining a light through the open window!

    Caught fucking!

    Is it a policeman? He must have walked up very quietly. Twila froze. Joe's cock was deep in her pussy, and her heart was up in her throat. She wanted to look at the guy holding the light, but instead hid her face in shame and embarrassment.

    "Don't you kids know that this is railroad property? You can't do that here."

    It was a guard. He continued to shine the light, but took it off their faces and shined it between them, and onto their coupled genitals.

    "By my light I'm glad to see you're wearing a rubber. A lot of kids aren't smart enough to put one on. At least she won't get pregnant. Maybe she'll even get to finish school." He paused, and his voice sounded different, softer, "Maybe I should let you finish her tonight."

    The guard kept shining the light where he could see their sexual parts, and Joe, wondering if that is what the guard wants, began pumping again. He stayed back and away from Twila so that everything would be visible.

    She didn't seem to mind, though she was still keeping her head turned away.

    This had happened to Joe once before. This guard isn't going to make any trouble; he just wants to watch. The last time someone had shined a light and watched him in action there had been two of them, two Sheriff's deputies.

    Joe's first run in with the law

    It was outside of Hutchinson. Joe had just turned 18. Joe had already reached one climax, and then they had taken a break and changed rubbers. When the cops arrived, he and Mary Beth had just started fucking again. The first time, Joe had fucked Mary B. in the upright position by kneeling on the floor between her legs.

    It was the first time Joe had ever fucked Mary Beth. She had been wonderfully warm when he entered her. When Mary Beth began to get a little noisy; Joe lost it and climaxed before he had wanted to. She had gotten close, but had not achieved orgasm.

    Mary Beth was his third conquest. She wasn't a virgin, but she still felt really tight. Mary Beth claimed that she had only been with one boy before him. It seemed believable. She said that she had been raised very strictly and had not been allowed to start dating until she had turned 17. Now, a year later, Mary Beth was still only 18. She was just four months older than Joe was.

    Mary Beth seemed even younger because she was so small and looked so fragile. Joe even resisted his urge to slam his cock into her and had been gentle the first time. He planned to start out slow the second time, and then as she got closer he would really feed it into her. This time he would be able to hold back until she climaxed, then he would find out if she would beg for more, or beg him to quit!

    Her body might be small, but it was only in height and width. Her breasts and buttocks were more than adequate, and Joe had been surprised when he had first gone under her blouse. Mary Beth was cute too, really cute. She had a ready smile, and her nose was covered with just a light sprinkle of freckles. She was smart enough not to try covering them with makeup.

    After being suppressed for so long Mary Beth was craving adventure. She even put the rubber on for him. While doing so, she told Joe in answer to his inquiry that he was a little wider and quite a bit longer than her first boy had been. She also expressed concern about being able to handle his curvature.

    It was great fun. She groaned appropriately as he stretched her. Except for the missing maidenhead, it felt like she had never been fucked before. Mary Beth seemed to be very interested and inquisitive as his larger and oddly shaped penis gave her certain feelings for the first time. Gasping as he prodded ever deeper, Mary Beth said that sex had proven to be very exciting and she might try several boys or men before she finally settled down.

    After Joe had worked it almost all the way into her, Mary Beth said that she could feel the end of his cock hitting her in the wrong place. It hurt a little, and she asked him to go slower and not go quite so deep until she could (maybe) get used to him.

    Even while being just two thirds of the way inside her, Mary Beth said he was deeper than the first boy had gone. Joe felt like a king. She was good for his ego, and it had been a very good climax. Mary Beth hugged Joe tightly and said that she could feel every throb as he filled the rubber. That surprised her, she claimed, because she had not felt the first boy's orgasm.

    The second time, Joe was lying on top of Mary Beth with most of his weight on his knees and staying up to keep from drilling her too deeply. She was beginning to get pretty turned on and noisy. When she raised her legs high into the air and wrapped them around him, Joe realized that she really and truly liked sex. She responded to his caresses and movements far better than his first two girls had.

    Mary Beth hadn't as yet climaxed with a boy, and this time Joe planned to last until she achieved her first orgasm through intercourse. It was a good plan. She even told him so. There was one flaw in his plan, lying down had been a mistake. Joe didn't see the sheriff's car coming. Suddenly, the car was bathed in light! Joe froze, with his penis halfway inside Mary Beth. Before Joe had time to react, someone shined a light into the car from behind and above him. Caught!

    "Get off her boy. Do it real slow so that we can see that you don't have any weapons other than that one between your legs."

    The brighter light that had been flooding the car went off, and Joe heard footsteps. He heard more than one type of laugh. There were two of them. They must have driven up with their lights off, and then one of them had walked up to his car before the other officer had hit them with the spotlight.

    Joe had removed his trousers before mounting Mary Beth and they were going to see his rubber-covered cock. Mary Beth still did not utter a sound as she unwrapped her legs from around him. As Joe raised himself off of her, they told Mary Beth to remain as she was. One of the deputies opened the passenger door and told Joe to step backward out of the car.

    As Joe straightened up, one of the officers flashed a beam on his cock. Joe knew they were taking a quick look to see what kind of equipment he was packing. It was something that Joe understood, a guy thing. You always want to know how much meat a guy was feeding to a gal if you happen to know they were fucking. Not knowing what else to do, Joe stood still with his penis already partially dangling.

    They reminded Mary Beth to just lie there and not move. With one saying he wanted to be sure that she didn't have any weapons, both of them slowly ran their flashlights over her body. Joe had removed Mary Beth's blouse, brassiere and panties. Only her skirt remained, and it was up around her waist. Mary Beth was lying with her knees still in the air, and she was spread and fully exposed to them.

    Inspecting the merchandise.

    Except for the chirping of crickets nearby, only the sound of breathing could be heard. The lights didn't miss her opened pussy. It was shiny and slippery with juice. Her pubic hair was light red, almost a shade of orange. The penetrating glows lingered a long moment on her pussy, then one light moved on to her firm, upright and heaving breasts, while the other light continued to shine on her vagina. Her nipples were large, pink, and erect. Mary Beth was trembling, but Joe didn't know if it was because the police had caught her, or because they are viewing her nudity.

    Mary Beth was fully illuminated from breasts to pussy. Joe was seeing her nudity under illumination for the first time, and he stared as intently at Mary Beth as they did. It seemed like a long time, but their perusal of her body actually only lasted a few seconds. The light shining on her breasts was flipped off before reaching her face.

    The deputies made Mary Beth remain lying down while they checked Joe's identification. While they read his driver's license Joe slowly went completely soft, but was still wearing the rubber. They directed him to sit in the back seat of his dad's four-door car.

    As Joe climbed into the rear of the car one of them snickered. "Keep the rubber on, Joe. If she's eighteen, you still might get a chance to use it."

    One light was still aimed at the area between Mary Beth's breasts and vagina. When they asked for her identification, tiny Mary Beth lowered her feet to the door sill and rose to a sitting position. Her voice trembled when she said, "I'm eighteen too. Look at my license!" Mary Beth had blurted it out, and then she asked with a trembling voice if there was anything she could do so that they wouldn't arrest her. Because of her parent's prominent place in Hutchinson society, she was trying to avoid giving them her name.

    The two sheriff's deputies were surprised. They weren't used to having a teen-aged girl admit her age so readily, although at 18 she had reached the age of consent. When things were quiet on patrol, they had made it their hobby to search for cars parked in isolated places. They caught one or two couples in the act almost every week, sometimes it was couples cheating on their spouses, but usually it was teenagers. The kids almost always tried to evade, and lie about their age.

    "Why are you so scared honey?" one of the officers asked, without bothering to ask her to dig out her license. "You act like you have something to hide. Kids don't usually just blurt out their age."

    While pretending to be concerned, they were shining their lights just off to the side of her body and onto the seat and floor of the car. Not enough to blind her, but enough sidelight to still be illuminating her body. This gal was an especially nice catch and they were admiring her firm, jutting breasts in her seated upright position. Mary Beth was lightly tanned, unusual for a redhead, and half her tits were white, whether from a bikini or halter-top they couldn't tell.

    "Please, can't we work something out”" she asked again with a trembling voice. "My dad's a pastor at a church in town," she said truthfully. "If you report me I'll be in real trouble. It would be so embarrassing if this gets out. My dad preaches abstinence and marriage in almost every sermon he gives."

    'Ahah,' both deputies thought to themselves, 'she might be 18 but she has a real reason to keep this quiet!' The deputies recognized her plea for secrecy as one they had heard before. Every once in awhile, a catch would do anything to keep from being found out.

    This one had done exactly that, asking if something can be worked out.

    Boldly, one of the deputies directed his beam directly over her breasts. The light lingered there, then moved onto her pussy. When Mary Beth had sat up, she had placed her heels onto the door sill while her legs were still spread. As the beam spotlighted her femininity now, she made no effort to close her legs.

