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. Virgin Daughter-Faithful Wife

Discussion in 'Cuckold Stories' started by RLM, Nov 12, 2017.

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  1. RLM

    RLM Well-Known Member Author!

    Virgin Daughter-Faithful Wife

    by Peter and RLM

    Authors' Note: This story was written by RLM based on a story and scene descriptions suggested by Peter. We both hope you enjoy "Virgin Daughter-Faithful Wife". RLM
    Ellen and David:

    Ellen Lupian was almost finished with her hour workout in the weight room of the country club. Her 5' 6", 121 lb, 32D-24-38, 37-year old body looked no more than 27. Fit and trim, with firm, large breasts, a shapely firm ass, and a narrow waist, Ellen attracted male attention where ever she went. But in the weight room wearing her skin-tight leotard, there never was a man present who could keep his eyes off of her moving, undulating body as she went through her exercise routine.

    The men weren't the only ones who were watching as Ellen ran through her stretching exercises. Over half of the women in the weight room watched as Ellen's legs repeatedly opened pulling the crotch of her leotard against her pussy emphasizing her camel toe that was always on display as she exercised. Some of the women watched with envy; others with lust. For her part, Ellen was oblivious of the attention of being focused on her.

    Every man’s eyes were locked onto Ellen’s ass and crotch
    as she went through her workout.

    After finishing her daily workout, Ellen showered, fixed her makeup, and put on fresh clothes. Her tight black blouse, skin-tight jeans, and heels attracted as much male attention as her tight shorts and camel toe had done during her exercise routines. As she waited in front of the spa for Kathy to arrive, David Patterson approached her.

    "Damn, Ellen. You look fantastic whether you're wearing workout clothes, jeans, or whatever."

    Ellen had known David ever since her husband Melvin had taken a family/golf membership at the exclusive country club. "Thank you, David. Comments like that always boost the ego of a 37-year old woman."

    "You're far from old, Ellen. In fact, most of the members of the club who don't know you, think you're 27. They think Kathy is your younger sister rather than your daughter. You just look incredible. Before you started your daily workouts, I was having to force myself to show up for exercises. Since you started, it's the highlight of my day. How about joining me for lunch?"

    In spite of herself, Ellen felt her face flush with pleasure. Melvin seemed totally oblivious to her womanly charms nowadays... in fact, it had been that way for several years. Today, her husband rarely made love to her more than once a week, if that, and she couldn't even remember the last time he really fucked her rather than make love to her. In addition, he was having erection problems. Regaining some control, she replied, "I'd love to have lunch with you, David, but I can't today. Kathy is meeting me for lunch. With school out for the summer, we've been spending a lot more time together. Would you like to join us?"

    "No, I don't think so. It's wonderful that you're spending more time with Kathy, but I would really prefer to have you to myself at lunch. How about Friday? That work for you?"

    "Friday would be fine, David."

    "I'll make reservations at a really nice place. And do me favor... wear those jeans again. You look out-of-this-world sexy in them. Makes my day."

    "Well, thank you again. Melvin doesn't even notice. Nice to know that someone does."

    "Well, I and every other man in the club notices. And that's no exaggeration."

    Once more, Ellen flushed with a mixture of pride, embarrassment, and sexual pleasure. There was no doubt in her mind that David was turning her on. She knew that he was hitting on her, but it was exciting! Before she could reply, Kathy seemed to appear out of no where.

    "Hi, Mom. You ready for lunch?"

    "Oh... I didn't even realize you were here, Kathy. Yeah, I'm ready. Do you know David Patterson?"

    "Very well," the attractive 17-year old woman replied. "Hi, David."

    "Hello, Kathy. It's really nice to see you again. You look fabulous as usual... just like your mom. Well, you two have a great lunch and afternoon. See you Friday, Ellen."

    As Ellen and Kathy drove to the Olive Garden for lunch, Kathy grinned and said, "David's really cute, isn't he, Mom?"

    "He's all right."

    "Oh come on, Mom. He's a lot more than just all right... sexy, virile looking face and muscles everywhere."

    "That's true. He is a good looking man."

    "And that good looking man was hitting on you, Mom."

    "What to you mean by that? And how would you know? You weren't even present."

    "Yes I was. I arrived ten minutes before you saw me. I heard every thing. You've even got a date with David for lunch on Friday."

    This time, Ellen's face turned more than just a little red. "It's not a date! It's just lunch after exercise. And why were you eavesdropping, young lady? Don't you know that's not polite?"

    "I know, but it was really sexy to see that hunk hitting on you. I couldn't resist. Don't worry, Mom. I'm not going to tell Dad."

    "There's nothing to tell him. In fact, I'll tell him myself this evening."

    "Well, you know Dad better than I do, Mom, but I sure wouldn't tell him. Mr. Patterson was hitting on you, Mom. And who can blame him... you look fantastic."

    Kathy and Ellen ate in silence for ten minutes. Finally, without looking up from her salad, Ellen said, "I don't think he was hitting on me."

    "Ok. Have it your way, Mom. But I can tell you that if I were you and a guy told me that seeing me in the exercise room was the highlight of his day and that I looked fantastic and everyone thought I was 10 years younger than I was, I would sure as hell think he was hitting on me."

    "He was just being nice, Kathy. He just wants to have lunch... that's all."

    "You think that lunch is all he wants?"

    Ellen's face again flushed red. Turning back to her salad, she ignored Kathy's last comment, but it didn't do her any good.

    "Well?" she asked.

    "Well what?"

    "You think that all Mr. Patterson wants is lunch with you?"

    "Yes. Lunch. That's all. Now finish your food, Kathy, and let's go shopping."

    As the two women were leaving the restaurant, Ellen asked, "Do you really think David was hitting on me? I mean... really hitting on me? No teasing now. I'm asking a serious question here."

    "Mom, Mr. Patterson wants to fuck you."

    Kathy and Bobby:

    As usual Melvin got home late from the golf course, which irritated me no end. It seemed to me that my husband had almost lived on the golf course for the last several years. When he wasn't on the course, he was busy in his real estate office working on deals. To be certain, he made an excellent living for us, but between work and golf, Melvin had little time for anything else, including sex.

    "How was your game today?" I asked when Melvin came in around 6:30 PM.

    "It was excellent until I got to the damn long par 4 on the back nine... 446 yards with a dogleg, rough on both sides, and more traps than fairway. I took a fucking 8!"

    After that, Melvin spent the next half hour relating all the details of this game that afternoon. This was followed by another 15 minutes describing the real estate deals he had on the burner. When I was finally able to get a word in edgewise, I changed the subject.

    "We'll be eating alone tonight, Melvin. Kathy has a date with Bobby. She's upstairs getting ready now."

    "Quite a change since Eric went off to the university, eh? Just last year, there were usually four of us at dinner... now we're down to two," Melvin commented.

    "Just for tonight. Next year, when Kathy goes off to college, we'll be empty nesters."

    "What's this Bobby guy like anyway? Have you met him?"

    "Yes. He's a nice looking young boy. He's a senior, 18 years old."

    Melvin nodded. "How long has Kathy been dating this guy?"

    "About three months now... maybe a little more."

    "He take her out much?"

    "They're together a lot. She's been going out with him in the evening two or three times a week."

    "So she's dated him 35 or 40 times?"

    "More or less."

    "Is he fucking her?"

    I was shocked at my husband's question, but had to admit that it was a very reasonable thing for a father to ask. "Well, as I said, Bobby's a cute guy with a very nice looking body and a virile, sexy appearance. He's had 35 to 40 chances to get into Kathy, so I doubt that our daughter's still a virgin, Melvin."

    "Really. 35 dates... maybe 40, and you think this guy must have fucked Kathy by this time. Seems very reasonable to me. You're probably right, but I think you should find out for certain one way or the other. If he's fucking her, we need to be certain that she's taking the proper precautions... don't you think so?"

    Reluctantly, I had to agree that Melvin had a point. "Tell me, why haven't you asked about this before, Melvin? In fact, after 35 or 40 dates, how come you weren't even aware that Kathy's been dating Bobby?"

    "How could I be aware? She's never introduced him to me nor talked to me about him... nor have you, for that matter. Look into it. Find out if this guy is banging her."


    As soon dinner was over, I went up to check on Kathy. I had expected her to be dressed in either a skirt and blouse or maybe jeans. I was totally surprised when I saw her dressed in an elegant cocktail dress with heels.

    "Wow! What's going on tonight, Kathy? You're dress is beautiful, you look just gorgeous in it."

    "Bobby's taking me out to a real sit-down dinner at the Oregano. Afterwards, we're going dancing at the Marion Lounge. I'm so excited. It's my first real dinner date! Do you really think I look Ok?"

    "You look fantastic. But will they let you in to the Marion Lounge? I thought it was adults only."

    "It is, but 18-year olds qualify as adults, Mom."

    "But you're only 17."

    "My fake ID says I'm 18. Isn't that just incredibly wicked?" my daughter gushed.

    "They won't serve you any liquor, you know."

    "I know. We have to be 21 for that, but who cares. Dinner and real dancing is rad! Don't you think so, Mom?"

    "Yes, I do, but your father is very concerned, and to be honest, so am I... just not as much as your Dad."

    "What about?"

    "Your safety, basically. Tell me, are you wearing anything under that dress?"

    "You're not supposed to ask me questions like that, Mom."

    "That depends on your viewpoint. From yours, you have a right to be displeased. From mine, as your mother, I need to know. Besides, you're not one to cast stones after eavesdropping on David and me this afternoon."

    Kathy grinned. "I guess you're right. The answer to your question is that I'm wearing a demi-bra and black bikini panties, but no stockings. Is that Ok?"

    "That's perfect. With your legs, you don't need stockings."

    "MMmmmm... thank you, Mom. Do you think I have nice legs?"

    "Very nice legs. Doesn't Bobby think so too?"

    "Yeah. He loves them and my big tits, which I got from you, Mom. Thank you for those too."

    Now I had to laugh. "You're very welcome. What time will you be home?"

    "Hopefully, by midnight, but it's my first dinner date, so I may be later."


    Melvin was tired after his long day on the golf course and in his office, so after we watched an early movie on HBO, he turned in for the night after giving me perfunctory kiss. I sat up and read until about 11 PM after which I also went to bed. However, getting into bed and going to sleep are two very different things. I was still concerned about Kathy.

    Although I didn't say as much to my husband, I was virtually certain that Bobby was fucking Kathy regularly. Having seen my daughter masturbating on two different occasions, I knew she liked sex and Bobby was a handsome, sexy-looking guy. After 35 dates, he had to be screwing her. Otherwise, an 18-year old, virile and randy guy would have already dropped her. I also knew that Melvin was right about needing to be certain that Kathy was taking birth control pills. With all that on my mind, I just couldn't get to sleep.

    Around midnight, I saw the lights of Bobby's car flashing across the windows of our bedroom when he pulled into our driveway. A moment later, they went out as he turned off his headlights so as not to awaken us. Glancing at the lighted dial of my bedside clock, I saw that it was 11:42 PM. "Good estimate, Kathy," I thought. "Home with 18 minutes to spare."

    Thirty minutes later, I realized that while our daughter was home, her date hadn't yet ended. When I checked at 12:20 AM, Bobby's car was still parked in our driveway. I knew that I should just stay in bed, but I couldn't resist. It had been more than two weeks since Melvin had screwed me, and even then, it hadn't lasted more than five minutes. I had had to masturbate later in the bathroom. I wondered if my daughter was getting what I wanted.

    Putting on my robe, I slipped out the side utility room door into our driveway. We have two large halogen lighting fixtures in our yard, and they provided more than enough illumination for me find my way through the dark. When I was still several steps from the car, I could hear my daughter moaning inside.

    Bobby's car was parked just to the side of a large oak tree, which provided good concealment. As soon as I peeked around the side of the oak, I saw that there was enough light to see them even though they were in dark shadows.

    I had expected to see either Bobby mounted on Kathy or Kathy riding Bobby's dick. Instead, Kathy was on her knees in the back seat facing the back window. Bobby was on the floor board with his head on the back seat, face up and between Kathy's thighs. She was humping his face frantically as he ate her pussy. She was moaning continuously.

    "Oooohhh... don't stop, Bobby. Oooohhh... fuck! Don't stop. I'm so close... do my clit, Honey... Please... my clit... Do my clit!" There was some shuffling around followed by much louder moans from Kathy.


    Bobby must have known what he was doing because in the next 10 or 15 minutes, he ate Kathy to at least three orgasms. And judging from the way she grunted and howled, they must have been intense. After her second orgasm, I had my hand inside my robe furiously finger fucking my pussy and rubbing my clitoris. When Kathy came for the third time, I was getting very close to my first.

    After cumming for the third time, Kathy moved off of Bobby's face and collapsed onto the back seat. Even in the poor lighting, I could see her body trembling in the aftermath of her climaxes. Poor Bobby was still lying face up on the back seat where he was gasping for breath, which wasn't surprising since my greedy daughter had ridden his face for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The only time he could get any oxygen was when my daughter would raise her pussy off his mouth momentarily as she humped his face.

    "Are you Ok, Honey?" she asked.

    "Yeah... just need to catch my breath," he panted.

    "I guess I should have let you breathe," she giggled. "But it felt so fucking good, Honey. You made me cum four times. Is your dick hard?"

    Between gasps, Bobby responded, "Like stone. I'm so hard it hurts. I want to fuck you, Kathy. Please."

    "We've had this discussion at least 50 times, Bobby. I want to stay a virgin until I'm married... besides, I'm not on any kind of birth control and condoms aren't that safe. Just let me suck you off you, Honey. I'll make it really good for you. I always do, don't I? You can cum in my mouth or cream my face... whatever you want."

    My daughter knew exactly how to stop a guy from complaining. After pulling Bobby onto the back seat on his back, she bent over his body, took his shaft in her hand, and began jacking him off. Bobby started to moan immediately.

    "Oooohhh... that's so fucking good. Suck it, Kath... suck my cock!"

    "It's really crowded in this back seat. Hard to get into the right position to suck you, bobby." Nevertheless, Kathy still managed to get her mouth over the throbbing shaft and began sucking him.


    Suddenly, I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out as my vagina and clitoris went into hard spastic contractions. The orgasm ripped through my convulsing pussy making my clitoris contract repeatedly. Juices gushed out of my hole drenching my hand. It was easily the most intense orgasm I had had in two or three years.

    "Suck more of my cock, Kathy," Bobby begged.

    "I'm sorry, Honey. There's so little room in this back seat, I can't get into position."

    "Let's go in your house, then. You're parents are sound asleep. We can do it in the den. They'll never know. Come on... if you won't let me fuck you, let's go inside the house where you can at least give me a good blowjob."

    "Do you promise to be very quite? Even when you cum?"

    "Yes... Yes!" he moaned.

    "Ok. But if you wake up my parents, I'll never go out with you again. Understand?"

    When they started scrambling around pulling on some clothes, I beat a hasty retreat back into the house. Once more, I knew I should retire to my bedroom and give my daughter and her boyfriend some privacy, but my orgasm had been so electrifyingly good, I wanted another one. So, after turning on one light in the kitchen, I hid in our loft from which I could look down directly into our den. The single kitchen light provided more than enough illumination to allow me to see clearly.

    Kathy unlocked our front door carefully and led an eager Bobby into our den. He was already pulling off his clothes. "Leave your clothes on," Kathy whispered.

    "Fuck no! I want you naked too. Fair is fair," he whispered back.

    My daughter shrugged knowing that it would be useless to argue with a randy, excited male with an iron-hard cock. Kathy had gotten him hard, and even at 17, she knew that he would never leave until she took care of his problem. Quickly, she stripped off her dress leaving in her naked except for her heels. Either she had lied about having a demi-bra and panties underneath, or Bobby had stripped her and kept her bra and panties as souvenirs.

    Bobby reclined on our couch with his feet on the floor. Kathy got on the couch on her knees and bent over his cock. Now the position was perfect, and she quickly engulfed his rod. She sucked him hard and deep... deep throating him part of the time... sucking and jacking him off the rest of the time.

    "oh yes... that's it! suck me, Kathy... I'm gonna cum!"

    My daughter's mouth moved faster and faster. She cupped and stroked his balls as she took his dick all the way into her throat. I could see her cheeks hollowing. I had to grin at the thought that my darling daughter was already an accomplished cocksucker at age 17! I was also surprised that Bobby was keeping word. Even though the sensation of Kathy's mouth on his engorged and pulsing dick had to be intense, the only sounds he made were deep, masculine growls.

    Kathy's throat and mouth began to work hard as Bobby's cum load erupted inside her mouth. I could see her trying desperately to swallow all of his semen, but he was so hot and his balls so full, it was hopeless. Eventually, she had to open her mouth and allow the overflow to run out the corners of her mouth and form a long cum rope that dangled erotically from her chin.

    I was amazed to see my 17 year old daughter actually sucking Bobby thick 7-inch cock into her
    throat. When his load shot into Kathy’s mouth and spurted out of her
    mouth, my clit exploded into another hard orgasm.

    Finally, Bobby pulled his still ejaculating shaft out of her mouth and pumped several more cum jets all over her nose, her cheeks, and her chin. He even pressed his dick downward and pumped a big stream over her tits. It was so dirty... so obscene... so awesomely erotic that my cunt exploded right along with Bobby detonating dick.


    It was another 15 minutes before I heard Bobby's car start and slowly back out of our driveway with the headlights off. A couple of minutes later, Kathy, again dressed in her black, cocktail dress, entered her bedroom where she found me sitting on the side of her bed.

    "Mom! You're still up? I told you I might be a little later than midnight."

    "I know. I wasn't worried about you, but we do need to talk."

    "Can't it wait until morning? It's pretty late."

    "True, but we can both sleep late in the morning, and it really can't wait."

    "Ok. Just let me get into my nightgown."

    "All right. Do it here. Take off your dress, Kathy."

    Now it was my daughter's turn to blush with embarrassment. I didn't feel badly since she hadn't worried about embarrassing me earlier in the afternoon. "Why?" she finally said.

    "I'm asking the questions tonight, Honey. Take it off."

    Having no way out, she slipped the straps off her shoulders and let the dress fall around her ankles. Stepping out of it, she laid it carefully over the back of a chair. Of course, she was still naked save for her heels.

    "It seems you either lied about having on a bra and panties earlier or your date now has a souvenir of the evening. Which is it?"

    "Does it matter?" she asked with resignation.

    "It matters a lot, Honey. I would not expect you to lie to your mother. It would hurt me if you did. I would expect you to lose your bra and panties to your boyfriend after dating him three dozen or so times. I just wish your father would strip me like that when we go out and keep my panties as counters."

    Instantly, Kathy's face broke into a smile and then a broad grin. "Bobby has my bra and panties in the glove compartment of his car. He has a pretty big collection of them by this time. Are you going to tell Dad?"

    "Of course not. You're not going to tell him about David and Friday... I'm not going to tell him you lost your bra and panties tonight."

    "I thought you said you were going to tell him about Mr. Patterson?"

    "I forgot," I said with a sly smile.

    "Of course. Unimportant things like that often slip my mind too."

    "What I want to talk to you about, Kathy, is getting you on birth control pills. Neither you nor your Dad and I want you to get pregnant."

    "Don't worry. I won't. I don't need to be on the pill, Mom. Bobby didn't do it to me tonight. He never has. I'm still a virgin, and I intend to remain one until I'm married."

    "He stripped you but didn't... do it to you... as you put it?"

    "He wanted to, of course. He always wants to... eh... to do it to... oh screw it... he always wants to fuck me, but I don't let him."

    "Well, I'm amazed at your will power, Honey, but you still don't want to take the chance. You might get so excited and hot that you won't be able to resist. It happens, you know. It's no big deal. I'll just take you to see my gynecologist. She's a very nice lady. You'll like her."

    "I'm sure I would, but I don't want to take the pill. It's not necessary, Mom. Really. Do you take the pill?"

    "No. I have no need to take it. Your father had a vasectomy about 10 years ago. Before that, I took the pill and he used condoms to be really safe."

    "Ok..... Dad's had a vasectomy, but I doubt that Mr. Patterson has," Kathy said with a knowing smile.

    "I don't intend to have sex with David, Kathy."

    "And I don't intend to have sex with Bobby or any other man until I'm married."

    "But you might get to hot to resist, Honey."

    "And you might not be able to resist letting Mr. Patterson fuck you, Mom. After all, I almost never hear you and Dad making love or fucking any longer. I used to hear your bedsprings squeaking all the time, but not any longer. How often do you two have sex now?"

    "Not very often... that's true, Kathy. No more than twice a month, if that."

    Kathy was silent for awhile, and then said simply, "I'm sorry, Mom. Is Dad sick?"

    "No. I'm afraid I just don't excite him much any longer. He would rather play golf and make real estate deals. He may have a woman on the side, but I don't think so because he's having erection problems."

    "How about a deal, Mom? I'll go on the pill just to be safe if you do. Deal?"

    "No. If Melvin ever found my birth control pills, he would think that I'm cheating on him."

    "I understand... so let's just forget about taking birth control pills. Bobby's not going to get into me, and Mr. Patterson is not going to fuck you. Ok?"

    "Yeah... Ok. By the way, how do you keep Bobby coming back like he does if he never gets any pussy from you? You don't have to answer... just curious."

    "I don't mind answering, Mom. I've gotten to be a really, really good cocksucker, and Bobby loves it."

