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. We took an uber!

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by Lisa&Steve, Dec 11, 2016.

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  1. Lisa&Steve

    Lisa&Steve Member Member

    A while back, Steve and I decided to get a room at the Courtyard Marriott and go out and party. It had a while since we've been out and we were ready for some fun. We checked into the room around 4:30 and decided to take a nap before going out, it was way too early anyway. After a 2 hour nap we got up, showered and decided to get some dinner. We went to a nearby sushi restaurant and had a light meal then back to the room to get ready. I wanted to make this a memorable night for Steve, he's been wanting to play and have me get a bit wild but I haven't been in the mood and I could tell he's been disappointed.

    About us, we've been married for 11 years. I'm 47 and he's 54. He's a good looking man, 6'0" around 180# with beautiful blue eyes and a sexy shaved head. I'm 5'10" and weigh 140# with brown eyes and brown hair...usually. Ever since my boob job several years ago I have 38D tits, but my best feature has always been my legs! Steve says I have a great ass too but I'm no Kardashian. Steve likes me to stay smooth "down there" so I regularly use Veet to keep him happy. He also likes me to dress sexy, short skirts and no panties...or g-strings at most. Tonight I settled on a short blue skirt, about 5" above my knees and a white cotton tank top. I packed some boy cut panties but somehow they disappeared from my overnight bag so I was naked under the skirt. I hadn't packed a bra because I know Steve hates them so there was little left to the imagination in my opinion.

    Steve got an Uber to give us a ride to a nearby nightclub. As usual they were very prompt, arriving about 10 minutes after he sent for them. The driver was a very cute black guy, maybe 21 or 22 years old...I'm not sure how old you have to be to drive for Uber but he looked VERY young. He pulled up in a Ford Taurus and jumped out to open the door for me. Steve winked at me so I knew he wanted me to tease him a little...so I did. I bent way over when I got in the back seat, I could tell my ass was exposed and the driver was standing right behind me. I moved to the center of the seat as Steve got in on the other side. My skirt wasn't covering much of anything as he drove us the 8 or so miles to the club. His mirror was adjusted so he could see me and Steve made sure he got an eye full! When we arrived he gave us a card and asked me to call him when we were ready to leave. I gave him a hug and promised I would. He had a noticeable bulge in his pants, which I could feel pressing against my crotch as we hugged. I was intrigued by what I felt and made a mental note to pay more attention later!

    We went inside the club and stood at the rail by the dance floor. Steve went to get us a drink from the bar, the crowd was heavy so I knew it would take a while. A couple was standing by me but the guy was staring at my tits and seemed to show little interest in his lady. After a minute or two I turned and asked his woman if she would dance with me. She turned to him and he nodded so we walked out onto the dance floor. We danced apart at first but then I whispered to her "Would you like to turn your man on a bit?"

    "Absolutely" she said

    I moved closer to her and put my hands behind her neck and started grinding against her. She was into it as well and her hands were on my waist pulling me closer. As we danced I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She responded by opening her mouth and sliding her tongue into mine. I was watching her man as we kissed, he was watching closely but 2 other guys had moved beside him. One of them asked him something and then gave him a high 5. I was looking into his eyes as I kissed his lady. I then winked at him and he turned away from the two guys standing there and joined us on the dance floor. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me grabbing his woman by the shoulders. He was pressing his now hard cock against my ass pushing me against his woman's hips. Steve walked up with drinks about that time and set them on the rail before joining us on the dance floor. He came over to our side and put his arm around her waist and her man's waist forcing them closer to me. I turned and saw him take the guys hand and place it on my ass...under my skirt! We danced like this for a bit until the crowd of guys nearby started getting larger and then we got our drinks and walked away.