    They had shown their lights on her before, but only for a relatively brief glimpse of her body. This time the deputies were being obvious about it, and the light stayed on her redheaded beaver. Surprisingly, she made no apparent effort to hide herself.

    When Mary Beth had been lying down her pussy was just semi-opened, and except for being slippery looking it had shown scant signs of just having a cock pulled out of it. This time her slit was opened a little from the pressure of sitting on her buttocks with her legs up, and they could see a little ways inside.

    "You look pretty good sitting there," the older deputy said with a soft voice. Unseen to Mary Beth because of the flashlight, he was rubbing the bulge in his trousers with his free hand. "You also looked good when you were laying down. Tell us, Mary, do you have any suggestions as to how we can work this out?"

    The other deputy chuckled. As he laid in the back seat of his parent's car, and even over the sound of the crickets in the woods, Joe heard the deputy's zipper coming down.

    Things progress at the train station:

    "That's it," the railroad cop said softly as Joe started moving his shaft within Twila again. "Just finish your business and you can be on your way."

    The guard sounded friendlier now. His voice sounded strained, and maybe excited. They were doing what he wanted. The light stayed on, and moved around from time to time so that he could see at different angles.

    Twila was deeply embarrassed, but relieved. She had thought it was the real cops! This guy could probably make trouble if he wants to. Fucking in a public place, even though it is dark, is probably illegal. He has already seen plenty, so there is really no reason for her to try hiding her body from him now.

    Twila closed her eyes and tried to pretend that he isn't there. This entire happening in one evening was almost too much to take. Yet, somehow, this was exciting. Twila had always liked excitement.

    Joe's cock was stiff as a board. He had been caught again! This time he had stayed upright so that he could act as a lookout while he poked Twila. He had been watching for cars, and hadn't thought about a guard that would be on foot. Someone was watching him fuck a girl, and Joe felt proud.

    Twila was a very beautiful girl with a wonderful body. He placed one hand on her breast and let the guard see him fondling her. Her nipples were rigid, and the total area of one of her nipples was the size of a quarter in diameter and bright pink in color.

    Taking a chance that she would not turn her head away in front of the guard and embarrass him, Joe leaned forward and kissed Twila. She responded passionately. Joe was thankful that Twila was freely cooperating. Maybe she liked being watched too! Joe began to pump a little harder while using full-length strokes. At the same time he was trying to stay back from her a little with his entire body so that the guard would have a better view.

    Twila had responded to his kiss because she wanted this to be over with. If she appeared to be aroused, Joe would come quicker. Partially faking her pleasure, she began to moan and raised her legs higher around him. Out of the corner of her eye Twila was surprised to see the guard boldly lean completely through the window, bend down, and shine the light up under, between her ass and Joe's left thigh.

    Raising her legs had been a mistake. It had opened more of her to viewing from underneath. Twila realized that the guard could see her slippery lips being stretched and plundered by Joe's probe even better from that angle. He was seeing what she was feeling!

    Then the thought of this began to excite her, and soon not all of her moaning was being faked. Watching the guard out of the corner of her eye, Twila raised her legs even higher and pushed her ass out towards the front of the seat. The guard was rewarded with the additional sight of her lovely little tight, hairless, and pink asshole.

    Joe tried to hold back for everyone as long as he could. Twila was enjoying it. The guard was enjoying it. He was enjoying it. The trouble was, Joe was enjoying it too much. Her pussy was fantastic. If he kept up this pace he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. Joe looked up at the guard, "When you told us to finish our business, did you mean that you wanted us to hurry?"

    The guard snickered, "Any job worth doing takes time. If you want to set yourself apart from the pack, see if you can wait for the young lady."

    Young lady?' Joe stopped pumping for a minute and kissed Twila on the forehead, eyelids, nose and lips. Yes, she was a lady for sure. He felt affectionate towards Twila anyhow, and the excuse to stop pumping for a minute helped him to control his rising pressure. It would help to hold back if he thought of other things, like that time . . .

    Using their authority to use a man's woman.

    Mary Beth heard the deputy's zipper too. Her voice quavered a little, and she said, "'That' sounds like a way."

    Nothing more needed to be said. They knew that she was giving her consent, and the officer standing closest to Joe looked at him.

    "How about it boy, do you have any problem with that?"

    Joe blinked as a flashlight was aimed through the rear door and at his face. He had rolled the window down. "N . . . No sir, it's the first time I've taken her out."

    The deputy chuckled, "That's good. This will be our first 'date' with her too. We'll just be a little while, and then you can get back to where you were when we caught you."

    The other deputy said, "Yeah, we promise not to wear it out for you. We might stretch it out a little though." He laughed, a wicked sounding laugh, making Joe shiver. Joe had been thinking for a second that the two men would want blow jobs. Instead, with words like 'stretch,' and 'wear out,' it sounded like they planned to fuck her.

    Another zipper was heard coming down, and a voice, "Who goes first?"

    The deputy closest to Joe, the younger of the two, replied, "Why don't I go first this time? She looks to be nice and tight and I'll loosen her up for you."

    "Good enough. It'll go easier on her that way."

    The deputy who had been chosen to go first turned to Joe, "Got any rubbers boy?"

    Joe felt relieved. One worry was being taken care of. He had assumed that they would just have their way with her and not be concerned about whether she became pregnant. Joe was thankful that he had bought a six-pack.

    "Yes sir. In my pants pocket sir." Joe had thrown his pants into the back earlier, and they were on the seat beside him. He reached into a pocket and handed them each a rubber. He hoped that one apiece would be enough.

    "That's good," the second deputy replied. "Now we don't have to use our own."

    The deputy laughed at his own joke, and Joe felt irritated. It was one thing to fuck his girl, but to use 'his' rubbers when they had their own was really rubbing it in.

    The deputy who was to go second was shining his light onto Mary Beth. She was still sitting up and Joe could see her from the shoulders up from his position on the rear seat. He wondered what Mary Beth was thinking, and hoped that she didn't blame him for her present predicament.

    "Give me some light here. I need to see to slip this rubber on."

    Mary Beth was staring at the younger deputy with an excited look on her face, and Joe followed her eyes. She was watching the deputy roll the rubber onto his bloated penis. From his position in the rear, Joe could also see it. The young deputy's cock looked shorter than his own and appeared to be a little thicker than Joe is around the shaft.

    But that head, unfortunately for Joe, the head on the deputy's dick was quite a bit thicker. 'She's going to feel the difference when he first puts it into her, that's for sure,' thought Joe. 'I wonder if she'll like it.'

    The deputy moved toward Mary Beth with his short and fat dick swaying from side to side. When he reached the door sill, Mary leaned back upon her elbows and Joe lost sight of her body and most of her face. He could still see her hair and forehead over the top of the seat. The deputy wearing the rubber paused as he reached the door and stared down with a smile at Mary Beth. He looked to be about 25 years old.

    Mary Beth spoke with a low voice, but Joe was alert and could still make out the words. "Could you have Joe sit in the patrol car instead of the back seat'"

    The deputy replied with a low voice, but Joe didn't have to strain to hear his reply. "What's the matter honey? Don't you want Joe to hear you enjoying it? We can't have him sitting off in the patrol car. We need to keep him where we can see him. Don't worry, he can't see through the seat."

    The deputy had a reason for wanting to make Joe stay in this vehicle. Each deputy took delight in watching the other take his turn on whatever woman he happened to score on. If they put Joe into the squad car, one of them would have to remain there and not be able to see the show.

    The deputy who had the honor of going first kneeled on the seat between Mary Beth's legs and remained upright. In the rear, Joe felt the car tilt a little under his weight.

    "Let me feel your body a little bit and warm you up."

    Mary Beth had been staring at his penis and raised her eyes to stare into the deputy's face as he spoke. Now that she had finally been able to see his face, Mary Beth thought that the young deputy was handsome. Her eyes returned to his cock. The sight of a cock that was so much different from the previous two she had experienced excited her. Her heart was pounding as he reached for her, but it was no longer from being afraid. For a little while, she forgot that she would soon have to take on a second deputy.

    Joe heard Mary Beth gasp as the deputy fondled her. She disappeared from his view and Joe knew that she had lain flat on her back. Joe could still see the deputy's upper body, but he wished that he could see Mary Beth's face. Joe wanted to watch and see how she was reacting. Joe also wondered where she was being touched, and how.

    "She's got some really nice titties," the deputy said to no one in particular. " Her nipples got hard as soon as I touched them. Let's see how that red-headed snatch feels."