    We both laughed. When our laughter ebbed, I added, "That's all I wanted to talk you about, Kathy. If you don't think you need to be on the pill, then we'll forget it. It's late. I know you're tired," I said with a grin, "and I'm a little tired as well."

    "You asked me a lot of personal questions, Mom. Can I ask you one... just between you and me... Dad never knows. Ok?"

    "Go ahead."

    "Have you ever had another man since you and Dad were married?"

    "No, I haven't. Not once."

    "Ever tempted... really tempted?"

    "Yeah... several times."

    "How do you stand it with Dad only laying you once or twice a month. My god, Mom, you're only 37. That's practically right at the time when woman reaches her sexual prime."

    "It's very difficult for me, Kathy. I keep thinking that if I could find something that would really turn Melvin on, it would all change, but nothing I've tried works. Slutty clothes, being submissive, being aggressive, taking hot and dirty during sex... I've tried all of those without much effect. I just don't turn your father on much any longer."

    "Don't give up, Mom. You've got your slutty daughter who comes home without her bra and panties to help you. We'll think of something."

    A Boyfriend:

    At first, I was just nervous about lunch with David on Friday after exercise. But on Thursday, that began to change with excitement replacing fear. I kept thinking about Kathy who had dated Bobby 35 to 40 times and was still a virgin, and that was with an 18-year old boyfriend with a near constant hard-on. If she could have fun with Bobby and still remain a virgin, I didn't see why I couldn't manage the same sort of thing.

    On Friday more, my excitement had completely overwhelmed any fear I had had. As soon as Melvin left for work at his real estate firm, I was back in my bedroom trying to decide what I should wear for exercise class, and what I should put on afterwards. I hadn't forgotten David's plea that I wear the same skin-tight jeans that I had worn on Wednesday. One part of me wanted to wear something different... something he hadn't seen before... the other part of me kept saying, "If its not broke... don't fix it", and given David's reaction to my jeans, that outfit certainly wasn't "broke".

    I was still pondering what to wear to exercise class, when Kathy came in. "Ah Ha! Caught you," she said with a laugh. "Trying to decide what sexy outfit to wear to exercise class and for your date with David after exercise... right?"

    "I told you, Kathy, it's not a date."

    "Ok, Mom. Whatever. Want my help in picking out something to wear?"

    "I guess so. I've been fretting over this for over an hour and can't decide. Every thing I consider is either too frumpy or too sexy."

    "Mom, it's a date... It's not possible to be too sexy for a date. Come on, get out of your clothes while I pick something to wear to exercise class."

    "Why do I have to get out of my clothes?"

    "Mom... how else are you going to try on what I pick out so we can see if it's sexy enough? Now get naked, Mom. What part of "naked" don't you understand?" my daughter said with a sly grin.

    "It's embarrassing for me to strip right in front of my daughter," I protested.

    Kathy was having none of that. "I've got big tits, a nice ass, good legs, and a sexy pussy just like you do. You don't have anything that I haven't seen thousands of times. No more protests, Mom. Get naked."

    Even though I had argued and protested, once I started taking off my clothes, the thought that Kathy was selecting something "hot" for me to wear on my date with David had me almost shaking with excitement. When I was naked, Kathy tossed me pair of four-inch heels and a pair of tennis shoes.

    "The tennis shoes are for exercise class, the heels are for afterwards on your date with David."

    "You've been calling him 'Mr. Patterson'. Now, it's David. Why the change?" I asked as I put the tennis shoes on the bed and the heels in my small overnight case.

    "No... No... NO! Put the heels on now. You can change to the tennis shoes later. I what to see how you look in the heels. If he's an older, friend of the family, then he's 'Mr. Patterson'. When he's going to try his best to fuck my Mom, then he's 'David'. Ok?"

    Sitting down on the bed, I slipped my feet into the heels, stood, and posed for Kathy. "Well, what do you think?"

    "Wow! You're drop-dead gorgeous, Mom. David is going to be wild to get into you... that's for certain!"

    "If he saw me like this, I'm sure he would, but that's not going to happen."

    "Don't too sure of that. David's a very sexy, handsome hunk, Mom. But you can't exercise naked. Let's find something you can wear and still look good even in the tennis shoes."

    For 10 minutes, Kathy searched through my dresser drawers until she came up with a two-piece, blue bathing suit I had worn a few years before. Holding it up, she grinned and said, "I think I've found just the thing. It's hot in the exercise room. No one's going to object if you workout in a bathing suit. Here, put on the bottoms and lets see how it looks on you."

    I could feel myself beginning to tremble with excitement at the thought of working out in the bathing suit while David watched me. Pulling the tight bottom part of the suit up over my hips was easier said than done. After some tugging, I got the suit in place. It did completely cover my mound and pussy, but it fit like a glove with about four inches of bare skin between my navel and the top of the suit.

    I checked out my reflection in the full-length mirror and gasped, "You think I should wear this, Kathy. It looks awfully sexy."

    "That's the idea, Mom. Turn around and let me see the back."

    I turned my back toward Kathy and waited expectantly. She shook her head, but said nothing. "Well? Is anything wrong?"

    "Yeah. The suit completely covers all of your buttocks."

    "That's what it's supposed to do, Kathy."

    "If you want to be prim and proper... yes. If you want to turn on your date... then, no. You do want to turn David on, don't you, Mom? Even if you decide that you won't go to bed with him. Right?" I couldn't bring myself to say it aloud. Instead, I just nodded my head.

    "Good. Now that we've gotten past that hurdle, let's see what we can do with the back of that suit." I felt Kathy's hands slipping beneath the leg bands of the suit and tugging the material up over my buttocks. After doing both sides, she stepped back and checked me out. "Not enough ass yet." Again, her fingers worked on the suit. This them when she stepped back, she said, "Perfect! Take a look, Mom. Don't you think David will love it?"

    "Oh god! most of my ass is exposed, Honey. I can't wear the suit like this."

    "Oh yes you can. And you will. You know damn well you're going to love turning David on. From what you told me about Dad, it's been a long, long time since you've had the pleasure of really exciting a man. Even at 17, I know that that's something a woman not only wants, it's something she really needs to feel confident about herself and enjoy being a woman."

    I stared at my daughter in amazement. "How did you learn so much about being a woman so quickly? I never told you any of all these things you seem to know."

    "I watched you, Mom. You taught me by example, which is the best way of teaching anything."

    "Example? What examples?"

    "Oh, like the first time about six years ago when I saw you wearing a miniskirt. I remember asking if your skirt wasn't too short. You just smiled and told me that men like to see their women in short skirts, but when I got around to wearing one, to be very careful how I sat and to keep my knees together when I did so. Then you illustrated by sitting down and letting me watch you do it. Remember that? I certainly do." I flushed with pleasure at my daughter's compliments. I flushed even more when she continued.

    "And then there's the time I was going out on my first real date, and I asked you if I should kiss my date when he brought me home and if so, how should I kiss him. Your reply was that if he tried to kiss me, it would be cruel to refuse as that would really hurt his feelings. When I asked you how I should kiss him, your answer was that for the first date or so, I should kiss him on the lips but to keep my mouth closed and let him decide how hard he wanted the kiss to be. You told me to keep my mouth against his until he pulls away."

    "I remember, but that wasn't teaching you by example."

    "No that wasn't, but your next answer was. I asked you how I should kiss him after several dates if I really liked him. Remember what you did? You called Dad into the room and told him his daughter needed an example of how a woman kisses a man she knows well and really likes. Then you said, 'Shall we show her?'. And he did. And Wow! I thought you were going to devour Dad's mouth. So... I learned by watching you, Mom."

    "Thank you, Kathy. That makes me feel wonderful."

    "Here, put on this top and let's see how you look."

    I hooked the back of the bra and pulled it up over my breasts. A few adjustments, and I was ready. Again, I turned, thrust my now nearly naked ass toward Kathy and posed with my hand on my hip. "How do I look?"

    "Nice, Mom. Hot. You know that when you exercise mom, you’ll have to open your legs for some of the routines. Come on. Sit down on the end table and steeple one of your knees. Let’s see how sexy you’re going to look when you’re doing the exercise routines.”

    I followed Kathy’s directions. As soon as I steepled my right knee and opened my legs, I felt my face flush with a combination of embarrassment and excitement. “Gawd! I feel like a total slut,” I moaned.

    “Wow! You look more than just hot, Mom. I mean… WOW! David's going to have a hard time exercising with you looking like that."

    I didn't have to ask why. We both knew, and we both giggled. "Now slip on those skin-tight jeans that David wants you to wear. Let's see how they look."

    "Well?" I asked after having put on the jeans and turned my back toward Kathy.

    Suddenly, Kathy became very serious. "Mom, you look terrific. We both know that David is going to be wild to seduce you into bed. He probably already has a room reserved, just in case he gets lucky. I know you've told me that you're not going to have sex with him, but don't worry if you decide to change your mind. No one, not Dad, not Eric, none of my friends will ever hear it from me. Ok?"

    "Thanks, Honey. But you're mother's virtue is safe."

    I was shocked at how excited and turned I was. I hadn’t been
    this hot with my husband for a long, long time.


    On the way to exercise class, I wore sweat pants, a baggy sweat shirt, and tennis shoes. When David saw me, I could see his face sag with disappointment. He actually looked like he might cry.

    "Do we still have a lunch date?" I asked, now openly calling it a date.

    Again, he looked over my frumpy outfit and nodded. What else could he do? It was obvious that he didn't relish the thought of taking me to lunch wearing my present outfit. I did nothing that might spoil the surprise.

    I gave David plenty of time to start his exercise routine before emerging from the ladies dressing room now wearing the skin-tight, blue bathing suit with the bottoms pulled up enough to show most of my buttocks. On my own initiative, I had also pulled the top down more than Kathy had so that even more of my breasts were on display.

    Men all around the exercise room stopped to stare at me as walked over to the moving staircase to begin my routine. I knew that they often stared at me, but I had never before paid much attention. Now, I couldn't think of anything else. I knew they were ripping off my top and jerking down the bottom of the suit with their eyes, and I loved it. As I began moving my legs up and down on the staircase, I could feel my bottoms pulling even more tightly into my crease of my buttocks and exposing more of my ass. The stares of the men on my nearly naked ass was like an erotic caress. They had my vagina pulsing and my clitoris becoming erect.

    When I finished my routine on the stairs, I got off and moved over to the weight bench. This time, I saw David's eyes following my every step. The disappointed expression on his face had been replaced with one that I could only describe as pure, naked lust. I tried to stop myself from letting my gaze drop to his crotch, but failed. I hoped he was too busy checking out my legs, ass, and tits to have noticed. His penis was hard... really hard! His loose-fitting gym shorts were tented... hugely tented. My vagina contracted hard. My clit was now fully erect.

    My routine on the exercise bench consisted of lying flat on my back with my feet on the floor on either side of the narrow bench. The weight above my head rested on a pair of brackets on either side. As I just wanted to tone my muscles, not build them like a man would, the weight on the bar was only 30 lbs so I didn't need a spotter to stand by to catch the weight if I should drop it. Nevertheless, as soon as I laid back on the bench, two men magically appeared offering to spot the weight for me... for safety they said.

    I thanked them and said that would be great. Either one of the two powerful men could have spotted the weight with one hand, but, for safety they said, one stood on one side, they other man on the other side. As I did bench presses of the 30 lbs, both men leaned over and watched carefully, just in case I dropped the weight. Of course, they were paying a lot more attention to my half exposed tits than to the weight, but that was exactly what I wanted them to do. They were doing their jobs with gusto. I couldn't suppress a giggle like an excited school girl who has just gotten her boyfriend hard for the first time.

    Halfway through my routine, I noticed that several men were slowly gravitating to a position not far from the end of the weight bench. I knew that from their position, they were all staring between my open thighs at the camel toe formed by my tight suit. When I saw one of the men leaning forward to get a better view, my vagina pulsed even harder.

    After the exercise bench, I moved over to the mat and began doing my stretching exercises. In one set of reps, I moved my feet far apart and repeatedly bent over at the waist. Each time I bent over, I touched my forehead to my right calf and then my left calf before rising for the next rep. In the process, I took the opportunity to stare between my legs at the men assembled behind me with their eyes locked onto my ass where my suit was being pulled between my cheeks. Again, I felt my pussy throb.

    By the time I finished my routine, the crotch of my suit was wet. It felt like my clitoris was so swollen and so hard that if I squeezed it, it would burst like a large, ripe grape. My reaction to all the male attention and lust shocked me until I remembered that Melvin hadn't laid me in almost three weeks, and it had lasted less than 10 minutes when we did have sex.

    Just before I went to the dressing room to shower and change, David approached me. "I'll wait for you in the main lounge, Ellen. Take your time... there's no hurry. We have reservations at Maurice's, and they will hold our table. By the way, you look awesomely beautiful and desirable. The club should pay you to exercise every day. They would double their membership within a week or so."

    "Do you always ply a woman with compliments before you ply her with food and drink, David?" I asked with a warm smile.

    "They are all sincere," he assured me.

    "And said with no ulterior motive?" I questioned, again with the same warm smile.

    "I didn't say that."


    When I entered the main lounge 15 minutes or so later, David rose quickly to meet me. His eyes devoured my tight jeans and my cleavage. "See," I said. I followed our instructions and wore the same jeans. I hope you like them."

    "Luscious! Delicious! I hope you're not offended by my staring at you. You're just too much to resist. Are you ready to go?"

    "Very ready. Lead on." I knew I was flirting outrageously with David, but he looked so handsome, powerful, and virile, I couldn't help it.

    He held the door to his Lexus open for me. I smiled and slid inside. A moment later, he was beside me in the powerful car. As we drove toward Maurice's, his eyes kept drinking in my body at every opportunity. Still teasing him, I leaned over so that when he looked my way, his eyes were greeted with a generous expanse of my exposed tits and the dark recesses of my cleavage.

    As soon as David had parked the car in the lot at Maurice's, he pulled me against his body and kissed me hard. Halfway through the kiss, our mouths were wide open allowing our tongues to duel back and forth, first inside my mouth... then inside his. After a bit, our mouths separated slightly... just enough to allow his tongue to caress my lips and mine to do the same to his.

    As our tongues stroked, David's hands sought out my breasts. My blouse and bra were no defense against his eager hands. In just moments, both of my tits were out as his hands cupped them and squeezed my already turgid nipples. His head moved downward to allow his lips to replace his fingers on my nipples. In the next instant, I was hissing with pleasure as the intense suction of his mouth was sending ripples of pleasure all the way down to my now very wet vagina.

    When his teeth bit each of my nipples softly, I could no longer control my body. It seemed to arch up off the car seat of its own accord. I tried to speak, but the only sounds that I could make were a series of soft cries, gasps, and deep moans.

    Finally, David raised his lips from my heaving tits to my eyes, both of which he kissed gently. His lips trailed over my cheek until they reached my ear which he explored with the tip of his tongue. Then, he whispered, "I want to fuck you, Ellen. I have a room at the Marriott. Let's skip lunch and go there. The only thing I want to eat right now is your delicious pussy."

    "I can't... I just can't," I gasped.

    David's lips moved back to mine. My mouth opened automatically to admit his tongue. His hand, which had been cupping, hefting, and squeezing my breast, moved downward to my mound. My ass arched again, and his hand slid between my thighs. Even with my tight jeans blocking direct access to my pussy, his finger was still sending erotic shocks through my clitoris as it moved deliciously right over it.

    "Ah god... uunnggh... Ah-hun... Ah-hun... UUmmmmmm... OOOoohhhh god," I groaned helplessly as I humped against his hand.

    "Spread wider, Ellen. I can feel your pussy throbbing. Why can't we fuck. You're already about to cum."

    I opened my legs even wider. Between moans, I gasped, "I've never been unfaithful to Melvin... oooohhhhh... aaahhhhhh... rub meeeeee... rub me harder, David. AAAAHHHH!"

    His fingers opened the top of my tight jeans and pulled the zipper downward. "So? I'm not going to tell him. I know you want me to fuck you, Ellen." My jeans were now open enough to allow David to slid his hand inside. When I felt his fingers pressing against my slit and sliding deliciously over my throbbing clit, my ass arched a foot off the seat and stayed there... rotating and humping his hand. Again he whispered hotly in my ear: "I'm going to fuck you, Ellen."

    "I can't... can't. AAAAHHHHHHHHH.... Rub me harder, Darling... OOOHhhhh fuckkkk... You're about to make me climax!"

    "Yes you can. You will. We're going to fuck!" His fingers moved beneath my panties and into my soaked vagina.

    "I can't... I'm not on the pill... no diaphragm... aaaahhhhhhh... there... there... right THERE! My clit.... MY CLIT! Do my clit. I'm fertile now... condoms not safe... can't fuck... Can't... uunnnghhh... ooohhhh... god! I'M CUMMING!"

    "Cum you hot bitch. CUM!"

    I did! Again and again. My vagina and clitoris both exploded in hard, spastic contractions. Juices spurted out of my erupting cunt drenching David's hand. My entire body was shuddering with the intensity of my orgasm.

    "What do you use for birth control with Melvin then?" he questioned as his finger continued to stroke in and out of my still throbbing hole.

    My ass slowly fell back to the car's seat, but his probing, stroking finger was already exciting me toward another peak. "Nothing. Melvin had a vasectomy about eight years ago. No need for birth control. I'm sorry, David, but we can't fuck."

    "I'm so damn hard, it hurts, Ellen," he moaned.

    "Then let's go to the Marriott. I'll take care of you with my mouth. We can do 69."

    "All right... But if I can't get into your pussy, I'm going to use your sexy ass. You won't get pregnant that way."

    "I've never done that... ever."

    "I promise you'll love it."


    We hadn't been in the hotel room for more than a couple of minutes before David had me naked except for my heels. Before he could go further, however, I stopped him. "You've been playing with me ever since we left the spa, Honey. It's my turn now. I want to see what's been causing that huge bulge in your pants."

    Moving as fast as possible, I frantically jerked his pants and briefs down his thighs. As soon as I had his cock freed from its confinement, it surged up and out... a rigid, long, and thick shaft of throbbing male meat. "Oh my god.. it's beautiful... big... thick. How big is it, David?"

    "It's not all that big... about 7.5 inches hard, but it's pretty thick... at least that's what the women tell me," he said with a grin.

    Taking it in my hand, I squeezed the head and made him jerk and throb. His entire shaft pulsed hard when I ran my tongue up the length of his prick and then over the sensitive head. "And I bet you've had it in a lot of women too," I hissed.

    "Quite a few. Have you really never had sex with any man except your husband ever since you've been married, Ellen?"

    "Never," I moaned softly as I engulfed the head of David's cock.

    "AAAHHHHH FUCK! MMMMmmmmm.... suck it, Ellen. That's hard to believe as hot and as beautiful as you are. Is Melvin that good in bed?"

    "He used to be. But he hasn't fucked me in three weeks. Stop talking, David, and fuck my mouth."

    "Whatever you say, Honey.' David held my head in place and thrust his shaft into my mouth. He missed hitting my throat, and my cheek bulged out with several inches of dick inside my mouth.

    "UUGGHH... MMMMMMMMM" I pulled back so I could speak. "Let me get into a better position so you can get your big cock down my throat." I shifted positions and tilted my head back slightly to provide better access to my throat. This time when I took him into my mouth, the big head slid smoothly down my throat. Grasping his dick around the base, I rammed my mouth back and forth on his throbbing shaft. The erotic feeling of his rampant cock surging and throbbing deep in my throat had my cunt gushing.

    "Take it, Ellen. Take all of my cock. Suck me hard, Baby. Can I shoot off in your mouth?"

    "UM-HUH," I grunted and nodded my head to let him know it was ok to cum in my mouth.

    "Oh fuck! You're fabulous, Ellen. I just can't hold it much longer. If you keep sucking me like that, I'm gonna fill you."

    Backing off for a moment, I yelled, "That's what you're supposed to do when I suck your big cock, Baby. Shoot it into my belly, Stud!"

    It only took him another few thrusts before his cock detonated. Blast after blast of thick streams of semen poured into my mouth, filling it. Half of the load fired straight down my throat into my belly. The other half emptied into my mouth so fast I couldn't swallow it all. Several gushes shot out the corners of my mouth and formed strands of semen from my chin.

    I continued to suck and lick his jerking organ until his orgasm subsided. Even then, he continued to twitch and jerk inside my mouth as I carefully sucked all semen off his shaft. Finally, he pulled his dick out and said, "Now, it's your turn, Ellen. Get on the couch on your back. I'm going to devour that luscious pussy."

    As soon as I was on the couch, David shoved my legs wide open totally exposing the gushing hole of my vagina and my erect, turgid clitoris. It had swollen so much that it bulged out of its protective hood and pulsed in anticipation. The eager male tongue lashed my sex trench!

    "OOOohhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSS!" I howled with more pleasure than I had felt in months.

    Moving over my throbbing opening, David waited. When my contractions opened my hole, his tongue darted into me, swabbing the first two inches of the walls of my vagina. The tongue moved back until only the tip was still in me... then, it entered my hole again... back and forth, fucking me like a miniature cock.

    "OOOooohhhh... please... my clit. Do my clit!" I begged as my hips thrashed on the couch.

    "Spread wider. Raise your fucking legs. Spread wide apart so I can get to your clit," David ordered.

