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Violence in cuckolding fiction?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CandaceApples, May 15, 2017.

  1. CandaceApples

    CandaceApples Active Member Member

    How violent do you like cuckolding fiction? Do you think it should all be one hundred per cent consensual for everyone involved? Or do you think the bull should beat the cuck, and that the hot wife should enjoy watching her hubby in pain? Keep in mind, I'm asking about fiction, not real life.
  2. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    It doesn't need to be fully consensual , as the cuck can be browbeaten or humiliated or blackmailed or intimidated into it, but I am personally not in favor of physical beatings. Spankings, light bondage, etc., that helps enforce it is okay, however.
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  3. Lutheran Maid

    Lutheran Maid Well-Known Member Author!

    For some readers I know that there is a frisson if coercion is involved. But this can be psychological too. Light disciplining to role features in some of my stories, but I'm not a fan of significant violence, especially that stuff where you see a man kicked or kneed between the legs. At base, that which inspires a story, there is a consensual if very unequal relationship. I presume that this is what attracts readers, dominant females and males and beta males.
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  4. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    It can definitely be hot if the woman is portrayed as enjoying the assault on her husband. Everybody likes different things, I don't judge a particular expression of the fetish as long as publishing it won't get me in legal trouble lol
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  5. AlfonsoAnon

    AlfonsoAnon Member Member

    For me, it depends.

    Roughing the cuck up a little, as a show of dominance, is alright with me. A slap to the face, a punch or knee to the gut, maybe even a kick in the ribs is all fine in my opinion. Enough to stun or hurt (and put the cuck in his place), but not enough to cause real long term damage. For me, the wife needs to be on board with it too. Either actively encouraging it or participating. I don't like it when its used as a form of coercion to get the wife in bed.

    But I don't like it going much beyond that. Getting a bloody nose, or having teeth knocked out, or broken bones is too much. Or if its simply a sadistic beating for the sake of being a sadistic beating. Nothing enjoyable about that for me. And needless to say castration and snuff are well beyond my taste.
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  6. CandaceApples

    CandaceApples Active Member Member

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    For me, I tend to get really turned on by violence... broken bones, knocked out teeth, the man nothing more than a weeping, bloody mess... the whole nine yards. Yummy! While the superior male gloats and then fucks me in front of his victim. But I don't want to go so far that I turn people off.
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  7. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    I don't remember the name of the story, but someone else might. It featured a wrestling match between the husband and a bigger, stronger man, where the wife goaded the husband into it. In the end the husband loses of course, and the winner strips his pants off and basically tortures him with shots to the testicles while the wife cheers him on. It was pretty fucking hot.
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  8. SiaLowen

    SiaLowen Active Member Author!

    The threat of violence is much more effective than actually doing it, I think. It's pretty hot to all involved to think that the Bull could make the cuckold squeal in pain on the floor if he wanted to, and it insures that the Bull's authority and masculinity is not challenged in any way. Of course, if the cuckold is too emotionally compromised to understand this, a demonstration is usually required!
  9. geraldg

    geraldg Well-Known Member Member

    Let me clarify my earlier statement. Violence and the threat of violence certainly has its place in a Bull/Hotwife/cuckold relationship. However, I don't think severe violence should be necessary. By severe, I mean the knocking out of teeth, breaking of bones, injuries that cause emergency room visits, etc.

    My wife, along with some of her black boyfriends, have made it clearly known that at some point, I will be castrated. Even the threat of castration keeps me on the straight and narrow, as I do want to keep my balls (this is in real life, not fiction). I know that if I resist something or act our, my date for castration draws that much closer.

    I bring up my eventual castration as that act certainly would be considered violence, I guess, since I do want to keep my balls as long as I can. But, I also know eventually I WILL be getting my balls whacked off. When that happens, I will submit without resistance, as I do find that I support castration of other cucks who have no use for their balls any longer, and it would be hypocritical of me to not support it in my own case.