    Joe knew now, where and how she was being touched. He heard Mary Beth gasp again, and saw a big grin come across the young deputy's face. The deputy continued to look down at her. He was grinning, and Joe could see his right arm moving. He heard Mary Beth gasp still another time, and Joe wondered if Mary Beth was scared and gasping in a form of protest, or simply enjoying the deputy's touch. Then she giggled and began moaning softly. Joe's question had been answered.

    "I'm only using one finger and she's got a tight one even though the kid was trying to loosen her up," the young deputy said to the older one. "I'd better get this rubber wet with some of her juice first. You're going to have fun trying to wedge yours in there."

    "If you do your job right, I should be able to get mine in," the older man said, "or at least some of it. Do you remember how that cute little housewife we caught with someone else's husband was so willing to do anything to keep us quiet? Then she almost died when she saw my dick for the first time. She was really glad when you went first."

    "I know. Before we were through she really liked taking on two guys with fat cocks. I still say we ought to give her a call sometime."

    The deputy on Mary Beth chuckled at the end of his sentence, and Joe began to understand what he had meant by his remark about the other cop wedging it in. Joe wondered if the cops were just showing off and trying to impress Mary Beth. They might even have made up the story about the housewife.

    One thing for sure, Joe's peter had never gone completely down. Joe looked down at it; the rubber was still on and ready to be used. Joe felt it tingle as he thought of what was about to happen to Mary Beth.

    Listening to his girl getting the long arm of the law

    Joe heard Mary Beth squeal as the deputy began rubbing her pussy with his cock to get it wet. In another moment the deputy disappeared from Joe's vision as he bent over her in the front seat. Mary Beth's gasp was loud enough to be heard from 50 feet away. It sounded like the deputy had suddenly plunged it into her.

    Things were quiet for a minute, and Joe thought that they might be kissing. Every once in awhile he heard the sound of Mary Beth breathing and then the sound would end abruptly, like they had begun kissing again. Gradually, Joe could hear them whispering to each other, but he couldn't quite make out the words.

    Joe leaned forward, closer to the front seat. He glanced to his right and saw that the bigger, older deputy was standing right at the feet of the involved couple, so Joe didn't feel like he would be able to look over the front seat at the action.

    Joe listened as hard as he could, turning up the volume on his attention button to maximum. “You're such a little gal. Does it feel good so far?” Mary Beth laughed, and then it sounded like she whispered a 'yes.' and Joe wondered if the deputy was busily putting it to her, or was just holding it there.

    If they were already fucking, it wasn't real hard because Joe could not feel the car moving.

    "Are you wet enough now?" the deputy said, just loud enough that Joe could make out the words.

    "I . . . think so. That felt...feels so big. Go ahead and put it the rest of the way in."

    Joe's mouth dropped open. So he hadn't plunged it all the way into her after all. That gasp from Mary must have been when he shoved that thick head into her, or maybe, tried to. Was she saying put the head the rest of the way in, or the entire cock?

    Her voice sounded excited, and a little hesitant. Joe wished that he could see just how far the stocky young deputy had gone into her. If that fat head was already through her lips, the rest should be easier

    Apparently the time for intimate getting acquainted whispering between the deputy and Beth had passed, because now Joe could hear better since their voices seemed to go up in volume.

    Joe knew for sure that the head had not already been inside her when he heard the deputy say that he was going to push slow and steady until it went on through, and then she groaned again, a long groan and deeper in tone. Mary Beth's legs rose into the air, going higher than the seat back, and then almost disappeared as she wrapped them around the deputy.

    Then silence again. Joe could hear nothing for a while. He watched her knees at the point where she was wrapped around the deputy. They were jerking a little, indicating that some kind of movement was occurring. Joe thought that he could hear Mary Beth breathing. It sounded ragged. Then, for the first time Joe felt the car moving. 'They must be fucking now,' he thought.

    The deputy on Mary Beth laughed, and then spoke in a low tone. Even so, Joe heard what he said to her, apparently in response to a question; "Yeah baby, it's all the way in now. There. Feel that? I'm all the way up against you. You're becoming a woman." He raised his voice and spoke to the deputy holding the light;

    "I took it slow because she's a tight one. Even after I got past her lips she had trouble taking my cock. I had to give her several strokes before I could get my dick all the way in, but it was worth it. She really feels good, one of the best ever!"

    "Well, get with it! I'm sporting a hard on that will only go away after I put it inside of a woman, and I can't stand around here holding the light for you all night." Despite his wording, the tone of the older man's voice indicated his joy and excitement over what he was seeing and was about to receive. That was confirmed with his next sentence. “Make sure she has time to enjoy it though...”

    "O.K., you want me to fuck her? Fuck her I will, and she's going to like it!” He looked down at Mary Beth, "Want it fast and hard honey' If you think you can handle it that's what I plan to do for a while."

    Mary Beth answered in a very low tone compared to the deputy's question. Despite that, Joe could hear her reply clearly. "I'm getting used to it. Go ahead, I...I want you to. It feels good now."

    Joe felt the car begin rocking. His car! The deputy was fucking his girl, in his car, with his rubber. Joe wondered, hoped perhaps, that Mary Beth had just told the deputy that he felt good to placate him. There was always the chance that she really was doing this to avoid the embarrassment of being arrested and the resulting scandal. Shucks, she might even be doing it to save his butt.

    Joe could hear Mary Beth whispering again, and it sounded like she was telling the deputy again how good that it is feeling. Joe saw her legs rise higher into the air and again close around the deputy. Her breathing became louder, like she was struggling to catch more air. Joe felt his penis rise to full size.

    He glanced at the other deputy. He was holding the light on the fucking couple and watching with a big grin on his face. Joe wondered if it would be permissible to sneak a peek, after all, everything here was his.

    While watching the standing deputy Joe slowly leaned forward, and when the deputy didn't say anything as he reached the front seat, he carefully peeked over. What Joe saw shocked him! Mary Beth was hugging the blonde deputy tightly. She looked very tiny under him, and his body completely covered hers. One of her arms was around his neck, and the other around his waist.

    She was kissing the deputy! Joe had not thought about that, but there she is, kissing madly away. Her eyes were closed and she was returning his kisses with enthusiasm. Between each kiss Mary Beth was smiling broadly. Whether forced into the situation or not, at the moment Mary Beth looked to be a very willing participant.

    Joe began to believe that Mary Beth had actually wanted this. She certainly had not put up any protest. Indeed, she had seemed almost enthusiastic at the prospect of satisfying the two men. The way Mary Beth looked now, like she was really having fun made Joe feel a little disgusted with her.

    But there was something about Mary Beth that holds your attention. Joe could not take his eyes off her. 'Look at her face, all red and flushed and with a big smile on her lips. She really looks beautiful while she is being royally fucked, there is no doubt about that.'

    It was strange, the next feeling that rushed over Joe. He felt it, recognized it and wondered, 'why am I feeling like I am in love with Mary Beth now, and why, if that is the case, aren't I feeling jealous at how she is enjoying her fuck from this man who forced himself onto her?'

    Unknown to Joe, he had just entered into the category of those men who enjoy seeing their wife being fucked by other men. But it would be some three years before Joe would become married, and it would take another two years before he could get his wife to go along.

    And no, the woman Joe would end up marrying and sharing was not to be Mary Beth. The woman he would end up marrying was named Twila, and he would fuck her for the first time, taking her virginity, at a drive in theater.

    Her sex partner had kept his pants on and was fucking Mary Beth through his open zipper. Sometime during their screw he had gotten off his knees and placed his feet on the ground. From his standing up and bending over position, he was giving her powerful thrusts, and her hips were bucking to meet his.

    This man, this deputy was not the longest dick she had been given, but he was the thickest and she was sure feeling it the best of the bunch, so far. 'I'm going to come, I can feel it, if only he lasts long enough.' Mary Beth's mind began wandering. 'But what about Joe, there in the back seat? I know he is listening. What will he think of me if I come? I'd better not be noisy about it.'

    Once the deputy became serious about fucking Mary Beth, it only lasted for three or four additional minutes, and was too quick for her. Because of initial nervousness, she had barely started, and he was through. "Oooh fuck!" He stiffened, stopped pumping, and groaned as he began emptying his cartridges into her. Even through the trousers, Joe could see his buttocks quivering.

    Even though Mary Beth had not reached her orgasm, mostly because of nervousness, this handsome man had brought her closer than anyone so far. Mary Beth tightened her grip and groaned with him as she felt his pistol recoil with each shot. Joe heard her groan and his heart leaped into his throat. Is she coming! I hope not.

    Before the deputy had finished coming he started pumping again, fast and hard. His body was shaking as he drained himself. Gasping for air, he collapsed onto her.

    Mary Beth caressed the back of his head and kissed her deputy as he tried to gather enough strength to rise off of her. Still close to orgasm, Mary Beth wanted him to continue, and said so. “Keep going. It was so good, and I was almost there...”