    I couldn't raise and spread my legs fast enough. As soon as his tongue raked over my near bursting clit, both legs shot straight out to the side, rigid and vibrating with the pleasure racing through my pussy. I felt my clit being sucked into his mouth. Instantly, my ass rose off the couch and thrust wildly against his mouth.


    Two fingers entered my vagina, searched out my G-spot and rotated over it. Instant orgasm! I couldn't stop throbbing... again and again, my vagina opened and then slammed shut around the probing fingers. My clitoris was dancing wildly in and out of its hood. Even my asshole opened and closed as the hot, electric sensations engulfed me. I screamed and cursed as I erupted in one orgasm after another... or maybe it was one continuous orgasm. I couldn't tell.

    David's tongue, lips, and fingers slowed and then stopped but didn't withdraw from my pussy. He remained stationary until my orgasm ebbed. After several minutes, I was still pulsing in the aftermath of my awesome orgasm when David's tongue began to move over my clitoris again. His finger rubbed my G-spot. The sensation was so intense, I tried to push him away, but he was much too powerful for me. All I could do was shudder and wail as he worked me higher and higher. This time, I squirted all over his face when my pussy exploded.

    By the time my body stopped trembling, David's cock was again hard and ready. Looking down at my still pulsing pussy, he shook his head sadly. "God! I want to fuck you so badly it hurts."

    "I know, Honey, but I can't risk getting pregnant. Do my ass this time. I can't take the pill. Melvin's might find them, but I'll see about getting a diaphragm and with that and condoms, I should be safe. Please don't be mad."

    "I'm not mad... just hot and horny. Turn over, you sexy witch. Show me that hot ass."

    Giggling, I pulled my legs back so far my knees were touching my tits. The position elevated my ass as well as providing my lover with an incredibly erotic view of my wet pussy. "Put it in, David... slowly. Let me get used to it before you fuck my ass off, Honey."

    After swabbing his cock head through my soaked sex trench, he pressed it against my anus. I grunted softly. He pressed forward a little harder making me grunt louder. For several minutes, David worked to stretch my anus enough to allow him to penetrate me without success. Having never had anal sex, I was just too tight.

    Fortunately, I had brought along a small bottle of Astroglide just in case. Although I was embarrassed to tell David that I had brought lubricant as that was a open admission that I expected him to fuck me when I met him for lunch, it was obvious that without it, we were both going to end up being very frustrated. "David, there's a small bottle of astroglide in my handbag. Get it and lube me, Honey."

    Instantly, he broke out in a grin because he knew he would soon have his big cock up my ass and also because he knew that I came to lunch expecting to be fucked. But he was a gentleman and only said, "Great! I should have thought of that."

    After lubing his cock thoroughly with the slick liquid, he squirted some over my anus and then inserted the neck of the small bottle into my rectum and squeezed. This time, when David pressed his cock against my anus, it slipped into me easily. My ass stretched wide to accommodate his thick male shaft. His hips snapped forward burying five inches of dick up my butt.

    "UUNNGHH! AAAHHH! GOD! IT'S SO FUCKING BIG!!! OOOUUUUU.... GO EASY, STUD. JEZZ... STOP. NO MORE... STOP! Let me get used to your big cock."

    "You're not the only one who has to get used to it, Ellen. It's so tight... I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to me. Take your time. I just let it soak while I work your big, swollen clit."

    "OOOHHHH God!" I howled when he did exactly that. All he had to do was just rub the sides of my near-bursting organ and hot shafts of pleasure lanced through my cunt. When his fingers moved over the ultra-sensitive tip of my clit, I gasped and rammed my hips upward. My gasps grew even louder when the upward thrust of my ass forced another inch of David's prick into me.

    Suddenly, without warning, I was surging toward another climax. David rubbed my clit harder... faster. Again, I thrust against his fingers forcing more cock into me. I came... hard... my vagina going into uncontrollable, intense spasms.

    "OOOHHH DAVID! I'm cumming... oh gawd! I'm cumming!"

    As my erupting pussy sent lances of electric pleasure through me, David took advantage of my spastic contractions that not only made my vagina open and close, but also did the same to my asshole. When it opened, he drove his shaft balls deep into me and began to fuck me with deep hard strokes.

    The feeling of fullness coupled with the sensuous movement of David's fingers over my clit had me racing toward still another climax. He fucked me like an out-of-control machine for what seemed like a long time before he roared and began shooting his load into my now widely stretched asshole.

    After hours of continuous sex, David finally let me get dressed so he could take me back to my car. However, before I could get out the door, the randy stud had me bent over a chair with my top off and my jeans down around my thighs as his hard cock slammed into my ass again. I really didn’t mind at all as I had two more intense orgasms before he put yet another cum into my ass.
    The oral sex was out of this world, and my first anal sex gave me
    over a dozen orgasms. I loved every second of it!


    I was half past 4 PM when I finally got home from my "lunch" date with David. When I entered the house, I smelled the delightful aroma of a pot roast cooking in the oven. Kathy was in the kitchen making the salad for dinner. As soon as she saw me, she grinned and said, "My, my... you must have had a real workout out at exercise class, Mom. Wow! Five hours .... that's got to a record."

    "Probably... It was certainly the best workout I've had in years. But you didn't need to cook dinner, Honey."

    "Of course I did. We wouldn't want Dad getting suspicious would we? Come on... tell me. Did you?"

    "Sort of."

    "Sort of? You either got laid or you didn't... which is it?"

    "We did just about every thing a couple can do except vaginal intercourse."

    "Vaginal intercourse?? Now there's a new way of putting it, Mom. Are you telling me David didn't fuck you?"

    "No. I'm telling you I didn't let him get into my pussy. He went down on me and then ... well... you know."

    "He fucked your ass?"

    "Yeah. I was an anal virgin. Not anymore."

    "Was it good? Did it hurt? Come on, Mom. Educate your daughter."

    "We used a lot of lubricant, so it didn't hurt at all. I had four or five orgasms while he was doing it... so it must have been good."

    "Oh... that is just so erotic and sexy. I've been hot all afternoon wondering what was happening. Now that I know, I'm hotter than ever."

    "Do you have a date with Bobby tonight or someone else?"

    "No, damn it. He's missing his big chance."

    At this point, Melvin came in for dinner interrupting our erotic conversation. During dinner, my husband seemed excited about something. Finally, I asked him, "What's bothering you, Melvin? You seem to be on pins and needles about something."

    "It's amazing how you can see through me so well, Ellen. I was trying to figure out a way to make it a huge surprise for both of you, but since you've already seen through me, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you."

    "Tell us what, Dad?" Kathy asked now as interested as I was.

    "My partner... both of you know Jacob, right?"

    We both nodded and urged him to go on. "Well, Jacob and I just arranged the sale of the Meadowlake Mall which the owners have been trying to see for several years without success. They listed the property with us about seven months ago, and today we closed the deal on the mall... on the entire mall."

    "That entire huge mall?" I asked totally stunned. "My god! What was the sale price?"

    "Are you ready for this? It was 45 million... that's a 45 followed by six zeroes!!" Melvin triumphantly wrote out the number on a paper napkin with four exclamation points following it. Kathy and I stared at the paper.

    My voice almost cracked when I asked, "How much is your commission on the sale?"

    "That's the best part. They had been trying to move the property desperately for over three years without success. The owners really needed the cash so they offered us a commission of 15% if we could move the property within nine months at a sales price of no less than $30 million. So we got them an extra $15 million, which more than covered our commission of $6.75 million. The owners are elated, and the buyers are delighted to have the property. Jacob and I handled the deal together and agreed to split the commission down the middle .... so we each will receive $3,375,000!

    The three of us laughed and hugged each other ecstatically. When we managed to get control of ourselves, my husband laid out the plans for our new found wealth. "Unless you have some objections, Ellen, I plan to tax-defer $2.0 million for our retirement. Another $250,000 will be set aside in tax-deferred college plans to pay for all of Eric's and Kathy's college education as far as they want to go. About $425,000 will have to be paid in income tax on the remaining $1,125,000, so we will have about $700,000 to spend."

    "What are your plans for that money?" I asked breathlessly.

    "Well, we can consider a new home, a new car, whatever. I'm going to leave that to you, Kathy, and Eric, Honey. However, I want to take $15,000 for the three of us to have a 10-day vacation to the Cayman Islands this summer before Kathy has to go back to school. Eric is working so he can't go... Consequently, I want to send him $5,000 to use for his own enjoyment during college."

    "Oh my god, Mervin, that's marvelous!" I gushed.

    Kathy was so excited all she could say was "When can go, Dad? When can we go?"

    "How about next week? We'll get a special rate at this time of the year. I'm going to be hitting the golf courses and deep sea fishing. The two of you can plan your own agenda... shopping, sunning on the beach, water skiing, scuba diving, whatever you want. I've got an entire briefcase full of brochures for entertainment and hotels that the two of you can study this weekend to plan every thing."

    After dinner, Kathy and I spent two hours going over the brochures for the Cayman Islands. By 9 PM, we had made plans to do every thing we could find that looked enjoyable. A little after 9 PM, Kathy got me aside and whispered, "Dad's busy making plane and hotel reservations at his computer, Mom. Tell me what happened this afternoon." When I hesitated, my daughter complained, "Come on, Mom. I told you every thing I do with Bobby and I know you were watching us from the loft. I saw you. So come on, out with it. Every hot detail!"

    By 9:30 PM, I had told Kathy just about every thing... how I had teased David during and after exercise... how he had kissed me in the car in the parking lot of restaurant and taken out my breasts. Kathy began to squirm when I described how David had opened my jeans and started finger fucking me while telling me how much he wanted to fuck me. When I told her how big his cock was and described how I had sucked him off to a huge orgasm in the hotel room, she had her hand beneath her skirt rubbing her pussy.

    "Did he go down on you, Mom? Did he make you cum?" she moaned heatedly as her hand moved faster.

    "He got me on my back on the couch, spread me, and ate me to several orgasms. I couldn't stop cumming. The last time he was finger fucking me at the same time as he was sucking and licking my clitoris. I got so hot that I squirted all over his face when I came.

    "Oh god... oh god... soooo hot!" Kathy moaned fingering herself rapidly now.

    "David begged me to let him screw me, but I told I wasn't on the pill and couldn't. So he lubed my ass and his cock, shoved my legs back against my tits, and put it in my bottom."

    "NO... he put it in your sexy ass, Mom," Kathy corrected me.

    "Yes he did. He fucked my ass off. I came several more times before he exploded and put his second load deep inside me. After that, we rested, took a shower, and I sucked him off again. Once more he ate my pussy until I had another climax. Just before we left the room, he bent me over the back of a chair, and ass fucked me once more."

    "Ooohhh that's so wild! I've got to go to my room, Mom. I have to get myself off! My pussy is about to explode. Are you going to fuck Dad tonight?"

    "I hope so. I'm certainly going to do my best to get him interested."


    After Kathy retired to her bedroom, I put on an obscenely short skirt, blouse, and heels with no bra or panties. Melvin was still working at his computer when I moved behind him, opened my blouse, and pressed my naked tits to either side of his neck.

    "Wouldn't you rather play with your hot wife than that computer, Darling?" I hissed in his ear.

    He left his computer, turned, and kissed me harder than he had in a long time. When he broke the kiss, he seemed almost crushed. "I would love to play with my hot wife, Ellen, but you know all the problems I've been having getting erections. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and after a complete examination, he prescribed cialis four times a week, and viagra one or two hours before I want to have sex. I was going to pick up the medication today, but with this huge deal closing, I couldn't get away. I'll pick it up at the pharmacist's tomorrow, but right now, I'm having the same problem."

    "Don't worry about it, Honey. I'm going to suck your cock while I finger fuck my hot pussy. If you get hard, you can fuck my cunt, Lover. If you don't, you can use your tongue on me... I'll go off like a rocket, I'm so hot."

    I had my hand on my husband's crotch when I said that. I felt his cock lurch and throb as he began to get a weak erection.

    "I've never heard you talk like that before, Ellen."

    "Does it bother you to hear your prim and proper wife tell you she's going to finger fuck her pussy and that you can fuck her cunt whenever you want to?

    "Oh hell no! It's so hot. I've had fantasies of you talking like that."

    "Good, because you're going to be hearing me talk like that a lot from now on. In fact, I'm going to make a lot of changes very soon. You know, I've heard that when a man takes viagra, his cock gets hard as stone... so hard that you'll be able to drive your dick up my ass if you want... would you like to ass fuck your wife, Melvin?"

    "Oohhhh yessss, but it may not work that well. The doctor warned me not to expect miracles."

    "Forget that. Let's get you cock out so I can suck you, Baby." Without waiting for an answer, I pulled my husband's pants and shorts down to his ankles. As he had said, his cock was only partially hard.

    "Here? What if Kathy comes down?"

    "Then she'll see her mother sucking her father's cock like a wife is supposed to do. Come on. Get on the couch so I can suck you."

    Melvin settled back on the couch as I removed his shoes, socks, pants, and shorts. By the time I took his prick into my mouth, he was almost flaccid. After ten minutes of caressing his balls, sliding my tongue up and down and over his cock, and then sucking him deeply with my lips locked around the base of his cock, he was still no more than semi-hard. I hadn't given up, but Melvin had.

    "This is hopeless, Ellen. I'm so sorry. Let's go to the bedroom so I can get you off."

    I knew that a man's major sex organ is his brain, not his penis. If his brain is convinced that he can't get an erection, then he can't. It was obvious that my husband was so nervous about Kathy see me giving him head and so convinced that he wouldn't be able to get hard, I knew that he wouldn't. So, I gave up. "All right," I said. "Let's go."

    Quickly, Melvin pulled on his pants and we hurried to our bedroom where he went down on me, but he was so disheartened, that he did a lousy job of it. Nevertheless, as soon as I started thinking about the awesome sex I had had that afternoon with David, I was roaring toward a climax. I think Melvin was shocked when he made me cum, and with my clit and vagina throbbing in hard spasms, it was obvious to him that I wasn't faking it.

    "Wow!" he gasped as he removed his head from between my quivering thighs, "you really exploded, Ellen."

    "Mmmmmmm... I did, didn't I. Thank you, Darling. That was great." Of course, it really wasn't, but I wanted him to think so. Maybe it would help get his head on straight.

    "Are you ready to call it a night, Ellen?" he asked. "I'm pretty tired."

    "Sure. I'll just go check on Kathy."

    As soon as I approached my daughter's bedroom door, I could hear her moaning softly... gasping... and urging a make-believe lover to fuck her harder. "Oh give it to me, David... fuck me like you fucked my mom. Stick it in my cunt!" I heard her gasping. I was both shocked and excited when I realized that her "make-believe" was David.

    I couldn't resist opening the door a little so I could see how Kathy was getting herself off. I was sure she was so engrossed in pleasuring her pussy, she would never notice the door opening slightly. However, when I cracked the door just enough to let me see into her room, She was staring right at me with a big grin on her face. I was busted big time.

    "Does it turn you on, Mom, to hear me fantasizing about your lover fucking me? Sticking that big cock of his into my hot cunt?" Her legs were spread wide allowing me see how open and wet she was. "Well? Does it?"

    "You know it does. I just couldn't resist peeking. I'm sorry."

    "Don't be sorry... Come in and watch me get myself off again. I've already cum four times thinking about your hot story and how David sucked your pussy and fucked your ass. Come on, Mom. Watch me do it."

    I felt like I was in a trance when I closed the door behind me. Kathy spread her legs even wider and held her pussy open. "See how wet I am, Mom. Look how hard my clit it. Can you see it poking up out of its hood? It's so hard, Mom. So sensitive. All I have to do is just stroke it a little, and my pussy just explodes."

    "Tell me again about the last time David fucked your ass just before you left, Mom, while I get myself off again. Please... tell me... I'll cum so hard," she moaned as her fingers were already moving sensuously over her erect clit.

    "I had dressed to leave, but David had kept my panties so my pussy was naked under my jeans."

    "OOOohhhh...that's so fucking hot," Kathy groaned as her fingers explored inside her pussy until reaching her hymen.

    "He stopped me before I got out the door and kissed me again. I kissed him back... hard. He opened my jeans as I humped against his hand."

    "AAAaaahhh... cumming... oohhhh fuckkk... I'm cumming... Don't stop, Mom. I'll cum again... go on."

    "He led me to a chair in our hotel room and bent me over the back. As soon as I was bent over with my hips arched high, I felt my jeans being pulled down my legs."

    Kathy's fingers rubbed her clit furiously, stopping occasionally to slid them into her pulsing vagina. Her hips arched as her head bent backwards.

    "Did he take off your jeans?"

    "He was too anxious to get into me again. He just pulled them down to the middle of my thighs. He just spread my buttocks open and pushed his rock-hard cock into my ass. I was so wet from all the cum he had already shot into me, that his shaft sank all the way in on the first thrust."

    "You spread you ass cheeks open for him, didn't you, Mom. So he could fuck it into you... didn't you?"

    "I couldn't help it. I wanted that big cock in me again."

    "Did it hurt when he entered you, Mom?"

    "Not at all. He had already fucked my ass several times. I was really stretched open. His entire cock sank into me on the first thrust."

    "OOOHHHHHH God! Did you cum?"

    "Several times. As soon as he put it into me, I just exploded."

    Oh gawd! Fuck my ass, David. Screw me like you did mom.
    Give it to me. FUCK MY ASS, DAVID. HARD!


    We had the weekend and three days to get ready for our Cayman Island vacation, and Kathy and I made the most of them by hitting all the women’s boutiques... especially Victoria’s Secret. I couldn’t believe the outrageously erotic outfits we bought. They were sinful in the extreme... but oh so erotic! With Kathy telling me how many times we were going to be fucked on the vacation, my clit stayed hard and erect most of the time, and my pussy was a constant swamp.

    The Cayman Islands:

    The Cayman's were breathtakingly beautiful as was our beachfront hotel. We had adjoining rooms, one for Melvin and I, and the other for Kathy. Both were lavishly furnished. The beach was right outside our patio door so that we could walk to the beach without ever entering the hotel lobby. It was also only a short walk to the huge indoor pool and dining area that was complete with a huge, well-stocked bar.

    The hotel had two night clubs, and two golf courses exclusively for its guests. We hadn't been checked in for more than an hour before Melvin was at the bell captain's desk reserving tee times on both courses for each day of our 10-day stay in the islands. As I unpacked our suitcases and hung our clothes in the huge walk-in closets, Melvin was on the phone making daily reservations for the deep sea fishing.

    "Do you plan on spending any time with me, Melvin?" I asked.

    "Sure," he replied.

    "Good. You've reserved time daily for golf and fishing... would you like to reserve some time on my social calendar for use of my pussy?"

    He grinned and replied, "Do I need a reservation?"

    "Maybe... who knows. I works just like a restaurant, Darling. At times, there are plenty of tables and you don't need a reservation. At other times, if you show up wanting to eat when all the tables are taken, you have a long, long wait facing you."

    His face lost its grin as he asked, "Is that likely to happen? Really?"

    "Truthfully, I have no idea. This is the first out-of-the-country vacation we have ever taken... and I've heard rumors about the Caymans... haven't you?" Not knowing how to reply to that, Melvin elected to just drop the subject.


    Right after breakfast the next morning, Melvin asked us if we were sure we didn't want to join him on his deep sea fishing excursion. Since neither Kathy nor I had the slightest interest in fishing, we just shook our heads.

    After Melvin had left, Kathy suggested that we get into the bikinis we had purchased and head for the beach.

    "Now that we're here, I'm not sure I've got the nerve to wear mine, Kathy. It's nothing but three small triangles of cloth and a couple of strings."

    "That's the whole idea, Mom. Come on. Dad's out fishing and no one else here knows us or will ever see us again after we leave."

    I nodded fully realizing that my protest had been purely for show. In truth, I could hardly wait to get into my skimpy bikini and show off on the beach. I also knew that Kathy knew that as well as I did, but she was kind enough not to say it. There were two white robes in each of the rooms that we wore after getting into out almost non-existent swim suits. Ten minutes later, we walked out onto our patio door and headed down to the beach.

    We spread out our beach blankets beneath one of the large beach umbrellas the hotel provided and then removed the robes. We had already attracted some male attention even in our robes. Once they were lying on the table beneath the umbrella, the amount of male attention at least doubled. Not long after that, it had tripled.

    With my daughter's hot, 17-year old body nearly naked, I was pretty certain that it didn't matter much what I was wearing, I wasn't going to get much attention. However, when I glanced at the men, I was shocked to see that at least half of them were checking out my tits and ass rather than Kathy's. Talk about a lift to my ego!

    When I bent over to straighten out the blankets, I could almost feel the dozens of male eyes locked onto my nearly naked ass. At that moment, I wished I'd had the nerve to select the string bikini rather than the very brief one I had bought.

    After rubbing suntan lotion on each other, we sunned ourselves awhile. Turning her head toward me, Kathy whispered, "Do you see all the men sneaking peeks at us, Mom?"

    "MMmmmmm... I do. Most of them are looking at you though."

    "Like hell. I been opening my legs more and more trying to get my share of their attention. They can't take their eyes off of you, Mom. Everyone of those guys wants to fuck you."

    I blushed, but secretly loved my daughter's remark. Except for David, it had been so long since any man had hit on me.... Of course, I never used to give them the slightest indication that I might be interested and available. In this tiny bikini, they had all the invitation they needed.

    "We're going to get bad tan lines with these bras on, Mom. Let's take them off."