    We partied with the couple for a while but he was jealous when Steve began playing with his lady.... although she seemed to enjoy it. They left after a bit so we went back and danced a while then played some pool. Around 1:00 I called our Uber driver to pick us up. He was there quickly and I sat up front with him while Steve got in the back. As he drove I turned sideways in my seat and spread my legs apart. I asked if he was still on the clock and he said "I don't have to be" and smiled. I told him we weren't in a hurry to get back and asked him to drive around a bit. He seemed more than happy to accommodate my request and we went down a road and turned through a wooded area. He was driving very slowly and watching me as he did. Steve leaned forward and told me to show him my tits! I asked if he was even interested since I was old enough to be his mother, he quickly said yes! I lifted my shirt over my head and took it off! He watched as I grabbed and squeezed my tits with both hands. He slowed to a stop on the side of the road. There were street lights but no traffic at all. I was playing with my tits, my legs were spread apart, and he seemed to be mesmerized! He had stopped completely for a minute before pulling over into the parking lot of a small roadside park. He shifted the car into park and turned to face me.

    Steve got out of the car and opened my door and pulled me out of the car. We walked through a gate and into the playground area of the park, leaving the gate open. He then pushed me against the fence with my back to our driver. He lifted my skirt above my waist and grabbed my ass with both hands. I wasn't sure how our young driver would respond to this. I was topless and had no panties on with my bare ass exposed to him! Steve whispered to me that he seemed afraid to join us so I pushed him away and walked over to the car and opened his door. I grabbed his hand and pulled him from the car. When he stood up I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately then asked if he was nervous. He admitted he was saying that he wasn't gay or bi-sexual and was worried that Steve would get pissed. I assured him that Steve is also straight and he didn't mind sharing me! I led him into the park by the hand. Steve joined me and he walked on one side with our young friend, Carl was his name, on the other. Steve grabbed Carl's hand and moved it to my bare ass and he grabbed the other cheek as we walked to the far side of the playground where it was dark.

    Steve then asked Carl if he'd ever played with an older woman. Carl said he had not but really wanted to. He was so young and sweet I just wanted to eat him up! We went over to the slide and Steve sat down on it and turned me around to sit in his lap. He pulled me down which put Carl's crotch at face level. I could see a large bulge and was dying to see what was inside his pants so I reached over and unzipped them. He opened his belt and I unbuttoned his pants then slowly slid them down. He was wearing red silk boxer briefs and his cock looked huge inside them! I grabbed the sides of his underwear and slowly slid them down exposing his dick a little at a time. Finally, I slid them all the way down and a giant erection nearly slapped me in the face! His penis was already oozing pre-cum and the sight of it nearly made me cum on the spot! It was at least 8 inches long and about as big around as my wrist, I couldn't believe how gorgeous he was! I slid his pants all the way down and helped him out of them, he kicked his shoes off as he did. He then pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside and stood in front of me completely naked! It has been a long time since I've seen a man as young as him naked and the sight of him took my breath away!

    He wasn't muscled, in fact he was skinny as can be, and didn't have a hair one on his chest. I stood up and Steve unzipped my skirt and it fell to the ground. I stepped out of it and kicked it away as I did. We were now both completely naked standing just inches apart. He was shaking as he stood there not moving. My stomach was turning flips looking at this innocent young man knowing I wanted to do very bad things to him. He wasn't moving so I reached out and pulled him into me. His large cock pressed against my stomach, I could feel the wetness against me and my wetness starting to drip down my leg. I kissed him and pulled him into me with my hands on his ass. Just feeling his young, tight body against me had me nearly frantic! I pulled back and sat back down on Steve's lap then pulled Carl in closer. I took his cock in my mouth and started doing my best to give him the blow job of his life! I couldn't handle all of him without gagging so I used my hands to stroke him as I sucked. In less than 2 minutes I felt him stiffen and then he shot a huge load into my mouth!

    I struggled to handle it all but finally swallowed the last of it, it was by far the largest load I've ever tried to handle! He never did go soft and I turned to Steve and asked if he minded if I went further. He said he was ok with it as long as Carl was, so I asked Carl if he would like to fuck me. He seemed to scared to speak but nodded his head. I stood up and turned around, bending over offering him access from behind. I reached between my legs and as I was guiding him into me he stiffened again and shot another load down my leg. He seemed horribly embarrassed so I turned and whispered to him...