    She held him down, and he gave her a few more strokes. He had to ask her to let him go so that his partner could take over. The fact that he was a cop was forgotten. Mary Beth kept holding him down. "Is your friend . . . is he bigger than you'" She sounded nervous, or excited.

    Mary Beth was speaking in low tones, but Joe still heard her question to the deputy. She glanced to the right, and for the first time saw Joe looking over the seat and down at her. Her mouth opened wide with a look of surprise.

    Joe moved back, out of Mary Beth's line of sight so that he wouldn't make her uncomfortable by staring down at her.

    "Why do you ask' Are you hoping that he has a big cock," the man on her asked' The deputy's voice sounded like he was almost laughing.

    Mary Beth knew Joe had heard her ask about the next deputy's cock. In addition to being a little fearful, she was curious and excited to find out how it would feel. The deputy was right! In her eyes, she was becoming a woman. Each time she had sex, each time she tried a new guy, it got better.

    She didn't want to hurt Joe's feelings. This isn't supposed to happen on a date. Mary Beth liked Joe and wanted to see him again. It was doubtful that he would ever want her again after this. Joe had been staring down at her. For how long she didn't know, but if it had been a couple of minutes ago he would have seen her wantonly enjoying herself with another male, and a total stranger to boot.

    Thinking fast, Mary Beth changed her reason for asking. "I was just wondering, because of the way you were talking about the housewife you caught. Did she have fun'"

    The deputy seemed to be delighted at being given a chance to talk about another of his conquests. The bragging in his tone was evident.

    "She sure did, once she realized we weren't going to make any trouble for her. She didn't have any problem reaching climaxes with us, that's for sure."

    "What about that other guy, someone else's husband that she was with. How did he take it'"

    "When we caught them in the car, they were both completely naked and he was on top of her pumping away. They didn't even know we were there, and we watched them for a few minutes before we broke them up.

    He was just glad we didn't run him in for adultery, or tell his wife. He was a good boy, just like Joe is being. We even let him watch, and it was in the daylight."

    The deputy with the light shined it quickly across the younger deputy's face to get his attention. "Hey, speaking of light, do you remember me? I'd like to take my turn now if you don't mind."

    "In a minute, she's still holding me down, and I'm in no hurry to get off."

    Giving her a few strokes with his semi-rigid penis, the young deputy went on with his story about the housewife. "She said that it was the first time she had ever ran around on her husband, and tried to beg her way out of it. She quit talking when she saw my partner's dick. I think then she wanted to back out, but it was too late since she had already fucked me.

    I felt kind of sorry for her boyfriend. The poor guy had a small dick compared to us, and even compared to Joe sitting there in the back. It was a circumcised little nub is the best way to describe it. She had decided to cheat and the guy she picks turns out to have a small dick, probably smaller than her husband's dick. I think she was secretly glad that we came along."

    "Did he, the guy she was with, enjoy seeing her do it with two officers'"

    "He was probably glad that it was another guy's wife that he was watching getting fucked and not his own. We got a blanket out of the back of the patrol car and fucked her on the ground, and she really got into it. We made him sit naked on the blanket near her feet; that way we could keep an eye on him”

    The deputy laughed. “We needn't have worried. He had the best angle for viewing, and his eyes never left her pussy the whole time she had a dick in it. He looked pretty jealous at how noisy she got, but his little hard-on never went down. She even used a few swear words and told us how to fuck her, which surprised me."

    “Did she come? I think you said she did, but...did she?” Mary Beth's eyes were wide as she visualized in her mind what the housewife must have been feeling since in a way, it was now happening to her.

    The deputy continued to stroke into Mary Beth as he went on. He laughed, "Oh she came, and several times I think. Can you imagine what her husband would have thought if he knew that his sweet little until now 'innocent' housewife had stretched herself out all naked on a blanket and fucked three guys in the bright sunlight one afternoon and enjoyed it'"

    "I think her husband would have been more than a little upset," said Mary Beth. But her mind was working. “You said she fucked three guys on the blanket. So the cheating husband took his turn?”

    “Yes! That was funny to see. After we finished with her, or maybe I should say she was finished with us, we told him to get on. That is so that he was a part of the whole thing. He was still wearing the same rubber and it had sort of ended up hanging way off the end of his short cock so when he put it into her he sort of folded up the rubber double and put more rubber than cock into her, I think.”

    Mary Beth giggled. “And he got to come too?”

    “Yeah. When he got off, his come was lost somewhere down there in all that hanging rubber.”

    “Did she come with him?”

    “It looked like she did, but I think she was faking.”

    “How do you know?”

    "Because she winked at me when he finished pumping and was laying on her trying to catch his breath.”

    She sighed, “That all sounds so wild, out in the sun like that.” She giggled. "Your dick is starting to get hard again, I can feel it."

    "Hey! Remember me' Don't be starting to fuck her again. We can't sit out here all night, and I still have this mighty hard on for her to take care of."

    Mary Beth, despite her strict upbringing and relative innocence about things worldly, was being quite mature in her conversations and actions with these two older men.

    Mary Beth giggled and raised her voice, loud enough to ensure that the other deputy would hear. "I'm ready for number two now." Her voice sounded as if she had gained a higher level of confidence. Raising her head, Mary Beth gave number one a quick kiss, and then she opened her arms to let him up.

    “You're free oh mighty deputy, and thank you for a good fuck.” Mary Beth was not only willing to comply with their requests, she was apparently really into this now. In her mind, she was being like that housewife the had talked about.

    When the weakened deputy withdrew his penis and stood over her, the rubber was stretched and dangling from the end of his cock. It was filled with several rounds fired from a six-inch barrel, and by the look of it and him; it would be a while before he could reload. His shaft had gone back to mostly soft but the head was still almost the size it had been when he was fully erect, and it equaled the length of what remained of the shaft.

    "Your turn," the first deputy said to his partner with the light. He began sliding the rubber down and working it a little to get the rubber to come off of the fat head. He glanced at Joe, and realized that Joe had been watching them.

    "So youngster, you wanted to see her getting fucked, huh' I want to congratulate you on your taste. She's a looker with a great pussy and she knows just how to move it. She was a healthy struggle to get my dick into, and wait till you see what happens next."

    Taking the flashlight as the older deputy handed it to him, he stepped closer to Mary Beth. Treating the flashlight like it was being used at a stage play, he directed the light onto deputy two's pants as the older man prepared to open his zipper. Deputy two looked to be about 40 years old. He was a little round in the middle and was handsome in a rugged way.

    Mary Beth wasn't happy about giving up her young deputy, and stared wistfully over at him as the older man stepped up close to her. Apparently he had closed his zipper while watching her fucking the young deputy, and he unzipped again. When Mary Beth heard his zipper coming down, she returned her gaze to the older deputy. She expected him to be bigger than the first man based on how they had talked, and it was probably in the category of being a little longer since deputy one had been short and thick.

    The even longer arm of the law

    Though they had been forewarned, both Joe and Mary Beth gasped as his weapon was pulled out of its holster. It looked like a forty-five with an eight-inch barrel, at least. Joe knew now what they meant by "large caliber" weapons. Some of it was still hidden in his pants. The older man wasn't circumcised, and the foreskin still covered half of the head.

    The deputy pulled the foreskin back in preparation for installing the rubber. He gave it a couple of strokes for Mary Beth's benefit, and a long string of pre-coital fluid dribbled out and dangled for about three inches from the tip of his dick. The deputy hastened to move his hips forward and the string dropped onto Mary Beth's pussy, just missing the hole and landing in the hair above her clitoris.

    "OOPS, sorry about that! My aim was pretty close but it might have been better for you if it had landed directly on your hole. It would have gotten you lubricated a little before I stick this in." He leaned further over Mary Beth; placing his penis just above her pussy, and said, "Before I put the rubber on, let's see if there's any more." He milked his shaft and another string poured out. This time his aim was good and it landed directly on her hole.

    What was interesting was that as his string had started to stretch and then fall towards her hole, Mary Beth had opened her legs as wide as the seat and door jamb would allow.

    As the deputy rolled the rubber onto his meaty penis, Joe leaned forward and looked down at Mary Beth. Even though he was in her line of sight, she seemed unaware of his presence. Mary Beth didn't look scared at all, instead, her expression seemed more 'excited' than anything. Her eyes were shining and her mouth was hanging open as she stared at the older deputy's nightstick. She ran her tongue over her upper lip. Suddenly jealous, Joe felt sick.

    "Your rubbers are really hard to get on Joe. Maybe I should have worn my own brand, they're a little wider."