    "We'll be arrested," I protested.

    "Didn't you see the sign, Mom. It said, 'Warning. Nude bathing is permitted.' Let's do it."

    I hesitated, but Kathy just sat up, untied her bra, and tossed it aside. Her breasts weren't quite as big as mine, but they were firm and stood almost straight out from her chest like twin cannons with virtually no sag at all. Looking at them, I couldn't help but be a little envious... besides which, she was now attracting a lot more of the male attention that had been mine.

    "I think I'll go down and test the water to see how cold it is," my daughter said. As she walked toward the water, her hips swinging, more than a dozen male eyes followed her.

    My daughter stepped carefully into the water and then walked out until the waves were lapping at her hips. When she walked back toward our blankets, her wet G-string was clinging tightly to her pussy outlining her camel toe. "The water's not too cold, Mom. Actually, its refreshing. Do you know that you've got over a dozen men praying that you'll take off your bra?"

    "Should I?"

    "Stand up and just pull it down away from your tits. Bunch it underneath. That'll drive them wild, and when you finally take it off, they're gonna cream their suits."

    As I stood and hooked my fingers in the tiny bra, I felt like an exotic stripper teasing dozen's of eager men. I loved it. It was just exhilarating! When I pulled the bra away and let my tits fall out, I saw several of men squeezing their cocks in appreciation.

    It was obvious that every man on the beach wanted to fuck us.
    The thought had my vagina quivering with anticipation.

    With both tits bouncing, I walked into the water and found it refreshingly cool, but not cold. The erotic sensation of the cold water lapping at my pussy and the men staring at my exposed ass and tits had my nipples hard and erect. I could even feel my clitoris beginning to swell.

    "You're right, Honey," I said as I walked back toward Kathy. "The water feels really nice." When I reached our umbrella, I untied my bra and tossed it onto the blanket. Stretching with my hands behind my head, I saw that I had the attention of quite a few men and even some of the women.

    "Want to go for a swim?" I asked.

    Kathy nodded and we both ran for the water, her firm tits jiggling, my larger, more mature tits, bouncing. For five minutes or so, we frolicked in the water splashing each other. Then, suddenly, we realized someone else was splashing water on us playfully. Turning, we saw it was two young hunks doing it. Kathy squealed with delight. I just smiled when they moved closer. They both looked to be in their early 20's... maybe college students. One of them had beautifully bronzed skin and a great physique. The other was equally handsome but obviously hadn't been out in the sun as much.

    "Hope you don't mind us joining you. I'm John... that's Felipe," the tall, untanned guy said.

    Before I could answer, Kathy replied, "Of course we don't mind. We were beginning to think that all the guys here wanted to do was look. I'm Kathy. This is my mom, Ellen."

    Both of the men did a double take. Felipe actually looked stunned. "You're shitting me! You're Kathy's mom?" he said as he looked over my naked tits that were just out of the water.

    When I nodded, he shook his head. "That's really hard to believe. I would have bet money that you were Kathy's older sister."

    "That's quite a line you have, Felipe. I'm almost old enough to be your mother."

    "It's not a line. Have you noticed how every guy on the beach is panting over you. You're absolutely the best looking, sexiest MILF I've ever seen."

    "Well, thank you, I guess."

    "You guess?"

    "I don't know what an MILF is. Is that good or bad?"

    "Well, come closer and I'll whisper it in your ear so you wont be embarrassed."

    I suspected this was just a ploy to get me closer, but I really didn't care. I wanted to be closer to this young hunk. When I was no more than six inches from Felipe, I said, "Is this closer enough? So what is it?"

    He moved even closer... close enough for me to feel the thrust of his erection against my mound. Then, I felt his hands covering my naked ass and slowly caressing each cheek. I knew I should move away, but I didn't want to. The feelings he was giving me were too delicious. His powerful arms pulled me tightly against his body crushing my naked tits against his bare, highly muscled chest.


    "Did I hurt you?"

    "NOooo... nooo," I gasped.

    His hands pulled the narrow strap of my bikini bottoms aside allowing his fingers to explore deep inside the crease of my ass. "Lean closer," he ordered.

    I pressed my body as tightly as possible against his and moved my tits over his chest. With his lips pressed to my ear, he whispered, "MILF means a Mother I'd Like to Fuck."

    "OOoohhhhh! OOOooohhhh!" As soon as the two passionate moans escaped my lips, Felipe was grinding his rigid organ into my mound. His hands gripped my buttocks and lifted me until I felt his erection thrusting directly against my pussy. Automatically, I thrust myself against his rigid organ. It felt so powerful... almost like it was going to enter me in spite of my bikini and Felipe's bathing trunks.

    Glancing to my right, I saw my daughter locked tightly against John's body with her naked tits mashed into his chest. His hands were beneath the water, but from the way Kathy's body was undulating and thrusting against John's, I was certain that his cock was grinding into her much the same as Felipe's was doing to me. As I watched, Kathy's eyes closed and her head lolled backwards. Except the fact that John was several inches taller than Kathy, I would have been certain that he already had his cock inside her pussy.

    Abruptly, my attention was jerked back to my own pussy, which Felipe's fingers were invading. I moved my feet further apart on the sandy bottom to give him better access. Instantly, his fingers moved under my bikini and between the folds of my pussy. My hips snapped forward when his fingers sandwiched my clit and began stroking it. "AAAAaaahhhhhh... OOoohhh... yessss," I hissed. My soft, hissing moans changed to hot gasps of pleasure when two fingers entered my vagina.

    Each of my hot moans was being matched by one of Kathy's as the two studs rubbed our clits and finger fucked us. When the guys began trying to lift us higher so they could sink their cocks into our vaginas, I pulled away.

    "Not here! It's not sanitary or safe out here in the ocean. Come on, Kathy. Now. We're going back to the beach."

    Disappointment was written all over Kathy's face, but she followed me as I trudged through the waves back toward the beach. "John was finger fucking me and rubbing my clit, Mom. I was just about to cum. My pussy's still throbbing," she moaned in my ear.

    "Don't feel special, Honey. Felipe was doing the same thing to me. Couldn't you tell?"

    "UUMmmmm... I could! Actually, I thought he was fucking you. You were about to cum, weren't you?"

    "I was close... very close. Like you. But we needed to get out of the water.”

    “Why? It’s not all that unsanitary, Mom.”

    “No, but it’s not very comfortable for a woman to get laid standing up. Other positions are a lot better, and another five minutes in the water, and those studs would have been fucking both of us. And before that happens, I needed to find out if you really want that? I thought you wanted to stay a virgin until you were married?”

    “And I thought you wanted to remain a faithful wife?” Kathy said with a sly grin.

    “I did... but I’ve changed my mind.”

    “So have I, Mom. So have I. Just think of all the fun we can have here for the next nine days.”

    “May I remind you that you’re not on the pill, Kathy.”

    “Neither are you, Mom. Maybe we can get the hotel doctor to prescribe some for us?”

    “We can, but it takes a few days for them to begin to work.”

    “So what do we do?”

    “Either remain a virgin and faithful, or take our chances. We each had our periods last weekend, so we may be all right. If not, well... we can cross that bridge when we come to it. So, what to you want to do, Kathy?”

    My daughter glanced back at John and Felipe who were following us like studs drawn to the scent of our aroused pussies. Looking at me, she hissed in my ear, “I’m tired of being a virgin. Aren’t you tired of having to use your vibrator?”

    As soon as we were again sitting on our blankets, John and Felipe were beside us with their hands again on our thighs. “Take off the rest of your bikini, Ellen. You too, Kathy.” It was more of an order than a request. I looked over at Kathy who winked at me, but before I could remove the bottom half of my bikini, her comment stopped me.

    “We’ve already taken off our bras and let you guys look at our tits and feel us up out in the water. It’s your turn now. Lose your trunks and let’s see what inside. Afterwards, we’ll take off the rest of our suits.”

    “We’re both hard,” John protested.

    “I would hope so the way you two have been finger fucking and feeling us both up. Cocks are supposed to get hard when we expose our tits and let you slip your fingers into our pussies. Let’s see them, guys or Mom and I are heading back to our hotel... alone!”

    I couldn’t figure out where my daughter had gotten up so much nerve, but I was loving it. I just grinned as I spread my legs and rubbing my hand lightly over the crotch of my suit. “Like Kathy says, Guys, if you want to see what’s under here, get naked.”

    I heard my daughter draw her breath sharply with the two hard dicks surged out of their confining trunks. Both guys had over seven inches of rock-hard meat and both dicks were already leaking fluids from the tip. Leaning closer to Kathy, I asked softly, “What do you think, Honey?”

    “They’re gorgeous,” she moaned, “and so hard and big.”

    “Have you ever seen two at once before?”

    “No... never.” Pressing her mouth close to my ear, she whispered, “I want to fuck them both, Mom. Can I?”

    “I don’t think either of us will be able to stop them once we get back to our hotel room.”

    Felipe’s voice interrupted our heated conversation. “Ok. We’re naked. It’s your turn girls. Lose the bikinis!”

    “You heard him, Mom. Turn around.”

    As soon as I did so, Kathy pulled down my suit, and I stepped out of it... naked. “Now you do me, Mom.” A moment later, both dicks were even harder as the men stared at us.

    “Sit side-by-side on the blanket,” John instructed, “so I can get both of you in the same picture.” He was already adjusting his digital camera when we cuddled together on the blanket. Each time the camera clicked, I felt my pussy throb knowing he was taking pictures of us naked and would obviously be showing them to all his friends when he got home. The thought of dozens of men seeing Kathy and I naked was incredibly exciting.

    “That’s really hot,” Felipe said, “but you know what we want to see. Come on you two. Stop hiding it. Show us your pussies.”

    “Like this?” Kathy said opening her legs wide.

    “Perfect for you, Kathy, but we still can’t see your Mom’s hot box.”

    “They’re not going to be satisfied until you let them see your cunt, Mom. Show it to them.”

    A small orgasm surged through me as I spread my legs. Kathy and I leaned closer. We each had one knee steepled and our legs wide open. John aimed the camera right between our gaping thighs and snapped one picture after another as we squirmed on the blanket.

    “I can’t believe how much the two of you look like sisters,” Felipe said again. “Let’s see you from behind, Ellen. It’s got to be awesome.”

    “You heard him, Mom. Turn over.”

    I knew what we were doing was totally obscene, but I was so wildly excited, it didn’t matter. I wanted these two studs to see my ass. I got on my knees and looked back over my shoulder at John and Felipe. “Is this what you wanted to see, Honey?”

    John’s camera continued to click. “Put your head down on the blanket, Mom.” As soon as I did, Kathy pulled my buttocks open. Both men moved closer. As John took more pictures, Felipe pushed my knees further apart. I was sure he was going to fuck me right here on the beach.

    I rolled over and asked, “Do you guys just want to stay here and look? Or would you rather come back to our hotel room and have some fun?”

    “Suck our cocks first... just a little, and then we’ll slip back into our suits and go to the hotel.”

    “Which one do you want, Kathy?” I asked. “Take your pick. They’re both hard as stone and ready.”

    “I’ll take John... you take care of Felipe.” The two men laid down on our blankets, their cocks rigid and pointing straight up. Kathy bent over John while I did the same to Felipe. A moment later, both men were groaning as they arched their hips trying to get more of their dicks inside out mouths.

    John and Felipe made us strip naked and spread our legs so they could see
    our cunts. Next, they had us on our knees with our hips
    arched so they could inspect our asses. Then, Kathy
    sucked John’s cock while Ellen sucked off Felipe.


    The guys had Kathy and me stripped naked within a couple of minutes after we entered the room. Once they had us naked, it took them no more than seconds to remove their bathing suits. John was so anxious to get his dick into a pussy, he didn’t even take the time to remove his beach shirt.

    Kathy and I had sucked them right to the brink of an orgasm when we were on the beach, but we hadn’t let them ejaculate. They had both stayed hard all the way to our room, and it was completely obvious that we were about to be royally fucked.

    I wasn’t the least surprised when the guys decided to switch, John taking me and Felipe banging Kathy. I had hoped it would be the other way around since Felipe had the thicker cock and I thought Kathy’s first time would easier with John, but I said nothing. After all, since she was going to have to learn how to take and satisfy large cocks, I figured she might as well get her first lesson.

    When John turned me around so that I was facing the bed, I assumed he wanted me on it in doggy position, but when I started to get onto the bed, he stopped me and growled, “Bend over, Ellen. Stick that sexy ass out.”

    Panting with excitement, I bent in half at the waist and leaned over the bed as Kathy and Felipe watched. John hooked his arm under my elbows and pulled both of my arms back and held me in position while he fitted the big mushroom head of his cock into my flowing pussy. He buried almost six inches of dick into me on the first thrust.


    I didn’t have to worry. His hips snapped back and forth hammering his rod into my hot hole like he was pounding railway spikes. I grunted every time the big head thudded into the bottom of my vagina. The fact that my daughter was watching John fucking me made me feel positively whorish. It also was exciting me out of my mind. In no more than 30 seconds, my cunt exploded in a huge, throbbing orgasm.

    “Hot Fucking Damn! She’s cumming! Her cunt’s almost squeezing my dick off,” John shouted as he continued to power fuck me through one orgasm and right into a second one. My vagina and clit were both throbbing and convulsing so hard, I couldn’t stop grunting and screaming.

    Just as John told me get onto the bed on my knees with my head down so he could fuck me harder and cum in me, I heard Felipe telling Kathy to get onto the bed on her back right in front of me and raise her legs. I was looking straight down into her face when she pulled her knees back to expose her pussy. Her eyes opened wide when she saw Felipe’s thick, hard dick being moved into position to enter her cunt.

    Leaning next to her ear, I whispered, “It will only hurt for a short time, Honey. Then you won’t believe how fantastic it will feel.” She nodded and gritted her teeth preparing to receive her first cock.

    Her vagina was soaking wet from all the foreplay, so that made it easier than it might have been. Even so, when the thick shaft stretched her vagina into a big circle to allow Felipe’s cock to enter her, her body jerked as she emitted a deep groan... half in pain... half in hot pleasure. “He’s fucking me, Mom. His cock’s in my cunt.... I’m being fucked,” she moaned.

    Felipe knew what he was doing. He gave Kathy an inch of dick, let it soak inside her hole, and then pulled back. “OOOHHHHH god... it’s good! So Good! Fuck me, Felipe. Fuck me,” she howled. His hips thrust again forcing two inches of prick into her tight, clasping hole. “UUNNGGHHH!” My daughter’s body jerked back as the big cock pressed against her hymen.

    “What the fuck?!” Felipe screamed. “I don’t fucking believe it! You’re a virgin!”

    “Not anymore,” Kathy hissed as she squirmed on the big impaling male shaft. “Don’t stop, damn you! Fuck me. Bust me wide open, you big-cocked stud!”

    Unsure what to do, Felipe looked at me as John’s hard thrusts were jarring me back and forth. Even though I was about to cum again, I managed to say, “You heard the hot slut! Fuck her! Bust her open and stretch her pussy, Baby.... AAAHHH... YES... LIKE THAT, JOHN. Fuck me harder.”

    “I’m gonna cum in your hot cunt!”

    “That’s what a cunt’s for, Stud. SHOOT IT IN!”


    I came again from the hot sensation of feeling John’s cock erupting and pumping his load into my unprotected pussy. At the same time, as John was cumming, Felipe was pressing further and further into Kathy’s widely stretched cunt. She was moaning continuously, but she had certainly found the right stud to break her in. Each time Felipe pushed a little further into her pussy, he stopped and let her get used to having a thick male shaft deep inside her hole. He held still until Kathy yelled at him to move his cock... to go deeper... then he pulled back and thrust in a little further.

    On the fourth or fifth thrust, his cock suddenly sank an additional three inches into my daughter’s throbbing hole. Her hymen had obviously broken and Felipe’s dick and surged forward into her throbbing vagina. Again, he stopped, but this time Kathy’s ass arched upward forcing another two inches of dick up her cunt. She howled, “Oh god... it’s feels so good. Fuck me, Felipe. Don’t hold back. Fuck my hot ass off, Baby.”

    Felipe gave my daughter just what she asked for. She moaned and screamed almost continuously for the next ten minutes as the thick shaft pounded her ass into the bed.

    “Oh God, Mom! I’m cumming.... I can’t stop cumming on his dick... I LOVE IT!”

    As soon as Felipe filled my daughter’s unprotected pussy with his huge cum load, John was all over the newly deflowered virgin while I sucked Felipe’s dick until he had another raging erection.

    “Come on, Ellen. Get on your back,” Felipe urged when his cock was rock hard. “I can’t wait to feel you squeezing me when you cum.” As I scrambled onto my back, I saw that my shy and near virgin daughter was riding John’s dick. She was ramming her pussy up and down his shaft and howling each time it disappeared inside her hole.

    It was incredibly erotic to watch Kathy fucking herself on John’s rod, but when Felipe mounted me, my view was cut off. But with his thick prick forcing its way into my cunt, I quickly forgot all about Kathy as my vagina throbbed around his cock.

    Soon, the entire room was filled with the grunts of the men as they fucked us and our high-pitched squeals of pleasure as our cunts erupted in orgasm after orgasm.

    For the next two hours, John and Felipe screwed us in every position we could invent. Again and again, they switched from Kathy to me and from me back to Kathy. At one point, I was riding John’s dick reverse cowgirl while Kathy was right beside me riding Felipe in normal cowgirl position.

    After a short break, we were back on the bed with John plowing into Kathy in spoon position. He held her leg high in the air so I could get to her clitoris. Feeling my daughter’s cunt erupting in hard, spastic contractions under my tongue as I watched John’s dick fucking into her hole from no more than two inches away was enough to send me into a hard climax.

    Just before it was time to stop so we could clean up the room and get ready to go to dinner with Melvin, the guys got us in doggy position, side-by-side and fucked us until we were both gasping for breath. As they pounded their dicks into us, I whispered to Kathy, “I can see his big cock sinking into your pussy, Honey. He’s really stretching you.”

    “I’m not the only one getting fucked, Mom. Are Felipe and John better fucks than Dad?”

    “They’re in their 20s... your dad is 40. That’s not a fair comparison... Anyway... shut up and fuck your stud. He’s about to cum!”

    Felipe and John got rid of Kathy’s virginity and my faithfulness to Melvin.
    We both loved every minute of the fierce screwings those
    studs gave us. I just hoped we both wouldn’t get
    pregnant before we could start taking the pill.


    We had the room cleaned and ourselves showered and dressed with about 30 minutes to spare before Melvin arrived from his fishing expedition. He had caught several large fish and was excited. All during dinner, he described how difficult it had been to land them. After roughly 45 minutes, he thought to ask how our day had gone. Kathy grinned and I quickly shook my head causing her grin to vanish.

    “We sunned on the beach for awhile, took a swim, and then came back to the hotel. We showered, dressed, and then went shopping. I think you can safely say we had as much or more fun than you had on your fishing trip.”

    Following dinner, we went to a stand-up comedy show. Most of the humor was laced with sexual comments and overtones, but I figured that after screwing two men multiple times, Kathy wouldn’t be offended. She wasn’t. During a break, I saw her chatting with two of the black waiters. They were apparently having a good time judging from their smiles and laughter.

    Upon returning to our hotel, Melvin wanted to stop at the bar for a drink, but since Kathy was underage, she couldn’t be in the bar area.

    “That’s Ok. I’m sorta of tired anyway. I’ll just head up to my room. You two stay and enjoy yourselves as long as you like. I’ll see you in the morning.”

    “Ok, Honey,” Melvin said. “Good night. I’ve got a tee time in the morning at 9 AM so if you want to have breakfast with us, you need to be up and ready to go by no later than 8 AM.”

    “Ok, Dad. I may sleep in. Just knock on my door in the morning, and I’ll let you know.”

    Before leaving, Kathy kissed her dad on the cheek and then moved closer to kiss my cheek. As she did so, she whispered, “Make an excuse to go to the ladies room.”

    After Kathy left, I stayed at the bar with Melvin until the bartender arrived to take our orders, and then I excused myself to hit the ladies room. “I’ll just be a few minutes, Honey.” The ladies room was to the left of the bar and down a corridor. Kathy was waiting for me just inside the door. “What’s the problem, Honey?” I asked. “Is every thing all right?”

    “Everything’s more than all right, Mom. It’s really great. Did you see those two black hunks I was talking to at the comedy club?”

    “I did. I thought it looked like you were having a good time.”

    “I was. They both asked me to meet them after the show. When I told them I was with my parents and pointed you out, they couldn’t believe you were my mom. One of them suggested that the two of us should meet them after the show. I asked them what we were supposed to do with my dad, and Tomas said he could come and watch or join... whatever. That’s when you probably saw me laughing.”

    “So why did you want me to meet you here in the ladies room?”

    “I gave them my room number and invited them to stop by some time after 11 PM. I’m going to leave the adjoining door to my room unlocked so if you want to join us after Dad’s asleep, come on. Tomas and Jose are wildly turned on by the thought of banging a mother and her daughter. You probably didn’t get a good look at them, but they’re sexy guys... and they’re both really hung.”

    “I don’t know. What if your dad wakes up while I’m gone?”

    “No problem. You just tell him that he was snoring so loud that you decided to sleep in the extra bed in my room. Besides, you know how soundly dad sleeps. As tired as he must be after that fishing trip, it’s very unlikely that he wake up anyway.”