    So, is that violence? If so, it is an acceptable form.

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  10. SiaLowen

    SiaLowen Active Member Author!

    Castration can be hot, though for me, it's generally better as a fantasy and not focused on the act itself. But the idea that the cuckold's manhood has been permanently and irrevocably taken away is very nice. He can look forward to a lifetime of humiliation and submission and nothing else.
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  11. CandaceApples

    CandaceApples Active Member Member

    Thanks for all of the comments... I am a big fan of extreme violence, I have to admit. I love watching real videos of men being beaten to a pulp, and it's especially erotic if its black men beating on a white man. The more graphic and brutal the better. I like to imagine it's being done for my benefit.
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  12. Kimberly Ann

    Kimberly Ann Member Member

    I'm a fan too love to think of a white boy taking a beaten by my black man.
  13. dig420

    dig420 HMFIC Staff Member Administrator

    Well then write us some more stories ;) I'm sure you have some hot ideas.
  14. Kyle_The_Cuck

    Kyle_The_Cuck Member Member

    For myself, Cuckolding is a mental trip that, as a Cuck, we go on an almost "spiritual journey" inwardly; in search of self-worth, meaning and purpose in our lives and ultimately submitting to the reality we are now faced with (i.e. Alpha Male seeding our wife/gf or at least mating with her). It triggers a very primal chord within us. A sort of defeat that an ass kicking can't fully capture. In which we come to, not only accept, but love and desire being a cuckold! Simply having a smaller penis and being physically weaker is enough. It is implied that he can kick my ass, in fact that's one of the main reasons why I want him to seed my beloved in the first place! Good genes are being passed on! What really does it for me is when the woman takes both my peepee and the Bull's horse cock and slaps his on mine, that never fails to get chuckles from all of us. At that point, a simple action has asserted more dominance than a fist to the face could ever hope to achieve!

    Violence should be contextual and only used when actually needed. Violence is a kink that not many are in to and from my own exp. and what I have seen online and heard from some cucks I know, violence is not something they are in for. For myself, it's about the breeding and bringing forth new life. Raising another man's child with my beloved wife or gf.
  15. Kyle_The_Cuck

    Kyle_The_Cuck Member Member

    Ahah now in this situation, hell yeah! Violence works! I hope you write some stories! Love to hear them.
  16. johnnie

    johnnie Member Member

    I think a little violence can be a turn-on for the cuck. The bull spanks him for trying to have sex with his own wife who has gone black is one scenario.
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  17. SissyCuck27

    SissyCuck27 Member Member

    I enjoy it as a fantasy... that the bull slaps me around, kicks me in the balls, shoves me to the ground just to get my girlfriend wet.

    I have a fantasy that it ends with him shoving me into a tub and then taking his dick out and peeing on me. This turns her on so much that she begins kissing his neck and face as he pees on me.

    Then, they leave me there to have sex and tell me to stay there. I imagine myself jerking off until I dribble and squirt my own cum on myself. Then I just stay there soaked in cum and urine, jerking over and over again, each time cumming tiny drops of cum while my girlfriend gets the fucking of her life.
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  18. johnnie

    johnnie Member Member

    I agree with Kyle the Cuck regarding the spiritual aspect of being a cuck. Of course I have my little fantasies the Cin's gentleman uses his belt on my legs and ass like Mom used to when I was a kid. Nothing too serious; just enough to show Cin what I really am. In reality she already knows what I am, a little dicked cock sucker unworthy of pussy who'd rather jerk off seeing her fucked properly by a real man.
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  19. artofzoo

    artofzoo Member Member

    a punch or knee to the gut, maybe even a kick in the ribs is all fine in my opinion.
  20. slutlover03

    slutlover03 Member Member

    A little bit is OK. Just as a way to humiliate the cuck and maybe the wife laughs at him when it happens. But it should be either threats or simple bully tactics. A trip or a gut punch. Nothing beyond that.

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