    "Look at their faces," Deputy one said. He was laughing. "They can't believe their eyes, probably. Why don't you drop your drawers and let them see all of it'"

    "With pleasure! Her pleasure I plan to make it. By the way she's looking at it, I think our little lady would enjoy seeing all of it. Poor Joe might not like what she's seeing though."

    Both deputies laughed, and Joe hoped that Mary Beth didn't feel the same way. In addition to his feeling of helplessness, Joe suddenly felt inadequate. He hoped that the big bore gun wouldn't hurt her, and at the same time he hoped that it would so that she wouldn't like it. Regardless, his peter was as stiff as a board.

    In preparation for giving her a really good look and a great fuck, Deputy two unbuckled his pistol belt and handed it to the other deputy. He lowered his pants. It was definitely longer than eight inches! Joe's rubber was unrolled all the way, and the deputy still had at least an inch left uncovered, and that was before the rubber had reached his pubic hair. Under that hair was probably another inch or so!

    Joe had measured this brand of rubbers in the past and knew exactly how long they were. They had been the shortest brand that he could find. It had impressed his first two girls when he had been able to unroll the rubber almost all the way down his shaft.

    This was unbelievable. Joe had never seen a cock that looked like the one that was about to penetrate Mary Beth. For some reason he could not fathom, Joe was almost as excited at the prospect of seeing her take it as the deputy who owned it was about giving it to her.

    Wanting to pre-stretch the rubber a little, Deputy two gave his shaft another couple of strokes and the tightly installed rubber folded with the foreskin and rolled up and over the fat, formidable head. As he pulled the foreskin forward, his balls lifted slightly. The balls dangling underneath were large and could best be described as hand grenades. Deputy two looked ready for war, and tiny 18-year-old Mary Beth was about to experience a full frontal assault.

    Eyes wide, she hesitantly opened her legs as deputy two kneeled on his knees between them. Mary Beth was having second thoughts. "Warm me up first. Don't hurt me!"

    "Don't worry honey, I plan to be real nice." Like the first deputy, he kept his feet on the ground. He began to rub his bloated cock head over her pussy, moving it up and down through her slot to get the rubber wet and also to spread the juice around that he had already deposited.

    Knowing what women liked most, he concentrated his head on her clitoris and rubbed it back and forth. She giggled, smiled, and opened her legs wider in anticipation.

    "She looks happy now," the younger deputy said to Joe, "but in a minute, we'll see if she can swallow him up. It will be interesting to see how she reacts once he starts putting it in."

    "Did you loosen her up good for me?" deputy two asked. As he spoke, he lodged the head of his dick partially into her slot and left it there while he reached for and fondled her breasts.

    “Really nice breasts.”

    The younger deputy started to answer his question about loosening her up, but the older man cut him off when he started speaking to Mary Beth.

    "What do you like to be called young lady? Your driver's license says 'Mary Beth.' So do you like the formal name, or do you have a nickname?”

    “I prefer Beth, or Mary Beth. But not just Mary.”

    “O.K. Mary Beth. For right now you can be Mary Beth, and when I get ready to come maybe I'll just be calling you Beth when I come. How's that?”

    “You can call me anything you like as long as when you are coming into me with that big thing that you are coming in slow.”

    “I'll be slow and gentle Mary Beth, don't worry. Now these are really nice tits." He looked down into Mary Beth's eyes. "I mean that baby, these are about the nicest tits I have ever felt up. You should be proud."

    "Thank you," Mary Beth replied with a soft voice as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

    The deputy began again. "I gave it a good go at trying to loosen her up, but she's pretty tight, I'm not sure that she's going to like what you've got to offer."

    "Oh, I think she will, once she gets used to it. One thing though, you were definitely right about these titties," the older deputy said, as he continued to squeeze and caress her breasts.

    "They're really nice. Love how firm these young girls are. Well, as to whether or not she can handle my dick, we'll find out 'now'!" With that, deputy two began to press into her. He shoved most but not all of the big head into Mary Beth on the first short stroke, and she groaned loudly as he spread her much wider than she had ever gone.

    “You know where to keep shining that light.”

    “Yes sir.”

    She was opened to the widest portion of his dick, but instead of going further and opening her up all the way, the deputy pulled his dick completely back and started again.

    In doing so he was making her endure the stretching from the very beginning all over again. Maybe he was doing it to hurt her, or maybe he just wanted to see his penis open her up again, because he was staring down at her hole as he pushed into her. In any case it got the desired result, because she groaned loudly a second time.

    Mary Beth closed her eyes and began gasping as he continued to pump. He squeezed her tits and gave her three more short strokes before he decided to finish his penetration with the head. He stopped pumping and eased slowly forward until he had seated his fat head completely inside her tortured pussy. Mary Beth opened her eyes and reached out with her hand. She pushed gently against his pubic hair, trying to slow his tortuous entry into her. She looked scared.

    For the first time since she had consented to fuck them, Mary Beth began to wish that she had not agreed to do this. She no longer sounded like the mature woman now. Her voice trembled, "Go slow, please. It sort of feels good, but I need more time."

    "You've got it honey." He leaned over her, and propping himself onto his elbows, began kissing her breasts. Continuing to stroke, he moved his lips up to kiss her and Mary Beth seemed to quiver with passion as she turned her head to meet his lips.

    Joe was frustrated as the deputy leaned over her. His close up view of the giant dick working its way into her pussy was now being blocked! He saw her tongue dart out to meet the deputy's just before their lips locked together. Mary Beth, sweet little Mary Beth was hotter than a two-dollar pistol, and it looked like she wanted to continue trying all of him.

    After another minute Mary Beth still had her hand on the deputy's pubic hair area to hold him back, but as he worked deeper into her she whimpered and slowly removed her hand. It went around his waist, and very slowly, she began to raise her legs.

    Deputy one saw how desperately Joe was trying to see the action from over the seat back. He motioned for Joe to come to over to where he was standing. With his rigid dick leading the way, and rubber still attached; Joe excitedly climbed out of the back seat of his dad's four door Chrysler and went over to stand beside the younger deputy. From here, three feet away, he'd really be able to see. The deputy kneeled, and Joe followed suit as the flashlight was aimed up at the fucking couple.

    The plot thickens

    Joe's mouth fell open at the sight that greeted him. Mary Beth was stretched wide, impossibly wide, as the nine-inch cannon eased more than halfway into her hole and then was pulled partially back. Each time the penis was pulled back, her lips were taken along for the ride as they clung tightly to his shaft. The thick prick was still in the process of going deeper with each stroke, and there were only about two inches left to go. Fortunately the hand grenades were staying high and out of the way and there was nothing to block the view.

    Mary B. had her legs locked completely around his waist. She was hesitant at first, and then as time went by she began to thrust ever upwards to meet his shaft. Her thrusts took up another inch. He was almost burying it now. Then she did something that shocked both Joe and the other deputy as they watched. She reached her hands around his ass and pulled him all the way into herself!

    Joe couldn't believe it! Mary Beth was taking the well-hung deputy all the way and continued to meet his thrusts with ever more powerful thrusts of her own. Their genitals were making a squishing noise as her juices blended with the rubber. "My rubber!" thought Joe.

    "He'll hold back until she comes." Joe's partner in watching was speaking softly. His voice had a ring of admiration to it. "I don't know how he does it. I get a tight young chick like that and I can't hold back worth a damn."

    Joe nodded that he understood. He also understood that he might not be the one to give Mary Beth her first orgasm while she was being fucked. Joe didn't want to talk; the view was almost beyond description.

    Fully illuminated by the flashlight, their genitals were slippery and shining. Mary Beth's inner lips were being tugged tightly outward each time the deputy rose over her. Her pink asshole was bulging. The invading cock was filling her so much that it was pushing her asshole out on each stroke even though it wasn't being touched!

    They were whispering things to each other, but Joe couldn't make out the words. A few seconds later the older deputy buried himself in her and stopped pumping. He slowly began grinding back and forth; going sideways, and Joe saw Mary Beth's fingernails dig into his buttocks. Her pussy was bulging to one side, and then the other as his hips rotated.

    At the same time her asshole rose and fell on the opposite sides of where the penis was being shoved into her. It was like watching someone's cheeks as the person ran their tongue around inside their mouth.

    Joe could only think about how Mary Beth was being touched and probed inside in a manner that he himself could never duplicate. Did Mary Beth love the way it was poking and prodding at her insides' Joe had no way of knowing for sure. The deputy did this for another minute, and then resumed stroking in the normal manner; if using strokes over seven inches in length without falling out could be called "normal."

    He took his time and gave her approximately 30 strokes. Mary Beth was moaning. The hand grenades kept landing on her upturned buttocks, and Joe wondered when they would explode. Strangely, he found himself wondering about just how much cock she was getting. 'Let's see, with most of his head already in front of that roughly seven inches of cock she is getting with each stroke, Mary Beth is getting well over a yard of cock every 5 strokes.'