    “I’ll think about it. If I don’t join you, can you handle both of them?”

    “Are you kidding me, Mom? I almost decided not to tell you about Tomas and Jose, but I thought that would just too greedy.”

    “God! This morning, you were a virgin and now you’re a hot slut who wants two big-cocked studs at the same time.”

    “I know... I know... Isn’t that just awful?” We were both laughing when I left to rejoin Melvin at the bar.


    Once Melvin and I were back in our room, I stripped down to my heels and thigh-high hose. When Melvin came out of the bathroom wearing only his shorts, he found me sitting on the desk beside the bed with my heel planted on the desk top, my knee steepled, and my legs wide open completely exposing my wet pussy.

    “See anything you’d like to play with tonight, Honey?”

    “I’d certainly like to try,” he responded.

    “Good. Then get over here and eat your wife’s hot cunt, Baby.”

    As soon as Melvin’s tongue pushed into my pussy, my hips rose up off the desk. He swabbed it up and down the length of my trench bringing hot moans from me. When he sucked my clit into his mouth, I clamped my thighs about his face and locked his mouth hard against my already throbbing clitoris.

    “OH god, yes. Suck meeeeeee... AAAahhhhhhhhh... More, Honey... MORE!” I wailed.

    In spite of all the sex I had had that afternoon, my husband’s tongue brought me off in near record time. When my pussy and clit erupted in hard spasms, Melvin stayed with me... slashing his tongue up and over my contracting clit. Right in the midst of my hard climax, he punched two fingers into my pulsing hole. I came again.

    When he finally stood up, my vagina was still twitching, my clit still pulsing in the aftermath of my two hard orgasms. Scrambling off the desk, I got on my back in the bed and raised my legs. Pulling my knees back against my tits, I hissed... “In me! IN ME! Stick your cock in me, Honey. Hurry!”

    Melvin did his best, but with his cock only semi-hard, he couldn’t penetrate my pussy. “What’s wrong, Melvin?”

    “Same old thing. Erection problems.”

    “Did you take the viagra your doctor prescribed for you?”

    “Yeah, but I took it at lunch. I should have waited until we were at the comedy club. I’m sorry, Ellen. Really sorry.”

    “Don’t be. You got me off twice. You saw how hard you made me cum, Honey.”

    “You really did cum hard, didn’t you,” he said with a touch of male pride.

    “Incredibly hard, Darling. Let me suck you off.”

    “Don’t. I’m so nervous about not being able to get it up and get off, that I wouldn’t be able to anyway. I’ll just have to remember to take the medication at the right time.”


    Kathy had been right about Melvin being exhausted after his day on the ocean and later at the comedy club. All those activities coupled with the drinks he had had during the evening put him out like a light by midnight. I waited another 15 minutes to see if he would move in his sleep. He never moved a muscle as far as I could tell.

    Carefully, I slipped out of bed. Having stripped before going to sleep, I slipped my feet into my heels and put on one of the beach robes from the bathroom. As quietly as possible, I opened our side of the double adjoining doors connecting our room to Kathy’s. True to her word, she had left her door unlocked. Opening her door just enough to allow me to slip inside, I pulled our door shut as I entered.

    The instant I was inside Kathy’s room, I heard her passionate moans. When I looked at the bed, all I could see of my daughter was her naked ass and the huge black cock that was fucking her cunt. She was riding the guy’s dick with her body bent over so that her tits were either in his mouth or crushed against his chest. The big phallus pumped rhythmically in and out of Kathy’s wet hole.

    It was hard to tear my eyes away from the sight of that huge cylinder of black cock that was ramming in and out of Kathy’s widely stretched hole, but when I did finally manage it, I saw that there was a second black guy on the bed with her who fucking her mouth his cock and a third black stud standing at the end of the bed stroking his huge black shaft as he watched my daughter being fucked while she sucked his buddy’s thick prick.

    When the guy fucking my daughter’s mouth, saw me, he grinned and announced, “Hot Damn! Mom’s here! Now we can really get this party rolling! Come on in, Ellen. I’m Jose... the bro shafting your daughter is Tomas, and the guy wanting his turn is Louis. Lose the robe. I hopes yur naked under it.”

    “I am... except for my heels.” I dropped the robe to the floor. “Want my heels off too?”

    “Shit no... loves fucking white pussy wearing heels. Kathy’s having a great time sucking my dick, Momma, and Tomas is fucking her so hard she can’t stop cumming. Why don’t you take care of Louis? He’s jerking it watching us fuck your daughter. Just look at his huge black dick sticking straight up in the air. “Think you can take it, Momma?”

    “We won’t know until I try,” I husked surprised at the hot passion in my voice.

    “You ever had black cock up that hot married pussy, Ellen?”

    “No. Never.”

    “Oh Baby. You don’t know what you’ve been missing. Let’s get you started. Kathy is already addicted to black cock. Won’t take long to get you hooked either. Come suck me, Ellen.”

    Kneeling over Louis, I stretched my jaw as wide as I could manage and swallowed the big head. He moaned when he felt his cock entering my warm mouth. Then he moaned again... and again. Suddenly, I realized that it was wasn’t Louis moaning, it was me.

    “OH Yeah! Like that, Ellen. Suck that big black cock deeper into your hot mouth, Baby. Take it down yur throat.” His hands reached down and captured my nipples. “Hot Fuck! I knows you like it. Your nipples is hard as rocks, Baby.”

    He was right. My nipples were so swollen they ached. I could feel my clit quivering and juices seeping out of my excited vagina. My clit throbbed when a drop ran down its shaft and fell to the carpet. Bobbing my head, I took more and more of the thick shaft inside my mouth. When I had maybe four or five inches inside, the head was pressing against my throat. Louis’ ass arched upward as he tried to drive his dick into my throat.

    It was easily the biggest cock I had ever had in my mouth, and I was determined to suck all of it. Relaxing my throat, I let the thick cockhead glide in and out until I was no longer gagging. As I sucked the big shaft, I stroked the base even though there was no way I could get my hand all the way around Louis’ thick sex spike. As he pumped my mouth, more and more of his dick slid down my throat.

    From the bed, I heard Kathy howling that she was cumming. Between her wild cries, she urged Tomas to fuck her pussy harder... deeper. He apparently gave her what she wanted because her shrieks grew louder until she erupted in another orgasm... then they ebbed... only to rise in volume again as Tomas fucked her through another climax.

    “Suck it, Momma. Gonna cum... gonna fill your belly with my load, Momma. Suck meeee!” Louis ordered. I responded by caressing his balls and ramming seven inches of black dick down my throat.


    I continued to suck Louis’ throbbing prick until his balls were empty and shooting blanks. As soon as I lifted my mouth off his dick, I heard Tomas telling Louis to move out of the way. “Come on, Man. I’ve been saving my load for Momma’s cunt. Get Kathy to suck you hard while Jose is screwing her, and I pump a load into her momma.” Tomas turned me onto my back, shoved my legs back, and nailed nine-inches of thick, black meat into my hot hole.

    “UUNGGHHH! OH GAWD! Go easy. I’ve never had one this big in me. Go slow until you’re got me stretched and ready, Baby. Please.” Mercifully, he nodded and pushed five inches into me and then held it in place letting me get used to being so totally filled. After a minute, he pushed in another two inches so that his cock was now pressing against my womb. Again, he waited as I heaved and panted beneath him. Thirty seconds or so later, Tomas gave me another inch of his black shaft that forced my womb up and back to make room for his thick dick.

    “Oh fuck... That’s so damn big. I’m married and now you’re ramming a huge black cock up my pussy.... aaahhhhh... it’s in me soooo deep... stretching meeeee... more, MORE... PUSH IN MORE COCK!”

    Holding my hips, my black lover rammed his full length into my throbbing hole causing me to squeal and howl. Then, the fucking started and I couldn’t keep from cumming.

    “I’m gonna cum in you, Momma!” Tomas shouted. “Hope you’re on the pill cause this load is gonna be fucking huge!”

    “I’m not on the pill.”

    “Want me to pull out?”

    “NO! SHOOT IT INTO MY CUNT! CUM IN MEEEEEEEEE!” I heard myself shouting.

    “Good choice, Momma. Didn’t matter though... the load was going into your cunt hole no matter whether you wanted it there or not... AAAHHH... Fuck! Your cunt is so damn tight... Take it, Momma. TAKE MY LOAD! HERE IT CUMS!!!”

    I came again when I felt Tomas’ huge shaft expanding and jerking inside me. His powerful buttocks hammered his dick into me balls deep. He it held in position pressed right up against my womb. I felt it jerk hard as a huge gush of potent, sperm-filled semen spewed into my pussy. He pulled his dick back a few inches and hit into me again... hard... deep... spewing two more thick streams of cum into me.

    I lost track of the number of times he shot off inside me. For at least a minute, his dick throbbed and pulsed against my womb shooting again and again until each spurt was causing some of the load to be ejected out of my tightly plugged hole.

    After Tomas collapsed on top of me, I heard my daughter grunting beside the other couch. Looking over, I saw that Jose had her standing beside it, one heel up on the seat, and bent over at the waist as he pounded his dick into her waiting pussy. Kathy supported herself with one hand on the back of couch as her tits swung back and forth in time to Jose’s hard thrusts.

    “Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Your daughter got some hot, good pussy, Momma. Ahhh fuck yes!” Jose growled as he fucked her. When he was about to shoot off, he grabbed her hair and pulled back causing Kathy’s back to arch and her tits to thrust out. “Oh DAMN! Tight white fuck hole is milking my black cock. You ready for another load?”

    “Oh god, Jose. Don’t cum in me. I’m not on the...ughh ... ughhh... uugghh... the pill.”

    “Tough. Besides, Tomas already dumped a load in ya... one more wont make no more difference. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Fuck YEAH! HERE IT COMES!” he yelled as his hot seed hosed her cervix and filled her box.

    Kathy had never felt anything so good as her pussy exploded again. Her contractions squeezed Jose’s dick milking even more semen into her hole. She wondered how many times she had cum as her womb was covered by the thick, sperm-loaded semen.

    It was almost 2 AM before we told the guys they had to leave as we had to get some sleep. Before then, they had fucked both of us several times. Once, Louis and Tomas did Kathy at the same time. Later, Jose and Tomas did me. It was the first double penetration, ass and pussy, for either one of us. One thing was obvious: Kathy and I had to see a gynecologist immediately and start taking the pill.

    The three black studs fucked us both several times. Every one of them shot two
    huge cum loads into our cunts and third into our rectums.

    Melvin’s Aborted Fishing Trip:

    After three days in the Cayman’s, I had experienced some successes but also some failures. My scores on the two golf courses were much better than my average. I had also had excellent luck on my two fishing trips. The three shows Kathy, Ellen, and I had seen were all very good... So all of that was on the plus side.

    On the negative side, I had had no luck at all in getting either Ellen or Kathy interested in going out deep sea fishing with me, which surprised me somewhat. Of course, they didn’t join me on the golf course, but I hadn’t expected that.

    My biggest failure, of course, was my continuing erection problems. On the third night, I had finally managed to obtain a sufficiently hard erection to allow me to penetrate Ellen’s pussy. Unfortunately, it was so exciting for me, I didn’t last 10 minutes before I shot off, and I couldn’t get another erection. At least, she had had one orgasm.

    I had another all day fishing trip set up for the fourth day. We were leaving the dock at 9 AM and this time, we were going out much further into the ocean to see if we could land some marlin or other very large fish. Since we were going out so far, we weren’t getting back into port until nearly 7 or 8 PM that evening. I had tried to persuade Kathy and Ellen to come with me, but with no success.

    “What are you planning to do all day long anyway. You’ve been shopping every day since we’ve been here. Why not try something new?” I had asked. It didn’t do any good as both Kathy and my wife insisted that were trying new things everyday and I shouldn’t worry about them.

    Wanting to allow myself some extra time in case of emergencies, I left the hotel at 8:30 AM. It was fortunate that I had done so because halfway to the dock, I discovered that I had forgotten my cell phone. After checking my watch and seeing that I still had ample time to return to the hotel, I reversed course.

    When I entered our room, I saw that Kathy and Ellen were already walking toward the beach. In two steps, I was standing on our patio watching my two women. Both were wearing what looked to me like string bikinis that did almost nothing to cover their asses. They looked so sexy that I felt my usually flaccid penis beginning to stiffen. I had an urge to join them, but there was no time. If I was going to make the boat, I had to leave. Before I left the room, I took one more look toward the beach and saw them spreading out their beach blankets. Ellen was now facing me with her tits almost falling out of her tiny bra.

    As I was driving toward the dock five minutes later, I was both shocked and pleased with the erection I still had. I really didn’t understand why seeing my wife in her skimpy bathing suit had gotten me hard. After all, I had seen her totally naked more times than I could possibly count... Yet, the sight of her tits and pussy just barely covered by the bikini had given me a harder boner than I had been able to achieve the previous night in bed, even with the help of viagra.

    I made the boat with five minutes to spare, thanks to my foresight in leaving the hotel early. It was just a few minutes after 9 AM when we headed out into the open ocean in search of the “great fish”.


    By 10:30 AM, our lines were in the water as we trolled for marlin or whatever. I had already had one strike but couldn’t hook the fish when the Captain ordered all lines to be reeled in.

    One of the other fishermen who had booked the trip asked the first mate what was going on. “The radio just went out. It’s totally dead. We can’t risk staying this far out to sea with no radio. We’ve got to return to port. We’re sincerely sorry, but your safety and that of the crew comes first with the Captain. All of you will receive a full refund, of course, and in addition, each of you will have a choice of a free pass to any fishing trip within the next six months or $100 U.S. by way of apology for the inconvenience.”

    Naturally, we were all disappointed, but we all appreciated the generous offer and even more the Captain’s concern for everyone’s safety. With the wind now in our face and the Captain reducing speed for added safety, it was past noon when we finally docked. After making arrangements for the next day’s trip and pocketing my refund, I was on my way back to the hotel in my rented car by 12:40 PM. As I drove, I decided to join my wife and daughter in their shopping trip. I knew they would be pleased.

    It was almost 1 PM by the time I reached our hotel. After a quick call to our room and getting no answer, I realized that I was too late to catch Ellen and Kathy for lunch. I just hoped I hadn’t already missed out on their shopping trip. With nothing else to do, I went to the hotel’s restaurant and ordered lunch.

    I was in the middle of enjoying the crab salad and a small portion of tilapia I had ordered when I saw Kathy and Ellen coming out of the bar area. That surprised me since Kathy was only 17 and wasn’t even supposed to be inside the bar. But that first surprise was immediately followed by a second one when I saw that they were both still wearing the tiny bikinis I had seen them wearing that morning on the beach. They both wore short robes, but they were open in front and didn’t completely cover their asses.

    Those first two surprises were dwarfed by the third one. Five young, black men followed immediately behind my wife and daughter after having held the door open for them. After a few steps, Ellen and Kathy were both sandwiched between two of the black guys who had their arms circling their waists. The fifth guy walked close behind them alone. Since our rooms were on the ground floor abutting the beach, they bypassed the elevators and headed down the hallway leading to our rooms.

    As soon as they passed me, I received a fourth shock. The black guy walking behind them was busy stroking both of their asses. Even from where I was sitting, I could see his hands moving over both cheeks and between their thighs. Kathy and Ellen even seemed to be wiggling their butts in response.

    I was stunned. I had always assumed that Ellen was completely faithful to me in spite of my erection problems, and she had told me three or four times that Kathy was a virgin who was insistent on remaining one until she was married. Yet, here they were... together, wearing practically nothing, in the company of five black studs all of whom were in their 20s and all of whom apparently intended to have sex with them as soon as they got to our hotel rooms.

    Slowly, as the reality and implications of what I had just seen sank into my brain, my stunned state changed to one of shock... not because my wife and daughter were about to be fucked by five black studs... but because I had an iron-hard, raging erection.

    Although I ate no more of my lunch, I remained at my table for another 30 minutes. When the waiter came over to ask if I required anything else, I ordered a piece of cheesecake just to justify my continued occupation of the table. By the time I had managed to eat half of the dessert, forty-five minutes had passed since I had seen my wife and daughter. I knew I couldn’t reasonably sit here any longer waiting for my erection to abate. After signing the check and leaving a huge tip for the waiter, I exited the restaurant with my cock still hard as iron and my pants tented.

    As I walked through the lobby, several women noticed my bulging pants. Most looked away, but one smiled at me and winked. Another licked her lips and said, as I passed, “Room 416... call first.”.

    When I reached our rooms, I hesitated not knowing what to do. I was in totally uncharted waters without a clue. I knew the best course of action was to leave and try to discuss the situation later with Ellen, but my throbbing cock was doing the thinking by this time, and it wanted to enter the rooms and watch... or participate... whatever.

    After my cock had decided to enter our rooms, I had to decide which room. Maybe it didn’t make any difference. Probably my wife was being screwed in our room while Kathy was getting fucked in hers. I considered going outside and trying to see in through the glass patio doors, but even my penis brain knew that was hopeless. The blinds would be closed. With no other option available, I pressed my ear against the door to our room and listened.

    At first, I thought I heard something, but if I had heard anything, it was very fleeting. I continued to listen for probably two minutes in an effort to hear something... anything, but there was nothing. Ellen had never been very vocal during sex, but I figured the black guys would be and certainly the bed springs would squeak... at least they had the previous evening when Ellen and I had had sex. After a couple of minutes, I was convinced that there was no one inside our room.

    Sliding my room card into the lock, I withdrew it and the green light flashed. Carefully, I pushed the door open a few inches and then stopped. Again, I listened. Nothing... not a sound. I stepped into our room and found that it was indeed empty.

    For a moment, I wondered if I had imagined every thing or if not, if I had misinterpreted what I had seen. But then I realized that they would never use our room. After all, they could not afford to have the room be a mess or have the bed sheets rumpled and stained when I got back from my fishing trip. Instead, they would use Kathy’s room, which I would never see.

    I didn’t have a key to Kathy’s room, but there was a chance that her side of the double adjoining doors wasn’t locked, and at worst, I could listen through that door, which was closer to the bed than the hallway door.

    When I tested our side of the adjoining doors, I was surprised to find it unlocked. It opened smoothly and noiselessly when I pressed the handle and pulled. With only one of the two doors now closed, I could already hear sounds coming from the other side of the door. The sounds became much clearer and far better defined when I pressed my ear against the door.

    There was a mixture of low-pitched masculine grunts and moans and higher-pitched feminine cries and shrieks that were obviously coming from both Ellen and Kathy. In the background, I could easily hear the near continuous squeaking of the bed springs from both of the double beds in the room.

    As I listened, I was keenly aware of my throbbing erection. I had been hard ever since I had seen my wife an daughter coming out of the bar, and instead of decreasing with time, my erection had just gotten harder.

    “OOohhhh god! Fuck me harder, Larry... HARDER! I’M ABOUT TO CUM!” Although I knew the women in the room were my wife and daughter, I didn’t even recognize the voice begging to be screwed harder. Ellen had never screamed like that when I was fucking her, and of course, I had no idea how Kathy might sound when she was having sex.

    My dick throbbed. I felt like I was about to ejaculate in my pants. Frantically, I unzipped my pants, but I was so hard I had problems extracting my cock. Finally, in desperation, I unhooked my belt and opened the front of my pants. Instantly, the hardest erection I had had in years, maybe even the hardest I had ever had, thrust up and out.

    I couldn’t resist even if I did get caught. I had to see what was happening inside the room. Hoping that her door was unlocked like our was, I pressed down the handle and slowly pushed the door open. Immediately, the sounds grew much, much louder. When I had the door opened two inches or so, I could see the far bed even though the one nearest me was still blocked by the mostly closed door.

    Three black studs were all fucking my wife on the far bed! It was the most incredibly erotic thing I had ever seen. Ellen was riding one huge black shaft while a second guy was mounted on her slowly sliding his dick into my wife’s widely stretched asshole. The third guy was standing beside the bed pumping his prick in and out of Ellen’s mouth.

    My cock got harder than it ever had been in my entire life when I saw another inch of dick disappear into my wife’s asshole. I was shocked to realize that I was jacking off watching Ellen being fucked.

    “UUNNNGGHHHH.... GGhhhhaaaa.... sooo good. Ohhhhh fuck more cock into my ass, Lamar.... give me that huge back dick, Baby,” Ellen wailed.

    “What about my black johnson up your cunt, Baby?” I heard the guy under her ask. “You like having your married white pussy stretched by black meat?”

    “Yes.. yes... oh YES! STRETCH MEEEEEEEEEE, Hank!”


    “Me too, Slut. Shooting in the load, Baby,” Lamar yelled. “You ready to cum in her, Hank? Let’s fill both of her holes!”

    The sight of Lamar pulling his huge shaft out of my wife’s ass until only the head remained inside and then driving all 10 inches back into her waiting hole was too much for me. Not wanting to shoot into Kathy’s room, I stepped into the shadows of our room and pumped hard. My dick just exploded! The biggest stream of cum I had ever shot fired out, arched several feet into the air and then splattered over the door leaving several large globs of semen around eye-level. This first monster load was followed immediately by another almost as large as the first. Then there was a third, followed by a fourth and a fifth. I couldn’t believe it.

    When I regained control of my senses five or so minutes later, I again heard Ellen grunting and moaning in the next room. Moving to the door again, I saw that Lamar and Hank had apparently moved away after cumming in my wife’s cunt because she was now lying on the bed with her head tilted back. The black stud who had been fucking her mouth was now mounted over her fucking his dick straight down into her throat. She was driving two fingers in and out of her cunt at the same time.