    "It's ok baby! I understand. This is new and exciting for you. Can you get hard again, or do you need help?"

    "I'm still hard" he said

    I looked and saw that he was indeed still mostly hard. I bent over taking him into my mouth for a minute and in no time he was completely erect again. I turned around again, Steve had moved off the slide. And I bent over holding myself up with one hand while guiding this young man's giant manhood inside me. I was as wet a I've ever been but he was still a huge challenge to handle. I asked him to go slowly so he didn't hurt me. He eased in and out slowly, inching further with each thrust. When he was about 1/2 way in he started moving faster then suddenly pushed all the way inside me! I heard myself groan and felt my legs go weak. I couldn't believe I was cumming already....especially since I NEVER cum from intercourse! I always have to have my clit stimulated to cum, but here I was shaking all over after 30 seconds with this kid! I braced myself with both hands on the slide and Carl started sliding in and out of me. The sound of my wetness was embarrassing, I was so incredibly wet that it was making a sucking sound! I don't know how long this went on but after a bit Steve told me to stand up. I did and saw he had taken a towel from the car and laid it on the ground for us.

    I lay down and Steve placed our clothes under my head for a pillow. Carl climbed on top of me but before I could tell him to go slowly, he shoved his prick inside me all the way! I moaned out loud, partially from pain and partially from extreme pleasure! I wanted to tell him to slow down, but he was fucking me hard and fast. I couldn't get any words out between the loud grunts and sharp breaths. It felt fantastic but I was afraid he'd cum too soon...no worries this time. After cumming twice already he was good to go for a while. He continued to do what Steve later referred to as "grudge fucking me" lifting my legs higher and higher as he did. I felt myself begin to shake and again I came, wrapping my arms around his neck as I did. Carl wasn't finished and continued to abuse my pussy! I'm not sure how many times I came but I know it was at least 4 times, the last time I began shaking uncontrollably. I heard him ask if he'd hurt me but I couldn't speak. Tears were streaming down my face as I held on for dear life! Steve told me later that I was pleading with him to fuck me. He was slamming into me so hard that he slipped out of my pussy at one point, I remember frantically trying to get his marvelous dick back in my pussy.

    Finally I couldn't take anymore. I told him I was going to pass out if he continued. He didn't respond but kept pounding away until finally he told me he was cumming! He pulled out of my pussy and shot another load, onto my stomach this time. I held him tight for a while, not wanting to let go. I had planned on giving this kid the fuck of his life....but he gave ME the fuck of MY life!! We finally got up and he dressed as I put my skirt on. Steve and Carl had to help me to the car, my legs were weak and shaking so badly that I could barely walk! Carl drove us back to our hotel and asked if he could have my phone number. I never give guys my number but without a second thought I gave it to him. It turns out he still lives at home with his mother, though he IS of age...Thank God! The next day when I went to shower I noticed both my inner thighs were black and blue! My twat was so sore Steve couldn't fuck me for several days! My 16 yr old step-son even saw the bruises and asked what happened...he had a weird smile on his face at the time!

    I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of him. He's not yet old enough to get into bars, but we have met him again at our house on 2 occasions. I find myself anxiously waiting to hear from him each day, and when he doesn't call or text I feel disappointed and upset. For his part he has asked to see me without Steve being present, I am still thinking about that. He also invited me over to meet his mother, but I KNOW I'm not ready for that. I did meet his younger brother, he's just as cute as Carl. I also met his dad, Carl Sr. he is smoking hot as well...and I could tell he was checking me out. Carl Jr. Seemed a bit jealous so I tried to behave in front of dad.....mostly. I'm trying to figure out a way to try dad out without losing Carl Jr!

    This was only my second time with a black cock, I plan on making sure that there are plenty more!
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