    Joe marveled at how much wear and tear was already being done to her tender pussy at such a young age. She received another dozen or so strokes. Her breath coming in ragged gasps now, Mary Beth quit thrusting and pushed steadily up against the big man over her. As the cannon continued thrusting, her body began trembling, and the lips stretched tightly around the thick shaft turned bright pink. Her toes started to curl.

    Deputy one had seen other girls under attack in this manner and knew what was coming. He pointed at her pussy as the lips turned bright red. "She's going to come . . . now!"

    Shaking visibly, Mary Beth groaned loudly, a very long and deep "Oooooh," and shiny fluid began to squirt and ooze out of her, somehow forcing its way past the penis that was trying to plug her flow. It shot out in powerful bursts and soaked the seat of Joe's father's car.

    Disbelieving what his eyes were showing him, Joe watched the juice flowing down Mary Beth's buttocks and saw her asshole contracting powerfully during her orgasm. It seemed to do so at least a dozen times. If Joe had known that you could see a female coming by watching her anus, he would have been ready and counted her contractions.

    "Wow! I've never seen a gal come like that before. Look at the color of her pussy! She's really putting out some juice," said the junior deputy. He moved even closer and shined the light within inches of her squirting pussy.

    Once she had released her load, deputy two wasn't far behind. He kept thrusting, but slowly. Following the flashlight, Joe had moved closer too. They were only about a foot away. Deputy two grunted loudly and Joe could actually see the swollen weapon firing. The barrel seemed to push upwards towards her belly button with each throb, and it even appeared to enlarge and shrink slightly with each pulse.

    The deputy's asshole was opening and closing with each contraction, and this time Joe remembered to count. Nine big ones, and two or three little twitches. Joe wondered if the deputy had a bullet to shoot with each round that he had squeezed off. Probably not, if deputy two was anything like himself, he probably ran out of rounds before he quit squeezing the trigger.

    Mary Beth had enjoyed a powerful orgasm, her first with a partner and her best ever. She wouldn't let him go. Again a deputy had to ask to be released, and she did so only after he had kissed her and given her a few more strokes.

    From below, Joe watched in fascination as the deputy slowly removed his big bore cannon. Her lips clasped the head tightly before reluctantly letting go. Joe could actually see deep inside her pussy for an instant before it closed up. It was still bright red from her orgasm. The heavy artillery unit had really been stretching her, and Joe wondered if Mary Beth would even feel him if he put his own smaller caliber weapon into her after they left.

    The rubber Joe had provided dangled several inches off the end of the older deputy's cock. It was filled with what looked like several teaspoons of come. The deputy slid it partially off his semi-erect battering ram. He held the end of it over the head of his cock with one hand and Joe could see Mary Beth watching the big man as he prepared to milk more come into the rubber with his other hand.

    The deputy hesitated, "I've probably got some more in the tube. Would you like to clean this off a little bit with your mouth'"

    "Hey! No fair, man. She didn't clean me up that way," the younger deputy complained, as Mary Beth nodded her head eagerly.

    Deputy two chuckled, and held his penis up for Mary Beth as she sat up to let him place it into her mouth. Telling her that he certainly didn't expect her to go all the way down on it, he walked it into her mouth. They all watched silently as Mary Beth struggled to fit her mouth over it.

    When Mary Beth had fully enveloped the head, the deputy milked upwards on the shaft, pushing some remaining come out to the end and into her mouth. As Mary Beth gamely swallowed, he pulled his hand back and milked forward once again. Mary Beth swallowed still another blob of come. It was the first come Mary Beth had ever tasted, and liking the taste, she placed her hands on his ass and sucked some more.

    "Run your tongue around the head. That's right, now that feels really good. Wait! Wait! Not so hard, and watch your teeth, it's still sensitive from coming." The deputy laughed. "I think she just might be a great little cock sucker when she grows up."

    He became totally erect again, and after removing it from her mouth he "let" Mary Beth give it a couple of strokes so that she could remember how it felt in her hand. She was excited and wanted more, but there wasn't time to fuck her again; they had to get back on patrol.

    Mary Beth gets to make a direct comparison

    When her eyes met Joe's she looked embarrassed and lowered them. When Mary Beth saw his rigid penis, with the rubber still attached, her face brightened and she smiled up at him. She knew now that things would be all right between them.

    Laughing and saying they didn't want to leave both kids "horny," the deputies made Joe get on Mary Beth. It didn't take much coaxing to have Joe mount her. He had maintained an erection from the moment the younger deputy had begun rocking the car. As they had done before, with each other, the deputies shined their lights on a pair of thrusting sex organs.

    Joe needn't have worried about whether or not Mary Beth would still enjoy him after the heavy cannons had bombarded her. She was definitely looser than before as Joe fucked her, and though she didn't reach orgasm, Mary Beth seemed to enjoy him. She even said that his curve no longer bothered her. Deputy two had stretched her out, and there was room for his wriggle to wallow in.

    They waited until Joe shot his load and cheered.

    Alone at last!

    After the deputies had departed Joe and Mary Beth went at it again. While he fucked her, she asked him to describe how the view had been as he had watched her under the deputies. Joe told her how her lips had seemed ready to rip apart from being stretched so much by the second deputy. When Joe got to the part about how her lips had turned almost red in color just before she reached orgasm, Mary Beth had an orgasm.

    Mary Beth had still another orgasm as she described how it had felt as she fucked the deputies. She apologized to Joe for getting so involved with the two men, and still pumping away, Joe assured her that it was all right, and that he was not upset.

    Joe asked Mary Beth to repeat what she had said about how it had felt as the larger penis had gone in. This time, Mary Beth provided more detail, and in no time Joe was groaning as he shot another load into a rubber. Totally drained, Joe stripped his come filled rubber off. Mary Beth wasn't through though, and at her request Joe fucked her once again with his last remaining rubber.

    Mary Beth was tightened up again on their second date three days later. As she had done after the deputies had left, Mary Beth once again asked him to describe how things had looked as the deputies were servicing her. It seemed to turn her on. Mary Beth easily achieved orgasm as they went at it in the position she asked for, on her back in the same style she had used to take on the big guns.

    Once again Joe has to share his woman

    The railroad station guard reached out with his free hand and placed it near Twila's exposed breasts, holding it in the air about six inches away. He hesitated, and Joe continued pumping and looked at Twila's face. Her eyes were closed, she wouldn't know. Joe nodded, and removed his hand from her boob. It was replaced with the guard's hand, and he began fondling her. The guard squeezed her breasts gently, first one, then the other.

    The touching on her breasts felt different. Twila very slowly opened her eyes. Just a crack, so that he wouldn't know. As she suspected, it was the guard! He began to twirl her nipples. Twila closed her eyes tighter and moaned.

    The guard didn't know that she had seen him, but Joe knew. Girls were so fickle. They pretended to be shy and goody goody, and all they wanted to do was fuck. And with more than one guy too. Joe considered asking the guard if he'd like to fuck Twila and decided against it. The guard might have a bigger dick than he did. Tonight, at least, with a freshly broken in virgin, Joe wanted to be king.

    Even though Joe was jealous, he found himself being turned on greatly as he watched the guard fondling Twila with one hand and shining the light under her with the other. The guard had his head down low so that he could see her pussy being stretched and tugged in and out. Lucky guard!

    After five more minutes Twila faked it, but they believed it. Saying "Now!" she sucked in her breath, then groaned, "Oooooh!" She wrapped her legs tighter around Joe and dug her nails into him again. Take that! She continued to "come" and slowly relaxed.

    Joe couldn't hold back any longer. If he hadn't already had two climaxes in her earlier, he would never have made it this far. He shoved it into her as deep as he could go and groaned. This was the strongest orgasm of the three, but not the longest.

    This time he only pumped a little bit, doing it slowly. Twila yipped as she felt his entire orgasm, all eight throbs, and the little twitches that followed. Unlike his previous two orgasms, Joe went soft almost immediately. After half a minute, Twila could barely feel him. Her lips embraced his penis lightly as he began to ease out of her.

    The guard was still fondling her breasts. Wanting to let him continue touching her, Twila kept her head back against the seat and her eyes closed. They would think she was worn out. Knowing they were watching her, she smiled. His gentle touch on her breasts felt nice.

    The guard shined the light on her pussy as Joe pulled out, and both men had a good look at her pretty little snatch before it closed up. It looked very pink. They thought it was from her orgasm. Actually, it was because her pussy was tender from so much first time abuse.

    The guard kept his left hand on her breast and handed the flashlight to Joe. With his right hand he reached down and softly rubbed her pussy. He ran his finger lightly around her entrance, and then he gently pushed it into her. As her lips tightly clasped him Twila gasped and pushed her pussy forward. At first, she thought it was Joe, because she thought that the guard was holding the flashlight in one hand and her breast in the other.