    From the other bed that I couldn’t see because of the partially closed door, I heard Kathy gasping. Her moans grew louder and louder until she screamed,

    “OOOHHH God, Mom! He’s stretching my pussy... ooooohhhh fuck.... he’s in me so deep. He’s fucking me, Mom... UUNNGHH! HE’S FUCKING MEEEEEEEEE!”

    Since I couldn’t see Kathy being fucked, I turned my attention back to my wife. I watched as several inches of dick disappeared into her mouth again and again. The stud would pull out, let his cock soak for a moment and then thrust it back into my wife’s mouth and throat. With each thrust, more and more dick disappeared down her throat. I had no trouble seeing the huge bulge the head made in her neck.

    “Gonna shoot! Suck it, you hot slut,” the guy ordered.

    Ellen took his entire shaft down her throat. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. Suddenly, I saw the guys buttocks clinch and a moment later, cum spewed out of the corners of my wife’s mouth. That was amazing enough, but even more amazing to me was the fact that my dick was rock hard again.... in less than 10 minutes. And once more, I began to jack off.

    "My god," I heard Kathy cry. "I've never felt so full in my life. Give it to me, Ramos... HARD!" After that, Kathy rhythmic grunts signaled every entry of Ramos’ dick into her pussy. Her grunts grew louder and more frequent... finally, they began to break up as her body convulsed in another orgasm, which Ramos announced.

    “The hot slut is cumming... gonna put a load into her!”

    When their orgasms had ebbed, I heard the bed springs squeaking as Ramos got off the bed. I also heard my daughter moan, “ "No, please I want more! Someone... anyone... get on me... get in me!”

    “Whatever you say, Honey. Whatever you say,” Lamar responded. He rolled off the bed I could see and disappeared out of my sight. I heard the springs protesting as he climbed onto the bed with Kathy. She moaned... then she gasped. “OOOooohhh! It’s going into meeeeeeeee... Ah... Ah.... AAAHHHH... UUNNGGHH... OOohhhhh fuck! It’s in meeeeeeeee! Pound my pussy, Lamar… aaahhh… harder!”

    Once more, the bedsprings began their rhythmic squeaking as Lamar plowed Kathy’s cunt. I wondered if he was mounted on her missionary or if he was doing her doggy.

    "Yes, yes, god, yes. Bang Me! Screw my hot hole, Lover!”

    “You like this big black cock up your tight cunt?”

    “You know I do. Screw me deeper... harder, Stud.”

    “Tell me how much you love it.”

    “I love feeling your big, black cock inside my pussy... fucking me... making me cum. Screw me... fill my hole with your big load!”

    After watching for close to two hours, I had shot off twice and was still iron hard. Watching my wife was a hundred more effective than viagra. I was still jacking off as I watched Ellen taking another cock up her asshole. Hank screwed her tight hole until he was starting to shake with pleasure. "Here it comes, baby," he bellowed.

    “Yesssssssssss.... SHOOT IT INNNNNNNN!” Ellen wailed, her body shuddering in her own climax.

    My cock stayed hard the entire time I watched the five black studs fucking my wife.
    I had never been so hard in my life… not even on my
    honeymoon or the first time I had fucked Ellen.


    I knew Ellen and Kathy would soon have to call a halt to the orgy. I was supposed to return from my fishing trip around 7 to 8 PM. It was already 4 PM, and although I was still hard, the next time I shot off, I wanted it to be inside Ellen’s pussy. Quietly, I closed both connecting doors to the adjoining rooms and returned to the hotel lobby. From there, I went on a walking tour of the island ending up on the beach several blocks from our hotel.

    For the two hours, I entertained myself by checking out all the women in their bikinis and doing some shopping of my own. At 6 PM, I headed back to our hotel with my purchases. It was 6:30 when I opened the door to our room and found a freshly bathed and dressed Ellen waiting for me. She was wearing a tight, red sheathe, stockings, and heels. I could even see the top third of her tits. I could also see the top of her bra. I wondered if she had on any panties.

    “Hi, Honey. How was the fishing?

    “Fine. I had a lot of fun. How about you?”

    “Same old... same old. We sunned ourselves on the beach, went shopping, took in a lounge show, had lunch, and then came back to the room to rest. Kathy’s getting dressed. I made reservations at what’s supposed to be a great seafood restaurant. The Bell Captain says its the best on the Island.”

    “Sounds great. I’ll grab a quick shower, shave, and get ready. What time are our reservations?”

    “8 PM. So you’ve got more than hour. The restaurant is a little more than a 5 or 10-minute drive.”

    I shaved and showered and then soaked in the hot tub for 20 minutes or so. Every time I thought about those thick black shafts penetrating my wife’s mouth, pussy, and ass, I got another raging erection. I hadn’t gotten this many erections on my honeymoon or even when I was an 18-year boy.

    After drying myself off, I put on one of the outfits I had purchased on my shopping trip. The tight-fitting colorful shirt hugged me like a second skin. I opened the top two buttons exposing my hirsute chest. When I put on the two gold chains I had bought, I liked my appearance. I thought the gold medallion nestled in my chest hair gave me a very virile, masculine appearance. My new light-brown, tight pants complemented the shirt nicely and showed off the bulge of my 7-inch cock prominently... particularly since I was again hard.

    As soon as Ellen saw me, her mouth fell open with surprise. Finally, she grinned and said, “Wow! Where did that wild outfit come from anyway?”

    “You buy a lot of stuff at Victoria’s Secret... so I bought some clothes more appropriate to the Cayman Islands than anything I have. What do you think? I asked as I stared at her still-exposed nipple.

    Once more, Ellen’s eyes swept up and down my body... from my exposed chest, down to my tight pants, and finally to my prominent bulge. “I think you’re hard... really hard, Honey. Are you?”


    “Oh fuck! Let’s forget the reservations and go to bed. I want that before it goes away.”

    “You don’t have to worry about it ‘going away’, Ellen. It’s been this hard or harder most of the day. By the time we finish dinner with you sitting right across or beside me, it will be even harder.

    “Sexy Bastard!”

    “Who’s a sexy bastard?” my daughter asked as she came into the room. When I looked in Kathy’s direction, I couldn’t believe it my 17-year old daughter. She was drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly sexy in her black stockings, heels, low-cut top and her bare midriff.

    “Your father, that’s who. Just look at him.”

    “That is quite an exotic outfit, Dad. I’ve never seen you wearing anything like that.”

    “Forget the outfit, Kathy!” Ellen shouted. “Look at your father’s pants!”

    Her eyes dropped to my crotch... then her jaw dropped and her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh Yes! My Dad is sexy, Mom, but why is he a bastard?”

    “Because I asked him to take me to bed and he’s making me wait. That’s why.”

    Grinning, my daughter nodded her head. “She’s right, Dad. That is really mean.”

    “Are we going to go have dinner or are the two of you going to just keep calling me a bastard?”

    “Women like going out with hot, sexy bastards. Didn’t you know that, Honey?” Ellen took one of my arms, Kathy the other, and Ellen whispered, “Let’s go.”


    I still had a partial erection as the Maitre ‘D showed us to our table. The bell captain had been right on target about the food. The crab and lobster were delicious and so was the fresh shrimp.

    All through the dinner, Ellen’s hand kept stroking my leg and sliding upward to feel my erection. When Kathy saw her licking her lips, she leaned across the table and asked, “Is he still hard, Mom?”

    “Like a rock... or maybe more like a iron battering ram.”

    “MMmmmm... a battering ram, huh? That worry you, Mom?”

    “Shut up and eat your dinner!”


    After dinner, it was a nice night with a cool breeze coming off the ocean, so I suggested we walk back to the hotel as it was only about a mile or so. As we walked, Ellen kept glancing at my tented pants. “My god, Mel. You’re still hard... really hard!”

    “I know. Take off your panties and give them to me.”

    “What? There are people on the streets and in the shops. I can’t do that.”

    “I told you to take off your panties,” I repeated.


    “What are you two arguing about?” Kathy asked.

    “I just told your mother to take off her panties and give them to me, and she’s refusing.”

    “Your father’s being ridiculous, Kathy.”

    “Why? You played with him at the restaurant where everyone could see, and he didn’t protest. Now it’s your turn. Do what Dad says, Mom.”

    "I can't. A lot of people will see."

    “Sure you can. With the short dresses we’re wearing, it’s real easy. Watch.”

    Ellen and I both stared as Kathy pulled her short skirt up to her hips, hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties, and slid them down her legs. Stepping out of them, she handed them to me. “Here, Dad. Hang onto to these for me.” Then, she turned to Ellen. “See how easy it is, Mom. Take off your panties like Dad told you to.”

    By this time, two couples had stopped to watch and listen to the erotic conversation and to watch my daughter taking off her panties. When Ellen still hesitated, one of the women who was watching said, “Go on, Honey. Do what your sexy husband tells you to do. You’ve already got my husband partially hard... finish the job. Let him see you pussy and get him rock hard for me.”

    When my wife still hesitated, Kathy grinned at the woman. “Looks like she needs our help.” Without another word, Kathy pulled my wife’s ultra-short dress up around her hips revealing her black thong. “I’ll keep her dress up, you pull down her panties,” she said to the woman. I just stood off to one side watching, my cock so hard it hurt.

    “Oh my god! Stop! Don’t! We’re on a public street,” my wife protested but she made no real effort to pull her dress down.

    “Come on, Ralph. I’ll do one side. You do the other, and we’ll pull her panties down,” the woman said to her husband.

    Ellen didn’t move as the couple hooked their fingers in the waistband of her thong and together worked it over her hips and ass and then pulled it down her legs. When it was bunched about her ankles, the man gasped, “Oh fuck. Her pussy is shaved. That’s what I’ve been begging you to do for months, Elaine. Look how wet and hot it is,” Ralph hissed at his wife as his fingers slipped into my wife’s sex trench and opened her labia exposing her wet vagina. As the woman stared at Ellen’s exposed cunt, her husband’s fingers found her clit and began rubbing it.

    At first, my wife’s ass humped against Ralph’s probing hand until she realized that she was allowing a total stranger to masturbate her on a public street. Abruptly, she pulled away and jerked her dress down covering her naked ass and pussy. Looking frantically at me, she moaned, “I’m sorry, Mel... I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

    When she bent over to pull her panties back up her legs, I stopped her. “DON’T! They’re off and they stay off.” Bending down, I lifted Ellen’s heels, one-by-one and retrieved her panties, which I hooked over my belt beside Kathy’s.

    As we hurried back to our hotel, I saw Kathy whispering to Ellen who grinned and nodded. “What was that all about?”

    “Just girl talk, Honey.”

    When we reached the lobby door, Kathy said, “I’m going to walk on the beach for a bit. You two have fun.”

    I started to protest, but Ellen was dragging me into the lobby and from there to our hotel room. As soon as we were inside, she was kneeling in front of me ripping my pants open. I was harder than I had ever been in my life.

    “Jesus! What a cock! I’ve never seen one as hard as this,” Ellen gasped as she took it inside her mouth. Thrusting my hips, I began face fucking her as I took off my shirt.

    “Take out your tits!” I ordered. Ellen practically ripped her dress she pulled it down so hard in her haste to get her tits out.

    Slowly, she took more and more of my raging cock in her mouth until it was buried down her throat with my balls resting on her chin. She had both hands on my ass pulling me against her as she worked her mouth back and forth on my shaft, sucking it so hard her cheeks were hollowing.

    My wife’s mouth was like a suction pump on my dick. She was taking it all the way down her throat on every stroke. Her hands caressed my balls as her lips and tongue worked on my throbbing dick.

    “I can’t hold it much longer, Ellen. You need to stop or I’ll shoot off in your mouth, and I know you don’t like that.” I was crushed when she allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth.

    “I should have been sucking your load out of your cock and swallowing it for years, Darling. I’m sorry I didn’t, but that’s all changed. You can cum in my mouth any time you want, Honey... like right now!” Instantly, her lips slid down the length of my dick as she deep throated me and locked her lips about the base.

    Her mouth felt like a tight, hot cunt around my dick... only it wasn’t a cunt... cunt’s don’t suction a dick like her mouth was doing. Suddenly, my buttocks contracted. Ramming my dick all the way into her throat, I fired out a thick wad of semen that slid straight into her belly. After that first spurt, several more followed in rapid succession. After my third ejaculation, Ellen’s mouth was full. Semen ran out the corners of her mouth and dripped from her chin, but she never slowed either the speed or the depth of her sucking.

    Jerking my cock out of my wife’s mouth, I hoisted her up onto the kitchen counter top. She already had her dress up around her hips, and with no panties, her cunt was completely exposed. The lips were flared open... the interior of her pussy was already soaked with her fluids. Her clit was swollen and protruding out of its hood... almost begging me to suck it. Ellen opened her legs and pulled my head against her cunt.

    “Please, Mel. Please. Suck me! Make me cum! Oh GAWD DAMN! YES! SUCK IT, MEL! SUCK YOUR WIFE’S SLUTTY CUNT!”

    For a few minutes, I licked and sucked on her engorged labia. Then, my attention turned to her throbbing hole. Her vagina pulsed steadily. It began to contract even harder when I tongue fucked her.


    As soon as my tongue moved upward and lashed up and down the pulsing shaft of her clit, she did cum.... HARD! Her vagina erupted in a hot series of intense contractions as her clitoris jerked hard... retreating into its hood and then swelling and moving out again to receive more stroking from my tongue. Ellen screeched ... then she screamed as her pelvis rammed hard against my face. Her vagina throbbed and spurted.

    Her cunt was still erupting in repeated spasms when I pulled away and growled, “Fucking time, you hot Slut!” When she heard that, another orgasm powered its way through her pussy and up into her belly. She was squeezing her tits so hard I thought she might injure herself.

    My wife put up no resistance when I pushed her onto her back, stood up between her splayed legs, and nailed my still rock-hard cock up her cunt.

    “UUNNGGHH! Oh fuck! You’re still hard!” she gasped.

    Jerking her hips back onto my shaft, I drove it into her hole crushing my pubic bone against her swollen and engorged clitoris at the same time as the head thudded into her cervix.

    “OOHH! OOHH! OOHH! OOhhhhhh god... fuck me!” she howled.

    She came three or maybe four times before I emptied a load into her throbbing channel. When I pulled out of her pussy, my wife just lay atop the counter, panting, her breasts heaving as she tried to suck oxygen into her lungs. Staring at the erotic sight between her thighs, I saw thick streams of semen sliding out of her stretched hole. Her clit was still swollen, extended outside its hood, and still pulsing.

    “Oh god, Mel. That was fantastic. I loved it!”

    “You talk like your job of taking care of my cock is done. You’ve just gotten started. Ass fucking time!”

    “Huh? What? What are you talking about? Ooohh damn!” she gasped when I turned her onto her side on the counter.

    “Bend your knees, Ellen. Stick that hot ass hole toward me.”


    WHACK! WHACK! The sound of the two hard slaps on her ass were loud in the closed quarters of our room.

    “OOWWWWW God! That hurt!” she wailed.

    “Knees bent... ass back. Now!”

    This time there was no hesitation. Ellen thrust her ass toward me, and I again nailed my dick into her sperm-filled cunt hole.

    “My god, Mel. You’re already hard again. What’s going on? How many viagra tablets did you take? How are doing this?”

    “Stop talking and pull your ass cheeks open. I want to fuck your hot, sexy ass.”

    “But how can you...”

    WHACK! My wife stopped talking and jerked her ass cheeks apart. Slipping my dick out her wet pussy, I pushed the head against her anus. As much as it had been stretched that afternoon, it opened easily allowing my wet shaft to slide balls deep into her colon.

    “aaaagghhhaaa.... uunnghhh... aawwww fuck! You’re in meeeeeeee... You’re fucking my ass, Mel. And you so damn hard! Do it! Do it! Screw me in the ass, Lover!”

    Having already shot off twice, I had no trouble making this one last almost as long as I wished. For over fifteen minutes I used my wife’s ass. At first, I screwed her slowly... then slowly increased the speed and force until she was cumming. Then I did it again. After her second orgasm, I continued to fuck her ass like an out-of-control jack hammer. She screamed and wailed. Her hands squeezed her nipples until they turned a dark red. In the middle of one of her climaxes, I pushed two fingers into her cunt causing her to gasp and explode again.

    After fifteen minutes of hard fucking, she was whimpering... gasping... unable to stop cumming. When I finally unloaded inside her, she came even harder.

    At this point, I carried her to bed and went down on her cum-filled pussy once more. “You don’t have to do that, Honey. I’m full of cum. Stop!”

    “Shut up and cum,” I said without removing my head from between her thighs. She did. Several times.

    Moving up to her head, I shoved my dick into her gasping mouth. She sputtered and gagged slightly. When she realized that she again had my hard cock in her mouth, she moved off of it long enough to gasp, “How can you be doing this, Mel? My god... it’s still hard! I don’t understand how... UUNNGGHHH... MMMMMPPPFFFFFF!” was all she could get out as I filled her mouth again with hard dick.

    Just before I shot off, I pulled it out of her mouth and rolled onto my back. “Get on it, Ellen. Ride me reverse cowgirl so I can play with your clit while you fuck yourself on me. Hurry. I’m about to cum.”

    She mounted me in record time. I didn’t even need to hold my cock to keep it stiff. It was like a iron spike again that penetrated Ellen’s cunt as soon as she lowered her hips.


    She had only pumped her ass a half dozen times when my load shot out. I pulled her down hard on my erupting dick and drove it into her cervix with authority. My wife hissed with pleasure and came right along with me.

    I let my nearly exhausted wife rest for a half hour before I spread her legs again and pressed an electric vibrator against her clitoris. Instantly, her ass shot up off the bed. She writhed and squirmed trying to pull away from the intense sensations, but she was no match for my strength. Easily holding her in position, I worked the vibe over her clitoris... down into her hole... further down into her ass... and then back to her pulsing clit.

    “uuunnngghhhh.... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh... cumming... I’m cumming!!”

    Her vagina convulsed, spurting all over the bed. I pushed two fingers into her asshole. Slowly, she humped my fingers. When I moved the vibe back to her clitoris she screamed and then a moment later her screams turned into hot shrieks as her holes exploded again and again.

    Tossing the vibe to one side, I mounted my wife in missionary position and slammed the meat into her wildly throbbing hole. Every thrust drove Ellen’s ass deep into the mattress. When I was ready to cum, I pushed two fingers into her ass, drove my cock balls deep into her pussy, and ejaculated. She gasped with pleasure each time my cock contracted inside her.

    Before I saw those studs fucking my wife, I couldn’t get an erection.
    After I watched them screwing her ass off, I
    couldn’t fuck her enough.


    We cuddled and slept for about an hour before I began playing with Ellen’s clit as I pressed my cock into her ass crease.

    Suddenly, her eyes flew open. “This is impossible. Your cock’s getting hard again!? You’ve hardly been able to get one erection for the last six months and now you’ve fucked me five times in just a few hours. How many vigara pills did you take? As much as I love this, I don’t think you should take a lot of them. It might be dangerous, Honey.

    “I didn’t take any viagra, Ellen.”

    “Is that the truth?” When I nodded, she asked, “But how? How is that possible?”

    “The radio on the boat broke, and the Captain had to abort the fishing trip. He said it was too dangerous for us to be that far out to sea without any means of communication. So, we returned to port around noon.”


    “So, with no fishing trip, I called our room to ask you and Kathy to have lunch, but there was no answer. I figured you had already gone to lunch. So I came back and had lunch in the hotel’s restaurant while I waited for the two of you to return. I had planned to join you in your daily shopping trip.”

    At this point, Ellen’s face began to lose color. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. She lapsed back into silence.

    ‘I was about half done with my lunch when I saw the two of you coming out of the bar area. I was surprised to say the least since Kathy’s only 17 and shouldn’t even be in the bar.”

    “We know she’s 17, but she looked like 22 or so. No one said anything.”

    “I figured that, but what really shocked me was the fact that the two of you had five black guys with you. When all of you went down the hallway to our rooms, I was doubly shocked to see one of the men with his hands under your skirts rubbing your asses and I presumed, your pussies.”

    I waited for Ellen to say something, but she just sat on the bed in near shock. “Anyway, I waited about 20 minutes and then returned to our rooms. At first, I listened at our door but couldn’t hear anything. But when I listened at Kathy’s door, it was obvious that both of you were being fucked.

    “Oh god,” Ellen sobbed. “Have I lost you?”

    “No, but the two of you did get me hard... I mean incredibly hard... harder than I had ever been in my life. I let myself into our room, which, of course, was empty. By that time, I had figured out that you had to use Kathy’s room so I wouldn’t see all the mess when I got back from fishing. I was hoping the adjoining doors were unlocked and they were. After turning out all the lights in our room, I opened the door to Kathy’s room no more than a couple of inches... just enough to let me see one of the beds. The door blocked my vision of the other bed.”

    “I’m sorry, Melvin. I’m so sorry. I know you won’t believe me, but I had never cheated on you... ever...until about a month ago. And even then, I didn’t let the guy fuck me. It was only on this trip that my resistance and Kathy’s collapsed and we both got fucked... me for the first time by another man and Kathy for her first time ever. I don’t know what to say... how to apologize. I know you’re furious... as you have every right to be.”