    Twila grew suspicious after a while and opened her eyes. The guard still had his hand on her breast. She glanced up at their faces. They were looking at her lower body. She looked down; Joe was holding the flashlight in his hand and the guard had his hand on her snatch! A strange older man had his finger in her pussy, and Twila was surprised to find that instead of being shocked and disgusted, she was pleased.

    Twila closed her eyes again and let him probe her. He had a nice touch, better than Joe's. The caressing went on for three or four minutes. Every once in a while he stroked her clitoris, and Twila wished that he would dally there.

    The guard became bolder. He inserted two fingers. Even though Twila was wet she was still a little tender, and it caught her by surprise. She gasped and looked down. They caught her with her eyes open. She met the guard's gaze with one of her own and despite the fact that her face turned red, she smiled, letting him know that it was all right.

    Twitching each time he touched and probed her, Twila watched his hand as he continued to expertly explore her pussy. He had reverted to one finger only. In her present condition she liked that better.

    Twila looked into his eyes, then reached through the window with her right hand and placed it against his cheek. She closed her eyes and moaned a little. He was feeling her tits again too. Let the guard enjoy himself. She knew that she was!

    Twila was anticipating the guard asking if he could fuck her. They had gone this far; it was the logical next step. She waited for the request to come. Her pussy was sore though and she wasn't sure what her answer would be. Part of it hinged on how Joe's voice sounded. If Joe didn't sound jealous, maybe she would. Then again, if he did sound jealous, that was a good reason to actually say yes. That would show Joe that he wasn't such hot stuff.

    After another minute and growing jealous of Twila's obvious enjoyment of the guard's fondling of her most intimate and private parts, Joe checked his watch and said that he was going to have to get her home.

    The guard slowly and reluctantly removed his hands. Twila waited a few seconds and opened her eyes. That was fun! The guard had felt her up everywhere for several minutes without permission and they thought she hadn't known until the last few minutes. She wondered who had put something over on whom.

    Twila took what she intended to be her last look at the penis that had taken her virginity. It definitely was different. She shouldn't have any trouble remembering what it had looked like in years to come. Without touching himself Joe had gotten another hard on while watching the guard sneakily fingering her. The come filled end of the rubber was still dangling from the head of his shaft.

    The 45-year-old guard held the light for Joe and stared at his crooked crank as he removed the rubber. The young guy's penis looked to be kind of thick and about six and one half or seven inches long. He wondered how the sweet little teenager had taken that curve inside her pussy and reached orgasm so easily. It looked like it would just hurt a girl inside.

    The guard wished that he could show his own dick to her. It was throbbing in his pants. It wasn't as long as the one she had just had in her, but it was straight as an arrow, had a shaft of slightly greater width, and a much thicker head. He could feel pre-coital fluid flowing out of it too. He was just as wet as she was.

    Twila had half expected the guard to ask if he could fuck her. She wondered how Joe would have replied. She wasn't sure what her answer would have been.

    Then the request came. Twila held her breath. She wanted to, and she didn't.

    Joe declined while glancing at Twila. Her face showed no emotion, so he did not know what her answer would have been. Joe said that she had just lost her cherry and that she had a sore pussy.

    For the first time, Twila spoke. "I could take care of him with my hand, if you don't mind. He's probably really horny by now."

    Joe was shocked, but managed to keep his surprise hidden. He was not only surprised at her willingness to touch the guard, but also at the fact that Twila had used the word "horny." Where had she heard that before'

    Joe went on to say that it would be all right with him if Twila were willing to jack the guard off. Deep down, Joe was hoping that the guard would be smaller then he was.

    Still another cock to compete with.

    When Twila met his eyes with hers, the guard pulled his zipper down. Joe was instantly reminded of the time when Mary Beth had heard the deputy's zipper come down. He looked into Twila's face. Wide-eyed, she was excitedly staring at the guard's crotch as he reached inside and pulled out his equipment. Joe was surprised at the way Twila readily reached out and wrapped her hand around the offered shaft, which was already rigid.

    Excited at feeling a total stranger's penis in her hand and without a commitment to go all the way, Twila gave the shaft long strokes. She didn't know if he was uncircumcised or not, but he was easier to stroke than Joe was.

    He was possibly thicker too. It was already wet and shiny and dripping pre-fluid. Twila slid her hand forward and wrapped the fingers around the bulging head. He was a lot thicker 'there'. It was probably a good thing that Joe had declined the guard's request for a fuck. It would have hurt. At least tonight it would have. Her pussy was really beginning to feel sore towards the end of Joe's fuck.

    For his part, Joe was feeling jealous. It was exciting to see Twila playing with this strange cock standing just inches from her face. It would figure though, just his bad luck that the damned dick has a big head, one that was much larger than his own. Twila had deliberately wrapped her fingers around the head to feel it, so she knew it was larger. Joe wondered what she was thinking.

    The guard's voice was soft as he asked, "Can she taste it? I'd really like that if she would do that."

    Twila unconsciously licked her lips. Yes, she wanted to taste him. For some reason, the thought of putting her mouth on Joe was disgusting, but this guard had been so nice and understanding. If Joe agreed, she would taste him for a minute, but not all the way. She wasn't ready for that.

    "No, I don't think she is ready for that yet," Joe answered. "She just lost her cherry tonight, and she hasn't even done it for me yet." He was hoping that Twila would not volunteer her efforts as she had done before.

    Twila did it again. "It's all right. I'll do it for a minute, but not all the way."

    The guard hesitated. He looked at Joe hopefully. It was obvious to him as a male that this young man did not want this girl to suck his cock, but she had not seemed to pick up on that.

    Joe reluctantly agreed, "O.K., for just a little while."

    The guard had been watching Twila's face. She looked like she was more than willing. As a matter of fact, she probably would do some more fucking if this guy would just let her. Oh well, her boyfriend is just a kid, so I should be glad for getting this much, he thought.

    The guard reached in to squeeze Twila's breast at the same time he pushed his cock through the open window. Twila sat up higher in the seat and allowed his penis to enter her opened mouth. Somehow, she managed to envelop it on the first attempt.

    Neither man spoke as Twila softly sucked on the thick knob. Surprisingly, she seemed to be swallowing his pre-fluid. Joe was jealous that the guard was receiving a blowjob from Twila before he had, but he said nothing.

    The guard tensed, and held his hips perfectly still. She was running her tongue around his head. Twila was doing it slowly, exploratory, as if feeling his size and shape. If she did this for another minute, he would be filling her mouth with more come than she had ever seen.

    "That's all," said Twila, as she removed her mouth. "I just wanted to see what it was like. It was kind of nice."

    The guard decided to push his luck. He looked directly down at Joe. "Are you sure that I can't put it in her? Just for a little while maybe? I wouldn't take long."

    Twila looked into Joe's face. Her expression said it all. Joe shrugged his shoulders, and asked the guard if he had any rubbers.

    The guard kicked himself, "No, maybe you do, and I'll pay you for it."

    "Nope," said Joe. He had lied. He had more rubbers, but he was not about to volunteer that information. Twila seemed to want to fuck this guy, and Joe was not about to let her have him if it could be helped. He hoped his denial would be the end of it.

    "Could I just put it in for a minute without a rubber, to see how she feels? I promise to pull it out after a few strokes and then she can finish me with her hand."

    When Joe glanced at Twila, she nodded her head. "Joe, It would just be for a minute. He seems really nice." Twila had a tender pussy, but she did not want to miss the chance to see how this man would feel. He had seen her having sex, and had seen her pussy close up as Joe was inside her. Also, he had felt her breasts and had fingered her, so what the heck? It might hurt, but it wouldn't take long.

    Without speaking, Joe climbed out from between Twila's legs and sighing loudly, he turned to sit behind the steering wheel. He motioned for the guard to get in without looking at him.

    Another uniformed man fucks another one of Joe's women.

    The guard was trembling as he dropped his trousers to his knees before climbing into the car. Once inside, he turned and knelt between her legs. Twila strained to see his penis and testicles as he climbed in front of her. Biting her lower lip unconsciously, she spread wide for him. Twila was wet, and ready.

    "Want to aim it for me'" asked the guard.

    Smiling, Twila grasped his shaft and centered him on her pussy as he slowly eased his hips forward. He did not intend to waste any time. Either of these two might change their mind at any moment, and there was always the possibility of an interruption from an outside source. He needed to put his dick into her 'now.'

    "Ooooh." Twila moaned deeply as he slipped the thick head through her tight but wet lips with a steady movement, stretching her wide and going deep before stopping his first thrust. He was almost halfway in instantly.

    "Damn you feel good!"