    “I’m not furious. I’m hard. I watched those black studs fucking you for two hours or so. I’ve never gotten that hard in my life... not ever. I jacked off twice and wanted to do it even more, but decided to resist and fuck you later instead.”

    Now Ellen smiled seductively. “I’m glad you did. Oh my god... am I ever glad you did. I loved the way you fucked me, Mel. And you’re telling me that watching me with those guys is what got you hard and excited enough to fuck me five times tonight?”

    “Yeah.. and the night’s not over. I’m hard again. Just talking about it makes me think about seeing those huge cocks stretching your pussy and ass and sinking into you. Listening to you moan ... god... that was the hottest thing ever! It gets me so fucking hard every time I just think about it. Come on, Ellen. Can I fuck you again?”

    “Lover, you can fuck me any time you want from now on. But let’s wait. We’ll be even hotter later. So, you don’t want a divorce?”

    “Hell no! I want to see you being fucked again.”

    “I really turns you on, does it?”

    “Oh yeah... I can’t believe how hot it gets me. A hundred viagra tablets wouldn't come close to doing as much.”

    “What about seeing Kathy getting fucked. Did that turn you on or disgust you?”

    “It turned me on big time to hear those guys fucking her and hearing her moan. But the door blocked my view. I never even saw Kathy the entire two hours. She was always on the bed behind the door.”

    Ellen moved closer and kissed me as she stroked my rigid cock. “MMMmmm... your cock's already hard as a rock again. Would you like to watch our daughter getting fucked? MMMmmmm... I would say that judging from the way your cock just jerked and throbbed, the idea really rings your bell, Honey. Right?”

    “Oh yeah. It wouldn’t be has hot as seeing you get it, but it would a close second.”

    “Sexy bastard. Do you want to watch alone or would you rather we watch together?”

    “Together... but what do you have in mind?”

    “Remember when Kathy whispered to me on the way back to the hotel, and I told you that it was just girl talk.?”

    “Yeah. Wasn’t it?”

    “Oh yes. It was... girl talk about hot studs. Kathy told me that she had invited three guys she had met on the beach that morning back to her room tonight. She’s in there right now... with them.”

    “Are they fucking her?”

    “What do you think, Honey. MMmmmm... your dick just got even bigger and harder.... I know what you think, Baby, and you’re right. She’s getting her sexy young ass fucked off right now as we speak. Wanna watch her getting banged?”

    “How? They’ve probably locked the adjoining doors.”

    “No way.”

    “How do you know?”

    “Because ever since we’ve been here, I’ve been sneaking out of our bed after you go to sleep and going over to Kathy’s and joining the fun. That’s what we were talking about. She told me there would three guys tonight and that she’d leave the door unlocked if I could get away. Shall we spy on them?”

    “Oh hell yes!”

    “One more thing, Darling. Two of three guys are black. Are you Ok with that?”

    “Yesss... I need to fuck you, Ellen. I’m so damn hard my cock hurts.”

    “Let’s watch first.”

    Just as Ellen had said, the adjoining doors were both unlocked. As soon as we opened our door, we both heard the grunts of the men and Kathy's higher-pitched moans.

    "She's being fucked, Honey.... big black cocks are in her pussy and ass... fucking our daughter. MMMMmmmm... Your cock feels like an iron rebar. So fucking hard! Come open the other door, Lover so we can see those big shafts sinking into Kathy's hot holes."

    Just as I had done that afternoon, I carefully pushed Kathy's door open a few inches. This time she was on the other bed along with the two black studs and a white guy. She was riding one the men cowgirl while the white stud was mounted over her butt driving his thick black shaft into her asshole. The third man was kneeling in front of her. Kathy had his dick in her hand licking the throbbing head. The four of them were grunting and moaning as all three dicks pumped in and out of Kathy's holes.


    "My god... look at the size of those cocks," I whispered hotly in my wife's ear.

    "I am looking, Lover. Those things really make a woman cum. Almost as soon as they stick it in, we cum."

    "OOOHHHHH GAWD DAMN! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" Kathy howled from the bed.

    "See what I mean, Honey. Our daughter's cumming again and again and again with three of those monster dicks up her cunt, pussy, and in her mouth."

    "That's so hot... I feel like I'm gonna cum in my pants. Do you cum like that as soon as they put it in you?"

    "Yeah... almost immediately. Does that make you jealous, Mel? Angry?"

    "Not angry, but jealous.. yeah. I wish I could make you cum like that."

    "Baby, you've already made your slutty wife cum 20 times tonight... maybe more."

    "Yeah... but not as soon as I put it in you."

    "No... but what counts is how hard you make me cum... not how fast. Look! Look at that."

    I turned my attention back to the bed where the three guys were shifting places. This time, they had Kathy sitting on one black shaft with her legs up and spread. A second guy was mounted on her missionary driving his dick into her gaping hole. Her mouth was stretched wide open to allow the third man to mouth fuck her.

    Kathy couldn’t stop screaming as the three huge cocks rammed
    in and out of her cunt and ass. She seemed to be
    having near continuous orgasms.

    "See, Mel. Kathy's cumming again. Just as soon as those big dicks stretch her open and sink into her... she cums."

    "They're not using condoms.!

    Ellen laughed. "You noticed."

    "But they'll get her pregnant," I moaned.

    "Maybe, but probably not. I don't think she's fertile right now. Besides, we both started taking the pill two days ago, which might be enough to protect us, but then, maybe not. But if she gets knocked up, she can get a legal abortion."

    "They fucked you this afternoon without using condoms too."

    "They did... and maybe they knocked your hot wife up... but probably not."

    "But why not have them use condoms?"

    "Because, Mel, black guys won't use condoms and its a lot more exciting to think that they might get us pregnant. Every single time one of them came inside me, I had an intense orgasm at that thought."

    "I've got to fuck you. Bend over. Let me get into you from behind while we watch."

    "Oh yeah... Stick that rock-hard dick into me, Lover. Unnmmmm... yessss... so damn hard... pump me, Baby. Look... look... the guy in Kathy's cunt is putting his in her ass too."

    "My god... but she's already got a dick up her ass!"

    "She does... oohhh god... now she has two dicks up her ass. Look at her face. She's having one orgasm after another. Fuck me, Mel... fuck me hard!"

    As hot as we were, Ellen was cumming almost as soon as I began fucking her. She didn't cum as soon as I put it in her, but it certainly didn't take her long once I began pounding her with my iron-hard shaft. Leaning close, I whispered, "I'm about to cum."

    "Yesss... oh yesss... shoot it into meeeeeeee!" I did. Several times.

    I kept my cock buried up Ellen's pussy as we continued to watch the men screwing Kathy. "Jezzz... you're still hard, Mel. That's six loads you've pumped into me and you're still hard. None of those black guys can match that, Lover.... None of them!"

    "They're not watching their wife being fucked. Didn't you say that Kathy expects you to show up as soon as I'm asleep?"

    "Yeah, but I didn't promise her, Honey."

    "Don't you want to join them and get some of those big dicks up your pussy?"

    "Do you want me to?"

    "I asked you first."

    Ellen grinned. "Will you watch if I do?"

    "Of course."

    "Then I want you to pretend to be asleep while your hot wife joins our daughter. After all, those guys might fuck her to death if I don't help out," Ellen said with a seductive smile. "Remember... I want you to watch."


    I waited about thirty minutes before I carefully pushed Kathy's door open once again. This time, I could see both Kathy and my wife... well, not all my wife. Two of the black guys were double fucking her, cunt and ass holes. Her butt was facing me so I had a great view of both huge cocks pumping in and out of Ellen's holes, but that was all I could see of her. Of course, I had no problems hearing her as she was grunting and gasping each time either one of those cocks disappeared inside one or the other of her holes.

    "Ungh.. fuck...oohh.. yes... ungh! give it... Ungh! Ungh! to meeee... Ugh! Jezzz.. Ungh! oohhh god... Ungh! cumming... Ungh! I'm.. Ungh! cumming... Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! AAAahHHHHH... Ungh!"

    Just to the left of my wife and her two lovers, Kathy was riding the third stud cowgirl. She was bent over his body giving me another great view of his thick shaft stretching her cunt as he fucked her.

    "OOohhhh god. Fuck me, Max. Fuck me hard!" she wailed.

    The scene was so hot, I couldn't possible keep from jacking off. I was doing a fair job of holding back my orgasm until both Kathy and Ellen had orgasms at the same time. With both of my women wailing and shrieking, I lost it and shot my load all over the face of the door.

    And Then Things Got Wild:

    After I had climaxed for the seventh time that night, plus two more times during the day when I jacked off, I was finished... totally finished. Even though, my brain wanted to watch more of the sex party, my body vetoed the idea. I was in a deep, exhausted sleep in less than a minute after I hit the bed.

    It was close to noon the next morning before I slowly returned to the land of the living. The room was still pitch dark because Ellen must have closed the blinds and pulled down the blackout shades.

    As my brain began to focus, I realized that I had a morning erection. Now, I knew that that was a common occurrence for most men, but not for me. I used to have them until about two years ago, but none since. However, to my surprise and pleasure, I certainly had one this morning. I was not only raging hard, my dick was also throbbing.

    As worn out and as fogged with sleep as my brain was, it took me a few moments to realize why. My erection was inside a warm mouth, and that mouth was moving up and down the length of my throbbing prick. A hand was rubbing my belly... another hand was cupping my balls as the lips slid up and down the length of my rod. Ellen was taking it deep. On every pass, her lips were closing firmly about the base of my cock as she sucked it hard.

    Her hand left my balls and when I arched up off the bed, her hand moved beneath my buttocks... and then the fingers searched out my anus and slid inside.

    "OOOhhhhh god, that's hot," I hissed. "This is wonderful, Ellen. I love it!" I moaned.

    With the hot mouth moving up and down my shaft, my brain roared to life at the same time as my dick throbbed inside my wife's hot mouth. Gradually, I became aware of something on my face. Reaching up, I discovered why the room was pitch dark. I was tightly blindfolded. As soon as I tried removing the blindfold, my wife's voice said sternly, "Don't touch it! Don't even think about it touching it. If you take it off, this all stops."

    The thought of not having that hot mouth on my dick quickly made me take my hands away from the blindfold. Once more, Ellen's hot mouth started sucking me. It was incredible! Not only was my dick being deliciously sucked, but I had fingers in my ass, another hand cupping my balls, and a pair of tits sliding erotically over my bare chest. But my wife was sucking me... whose tits were on my chest?

    The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Both my wife and daughter must be in bed with me. Or maybe Ellen had enticed another woman into our bed. With my eyes blindfolded, there was no way I could tell.

    Without warning, the warm, sucking mouth that had surrounded my rigid erection moved away. I couldn't suppress a groan at the loss, but a moment later, I forgot all about the blowjob that had just vanished. Two naked thighs straddled my hips. Then, a hand grasped my cock, moved it slightly, and a wet, hot vagina engulfed it.

    "AAhhhh... fuck! Fuck it! Is that you riding me, Ellen? AAAhhh... You're so hot... so wet... AAAHHH! Oh my god! Who's fucking me?"

    Whoever it was had her hands pressed against my chest to support her body as she hammered her cunt up and down my throbbing dick. "Who's fucking me?" I screamed again. The only answer I got was the woman's vagina began squeezing me every time I was all the way inside her. "ELLEN, IS THAT YOU?" ... No answer... except that the woman's cunt squeezed me harder.

    Reaching up, I captured the woman's bouncing tits. Nice ones... maybe 34C... about the size of Ellen's. I tried desperately to decide if the pussy pumping my cock was Ellen's. It felt like her pussy... but it seemed tighter... probably because she was squeezing me so hard. With a shock, I realized that I had no way to compare one woman's pussy to another. I hadn't been inside a woman other than Ellen for the last 18 years. The only thing I was certain of was that the woman who owned the cunt pumping my dick was about to cum.

    Although she was trying to remain silent, when her orgasm exploded, she couldn't keep from hissing with pleasure. "ooouuu... ooouuu... aaahhhh... mmmmmmm." It sort of sounded like my wife... but didn't women sound pretty much the same when they're cumming??

    Suddenly, the cunt pulled away from my cock leaving it jerking spastically in the air... rigid... throbbing... precum leaking from the tip. "Shit! Don't stop! Finish me," I shouted. When that got no response, I moaned, "Please... finish me."

    "Time for you do some of the work, Honey." I easily recognized my wife's voice. "Get out of bed and stand beside it... don't touch your blindfold."

    I think I must has set a record for speed in getting out of bed. In no more than two seconds, I was standing beside the bed with my iron-hard, throbbing erection pointing up at 45 degree angle. I could hear some scrambling on the bed... some giggling... then, directly in front of me, I heard my wife's voice. "You really do look like you need some relief for that hard dick of yours. Well, there's a pussy in perfect doggy position right in front of you. Your hands aren't tied, I'm sure you can find it, and I know you know what to do with it."

    As soon as I extended my hand, I felt the warm female ass. It was thrust high in the air... waiting. Moving my hands forward, I could tell she had her head on the bed. When I felt her thighs, I found them spread wide. Finally, I moved my hands upward to her pussy. It was wet, open. Exploring further, I felt her distended, engorged clit. I rubbed it slowly and again heard the muffled howls of the woman who obviously had her face buried in a pillow to mute her passionate cries. Her mound was shaved or almost so... just like my wife's. I couldn't wait another moment.

    "uummppffffff... aaahhhhhhhh...OOMMPPFFFF!" came the muffled cries of the woman when she felt her cunt being filled by my stone-hard erection. Once more, I felt her cunt squeezing me as I fucked her. It felt like the same cunt... but with virtually no experience with different women, I couldn't really tell. What I could tell was that she was a hot, delicious fuck. I rammed into her harder... deeper... bringing muted howls and gasps from her lips.

    For five minutes, I pounded her harder and harder. Her cries and gasps got louder and louder in spite of the pillow. Then, her body went rigid except for her cunt which erupted in hard, spastic contractions around my deeply embedded shaft. I was close and could have filled her hole with my load, but I really wanted to fuck her to another orgasm before I shot off.

    Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the chance. As soon as the woman's climax ebbed she moved forward leaving my with my cock again jerking spastically in the air.

    "Oh Fuck! Not again! Teasing Bitch!" I screamed in frustration.

    "Calm down, Honey," my wife's voice advised. "We wouldn't leave you hanging. Just move two steps to your right, and you'll find another sexy cunt where you can shoot your big cum load... if you want to, that is."

    I followed instructions and once again, found an upthrust, sexy female ass. Like the other woman, this one also had her head on the bed with her thighs spread and her mound shaved or nearly so. Her hole was open... waiting. I had no interest in trying to figure out if this was my wife, another woman, or my daughter. I just had to unload!

    Ramming forward, I buried my cock into her on the first thrust. She grunted and pushed her ass back against me taking my full length into her pulsing cunt. I was too turned on... to hot... to go slow. I fucked her like a madman for several minutes. We were both screaming... both ready. She was already cumming when my cock exploded like a canon inside her pussy.

    I had expected the woman to quickly move away like had happened twice before, but she stayed bent over with her ass mashed against my groin allowing my dick to soak in her now cum-filled pussy. Naturally, I was still hard. Who in hell could be otherwise as hot as this was.

    Slowly, she started squeezing my shaft with her vagina as her hips began pumping me again. I took the hint and began fucking her again. This time, each time I entered her, hot the squishing sounds of my shaft churning our combined juices into a thick white froth filled the hotel room.

    The woman's pussy erupted twice more before I shot another load into her. This time, she did move away. Again, I heard the women scrambling around on the bed. Then, there was sound of a door opening followed by my wife's voice. "That was great, Lover. You're a really delicious fuck in the morning. Wait until you hear the door close, and then you can take off your blindfold. Get dressed. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant in 40 minutes."

    As soon as the door closed, I struggled with the blindfold until I finally had it loose enough to pull over the top of my head. As I suspected, I was alone in the room.


    When I arrived at the restaurant 30 minutes later, I got another shock.. Ellen and Kathy were already sitting at the table studying the menu.

    "I didn't expect the two of you for another half hour, at least," I said with a smile.

    "Why? You were the one worn out. Not me," Ellen said without looking up from the menu.

    "Well, I wasn't that worn out," I said defensively.

    "After last night, Honey, I believe that," my wife said with a sexy smile.

    The waiter came over, and we ordered breakfast. As we ate, I finally had to ask. "Are you going to tell me who the other woman was, Ellen?"

    "Nope. Was she good? Did you enjoy her?"

    "Very much... a lot, in fact. Thank you."

    "As understanding and forgiving as you've been, it was the very least I could do, Darling. I enjoyed it too... at least as much as you did,"

    "So what's on the agenda for today?" I asked eagerly.

    "Well, you're playing golf this afternoon. Your tee time is 2 PM."

    "I didn't reserve a tee time. I had planned on spending the day with my two hot women. That's a hundred times better than banging a little ball around a golf course."

    "You mean you'd rather bang something else, Dad?" Kathy said as she spoke for the first time.

    "Oh hell yes!"

    "I love that, Honey, but we need to get you out of the way this afternoon. Kathy and I have to be free to make all the arrangements for your surprise party this evening. So, right after breakfast, you need to change into your golf clothes and head for the course.

    "Am I going to miss anything hot and erotic while I'm out there trying to sink my ball into the hole?"

    Again, it was Kathy who answered. "You want to know if some other guys are going to sinking something into your wife and daughter's holes? Is that it, Dad?"

    "Yeah. That's it. Are they?"

    "Maybe, but probably not. We have a lot of things to arrange for tonight. Now you have to answer a question for me, Dad. Fair is fair... right?"

    "Yeah, I guess so. What is it?"

    "While you're playing golf and wondering what Mom and I are doing, are you going to spend most of the afternoon with a hard-on?"

    "Probably... at least some of the time."

    "And which of us... Mom or me... are you going to be thinking about when you do get hard?" Both Kathy and Ellen giggled.

    I answered in the most sincere tone I could muster, "Both of you. I don't know any women more sensuous, sexy, and beautiful than the two of you." I smiled while both of my women blushed with pleasure.


    I carry a 7 handicap and on the hotel's par 72 course, I had been doing better than my handicap since they had intentionally made the course easier so their guests would be pleased with their scores. On my first two trips around the course, I had shot a 77 followed the second time by a 76. But I quickly found out that raging erections and good golf scores are not compatible. On the front nine, I came in with a 42. The second nine was even worse. When the torture was over, I had carded an 86. Actually, I felt some satisfaction in that I did finish rather than just throw my clubs into the lake.

    Ellen had told me I was on my own for dinner. After showering and putting on a colorful island shirt, a pair of slacks and briefs, I knocked on Kathy's door to see if they might have changed their minds and decided to join me for dinner. There was no answer, and when I tried the adjoining door to Kathy's room, I discovered that it was now locked.

    I finished dinner at 7 PM. Ellen had also told me that I was to be in our room, dressed in the clothes she had laid on the bed while I was having dinner by no later than 8:15 PM. With over an hour to spare, I took a walk along the beach to pass the time and reflect on the incredible changes that had taken place in my life in the last few days.

    My erection problems were gone... totally banished... to be replaced with an almost insatiable sex drive that had me hard as stone over and over. My voluntary faithfulness had been eliminated by Ellen that morning. I had certainly fucked another woman, I just didn't know who. I couldn't help thinking that it was Kathy even though that seemed unlikely. My wife, who had been totally faithful up to a month before when she said she had had everything but vaginal sex with a guy at her exercise class, had now been royally fucked in every one of her holes by multiple men, including numerous black studs. And even more amazing was the fact that it turned me on big time... in fact, that was the reason my erection problems had been banished. And Kathy... my daughter who had decided to remain a virgin until she married, had been screwed as much as my wife... maybe more.

    When I returned to our hotel room at 7:30, I found my clothes lying on the bed with a note. I was shocked to see that the only items of clothing were a skimpy pair of briefs and a tight, tank top.

    Hi Stud,

    Your clothes for the party are on the bed. Wear them but nothing more. Be ready. Take a viagra tablet as soon as you read this. The vial is on the bed. Considering your performance today and yesterday, I doubt seriously that you'll need it, but take it anyway. When you're ready, go to the outdoor pool area no later than 8 PM and wait there. Your date for the evening will arrive between 8:15 and 8:20 to escort you to the party

    The party will begin in Kathy's room, but after your arrival, we'll open the adjoining doors so both rooms will be available. The party ends when we're ready to go down for breakfast.

    Your hot slutty wife, Ellen.


    I arrived at the outdoor pool area around 7:55, five minutes ahead of schedule. There weren't many guests around the pool at this hour. Most were having dinner or out somewhere for the evening's activities. I assumed my "date" for the evening was Ellen... who else could it be.

    At 8:10, there was still no sign of my wife. In fact, there weren't more than a half dozen people around the pool area. Slightly after 8:15, I saw a black woman entering the pool area. I knew I was supposed to watch for my wife, and it wouldn't do at all for her to show up and find me leering at a gorgeous black woman. I did manage to avert my eyes, but as she got closer and I saw the thrust of her huge breasts jiggling beneath her red beach robe, I was mesmerized. When she reached the pool on the side opposite from me, I could see her bathing suit was a tiny black thong with just a small patch of cloth covering her pussy. I didn't how in hell a tiny bikini bra could possible cover the twin cannons on her chest.

    Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was already 8:20. Ellen would be here any second now. I forced myself to fix my eyes on the water and concentrate on the waves so Ellen wouldn't catch me staring at the woman like a school boy.

    I was still staring at the water when a voice beside me got my attention. "I think you're Mel, right?" the voice said.

    Looking up, I saw the black goddess standing a couple of feet away. Up close, her tits looked impossible... huge, but firm... thrusting her beach robe forward. Her figure was perfect. The tiny triangle at the junction of her thighs just barely concealed her pussy.

    Forcing my eyes up to her face, I stammered, "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

    She gave me a throaty laugh with a knowing smile curling her sensuous mouth. "I asked you if were Mel. I've got a date with Mel. Are you him?"

    "My god. If you said that to any man within a ten mile radius, every single one of them would tell you that they're Mel. So... yes. Absolutely, yes! I'm Mel. And you are?"

    Now she laughed, and when she did so, her eyes twinkled with pleasure at my complement. "Hi, Mel. I already like you. I'm Ginger, but before we head out to the party maybe I'd better check to see if you really are Mel. What's your wife's name?"

    "Well, if you don't want to date a married man, then what wife? I'm not married. If dating a married guy turns you on, then my wife's name is Ellen."

    "Oh yes! I do like you, Mel. You've got a silver tongue... bet it gets you next to a lot of the ladies. How do you like my swim suit?"

    "Swimsuit? You mean that tiny little triangle between your thighs? Love it. However, I don't see how in hell the bra that goes with that tiny thong could possibly manage to cover your gorgeous big breasts though."

    "You know, Honey, it doesn't. I tried for 15 minutes to find a way to get it to cover my nipples and to stay in place. Couldn't do it. So I tossed it aside. Wanna see?"

    "Do you want me to beg?"

    Ginger laughed again. "No need, Sugar. I like showing them off to men who are man enough to openly admire them and say so." With that statement, she opened her top and then lifted her arms putting her hands behind her head to thrust her tits right at me.

    They were even bigger than I had thought... and totally, absolutely firm. Her big nipples were already hard. "Incredible! You've got the best looking, sexiest tits I've ever seen. What in hell did I do to get a date with a woman like you?"

    "You married a really hot, sexy wife. Ellen and Kathy set up the party tonight to surprise you. I'm your first surprise."

    "I'd like to see what under that tiny thong, Ginger," I said licking my lips and grinning.

    "I know you would, Baby. Most guys want to see it."

    "Show it to me."

    "Oh Honey. Ellen said you might be shy. Are you sure you're Mel? Nothing shy about you, Baby." Ginger hooked her fingers in the top of the small triangle and pulled it down revealing her dark labia and big, swollen clit. "Like it?"

    "Love it... I can't wait to taste it. Your clit looks like its already about to explode, and I know just how to make it detonate."

    "I'll just bet you do. Shall we go?

    I stood up, and Ginger took my arm.


    As things turned out, Ginger and I were the last guests to arrive at the party. Ellen and Kathy were the only two other women present. In addition to me, there were four men present. All of them appeared to be in their early 30s or so. All were well built, powerful looking studs, and all were black. They were all dressed in briefs, like me. Two of them still wore T-shirts. The other two were now bare chested.

    Kathy and Ellen were dressed as hot as Ginger was. My daughter was wearing a purple body suit that was so thin and stretched, her right breast was easily visible through the nearly transparent material. One or two of the men had already gotten her left breast out. The body suit was short... ultra short. It didn't even cover her panties much less her ass.

    Ellen wore a white, mesh top whose holes were large enough to reveal both of her tits if had been covering them. But the men already had it pulled up fully exposing her. The tiny skirt she wore didn't cover her ass or her thong. The clear plastic, platform shoes had five-inch spike heels. They were pure slut wear. My cock was already as hard as it had been the previous day when I watched Ellen being fucked.

    Turning to Ginger, I asked, "Are any of the guys your Man?"

    "Yeah. That big guy who's feeling up your daughter's thighs is Karmil. He's my man. The other guys are friends of his. The two guys feeling up your wife's cunt and tits are Jim and Lance. The third guy at the wet bar is Art."

    "Do you mind my asking how this all came about?"

    "Not at all. I'm sure Ellen will tell you later. Karmil, Lance and I were at the beach. I was enjoying the sun and those two randy studs were enjoying feeling me up. Ellen and Kathy spread their blankets next to ours and introduced themselves. Now, Karmil loves the ground I walk on, but he's got a thing for white pussy. He loves fucking it. As soon as he laid eyes on your wife and daughter, I knew he was gonna try to get into them."

    "They moved their blankets next to ours and while Lance felt up Kathy and Karmil finger fucked your wife, they asked if we would be interested in a party. Ellen told us all about you catching the two of them getting it on with five black guys yesterday and going wild over it. She wanted to surprise you, and she wanted me to be your date."

    "I'm surprised you accepted. After all, you had no idea what I looked like."

    "Ellen showed me a photo of you. She also told me that you had never had another woman besides her in the last 18 years. If that wasn't enough, she told me that you fucked her 7 times yesterday and jacked off twice more while you watched her being screwed. Well, there was no way I was going to turn down the change to be your first other woman. That's almost as good as a virgin, Baby. But I have to tell you in advance, I don't' believe that 7 times shit. No guy in their 30s can do that."

    "OOOhhhh god! AAAHHHHHH!"

    I whirled around to see what was happening. Ginger giggled, "Don't worry, Mel. Every thing's Ok. Your daughter just got two of my Man's thick black fingers pushed up her nearly virgin pussy."

    "They're thick, huh?"

    "Oh yeah... but nothing like his dick. You won't believe his johnson. It's 10 inches and as thick as my wrist. When he sinks that pussy stretcher into Kathy, she's gonna cum before he gets it halfway into her." She glanced down at my briefs. "It's getting you really hard so see your wife and daughter making out, isn't it?"

    "I've gotten harder yesterday and today than I ever have in life. I just seem to stay hard all the time."

    "Come on, Baby. Let's get that T and those briefs off of you so I can see what you've got for Ginger." She pulled my T over my head in one smooth motion. I tossed it aside just as she jerked my briefs down my thighs. My shaft surged out... hard and erect... standing at about a 30 degree angle from the vertical.

    "Oh, Mel. That's a fucking gorgeous dick."

    "Oh come on, Ginger. I'm no where close to as big as Karmil and probably not as big as any of the other guys."

    "You're not nearly as long as they are, but you are fucking thick, Honey. I mean just look at that thick fuck stick! Christ... I can't even get my hand all the way around you, and I've got pretty big hands. But it's not how thick it is... it's how hard it is! I mean... Wow! Shit... you're like a fucking iron bar. No guy with a 9 or 10-inch dick ever gets that hard. Gotta suck this thing."

    "MMMmmmm...oooppfffff... god... so fucking thick... hard. MMmmmmmm"

    As Ginger's muffled grunts filled the room, I saw Art watching me mouth fucking Karmil's wife. He tapped Lance on the shoulder, and he removed his head from between my wife's thighs to watch me mouth fuck Ginger. I pumped her like a jack hammer finally getting all seven inches down her throat. She grunted even louder.

    Jim also watched for a moment before telling my wife, "Suck me like Ginger's sucking your Man." He didn't have to tell my wife twice. Jim stood in front of her, and Ellen stretched her mouth wide open allowing him to fuck it into her throat on the first thrust.



    I watched Jim face fucking my wife while he watched me giving it to his friend's wife in the same way. As our dicks pumped in and out of the women's mouths, he gave me a high-five and I returned the gesture.

    "You gonna shoot a load into her, Man?" he asked me while continuing to drive his big black snake in and out of Ellen's throat.

    "Not yet. I want to put the first load up her cunt."

    "Good thinking, Man. That's where I'm gonna put mine... right up your wife's hot snatch. Is she on the pill?"


    "Oh shit YES! Is she fertile now?"

    "Don't know. Maybe.

    "Oh shit.... can't wait to get into her hot hole and fill it full."

    Holding Ginger's head in place, I slowly pulled my rod out of her mouth. She grinned at me. "I heard what you and Jim said about wanting your first load up our cunts. Wanna fuck me now?"

    "First, I want to see you naked except for the heels. Leave them on." At that moment, my attention was diverted by my wife's passion-filled screams.

    "OOohhh God! You're cock is so damn big, Jim. Go easy, Honey....Uunnghhh... NOoooo... not so fast... let me get used to that huge prick... aaaahhhh... oohhhh gawd damn... it's stretching meeeeeeeeeeee," my wife howled as Jim pushed more and more of his thick, 9-inch dick into her vagina. At the same time, Lance was probing her open mouth with his shaft.

    "Look at that, Mel. Look at Jim put the meat to your wife. Can you see how wide her cunt's being stretched by that huge dick? MMMmmm... look at her face, Honey. She's about to cum... another inch of that dick and she'll explode." At that instant, Jim forced two more inches of dick into my wife's vagina.


    "See... what did I tell you, Mel. Ellen's hole is going off like a cannon! Listen to your wife begging for Jim's big dick! Does that make you hard, Baby?"

    "Like iron. Feel it."

    Ginger wrapped her hand around my dick and tried to move it. It didn't budge. "Oh fucking shit! Oh Baby, that's HARD! JIM!," she yelled. "Fuck her harder. Her hubby's dick is already hard as steel. Make her cum again."

    Jim responded by shoving his hands beneath my wife's ass and power fucking his giant cock in and out of her erupting pussy. Ellen shrieked and wailed every time he hammered it into her womb. Her legs thrust high in the air... rigid... her feet curling backwards as one orgasm after another surged through her body.


    In the midst of my wife's wild howls of pleasure, I heard Kathy squealing. Karmil now had her naked and on her back with her knees pressed all the back to the mattress on either side of her head. Her ass and pussy were elevated, and Karmil was taking full advantage of her wide open holes by driving his dick straight down into one of my daughter's holes. I couldn't tell if he had it in her pussy or in her ass. Art was standing by her head watching her take all 10 inches of his friend's cock

    With Karmil pounding her like a jack hammer with his 10-inch sex spike, Kathy came less than a minute after Ellen had climaxed. As she came, her squeals turned into spastic grunts. Her hands twisted the bed covers frantically. With her mouth wide open in hot screams, Art took the opportunity to push his black shaft inside. Although I couldn't see the entry, I knew when he put his dick into her mouth. Her cries, which had been shrill shrieks of pleasure, changed abruptly to muted, muffled grunts.
    Ellen and Kathy were being screwed in every one of their holes.
    Every time I heard them moan or scream, my cock got even harder

    "Oh my god. They're fucking the shit out of my wife and daughter. Those huge dicks are going to tear them apart," I moaned to Ginger.

    "No chance, Honey. Cunt's stretch when a big dick is shoved inside. Your wife and daughter are loving every thrust. Just listen to them squealing and howling when they cum. Those two studs haven't unloaded for two days at least. Can you just imagine the size of the cum loads they're gonna pump into your two hot sluts? Now come on, Baby. Ginger needs some attention. You told me you wanted to see me naked. Are you still interested?"

    "More than ever. Do it!"

    Ginger peeled off her top and tossed it into the corner. Then, she started pulling down her thong. When it cleared her buttocks, she turned her back to me, bent over at the waist, and slowly pulled it down to her ankles giving a great view of dark cunt meat and her ass. "Like my ass, Honey?"

    "Do bears live in the forest?" I responded with a grin. "Sit down, spread wide, and show me the pussy."

    "Thought you'd never ask, Honey." Sitting down, she spread wide open and stayed like that so I could inspect every fold and every crevice of her wet, open cunt.

    "Seen enough, Honey? Are you ready to stick that thick, hard dick up my cooze, Lover?" Your wife and daughter are already getting theirs stretched."

    "Not yet... I want to taste your pussy first.

    "Wanna find out how the dark meat tastes, huh?" Ginger teased as she laid back on the couch and spread her legs.

    "No. I just like giving a woman pleasure... making her cum so many times she begs me to stop."

    "Well, you're at bat, Baby. See if you can hit a home run."

    Ginger was wide open... both her legs and her pussy. The pink interior gleamed with her wetness. Her big clit looked like a ripe grape about to burst. I intended to make it burst. Moving my head into her sex saddle, I pried her wide open with my fingers and explored as deeply as my tongue could reach. Automatically, she arched her butt off the couch. When she felt the tongue fucking her pussy and my lips suctioning her labia, she emitted a deep groan and pulled my head hard against her eager cunt.

    Leaving the depths of her vagina, my tongue moved up and down the length of her slit. Her soft groans became louder. Moving back, I stared at her big clit. It was swollen. When I blew on it, her pussy contracted. My tongue flicked over the sensitive tip bringing a gasp of pleasure from Ginger. Her ass was now desperately thrusting upward.

    "Ohhhh god... that's terrific, Honey. Don't stop... please don't stop," she moaned.

    Closing my mouth over the sensitive knob, I sucked it without letting my lips touch it. "UUNNgghh... aaahhhh... do meeeee," she begged. For several minutes, I continued to suction her clit but never touched it. Her cunt was now rhythmically contracting each time I did it.

    At the same time as my tongue attacked her swollen, pulsing clit, two fingers thrust into her cunt, searched out her G-spot and worked it steadily as my tongue slid sensuously up and down the side of her clitoris and then across the tip... flicking it and rotating over it. Ginger's pussy contracted and spurted. Her legs shot straight out to the side as her first orgasm exploded!

    "UUnnnnnnn.... I'm there... I'M THERE! UUUNNNNNN!" she hissed.

    As her orgasm peaked, she tried to push my head from between her thighs, but she wasn't strong enough. I stayed on throbbing clit... licking it... stroking it. Each time my tongue raked over the now ultra-sensitive organ, her entire body shuddered. I made her cum again in less than two minutes. This time her vagina clamped down on my probing fingers spastically as her clit tried to retract back into it protective hood, but failed when I sucked it out and lashed it with my tongue. Hooking my fingers inside her vagina, I pressed and rubbed her G-spot until she began to scream.


    Jim was now watching Kathy riding Art's cock while Lance fucked her ass. The two men alternated strokes. When Art drove it into her cunt, Lance pulled out of Kathy's ass and vice versa. Kathy tits were flopping wildly as the two men screwed her holes with about 17 inches of black dick.

    "Fuck me, you hot Bastards! Fuck me!!"

    Ginger was gasping for breath, her tits heaving. My cock was so hard it felt like it might break off. Pushing Ginger onto her back, I moved between her thighs as she spread her legs making her pussy a perfect target for my rigid shaft. I was so hard and she was so hot, all seven inches sank into her on the first thrust.

    She grunted loudly and wrapped her legs around my hips. I was too hot to last very but I did manage to fuck her hard and fast until I felt her vagina convulsing around my dick. After that, my load just exploded into her vagina. Her legs tightened about my ass pulling me even deeper into her throbbing hole. I stayed in her continuing to thrust slowly back and forth until she began to groan.

    "Oh fuck! You're still hard! Ellen said you had great recovery powers but I didn't think that meant you could fuck a huge load into me and still be as hard as iron. Let me ride you, Baby, so we can watch Ellen and Kathy getting screwed while you bang my pussy."

    I pulled out of her throbbing cunt and sat on the couch. In a flash, Ginger was riding my cock in reverse cowgirl position. Her tits bounced wildly as she humped her pussy up and down my shaft. It only took a few minutes before she was howling in another orgasm.

    When Jim heard Ginger screaming, he yelled at Karmil who now had his cock up my wife's cunt.

    "Hey, Karmil. That white stud's driving your wife crazy. The hot bitch can't stop cumming."

    "Neither can his wife," he shouted back as he rammed his 10-inch shaft into Ellen's cunt. She pulled her knees back against her tits to take the big dick all the way into her stretched, throbbing hole.


    "Listen to your wife howling, Mel. The big, black 10-shaft is making her cum so fucking hard. Can you see it going into her?"

    "Yeah. It looks like she's taking a baseball bat up her pussy."

    "It does... a big, black, cum-filled, baseball bat. Karmil's about to shoot into her unprotected pussy again, Honey. Look at her hole, Mel. Can you see all the cum coating his shaft and her pussy?"

    "Oh hell, yes!" I moaned.

    "She's already taken four or five loads and Karmil's about shoot in another one. If she's not on the pill, Honey, you wife is already knocked up. That's for sure!"


    "Oh yeah! Shoot it into me! I'm cumming... Cum in my cunt, Lover!"


    Around 2 AM, I had my cock buried balls deep inside Ginger's ass. I had already cum inside her four times, and she had sucked another load down into her belly. Each time I pounded my rigid shaft into her hole, my prick expanded and throbbed as I was right on the verge of pumping my fifth load into her.

    "Oh Man! You're one hot Stud. Can't get over how hard your dick still is and you're gonna shoot another load into me, aren't you?"

    "Yeah... soon," I grunted as I continued to hammer it into her ass.

    "God... you're not as big as Karmil and his friends, but you sure are harder and have a lot more recovery powers. Black guys usually can't get nearly as hard as you do.

    "Do you like it hard?" I grunted.

    "Love it. Pound it in that black ass, Lover. Shoot me full! Your daughter's getting it in all her holes right now... maybe 25 inches of dick is in her. Look at that!"

    No matter how many times I fucked Ginger’s cunt or ass, I stayed hard.
    I just couldn’t seem to get enough of her or
    any woman for that matter.


    The party finally broke up around 3 AM when none of the black guys could get another erection. I was still hard, but the women were all exhausted. Both Ginger and Ellen pushed me away when I tried to mount them.

    The rest of our Cayman Island vacation was much the same, except I no longer played golf or went fishing. Whenever, they would let me, I accompanied Ellen and Kathy. If they want to flash and flirt on the beach, I set up a beach umbrella nearby and watch. It was five more days of sex-filled adventures.


    We had been home for several days when Ellen called me at my office around noon on Friday. Caller ID let me know the call was from my wife.

    "Hi, Honey. What's up?" I asked.

    "I would really like to go to my exercise class this afternoon around 3 PM."

    "Of course. It's good for you, but you know you don't have to ask permission. Why the call?"

    "Well, I sort of do need to ask your permission. The one guy I made out with before we went to the Cayman's will be there. You remember I told you about David and how I wouldn't let him get into my pussy."

    "I remember vividly. I got hard as iron over that story. Do you think he'll hit on you again?"

    "What do you think, Mel?"

    "I'm getting hard again at the thought."

    "Would you mind if I let him get into my pussy this time?"

    "Oh fuck! Now I am hard. Will you tell me all the hot details when you come home?"

    "You know I will. It might be as late as 9 or 10 PM, Honey. Is that Ok?"

    "Yeah, but you have to know how hard and hot I'm going to be before you get home."

    "I know... oh how I know!" Ellen said while giggling.


    By 9 PM that night, I was absolutely rigid with lust. Every time I thought about my wife being fucked, I felt like I might shoot off in my pants.

    By 10:00 PM, my pants were tented so much I had to keep a pillow over my lap to keep Kathy from seeing how hard I was. The phone rang.

    "I'll get it, Dad," Kathy said, which was fine with me as I didn't want to stand up with the raging erection I had. Kathy spoke for about two minutes before she hung up.

    "Who was it?" I asked.

    "That was Mom. She told me to tell you that she was going to be much later than she thought. In fact, she said that she would probably just spend the night and see you in the morning."

    I couldn't suppress a groan. David was obviously going to be fucking Ellen most, if not all, of the night. I knew that I was going to have to jack off at least five or six times before I would be able to get my erection to abate enough to get to sleep. It was going to be a very, very long night.

    "Are you all right, Dad?" Kathy asked, obviously concerned. I hadn't realized that my discomfort was that apparent.

    "I'm fine. No problem." Kathy stared at me for a long moment before nodding and heading off to her bedroom.

    I continued to sit looking at the blank TV screen for 10 minutes unable to stop thinking about what Ellen was doing. David had probably been fucking her when she had called. I wondered if Kathy could hear them doing it. By this time, he must have her on her back on the bed with her knees pressed back against her tits... his cock thumping in and out of her pussy. I had to press my thighs together and bend over to prevent myself from ejaculating in my pants. I had just decided to head to my bedroom and start jerking off when Kathy came back into the room.

    I had to press my thighs together even harder when I looked at her. My daughter was wearing a black corset with both or her tits exposed, dark stockings, and four-inch stiletto heels. The black garter straps framed her naked pussy. Posing with her hands on her hips and he legs apart, my daughter gave me a sultry look.

    "Come on, Dad. Someone has to take care of that gorgeous, hard cock of yours. That's supposed to be Mom's job, but since she's neglecting her duties, I guess I'll have to take care of you. It's going to be a tough job, but someone has to do it."

    “But you’re my daughter? I can’t have sex with you,” I protested.

    “Why not?”, she asked as she sat on the couch and hiked her legs up and back into female fucking position. “My pussy is really wet and tight, Dad. It will feel great around your big cock. I’m so wet right now, you won’t have any problem sinking it into me.”

    “Oh my gawd,” I moaned as my cock expanded to a full, rock-hard eight inches.

    Turning onto her knees and arching her ass while sinking two fingers into her rectum, she hissed, “And my ass is even tighter than my cunt, Dad. Come on. Let’s go to bed and fuck.” She took my hand, pulled me to my feet, and led the way toward the master bedroom with my throbbing erection pointing the way.

    My beautiful, hot daughter’s pussy and ass were
    too much for any man to resist.

    Story written by Peter and RLM. If you have comments,
    please send them to

    [email protected]

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