    He pulled back halfway and eased it forward. He was deeper now, and Twila's eyes met his. He pulled back once again. The guard buried it on the third stroke, and held still. This was good, and he had to use control.

    "Remember, just for a little while. Don't you dare let it go inside her," Joe said, his voice rising just a little.

    Joe had heard how Twila moaned as the thick head had opened her pussy. He was jealous, though he did not know if her moan had been from pleasure or pain.

    "No problem. I'm older and I've learned how to have control. I'll just give her a few more strokes, then she can get me off with her hand." With that, the guard began thrusting smoothly, and Twila lifted her legs a little and lightly placed her hands around his ass.

    "Honey, I can't believe how good you feel." He placed both hands on her breasts and moved his lips closer to hers. Twila glanced at Joe and saw the look on his face. One reason Twila had agreed to let the guard fuck her was to get back at Joe, but maybe she shouldn't push her luck.

    Twila turned her head away so that the guard's lips did not meet up with hers. Turning her head away was not what Twila wanted, but she was probably already going too far.

    There was something else. Twila was trying to analyze what was happening to her. His head is a lot thicker, but his shaft is the part that is tugging on my lips. His penis is only a little thicker than Joe's, and it is shorter, so why are his strokes feeling better than Joe's? Why is that?

    Then it hit her; the guard isn't wearing a rubber. We're going at it skin-to-skin.

    Yes, this is better, but unsafe. Darn it, this man feels good too. Am I already so broken in that a penis would no longer hurt? There was no pain once he had gotten inside. Even his sudden entry had felt more like pleasure than pain.

    'Hmmm. There is a possibility that this man can make me come.' Twila concentrated on the feel of his penis as it tugged at her lips. It was not hitting her on one side at the top and on the other side at the bottom like Joe did. In some ways it felt better than Joe, in other ways it did not.

    A thick load into an unprotected pussy.

    Unknown to Twila, the man within her was close to coming. Then he felt a blob easing its way up his shaft. Wanting to keep her from feeling the throb he couldn't stop, he stopped pumping and twirled her nipples with his fingers to distract her.

    His penis throbbed once, and as it did, he shoved his cock deeper into her so that she would not feel the pulsation. Still another throb and again the guard managed to hide it from her by shifting his hips from side to side.

    The pressure subsided but he could feel the new wetness in her pussy from come that had already entered her, and more come had started to rise within his shaft. He had managed to stop the throbbing but more come was going to flow out of his dick in a minute.

    As a matter of fact, it was already coming out, oozing and seeping in what felt like tablespoonfuls to him.
    Already his desire to fuck her hard and enjoy the orgasm to end all orgasms had subsided some, but he still desired her.

    He had soaked her pussy and somehow had to hide it from her. The guard reached under her legs with both arms. "Let me pull those legs up a little higher baby. Then I can really go deep."

    As he could feel excess come draining into her, he raised her legs and placed them around his waist. As he did so, the guard pushed into Twila until his balls were resting on her now upraised ass. The guard was originally only supposed to give her a few test strokes, but no one said anything as he continued to pump.

    He could still feel the accumulated come draining out of his shaft and into her pussy. He was seeping come big time, but the throbs, the throbs of a complete orgasm were yet to come.

    The guard hoped that he was not impregnating her, but he knew that if she became pregnant it was highly unlikely that she would come back on him about it. If anything, she would certainly accuse her boyfriend here.

    Twila was breathing harder and she began to feel her first hint of how it would be to come. He was pumping steadily, smoothly into her. He must be really turning me on, she thought, because it feels really wet down there. Also, she could feel a strange tingling inside, a tingling that was getting stronger.

    The guard was starting to tremble. Twila could feel him and became concerned that he was going to come in her. Even though he really felt good, she asked him to stop.

    The guard asked her how she wanted to finish him, and Twila said that outside the car, the way they had started would probably be best. That way, he could let it go on the ground.

    Twila's eyes widened as the thick head pulled out, tugging firmly at her lips. As her second lover pulled his trousers partially up and resumed standing beside the door, she wrapped her fingers around him. This time, the slippery juice on him was from her, or so she thought. Some of it was his come, mingled with her juices.

    The guard thanked Twila for letting him have her for a while and turned his body sideways, facing the rear of the car. The guard reached out and wrapped his right hand around her breast as Twila resumed her jacking. She stared at the hard penis intently.

    This was her second cock, and she wanted to memorize how it looked. It had only been in her for a little while, but it had felt really good. Better than Joe's actually, because she was still irritated with Joe and the forceful way he had taken her cherry. This cock, she was thinking, could have made me come!

    It only took a little while, and Twila could actually feel his shaft grow harder and larger before throbbing in her hand as it bucked and shot five or six gobs of jizz several inches forward and onto the ground. He let out an audible groan, and it sounded as if it was coming from an animal rather than a human.

    The guard was squeezing her breast fairly hard as he came. It was a little uncomfortable but Twila did nothing to interrupt his orgasm. Twila somehow knew that he wasn't doing it deliberately. "Milk it for me. Squeeze it a little and run your hand down to the head."

    Twila learned something new at that moment, about milking come out of a shaft. As she milked him, some of his come ended up on Twila's hand. When he had softened considerably, his penis seemed to be backing out of her hand as it dwindled, so Twila released her grip. The guard was still trembling as he put his shaft back into his pants.

    Expressing thanks with tenderness

    Now madly in love with her, or mainly with the thought of her, the guard looked at her face, tits and pussy one last time. Choosing one, he gave her one brief caress of her face, along the side of her cheek, and under her chin. Before, while he was in her he had tried to kiss her, but she had turned away.

    Maybe now she'll kiss me' He gave her one last gentle feel on her left breast as he bent over and his lips touched hers. When she met his tongue with hers, he pressed his lips firmer against hers and their tongues intertwined for a moment. Now the guard knew for sure that she had enjoyed this entire scene.

    "Thank you," he said softly, looking directly at Twila and ignoring Joe. She nodded silently and seemed to smile up at him with her eyes. Unseen to Joe or Twila, the guard had tears in his eyes as he turned off the light, and was gone.

    Joe and Twila silently watched the guard disappear into the darkness behind some cars at the back of the lot. Then she turned to Joe and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You'd better be getting me home, my folks will be waiting up."

    "Want to do it one more time, a quickie? I'm hard again."

    "No Joe, not tonight. It's late and I'm still sore. Maybe tomorrow night."

    'Yes yes! That was what Joe needed to hear. They are still an 'item.'

    As he watched their car drive away, the guard had tears in his eyes, yes, but not from any feelings of lost love. No, those were tears of joy. Ever since he had taken this job five months ago in the spring, he had become aware that teens kept parking in this lot later in the evening. They seemed to think that they could have privacy parked here among the many cars that had been left while people went off on trips and returned at a later date.

    Several times the guard had caught couples in the act. Usually he was aware of when they drove in and parked. From a position of cover, he would watch the car driving through the lot. When they headed towards the rear, farthest from the street, he knew what the plan was. When no one climbed out of the car, he would cautiously sneak over, coming in at an angle where he was unlikely to be seen by whomever was inside, and he wanted it to be a couple.

    Sometimes the couple would merely be making out, and had not progressed to a stage of some level of nudity. He could never be sure if he had simply 'caught' them too soon, or maybe the gal was being unwilling to go further with her date.

    But he had also scored his successes. So far he had managed to openly watch five couples having sex, getting feels on every girl. He had received hand jobs from all of them, and a blow job from three. One of those had swallowed his load and giggled, which had seemed to upset her boyfriend quite a bit.

    But this gal tonight was the second one with whom he had managed to work it right and get himself between her legs. The boyfriend of that other gal had, reluctantly loaned him a rubber at his girlfriend's request, and he had given her two orgasms while her boyfriend fumed.

    This one tonight. She had been a real score. She was beautiful, she had been more than willing, and her pussy had fit his cock perfectly. So perfectly that he had been unable to hold some of his orgasm back.

    That lovely little gal has a big load in her, most of my cum snuck into her tender pussy, and she doesn't know it. From now on, he planned to make sure that he has a rubber or two in his pocket.

    Three weeks later, Twila, who was still dating Joe, missed her period. She told Joe two days later, when she was sure. "But I've worn a rubber, everytime," Joe pleaded. "Maybe that guard..."

    "No Joe, he never came in me remember? He shot a really big load outside the car. You saw it, so it couldn't have been him. Besides, I've felt you coming in me many times since then, with a rubber of course, and I would have known if he was coming in me? One of those rubbers you used must have been leaking."

    She knew. Her pussy had been soaked after that guard had been in her.

    The next day, Joe asked Twila to marry him. Of course she said 'yes,' and a date was set, tomorrow and a Justice of the Peace.
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